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so uh this happened? honestly, i’ve run out of things to say when it comes to milestones besides ????? h o w ??? thank you to everyone who follows me because i love and appreciate y’all. thnx for not blocking me when i yiff or rant about my life and thnx for being an amazing bunch of people.

i thought i’d try something different for this celebration and do name inspired playlists! i’ve seen this idea pop up on my dash before and tbh i thought it was pretty cool because everyone seems to love music so what can go wrong?

if you’ve never seen one before, a name inspired playlist looks like this:
(i’m using my own name as an example)
taro - alt-j
entropy - grimes
dark fantasy - kanye
daydreaming - radiohead
gave you all - mumford and sons
in the middle - dodie

be warned, i do listen to a lot of chill and indie/folk music so there is a good chance every playlist i’ll make is gonna be chill (i’ll also make in into a spotify playlist bc why the heck not)

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i’ll be doing these until monday bc i go away next week but i will try and make everyone a playlist!! if this flops pretend it never happened lmao

Thanksgiving with the Hollands (Tom Holland Headcanon)

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Summary: A look at what Thanksgiving is like for you and Tom’s family.

Authors Note: So I sort of modified this request and sorry it took forever but I wanted it to be out on Thanksgiving. I love this a lot and think it’s adorable and makes me long for Thanksgiving while having a family with Tom. I hope you guys enjoy and have a wonderful holiday! I am thankful for all of your love and support and don’t know what I’d do without you guys.

Requested: “Can you do a tom x reader thanksgiving headcanons? Like how current and future thanksgiving would go? Thanks!! I was going to do Halloween but that passed lol”


Word Count: 1799


Taglist: @tbholland @stephie-senpai @cersei-lannister @i-love-superhero @chinalois @behxndthemask @ttholland @johnmurphys-sass @harperislit @annoyingasskid

  • By the time you started your own family you and Tom had become masters of the holiday.
  • Now you, Tom and your children were hosting Thanksgiving for the first time at your home.
    • Your son Tom jr aka TJ was basically a tiny clone of his dad, including personality which made him a handful for you. He just turned 5 and loved Thanksgiving.
    • Your daughter, Chloe was the princess of the house. At 1 year old, she had everyone wrapped around her chubby little fingers. 
  • Living in L.A. the weather wasn’t “ideally fall” but you made it work.
  • You decorated the whole place with warm yellows, rich browns, and pumpkin orange.
  • The kitchen had gourds decorating the table.
  • On the fridge, you had the kid’s turkey handprints that you helped them make
    • It was probably a mistake dipping a babies hand in paint because she got a little excited and reached her orange hand straight to your hair.
  • Tom insisted on making “Thanksgiving cards”
    • You told him that wasn’t a thing but he loved family photos to look at when he was away filming.
      • Now that TJ was in school you didn’t feel comfortable dragging him to set with his father. 
      • Both of you agreed to let him have routine and normalcy was better even though it made Tom even sadder when he knew he had to be away months for filming and couldn’t get random visits from his babies.
    • You took the pictures in your backyard (away from the pool)
      • You added some fall colored leaves and had a variety of pumpkins.
    • The whole crew put on sweaters (WHICH WAS NOT COMFORTABLE BECAUSE YOU WERE ROASTING UNDER THE CALIFORNIA SUN) but they looked cute so you committed to the look.
    • Your favorite picture was of Tom, holding the kids in his lap. TJ looked up admirably at his dad, with a large smile showing his missing tooth while Chloe kissed her daddy’s cheek.
    • Tom’s favorite was of you, holding Chloe nose to nose looking into each other’s eyes.
      • He put it on his Instagram captioning “My girls are natural models.”
  • You constantly had fall scented candles burning, to bring good energy around the house.
    • Fig, pumpkin, cinnamon, berry, etc.
      • Tom’s favorite smelt like rum and vanilla.
  • You were surprised Tom wanted to host this year but he was so insistent.
    • He actually wanted to host last year but Chloe was so tiny and he didn’t want to stress you out.
  • He invited both sides of the family (to give his parents the Thanksgiving experience) as well as friends (aka Harrison).
  • While Tom went to pick up his family from the airport the night before you went to the grocery store to gather supplies.
    • He took the kids with him so you could focus.
    • As soon as TJ saw his grandparents he booked it through the airport almost giving Tom a heart attack.
      • But TJ would just shrug and hug his grandpa harder.
      • “He just loves his family, don’t blame him, Thomas.”
      • Tom would relax, but still, be annoyed TJ thought that was okay. 
        • Also his outburst drew a bit of a crowd.
      • Getting into the car Chloe couldn’t stop giggling at her uncles as they played peek-a-boo.
        • “Where’s Chloe?” Sam would coo while Harry put her blanket over her head.
        • Chloe’s tiny legs would kick as she squealed happily.
        • “There she is!” Sam said, removing the blanket.
        • Chloe thinks this is the funniest shit, her baby giggles filling the whole car.
        • Tom smiled from the driver’s seat, loving when all of his family was together
  • Your family early Thanksgiving morning, but you were already up cooking.
    • “You made it! Feel go to your rooms they’re all made up…or you can help me.”
      • They left you to go sleep.
  • You hummed to yourself as you cooked the feast. 
    • The aroma woke up your husband, making him sleepily come downstairs in plaid pajama pants and no shirt.
      • “Smells amazing darling.”
      • “You can’t get any food yet, Holland.”
      • “Mmm, not even a tiny bite?”
      • “Nope, you have to wait.”
      • “Fine, I know something that tastes even better.”
        • Then he pulls you into a kiss, leaning you on the counter.
        • Quickly it got heated with your shirt almost being tossed into the turkey.
  • Tom’s job was to entertain everyone while you cooked because you did not want him in the kitchen and you also couldn’t focus if the kids were constantly at your feet.
  • The first baby to wake up was Chloe, you heard her over the baby monitor and instructed Tom to get the princess.
    • He returned with a sleepy little one in a turkey onesie.
      • “What have you done to my child?”
      • “What do you mean it’s festive?”
      • “She’s a freaking turkey.”
      • “A cute turkey!”
    • You dropped the argument for now and directed Tom to set up her highchair and feed her breakfast.
      • He attempted to help Chloe feed herself but was met with a firm “No!”
      • She was going through her no phase so she wanted to do everything herself.
        • “Princess, let me help feed you!”
        • “No!”
        • “It’s easier if I help”
        • “No dada no!”
      • Her festive pumpkin baby mush was flung all across the counter and in her little curls.
        • “You should have fed her yourself.”
        • “She told me no!”
        • “You let yourself be bossed around by a baby Thomas, a baby.”
  • Tom grumbled profanities under his breath and took his little turkey upstairs to the bathroom.
  • He saw his mini, was also now up and decided to give them both ready.
  • The day was mostly spent with your two families lounging on the couch, watching movies and football while talking about what’s happening in their lives.
    • “When Y/N was little she smashed her hand in the middle of the pie. Everyone was annoyed but she was so cute we couldn’t get mad at her. She tried to offer some of the pie from her tiny hands.”
  • Tom didn’t have to do much entertaining for the kids because the uncles had taken care of that situation.
  • Chloe hung off Sam as if he was her best friend. 
    • He had a gentleness with her that she loved.
    • He would tickle her sides, give her little cheek kisses, or play with her curls.
  • She loved the twins together because they would play little games with her.
    • Got your nose was a real hit especially when the twins pretended to throw her nose back and forth, driving her crazy.
  • TJ liked spending time with his Uncle Paddy because Paddy still remembered what it was like to be that age.
    • He played Nerf with him, the two running around in the backyard shooting foam at each other.
    • Paddy went gentle on TJ, but the little boy was out for blood and aimed at the face 99% of the time.
  • TJ talked to Uncle Harry about superheroes a lot.
    • “Did you know my daddy is Spiderman?”
    • “What that’s crazy?”
    • “I know! I’m gonna be Spiderman too!”
    • “Do you protect the city with him?”
    • “No, he says I’m too little but he says when he’s gone I can protect Chloe and mama!”
    • “I’m sure you’re terrifying to bad guys.”
    • “Yeah, I am.”
  • Harrison was their cool godfather, but they saw him all the time so they didn’t fawn over him as much.
    • “Gaw-fader,” Chloe attempted to say.
  • The Uncles and the godfather teamed up to play a badass game of hide and seek.
    • Harrison picked up Chloe since the little one wasn’t the most talented in walking.
      • “Chlo, we’re gonna win because we’re the best and most attractive and you’re my goddaughter so that means you’re better than your uncles. I’m your favorite Chloe, remember that.”
      • “Can you stop rambling div and just count!” Harry shouts.
      • “Div! Div! Div!” TJ joins in.
      • “Harry, don’t teach him how to say div, Tom is gonna lose his shit!” Harrison shouted back.
      • “Shitty shit!” TJ laughed.
        • The two had to begin bribing TJ with toys to not repeat either of those things to his parents.
  • Eventually, the kids got tired out and went down for a nap allowing all the guys to have a “bonding” session
  • Harrison bought bourbon and cigars which the brothers and Harrison went onto the back porch to indulge in since you didn’t want the smell lingering around the kids.
  • Tom sighed out a plume of smoke looking out in his gorgeous backyard, thinking about how it was possible he had this life.
    • “Damn I’m lucky.”
    • “No need to rub it in,” Harry joked back.
    • Tom laughed taking another puff of his cigar. “Don’t be jealous you’ll have it soon enough.”
    • “Do you think you’ll have more kids?” Harrison asked.
    • “I want a whole football team, an army of Hollands.”
    • “Sounds like Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan’s nightmare,” Sam joked.
    • They all laughed.
    • “Can’t help that Holland’s are kickass, it’s in our genes.
  • A couple of hours later, you had the table set and prepared for the dinner.
  • You changed into a fitted purple dress with your hair flat iron.
    • Your ears sparkled with diamonds given to you as an anniversary present form your husband as well as the large rock gracing your left ring fingers.
  • TJ wore an adorable little black sweater while Chloe wore a dress similar to yours. His hair was slicked back like his father’s (because ever since he found out his daddy wore hair gel he had to have some himself) and her’s was accompanied with a lovely white bow.
  • Tom wore dark was jeans and a loose fitting sweater. He wore his normal chain around his neck and even had in his earring.
    • “Ah the pirate is back.”
    • “Oh don’t you start, you know you love the piercing.
    • “Mmm, I always had a thing for Captain Hook.”
    • “Seriously!?”
    • “No you idiot, but I do like the piercing it’s sort of cute.”
  • You put the finishing touches on everything, making sure everything was presentable before calling everyone in for dinner.
  • The whole crew stampeded in, making plates while you stood back and admired your work.
    • Tom came up to you and wrapped an arm around your waist, pulling you in close.
    • He placed tiny kisses on your nose.
      • “You’re so talented, darling. Thank you for doing this.”
      • “Of course, babe. I love having everyone together.”
      • “Does this mean hosting Christmas is on the table!?”
      • “Oh boy.”
Who Are You? - Part 2

The story continues! This one is a little longer than the previous chapter. I decided to name the first person character. Hope that doesn’t throw any of you out of the story. Would love feedback/criticism.  

Warnings: girl is in the hospital because she was drugged, some swearing.

Click here to read Part 1.

I was sitting in the waiting room 7 hours later. I had rushed Gen to the Emergency Room, knowing that she would be mad when she woke up, but I knew how important it was to go get medical help before it was too late. The staff had been taking care of her since we arrived. They told me 2 hours ago that she was doing well, but they also said that they were going to pump her stomach.

I anxiously picked at the skin around my thumbnail. It had begun bleeding about 3 hours in, and I was just making it worse. I couldn’t help how anxious I felt. I had hated hospitals since I was a kid and had seen my grandmother slip away in one. She had been my rock and the only real family member I had ever had. My mother was still around, but she was either at work or off somewhere drinking herself into a stupor. I had been fending for myself since my grandmother Esther left me.

I hated the smell of this place more than anything - mint Tic Tacs and sadness was the best description. I glanced around at the sparse décor. The drab colors and uncomfortable chairs didn’t add to my comfort.

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Is It True, Your Royal Highness?

Intro: Shawn is a prince that has been lying about his identity to Y/N because he feels normal around her, but he can’t keep his secret for long sooner or later the truth will come out, how will Y/N take it? Will he be the one to tell her? Or will she find out on her own?

Warnings: I don’t think there is any??? Besides threatening 

A/N: Hope you guys enjoy!!

Chapter 3

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A New Fairytale

Author: sumcp

Characters: Isaac Lahey x Y/N

Word Count: 2900

Warnings: mild violence, death threats, kissing?, implied smut at the end

Prompt: “Is this one of those times where you want me to lie to protect your delicate little feelings?” — requested by my sweet Audrey ( @lovefilledtragedy )

Originally posted by dunbarfeels

“Why do I have to go with him though? Seriously, I’ll just go by myself.” You huffed to your alpha, but he just shook his head. You opened your mouth to complain some more, hoping to change his mind when Isaac piped up from the other side of the table.

“Oh does little red not wanna be stuck with the big bad wolf?” He had a smug look on his face as he crossed his arms over his chest.

“Last time I checked, big bad wolves don’t wear scarves in 60 degree weather, only wanna be hipsters.” You smiled sweetly at him and he flashed his golden orbs at you. You heard Stiles cough to cover up his laugh and Scott hit him on the shoulder muttering something to his best friend before turning to you.

“Okay you two.. We have to split up and Y/N your human, which means you need someone to watch over you until we figure out how to track down the nest of wendigos.” You rolled your eyes at Scott but you didn’t complain again because you knew he was right. Allison was watching over Lydia, Stiles was staying with Scott so that left you with the short end of the stick, Isaac Lahey.

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The Summoned

This was originally going to be a very short Thanksgiving writing with a tongue-in-cheek feel, but as I continued writing past the opening, it evolved into something with much more depth and personal meaning. Fair warning for the reader that the subject covered herein is somewhat stressful: coming out to your family.

“Are you…quite certain that this is your wish, my summoner?” The demon crouches in the summoning circle, enormous and powerful, far too tall to stand upright due to his height.

You nervously fidget with your hands and glance over at the book you’d borrowed from a witch friend of yours. You had been practicing this ritual for a few days, but you hadn’t quite gone through with it until today. You’d been really desperate for this, but now that you’d actually gone and gotten this demon here, you realized how pitiful your need seemed.

“I, ah, that is, um, if you’d rather not-”

“Summoner.” The demon leans down to your eye level and tries to catch your gaze. You avoid looking for a moment before meeting his black and green eyes. He smiles softly. “I would be more than happy to fulfill your wish,” he says, and you hear a sort of fondness in his tone you weren’t expecting.

“R-really?” You stare up at him, dumbfounded.

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Batboys x Reader
Alfred Pennywoth (mentioned)

A/N: After being forced to go to a boring party, most of the batfamily begins looking for any understandable reasons to leave.

Warnings: Language.

480 Words

Want to be tagged?

“I can’t wait for this to be over with,” Tim said. You looked towards him and set down your drink on the table that you, him, Jason, and Damian were leaning against.

“Same. Could these get any more boring?” Jason sighed, “Where’s the action? And do I even need to mention the clothes?”

You glanced down at your dress that stopped just above the knee and the boys’ suits. Your dress was uncomfortable and you guessed their clothes were too.

“Father wished for us to attend, but I do not see the reason for it,” Damian grumbled. A gathering that Bruce Wayne was holding at some building in the city. He made everyone go.

“At least Dick’s having fun,” You tried to lighten the mood, considering you didn’t want to be there either, “Look, here he comes now.”

“Great,” Jason muttered.

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violet-kitty67  asked:

I know this is a day of mourning for you, so I'm not sure if this is inappropriate for me to ask this of you, if it is just say so, or ignore this, whatever you're comfortable with, then I won't bother you again. But I'm going to a thanksgiving dinner filled with many people ignorant of the true history. Are there any ways for me to inform the people there? Should I wear black in respect of the natives who lost their lives, and are still being oppressed?

Yes, this is okay to ask. Part of being an ally is educating yourself and your own people, so this is something I expect of true allies. How you go about doing that is up to you. You can bring it up in conversation, you can show them one of the many short videos that have been made about it.

Just make sure you actually know the facts to back up your information. Warning: this conversation will most likely lead to debate. Your facts show you know what you’re talking about. Those who are ignorant will go off the whitewashed history they learned in school. They’re not going to want to be told that they are actually ignorant on the subject. They may even dismiss this information as if it doesn’t matter. If you’ve been paying attention to native activists, you probably already know how these usually go.

There is no need to wear black, that tradition is not apart of native cultures. If you want to show respect then continue to listen and educate. Raise our voices up and support your local native communities.

I Thought I lost You.

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Sam Winchester X Reader

Summary: The Reader has nightmares and one night when she wakes up from a particularly brutal one, she clings to Sam for comfort. 

Warnings: Talk of death, Fluff 

Dream is in italics 

          You were running, all you could do was run. Your lungs were burning and your head was filled with the screams of the hellhounds that were running at your heels. You were terrified, everything in your body told you, you were going to die. You were still running down the long hallway that seemed to never end until you smacked into something that was solid and hard. Before you had time to react a large hand was gripping you, keeping you in place. You started to struggle, then your eyes landed on the person holding you captive. It was Sam. You were no longer as scared as you were, seeing Sam there calmed you down, but you knew you still needed to run, there were still hellhounds after you. “Sam we need to go.” You said trying to pull away from his grip, but he never budged, he didn’t even seem to be listening to you. You stopped your struggle for a split second to listen to how close the hounds were. Their vicious growls seemed to be right behind you know. You were dead now, there was no stopping it. Instead of the hellhounds coming for you, the stalked behind you and Sam and they did the one thing they knew would hurt you more than death. They killed Sam. 

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Unleashed Pt 2

Season 3a Masterlist

Stiles Stilinski x Reader

 Word Count: 2,016

Warnings: PTSD

   During chemistry, Harris talked about momentum, but I was more focused on Isaac, who was sitting next to me and practically quaking with rage. Stiles was at the principal’s office waiting to talk to his dad. The one time he was there and wasn’t in trouble.

   “Give me a chance to figure it out before you do anything,” Scott begged Isaac. While Danny was defining inertia, Isaac interrupted him, asking to go to the bathroom.

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She’s fine.

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Couple: Mike Wheeler x sister!reader.

Warnings: violence from an angsty 13 year old.

Requested: yes.

Prompt: #18 — Dude, calm down.

#19 — Don’t tell me to calm down.

Tags: @xbarrjallenx

AN: Okay, so listen, i loved this idea that was sent in to me, and it’s honestly so cute and pure and I just couldn’t stop thinking about how to write it and if i wanted to add my own twist, so here we go.



Being the middle—you was only a year younger than your sister, Nancy—Wheeler child wasn’t all that bad. You had your ups, like watching your sister get into her first real relationship, and—just like any family—you had your downs, like right fucking now.

Sorry, let me rewind for you.

They had all taken a seat as Hopper raised an eyebrow, looking around the room. Nancy and Jonathan were sitting together, while Steve and Dustin were sitting on the couch, next to Mike. Max and Lucas were standing behind the couch, as Joyce and I were sitting at the table.

“Now, listen, here’s what I know—” Hopper started, but the lights flickered and we all knew what that meant. A sudden pounding at the door made him turn to it, hand on his gun as he picked up a shotgun. Hopper’s gaze went to Jonathan.

“Do you know how to use this?”


“Do you know how to use this?!” He asked again, holding the shotgun out.

“I do.” You shrugged, catching the gun as it was thrown to you, and reloading it.

And then all of a sudden, the window busted open, demodog attempting to get anything in arms reach.

Steve spun his bat as he smacked the creature back, watching as it flug across the room, and he smiled a satisfied smile.

“Don’t be smiling, yet. It brought friends.” You said, nodding over to the window, three more of the monsters jumping inside as you spoke.

“Well, shit.”

Your head turned to your brother, as he had his back pressed against the wall. The look of fear in their eyes reminded you why you knew how to work this damn gun in the first place. But before you could even pull the trigger, the creatures were thrown all across the room.

You didn’t know how or why, but what you did know that the demodogs had all suddenly been killed, and no one in the room knew how.

Then the lock started unlocking itself, making your eyes wide. Slowly, the door swung open and a girl with dark brown, slicked back hair walked in, nose slightly bleeding.


You smiled, turning to your brother, watching as his expression softened at the sight of her. They walked towards each other, and hugged tightly, pulling away.

“I called you—everyday—for—”

“Three hundred and fifty three days, I know.” She said, smiling sadly at him.

“You knew? Why didn’t you answer?” His arms fell to his side.

“Because I wouldn’t let her.” Hopper voiced, arms opening up as the girl hugged him. “Nice to have you back.”

“What do you mean, you wouldn’t let her?” Your brother scoffed, looking up at the man.

That’s when it was explained. Hopper had found Eleven—Jane, she had found her real name—and gave her a place to stay, in the middle of the woods, in a cabin.

“You’re a liar!” Mike yelled, face filled with anger as he took a step towards the cop.

Dude, calm down.” You blurted, arms crossed. “Understand from his point of view, Mikey. Everyone was looking for her—hell—mom and dad had said she was a Russian girl, living in our basement.” Mike turned to her, still pissed off, but she continued, anyways.

“Realize that she could’ve been caught, or killed. You’re lucky she was found by someone we trust, instead of someone we don’t. She’s fine, Mike. It’s okay—”

“No! Nothing about this is okay!” He turned back to Hopper and walked right up to him, punching him in the stomach repeatedly. “Nothing about this is okay!”

“Mike, you need to ca—”

Don’t tell me to calm down!” He screamed, punching the cop even more. “You’re a stupid, disgusting, lying piece of shit!” He punched harder, screaming, “Liar! Liar!”

You pulled him off of Hopper, holding him tightly to you. “Mike, it’s okay. Hey—” He had attempted to get out, adrenaline still pumping in his system, but you had just held onto your brother even tighter.

“You’re okay, Mike. It’s okay, she’s back.” You said, hugging your brother tightly, sighing out in relief when his shoulders dropped and he hugged back.

“I could’ve known if she was okay, I could've—” He sighed out, hugging tighter.

“No, Mike. You couldn’t of. Be happy she’s here, now.” You had let go and crouched down to his level, whispering, “She’s also staring at you right now.”

You pointed and he turned, looking at Eleven. Forgetting his anger, Mike smiled a big smile and started to walk over to her.

You stood up, as Hopper walked over to you. “You know, we still have work to do.”

“Damn, Jim. Married to your job, much?”


AN: STARTING THIS WAS SO FUCKING HARD???? from the middle and after, it was a breeze??? i don’t understand my garbage brain, kids.

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I promise; Haechan.

Request: “okay, I’m really clingy and sad today so– can u do scenario where haechan um cheer up his insecure gf? I know he’s type to dating charismatic girl like him (I think this type suit him well, sorry not sorry im introvert and really insecure about myself but still I love him (he’s such a sunshine)) but can you do it super fluffy? I hope you understand my request, for me (11pm) it’s late and my eyes hurt a little bit:((”

Genre: Fluff, slightly angsty??

Warnings: None.

A/N: I just realized that i won’t be able to watch MAMA in Vietnam completely and got sad. So now I’m in the mood for writing this angsty shit. And to distract myself I’ll probably also write the Cuddling with Kun, or maybe post something on my Astro blog idk but the thing is that i’M SAD AND I WANT TO DIE. 

“Baby? Baby, are you alright?” You jumped a bit in surprise after hearing those words and your heartbeat speeded up seconds after. Your hands instantly went to your face, first to wipe away the tears that were on your cheeks and then they stayed there to hide your red and puffy eyes from him. “Y/N… did something happened?”

With unsure steps, your boyfriend started to walk closer to you to eventually sit by your side in the bed, keeping a small distance in between your bodies. He never saw you crying before since your relationship was quite new yet, so he wasn’t sure how you would react to his comfort, making him scared of make a mistake. But, one way or another, his hands ended in your waist after he slowly found the courage to put one of his arms around you to then brought you closer to him.

“Y/N… talk to me, princess. Please.” But you stayed silent, except for the sound of you sobbing and some small and empty sighs that you would let go and that would hurt Donghyuck’s heart more and more. “I really hate seeing you like this, baby. If you tell me what’s wrong I-I may be able to help you.”

You moved your head from side to side at first, denying his petition, but just a couple of seconds were necessary for you to break completely and jump to his arms, crying twice as hard in his shoulder as you held on tightly of him. The sudden action surprised your boyfriend, but as an natural instict his arms wrapped around you. His fingertips moved around your back, caressing your skin delicately as his soft voice would whisper sweet things in your ear, accompanied by some kisses that he would leave in your shoulders, neck, cheek and in any exposed skin he could find.

You were feeling deeply ashamed of the fact that this vulnerable part of you was showing, and especially if it was to Donghyuck! You wanted to see his bright smile and wanted to hear his sarcastic jokes, but now you were guilty of the worried expression of his face and the way his mood was so down.

“I-I’m sorry.” You said, still with a broken voice, some minutes later once you calmed a bit. You separate from the hug and wiped the tears out of your face newly, looking down to avoid making eye contact with Donghyuk, who couldn’t stop looking at your face with concern. “I-I… ah… I’m fine. I just… got a little too caught up in emotions.”

A sad empty laugh left your lips as you pronounced this last sentence as you kept trying to control your breath and your sobbing. The action amazed Donghyuck and let him quite thoughtful - Where did you learn that it was alright to laugh at yourself in moments like this? Who or what could have hurt you so much to do such a terrible thing? He hated the fact that you couldn’t see how beautiful you were and how much you were worth. He admired you and never failed to feel inspired whenever you were around… you’re so special… why can’t you see it?

“D-Do you wanna talk about it?” You thinked about it for a few seconds before denying silently, with your gaze lost somewhere in the room. But your attention quickly got caught by his hand, which he placed on top of yours, caressing it with his thumb. “Can you, at least, give me a small clue of why are you like this? Like… Is there anything I can do to make you feel better? Should I beat someone up?”

You frowned and looked at his face, which had a pure expression of being anxious, wanting to see your reaction after his little joke and smiling brightly when you did giggle a bit.

“Why are you laughing? I’m trying to be helpful here!” He whined, making your smile grow a bit more to then transform it in laugher when he throwed himself at you, tickling your sides as a revenge for giggling at his ‘seriousness’.

Not even a minute in he stopped and layed by your side on bed, facing you and moving some hair out of your face. And even if the tickle fight didn’t last long, your smile did, and you kept giggling here and there at the silly comments Donghyuck would say.

“Do you want to rest a little, Y/N? I think it would help a bit for your puffy eyes but I can’t be sure, I never saw something like that before, you look like an alien.” You gasped and hitted softly his arm, faking feeling offended by his comment. “What? It’s the truth! Also, I’m pretty sure you ruinned my t-shirt with all your tears. You should be thankful of having an amazing boyfriend like me.

You giggled and moved closer to him, placing your head on his chest and enjoying his warmness.

“I hate to admit it but… it’s true. I’m convinced that I’ve got the best boyfriend ever.” You sighed and separated a bit from his body to look at him in the eyes. “But I don’t think I even deserve you, you know? I’m sorry that I can’t be as great as you but… I’m still thankful for having you.”

He could see the sincerity in your words and, once again, hated the fact that you were so insecure. He wished with every part of his being that one day you could wake up and realize how increible you are for being so intelligent, so caring, so.. perfect. He wanted yo to love yourself as much as he does and, with small steps, he was decided to make his goal come true.

“Don’t be silly, Y/N. We’re made for each other, we’re equally amazing.” Donghyuck kissed the top of your head sweetly and started to play with your hair. “Y/N… I love you so much… and I’ll continue doing it as long as you keep having troubles doing so yourself and even once you finally realize how much you worth, okay? I promise to do so.”

You snuggled closer to him, closing your eyes and instantly feeling exhaustion hitting you. You mubled a small “I love you” before falling in a deep sleep, dreaming with the angel that you had in your arms.


Pairing: Reader x Lucifer
Synopsis: There were the happier times until came the time for you to run away, and now you are standing against Lucifer once again wondering your next step.
Word count: ~1800
Warnings: Angst, running away from emotions and things, Gabriel’s death

Notes: I want to appreciate @authoressskr and @sumara62 because this happened and so this fic was born. Love you. <3 I used song lyrics in this, songs are listed at the end. Hope you all enjoy.

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Originally posted by lucifer-is-pretty

His blue eyes looked you softly, his hands brushing yours to make sure you felt grounded, his words coming out from his lips without a second thought. He was collected. You were going through one of the bumps in your life and he knew how to handle it. He had noticed your shakiness, your trembling voice and your watery eyes. The eyes that he could have stared for hours. The eyes that shined so bright when they were full of joy. The eyes that were his new home. Just seeing those eyes filling with sadness had stopped him doing whatever was going on. He had calmed himself down, for you. He knew that him being his usual dramatic self was too much for your fragile emotional state. He needed to talk to you with peaceful manner, with voice full of care. If he yelled or paced around, you wouldn’t have listened to him or the words he was saying. You would have run away and left him. He didn’t want that to happen. He only wanted you. He loved you. You raised your eyes to meet his.

Just listen to me, please. Take a deep breath. There you go, little one. I don’t want you to go. I don’t want you to leave me. I will make things better. I need you to trust me with this. I want you with me. I… I need you. - - I’m begging you.”

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anonymous asked:

If it doesn't bother you, can I ask your opinion on the TG fandom double standards, something like "this is wrong if the female character that gets in the middle of my ship does it but it is ok and is the purest form of love if my male fav does it" or how they see everything with black and white lenses when not a single person in this manga is entirely good or bad, it's ok if you don't want to answer but I really would like to know what you think

Sooooo I’m going to post this under the cut because it’s controversial and salty af and I do want to warn people I will briefly delve into ships so like, please be warned. 

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Aww, of course, ^^

MC faints after Jumin proposes

Warning: slightly Jumin’s route spoiler

  • You miss him
  • After Jumin finished his speech, your heart’s beating furiously in your chest and you felt like it going to explore when he looks at your direction with a smile.
  • He stood in front of you, you heard V said: “I feel like Jumin’s going to do something crazy soon…”
  • You were in a daze, Jumin’s voice pulled you back to reality: “MC… You wore the dress I gave you” He smiles, your heart’s racing again
  • But that is nothing compared to how furiously your heart is pounding when you saw him kneel down in front of you, kissing the back of your hand. “MC…”
  • “Yes…” You murmur, enough for Jumin to heard what you said
  • “MC… you open a new chapter of my life. I love you so much. And I want you to always be with me forever.” Your body temperature is heating up, and you could tell that your legs are numb
  • “Will you let me… to be your life companion?… My love.”
  • “Jumin…” Looking at him with loving eyes, you give him the best smile you’ve ever done “I…”
  • But before you could say anything else, the emotions you’ve keep inside had taken over you. You feel dizzy… before everything turns black, you saw Jumin’s eyes widen as you fall into his arms.
  • The whole party, now a chaos, is filled with Jumin repeatedly calling for you, Zen from across the room ran over and help Jumin carry you into one of Jumin’s car. Jaehee and Yoosung are helping V to get to some quiet place due to his poor eyesight. Luciel just stood there, his hand clench into a fist.
  • On the ambulance, Jumin holds on to your hand while speaking to Zen “Zen… I… have I done something wrong? MC…” He’s trying to pull himself together, but still can’t keep his voice steady. The actor looks at him in disbelief, Jumin surely had changed
  • “Dude, calm down, she’s going to be alright, we’re almost at the hospital.” He said, patting Jumin’s shoulder
  • They arrived after sometimes felt like forever
  • “Let’s go, you will be alright, my dear…” Jumin say, still holding your hand
  • The doctors told both Zen and Jumin to stay outside while they’re examining what’s wrong with you
  • “Hey… you want me to stay? Or I’m heading home right now…” Zen turns to Jumin, feeling guilty for leaving him, but he had the feeling that he should leave Jumin and you some space.
  • “No, I’ll be fine by myself, have a goodnight Zen… thanks” “Then… goodbye.”
  • Zen leaves, now there is only Jumin. He begins to pray, hoping that you are going to be safe and sound
  • The door that leads to where you are open and he jumps out of his seat
  • “She’s awake.” The doctor said, “You may come in now.”
  • Jumin, thank the doctor before storms into the room. “MC!” He shouted
  • “Ah, Jumin… I’m sorry, I get a bit too emotional and-” You were cut off by Jumin pulled you into his embrace, you could feel his body shaking and so his voice
  • “Please… you don’t have to sorry, just- don’t leave me.” He says, almost sounded like demanding
  • “I won’t,” you place your hands on his back, hugged him “… silly, shall we continue where we left off?” You giggle
  • He looks at you with a confuse face, but quickly catches what you mean.
  • Jumin smirked, lean back, Jumin hold your hand and kneel down in front of you “My love, would you marry me?”
  • “Yes…!” You laugh and jump at him, shower his face with kisses. Jumin catches you before you landed on the ground and burst out laughing as well.
  • “Be careful, Ms.Han, I wouldn’t want my dear wife to get hurt” he knuckle playfully “Shall we go home now, love?”

Finallyyyy I managed to do an update on my masterlist :)

Warning: Smut, everything is NSFW


Two Princes (OFC x Hvitserk x Ivar)
Part 1 Part 2 teaser Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

I shouldn’t (Reader x Alex x Marco)
Part 1 Part 2  Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6

One Night Only (Reader x Alex)
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

One Shots

This is going to cost you (Reader x Ivar)

My turn (Reader x Ivar)

The second date (Reader x Alex)

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My usual streaming hours start around 9-10 PM EST and also during the afternoons on Wednesday, Friday and weekends when there is time! ^^ (Long story short– i’m just always going to be online LOL ) Just come by when you wanna talk or some company while working!! I’ll be here for you ;v; 

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I just wanted to get this of my chest...

(small warning: this turned out more rambley that I would have liked, but i’m not going to bother streamlining it rn, because the point is still pretty obvious…)

If you ship underage ships, being against MAPs is one of the most hypocritical things you can do!

You should know better than anyone else, that thoughts do not equal actions!
If you are against MAPs and still follow me (however you would have not noticed that I am a MAP myself), please just leave.

I wrote this in response to the Maxvid-Fan thing and seeing people actually being outraged at them is just so stupid…

Some people are literally repeating the same things antis sling their way and I really just don’t get it? 

I mean…I do…people are afraid of being lumped together with MAPs for shipping underage ships, because they use them not being MAPs themselves as a defense of their shipping and are afraid of the possibility that they might me MAPs themselves…and…yes, shipping doesn’t make you a MAP, but it’s not a valid defense for shipping, because even if it would make you a MAP it wouldn’t make shipping harmful…( to clarify: “make you a MAP” as in “only shipping if you’re a MAP” not “shipping turning you into a MAP”)

People…show some fucking compassion for people who are faced with the same kind of antis and operate on the same basic principal of “fiction/thoughts are not reality/actions”.

You should not have as much trouble with getting that as you do!


Story by reddit user TheCrystalGem 


This was the message I was greeted by in the middle of an episode of Big Bang Theory in my living room. Frozen halfway through a forkful of Kraft Mac N’ Cheese, I sat bolt upright and turned around to look out the window. The sky, as I thought, was crystal clear. A few clouds, but nothing crazy. No rain. No thunder. Nothing. Confused, I turned off the TV, erasing the alert from the screen. My two dogs came walking over to me and I patted them on their heads. One of my dogs, the other’s brother, was shaking profusely from the buzzing noise that always shows up with Amber Alerts and the like. I left them in the living room and walked through my kitchen and onto my front porch. My neighbors, too, were standing outside their houses, all looking at the sky in bemusement.

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