i warned you about those stairs

Not My Sister

Dean Winchester, Sister Winchester 

2350 Words

Story Summary:  Dean and his sister are captured by the Steins. Dean wakes up to see his sister hurt, and the mark takes over.

Author’s Note: An Anon request. “Could you do a one shot where Dean is captured by the Styne family and his little sister is there with him? He wakes up to see his sister hurt and the mark takes over.

As soon as Dean came home with the mark halfway hidden upon his arm, you knew things would change and not for the better. It was only a matter of time before it would take over, with someone getting hurt, or killed.

At first things seemed okay. Sam and Dean continued to hunt, looking for Abaddon while you stayed back, like always, manning the bunker and staying on top of research. Due to your somewhat normal life growing up, your half brothers had decided to keep you as far away from hunting as possible. While teaching you how to handle a gun and knife, they never expected you to actually use one.

When the deed had been done, and Abaddon had been taken care of, you thought things would be better. That was as far from the truth as possible. Dean’s spells grew worse, fighting the bloodlust had become much harder. Many times you were afraid to even run into him in the bunker’s hallway, not sure what direction his mood would have taken. He had never hurt you, but the look in his eyes, was enough to have you scurrying to you room.

It was there you were still, long after they had gone to help Charlie, a woman you considered a friend. Wishing she was okay, you had been forced to stay behind, due to the dangerous men following her. Not wanting to argue this time, you stayed back, looking through the various books the men of letters had procured, trying to find anything that would heal Dean. So far everything had been a dead end, and you were growing hopeless that you would ever find anything.

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I just want to point out several literary/documentary references that have been made by Jughead in this first season of Riverdale and being a nerd and all, I needed to point them out. For funsies. 

1. Jug asks Betty while climbing in her bedroom window, “You haven’t gone all Yellow Wallpaper on me yet?”-The title sounded familiar…and it was to me. I had read this weird short story many years ago and had totally forgotten about it. It’s considered one of the first feminist writings of the time period. I’ll let you make the connections…https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Yellow_Wallpaper

2. When Jug is arrested he mentions the “Paradise Lost” kids. The scapegoats he didn’t want to become- “Those Paradise Lost Kids went to Death Row because they wore black and listened to Metallica”. **WARNING*** link to a very disturbing true story-https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paradise_Lost:_The_Child_Murders_at_Robin_Hood_Hills

3. Jug is living under stairs in his high school. When Archie finds out, he inspects the living quarters and Jug has several relatively common books laying around: The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and Metamorphosis. I think, in my really humble opinion, that these books are a direct reflection of Jug’s relationship between his father and himself. Huck Finn being more directed at Jug and his recent situation…”Huckleberry Finn is the son of the town’s vagrant drunkard, “Pap” Finn. Sleeping on doorsteps when the weather is fair, in empty hogsheads during storms, and living off of what he receives from others,” and Metamorphosis is a reflection of his father’s recent “transformation” and the consequences of that. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Metamorphosis

Oh. And Bughead will be the death of me.

You Again (Bruce Wayne x Reader)

Previous Chapter

Word Count (1,610)

AN: Plot twist???

Another rainy night in, but you weren’t going to complain - the soft taps didn’t distract you as you quickly shoved clothes after clothes into a bag. The only thing that made you stop, and take a deep breath was when your cat nudged against your arm. You stopped, running a hand through her soft orange coat, and finally plopped down on the bed, listening to the news on the tv. It was low, mostly talking about the Batman, Gotham’s very own vigilante, and you sighed.

When they started talking about the disappearances and murders this week, you reached for the remote and turned the volume up. But as you were clicking, the screen went completely black. There wasn’t any static. The picture was black with flickers of the news room every couple of seconds. Just as you were about to just turn it off, maybe go to bed, a voice echoed through the speakers.

“There’s no need to be alarmed,” the dark, mysterious voice stated, causing you to stand to your feet.

“The real threat are those among you.. The metahumans,” the blacked out silhouette caused goosebumps to grow on your skin, “and tonight.. We’re helping to purge that threat.”

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Filthy Rick fic - Request fulfilled.

So as part of an art / fic deal with @sixxxteentons I’ve written a filthy little het Reader/Rick Sanchez fic based on a few details we discussed called “Into the Woods.”

Admittedly at 2,800 odd words this one got away from me, but once I’d started I couldn’t really stop, especially with the first scene at the Smith dinner table which is in all honesty is something I have wanted to write for a while and wasn’t requested, ha ha. 

As usual, NSFW adult themes and well um porn basically. As always, if you enjoy this, please do let me know, even if anonymously. 

(Side note: every time I wrote the name Tammy I wanted to spit at my computer screen, so yeah, to make it clear, in terms of timelines, this fic takes place before Birdperson’s wedding, before it all went wrong.)

Rest is under the cut, enjoy!

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Headcanon that Dave is constantly coming up with excuses to pick Karkat up. 

“oh shit Rose you’re in the room I bet you want to sit on couch too” *picks up Karkat and sets him on his lap*

“whoa dude watch out you could fall down those stairs. i warned you about those fuckers and everything.” *picks up Karkat and gently floats him down the stairs.

Restart: The Prologue

Summary: A BTS and Mystic Messenger AU



You spun around at the sound of the cold voice calling out to you. The noise reminded you of ice in a blender, of rock salt toppled across ice on a sidewalk; it was a voice that stabbed into your core with a shard of frozen blood so cold you shivered. But, the owner of the voice was beautiful, dainty, and delicate–her smile was kind. She held a phone out to you with said grin, her fingers warm in comparison to the chill of her words. “You dropped this.”

You cocked your head at the device in her hand, narrowing your eyes on the plastic, yellow casing that otherwise looked very much like your phone. But you knew your phone was in your purse back at home; you hadn’t taken it with you today. “That–that’s not mine.”

The phone vibrated in her hand, blaring with a ringtone that you recognized. It was one that happened to be on your own phone, but it was also common–it was a default tone. You both jumped at the sound.

The woman blinked at you, her long, blonde hair floating around her in the wind. The effect was reminiscent of one of those angels in movies, and for a second she appeared less dangerous than she sounded. She even had those warm green eyes that seemed to bore into your own–eyes that you wanted to shrink away from and become friends with at the same time.  You didn’t know what it was exactly, but there was something about this otherwise kind woman that you didn’t entirely trust.

“Oh?” She raised her eyebrow at the device. “It’s from a…hmm…Unknown number. You should answer it.” She smiled, completely ignoring your previous statement.

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Shawn Mendes - Show me

Request: Hi , i love your imagines , could you make one where Shawn and Y/N are invited to a big house party , and boys start to flirt with her and like making moves and all that stuff , and Shawn gets like really really pissed off so he gets in to a fight for you


“Are you expecting me to leave the house with you on my side dressed like that?” Shawn asked raising his eyebrows as I stepped out of the bedroom.

“Why?” I asked blinking at him innocently through my long and dark lashes pretending I didn’t know what he was talking about.

“Don’t bullshit me. You know how horny this dress makes me. And those eyes, babe, I’m serious.” He examined me from my toe to my head and I could see in his eyes that he was about to drag me to bed and just… No, I’m a lady, I don’t talk about what Shawn does to me.

“I can’t go to a party in sweatpants and your T-shirt,” I smiled at him kissing his cheek as I walked by him.

“You can’t wear those either because you wearing my clothes makes me even more hornier,” he growled following me down the stairs.

“Then I think I have one option left. I have to go naked.”

“Shut your pretty mouth before I rip that dress off your body,” he warned as we stepped out of the house. I just laughed how easily he could be seduced. But I loved him just like that.

We made to the party without having hot car sex, or ripping any kind of clothing, but I could feel his tension as he was hugging my waist with one of his arms. He was more possessive over me than the usual and I was starting to get scared that something was about to happen. And I was right.

The party was hosted by a well-known DJ and it wasn’t that kind of party where you just sit around sipping wine and talking about the latest news. There were a lot of people, booze everywhere and a bunch of men ready to pick up some chicks. Shawn tightened his grip on my waist as we made our way through the crowd. A lot of our friends were enjoying themselves there and we stopped every time we met someone we knew and had a short talk with them and then just moved forward. We had a couple of drinks and Shawn made me dance with me even though my heels weren’t made to bust moves. But who could say no to a puppy eyed Shawn? Exactly, no one.

His hands were all over me, he grinded his hips to mine every other minutes and kissed me passionately as frequently as possible. He was sort of clingy, but I loved how he only focused on me when the room was full with obviously prettier girls and models. He made me feel like I was the only one around him.

As I was expecting it, my legs got tired soon and I asked Shawn if we could sit down a bit. We went to another room where some sofas and couches were. I took a seat and he went to get something to drink for us, so I just sat there, looking at my phone to keep myself occupied and waited while tried to rest my legs.

I felt someone’s presence next to me, but when I looked up from the screen of my phone it wasn’t Shawn who sat next to me, but a stranger guy that was grinning at me like I was some kind of product he was about to buy in the store.

“Hey there beautiful,” he spoke up looking straight at my boobs.

“You can move to the next one, I don’t want to talk to you,” I told him turning my gaze back to my phone.

“Are you looking at your phone because you desperately want me to put my number in it?” he asked not even paying attention to what I said.

“That was ridiculous. Don’t even try, dude.”

“Come on, I don’t believe that you came here in that dress to just sit here alone.” He winked at me that was oddly repulsive.

“I have a boyfriend, so thank you for the conversation, but you can go now,” I told him giving him a serious look hoping he would get the hint and leave. But he was a tough cookie.

“And where is your so-called boyfriend? It’s rude to leave his lady all by herself. Or is he even real?”

“Can you shut the fuck up and just leave? No means no.” I was getting pissed off and I was even thinking about punching him in the place. I could have finally use the techniques my dad taught me when I was younger.

“Let me get you a drink,” he continued, but before I could say anything Shawn finally arrived and answered for me.

“I think she clearly said no, and she already has a drink,” he said handing me a cup of something. The guy looked up at Shawn and must have realized that Shawn was the stronger out of the two of them. I stood up and he immediately put his arm around me signing that we belonged together.

“Don’t leave your girl unattended, buddy,” the guy advised standing up and clenching his jaw.

“Don’t talk about her like an object.”

“Or what?” he challenged raising his eyebrows. This was getting worse.

“Shawn, let’s just go,” I told him trying to calm him down. His hands were in fists and his breathing got heavier.

“Or I will break your nose,” he replied ignoring what I told him. He gently pushed me behind him as he was ready to fight the guy in any minute.

“Brief words, but I don’t think it would look good in the media,” the guy smirked proud of himself for thinking about it. I thought it would hold back Shawn, but I was so wrong. The guy continued. “One day I will fuck your girl and yo-“ He couldn’t finish the sentence because Shawn’s fist met his face. Hard.

“Oh my God!” I screamed as I heard his nose breaking and then blood was all over his face while Shawn was shaking his hand.

“Does it look like I care about the media? I care about one thing right now and that is my girlfriend,” Shawn spat as the guy was kneeling on the floor with his hands on his nose and all I could hear from him was some growling. Then Shawn grabbed my hand and led me out of the room where everyone was shocked because of the happenings.

We didn’t stop until we were out of the building and far away from that asshole. Shawn’s hands were shaking and he was trying hard not to lose his mind.

“Baby, calm down. It’s okay,” I told him taking his face in my hands forcing him to look at me. Our eyes met and his breathing immediately calmed down.

“I’m sorry you had to see this,” he muttered putting his arms around me and holding my body to his tightly.

“It’s okay, even though it wasn’t the best idea,” I admitted sighing. I knew that probably in an hour a video or something will be on the internet about the incident.

“I know I just had to do something, I hated how he was talking about you.”

“I know and thank you for standing up for me.” I smiled at him pressing my lips against his. I was planning on a short kiss, but he quickly deepened it and turned it into a heated make out session. I almost forgot we were out in the public and almost started to undress him. Then he pulled away and grabbing my hand he dragged me into a taxi that was waiting nearby.

“Have I told you how hot you look when you behave like a bad boy?” I murmured into his ears as we were sitting in the car on our way home. Shawn growled pressing his lips to mine, we both were close to just attack each other, but we managed to reach our house and as soon as the door was closed behind us he crashed his lips to mine pinning me to the wall.

“I can finally get rid of that damn dress,” he muttered unzipping it and letting it fall to the ground. I just laughed at him tearing his shirt apart and taking it off. His hands slipped down to my thighs. “Jump, babygirl,” he told me. When I was in his arms he carried me up to the room and laid me down to the bed getting on top of me. “You are only mine and I’m going to show you now how every part of your body belongs to only me,” he spoke pressing his lips to my neck and kissing every inch of my skin. My eyes rolled back and unable to say anything else I just whispered to him: “Yeah, show me.”


The girls are back in LA for a couple days, recording for their new album Reflection, which is supposed to be released in 2015.  It’s been a couple weeks since Camila broke up with Austin, but she is still not over it. That damn dorito cheated on her with some fan, but being the kind-hearted girl Camila is, she blames herself for not giving Austin what he wanted. She wasn’t ready, and she hates that she couldn’t give him that. The girls had their day off today, so Camila is currently lying on her bed, with her laptop on her chest, scrolling through tumblr.

Lauren is in her room, typing away at her computer. She’s posting on tumblr about the Brauren rumors. Someone told the press/radio that they saw one of the girls from Fifth Harmony making out with one of the boys from The Vamps, and everyone thinks/knows it was Brad and Lauren. The funny part about this is that it wasn’t. Honestly, whoever told the radio that obviously didn’t know anyone from Fifth Harmony or The Vamps because they all talked about it, and no one made out with anyone at the HALO awards. Lauren and Brad are really good friends, but not that good.

Because Camila was always giving her attention to Austin, Lauren didn’t have anyone to talk to. Yeah, she had the other girls, but they had their own things going on. That’s how her and Brad got close. Brad was there for Lauren when she needed to rant about how Camila is like a lost puppy when around Austin, or when she needed a shoulder to cry on because she missed her family, or when she needed to get her mind of Camila because she wasn’t home yet from her date with Austin, or when she just needed to get her mind of Camila in general. The night of the HALO Awards, Lauren was casually drinking the contents of the mini bar with Brad in her hotel room. They didn’t think much of it. They were just hanging out, drinking, and talking. He told her about the girl back at home that he has been crushing on for years. He kept talking about how funny and cute she was. After drinking quite a lot, Brad was teasing Lauren about the rumors of Brauren, saying that she is totally into him, because who isn’t? After repeatedly hitting him with a pillow, emphasizing that she really wasn’t into him, he asked her who she was into. Without hesitation, she replied “Camila.” Maybe it was the alcohol that was in her system to make her confess what she’s been hiding all these years, but she said it, he heard, and she spent the rest of that night crying in his chest. They woke up the next morning with raging headaches, but full memory of what happened that night. Brad promised the be there whenever Lauren needed him and that he won’t tell anyone about last night. They constantly texted each other-teasing each other about Brauren. Somehow, one day, they ended up making a bet that if one of them made a move on their crush, then the other would have to also. This was in Brad’s liking because there was obviously no way Lauren was going to make a move on Camila because of Austin, and Brad wouldn’t put Lauren in that position either.

Lately, Brad has been getting a lot of hate because he was spot with another girl while back home in the UK and the Harmonizers were, as usually, protective of Lauren. Lauren finished writing out her post, and published it.

I wasn’t going to confront the rumors about me and Brad, but because this is seriously getting out of hand and on my nerves, I’m going to go out and say that me and Brad are nothing but really good friends. Brad is literally like a brother to me, and he feels the same way. He is not interested in my whatsoever and I’m not into him in that way. He’s my best friend, so please, stop with the hate. He’s the sweetest guy ever and doesn’t deserve any hate. He’s my best friend, guys, and I’m happy he finally pulled a move on Erin ;)

She screenshotted her post, and posted the picture on Instagram and Twitter.

@TheVampsBrad: @LaurenJauregui I believe it’s your turn to make move L ;)

Lauren shook her head side to side, with a grin on her face. Stupid bet.

@LaurenJauregui: @TheVampsBrad I have no idea what you are talking about (;

A minute later she gets a text message from the boy.

Go get her Jauregui.

-I don’t think so, B

Come onnnnnn. Sweep her off her feet. She’s single and heartbroken. You got this. She loves you. Everyone knows that.

-“heartbroken” is exactly why I shouldn’t. She just barely got out of a relationship, I should give her time.

Everyone can see she loves you though, way more than that dorito.

-Why do you keep calling him that? xD

Before she can see what he said, someone comes running through the door of Lauren’s room.


“Jesus Christ, Camz! Knock would you! I could’ve been busy” Lauren smirked.

“Okay gross, but you’re not…busy… so back to my question.”

Camila jumped on Lauren’s bed on her stomach, her head in her hands, looking up at Lauren expecting an answer to her previous question.

“No one.” Lauren said, turning her head back to her computer.

“How come Brad gets to know and I don’t?” Camila pouted.

“Oh no, nuh uh. You don’t get to do that.”

“Do whaaat?” Camila whined innocently, bringing her bottom lip out in that adorable pout. Jesus, who can say no to that face?

“Stop it Camila.” Lauren warned.

“Make me.” Camila challenged.

Lauren gulped. Camila raised her eyebrows. Lauren kept her gaze on those chocolate orbs in front of her, getting lost, until Camila blinked, kicking Lauren out of her trance.

“Do you really want to know?”

“Yes, duh, I didn’t almost fall down the stairs to get to your room for fun.”

“You almost fell down the stairs??”

“Unimportant, who is it?”

Lauren sighed. She can’t do this.

“I won’t tell you who, but I’ll answer questions about…this person”

“Is it Brad?”



“fine, and no straight up questions, just details. Then you can figure it out for yourself.”

“Just tell me about him. What he likes, what he looks like, what his name is…”


“sorry. Go on, talk.”

“Fine… I don’t know where to start. This person is the raddest person I know, smart, funny, quirky, you know name it. They are always, always there for me whenever I need them; they make me feel better when I’m down. They understand me when no one else can. They are passionate about everything, they are kind and sometimes too kind to people who don’t deserve it, and it frustrates me that they think they aren’t good enough for anyone.”

Lauren took a deep breath, and then locked her green emeralds with the chocolate orbs.

“They don’t like to be called perfect, but that’s the word I would describe her. She’s beautiful in everyway possible.”

Lauren watched as Camila’s faced dropped a little, and her eyebrows furrowed together.


A/N: Eh, I don’t really like my writing much. I know it was kinda boring in the beginning, but I needed to set the story. There will be a part two, though so send in suggestions maybe? :)

commie-ringo  asked:

imagine everybody just playing what was supposed to be a nice round of hide and seek, but it ends up with multiple people going to the hospital, and others under arrest

@instantlymagicalpie asked: “imagine everybody just playing what was supposed to be a nice round of hide and seek, but it ends up with multiple people going to the hospital, and others under arrest”

“and two people were in a closet and got a bit too close (coughdaveandkarkatcough)”

This one was so much fun to do holy shit. I stayed up all night RIP Mod KV

This is a REALLY long post so I put the rest under a read more link


Victorian Sherlolly

Part Two

(Part One found here: http://thesherlollykiss.tumblr.com/post/103201405439/victorian-sherlolly-part-one-will-she-be)

“Doctor Hooper.” Sherlock greeted the young woman with a short nod of his head as he stepped out of his room on to the upstairs hallway, catching Molly just as she closed the door behind her.

“Mr Holmes!” She responded, a little flustered at the unexpected company. Elizabeth had said her father would not be home that evening. “I was just visiting Elizabeth.” She explained herself, holding herself tall as she spoke to the master of the house. “Her collarbone is healing quite nicely and the bruises are nearly all gone.” She said with a fleeting smile as he looked over to his daughters closed door. She did not speak of the other reasons for her late unscheduled stop at the Holmes Household, the fact that the young Holmes girl was becoming a woman and being absent a mother meant she had many questions she did not feel comfortable asking her father. Molly understood the girls troubles, knowing books could only teach a girl so much, and sometimes you needed a comforting hug which a book could not provide. The man merely peered down at her, his hands clasped behind his back as his head tilted to the side in that way that always made Molly feel as if she were under examination. And with Mister Holmes it was likely she was.

“I think you’re visits are a matter I need to discuss with you, Doctor Hooper.” He straightened his back and Molly felt very much as if she were about to attacked. “They are far too frequent, even with the concerns of the health for my daughters mind, it should not be required for more than one house call a week.” He cleared his throat as if his words were trying to come out so many and so fast that he had to swallow them back to keep control. “This past week I have seen you three times, this being the fourth and one I was not aware of. I will have to begin questioning your motives, what is so important with my daughter that requires this amount of contact? Especially when you insist I cannot be in attendance. Are you scheming of some kind behind my back, influencing her fragile mind? Or am I to only question your competency as a medical professional? As one of the only women in your field I must admit you are not what I was brought to expect.” He practically sneered as he accused her of these things.

“Mister Holmes!” She stepped forward, an action she immediately regretted as she was suddenly much closer to the man that made her blood boil in her face and pulse quicken than was decent. “Your daughter is a young woman, you may not choose to accept that but she is turning into a fine young woman indeed. I am her doctor and with that I am a source of information and support to her, I advice you now not to cause the girl further distress by not only keeping secrets but sending away the people willing to listen to her, as you put it, her fragile mind!” She tilted her chin defiantly, a bold move that had her internally shaking but she willed her body to stay strong.

“We do not need you, Doctor Hooper.” He spoke with a forced calmness, stressing her title. “We have not needed anyone since she was a infant and that is not going to change because of your sentiment.” He matched her step forward with his own, it took him a moment to realise this was the closest he’d even been to her before. His eyes were sharp with a simmering anger, something Molly could relate to, his lips in a firm line of disapproval. “I do not wish to see you in my home again unless I have scheduled the appointment with you myself.”

She tried to keep calm, telling herself not to react to his rudeness, but she was almost vibrating with frustration as tears stung her eyes. She spoke in a low tone that even frightened her with its anger as she tried to keep her voice steady. “You are an arrogant man, Mister Holmes. An arrogant man and a fool. I am a good doctor, and while you may not like me, as you have made abundantly clear, I am the best person at this moment for Elizabeth. I warn you now, Sir, if you continue to push your daughter and those she tries to speak to away then I expect it will not be long before she leaves just as your wife did.” She almost gasped at her own words and she knew she had gone too far. Before he could respond she turned away, grabbing her doctors bag from the side of the door and rushing down the stairs at a pace that was surely unladylike. She was fleeing, scared about what she had said, scared about how mad he made her feel, scared about what more could have happened if she had stayed.

She hurried out of the house and only on the other side did she allowed herself a moment to exhale the air she had been holding in her lungs. She was in trouble. He could make a formal complaint about her behaviour and the board were already waiting for any excuse to retract a woman’s medical licence. But Lord, she had never been that angry with anyone before in her life, so why did he cause such a stirring in her?

On the other side of the house Sherlock’s posture shrunk, his knuckles white from where he held his hands so tightly together behind him finally flooding with colour as he leant on the banister to watch her leave, the door closing quickly behind her. “I believe you are right, Molly Hooper. I believe you are quite right indeed.” He said quietly to himself before turning to retreat to his rooms. But perhaps with her presence no longer lingering in his home, she would soon stop plaguing his mind also.

Part Three can be found here http://thesherlollykiss.tumblr.com/post/103376658184/victorian-sherlolly-part-three-part-one

Chapter 52: Deja Vu

Discretion: Everything said during this chapter is from MY own personal perspective and research with schizophrenia, therefore If any of my readers do suffer from the illness, I do apologise if you are offended by anything said during this chapter. But once again as I said this is from MY personal perspective on the illness and what I have witnessed whilst dealing with somebody who has schizophrenia. 


“Studies show that approximately 1 percent of the population develops schizophrenia during their lifetime and that more than 2 million Americans suffer from the illness in a given year. Schizophrenia is a chronic, severe, and disabling brain disease that is found all over the world. The severity of the symptoms and long-lasting chronic pattern of schizophrenia often cause a high degree of disability. Medications and other treatments for schizophrenia when used regularly and as prescribed can help reduce and control the distressing symptoms of the illness. However, some people are not greatly helped by available treatments and may prematurely discontinue treatment because of unpleasant side effects or medication side effects that may be very troubling…”


It was quarter to 2am and I was 9 hours into my 12 hour shift with my colleague Nikki on the ward round. Late nights and long days had become a reality for me; It was a part of my student placement and I was on Phase 5 of my 12 weeks at Cedars Sinai Hospital which had me shadowing doctors on medical research and surgical rotations. Just 2 more weeks and I would have completed my 12 week placement and hopefully I could graduate as a qualified practitioner in Medical field. Psychological and Psychiatric of Forensic health was my forte. From a little girl I’d always been fascinated with people who suffered from mental illnesses, that side of the human mind always captivated me. I always knew I wanted to work in the medical field, it’s just my life seemed to take a different direction as to what I originally planned for. After spending the last few years trying to get not only my life together, but business back on track after it completely fell through, I decided to give it up, go back to school and just focus on my studies and finally peruse my dreams. I was only 23 and I still had time ahead of me, but for the first time in a while I was finally focused on my future and putting my past way behind me that also included closing many chapters in my book. 

I met Nikki when I transferred to Cedars a few months ago and we both were on separate student placement but often we were paired together. For a Friday, the ward was pretty quiet, so I was sparing time by just studying for my final assessments coming up, before one of us were called in for assistance again. I had to write an 8,000 word essay on the Pathogenesis of Schizophrenia and trying to study whilst on 4 hours sleep was proving damn near impossible for me

 “Wait,wait, scroll down some, I missed a bit” I said to Nikki pointing to something on the screen that had caught my eye Nikki scrolled back down the screen and then I gestured for her to stop. “What are some signs of schizophrenia?…Signs of Schizophrenia include sudden irritability, anger and agitation, hallucinations and delusion which result in them seeing or hearing things that are not there and Emotional unresponsiveness” I read out loud.

“Soooo…call me dumb but Schizophrenia is like those people who really believe they are more than one person, like they have a split personality right?“ Nikki questioned

"No, that’s MPD” I explained “A multiple personality disorder which is a mental condition usually triggered by a traumatic experience, Schizophrenia is a brain diseases that people are born with”

“So…what’s the difference?” Nikki asked confused. I looked over at her and sighed

“Put it this way, when a person has schizophrenia, they experience hallucinations and delusion. They see things that aren’t there and believe things that are clearly not true. Yes they hear voices, but they don’t believe that they are that actual person that’s talking to them, a person with MPD believes they are more than one person…” Nikki slowly nodded her head in understanding

“Ohh, so schizophrenia is almost like a demon inside of them talking to them?”

I shrugged, “I guess you could put it that way…”

“Can’t they like get rid of the voices or is it something that stays with them?” she went onto ask me, 

“They can with the help of therapy and anti psychotic medications but usually the voices in their heads hate it when they try and drown them out with pills…so they convince them that their fine and tell them that everybody is out to get them so they mustn’t take the pills no more. And then they begin to believe the voices, and they start to push you further away because they think you along with everybody else are really out to get them. They push you far away and they get dark, so dark. And then it’s like the person you fell in love with in the beginning, is no longer there, you can’t find him…But then something happens, and that person you fell in love with suddenly appears again and although you’re confused, you stick around because you love him and he begs you to stay. And deep down you know something is not right, but that charm they have forces you to forget about it all. They convince you that their good and you almost believe them…You do believe them, until one day something small triggers them off again, like they can’t find something good to watch on TV or the light on the blinker won’t stop flashing, and then they begin stressing about it. And everything they convinced you was gone, comes rushing back in a blitz of a second. And then suddenly you find yourself crying, screaming, scared and hiding behind a locked bathroom doors just to protect yourself because the voices have got to them again. And just like that…another episode is triggered…” I trailed off in a complete trance.

Nikki looked over at me with a worried look and regretfully I realised I’d just totally gone of track as to what we were talking about. 

“E-Erica, are you…are you okay?” she asked apprehensively. Thankfully both our attentions were suddenly grabbed by the flashing light on the beeper, signalling to us that one of us was needed for medical assistance. A small glimp of gratitude gleamed over me, because I wouldn’t have to explain myself as to what just happened then. “Immediate assistance needed in room 201, Doctor Gills” the voice spoke through the machine. We both looked at each other with averseness

“It’s your turn this time E, 4 and a half hours remember, it’s only fair” Nikki laughed; I sighed and then reluctantly got up from my seat. We usually took turns on who would go on call next, and seeing as Nikki did assist the last accident and emergency case; a 4 and a half hour surgery on a guy who thought it was a smart idea to go on a 24 hour drinking binge and fell down a 12 step flight of stairs, resulting in him breaking a series of bones in his lower back. It was my turn this time. 

“Good luck!” she wished “And when you come back we are discussing this!” she warned me, I turned and smiled faintly at her. It had been a while since I’d allowed myself to think about ‘him’ or my past. I’d done a great job over the years completely blanking it out. It was like I just wiped the memory of the last two and a half years out of my mind. Those were years I never, ever wanted to experience going through again and I badly needed to remember that this was all a part of my job; I needed to stop allowing my emotions to overtake at times.

I readjusted myself and put my game face back on before quickly making my way down to room 201. Doctor Handler was outside speaking with one of the nurse practitioners when I got down the hall. He looked up at me as I approached the two, "Hi Erica, I need you to do an assessment case file on patient 6301” He said handing me the clipboard file with the patients name on it 

Jhene Carter. 

“Wait, am I assessing on my own today?” I asked nervously, Dr Gills nodded yes

“We have nobody else available, so I need you to take this. You are ready aren’t you…” he said rhetorically. I swallowed a lump of nerves and nodded yes, even though I was anything but. “Good. The patient was brought in around 30 to 40 minutes ago and just recovered consciousness. She’s approximately 20 years of age, suffered a series of bruising and bleeding both internally and externally. I’ve just finished sewing up an approximately 3cm minor laceration that went pretty much to the skull" Dr Gills informed me, “We’ve done a CT scan and the CT scan shows no signs of a fracture but does show a huge amount of soft tissue swelling to the patients head, bruising to ribs and lower abdomen…”

I continued to jot down in notes as DR Gills read out the results of an injury; as he continued to deliver the patients info, it was becoming more and more clear to me that this was an result of a clear assault; bruised ribs, tissue swelling…perhaps even a domestic violence assault. “Has the patient said what had happened?” I interrupted him; Dr Gills shook his head and sighed.

“She pretty much unresponsive to any questions, I’m guessing she’s in a bit of a shock state, hopefully with your knowledge of psychological studies, you can break the ice with her…Her friend did say she found her beaten in her home and the bruising on her arms show from an act of defensive or protective mode. I don’t want to assume but it looks to me to be a domestic dispute so we may need to inform the police if needed” he concluded. I nodded in understanding…“When you’re done send the report off to the ROI department and I’ll be back to check on the patient in 30 minutes” he instructed as he walked off “Oh yeah and Erica” he said turning around once more “…don’t mess this up” and with that subtle warning he walked away disappearing through the narrow corridor doors. I braced myself and clipped my pen to my shirt pocket, honestly months and months of preparation couldn’t really prepare you when it came to the real thing. I was kind of nervous simply because it was my first time ever dealing with a patient completely on my own; usually I just shadowed qualified doctors, nether-less it was something I was hoping I was prepared for and I knew I really couldn’t afford to mess this up.

So my game face was on, as I walked in…


“Okay mam, I’m Erica Wilson, I will be your nurse today…” I stopped mid sentence as she looked up and I saw her face.

I completely froze on spot.

Dr Gills had informed me of her injuries. And I’d been working here for the past 3 months so I was used to seeing patients battered and bruised on a daily basis. But this right here was something with so much retrospective to me.

I’d seen this girl before.

She frowned almost as if she was trying to figure out herself where she’d seen me before. I looked down at the name on the top of my sheet again ‘Jhene Carter’ and then I looked back up at her, I had to have been tripping. A flashback quickly flashed in my head from the day I’d met his new girlfriend. She was a small biracial girl with a head full dark wavy curls; perfectly arched brows and full lips. Her golden skin complexion was mines to a tee, much like the girl sitting in front of me.

Nothing could convince me otherwise, her full dark wavy hair, her golden mid tone, it was definitely her “Marlon…” I breathed out; suddenly her face went pale shade of white, so noticeably that the girl sitting beside her heavily pregnant; I was asuming she was the friend that had found her noticed and looked over at me in confusion

“Wait, how do you know…what?” the pregnant girl beside her looked back down at her. “Jhene did Marlon do this to you?!” she yelled angrily.

Jhene tilted her head slightly but said nothing as she continued to stare at me; the right side of her face was badly swollen and a series of bruising covered her left eye; it was like Déjà vu slapped me in the face like crazy; it felt as if I was looking in the mirror at myself from a few years ago. 

It was her…