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In Which Mr. Krupp’s Secret Superpowers Aren’t Quite So Secret

( @guiltyhipster and @thatanimationgirl because we’re writing and tagging friends!!) hey y’all remember when I said I wrote CU fanfiction like five months ago. uh. here it is!! I mostly wrote it as a self-indulgent thing because I had no clue there would actually like…be a fandom!! So it’s not my best work lol I just wanted to get my ideas out on paper. 

In this, our favorite terrible principal comes down with a cold, and it turns out that Captain Underpants’ powers begin to leak through while he’s in this miserable state…I am a sad writer’s soul and I would totally love comments if you wanted to give them but totally don’t feel obligated yo!! (ALSO I wrote this when I knew that Miss Anthrope would be Mr. Krupp’s love interest, but I DIDN’T know that she was the lunch lady now so like…she’s the secretary in this lmao)

George and Harold were terribly bright children who just happened to also be terribly, terribly naughty. They never caused any harm, of course, unless one would think that placing ketchup packets beneath toilet seats, replacing the American flag in their classroom with a pair of XXL underwear, and rearranging the letters on the lunchroom bulletin board so it would read “FRIDAY’S LUNCH WILL BE: SWEATY BRAS”, was harmful.

And Principal Krupp definitely considered all those things harmful….

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"What am I to you?" s.o asking Kakashi unsure about how he really feels about her c:

CUTEEE i love this and kakashi is the loml i missed writing for him ;n; this was longer than i expected lol THIS WOULDNT BE CONSIDERED A DRABBLE ;u;


You had even went to Sakura for advice, knowing her situation with Sasuke and all. She was surprisingly successful with him which only led you to sheepishly ask for a sense of direction, and she was willing to do so with open arms. At first she teased you, poking fun at how you chose to ask her, someone who was younger. But then sat you down and told you everything

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Either Way | Hoseok Smut

I’m so excited my first requested scenario is about the beautiful ball of sunshine that is Hoseok! I liked this request so much I sat down and finished it in one night. This is my first smut, so please go easy on this prude. XD Hope you enjoy <3

Part 2

Word Count: 3538 words

Genre: semi-angst, smut semi-fluff (so basically the big three) along with cursing and slight violence


Originally posted by bangtannoonas

           A sigh escapes your lips as you tap your pencil against your notebook, struggling to keep your eyes open. There were a multitude of books open in front of you, turned to random pages as you tried to get your thoughts together for your seven-page essay on the traditional rise of the west narrative you had been reading within your Modern History class the past four weeks. You were desperate to keep your perfect 4.0, because honestly, that’s all you had going for you. Too shy to join any clubs or sports, you spent your days in the library, concentrated on your studies. Too timid to take on a leadership role within a club? You remedied that with taking a business course. Too quiet to join the only sorority on campus that did volunteer work? You fixed that by volunteering at the library to restock books and read to the preschool class that came occasionally.

Groaning, you dropped the pencil onto the table, and rubbed your face tiredly. Whenever you closed your eyes, all you saw was him. Jung Hoseok. His smile could turn anyone’s day around, and that’s exactly what he did for you. Whenever you had stayed up too late studying and showed up to university ready to collapse from exhaustion, all you had to do was hear him laugh or see his bright smile and you would be wide awake, praying that you got to see or hear him again. His goofy antics and his loud, simply happy voice was the highlight of your day.

You remembered the first time you talked to the perfect junior. You had taken a few advanced courses this year, putting you one year ahead, which meant you were in his year. Though you shared History of Compositions with one another, you had never talked to him before. You had slowly fallen for the larger than life boy who sat four rows over, and two desks in front of you. No; the first time you talked to him was in the library, while you were trying to read to the preschoolers who had come for their monthly trip.

You had just finished asking the kids which story they wanted to hear. After you decided the majority wanted The Rainbow Fish, you saw him. He had a pink book in his hand, standing halfway down a row in the kid’s section, seeming to contemplate it. His dark brown hair that usually was left to flop over his forehead was pushed back under a backwards baseball cap. You swallowed nervously as you watched his perfectly pink lips mouth the title of the book, and you quickly looked back down at the kids in front of you, who were eagerly waiting for story time to start.

You quickly willed yourself to forget about his presence, reminding yourself that he probably wouldn’t even look over here, and if he did, it’s not like he knew who you were. The book went by slowly, the kids (for the most part) listening attentively unless you reached a part that caused the kids to make noises of sympathy or laughter. Once you finished, the teacher came over to collect them after they thanked you. One little girl came up and hugged you, and you smiled down at her and said you looked forward to seeing them next time. Once the kids dispersed, you looked up to see Hoseok leaning against one of ends of the rows of bookcases, the little kid’s book still in his hand. He was looking straight at you, a small smile gracing his blemish free visage. You quickly averted your gaze, feeling your skin heat up, and you decided to focus on straightening up what the kids had messed up.

“Hey.” His light voice came suddenly, startling you out of your thoughts. You straightened after rearranging a few books, turning to him with a small smile on your face.

“Can I help you with something?” You questioned, trying to keep your voice as light as his, thanking God you didn’t stutter. He looked surprised by your question, but smiled nonetheless.

“Oh, I don’t think so.” He answered, shrugging slightly. “You’re in my composition class right?”

It was your turn to return his surprised expression. “Yeah, I am.”

“I’m Hoseok. What’s your name?” I know, you thought to yourself. His smile widened and he tilted his head to the side slightly. God, why does he have to be so cute?

“I’m Y/N.” You answered, bowing slightly in greeting. He returned it pleasantly.

“So do you volunteer here? To read to children?” You didn’t know why he wanted to talk to you, but there was no way you were going to pass up talking to the one person who could light up an entire room with just his dazzling smile.

“I do, every Friday and Saturday.” You looked down to avoid blushing when you noticed his smile made his eyes crinkle in the corners. You finally noticed the book in his hands was for Barbie. “Do you have a little sister?”

This time, his skin turned a bright pink, but he laughed it off. “No, it’s for my children’s art class. We’re supposed to write about a children’s author, but… I’m kind of lost on who to choose.”

“I would recommend Dr. Seuss.” You turned to pluck Green Eggs and Ham off of the “Favorites” section you were standing near. “You’ll probably find his life a lot more interesting than Barbie’s creator.”


You remember that day like it just happened. It had been three weeks since then. Ever since that day, he would enter the class you two had together, and sent you a smile and a wave. For the first few days, you were too embarrassed to acknowledge him, and ended up ducking your head whenever he walked in. After the first week, you started to return his smile with a shy one of your own, and you didn’t miss how his smile turned into a grin when you did so.

Beyond that, nothing had happened. You saw him in the library occasionally, but he never saw you. You told yourself you were fine with it, but deep inside you felt a tinge of disappointment. You had been really looking forward to talking to him again. Your best friend had told you that there was nothing stopping you from going up to talk to him-she reminded you constantly that everyone she’s ever talked to about you said you were the sweetest girl. She tried telling you Hoseok would think of you the same way, but your timidness got in the way of you approaching the boy you were hardcore crushing on.

Midnight rolled around, and you finally decided you should probably head home. Since you were a sophomore, you opted to get yourself a little apartment a few blocks outside of campus. You wanted to be far enough away from campus to be away from the kids who focused more on partying than studying, but close enough so you could walk since you didn’t have a car. After you packed up your things, you slung your heavy bag over your shoulder and made your way to the library entrance. The older woman who ran the night shift looked up and smiled.

“Good night, sleep well.” You told her, returning the smile.

“Good night sweetie, good luck on your essay.” She responded, and you waved as you exited the building. The cold air hits you hard, so you zip up the hoodie you were wearing and shove your hands into the pockets, setting a brisk pace for your cozy apartment. The university shuttles stopped running hours ago, and though you could take the public bus, walking from your home to classes and back was all the exercise you got during the day.

As you walked, your mind turned to random things. It was your friend’s birthday next week, so you noted you should stop by the market on your way home from volunteering tomorrow to buy things to make her favorite cupcakes. You could have groaned at realizing the exam you had at the end of the month in your pointless business class, if you didn’t hear one. You froze, hearing angry, low voices ahead. You slid along the wall, not really knowing what to expect. The place outside the university wasn’t the best of places, like many other universities. Despite this fact, you had never witnessed any crimes on your way home.

“Where the fuck is our money, huh?” As you got closer, the voices got clearer. This was the only way you knew you could take home, so you had to pass the entrance of the ally quickly to avoid being seen. Your morals told you you should call the police, but the fear gripping you was telling you just to duck your head and pass on as fast as possible. You did neither of these things.

Peaking your head around the corner, you saw three men standing around a crippled figure leaning against the wall for support. A dark haired boy you couldn’t fully make out was holding a metal bat, and the guy leaning against the wall was gripping his stomach and groaning in pain. He must have hit him. The dark haired boy was turned away from you, while another boy wore a baseball cap pulled down to conceal his features. The last one didn’t wear anything to conceal his face, but you didn’t recognize him.

“Please!” The man gasped out, collapsing onto the concrete floor. “I don’t have it; I just need a little more time!”

The man you could see clearly rolled his eyes, fed up with the man in front of him. “Unfortunately for you, boss wants it tonight. It’s either your money or you.”

The next few things seemed to happen in slow motion. He pulled a sleek black gun from the waistband of his pants, and before you could stop yourself, you gasped. They all turned to you, and what you saw had your blood freezing in your veins. The dark haired man was wearing a black face mask, but that didn’t stop you from recognizing him. Hoseok.

“Someone fucking grab her!” The man wearing the hat hissed, and those four words had you running in the direction of your apartment as fast as you could carry yourself. You heard metal hit the concrete, and knew Hoseok was the one in pursuit of you. You groaned, trying to shrug off your backpack as you ran, so you could lose the extra weight slowing you down. However, this idea was short lived as you felt a hand clamp around your arm, tugging you violently to a stop. You were pulled back into a chest, his hand letting go of your arm to wrap it around your waist firmly. You opened your mouth to scream, but his hand came up to cover your mouth tightly.

“Shh!” Hoseok hissed, his mask now hanging around his neck. There were faint lines where it had been before, but other than that his face was as perfect as always. You looked up at him with eyes wide in fear, but as his tongue darted out to wet his lips, you felt something stir inside of you. “Do you want those guys to come and help me? I can assure you you don’t. If they know I’m not going to hurt you they would come and do it themselves. If you stay quiet I’ll take my hand away, okay?”

“What the fudge Hoseok?” You whispered. Hoseok found himself smiling, amused by your cute way of avoiding cursing at him, even though he knew he deserved it.

“Just…” He sighed, shaking his head. “Let me walk you home. It’s not safe out.”

Despite the situation, you found yourself holding back a laugh. You had just found him and his friends beating the crap out of some guy, and yet you weren’t crying pleading for him to leave you alone. “You don’t say.”

He cracked a grin at your comment, before turning you back in the direction you were running. His hand rested on the small of your back as you led him in the direction of his apartment. Your felt your body heat up when his hand touched your back, and you groaned in your head. Even though your mind was telling you he was dangerous and you shouldn’t associate with someone like him, your body was telling you he was fine as hell and that you should definitely associate with him.

The walk to your apartment was oddly quiet. Hoseok was a naturally talkative person, so you were surprised that he didn’t try to talk to you about compositions or how his essay on Seuss went or even talk about the friends he had left back there. You were silent not only because you were at a loss on what to say, but also because you were fighting back your hormones. Though you were attracted to the cute, happy Hoseok you saw in class every day, the dangerous, dark Hoseok you saw tonight was somehow a major turn on.

Once you made it to your apartment you jabbed your key into the keyhole, trying to control the shaking of your hand. Hoseok wrapped his hand over your own and turned the key, unlocking the door. He pushed it in, his other hand not leaving your back. You looked up at him questioningly, but he just pushed you gently inside. You shuffled in, unzipping your hoodie and throwing it on the couch in the living room, not really knowing why Hoseok was following you in. Was he going to go back on what he said and threaten you? Would he actually try to hurt you-

You were pulled from your thoughts as the door behind you slammed shut, and Hoseok’s warm, wet lips were suddenly pressed firmly to your own, and he was pushing you up against a wall. You moaned out in surprise, every dirty little day dream you had dreamed up in class seeming to come true. He slipped his tongue into your mouth when you moaned. There was no fighting for dominance, because Hoseok immediately demanded it, his tongue massaging and rolling against your own as he took control of your mouth.

“God, I’ve wanted to do that since the first day of classes.” His lips brushed against yours once after he pulled away abruptly, before he was pulling away completely to lift your shirt off of your body. “You always looked so fucking innocent, your face shoved in a book and your cute little skirts… I had a hard-on every time I saw you for the first couple of weeks before I learned to control myself.”

Your shirt was gone, and next he was at the clasp of your bra. He pressed his lips to your jaw, murmuring, “I never made a move because I didn’t want to drag you into this shit. But fuck, if I knew you were going to walk into our business tonight I would have done this a long time ago.”

When his hands pulled away your bra and grasped roughly at your breasts, you finally stirred into action. One hand went to his hair, gripping it lightly as you pulling him in to kiss him desperately. He groaned against your lips, reveling in the feel of your soft skin. His fingers pinched at your now full erect nipples, and you gasped before he rubbed the pads of his thumbs over them. Pleasure was already spiking through your body, traveling down to your core. Suddenly you were pushing his hands away so you could pull of his shirt, and once it was gone his mouth was attached to your neck, sucking and nibbling at your skin. Your head tilted back, your eyes shutting as your hands ran up and down his chest, feeling the planes of his skin and the indentations that marked where his abs were. God, you had wanted this for so long.

You pushed him away, dropping to your knees in front of him. Your hands made quick work of his belt, and you popped the button in his pants before Hoseok was shoving both his pants and his boxers down. His cock sprung free from its confines, already more than halfway hard, a drop of pre-cum seeping from its tip. You wrapped one hand around its base, causing Hoseok to hiss. You looked up at him to see him looking down at you, his eyes half open, and you slowly licked his tip. His eyes closed and his head fell back, so you unhurriedly sucked the entire head into your mouth. You sucked more of him into your mouth, your lips covering your teeth as you slid his length farther into your mouth. You pulled back, starting to bob your head up and down his cock as he let out a groan. One hand went to fist your hair, helping guide you up and down his length at a pace that pleased him. He hips started to buck into your mouth, and once you felt him hit the back of your throat, you pressed your tongue firmly to the underside of his cock.

“Fuck.” Hoseok hissed, his hand tightening in your hair as he gently pulled you up from his length. You felt yourself drip onto your panties as you got back onto your feet, his wrecked expression doing terrible things to you. “I thought you were a good girl, baby.”

“I’ve only been with one man.” He was nothing compared to you.

“And I’ll be your last man.” He groaned, before bringing you in for a heated kiss. You moaned into it, not believing how fast you were turned on by just his words. His hands went down to pop open the button on your pants, before he just pushed them down. You kicked them away, wrapping your arms around Hoseok’s neck as he once again dominated the kiss. The palm of his hand was suddenly pressing against the apex of your legs, rubbing back and forth in a way that had you pulling from his lips to gasp. His fingers dug into your center, and you pressed your thighs together in need. Your hips started to rut against his hand and he smiled, ghosting his lips up and down your jaw.

“What do you want me to do to you, baby?” He asked, taking his hand away to push your panties down. You kicked the away like you did with your pants, this time a blush taking over your features. His hand returned to your center, rubbing over your clit with a finger slowly, but filled with pressure.

“I-” Your throat went dry and you looked away, trying to fight the moan that was threatening to tear through your throat. Hoseok grinned, placing a finger under your jaw, pushing up so you were looking up at him while his finger sunk deeper down.

“Come on, Y/N.” He coaxed, one finger suddenly pushing its way through your folds, entering your heat. He pumped his finger in and out lazily. “You’re so fucking wet for me. When you’re this wet, what do you want me to do?”

“Fuck me.” The words slipped their way through your lips, quiet and mumbled but he still heard. He pressed his lips to yours again, silently reveling in the fact he got his sweet little girl to say such a naughty thing, before pulling his hand from your heat, his hands gripping your hips as he lifted you up and pressed you against the wall. Your legs wrapped around his waist quickly, your body completely ready for him. One of his hands left your hip to grip his cock, rubbing it against your folds. You moaned loudly into his mouth, one hand going to grip his hair tightly again while the other dug into the back of his shoulder. He continued the torturous rubbing for a minute, letting it sink down to your entrance before he pulled himself back up to rub your wetness over his clit.

He sank into you suddenly, causing you to break away from his sinful mouth and let out a gasp that quickly turned into a high-pitched moan. Hoseok leaned forward to capture your lips with his once more, swallowing any further sounds you made as he thrust his hips into you. Every few seconds he gained in speed, his hips slapping into yours roughly, his grip on your hips bound to leave bruises. He felt so good, and your muscles clenched around him every time he pushed himself fully in. The sounds of wet skin hitting wet skin would be enough for a sailor to blush. You clenched around his length, making him hiss as his thrusts turned sloppy. Your orgasm hit you so suddenly your back arched to its limit, your head falling back as you chanted his name. His hit just a few thrusts after, him stilling inside of you as long ropes of cum spurt into your heat.

He held you against the wall for a minute, his head resting against your shoulder. His grip had lessened considerably, and though you knew where he had gripped you would hurt in the morning, you couldn’t bring yourself to care. He pulled out of you after a minute, and before you could unwrap your legs from his waist, he was carrying away from the wall, his arms slipping around your back to support you. He found your room easily, and managed to pull back the blankets before he set you down on top of the bed. You laid back, your breathing still heavy. He squeezed in next to you and pulled the blankets over your bodies. He pulled you back into his body, wrapping one arm around your torso as he buried his face in your hair.

Happy Hobi or dangerous Hoseok, it didn’t matter. You would take him any way he came.

R U Mine? [Josh Washington x Reader]

Please don’t send in requests right now! Requests are closed.

Author’s Note: I’M SORRY I DROPPED OFF THE FACE OF THE EARTH. I’ve had so much work these last few weeks, it’s insane. I couldn’t even write a birthday-themed imagine when my birthday rolled around last week. I’ll probably write one soon because I feel the need to lol. Also please don’t send in requests anymore. If you sent one recently, it’s going to be deleted. I closed requests indefinitely back in November. Any requests you see until the submit box opens back up are requests I’ve had since it last closed. The title of this fic doesn’t really fit because I had an idea for this story but then it went in a completely different direction and I didn’t feel like changing the title ha ha.

Word Count: 1,194

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Hi. Can I get one of RFA+V&Saeran convincing MC to stop procrastinating and do their homework?

As someone who’s currently procrastinating and not working on that research paper I should definitely be working on…I’ll write this, lol.

I’m a terrible procrastinator (which is why I tend to disappear for a few days every once in a while because I need to make up what I procrastinate on)

I hope these are okay. Saeran’s and V’s feel a bit weird, I was pretty tired when I wrote them. 

Yoosung: He is beyond gifted when it comes to procrastination and can find basically anyway to avoid the work that he probably should be doing, so none of MC’s excuses for putting off the essay get past him.

“I’m just going to take a shower first. Then I’ll get started.” They assured him.

Yoosung rolled his eyes, pulling on MC’s hand. “You still haven’t started even though we’ve been sitting here for 20 minutes.” He pointed out and MC looked away. “It’s due in two days right?”

MC hesitated, looking at him. “I’ve done essays in less time.”

“And it’s almost killed you, hasn’t it?” He demanded. “You get it done, but you don’t sleep and spend the entire time panicking about what would happen if you didn’t get it done. It doesn’t have to be that way if we get even a little bit done tonight and I’m willing to help you.”

MC bit their lip, looking at Yoosung’s eager expression. He wanted to help them, the desperation was evident in his expression. He wanted to motivate MC like he always said they motivated him.

“So first I need a thesis.”

Jaehee: “It’s not going to get any easier to write the more time goes on. It’s just going to give you even less time to edit it and make it better.”

“But I don’t know what I’m going to write it on Jaehee!” They whined.

“You’re not going to know anymore than you already do now. It’s only going to hurt you to push this off MC.”

“But I’ve honestly tried to write it and I can’t. I don’t know what I want to say let alone how to compose it properly.”

“Then just talk to me. Say what you want to say in your paper. You don’t have a to write a single word, just talk.” Jaehee stood up. “Let’s go into the kitchen. I can make us some coffee and you can start talking. I can help you get your thoughts out on paper after that.”

MC nodded gratefully and took Jaehee’s hand to follow her into the kitchen.

“Once you have the paper done you can either stop or you can keep making it better, and that’s your choice because you’ll have it done. Just save yourself the panic of not having anything done the night before.”

Jumin: “There is no way this is going to go well.” He said, looking over the three paragraphs that MC had typed on their computer. The three paragraphs that it had taken them nearly an hour and a half to write seeing as they kept getting distracted.

I’m cold.

I’m just going to get something to drink.

Elizabeth 3rd looked lonely.  

“I’ve started it.” They said gesturing towards the computer.

“It’s a good start.”

“I can write the rest later, I normally don’t get this far before the night before things are due anyway.”

“You need to sleep.” He commented, seemingly out of the blue. He did that a lot, saying seemingly random things, only to hesitate and back them up a few moments later. “If you leave this paper to the night before it’s due than you’re going to have to rush to do the whole thing and you’re going to panic and won’t sleep.”


“You’ll thank me for this later on, please just hear me out and do this.”

Zen: “Love me Zen,” They murmured, wrapping their arms tightly around him and burying their face in his shoulder, humming happily as he ran his fingers aimlessly through their hair.

“How much did you get done?” He asked, glancing back down at the script in his lap that he was currently try and failing to memorise.

“I don’t think very much.” They sighed. “I stared at that book, but couldn’t take anything in. The moment I looked away I couldn’t remember a single thing. I think I just need to meet with someone who understands what’s going on in that class better than I do.”

“It’s not really a matter of understanding though, you know that. You just memorise what’s written down and then you write it down in a few days during the test.”

“I’m not very good at memorising.”  

“You have plenty of time. You don’t have to be good at memorising anything, you just have to repeat it over and over again and learn it until you can repeat it without the book.” Zen hesitated. ”If you start now it won’t be too bad MC, but you can’t put this off. You can not memorise this all in one night.

“You just told me that you’re not good at memorising. If you were good at memorising than maybe you could but you just told me you weren’t.”

“I just want to stay here with you.” They mumbled.

“You can then. I’ll help you study this, you don’t have to learn all this on your own. I wasn’t ever very good at school, but my brother was and he used to help me study all the time, and besides, I’ve gotten pretty good at memorising things pretty quickly what with all the scripts.”  


“So will you let me help you?”

“Let me get my book.” they pouted, reluctantly pulling away from him and standing up.

707: “It’s not like it’s really that hard, is it?” He asked as MC glanced away from their laptop, grateful for any distraction from their work. “You just learn the answers, go to class and the teacher passes out the paper and you write down the answers.”

“You really are a genius aren’t you?” MC asked in a faintly disbelieving tone.

He shrugged, laughing softly.

“Then how is it that you really don’t get it?” They asked with an overly dramatic sigh. “It’s not that easy for everyone else. We normal people don’t know the answers immediately upon seeing the question. We don’t memorise the fact the first time the teacher mentions it.”

Seven frowned slightly.

“It takes hours and hours of studying and we still normally don’t get perfect scores.”

“Then why are you putting it off to the last moment?” Seven asked, seemingly genuinely curious as to why they’d do something like that despite his own habit for procrastination.

“For the exact same reason you put off your work to play games with Yoosung or to make a robotic cat, because I don’t want to do it now.”

“If you want I’ll help you study it,” he offered, holding out his hand. “That might at least help make it more fun.”

“I was just going to do it later,” They mumbled, their argument seeming weak almost immediately. He didn’t even have to say a single word for them to give in.”

V: “I believe in you.” He murmured, his chin resting gently against the top of MC’s head. “I’m begging you, please don’t put this off MC.”

“I have no inspiration to do…anything on this project and nobody in my group has done anything yet. We have to come up with a plan before I or anyone involved can actually do anything.”

V laughed, pulling away. It was clear that he didn’t believe a single word of theirs, but he didn’t seem upset, just slightly disbelieving. 

“You could take initiative.” He suggested, “Get started and that way you know things will be done instead of panicking the night before it’s due when it turns out that nobody’s done anything even then.”

“But we’re a group, we’re supposed to do equal parts of the work.” They mumbled, knowing that they’d already lost this argument. 

“Just because you’re supposed to doesn’t mean that everyone will. You should at least get something started so that they have something to base their work off of. And you if you have to do the entire thing on your own later on, at least you have something started.” He frowned slightly, “I’m not saying not to have faith in your group. That’s not what I meant, I’m just saying that procrastinating on this isn’t going to help anyone.” 

Saeran: He knew that this would happen, mainly for the reason that, every time MC had been assigned any kind of school work since he met them they’d find some way to push it off to the last minute while making their excuses seem rather logical. 

“I have to finish this assignment first,” Was a common excuse of theirs, in reference to yet another thing they had procrastinated on, often followed by insisting that they hadn’t slept in a week which he knew to be a false statement though he never said anything. 

“I need to do some more research before I get started.” They said, a pathetic excuse to put off the work. 

It was a terrible idea to procrastinate by using the excuse of other work that you actually had to do. 

He rolled his eyes, muttering something under his breath that MC couldn’t quite make out followed by, “I can help with the research.” He spoke quickly, almost as if he were embarrassed or terribly afraid of somehow saying the wrong thing. “I mean, only if you want me to…” He added hurriedly. 

Maybe MC didn’t want his help. 

“Could you?” They asked, eyes widening. “I’m having trouble finding any decent resources, I keep feeling like I don’t have enough information to get started.” 

He gave them a small, rare smile, pleased that MC accepted his help. 

Not only did they accept his help, they were happy. They wanted his help, were excited to get it. Nobody had ever, as far back as Saeran could remember, been happy that he offered to help them. At worst he was a pain, at best it was what was expected of him, but the thought of MC wanting him to help make his face feel warm.

He was valuable to her.

She wanted his help. 

“I used to do a lot of research before,” He hesitated, not entirely wanting to talk about the past. Not now at least. “I was pretty good at it and I’d like to help you if I could.” 

He barely stopped himself from screaming slightly as MC pulled him into a tight hug, burying their face in his shoulder. He’d immediately tensed at the contact, but MC didn’t let go. He was grateful for that. 

Flinching away from touch from anyone was second nature to him, but now that he’d realised that it was MC and that she didn’t mean him any harm he managed to relax a bit and actually found the contact to be nice. 

“We should probably get started,” He mumbled, not entirely wanting this moment to end. 

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Hey Lottie, how do you write queer sexual tension without it entering queerbaiting territory? Can you have unresolved sexual tension between queer characters in a story, or is that always a bad thing? Thanks!

this is SUCH AN INTERESTING QUESTION that I’ve already attempted to answer twice (once while drunk) and abandoned, but I’m gonna pull myself together, fucking relax about it and just answer it. okay. 

so the first time I ever heard the term “queerbaiting” it was being applied to Supernatural and I understood it off the bat: what Supernatural does, what Supernatural is great at doing (and has been doing now for 4 years at least), is going to ANY LENGTHS to avoid explicitly saying that Dean and Castiel will never end up together and that they aren’t anything other than straight. the writers say “stay tuned! you never know what will happen!” the actors talk about how much the characters mean to each other and make vaguely worded statements that they KNOW will be interpreted by the fandom as a wink wink nudge nudge I’m on your team, folks! reference, and the characters themselves make jabs, maintain intense eye contact and are incredibly devoted to each other on top of enough pointed mise en scène and subtext to make your mouth water. they will bend over backwards to make it as queer-coded and romantic as they possibly can, get your heart pumping, and then successfully interrupt the moment and start No Homo-ing it as hard as they possibly can.

the reason behind this whole song and dance is twofold: 1) The Powers That Be want you, their devoted queer audience – with your “Dean Winchester is bisexual!” badges and your manifestos and your essays and, more importantly, your MONEY – to keep watching Supernatural, but they also 2) don’t want to lose any casual straight viewers by canonising Dean’s sexuality or his relationship with Castiel. so they straddle the divide. they tease. they have their queer-coded cake and eat all the straight viewers, or something. that’s the definition of it, for me: keeping you watching, supporting and spending your money (and keeping their ratings high) with the idea that maybe something might eventually happen – but never ever putting their money where their mouth is and cashing the fuck in. 

there are two reasons why what you’re talking about is not and could never be classed as queerbaiting, IMO: 1) there is nothing inherently wrong or bad about homoerotic subtext or unresolved tension between queer characters; both of these things can be a feast, no matter the medium, and b) you’re writing it. it would be incredibly difficult to profit off your queer fans without delivering on the goods and stringing them along over a long period of time when you’re a writer; how would you even manage that? unless your blurb was THE SINGLE MOST MISLEADING BLURB OF ALL TIME, you’re gonna have a tough time baiting any queer readers. you’d have to be writing a series, and you’d have to drag your Possible Relationship out over X amount of books, write in enough subtext and UST to make people think it’s a possibility, spend time and effort keeping it simmering across hundreds of thousands of words, and then just… not. there is NO WAY that effort would be worth it. and even if, somehow, you were incredibly successful and made loads of money off of queer readers who’d been lured in, that would stop as soon as the first person put a ‘THEY NEVER EVEN KISS, FUCK THIS BOOK’ review up on Goodreads. plus… I’d like to say no self-respecting writer could fuck up their own work in such a colossal way, but, haha, let’s not go there or I’ll start in on Harry Potter

look at it this way: The Raven Cycle series by Maggie Stiefvater. they’re pretty popular books here on tumblr because they’re fucking great, but also because there’s subtext and UST out the wazoo – not to mention one canon* queer character and the Definite Feeling that we’re gunning for a second in the final book, as well as a Big Ol’ Kiss/actual declaration of love. this relationship has been building for three books now – we got to know them in the first book, found out Ronan was gay in the second book and possibly had a Crush, and the set up for them getting together found its feet in the third book. MS spent thousands of words on Ronan and Adam – individually and, eventually, sort of together. they’re a big part of the books and each others’ lives, and the subtext is slowly but surely turning into text. (the hand lotion. the barn.) 

BUT: nothing has been ~canonised~ yet in Actual Words. (IIRC! I haven’t read them since last year.) MS could feasibly go full Supernatural, make absolutely nothing happen and be like “lol, what? haha, you crazy fangirls, it’s all in your head!” and that would be queerbaiting: keeping your fans eager and forking out their dough with the promise of a queer relationship but pulling out at the last minute. but she won’t do that, because then her books would be complete rubbish. she would have written an entire relationship into the subtext of her series and then just farted it away. it would have been a complete and total waste of 1000s of words and a loose thread marring her tapestry. no writer would spend the time it takes to write three novels setting something up only to back out at the last second. (I trust Maggie.) 

and BESIDES, having homoerotic subtext (/UST) and not explicitly canonising it =/= queerbaiting. subtext (and allegory, metaphor and anything else you can point to and yell ‘THIS ONE’S GAY’) and the deciphering of it is one of the joys of reading or watching anything ever. it’s a useful and age-old part of storytelling. homoerotic/queer subtext can tell us things about a character that the character would never tell us themselves; it can be undeniable or just noticeable to those who’re attuned to it; it can play a part in the overarching narrative or not; it can be eventually made text or it can remain subtext for the duration – it doesn’t matter. there’s nothing wrong with it either way. the subtext and sexual tension itself isn’t the problem – producers and studio execs writing it in and making it blatant just to snag queer viewers and then refusing to say either way whether or not it’ll ever become Touching Of Mouths canon so that they can keep taking everyone’s money is the problem.

(it’s like the difference between pre-Swan Song Supernatural and post-Swan Song Supernatural: pre-SS had a lot of Dean-centric queer subtext – but didn’t labour the point overmuch – and UST between Dean and Castiel that grew from their epic meet-cute, initial chemistry and intense friendship. post-SS realised that a hell of a lot of people were watching for Dean and Castiel’s relationship, and immediately ratcheted it up to 11 with jokes, references, straight-up romance novel dialogue and UNREAL mise en scène and subtext and then fell all over themselves to insist that it’s all fan interpretation and nothing really supports it in canon, haha, but you never know! maybe! there’s so much of the story left to tell! I’m not sure what the current party line is re: Dean/Castiel or Dean’s bisexuality, but I can assure you it’ll be something like: LOL! MAYBE!!! WHO KNOWS?!?)

tl;dr having homoerotic/queer subtext or unresolved sexual tension between queer characters is absolutely not a bad thing, and it’s not queerbaiting. sometimes it’s queerbaiting, but generally it’s not queerbaiting. irregardless, whether it’s queerbaiting or not is irrelevant when it’s in a novel/short story because queerbaiting in literature is… pretty much impossible(/a terrible choice for your Art). okay. the… end…?

(*I’m not actually sure if Ronan Lynch is canonically queer in a ‘“I’m gay,” said Ronan’ way, or if it’s just been heavily implied. see? implication! subtext! no actual verbal 100% undeniable confirmation! and yet: not queerbaiting.)

Just because you’ve seen “8 mile“ that doesn’t mean you know shit about battle rap...

I am soo fed up with the hiphop elitists in the smtm tag, particularly Blacknut’s supporters, it is unreal. I wasn’t going to write anything because I’m so irritated by episode 7, it’s hard for me to form a coherent response to it but I need to say something.

First off, I will address the fans: sure, battle rap is like a roast and the main objective is to come up with the most clever egregious insult- but there still needs to be that level of respect present in all forms of competition. A lot of what Blacknut did during Mino’s rap was edited out for censorship reasons, but grinding up against a bamboo pillow distractingly while someone else is trying to respond to whatever it is you spat, that is disrespectful. Its like if you were in a public debate and the person you were going against just started mocking you mid-sentence. Blacknut’s antics on the floor was a display of dominance, the pillow was obviously supposed to be Mino and he was asserting his dominance by raping it which goes back to his lyrics in the graduation album. (just fyi if you’re not disgusted by what Blacknut wrote then or what blacknut was insinuating with his little dance, you might wanna check yourself.) Another thing MNET edited out was parts of BN’s lyrics in which he said “your face is like a southeast asian GD” which is both colorist and racist. Colorist because it points out the color of Mino’s skin and suggests that it is unattractive, and racist because it is an attack on southeast asians deeming them inferior to east asians since the line was thrown in there as an insult. Now this, THIS is disrespecting the roots of battle rap. Battle rap, being a manifestation of hip hop culture which stems from the block parties initiated by Benjamin Melendez and the Ghetto Brothers, a politically-minded music group/gang; when they plugged speakers into the lampposts of South Bronx and used music to break down RACIAL BARRIERS. Battle rap is seen as something sacred to some, like the people of Cuba who use it as a forum to engage in a musical dialogue which incorporates varying perspectives on social disparities and other politically- charged issues that plague Cuba. I wouldn’t care if Blacknut simply called Mino a lesser version of GD or something, but what he did say was racially charged and WRONG. Try defending it, try defending this to me. And don’t give me that “oh but everyone else does it” bullshit, I want a legit excuse. And while you’re at it, can someone please give me a better reason for Mino to not be on the show besides the fact that he is an idol? I don’t agree with idols being on the show either, but if we move past that issue isn’t there something else to say? Can you name an instant where Mino has had aid from YG? You all act like Blacknut is “real” and everything else but he is the only person to have made it this far still making mistakes. If Mino was eliminated, do you think he would be extended the same privilege Blacknut was? No he wouldn’t. Just because Blacknut is label-less that doesn’t mean he isn’t getting backing. Whether mnet brought him back for viewership or Brand New brought him back to avoid getting shat on, he isn’t still here because of his skill.  

Secondly, I will address the show: I get that the board of broadcasting wants you to censor more and everything, like I understand censoring Blacknut’s physical antics, but to censor parts of people’s rap it seems like you’re protecting people from the backlash they deserve. Blacknut knows he is on national tv and yet he still goes ahead and makes a racist comment, he should be held accountable but he is not going to be. They didn’t censor Mino’s rap in episode 3 and it caused a huge scandal, it’s not fair that Blacknut is now being protected when Mino had to receive such a backlash. Also, as producers you should have a bit more integrity… if San E and Verbal Jint were the ones who wanted BN back, you should have put a stop to it. It IS cheating, Blacknut could easily come up with a diss rap against Mino. this decision made things extremely unfair for team ZiPal and Mino.

Final note: just because you are into Khiphop that doesn’t make you some kind of expert on the historical origins of hip hop as a genre. You might know more than the average kpop fan about the esoteric intricacies of rap rhetoric as it exists in Korea from braggadocio ethic to rhyme scheme to meter, but that doesn’t make you a better critic. Just because someone likes themselves some silly kpop that doesn’t make them an idiot. Of course I am generalizing here, some khiphop fans are really great whom I’ve gotten to know over the course of the show, but others…. I’m not an apologist and I don’t side with the kpop fans who are, and I understand where the stigma comes from, it’s just really irritating how everything a kpop fan says is discredited because we like mainstream things. Y’all sound like a bunch of whiny hipsters who suffer from a bit of internalized misogyny. (lookin at you Blacknut fans)

wow this got really long, it’s like a fucking essay now and I apologize about that. I feel like I have so much more to say, but I’ll end it here. Come to my inbox if you’d like to discuss but I really have no patience for petty hate so if you do, please have something important to say.      

subject of wife, or whatever — modern lams au

Uhh, this idea has been floating around in my head for months now. It’s not exactly Hamilton/Laurens, but that’s not important. Note that the writing format is a bit awkward due to the nature of the story, I did the best that I could.

AU of a certain 1779 letter in which Jack Laurens & Alex Hamilton are texting in class, and Alex wants Jack to find him a date to get his mind off of their hot teacher. Rated PG-13 for heavy swearing & sexual references.


Jack Laurens wished, above all else, that his best friend would listen to him when he asked not to be texted in class. Of course, knowing Alex, no amount of instruction would ever make a difference. The slight buzz of Jack’s cell phone told him as such.

A casual tilt of his bag under the desk gave Jack a visual of the screen. Its lock screen—a group selfie between himself his best friends, Alex and Gil—was replaced with a dull grey sheet and a single notification from iMessage.

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People do have a problem with her not wanting to play, the problem is with Mabel getting jealous when he finds someone else to play with.

Alright you guys are gonna make me do this. Damn I haven’t even had a proper meal today and you’re gonna make me write an essay OKAY HERE WE GO.

I don’t take that scene as Mabel getting jealous, I see it as Mabel getting worried—not over who he hangs out with when he’s not with her (“Love God” has him hanging out with Wendy’s group so that does not make sense at all. Wouldn’t she be jealous then?)—but over her brother’s welfare entirely.

We already know that Mabel is worried about something—whether it’s about them becoming like Stan and Ford or something else is a whole different issue.

Here are the facts: During the first couple of seconds, Mabel doesn’t care that Dipper’s playing DD&MD with someone else. She doesn’t want to play it and Mabel isn’t the type of person to change her mind halfway through something unless it’s really important. The problem she has is when Dipper is doing all of this in the middle of the night. Yeah, lol, you inturrupt when I sleep i would probably kill you in the most painful way imaginable.

She just wants Dipper to go to sleep. Look at her face.

That’s not the face of someone that’s jealous that’s the face of “shut up or die”.

The next part she sits up, still looking incredibly tired. 

The next part she sits up, still looking incredibly tired. Keep in mind that Dipper is still talking about making the board for the next day. Only when he mentions Ford does the change come over Mabel.


She not partially asleep anymore. She’s not even tired.

Why isn’t she tired? It had something to do with Ford, we can all agree on that, but what? What the heck is going on?

Some people jump to jealousy here. We don’t have an omnipresence in Gravity Falls so our biggest clues are body language.

Jealousy is a minor form of anger. It’s envy, it’s desire. People get angry when they’re jealous.

You will see signs of anger or sadness in the eyebrows. The face may be tight and the lips may show disgust or anger. In some cases it may look like the person ate a lemon and on the other end of the spectrum you may see no facial expression at all. When someone has no facial expression their body language will still show frustration and shortness or they may try and hide their facial expressions and emotions as to not give away their thoughts, anger, disgust or even contempt.

The eye contact of someone who is jealous will be focused on one of two parties or both. They will keep an eye on the person that is the centre of attention. This will be more of a stare than eye contact to keep up with the state of being jealous.

Leading signs. Easy enough to distinguish.

So let’s look at Mabel.

There’s certainly sadness, but look at her. She’s avoiding eye contact, not even looking at Dipper but rather off to the side, she tries to smile, but it’s a sad one and that’s only further completed by her tone–she sounds like she’s forcing the optimism through her mouth. 

Those are not signs of jealousy

Further in; Dipper mentions the whole “ford doesn’t make fun of me like you and Stan do” and Mabel doesn’t respond with anger, she responds with a joke.

And inappropriate joke, but still a joke. Look at her:

She didn’t mean any malice behind it, she’s teasing her brother like she’s always done. 

Only when she gets a look at Dipper’s face does she realize that he’s not laughing

You really have to look at her. It’s not just some well worded response, she never says it. Mabel Pines is honestly confused as to why her brother isn’t chuckling. 

None of these are signs of jealousy. Jealousy has anger involved. Where is her anger? Point it out to me. Give me some cold, hard evidence because this child isn’t jealous at all!

She’s fucking scared.

Sad glances, quiet repetition, insomnia because of constant worry. Mabel Pines looks like she is afraid of something happening that she can’t control. When have we seen Mabel not being able to sleep before? Oh, right.

Same worried look. 

So now the only question is; what is she scared of? I have a few good guesses, but one is the most prominent in DD&MD:

“No, do take it hard! Take it hard and serious! My brother is a dangerous know-it-all and the stuff he’s messing with is even worse. Do yourself a favour and stay away from him, you hear me?”

This is why Stan has to give Dipper verbal permission to continue to hang out with Ford (Mabel never tells Dipper to stay away from Ford, that is why people expecting her to apologize for that is slightly bonkers). But, also, Mabel is right there. She knows Dipper is curious about what the Author is doing, but she also knows that they were always in a lot of danger when Dipper went off on his adventures. 

Stan is saying that what Ford is doing is dangerous, that Dipper could get hurt.

That sounds like a pretty good reason to be scared, to be twitchy around Ford. She trusts Stan, we had a hole three month long hiatus arguing the point until we were blue in the face. MABEL TRUSTS STANLEY PINES. She believes what he says about Ford not only because she does trust him but also because she’s seen that supernatural stuff at work.

Plus, there’s that overlapping worry from ATOTS when she worries about them drifting a part. Some of that leaks over, of course, so now she’s got two things to be scared of for the price of one; loosing her brother either to the dangers of Gravity Falls or stupidity.

Jealousy? Jealousy has nothing to do with it. 

Now all everyone needs to do is have an episode to talk about their feelings and everything will be all dandy but this is Alex Hirsch so we’re in for a lot of pain. 

Asktheblueoceangem’s/Wend’s Askblog Tips and Stuff!

Okay, before I answer this, I’m assuming you want to know how to make an askblog like the ones I have. This would be an askblog that gets asks and answers them using fanart that only you or your co-mod has drawn). I’m not going to cover roleplaying blogs or askblogs that don’t use drawn responses.

Yeah, there’s a lot of info here but honestly, it isn’t that hard. I’m just a really wordy person.

Table of Contents: (These are not links btw oops)
-Choosing a Character
-Making the Blog (URL tips, Theme, Icon and Description)
-Managing Your Askblog
-Starting off Your Blog
-Tips and Managing Your Blog (Art, Answering, Tips on Posting and getting questions)

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Could you please write about the Rfa and an mc who procrastinates a lot, stays up really late, etc. (basically every single one of us) Thanks so much, sorry if that was weird or confusing

Haha, no worries anon-san! We’re all zombies these days, especially because of this game, amrite? Lol, I really like this one since I can totally relate, thank you! 




  • this boy understands you on a spirtual level
  • because honestly, he’s always staying up late playing LOLOL 
  • or when he actually tries to be a college student and is doing an all-nighter to study
  • so you bet, he’s right there with you
  • like you guys help keep each other awake when pulling all-nighters during exam weeks 
  • and definitely have no probs battling enemy hoards until dawn together 
  • but he’ll also be so worried about you
  • it’s one thing when his dark circles have bags, but he doesn’t need you being his mirror!
  • like he knows he’s not in the place to chide you about it- but YOU NEED SLEEP 
  • “MC, aren’t you feeling tired? Maybe you should go get some rest.”
  • “Yoosung, I’m fine. If anyone should be going to bed, it’s you.” 
  • “But my body is used to this- yours isn’t. You always look tired these days, and I don’t want you to fall down the same hole as me!”
  • You two continue arguing, but neither of you budges 
  • Until you both compromise with a deal- new sleeping schedule 
  • Okay- no more staying up late, no more late night game rounds, or pulling all-nighters except for exams 
  • At first, it goes well
  • because you both enjoy going to bed together at a reasonable hour and waking up like normal human beings with actual time on your hands
  • you have enough time to make breakfast together, no rushing and hurrying to get ready, and like you feel more awake in classes?
  • fully rested and healthy
  • but then- all it took was one hour of extra studying, one extra hour for an important guild quest 
  • and then the junk food was brought out, blankets spread across the floor and the night owls return to old habit


  • at first, he doesn’t mind you staying up late
  • for one thing, he used to always stay up practicing his lines and whatnot 
  • but once you moved in, he started to change the habit because he actually looks forward to going to bed with you 
  • so it’s completely fine that you guys stay up until 12am at the most before heading to bed
  • but
  • “MC, come to bed. You know beauty sleep for your skin is best around this time.” 
  • “Zen, my clear skin won’t matter if I fail my exams. Just one more hour…” 
  • he’ll give you some time, because studying is studying 
  • except it’s 3am 
  • “What the hell, MC, get to bed! You need sleep and rest if you want to pass your exams!” 
  • of course you’ll ignore him
  • sweet boy tries to be patient and even helps you study 
  • except school and anything related to book work isn’t his strong suit
  • so after a while, he’s yawning and isn’t much of help
  • so yeah, it seems like you’ll NEVER SLEEP
  • this goes on for a few nights, and he tries everything
  • he’ll make you a glass of warm milk and take away any junk you’re eating, hoping it’ll make you sleepy enough to come to bed
  • reading super boring scripts out loud or to just annoy enough to realize how long you’ve been up 
  • he whines and begs when that doesn’t work put the poor boy out of his misery already 
  • “MC, pleeeese come to bed. Let’s go sleep. Pretty please with a kiss!”
  • “Come on MC! How can you refuse to go to bed with someone with this beautiful face?”
  • he’ll try snatching you out of your seat but you’d kick and threaten to make him “need a veeery long beauty sleep” if he doesn’t put you down
  • finally he tries to put on quiet music that will lull you and probably start singing lullabies too more for himself really
  • he’s just about ready to give up and go to the lonely bedside without you when suddenly he hears a soft snore 
  • and there you are, folded in your chair with pencil still in hand and books open 
  • Zen will gently, with relief, lift you and finally take you to your rightful place
  • funny enough, he notices that halfway through writing some notes, there were the lyrics to zen’s lullaby 
  • hmm…well now he found the perfect trick 


  • she knows how terrible procrastination can leave you if you succumb
  • being organized and finishing things on a tight schedule is a skill of hers so of course she’ll help you 
  • “MC, you can’t let procrastinating become a habit!” 
  • she’ll help you set up a schedule and even a reward system for everytime you complete something on your task-list
  • god bless you baehee 
  • regular breaks so you don’t get overwhelmed
  • she would likely moderate how long you spent surfing the net and if you’re doing what you should be 
  • and sometimes, if she finds you actually avoiding work 
  • she will have 707 make a “child lock” on your favorite social media and apps 
  • like only two videos on youtube every hour…
  • oh no, twitter and tumblr are locked… 
  • great…neko atsume is also time-limited to less than two minutes
  • and she’ll be like “haha this is for your own good… good luck trying to procrastinate now”  *anime glasses flash*
  • except, if she sees you’re STILL struggling to focus even with those restrictions
  • and just make you stop whatever you’re doing- get you a mug of coffee and some pastries 
  • then you guys will chill for while, talking about your stress (and also probably watching some relaxing zen musicals) 
  • jaehee will actually do some assignments with you if it’s too much and you’re staying up waaay past your bedtime
  • you’ll fall asleep halfway through, but when you wake up in the morning-
  • your essay is complete? Your desk is cleaned up? and your things for the day already set for you? 
  • you find an adorable hair-tussled jaehee with crooked glasses hanging on her nose, asleep on the couch


  • to a certain level, he understands that you need to stay up late sometimes to finish work- he does it himself
  • BUT he didn’t think it was to the point you never come to bed until it’s past 3am 
  • “MC? I believe that enough studying for now. You need to rest or else you’ll be unable to function properly tomorrow. How come these assignments keep you up so late?” 
  • then you explain that during the day…uhh you have a difficult time to focus on working if you stress too much so you leave it until it’s super late
  • basically procrastinating…
  • this toll bean doesn’t understand
  • because he LITERALLY makes more work if he’s stressed out of work (cat projects)
  • how does one destress like that? (oh wait, poor jaehee is the one actually suffering)
  • he then offers to hire professional tutors to help you study and personal planners to help with scheduling your day to keep you organized 
  • of course you refuse, it’s not like it happens all the time 
  • nope it does
  • “MC, come to bed.” 
  • “I still have to finish some stuff…”
  • “Look, Elizabeth 3rd is sleepy but she won’t go to bed if you don’t.”
  • “No, Jumin, she won’t go to bed unless you fluff her pillows and adjust the silk tassels after giving her some warm milk- which you always do- nice try”
  • he isn’t sure what to do, so he decides to get to bed reluctantly
  • but he broods and waits up for you
  • okay, he’s not one to be refused
  • especially since he’s so busy during the day that he only gets to spend time with you at home during the night 
  • so he’s back to check on you and-
  • finds you instead of looking through your books and writing notes, you’re on your phone while snacking on some chips 
  • oh no no
  • “I’m taking a break…again.” or rather you’re procrastinating again
  • “MC, if you’re taking a break why don’t you get some rest instead of draining yourself on that?”
  • “I’m too awake to take a nap,” you pout at him 
  • he suddenly snatches the phone out of your hand
  • “Well, I can think of a better way to use up that energy.”
  • he’ll swing you up bridal style and oh…you’re going to the bedroom


  • sleep? haha what’s that
  • ever since moving in with seven, you adapted his wacky sleeping hours
  • a very abnormal schedule 
  • on most weekdays- you’re awake all night and asleep all day 
  • on weekends- you’re both running on like two hours of sleep 
  • sometimes- you guys haven’t slept in 48 hours straight because of some tv show marathon or video game challenge 
  • and of course, especially he’s busy (drowning) with work, you both just have no sense of time or day 
  • at first, he doesn’t really notice since this was his lifestyle and he enjoyed your company 
  • but then you start skipping meals like him and lack of rest begin to take their toll on you 
  • “Wow, MC, you look like the walking dead!”
  • “Have you tried looking in the mirror lately?”
  • “…MC, did you go to bed last night at all?”
  • “Nope, I was waiting for you to finish working.”
  • “WHAT?!Oh no! I’ve completely ruined you…” 
  • he’ll start trying to reset you back to a normal sleep schedule 
  • like he refuses you continuing the way you are 
  • “MC, please get some rest like a normal person. You need to take care of your health!” 
  • “Saeyoung- if anyone should be doing that, it’s you!”
  • “I’m not a normal person. Do I look like one to you?! Hurry and get to bed- God Seven commands it!” 
  • you refuse, seeing it as unfair if he doesn’t get to sleep too
  • honestly he’s touched, but wouldn’t let you destroy yourself with such terrible habits
  • “It’s my job, I do it to get food on our plates and gas in my babes. And to keep a roof over us and the babes. Please, MC, understand it’s just that way. You being more healthy gurantees a longer life, which makes me feel better knowing you’re okay.”
  • after hearing that (mostly about the last half), you give in-
  • under one condition-
  • he comes to bed and starts to eat better with you
  • since it helps you, he’ll agree 
  • it takes some time to adjust, but eventually you both figure out a way to straighten yourselves out
  • “Unfortunately, MC, the magical sandman of sleep hasn’t blessed this house in 3 years…”
  • well…you try anyways
  • more home cooking and take-out at least is better than just soda and honey buddha chips
  • by all means, that doesn’t mean you go to bed like everyone else… in fact your sleeping is more off and on than before 
  • due to seven’s work, you two decided that the best way to get more hours of sleep was to take naps and breaks throughout the day
  • short naps and more of a variety in eating- you two somewhat improved your health all while still pulling off your late game nights 

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Jeanmarco for the ship thing!!


  • How did they they meet? they first met in kindergarten during recess though it was more they just passed by eachother and looked at the other for a second or two before their friends pulled them away lol??? they were staring bc jean thought marco was really tall for a “6 year old” but marco was too nervous to say anything bc he knew he started school a year late so he was actually 7
  • Who developed romantic feelings first? it was probably jean because he really looks up to marco (in more ways than just height lol) you’d think it’d be marco but he’s just a really affectionate person which honestly doesn’t help jean’s case. at the same time though its not like marco had special feelings for jean that he could never put his finger on and eventually he couldn’t take it and searched up his feelings on google and the results were all like “10 Signs He’s Your True Love”/“What it Feels Like to be in Love” and marco just kinda,,, laid down w his face in his bedsheets for a while blushing really hard and “(muffled) AAAAAAAAAA”. marco’s feelings were more a slow build that peaked at around 14/15 which was around the time where jean just looked at him one day and “oh my god i love him am i gay?????”
  • Who is their biggest “shipper?” obviously not in the yaoi fan sense (ug h) but sasha and connie were both kinda “theyre just as close as eren and armin this is ridiculous” and they’d be dicks abt it like with invitations sasha or connie would adress it to jean and marco and the two would be like “we,,, don’t live together,,,” and sasha or connie would whisper to the other “yet”
  • When did they have their first kiss and under what circumstances? even though jean wanted the kiss to be when they confessed their love like in cheesy movies but marco didn’t because he was a little nervous about it and for a while jean just kinda accepted the lil pecks on the cheek he’d usually do to greet him/say goodbye/etc. BUT AT THE NEW YEAR PARTY AT THE END OF THE COUNTDOWN MARCO JUST SWEEPS JEAN OFF HIS FEET AND GOES STRAIGHT FOR THE LIPS and it goes on for a bit longer than planned like,,, long enough for eren to take pictures and basically have the whole school find out lol?? after the kiss jean’s heart is racing but marco’s the one to pass out bc “holy shit i seriously just did that" 
  • Who confessed their feelings first? it happened at the beginning of their junior year bc they were getting nervous about college and stuff and being worried about being separated and marco promised to stay in the same state at least and jean was super relieved and said something like “i love you man” and marco was like “i love you too…” and jean was like “WAIT WHAT” and marco was like “WAIT WHAT” and then they talked it out a bit even though the anxiousness made them all sweaty and stuttering a lot even though if the other didn’t like them back they honestly wouldn’t have gotten that far,, after the talk kinda finished they just kinda looked at eachother and just started giggling,, and by a huge coincidence their senior year they both got accepted by the one college they could both apply for so its obvious which they picked >:^)
  • What was their first official date? since they were just dorky high schoolers in love the most of a date they got was “hey you wanna go to mcdonalds after school i skipped lunch to study so i’m starving” or “wanna sleepover for the weekend i got the new pokemon game" 
  • How do they feel about double dates/group dates? they’re usually really awkward so they avoid them,, like with springles they call out any sign of affection jean or marco show to the other, with reibert jean is carefully making sure marco isn’t makin goo goo eyes at bertl bc they both know he is one of the best soprano saxophone players in town (its rumored that a soprano saxophone is the only instrument that can make marco orgasm with just one note), with yumikuri ymir and marco are judging the other’s date, and with eremin jean and eren are just arguing over who has the cuter nerd
  • What do they do in their down time? they usually just watch shows on the tv or mess around on the internet or play video games heehee
  • What was the first meeting of parents as an official couple like? they spent more time at marco’s house and marco’s mom kinda caught on with what was going on between him and jean and even though his family is really religious she isn’t bigoted, so it was just after jean went home marco’s mom was like "is he your boyfriend?” and marco was like “yeah,,,??” and she just nodded and smiled and said “he seems nice, good choice” and marco was like “um,,” bc he didn’t know he seemed out enough for his mom to notice (who is the same woman who didn’t believe ymir and christa were dating until ymir directly said “IM GAY”), the only thing they had to worry about was jean’s parents bc they’re the kind who’s like “you can talk to us about anything!!” and then say some gross hateful shit so you’re pretty much silenced. but one day marco went with jean to spend the night and jean went to come out to his parents and their reaction was just “sigh… if that’s how you want to live your life then fine” marco just stood beside jean like 😊🔪 
  • What was their first fight over and how did they get past it? the first argument they had was because jean got in a fight w eren (like 80% of all their arguments lol??) but they got past it simply by marco making jean apologize and coincidentally armin and mikasa did the same with eren
  • Which one is more easily made jealous? jean is but hes just a needy person?? and he wont try to cut marco off from everyone bc that’s just toxic and abusive af, but like if marco laughs at a joke someone makes or something jean will run up like “MARCO!!! MARCO LOOK AT THIS MEME ON MY PHONE!!! i’m so funny aren’t i funny please validate me”
  • What is their favourite thing to get to eat? on laid back days where neither of them want to cook they love to order sushi but that can get kinda expensive so its more a delicacy thing
  • Who’s the cuddly one? What their favourite cuddling position? its actually kind of both??? jean is the cuddler because marco is a warm person and marco just likes to have jean close,,,! jean usually likes to lie on marco’s chest and just listen to his heartbeat and jean will whimper by impulse when marco tries to get up w/o him knowing (marco isn’t sure why jean likes hearing his heartbeat so much, its not like anything happened in the past where he’d need that reassurance,, right? :’^) )
  • Are they hand holders? even before they started dating they’d hold hands just because, that’s literally it they just wanted to hold hands though when they were crushing for each other they’d hesitate for a second then they’d blush a lot hehehe,, jean still blushes a lil when marco reaches for his hand because affection is his weakness
  • How long do they wait before sleeping together for the first time? What’s the circumstances? if that means literally sleeping together, their first sleepover was in 1st grade and they didn’t even get to their sleeping bags they tried staying up too late and just fell asleep on the couch resting their head on the other. but going by the sexual meaning it was when jean turned 18 bc a couple months prior marco innocently asked “is there anything special you want for your birthday??” and jean thought for a minute before making this awful smirk and we all know what he said afterwards,, tbh though neither thought it was as awkward as they thought it’d be but marco woke up to his mom walking in to wake him up to clean the house bc he held jean’s party and was like “why’s there all these clothes on the floor??” and marco was like “i just,,, haven’t cleaned my room in a while i’ll get to it in a second!!” and gets out of bed with just a tank-top and boxers on and his mom is just like “… okay…” and leaves, but marco’s just confused there was no comment on the fact he was sleeping next to jean, who’s looks like he’s just missing his shirt but under the bedsheets he’s missing a lot more clothes 
  • Who tops? they like switching a lot. though,, if there’s one role one is better at than the other, marco is one hell of a power bottom lma o
  • What’s the worst first they’ve ever gotten into? the first time they saw the other sick was one when jean drank too much at a party and got sick armin was just like “aren’t you going to help him?!?” marco was already getting really squeamish and he was like “UHH NO THANKS” and after it was all done they sat on the couch and marco just rubbed jean’s back while jean looked down at the floor feeling really embarrassed that he let that happen to him 
  • Who does the shopping and the cooking? marco does the shopping but he usually takes a long time to get everything bc he gets stuck in the aisle with candles and pretty smelling soaps and for cooking they both cook its just who wants to cook more
  • Which one is more organized and prone to tidiness? marco is simply because messes tend to bother him and he’ll get kinda fidgety until he does something about it
  • Who proposes? jean proposed first but marco had a ring for jean so the both had cute lil engagement rings :3c
  • Do they have joined Bachelor/Bachelorette parties or separate? they’re joined bc they pretty much have the same friends so it’d just be a waste to do two parties
  • Who is the best man/maid of honour? Any other groomsmen or bridesmaids? jean chose connie and marco chose armin for their best men but there weren’t other bridesmaids or groomsmen
  • Big Ceremony or Small? it was kinda small?? there wasnt too many people but they had it in the city?? so it was small but at the same time it was a big party
  • Do they have a honeymoon? If so, where? they dont go anywhere too fancy, they just rent a house by the beach thats close to the boardwalk but isnt directly on it
  • Do they have children? How many? theyd have like 4 kids and when the kids were little theyd walk like a lil group of ducklings from oldest to youngest wwaahh