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Christmas - Doyoung, Jaehyun, & Yuta (M)

yes, u read that correctly

Sugar Daddy!Doyoung AU ft. Friends

A/N: Pure filth, this is just pure filth. No background, no anything, just pure nastiness. I hope you’re already wet so we can hop right into things.
This is indeed a foursome. Have I ever done one? No. Have I ever written one? Not until now. [To be honest, I’m not really sure what people do to prepare to anal, so…]
Not to judge or anything, but if you go through with reading this, you are an official whore
™ for NCT


Word Count: 2,439

Gingerly, you tugged the pastel tissue paper from the bag, gasping as your gaze fell upon the leather purse, your gaze glimmering as your carefully removed the purse from its’ confines.

“Merry Christmas,” Doyoung grinned, the slender stem of the wine glass twirling between his lithe fingers.

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Not Funny - William Nylander

the ideal flirt-to-roast ratio in a relationship

for anon

lowercase intended

word count: 1003, I’m sorry :/

warnings: gets steamy @ the end, one curse

a/n: not so sure about this one either (or tumblr making it glitch out of format again). hopefully i’ll get back to writing longer imagines soon. i’m going away for the weekend and have nothing queued as of right now, but i’ll do my best to finish some more tonight and queue them up. of course, i’ll still be writing all weekend and on the long road trip :)

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you babysat a lot as a teenager. it was your unofficial-official job, taking care of the little kids in the neighborhood. and you’d loved it.

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Torn Up (Part 2)

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All righty, y’all, as promised, here’s part 2! Again, a couple of disclaimers:  

Since I only have up to about part 11 finished and edited, I’ll be updating twice a week, probably on Wednesdays and Saturdays with a few changes depending on the week, so that I can get ahead

I can’t believe the feedback I’ve been getting?? You guys are fantastic, and I love each and every one of you. Feel free to weigh in with your opinions about how the story is going; I do take constructive criticism (Just please be nice, I’m sensitive)

I also have a question:  does anyone get the joke in my url? Inquiring minds want to know

Warnings: Foul language, rude jokes, and Mitchell Marner as (terribly executed) comic relief. Yikes.

Part One

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anonymous asked:

Hi there, I'm a new fan of kuro, watching all the anime and then the movie brought me here. About 2ct, you said Frances knew, do you mind explaining how? And what do you think about madam red? Thanks for your awesome posts and open mind about 2ct!

Sure I can try! It’s just a silly theory, but if we were going to be pedantic I think it would make less sense for her to not realize. Warning for a serious case of over-analysis:

Firstly, we can see her shrewd behavior in action when she immediately recognizes Sebastian in the school arc. Granted, his disguise wasn’t that good at all (actually it was terrible ha–) but it still suggests she is not an easy person to fool. So would OC be able to sneak past her disguised as RC? I think it would be a discredit to her intelligence to suggest he could.

Then there’s also the question of her behavior in CH14. Even though Lizzy has known “Ciel Phantomhive” since birth, Frances still acts like OC needed to win the right to be Lizzy’s fiance. Why would this be the case? After all, Vincent was literally her brother, Francis is a Phantomhive herself and she basically helped raised the twins (she taught them sports and Lizzy is a familiar sight in flashbacks) as far as we can tell.

But that alone isn’t too questionable, what interests me is how quickly she changes her mind about OC’s worth. After the events of one day OC is suddenly “worthy” of being her future son-in-law, surely a life-long doubt wouldn’t be overturned so easily? Especially as it isn’t explained why she feels this way, so you might presume her reasons for not trusting OC weren’t deeply rooted.

But of course distrust is definitely a part of her harsh personality as we can also see she was strict towards RC:

It’s also possible Yana simply did not think too hard about the events of CH14 and I’m looking too far into things– I suspect that probably is the case! Haha.

But if the reason she was so harsh towards OC was because she couldn’t trust him (he is not technically Lizzy’s fiance and he is technically a liar) it would be quite interesting! It would feed into the “OC needs to recognize that people accept him for who he is, not who he pretends to be” idea that may occur in the current arc.

Yet regardless, Frances has certainly has accepted him now. There’s also the fact that (because my 2CT goggles are super-glued to my face and I can’t take them off) the way she says OC’s “name” seems suspicious.

Confirmation bias is alive and well.

Another thing would be that we haven’t seen what happened in the first meeting between OC and Frances after “that month”. We’ve seen Tanaka, Madam Red and Lizzy so it certainly feels weird that we weren’t shown Frances at least beside one of those characters. Maybe it’s because that conversation relates to the 2CT and Yana could not show us yet; if Frances knew OC was a liar I’m sure she’d confront him about it privately.

Overall, I just like the idea a lot and I think it could be interesting! I’m hardly certain of it and the fact that the majority of the evidence for it comes from CH14 makes me doubtful, but if it was true it would make a lot of sense to me. This is hardly a strong theory though!

Oh and Madam Red is more of a tricky one. I’d hesitantly say… maybe she knew. I like this post by @thedarkestcrow​ and they cover the topic so I’d recommend taking a look! :)

We’ll end today with Sim!Haruka and Sim!Michiru on this note. In the middle of a conversation, Haruka just dropped to the ground and started doing push-ups.


She did about a dozen, then got up and flexed a little, clearly feeling those effects immediately. And what did she do with her new burst of strength?

Express her fondness for Michiru. I forgot to get this one with the UI on, so you can’t see that what Haruka’s talking about is a big red heart in her word balloon. But it was there, trust me. Of course, Michiru’s face is the best.

No, wait, I lied. The actual best is how she giggles afterward.


And with that, we end our time with the Simshi today. I hope you enjoyed! Let me know, and I can try to work in some Simshi time every month. After all, Usagi is still on Mako’s computer doing who only knows what, and we’ll doubtless need to save them very soon.

Remember Me - Chapter 1

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader
Summary: After (Y/N) memory gets wiped by Hydra, Bucky and the others have to figure out how to get it back. Will they succeed or is it lost forever?
Warning: angst, kidnapping

I know I said I’ll post it tomorrow, but I felt really good so here you go! :) Let me know what you think!

Read the Prologue here

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Pairing/Characters: Tony Stark x Reader!Stark

Request:  ANON: #62 with Tony Stark arguing with his daughter about going to see the dentist. (Cause dentists are evil!) 😉

#62: “I’m not going in.” - “then we’re not going to get a treat after.”

Summary: Tony Stark, genius, billionare, playboy, philanthropist and the world’s greatest dad. Reader is terrified of going to the dentist but, Tony is there to help.

Warnings: Evil dentist (when are they not?) maybe some language (one-two words) and Tony Stark (need i say more?)

Word Count: 716.

A/N: So sorry this has taken so long. I finally got around to do these requests, APL has taken all my time lately. (A PIRATE’S LIFE) 

Now, my inbox is looking very sad and lonely. Maybe YOU want to change that? Introducing: One-shot Wednesdays! Every wednesday i will post a new one-shot, help contribute to this  idea by sending in a request and a character you want to read!

Send a request, i’d love to hear your ideas! I have a prompt list you can look at, if you  want. You can find that HERE . Thank you!  

Also, Tony Stark deserves more love!! 

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Somebody Else - Jughead Jones (+Archie Andrews)

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listen to the song here
word count: 956
warnings: really late, not long enough, probably not great

So I heard you found somebody else
and at first I thought it was a lie
I took all my things that make sounds
the rest I can do without

Jughead was sat at his usual booth at Pop’s.  Of course he was.  It was a normal night.  It wasn’t your six month anniversary or anything… 

Actually wait, that’s exactly what it was.

You and Jughead had broken up a month and a half ago.  There were lots of things going on, and it all piled up and just pushed you and him away from each other.  The murder of Jason Blossom, Polly’s pregnancy, him writing his novel, you being a river vixen, and so many secrets he’d kept from you.  The bog one being that he refused to live with his father, which wound him up homeless.  It was the night you found out about him living in the school that you’d realized the lack of trust you must’ve had in one another.

You broke it off two days later.

He stared at his laptop, and for once since starting this project of his, he wasn’t sure what to write next.  The whole book was set from his life’s point of view.  Does he wrote about the difficulty he’s had not being with you 24/7 like he used to? The most he’s really mentioned was in it was about how the circle of trust in the town was narrowing.  He’d never mentioned your name, or your breakup.

At times sure, Jughead wanted to.  But there was always that what if.  What if you read it someday? Or someone else does and tells you about it? Yeah, you hurt him when you broke up with him.  Especially since you were the most solid relationship he’d ever had.  Now he had nothing.  Not his dad, Archie, Betty was pulling more towards Veronica, Jellybean was off with his mom.  He didn’t know what to do with himself.

Most of his free time was spent at Pop’s, or in the student lounge, typing away at his computer.  But nowadays his fingers didn’t move so fluently across the keyboard.  It took nearly fifteen minutes to even form the proper sentence.

I don’t want your body
But I hate to think about you with somebody else
Our love has gone cold
You’re intertwining your soul with somebody else

You walked into the diner while giggling as Archie was attempting to serenade you.  He continued even as you were inside and walking to the booth.

“Stop it!” You hissed out but couldn’t help the grin on your face.

“Only if you buy me-”

“A milkshake?” You finished, already standing from your booth.

“You know me well” Archie smiled sheepishly, and you couldn’t hold back from ruffling his hair as you walked up to the counter.

You took the time alone to work on hiding your smile and a blush.  You waited in line to order Archie’s favorite milkshake (strawberry vanilla) and took out your phone.  You were trying to just play a game, when a text came in.

archie: don’t look now, but your ex is sitting in his spot today

You looked back to Archie, who caught your gaze and shrugged.  You then turned the other direction, seeing Jughead.  He was facing you, but didn’t seem to see you.  He was too busy with his laptop.  As he always was.  Your phone buzzing tore your attention back away from your ex.

archie: i specifically said don’t look.  what’d ya do?

y/n: i looked…

You looked back to Archie, who shook his head, setting his phone back on the table.  You giggled softly, and instantly covered your mouth, as not to draw attention to yourself.

archie: you’re such a dork

y/n: shut up

You were next in line then, so you slid your phone into your pocket and ordered the milkshake.  The waitress told you that it would be at your table in a few minutes, and you thanked her before heading back to your booth.  Archie grinned up at you as you sat down.

“You’re the best though, you do know that right?” He said, and it felt so new and out of the blue to you, that you just stared at him with your mouth hung open.  He cocked his head as you stared at him with your mouth agape and your eyes wide.  “What?”

“N-nothing” You stumbled over your words, shaking your head, playing with the hem of your shirt.

You spent the rest of the night eating fries and trying to stop yourself from blushing every time he complimented you.  (Once Archie had pretty much figured out that you hadn’t known how amazing you were, he was just showering you with sweetness)

“Really? My hair?” You were in a fit of laughter as Archie just nodded his head wildly.

“Yeah, yeah! It does!”

“It does not smell like strawberries” You said, ducking your head down and hiding your ever so present red cheeks.  Archie just shook his head, not agreeing with you whatsoever.

At some point he’d grabbed on to your hand, shaking it dramatically as he said something cheesy and laughing about your eyes.  And neither of you wanted to pull away.  So you kept your fingers linked together.

When the night drew to a close, you and Archie wandered out of the booth, and outside.  He had an arm over your shoulders, hand dangling by your collarbone, and still linked to yours.

On the ride home all that was in your head was that Archie Andrews was no Jughead Jones, but he sure knew how to make you feel like you did back then.

But were you ready to be with somebody else?

ok so i low key forgot to post this… so im so sorry to the anon who sent this request to me long long looooong ago while i was doing all those songfics

xoxo ~ jordie

I Need

Just A Friend by Mario

Girl, stop playing games wit me
And let’s get it on tonight (tonight)
You got nothing to lose
Let me do what I do (what I do)
Oh baby you
Oh baby you
Got what I need (got what I need)

Reader X Scott McCall
: Smut with a triple ’T’
Requested by @xsybilwar: Do a smut for Scott in just a friend but this time he actually gets to be with the reader pleaseee 😍😍😍

Part One // Part Two

I took a deep breath and took her hands in mine. “There’s a dance tonight, and I would love it if you went with me.” Y/N smiled and hugged me tightly. “I would love to go with my cute best friend!” My heart sank at the word friend. Y/N pulled away to kiss my cheek, “I’ll see you tonight.” Just like that Y/N was gone and the wolf inside me howled in discontent. I don’t want to be cute or a friend.

I put on my best suit but I was still feeling a bit down. The words cute and friend echoed through my head the whole day. Y/N was is literally the girl of my dreams and she doesn’t see me more than a friend. I was so close to canceling because she basically rejected me. However, I could not deny the impending urge within me to stay away from her. I just couldn’t. A knock on the door pulled me out of my trance.

“Hey kiddo”
“Hey mom”
“You look so handsome that I just might have to keep you home”
I chuckled and moved to grab the gray vest on the bed.
“I’m serious, you look like a baby making machine”
“What? I’m telling the truth, and speaking of the truth…”
I sighed and I knew where the conversation was going.
“It’s a full moon honey. Are you sure that you–”
“Mom, I’m fine”
“Can you honestly stand there and tell me that? I mean you’re a-a an alpha now, right?”
I tilted my head to the side and hugged her.
“I’m going to be fine. I promise”
“Alright, I trust you…”
“Thank you”
“To be back home before midnight”
I let go and grabbed the keys to the rental and slipped out of the room, “not gonna happen”

The music in the gym pulsed through the dancing bodies on the floor. I leaned against the doors and smiled, I probably should’ve picked her up even though she heavily insisted not to. A tap on my shoulder excited me until I saw who it was. Allison.
“I didn’t think you’d be here,” she looked as beautiful as I met her.
“Yeah, it was sort of a last minute thing. Who are you here with?”
She pointed across the way to Isaac near the punch table.
I’d be lying if I said there wasn’t a sharp but short pain in my eye when I saw him. There was still a part of me that cared for her. Nevertheless, I nodded and accepted that we were never getting back together.
“What about you? Who’s the lucky girl?
Just as I turned to look at her, I could see Y/N walking behind her. My jaw literally fell open and the breath from my body was expelled. Allison furrowed her eyebrows and turned around to see what I was so star struck about.
"Hey, I’m so sorry that I’m late. I completely lost track of time”
She laughed and moved some hair out of her face, “Scott?”
I blinked a few times and took a few breaths, “yeah, no, um, what?”
“I’ll leave you two alone”

The night was perfect. We laughed, danced, and talked. After the dance I took her out to eat. There were a few times where I had to look away because I would involuntarily glow my red eyes at how amazing she was. Around one in the morning, I finally took her home. She insisted that I come inside because she didn’t want me to driving so late. I couldn’t exactly tell her that I have an ability that allows me to be awake a lot longer than a human being but I took the offer. Still in our clothes we sat on the couch and talked until I was reminded of this morning.

“Can I ask you a few questions?”
“I must warn you, I drank a little wine so, I might be a little too truthful”
“That’s exactly what I need”
“Okay, only if you answer a few of mine”
She shifted on the couch, making my breath hitch slight by revealing a little bit more of her breasts.

I asked her why she called me cute and she told me that she was exaggerating. That she actually finds me to be, in her own words, “insanely hot.” She then asked me why I ran away from here every time she approached me in the halls. I sugar coated it and told her that I got horny around her. Which, was probably not the smartest thing to say but she took the answer.

“Why are we friends?”
“What do you mean?
"I mean I feel like there’s this connection between us and I just don’t understand why we don’t move forward with our relationship”
“Maybe it has to do with the reason why you’re always bailing on me. The reason why you’re friends with Derek Hale”
By this time, Y/N was so close to me. Her legs were intertwined in mine, her chest was constantly heaving up and down, and her lips were but a mere foot away from me.
“I love you too much to tell you. I’m afraid you might get hurt”
She closed the space between us and looked down at my lips then cracked a smile.
“I can handle a little danger, McCall”

I felt a soft wet tongue flick against my lips and sighed. Slowly, I parted my lips and allowed entrance. A shiver went through me as our tongues met. I had only dreamt of this in dreams that I thought could never be true. Everything in this moment felt so right. Like we were supposed to be slightly drunk, dwelling in our desires. Unexpectedly, my pants tightened at the feel of her velvety tongue against mine. I pulled back. My wolf finally set free. Instead of gasping in fear, Y/N caressed my face and gazed into my red eyes.

I gripped her warm body tight as she latched back onto me. This time our tongues dueled urgently, our arousal began to take control because she hiked up her dress and planted herself onto my lap. I couldn’t hide my erection as her clothed heat grounded against it in an attempt to create friction. I stood so she could undress before me. She danced around, playfully taking off her dress. I groaned at the beautiful sight. Y/N tossed the rest of her clothes without shame. She was comfortable with me seeing her naked. The sound of my pants being unzipped made my heart thump against my chest. Once they were off, Y/N took two hands and stroked me up and down.

“Oh, fuck”

She sank her mouth down on my length, using her tongue to tease the slit on my head. My eyes closed as I enjoyed the wet, warm mouth sucking me off. Never in a million dreams did I think I would be doing this with the girl of my dreams. My hands slipped into her hair as I moved her head up and down, my hips fucking her throat. Y/N began to gag around me and I would’ve stopped but the alpha demanded release. “Baby, take me just like that, oh shit”
I let go of her head and she took me out of her mouth to breathe. The cold air hitting my dick made it harder than it did now.  

I lifted her off her knees and laid her on the couch in a slight seated position. I kissed all the way up to her inner thighs while lightly running my claws on the outside. My eyes glowed at the smell of her heat, slapping me straight in the face. It was then when I knew that I could no longer control him. I ran a line against her dripping wet pussy, tasting the forbidden nectar. A growl emitted from my throat and I dived into her swimming pool. Y/N threw her had back and let out a loud moan. Between the pain of my grip on her legs, she thrashed and tried to squirm away but it was futile. She was mine for the taking.

“Scott, please, oh my God, I can’t take it anymore!”

I lifted my head from between her thighs and slipped two fingers into her entrance. I hovered over her quaking body, licking her lips as she plead for me to stop. I the sound of hearing hear beg for me to give her mercy. Her second orgasm came when she clenched around my fingers. I gave her love bites all over her chest and neck, slipping my hands out of her.
“Do you have a condom?”
I threw one of her legs over my shoulder and kissed her legs a few times before wrapping a hand around her neck.
“I thought you could handle a little danger”
She gasped and clawed at my hand as I fully sheathed myself until I could literally touch her cervix. I didn’t move because I knew that once I did I wouldn’t be able to stop and I wanted to last.  

“Scott, move, please!”
I chuckled at the strained, impatient tone of her voice. Something stirred inside of me and I leaned down to meet her gaze, moving my hand from her neck to the side of her face.
“Y/N, are you sure?”
She took a few seconds to answer but when she did, my heart throbbed against my chest, “I trust you”

And move I did. I thrust in and out slowly, there was nothing quite like the feeling of being gripped by the one I loved so much. Her constant moans and gasps made me snap and roll my hips to increase both of our pleasure. I’m not sure she ever experienced going at such a fast speed but she managed.
“Fuck, Y/N. You take me so fucking well. Are you enjoying this, baby?”
Y/N yelled yes at the top of her lungs, moaning and thrashing underneath like her body was on fire. This just motivated me, I took her other leg and threw it over my shoulder so I could thrust and pound even harder. Y/N cried out and I knew I had hit the right spot.

I reached down flicked her clit with a thumb. Her walls squeezed me tightly, forcing me to moan out loud along with her.

“Oh shit Scott! You fuck me so good!”
“Are you gonna cum for me, Y/N?” I slowed down a bit but slammed into her so hard that our pelvises touched, my fingers at her clit was the only thing between us.
“Yes, yes!”
“Cum for me baby. Cum for me.”

I shuddered as I felt his pussy pulse around me, making my thrusts harder. That was all I needed. With just a few shallow thrusts I growled aloud and filled her pussy to the brim with my hot, sticky cum. I leaned forward and our lips met. She kissed me with a passion that I yearned for, moaning as I slowly pumped myself, to let our highs ride out.

I pulled out, unsatisfied with the coldness I felt when I was no longer inside of Y/N. I picked her up and had her direct me to her bathroom. When I placed her on her bed, I went into the bathroom to clean up. When I came back with a warm rag, Y/N began to doze off to sleep. I smiled and still went on with cleaning her up, making sure the living room was clean, before slipping into bed behind her. I pulled the sheet over our bodies then slid my arm around her, grabbing her hands in mine, her ass pressed up against me.

“I love you, Y/N. I don’t want to be anything other than your boyfriend”
“Of course, my cute best boyfriend”
She laughed and nuzzled in closer to me.
“I’m kidding. With that shit you pulled, you just might be the father of my unborn child”
“I’m okay with that”
Y/N turned around to face me. She smiled as she gave me a pleasant and everlasting kiss.
“I love you, Scott. No matter what”

First Time With: Taehyung

This is so much later than when I said I was gonna start posting again but I got busy. So I’m going to do this series now. No one requested it but whatever. I’m gonna do this BTS and Seventeen. I’m not sure how to do bullet points so if someone would like to help me out that would be nice.


* He would be acting really weird

* Like weirder than usual

*You guys would just be chilling on the couch and he would be intensely staring at you

* “What are you doing Tae?”

* You’d get no answer

* You would awkwardly attempt to focus on something else

* But he would just be staring into your soul

* So eventually he would back off

* But instead of staring at you he would be really touchy

* And by touchy I mean he would lay down on top of you

* “Tae, What the actual fuck are you doing?”

* “I really want to touch you.”

* He would pout

* “But you’re really heavy. ”

* He would pull himself up so he was hovering over you

* He would start staring at you again so in order to ease the tension you would give him a soft kiss

* And now you’ve set off Taehyung

* He would kiss you back roughly

* You were extremely confused

* Maybe turned on

* Once he pulled away leaving you breathless he would ponder something for a moment

* “Y/n, Have you ever had sex?”

* You’d choke on your own spit

* “No.” you’d answer looking away from him

* He would come completely off of you and sit on his knees

* “ Neither have I and I think I want to try it.”

* “Is that why you’re being so weird?”

* He’d turn red and look away from you

* “Sure, Why not?”

* His eyes suddenly lit up and he gave you his huge boxy grin

* Getting a little too excited he’d pick you up and carry you to the bed

* From here on out he would be so sweet oml

* But a little bit awkward lol

* His foreplay (if you could even call it that) was slighty off while he attempted to finger you

* You would feel… Something. But in the end you told him to just skip it

* Time for the good stuff

* Watch him attempt to figure out a condom oml

*So once he enters you (ahfjfhd!) You would feel a little pain

* But you quickly forget about it because your giggling at Tae

* “You feel weird, Jagi”

* He moves a little and you both slightly cringe at the feeling

* But soon enough a few moans (mostly from you) come out in all of the awkward silence

* He would blush every time you said his name because it turned him on so much

* “ You sound so cute!” He’d say

* You didn’t respond because of obvious reasons

* He would cum kinda fast

* But you wouldn’t mind because it was your first time

* He would immediately lay down next to you and snuggle up as close as possible to you

* “Can we try that again? I think I can do better.”

* You giggle

* “ Tomorrow Tae.”

* You mess with his hair

* You guys kiss one last time before you drift off to sleep

Btw I’ve never done one of these before so don’t judge me. Sorry for typos I’m lazy lol
Brutal Sameness

Title: Brutal Sameness 

Pairing: Reggie Mantle x Reader

Warnings: Some angst, maybe some slight cursing. 

Requested by @oharchiekinz:  Reggie “And now my life doesn’t make sense anymore. I almost wish I hadn’t met him. How am I supposed to go back to my old life, my days stretching out before me with unending and brutal sameness? How am I supposed to go back to being The Girl Who Reads? Not that I begrudge my life in books.” Sorry if the quote is long, but yeah I know you can do something amazing with it. ❤️

A/N: So, I do this hella embarrassing thing when I’m tired where I will literally mix up the spelling of words. Like, ‘They’re, There, and Their.’ and it’s so cringe worthy so please let me know if I did this anywhere in here! 
As always feedback is greatly appreciated and I hope y’all enjoy! 

Tag List; @sunshine51879 @emotional-wrek-hello @day-dreaming-nightmare @casual-vaporwave @aezthetically @nafa1604 @thegloomybutt @angstylittleteen @barry-stilinski 

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What Will Never Be

Hello, hello again! So this piece is a two-for-one, @wispadori sent me a Maxwell prompt and this is also my submission for #ChoicesCreates week 16 hosted by @texanhusker and @hollyashton! I’m positive this wasn’t the direction the Maxwell prompt was supposed to go but .. this is where it went lol. On that note, I should warn that there will be no happy ending here. 😄
(Side shoutout: @kittenmusicals I would love your input on my first real angst piece! 💕)

Prompts: “You’ve been on my mind a lot” and “don’t ask me to say I don’t love you”
Pairing: Maxwell x Riley (MC) (The Royal Romance)
Word count: 624

What Will Never Be 

Riley’s ears ring at the confession she’s just heard. “What does that mean? Where do we go from here?” Across from her, expectant eyes watch her expression. “Maxwell, what do you mean?”

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said anything…” his words soften as his sentence trails off. He turns and begins to walk away, but stops a few steps further down the hall. “You know what, no,” he turns back as he speaks, his voice suddenly strong and sure. “You’ve been on my mind a lot lately, and I just had to tell you.”

She stares at him for what seems like an eternity, letting the weight of his words sink in. “But… L-Liam…,” she stutters, breathless, as though all the air had been knocked from her lungs. “You brought me here to become Queen, to fall in love with the Prince. What am I supposed to do now?”

He takes a step back toward her. “Riley, please.” He’s moving closer still, slowly closing the distance between them. “You’ll do what you have to do, you’ll become Queen. You love Liam, that’s obvious. I know I’m overstepping, and I know I’m complicating things… but please, don’t make me say I don’t love you.”

Her breath hitches in her throat. “Maxwell, I can’t -” her eyes dart to the floor as he closes the final step between the two of them, unable to finish her thought.

“Listen, you don’t have to say anything. I brought you here for Liam, but I had to tell you how I feel. I’m not asking you to feel the same way.” His eyes search her face for an answer, any answer, but she refuses to look back at him. Before he can think twice, he reaches forward and cups her face in his hands, bringing her attention back to him.

Riley looks up at Maxwell as a galaxy of emotions spiral through her system. Her head screams, “tell him no, turn away!” as her heart begs her “be honest with him, tell him the truth!” But words won’t come and her feet stay planted in place, unable to decide which direction to move. All she can do is stare back into the eyes of the man she knows she can’t love.

Cautiously, he begins to bring himself closer to her, unable to douse the fire burning inside him. She doesn’t pull back, she doesn’t say no. She doesn’t want to. She lets him guide her mouth to his, and as he begins to kiss her, she can feel her walls crumbling down around her. The world outside of this moment doesn’t exist anymore as they become tangled together, Maxwell’s hands get lost in her hair as her arms finally hook around his waist. She deepens the kiss as she pulls herself as close to his chest as possible, finally giving into her urges. After a long, heated moment, Maxwell pulls back and drops his hands down to hold hers.

“I’m sorry, that wasn’t fair of me, but I couldn’t go any longer without you knowing where I stand.” This time it’s his turn to break their stare. “Riley, you mean so much to me, but I understand that we can’t be together.” 

As he releases her grasp and lets their hands fall, he can feel his heart sinking with them. The look in her eyes, full of longing and lust, heartbreak and contempt, only deepened the ache he felt.

Without waiting for a response, he turns on his heel. Part of him hopes she’ll stop him, but the better part of him knows she won’t. As he walks further and further away from her, his heart has never felt as heavy as it did now; knowing that what he had for those few fleeting moments will never be his again.

Waffles and Coffee

Imagine being in a relationship with Bucky and having issues with him not really being able to trust you as much as you do love and trust him. 

Note: Ha. I don’t know. Fluff a tiny bit.
Warnings: Maybe abuse. I really think it would be a stretch though. I tried not to get that vibe out of it although: fair warning.
Disclaimers: Not my character.


Originally posted by mylastlove-mylastsong

I’m talking to you!

- Yeah I heard that!”

He was shoving his stuff in a luggage. You had fought more than once that day. It had been like that for the past week. Your relationship was degrading as time passed and you did not know what to. You could not bring yourself to break it off, but apparently, he was ready to consider it. 

“Bucky…Where are you going with that?

- Steve’s. Do not bother to call me. Someone will be picking up the rest of my stuff tomorrow.

- But…”

He was already gone. Tears dropped down your face without ever stopping. 

You did not sleep that night. Natasha knocked at your door at the brick of dawn. 

“How are you?”

Your body was aching. You hummed, slightly shrugging. A rare thing happened: she hugged you, strongly enough to warm you a little.

“I am sorry. I am so sorry about what happened.”

You both sat down in the living room. Well, on the living room’s floor. Natasha picked up what was left of mint ice-cream and a bottle of vodka. You stretched out a hand.

“Give me the booze.”

Raising an eyebrow, she settled for a shot of vodka and a spoon for the ice-cream. 

“Want to talk about it?”

Your mouth full you tried not to choke on the mix of strong alcohol and icy sweet. 

“I dunno. I mean… Yes. Maybe. Nat’ please be honest, did he tell you something? Anything?”

Her jaw clenched. 

“Please. I don’t need it. I just want it.”

Her hand went to one of the glass and she gulped it down. Taking your hands in hers she tried not to breathe to heavily, setting her eyes on yours. 

“Actually, he made me promise to tell you something. I slapped him for that.”

Your heart clenched. 

“He… He does not want to come back. When I dropped by, he literally demanded of me to come get his things. He did not wonder about how it would make you feel. I think he has made himself stopped caring…

-…about me.”

Eyes empty, vodka was poured down your throat. You did not even realize you did that to yourself before Natasha took the bottle out of your hands. 

“No! Of course not! Just listen to me. He is hurt. As hurt as anyone can be. But he does not want to talk about it. Steve and I, we hoped that… maybe you could tell us what went on yesterday… Try to figure out how to help both of you…”

You broke down. Natasha got some tissues out of her purse. She took you in her arms, and cradled you. 

“It’s… It’s all my fault Natasha… I questioned our relationship a-and now…”

Another sob brought up some more tears wetting your friend’s shirt. 

You felt pathetic. 

“ Shhh… Just calm down OK? It will be alright.

- No, it won’t!” you pushed her away, now standing up. Angry with yourself you lashed out. 

“You don’t understand! I… I don’t know what happened. Some things were setting me off… To me he is everything. Or at least a huge part of my life right now… But… He always drifts away… He doesn’t want me to get involved to help him in any way. Not even when he is having nightmares right beside me… He is pushing me away every fucking time! I can’t do this anymore. I just can’t.”

The young women pushed herself to her feet, took her jacket, her purse and left. Her face was stern and she did not even took the time to say goodbye. 

You had not been able to sleep properly the next night, nor the one after. You had to go to work nonetheless and did not manage to cover it up. Your colleagues were looking at you sideways, already talking behind your back.

Two weeks went by like that. You were trying to get on with your life without him. Without any of them actually because no one called you nor talked to you during that whole time. You had your best friend on the phone every night now. Natasha was monitoring you. She was checking how you were eating and sleeping. She never mentioned the night she went out of your apartment like a fury. 

Not until that Saturday’s morning in fact. 

She showed up at your door at 8 trying to keep herself from screaming. 

“Hey. Can I come in?

- Of course. What’s going on?”

Hushing past you, she sat you down on one of the kitchen’s chairs. 

“Listen to me very carefully.”

As she was telling you what had happened, your eyes were widening trying not to burst out of your orbits. You got your car keys still in your pyjamas and slippers. She indicated the place to go to. 

When you arrived, you were ready to kill someone. Or to disassemble them. 

The bar was crowed but not because of the very good beer. People had been calling out friends and neighbours to witness the scene. 

One of the Avengers’ member fighting a civilian. 

Bucky was not drunk. He was pissed and somehow that was worse. Apparently, he had been staying in this bar since the evening before. Meaning he stayed all night with the mere humans who were having a blast for a bachelor party. Also, meaning everyone was drunk when he was pissed. 

So, when the best man took it upon himself to try and force him into a selfie, very early that morning, he did not like it. Now, the poor guy was bleeding from his mouth and his nose. All things considered he was in a pretty good state. 

Natasha forwarding you, the crowd let both of you through. 


His face was bruised. He looked you in the face before glaring at Natasha. As the poor guy tried to stand up he tried to punch him. Some of man in the room were already stepping between them. 

“Leave him be before I disassemble you and make you eat your own shit !!”

Before even thinking it, you were throwing yourself in front of Bucky. 

“Doll, what are you even saying?

- …God, I missed your voice.”

Your bodies crushed into one another. He was so warm against you. So alive. 

His touch was setting you ablaze. If you could have, you would have done him right here and there.

You separated for a breath, struggling to even raise your ribcage without him, it was setting a fire in your lungs. 

“I missed you so much, love. 

- Then, why did you leave?”

Bucky struggled to answer. 

“I was afraid…

- About what?

- Just let me answer alright ?!”

He dropped his arms, walking a bit around you trying to get his mind around the fact that you had gone out of your own comfort zone to help him. To be with him.

“I am so sorry… I just…”

Tears filled his eyes. You did not dare to move.

“Natasha kicked my ass the day she was supposed to get my stuff back. She literally kicked my ass. I have been living off of sofas for the past weeks. Even Steve did not want to take me in if it’s not saying something… I didn’t know what to do, what to say to you to mend things up… Anything happens to you it happens to me doll. If you love me… If you love me you’re bound to get hurt and I don’t want that…

- Shut up. That’s just bullshit and you know it. You’ve been there for my worst moments. For the grief and the joy. What do you think was going to happen now? That I was going to run away? You’re just it for me Barnes. I love you. There is no one else for me in this life but you.”

People around you started to talk. Natasha shushed them all, before driving them out of the establishment. 

Meanwhile, James was looking at you like you were a ghost. His words were getting out of him without any sense to it. At least at first. 

“I… you… But… Natasha… Why? How?

- Because. ” you smiled softly, taking his hands back in yours. His eyes met yours. 

“ Will you marry me?“

With the surprise the only thing you thought about was to sit down on a stool. His body followed yours, not sitting down nor moving from your side. 

"Where did that came from?

- I’d say the fifties.” he joked. 

You slapped his stomach. The only thing you could touch thanks to his height. 

“I’m serious. 

- Me too. I believe you are the only one I’ll ever love.”

Your arms went tight around his waist. 

“Alright. Let’s get married then.”

He looked you over raising an eyebrow. 

“Really? I thought you’d be more reluctant about it. 

- Why? Haven’t we waited long enough? What would your parents say Sergeant Barnes about marrying a girl like me, huh?” you chuckled. 

 "Well, they would be very proud. Very surprised too. 

- How is that?

-  They never thought I would settle with anyone. Until I met you.“

As he was about to kiss you, you put a finger on his lips. 

"Didn’t you forget something, Mister Barnes?

- I don’t think so, love…

- Sure?” you asked. 

“Well… Maybe one thing. Where do you want to eat after we get married?

- You know the answer to that one. 

- Waffles and coffee?

- Of course, waffles and coffee.”

 On that you both left the abandoned bar, finally letting the bartender the charge of closing his business. 

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Fandom: Grim Fandango

Rating: T

Genre: Friendship, some Hurt/Comfort?

Characters: Manny, Glottis, and a bunch of losers

Warnings: Smoking, drinking, gambling (this is a Grim Fandango fic, what do you expect?), violence, broken bones.

Description: After several lucky wins at poker, Manny finds himself in a very unlucky situation. He quickly learns why you don’t meddle in the affairs of desperate souls in Rubacava… and they learn why you don’t mess with Manny.

Notes: Wanted to write a thing that takes place while Manny and Glottis are in Rubacava. and it’s like 2:45 in the morning i am so tired

anonymous asked:

im curious - what are ur tips for character creation / making realistic characters? :o

wow you bet ! thanks for asking; i have to warn you right now, this is probably going to get pretty long

so when creating a character, there’s a lot of stuff you have to look at. 

it depends on what you’re using these characters for; i do writing with my characters, so i look at them from a writers perspective. but i’m sure it’s easily transferable to people who roleplay, draw, or simply like daydreaming about their characters.

personality traits are really important, and what i like talking about most, so i’m gonna start there. 

i don’t really believe in good traits and bad traits. i think any trait should be able to be seen in a positive or negative light. and i’ll take nise for example when looking at personality traits; one of nises biggest things is that he’s selfish. there’s the obvious when looking at selfishness; he does things that benefit himself and cause others harm, because to him, it doesn’t matter. they don’t matter. what matters is that things work out in his favour, in the path of least resistance. and that’s regarded as a bad thing, because it is, i mean, he’s an asshole. but selfishness has also lead him to do things like chase his dreams relentlessly, it’s got him to the place he’s at. it’s helped him brighten the lives of those he loves dearly. which is a benefit for him, and for them. 

and nise is also smart, which is typically seen as a positive trait. it’s good for him; he knows lots, he’s well read, and more than that, he’s got a quick mind. he can work his way out of situations by thinking it over, and he can use his quick wit to get things out of people. but because he’s so well-read, he tends to immediately assume other people are stupid, even if they’re close to him. especially if they’re like leucis, and don’t read much. this kinda goes in with the selfishness thing, he tends to view other people as not as capable as him, even if in reality they are more qualified. and nise also uses his ability to understand people to his advantage in manipulative ways; hailey mentioned this before that finnion, their character whom nise is married to, worries sometimes he’s being manipulated into loving nise. and so despite the fact that he doesn’t lie, he’s not very trustworthy, because he can manipulate people so well. and that’s an asshole thing to do. nise is just an asshole. 

and to go kinda into what i said above, your traits should tie together in some way. you can have a kind shy person, or a kind extroverted person, and those two traits should work in tandem. maybe the kind shy person sees someone hurt, and despite how much it scares them, they offer to help. maybe the kind extroverted person offers to help a struggling kid with their homework, and scares them away. because traits should be both good and bad, and maybe their kindness came off as too forgive. maybe the kind shy person lets others walk all over them because they have low self-image. because in real life, every single personality trait you have is going to do some good for you, and some bad. maybe you’re smart and getting top grades, but the stress to succeed gets to you and you crack. maybe your organization and tidy lifestyle lead you to be persnickety and uptight about everything being perfect.  

what i’m trying to say with these points is, make sure your characters personality traits aren’t sole good or bad, and that they don’t exist separate from eachother. 

another important thing when creating a character is fears and goals. i’m putting those together because i feel like, a lot of the time, fears and goals work together well. ill keep using nise as a example when i talk. so your character should be afraid of stuff for a reason, but if they have fears just because, that’s fine too. nise is afraid of bears because of a childhood incident with one. but nise is afraid of pain simply because pain is not fun or pleasurable, and seeing his own blood makes him freak out because that’s not supposed to be on the outside. but he’s also afriad of being restrained or unable to move, and of sensory deprivation, because he used to do work as an information broker, and never in his life did he want to feel as powerless and the people he was getting information out of. 

and then there’s his Big Main Fear, the one which affects his main goal directly. nises ultimate goal is to become a god, like cyric did. and he wants this so desperately because he’s afraid of being forgotten. of everything he’s done in his life being pointless, of his name being washed away with history. because he has such an interest in individual lives, he loves reading journals and letters from people who lived centuries ago, he doesn’t want to wind up like them. forgotten or almost forgotten. and he figures if he’s always around, there will always be someone to tell his story, to remember his name. 

now of course, your character doesn’t  need a big major fear linked to their big major goal. but i know this happens in real life a lot- i have a big major fear that drives me towards my big major goal. and your character doesn’t need a big major goal either, but most real actual people have got one. even if their goal is to get married, to get their dream job, to adopt a couple dogs, to beat or manage their mental illness. but humans (and by extension, humanoid creatures) don’t like living just for the sake of living. most people need something to strive towards. and giving your characters something personal to keep living for helps make them feel more rounded.

but those are the kinds of things you hear in your english class, so i mean, i’m probably not telling you anything new. 

backstories are important for your characters too. because in real life, the things we go through can affect us monumentally. for example with nise, he grew up without any friends. he spent his time reading, and talking with village elders, learning about them. so lots of his life was about learning, focusing on something for as long as it took to learn it, and then moving on. this affects his life now; he has a hard time getting involved in stuff. things, books, people will catch his attention until he’s learned as much about them as he can, and then he throws them away and moves on. and this complicates relationships a lot, because when he meets someone, like leucis or cieryllis or finnion, whom he actually truely loves, and wants to stick with, it’s hard for them to see him moving through people so quickly and not think he’s going to do the same to them. this was actually one of the major reasons he and cieryllis split up, because cie didn’t trust him to be faithful, and ended it before he could get hurt. 

and that kinda brings us back to fear; people do impulsive, dumb, irrational things out of fear. nise left leucis out of fear, and it’s his biggest regret. cie left nise out of fear of getting hurt again. people will give out information vital to their lives to prevent themselves from getting hurt, and people will prevent sharing things like abuse out of fear. and so characters acting out of fear, abandoning logic and acting on impulse because they’re afraid, can really add a level of reality to them; especially when a generally logical character does something out of fear, it can lend the reader a little look into their life, to help understand what drives them.

people can drastically alter your characters worldview too. like when nise met valas, when nise was still just a child, valas was the most interesting person young nise had ever encountered. and this made him realize, oh my, other people are so dreadfully interesting, and history is so rich, and it really affected his interests and stuff that way.

but people can also have negative effects on your characters. of course, abuse is something that can drastically affect a persons life. like in a book i actually just finished yesterday, a characters abusive partner used to call him a slut every time after they’d had sex, and try passing it off as a joke. and then once this character got out of that relationship, he would do the same to the other people he had had sex with, in a sort of ‘i’ll hurt you before you can hurt me’ tactic that really fucked with his ability to maintain relationships.

and character development throughout the story is something vitally important. because people are always changing, and so if your character remains the same person through their entire life, it’s not realistic. using nise as an example again, every single major relationship he’d ever been in taught him something. the first taught him that it’s important you let your partner know how you’re feeling, that communication is vital. the second taught him that the world does not revolve around him. the third, that people have different views of the world, and something that makes sense to you might not make sense to them. and that is okay. 

but character development isn’t always about them becoming better people. negative character development can be so interesting, and it’s often overlooked. like with nise again, when he first leaves the town he had grown up in, he’s shy. he’s polite. he sees the good in people, because he’s only had an outsiders view of most of the world, and he chooses to only see the good stuff. but then he gets robbed, and beaten, and he has to fight to make his way in the world, and he realizes the only person who he really has is himself. he has no qualms about hurting people- he becomes an information broker, abusing his charms for his own gain. he scoffs at the person he used to be, who thought he could help the world out. and he comes out ahead, because even though he had to do morally gray things to get there, and he had to go through a lot of changes as a person, he is in a position where he is content. 

but maybe that’s not negative enough. again, i really don’t like terms like positive and negative, but using them is easier to get my point across. 

maybe you’ve got a character who is easygoing, friendly, and generous. but something happens to them. someone steps on them a bit too hard, a loved one dies, or they have an epiphany. and now they’re rude to everyone they meet, they start fights for the sake of fighting, they do things that harm themself. and people are begging them to stop, to get help, but they like the person they’ve become, because now, nobody takes advantage of them. 

any sort of change a character goes through can help a reader to relate to the character, to understand them better, to make them more interesting, even if they aren’t exactly likable. 

and that’s another thing; characters don’t have to be morally good. i’d take a well-written morally evil character over a shoddy morally pure character any day. sure, a character who says rude things and talks in circles might not be very likable to other characters, but a reader might be drawn to them because they relate to the way they talk, or the idiosyncrasies they have. because people are rarely ever actually morally pure, and each of us have small strange tidbits we’d like to see represented in characters. 

so i’m a really picky eater, and i can’t eat a lot of food because the texture of it overwhelms me. but not a lot of characters are picky eaters, and even fewer have sensory issues related to food. but celia katchudorian does, she has the exact problems with food that i do, and i liked seeing that in a character. it’s bothersome to her family, because there’s stuff she can’t eat, and it’s not written as a positive thing. but it made me feel good to see a character like me, whos family regards her idiosyncrasies the same way my family does mine. 

so giving your characters ‘undesirable’ traits isn’t bad, because everyone has them. maybe they can’t talk over the phone, or their hands sake, or they’re obsessive about what time it is, or they have a habit of picking leaves off trees and pulling them apart. these kinds of little things help characters feel more real and relatable, especially to people who do those kinds of things themselves. 

when writing relationships, it’s important to make sure you know why the characters like or dislike eachother. especially with romantic relationships. i can’t tell you how many times ive read a book where the character talks about how their love could bend universes and turn back time and all that jazz, and i’m like, okay but are you guys even friends? think about the reasons why you like your friends. why you dislike the people you dislike. maybe your friend is interested in the same movie, and you guys like talking about that. your girlfriend has insomnia, just like you do, and the two of you stay up texting when you can’t sleep. but there’s other reasons people stay together too, and unhealthy relationships are not a bad thing to write about, so long as it’s understood they’re not to be seen as healthy or ideal relationships. a couple who is toted as a dream duo, but who do nothing but insult eachother, is not a good example of a well written relationship. but consider a relationship where person A reminds person B of person C, who has left person B’s life, and so person B has an unhealthy obsession with person A, and person A sticks around person B because they feel obliged to. this is not an example of a healthy relationship, but so long as it’s communicated that this is not to be idolized, that neither person is benefiting from this, and that it needs to be fixed or ended, it can be a well written relationship. and perhaps people who are in that situation might see it as non-normal, and seek help to get out of it. 

in real life, people in relationships joke. they laugh. they have inside memes. they can send a text to the other that just says ‘id fuck an alien’. but they also fight. they have things they disagree on, things they don’t want to talk about with the other. because no actual relationship is just kissing and cuddling and saying i love you 100 times, because no chemistry exists there. and no relationship is perfect, either. your partner might say something that offends you, or you might do something that hurts their feelings. but having characters who fuck up, and find a way to work through it, is a lot better than a relationship where everything is sunshine and perfectness. 

and this includes friendships. and enemy-ships. and even with acquaintances, where maybe your co-worker says something racist, and you start silently disliking them, but continue business as usual because you’re scared of starting a fight with them

so that was a lot of stuff. but i guess, tl;dr, human beings are flawed. people make mistakes, they’re assholes, they’re selfish, they do strange things. and it’s important to write characters who do those things too, because anyone looking into these characters from an outsiders perspective will find a flawed character much more interesting, relatable, and real than a character who is ideal and flawless.

aesthetically-inclined-jojos  asked:

not a headcanon! but!! do you have any advice for aspiring jojo headcanon blogs? :')

Of course! But be warned I honestly knew nothing about running a jojo headcannon blog when I started so have some personal tips.

-Please please please, do not let yourself drown in requests. If you feel a lot of pressure coming from a full askbox, please close your askbox and finish before you feel overwhelmed. It’s really important not to let that happen cause I remember one time I got over 20 asks and was like “hahah fuuuuck”. So if you want you can make a limit of how many you can handle.

-Go at your own pace, I know no one likes a rushed request cause there’s a lot of typos and sometimes a couple sentences don’t make sense. So if you feel like you want to post once every day or two that’s fine. If you feel like posting three things at once that’s fine too! It’s okay as long as you’re not burning yourself out yo.

-Usually when I write requests I take a break everytime I feel like I run out of ideas about the character. I’d draw or watch some videos. Helps me recharge and when I come back I feel like I’ve got more ideas.

-If you can’t think of something for the request. I like putting myself in their shoes and think like them. Most of the time I get a little bit of an idea of how I can word it out.

-Don’t feel obligated to do every single request. I get the same requests all the time so if you already did something to what they asked, just link them to it. Also if you get requests for something you’re not comfortable just be upfront. Don’t feel bad for saying no to something that you don’t like.

-Dont forget that this is for fun and that you really shouldn’t force yourself to write if you’re disinterested in it. If you find a new fandom you like maybe you can make it a multi fandom blog

-also when you do make it please tell me your blog I’d love to check it out.

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What do you think of the apology itself

i couldn’t even fucking read it originally because it triggered me & and i had to get a tl;dr from another discourser. i reread it again just now and they didn’t warn for talk of their trauma (which was rather detailed) and honestly completely irrelevant to their apology. they could have said “i was sexually abused as a child and it affected me as an adult” rather than go through their trauma history & talk about their attempts. 

to me it seemed sympathy / empathy grabbing and i do not want to fucking empathize with them but i do appreciate that they’re taking responsibility for their actions and leaving the discourse. they were right; they should’ve known better. if they ever come back they better be honest about who they are and not manipulate people into trusting them again under a different identity

they didn’t apologize to wsc from what i’ve seen though and that’s shitty. they guilttripped a 17 year old over calling them out and that’s terrible no matter how you look at it

i personally don’t forgive them and i hope i never fucking see them in the discourse scene again honestly

 CANON   DIALOGUE  STARTER  CALL   !      its  no  secret  i’ve  been  away  from  this  blog  for  awhile  but  i’m  back  and  better  and  officially  ready  to  work  on  things  .  in  honor  of  this  ,  i’ve  decided  to  kick  things  off  with  a  few  starters  made  from  game  dialogue  .

 so  —–  like  this  post  and  you  can  expect  something  in  your  tag  within  the  next  few  days  .  (   warning   :   these  will  more  than  likely  be  on  the  shorter  side  and  will  be  capped  at  a  mere  handful  as  i  have  plenty  of  drafts  and  memes  i  need  to  do  .   )

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Since bitty is (I think?) the first openly gay player in the NHL in the fics, what about other players hitting on him when they play the schooners, or even better, during the all star game when jack is right there?

The game so far has been nothing memorable, just another pre-season exhibition against Edmonton that neither team really want to give their all because why risk anything before the season even starts?

“Bittle,” Burig, a second line Oilers winger, flags Eric down at the end of the second period, with a look of grim determination that gives Eric the sense he’s about to be sucker-punched.


“You, uh,” Burig hesitates, gnawing on his mouthguard and twisting his stick in his hands while he comes up with whatever he wants to say. He huffs and looks around for any teammates that might be watching the exchange, finding the rest of his line distracted, he leans in close. “You doing anything after the game?”

Eric blinks. “What?” 

“Just,” Burig shrugs, face flushing pink, “wanted to see if you’d like to grab a drink or something.”

“Oh. Oh!” Someone from the bench yells his name and Eric is faced with a dilemma he knows he can’t resolve in the next 15 seconds. “Wait for me after the game, we can talk.”

Burig nods tightly, beet red, and skates back to his own bench.

Just another thing for Eric to think about while coach yells at him for missing an unnecessary pep talk.


Burig is waiting for Eric when he leaves the locker room, hair still damp and his suit slightly rumpled like he’d thrown it on in a rush, which makes Eric feel worse for some reason.

“Hey,” he perks up when he sees Eric, sliding his phone into his gear bag. “You wanted to talk?” He sounds so earnest it hurts and Eric motions to a meeting room just off the hallway.

“It’ll be a bit more private in here.”

Eric doesn’t waste time when the doors close, Burig isn’t the first player to approach him and he certainly won’t be the last.

“You’re very sweet, but I have a boyfriend.”

“Fuckin’ knew it,” Burig curses, shouldering his duffel bag. “No way someone as hot as you is single. Worth a shot, right?”

“Were you looking for a hook-up or?”

“No, not like that, I just kinda,” he hesitates like he’s afraid of saying too much.

“Safe space,” Eric waves his arms to indicate the empty room. “Be honest.”

“I’m tired of Grindr and puckbunnies and bar hookups, you know? I want something real.”

Eric immediately runs through a list in his mind of the few single players he’s met in similarly awkward situations. “You play in Vancouver next week, right?”

Burig’s eyes go wide and Eric holds up a warning finger. “Hold your horses. I may have a friend in a similar situation, but it’ll be on his terms if he wants to reach out. Give me your number, and I’ll pass it along if he wants to meet. Okay? No promises.”


“You want to tell me why we’re watching Vancouver slaughter Edmonton when we could be doing literally anything else?” Jack bemoans from the couch, poking and prodding at Eric to distract him.

“I’m invested, alright? You plant seeds, you watch ‘em grow.”

The clock runs out on the second period and Eric keeps his eyes trained on Vancouver’s goalie, Crivier, who waves Burig over in a moment of calm. The two talk, barely visible over the shoulder of a commentator, but moments later Burig skates away with a very prominent smile on face. 

“And boom goes the dynamite,” Eric whispers, grabbing the remote to switch over to the new season of House of Cards.

“You playing matchmaker again, Bits?” Jack laughs, pressing himself against Eric’s side and nuzzling at his neck.

“You know how much competition you’d have if I didn’t set up all the guys that hit on me with each other?” Eric breathes, sliding his fingers through Jack’s hair. “I could have a harem.”

Jack groans and squeezes Eric tightly. “I’ll fight everyone,” he murmurs, “even the guys I like.” 

It fucking hurts him to do this. It really does because they’re like family. Blood brothers or some shit term that they learned after watching a movie when they were nine and made them feel closer than anything.

So it hurts.

But Sana is his actual sister. His baby sister who has spent the past few nights walking around the house like a zombie without an ounce of the sass he’s come to adore. This is Sana and Sana comes above all.

Yousef: hey bro, can I come over and chill?

Elias lets out a breath of air, thumbs moving absently as he puts just a fraction of what he wants to say to his best friend in text form.

Elias: i dont think so. we can go out or whatever later, but you need to keep your distance from my place.

There are several long seconds of silence and Elias can almost picture Yousef’s face as he blinks at the screen. Usually texting a warning that he wanted to come over was courtesy. Usually they didn’t even do that and just showed up at each other’s place. So yeah, he can only imagine the look of confusion.

Yousef: the other boys were there earlier… has something happened? I won’t eat in front of you guys or anything if that is what you’re worried about. I actually haven’t eaten all day. Habit i guess.

Elias thins his lips. The door next to his own opens and Sana walks out and pads down the hallway, not even sparing him a glance through his opened door.

Elias: No. 

Yousef: Elias? what the fuck?

Elias remembers the ways in which the boys teased his earlier this afternoon- the way they chanted “jealous” and laughed, rightfully ignorant of the real reason he is struggling with wanting anything to do with Yousef right now. 

He types out, sana is the best person in the world and then deletes it, and then i hope noora is worth the tears on my sister’s face, and then deletes it again.

He sighs and scrapes a hand over his head when Sana pads back to her room in silence; a ghost in her own home.

Elias: just stay away from us right now.