i wanted you to feel the same

sometimes i might call myself a dyke because i personally want to reclaim it and feel comfortable enough doing so but if some rando came up to me and was like “hey what’s up, dyke!” i would punch them in the fucking throat.

it’s the same for the q slur. y'all can call yourselves it but if someone irl tried to call me a fucking homophobic slur, i’d probably punch them. and just because someone PERSONALLY reclaims a slur doesn’t suddenly give you the right to freely call them it unless they’ve explicitly said so, either.

Some Thoughts on Today’s Video

I always do my best to tell people not to put creators on a pedestal. To let people know that creators will make mistakes sometimes because they are only human and that it’s okay as long as they apologize and move on.

But here I feel like Mark, you are putting yourself on a pedestal. Holding yourself to a nearly impossible standard of keeping every single promise ever. it’s great and admirable goal, but things happen. I believe that you should try your best and improve and get better at keeping your promises, while at the same time taking it easy on yourself.

It’s okay to mess up and make mistakes. Learn from them and move on but don’t dwell on it or be too hard on yourself. We’ll help keep you accountable but at the same time we don’t want you to feel like you’ve let yourself or us down with a mistake here or there. 

I don’t want this to sound like I’m being preachy or that I’m telling Mark what to do. These are just some of the thoughts I had while watching.

Thank you so much for all that you’ve done. Thank you for trying to push yourself to be better. We all appreciate it and we appreciate you.

Thank you~

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YES! Then can you do a peter parker (spiderman) x reader with a soulmate au?

+ soulmate au where the one thing that they are thinking most about in that moment is tattooed on your wrist
+ peters tattoo was always vague
+ it was either ‘family’ or ‘art’ or ‘what do i want to do with my life?’
+ sometimes, though, they made him laugh
+ ‘what happens if you put a werewolf on the moon?’ or ‘what do you mean, a burrito without beans? what is this sorcery?’
+ part of him would always wonder what was on his soulmates wrist
+ and quite often, on your wrist it would just say ‘soulmate’
+ it made you feel good inside, that your soulmate was thinking of you
+ but at the same time it would make it even more difficult to figure out who your soulmate was
+ when you got to middle school you would see those kids that found their soulmates, and on peters wrist, it would say ‘when will i meet my soulmate?’
+ peter felt bad, like he was letting you down, which was an odd feeling because he didn’t really know you
+ it was at those times when you would look at your own wrist and see things like ‘i let everyone down’
+ it hurt you
+ then the two of you started high school, having no idea you went to the same school
+ during english, peter would see a math problem scrawled on his wrist
+ sometimes, if he wasn’t doing much of anything, he would do the math problem too and think only about the answer
+ when you were in math class, you would see the correct answers on your arm occasionally, and it didn’t take long for you to catch on
+ but, when you were in p.e. and peter was at lunch, you would see things like ‘is that a new skirt?’ or ‘she looks really cute when she laughs’
+ sometimes you’d even see ‘i wonder if she’s my soulmate’
+ of course, you were in p.e. so it couldn’t have been you wearing designer shoes and curling your hair differently
+ after a while, you noticed that your soulmate spent way more time thinking of ‘soulmate’ and less of anything else
+ then, one day you were eating breakfast and you noticed something different about your tattoo
+ it was a name
+ liz allen
+ at first, you didn’t know who this liz character was
+ but one day one of your friends mentioned a liz allen and you had your friend point her out
+ from what you had been reading about your soulmates favorite pastime, you couldn’t help but notice that the slightly older girl fit the bill perfectly
+ but you convinced yourself otherwise
+ liz is a popular name
+ allen is a pretty common last name
+even still, you started to put on makeup to cover up the words that would wrap around your wrist and betray you
+ of course, it wasn’t always liz that your soulmate was thinking about
+ a lot of the time it was his uncle or aunt
+ and then it transitioned into spiderman
+ you knew this because you still looked at your tattoo
+ you only covered it up at school where someone might notice that your soulmate had eyes for another
+ every thought of every day (besides liz) was spiderman
+ you didn’t think much of it
+ by this time you were used to your soulmate thinking of other things besides you
+ and one time, you actually got to see spiderman in the act of saving someone
+ and from that moment on, peters wrist was often occupied with ‘spiderman’
+ thoughts of liz being his soulmate had died long ago when he had gotten close enough to see that her wrist had said ‘going vegan was the best idea ever, soulmate!’
+ he knew that plenty of people talked to their soulmates through their wrist, and peter had never gotten an invitation to go vegan
+ so when he saw that his tattoo was talking about spiderman, he flipped out
+ he told ned, and during p.e. they would have peter think ‘what would tony stark look like with long hair’ so that they could check everyone’s wrist
+ however, you had lunch during that time and found it very odd that your soulmate thought of avengers with interesting haircuts
+ but it made you laugh, and peters wrist would be branded with the words ‘my soulmate is the best’
+ this happened all year, and it wasn’t until the summer when you would finally meet
+ peter was just about to settle down for the night after saving queens when you looked at his wrist and noticed that it talked about a tiny bookstore on the corner of his street and an author with a very odd last name
+ still on a high from saving the world, peter jumped up immediately and headed towards the store that was about to close
+ you bumped into him while you both made your way in, but neither of you thought much of it
+ you recognized peter from school although he had no idea who you wee
+ peter apologized profusely as he helped you off the ground
+ you blushed a bit and told him it was fine
+ peter went to the back of the store
+ you stayed at the front
+ peter looked down at his wrist and saw ‘peter is really cute up close’ 
+ you looked down at your wrist and saw ‘she was thinking about this store’
+ the two of you started to walk towards each other and met by the fiction section
+ “Hey…again.”
+ “Hey, Peter. I, uh…well, I… I’m (Your Full Name).”
+ peter was obviously shaking as he pulled him his sleeve and he showed you the two words on his wrist ‘peter parker’
+ you looked down at your wrist and held it up for him to see
+ ‘(Your Full Name)’


EXO Reaction when it’s your birthday but you are sad because your friends and fam can’t come visit you

HAppy late birthday Poland anon! Xo, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


*Prepares a day full of activities and surprises, so even if you aren’t with your family you feel loved and with friends* “So I rented the cinema… we can watch all the movies you want jagi….”


*Takes you to his favorite places and spends the whole day and night with you* “You know… when I miss my home I just lay down and stare at the starry night. The starts, the moon remind me that we live under the same sky… so even if it’s for a little bit I feel at home”


*Prepares a little birthday surprise party for you* “I know it’s not all your friends but… you are very special to us. Happy birthday jagi!”


*Like two days before your birthday* “Prepare your things baobei, we are flying home for your birthday! This is my birthday present for you”


“Can you trust me? I might not be them but… I’ll try to make your birthday a day you’ll never forget. Please don’t be sad, I’m here for you”


*Has a lot of surprises for you but there’s one in particular that he wants you to see* “Hey babe~ I recorded this video thinking you might want to see your friends and family from back home today so… I asked them to send me a video with everything they wanted to tell you in this special day. I hope you enjoy it. I love you”


*Prepares a surprise party… with all your family and friends from home* “I know you thought they wouldn’t be able to come but I didn’t want you to be sad because of it… so I made some arrangements. Happy Birthday babe!”


*He always treats you like a princess but in this day he makes you feel even more special, and loved and appreciated* “Please don’t be sad, you are not alone. You have me, I can be your home”


“Say jagi… I might not be able to bring you family and friends here but.. I want to know what you want to do in your birthday. Let me be your fairy-godmother for one day, yes?” *Will make all your wishes come true*


“Are you read jagi? What do you mean for what? Your birthday, I prepared a day full of surprises for you. Just you and me though, I’ll make this day memorable, I promise” *Gives his all, just for you*


“So I thought we could stay home today. I asked Kyungsoo to help me make your favorite food and I brought your favorite movies and all the sweets you love. I also wrote a song for you and brought so many presents form me and the boys and your friends and family than sent them from home… I just want you to feel at home for one day… I hope you like everything I have prepared” 


*Goes through all your photo albums, calls your parents and friends and prepares your birthday as close as they would* “They might not be here, but they helped me do this all for you. From the bottom of our hearts, happy birthday Jagi!”

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Dude, doing a bulimic text post? That's beyond not ok. Just say no to it, Christ.

We’ve done a lot in the past. There’s a trigger warning at both the top and in the tags. I’m sorry if it bothered you, but I’ll keep doing them. Just because you ignore it and shove it under the table doesn’t mean it’ll go away. These text posts can help people feel less alone, less like they’re some kind of freak for feeling those things. You’re welcome to unfollow and leave, but I will not ignore the requests just because they’re not to your taste. I care about the people leaving these requests. I know how it feels to want to see your favourite characters deal with the issues you’ve gone through. 

The whole point of this blog is to be AU (Or has been since Anneliese left) and to fill out the requests. People come to us asking for these things because it helps. It’s the same as why we need Asian actors playing Asian roles and so on. Representation matters. Name five mainstream shows that deal with any kind of eating disorder … now how many of those characters aren’t treated like shit by the audience? If this is the one safe place they can come to request ED related stuff then fucking let them. They’re real, they exist, and they are in pain. Why shouldn’t I give them that representation? Hell, if one of my posts helps even one person feel a bit better about themselves then I’ve done what I’ve hoped for. If it can distract them long enough for self harm urges to lessen then I’m thrilled.

Mental illness needs to be talked about, it needs to be shown. We’re everywhere and I’m not going to exclude that from this blog. If it’s a trigger to you then I tag any triggering content with ‘tw self harm’ or ‘tw eating disorder’ or so on. There’s way to blacklist to avoid seeing this content. Hell at the top of the post there’s always a trigger warning for any kind of questionable content. Now I’m going to go back to filling out requests, bulimia ones and all. Have a good day.


msamberpriley I was telling all of the girls at our brunch on Sunday that whenever I feel like I can’t do something that needs to be done or whenever I let certain insecurities about my body or the way I look overtake what I KNOW to be true about me, I watch my old dancing with the stars videos! I know that may sound stupid or maybe conceited 😳 but honestly, it was one of the hardest yet rewarding things I have ever done in my life. The body type that this world refuses to accept actually won a competition using this same body. People watched, enjoyed, and actually VOTED! I still to this day can’t believe I did it. So I had a hard week last week and the girls wanted to watch the videos on sunday and I just smiled, and I came home tonight and I thought 💭 why do I have to live in the past to get that feeling 💭?!? Dancing makes me so happy, so why not just dance whenever you feel down?!? So tonight, I DID! I put on my fave jam right now “Distance” by Omarion and I danced until my legs gave out 😂 I don’t care that it may look silly or off, I just got my life celebrating and using this body to make myself happy. I wanted to share the video and that moment with you to encourage all of you to do the same. So many of you tell me that me just being me encourages you. Well, I want you to know I have mountaintops and valleys but I am always climbing and making my way through life with as much joy as I can create! I challenge you guys to do the same! Turn on a song and just dance or sing or do something to celebrate YOU this week! Something positive that makes you happy or makes you feel beautiful! Tag me in it if you like 💜 ok time to ice my knees now, I think I got ahead of myself trying to drop it low 🤣 goodnight y'all ✌🏾

au where jimin is a painter who is unfortunately suffering from artist’s block. he has tried all the different tips offered by the internet, but he is no closer to overcoming it. despondent, he is about to call it quits when he stumbles upon quite possibly the most aesthetically pleasing person he has ever seen in his life. this same person also makes him feel something that he hasn’t felt in a long time, his hand is itching for his brushes, he wants to paint.

“i’m sorry. i’m sorry for making it seem like i only like you because you’re my muse, you’re so much more than that. a-and i’m sorry for not telling you sooner and for hurting you and for making you have all these doubts. i’m, i’m sorry.”

i’m struggling to find the words to say what i’m feeling about harry potter day — about the 20th anniversary of harry potter and the sorcerer’s stone. my feelings about harry potter are all tangled up in my feelings about my adolescence, about narrative, about community, about media analysis and critique.

for me, harry potter as a story has always been secondary to harry potter as a community. subsequently, for me, harry potter will always represent to me what it can look like to be around people who speak the same language that you do, who are united by a shared passion. it represents friendship and love, and the realization that stories can be more than just escape — they can be the very tools we use to dig deeper into our world, to change it in the ways we need it to change, to connect with one another.

that’s what harry potter represents for me. my relationships with the story, with j.k. rowling, with the fandom are no longer uncomplicated or uncritical, nor should they be. but nonetheless, harry potter will always be something of a place that feels like home, a community that showed me kindness and support, and a set of narratives we built for ourselves. it opened the door to me doing… genuinely everything that i do now. and i will always be incredibly grateful for that — for all of you.

the weapon we have is love.

[image: a photo of auden, circa high school graduation in spring 2015. they have bright purple hair that perfectly matches the purple wall behind them. they smile crookedly, looking down at the book in their hands — a paperback copy of harry potter and the sorcerer’s stone. by @sabrinacolonnaphotography]

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Hello. As you may know, lots of things have happened today& I'm confused. I don't feel bad because of JJP's comeback and Jackson's solo, or Bam will star in a film, but I feel worried about YoungJae. I'm sad to say this but he is the member who has the least individual activities in GOT7. And now I just think, he is alone... Maybe I'm too sensitive, but I want him to have some solo activities as well. But can JYP push him like other members? I just need an opinion about this. Thank you.

Hello dear, 

As I said in the previous ask, I do understand your feeling about that because honestly, I think all Youngjae’s fans like you and me are having the same thoughts. We all want the best for our sunshine Youngjae so of course we also want something for him. I don’t really mind about JJP is having a comeback or Jackson has a solo album coming out or any other members have their own activities but what I’m concern here is Youngjae. Just like you said, Youngjae is the one who has the least activities among GOT7 members. I’m not comparing but I think it’s true. As I said in the previous ask, being in Masked Singer wasn’t enough for our Youngjae and we want him to get exposed to the public showing what he does best which is singing.  As youngjae’s fans we grew protective of our sunshine so of course we have the same feeling and would always want the best for him. It’s sad really but we have to understand how the entertainment company works. It’s usual for company to take chance or opportunity when one member is famous so they might push the member other than the other but I don’t want to assume with GOT7. I do hope they all are given equal opportunity to have solo activities. I’m sure that they won’t neglect our Youngjae too but maybe there are few projects for Youngjae that we don’t know about so let’s be positive and wishing the best for our Youngjae.  

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This may sound crazy but I look at you the same way someone would view a celebrity. I follow you and deeply admire your work. I don't think you sound aloof. I think you communicate like a person who doesn't alter themselves. I feel like a big awkward goof but I sometimes want to just, reach out and chat with you and be your friend. Because you're cool.

Don’t look at me like a celebrity! That just makes it seem like I’d be more distant and unapproachable! 

But I appreciate the sentiment and support. Hit me up anytime<3<3<3


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Title: Falling

Pairing: Xiumin/Minseok x Reader

Genre: Angst

Warning: This is very triggering if you suffer from depression or anxiety please be careful with reading this as it may spike it. Mentions of suicide. 

A/N: I am scared to post this but at the same time….I want to…. This is raw straight up emotion.  This is extremely personal for me, and I almost cried while writing it so…..yeah 

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I found the adhd community on tumblr helpful and validating I'm waiting to see a psychiatrist in Dec. See I relate to the markers of ADD and I'm pretty darn sure I experience RSD and hyperfixations. The more I see myself in these stories, the more I feel like everything I am is just a result of adhd. All my interests, all my struggles even my personality. I know I'm in a low place right now but I feel consumed and empty at the same time

I’m so sorry you’re having a hard time right now. Thank you for reaching out. You are absolutely welcome here at Actually ADHD, and I am sure many of our followers would love to get to know you and be friends with you.

It sounds like you are experiencing depression, which is understandable. I do want to reassure you that everything you are isn’t “just because of ADHD”; sure, ADHD definitely influences how we relate to the world, but it’s not everything about us. I’m not the same as other ADHDers, after all! There are a lot of things that go into our development besides brain function: parenting styles, basic personality traits, big life events, gender, sexuality, artistic interests and/or talents, religion, etc.

Followers, how do you think of yourself in relation to ADHD? Do you feel like it’s part of everything about you and who you are as a person, or do you feel like it’s had influences but not enough that you’d be lost without it, or something else entirely? I’m curious!


Potentials Cut (Free Space: Rogue!Shirayuki AU)

You don’t have to read it, but this is just the first Rogue!Shirayuki AU fic

His nimble fingers slowly button up his uniform, black fabric smoothing over his back and tightening just so around his lean shoulders. She watches how his chest fills with chilled night air as she stands behind him, little by little until the breath leaves him warm. His head tilts back and his throat turns up towards the skies.

Shirayuki finds she can’t tear her eyes off him.

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I have to rant. OK so every time I go back to stream Shine Forever there's always more comments about how the boys deserve more attention and what not. WHICH IS COOL and I AGREE but TBH at the same time I DONT CARE. I don't care if MX is popular or not bc as long as I/mbb stans them then nothing else matters. I feel like people should just be appreciate them instead of being aggressive to others. I really do want their first win too, but I want them to be happy and healthy first.Just a thought

I completely agree with you. This happens every comeback, and I want Monsta X to get all the love and appreciation in the world but they’re so much more than the fact that they haven’t gotten a first win. The only thing that matters is that the mx members are happy with themselves.

You know what my biggest petpeeve is when roleplaying Rakan? When people say he’s dumb, stupid and whatever adjective you want to use for him which describes the very same. And my problem is that the fandom still often views him like that; which is why I am telling you the following now:

Rakan is not dumb. He’s extremely smart in his own ways and just because he does not fit in the ‘normal definition’ of intelligence, does not mean he’s stupid.

Rakan DOES have a very superior understanding of emotions and feelings; his empathy is actually quite great and he’s capable of technically feeling the emotions of people surrounding him. According to modern science empathy is one form of intelligence; the ability to understand a different person. He shows this in technically almost all of his canon interactions with Xayah; that he is able to read her mind. That he sees these things she tries to keep hidden. And, if you look closely at his monologues, you will notice that he’s having some very deep lines also. He has many good qualities; he has also proven more than just once that his narcissism is not greater than his love for Xayah, for his tribe and their homeland in general. He doesn’t hate the humans either; he fails to understand them at times not due to the lack of empathy but because their cultures and beliefs are so very different to his own – but he understands more than enough to not hate them. This is, actually, something Xayah is even incapable of. In one of the canon essays published by Riot its even written that he thinks that this is what Xayah lacks. That she’s superior to him in so many points but that she lacks this empathy.

Rakan is also, and I have to point this out again, the greatest battle-dancer in the HISTORY of the lhotlan tribe. You do not gain this reputation if you’re straight dumb; for several reasons. Rakan actually was capable of memorizing many different dances, even very complex ones, and songs; he memorized the many tales of his own tribe but also other vastayan ones. His memory is extremely selective; particularly because he’s has a great sense for aesthetic so he often gets imprisoned in the moments – when watching Xayah for example who is so very beautiful to him, when he can hear the magic singing another song or when he sees a beautiful landscape. But these are also forms of intelligence. Obviously, with the battle-dancers also being the warriors of their specific tribes, he is an extremely capable fighter. He had trained many complex techniques; he had mastered the control of his body and he is capable of executing all things he had learned so many years ago perfectly in a fight. Rakan states himself, canonly in fact, that he often goes instinct – and he’s still so good with it. Guess why? Because his reflexes are superior; because his mind can immediately choose the right strategy – the right technique – when in combat. This is, in fact, also a sign for high intelligence.

So please do me the favor and do NOT describe him as dumb. I personally do not care if your muse says it – because hey, OPINIONS you know and let’s be honest he’s often talking a lot of nonsense when he’s not with Xayah unless he gets inspired in some way or another so your muse might simply not like him – BUT if you as mun, in ooc, try to make a jester out of him I’ll get honestly pissed. This is not about crack or anything; this is not me saying that other portrayals are wrong – I simply want that people RESPECT him and SEE his actual qualities instead of seeing only his flaws.

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hi cher, I'm from singapore too and I saw your ask about d**kosh and I just wanted to ask if you felt the same feeling of utter discomfort watching bambam with him bc even tho I don't watch his videos, I know enough of him to know that he is not the nicest person and that he has to be using bam & the boys for fame and that worries me bc I'm sure to bam, he's finally found a good friend who he can be himself around outside of the group bc it's hard making friends as an idol and I don't want bam-

-to realize that he doesn’t actually have a true friend and get hurt :(

tbh my opinion as deekosh is about him as a person and entertainer. how i feel about his friendship with bambam is basically how i feel about mark’s friends? as long as he doesn’t hurt bambam i’m whatever and will just basically ignore him/crop him out of pictures but the fact that he not only made fun of bambam’s english AND try to insinuate bambam to say something borderline racist was what set me off. furthermore, yeah fanfictions happen. it is a known fact kpop companies do know about ships etc. what upset me was how deekosh read out those fanfictions without sparing a thought on how he might embarrass or upset the writers who wrote that and know that your idol watched someone embarrass you? that probably isn’t the best feeling in the world. a fandom should be a safe place for everyone.

bambam has a huge social circle and if you ask me do i care about deekosh being his friend? i don’t care as long as he doesn’t hurt bambam. it’s not like we can tell who bambam should befriend you know? but just because he is bambam’s friend doesn’t mean he get a green pass from me and that i will turn a blind eye to all his problematic side you know? i don’t give free passes to the boys when they did something wrong too so i won’t give free passes to their friends.

i hope people realize that admitting that got7′s friends can be problematic&make tasteless joke =/= me sending their friends hate like why would i bother to even do that??


“Whats up, Erin?” Athena asked, drumming her fingers absently against the kitchen table. She was inside now, wondering why in the world she couldn’t get back to the future.

“I was about to ask you the same thing, Atty. You promised to call me yesterday but you never did! Is everything alright? You weren’t responding to any of my texts. I was getting worried.” She could tell from her friend’s tone that Erin was indeed worried and Athena felt bad for making her friend upset.

“Oh! I’m sorry, I couldn’t. I was uh…not feeling well. Stomach virus, I think. I didn’t want to gross you out or anything.”

Emit hadn’t said anything about not telling anyone that she traveled to the future, but she figured it wouldn’t be good news. At the very least, people would think that she was crazy, and at the most the future could be compromised. “Sweetie, I’m so sorry. Are you feeling alright? Do you need me to bring any soup or anything? You should have told me!”

“Erin, I didn’t want you to worry,” Athena replied.

“Well, I worried anyway. At least you would have gotten my help for the day.”

“You have a job. I couldn’t ask you to take off for me. I appreciate it though. Really, I do. It’s just…hey! Didn’t you go to a party over the weekend? How was it? Martin January, right?” Athena was relieved to have remembered that.

“Dude couldn’t stop talking about you,” Erin replied. Athena could just picture the grin on her friend’s face. “I told him that you might want to go on a date with him.”

“Erin, tell me you didn’t!” Athena cried, having forgotten all about the future in favor of the terrible opportunity laid out in front of her.

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I not-so-secretly think you're one of the most magical gals out there and often wish that we could have super awesome adventures in the forests. There is something about you that is ethereally (is that even a word lol) unique that myself and your followers notice and it's very very special!! Ps, I still want to draw elbaite I just want it to be perfect ;___; 💜💜💜

I think you’re one of the most amazing, magical ladies out there too! I feel the same way, and this made my day– TWO DAYS IN A ROW ((because I read it for the first time yesterday, but was unable to respond until today)) 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗 I’m so sorry for making you wait, but honestly, I’m all flustered over this, it’s the sweetest message of all time, I don’t even know how to address how kind you are and how happy you make me bb!! I totally understand wanting to make something for your friends be just right; even the thought of you drawing my gemsona is ridiculously exciting and I have starry eyes over here~ I’m not sure what you see in me, but I’m grateful. I feel like my mood perpetually is Love Like You from su?? Thank you so much for everything, you glorious nymph, I want to draw you a world you deserve ;-;

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random questions tag!

tagged by: @berribaek tysm caroline!! <3

rules: answer the questions in a new post and tag 20 blogs you would like to get to know better

nickname: i don’t have any

starsign: capricorn

height: 5′2 

time right now: 12:29 pm

last thing googled: “mbti test” because taeyeon posted her type on ig this morning and i wanted to see if we had the same type (we did lmao!!)

favourite music artists: bts, exo, snsd, shinee, monsta x, big bang, f(x), got7, red velvet, iu, 

song stuck in your head: all star by smash mouth omg i hate myself 

last movie watched: i think wonder woman?? i saw that in theater last week

last TV show watched: jane the virgin!

what are you wearing right now: snowflake sweatpants and an old t shirt lmao even though it’s summer and it’s almost 90 degrees outside 

when did you create your blog: june or july of 2015 i think?

what kind of stuff do you post: blue and white aesthetic/kpop

do you have any other blogs: nope! this is my only blog :)

do you get asks regularly: nah not really lmao

why did you choose your URL: bc sehun is my bias lol

gender: female

hogwarts house: either hufflepuff or ravenclaw

pokemon team: mystic i think? the blue one lol

favourite colour: blue and purple!

average hours of sleep: usually 5 or 6 during the school year, but now that it’s summer i usually get 8 or 9

lucky number: i don’t have one

favorite character(s): i don’t have any??

how many blankets do you sleep with: i sleep with 2 or 3 sometimes

dream job: travelling the world and taking pictures

following: 237 (omg i need to follow more people lol)

i’m tagging: @skybluell @ilyoonqi @cappukkino @autummskies @flowershield @hosoeok @jonginism @jiminsushi @kawaiiorshine @pastelhunnie @xehunted @sugacreme and anyone else who wants to do this!