i wanted to write ''leia skywalker''

I sometimes like to imagine Vader meeting Leia on the Tantive IV and wondering why in the hell she seems so familiar. He’s heard of her, sure, but since Vader is not always directly involved in politics he’s never seen her before and she’s just so young. But it’s not just that, there’s something else…

I think it also bothers Vader that she is completely unbothered by him. Vader is probably used to getting the upper hand on people purely based on his appearance - especially when you consider his suit, his height, and his modulated voice - but Leia is completely unfazed. She openly defies him, she lies to his face, and she’s smug about it, too. And yet, despite all the setbacks and confusion, Vader cannot for the life of him put a finger on why she bothers him so much.

Maybe it’s the way she talks to him, or her lack of fear, or maybe it’s the youthful veracity that tinges her every dissentful remark.

Once Leia escapes the Death Star, though, Vader finds himself preoccupied with the origins of another - a certain Luke Skywalker. Not only is he the pilot credited with destroying the superweapon, but he bears the same name as him, as well as the same tutor: Obi Wan.

Vader thinks nothing of Leia, at least not until his confrontation with Luke on the second Death Star. Luke’s origins are almost a no-brainer. Once he learns of the rebel’s surname, it’s only a matter of time before he confirms that the boy was his… but there was no mention of a sister. After all, Leia was an Organa - he always knew that. Regardless of whether he followed galactic politics or not, Bail Organa had been a contemporary of Padmé’s, and royals have kids all the time, right? There was no reason for him, or anyone else for that matter, to think otherwise. But suddenly, Leia makes sense to him now. 

She looks like Padmé. She has her eyes, her hair, her same penchant for politics - but she’s not actually like her at all. She looks like her mother, yes, but she takes after him. She is as passionate and personable as Padmé, but she is fueled by the same fearless ferocity as Anakin. He sees Padmé, but all Vader can sense is himself - but a better self, an old self he left behind long, long ago. And in his son, he sees his older visage - the same youthful face framed by blonde hair, those bright blue eyes - but he senses Padmé. Luke has her kindness, her compassion, and her unending patience when it comes to others and seeing the good in them. Leia is tempestuous and argumentative, and just as impatient with the galaxy as Anakin was with the Jedi Council. 

She has Padmé’s eyes, yes, but she is also every bit of Anakin, yet a far better version of himself than he could ever possibly be.

I really want to write a fanfic where R2 just says, fuck this when Bail, obi-wan and Yoda plan to separate the twins. He then convinces C3P0 to help him kidnap the babies, reasoning that raising two children cant be that hard, humans do it all the time. 

They are like okay money wise because in this universe Anakin totally gave R2 his bank account info (which Padme made for him). R2 is a little confused about why there ends up being being so much money in it, seeing as he thinks Anakin is dead but ends up shrugging it off. So they just spend the next 10 years flying around the galaxy, raising the baby Skywalkers.

Luke totally spends at least one year speaking only in binary. Leia knows more languages then any one child should ever know. Both twins are highly offended by the existence of restraining bolts.

Then one year Vader has like a lackey like doing his taxes or something and the lackey is like “uh lord Vader do you know what these monthly withdraws from you bank account dating back ten years are about” and Vader is like what the fuck.

So Vader decides to go after who is committing Identity fraud reasoning that the only people who would have Anakin Skywalker’s bank info would be someone he wanted to track down anyway. Meanwhile poor Obi-wan has been trying to track the twins down for ten years, and is just so fucking tired.

Then both of them catch up with the group at the same time and shit goes down.

Texts From Anakin/Texts From Vader Master List

(I mean, so far. We all know I’ll be writing these forever.) 

Texts From Anakin 

Anakin Ships Obitine 

Anakin Skywalker, Party Planner

Anakin Gets His Valentine’s Day Present

Anakin Clears Obi-Wan’s Schedule

Anakin Doesn’t Like The Sound of This Cocktail Party

Anakin Is a Lightweight

Obi-Wan Is Probably Dying and Only Anakin Can Save Him

Anakin Is Definitely Dying and Better Not Be Replaced

Anakin Is Very Concerned About The DVR 

Anakin Might Eat Bugs But He’s Also Scared of Them

Texts From Vader

Vader’s Still Alive and Leia Bit Him

Obi-Wan Took Care Of Some Old Business || Vader Wants The Deets

Vader Hates Scarif and Rogue One Ruined His Day

Obi-Wan Has a Friend

Vader Celebrates Empire Day

Luke Finds Old Ben’s Phone || Vader Can’t Believe Obi-Wan’s Ghost Would Do This

Obi-Wan Knows Someone Who Might Go For This

Vader Really Needs To Check Before He Presses Send

Ahsoka Really Hates The Group Text

Fuck/Marry/Kill: Part 1 || Part 2

Vader’s Super Bored

Vader Watches The History Channel and Gets Nostalgic

But like, the twins and grief

  • that suffocating feeling that sometimes takes hold of Leia, when she wakes up and for a moment doesn’t remember that she’s not home anymore, that she can’t ever go home again
  • because like, she dreams of home often, of her family and her friends and all the people of Alderaan. In her dreams they are alive, they are happy, they are there, and then she wakes up and they aren’t
  • and she can’t even visit their graves, because they don’t have those, because they were blown up with their whole damned planet
  • and like, Luke understands but he also doesn’t, because he lost his family too, lost them the same day Leia lost hers, but he can go back to Tatooine. He’s hunted by the Empire, and it wouldn’t be the same, but he could go to the ruins of the farm, he could go to their village and to the market or to Toshe Station
  • it feels empty, and cold, when he goes there, and he never liked Tatooine all that much, but still. It’s there, and Alderaan is not
  • neither shows their grief obviously. Partly that’s because they’re the new heroes of the Resistance, the young pretty faces of victory who can’t be depressed or afraid. But it’s also something that’s part of their personality, that they don’t want others to see them like that
  • and that’s why nobody really can help them. Like, there are people who try, Mon Mothma and Rieekan and some surviving Alderaani for Leia and Han and the Rogues for Luke, but they just don’t really let them
  • and yet, they let each other help. They don’t know why, why it is easier to let the other see their pain, why they don’t feel like they have to pretend for each other, but sometimes it’s just the presence of their twin that helps
  • not that Leia would really admit that out loud, especially in the beginning
  • Luke is a bit more open about it, but he’s also a bit embarrassed because everyone thinks he’s crushing on Leia when he really isn’t (anymore)
  • and like, it only piles on. They lost their family, and then they make friends among the rebels who are fighting a war, which means that there are definitively friends they lose in battles
  • and every funeral just feels like the world is ending even though they know they have to get up the next morning and fight on
  • and then Bespin happens, and Luke and Leia almost can’t function anymore because of grief and nightmares and everything
  • Leia is grieving Han and Luke is grieving him too, but Luke is also grieving the picture he had of his father
  • Leia is functioning a bit better than Luke, so she tries to take care of him, because that’s what she does, she takes care of people
  • Luke of course tries to take care of her too, because they’re very similar in that
  • they end up a bit codependent, but that’s okay, they’re twins anyway, they’re meant to be a bit codependent
  • and after the war is over, the Empire defeated, Han safely back with them… the grief doesn’t stop
  • they still lost their families and their homes
  • and yes, they have each other, and they have their friends, but … they lost so damned much
  • and it never stops hurting
  • but they learn to face it together
  • just… I have a lot of feelings about the twins right now, okay?

While I was making cherry almond clusters, I was thinking about that post about Leia being Bail and Mothma’s big plan to deal with the Death Star, and now I’m sad that we never got to see Obi-Wan deal with Leia.

Can you imagine? He sees the message from Artoo and he’s like, “wow, she looks like Padme, wow, Bail and Breha did a great job, but she’s in trouble so let’s go.” And then he’s stuck on the Falcon with Han and Luke and he’s like, it will be so nice to talk to a calm, reasonable person again, because Han is amusing but annoying and Luke is–Luke is too many memories of his father and a sweetness that Obi-Wan doesn’t want to see stripped from him, and it’s not the boy’s fault Obi-Wan has all this baggage, but Leia will be refreshingly baggage-free.

And then he meets her.


you are a member of the rebel alliance



t r a i t o r

So one of the things that really ruins RotJ for me is the entire part where they have to rescue Han from Jabba. Instead, we could have had a scene that’s kind of like the one from the Winter Soldier, where Steve and Natasha steal the Falcon wings for Sam. Like so:

  • Lando worked for Jabba just long enough to know his security measures before he got out of there. (Lando may have been a scoundrel at one point, but he was never a bad person and seeing all of the suffering that goes on in Jabba’s palace wears on him to the point where he has to leave.)
  • He tells Luke and Leia everything they need to know about Jabba’s security before he warns them that it won’t be easy, and are they sure they don’t want his help?
  • Luke smiles kindly and reassures Lando that they will be fine.
  • The smirk on Leia’s face only makes Lando feel sorry for anyone who gets in their way. But only a little bit.
  • Cut to Han waking up in the med bay, disoriented because of the blindness, but immediately reassured because Chewie, Lando, Luke, and Leia are there for him.
  • No need to see the rescue that Luke and Leia pulled off, after all, it’s Luke and Leia. Was there really any possibility that they wouldn’t succeed? Of course not.


  • Jabba is still strangled to death, but this time it is Oola behind the chain, Oola who took advantage of the chaos to kill Jabba and free the rest of the slaves. They burn his palace to the ground.
  • No one notices the slave revolt that sweeps over Tatooine because the Empire is busy setting a trap for the Rebels and then the Rebels are busy hunting down the remnants of the Empire and building a new government.
  • No one notices, that is, until every slave locked away in the spice mines of Kessel are freed, and by then it is too late to stop them.
  • The Hutts are all dead or in hiding within two years of the start of the slave revolt.

littleboxoflaughter  asked:

I'm 1000% here for Anakin's Angry Med Techs helping out with the Tatooine Slave Rebellion. I'm 1000% here for Anakin returning to Tatooine, Unfettered. He's killed his Depur and now he's coming for the rest of them. I'm 10000% here for Luke and Anakin taking Leia to Shmi's grave and for Anakin realizing the dream he had when he was a little boy: he learned the ways of the Force and came back to free the slaves.

Basically this is exactly where I see this ‘verse going. :)

I imagine that pretty much as soon as he realizes he’s not actually going to die (a bittersweet realization, but he’s careful not to tell people that, because for some reason they get worried) and he finally gets released from Medical, Anakin will show up at an Alliance top brass meeting and basically demand to know when they’re going to organize an emancipation mission to the Outer Rim.

Everyone looks around awkwardly. Nobody wants to be the first to say anything. Half the people in the room are probably still in mortal terror of Darth Vader, and the vast majority of them haven’t actually seen him without his mask yet. Most of them are pretty unnerved by the scarring, but they’re all trying to act like they don’t notice. It would be awkward as hell even without bringing up Outer Rim slavery.

The silence stretches. Finally Mon Mothma says, “General Skywalker, you must understand that as a new government the Alliance cannot afford to focus - ”

“I understand,” says Anakin. His voice is raspy and so quiet that people have to strain to hear him. It shouldn’t be at all frightening, certainly not in comparison to the voice the mask’s vocoder gave him.

It shouldn’t be.

“Well,” Anakin says, seemingly in an aside to Commander Skywalker, who’s been standing beside his father this whole time, apparently in a show of support (but also ready to catch him if it turns out Anakin isn’t quite as ready to be out of bed as he insists). “I’ve brought down two governments already. I’m sure a third won’t be difficult.”

There’s a very long and deathly silence. “General,” says Mothma at last, but she doesn’t add anything.

“I refer, of course, to the Hutt Cabal,” Anakin says. This is transparently a falsehood. No one calls him on it.

“I understand that the Republic must have other priorities,” Anakin says. Even he seems surprised by the bitterness in his voice. Mothma thinks that maybe he’s forgotten what it’s like to speak without the vocoder filtering his tone. “But this is, after all, a Rebellion. If the worlds of the Outer Rim rise, will this Alliance support us?”

Nobody misses the “us.” Nobody misses the way Commander Skywalker subtly moves, the way he’s now standing not just beside his father, but with him. Nobody misses the relief on Mothma’s face. (Later, people will wonder if perhaps this wasn’t the solution she wanted all along.)

“Of course,” Mon Mothma says. “We are, as you say General, an Alliance of rebels. We will always support any people who seek freedom from tyranny.”

It’s not an officially sanctioned mission. But Mothma makes it clear that any member of the Alliance who wishes to assist the people of the Outer Rim in their uprisings has leave to go.

Quite a few medics join pretty much immediately. Medical personnel, they know, are going to be greatly in need. Only a handful of medics participated in General Skywalker’s surgery, when the bomb was removed, but everybody knows that Medical has the fastest chain of gossip in the Alliance. By this point literally everyone has heard about slave transmitters.

There’s also quite a few Tatooine natives in the Alliance, and the majority of them sign on at once. Some of them, like Luke and Biggs, are freeborn descendants of slaves. Others, like Anakin, are escaped or freed slaves themselves. For them, the fall of the Empire doesn’t yet mean the victory of the Alliance. True victory won’t come until their people are free.

Then there are more than a few Rebels, especially among the younger generations, who volunteer largely out of a sense of friendship and loyalty to someone else who’s going. Luke and Leia both have quite a following.

And, perhaps strangest of all, there’s the handful of Imperial defectors who volunteer out of loyalty to Lord Vad - that is, General Skywalker.

It’s quite a collection of people.

Of course, Anakin’s learned a lot since his padawan days, and he’s not going to go in with a liberating army from on high. That won’t work, of course, and it wouldn’t be right anyway. The troops are for backup. There’s already a resistance on Tatooine, a network of fighters and tricksters and backroom surgeons on the freedom trail. They know what they’re doing. This is their fight. Anakin’s just bringing reinforcements.

(Luke and Anakin will take Leia to Shmi’s grave. They’ll pay their respects to Beru and Owen, too. And Anakin will introduce his kids to their Uncle Kitster, and all three of them will get to meet Kitster’s wife Imer and son Denak for the first time. They’ll find Melee again, and Amee and Wald and even Seek. They’ll celebrate the ritual of return together.)

Random twin headcanons:

  • Luke cooks. Always. (Leia is a horrible cook. She never learned to do it, a princess in the royal palace has, after all, no need for that skill. Later, after Alderaan was destroyed, she ended up eating with the others in the mess hall. She can heat up some ration bars, but everything else always ends up in a catastrophe. In contrast, Luke can cook very well. His aunt taught him, and to be honest, he likes it.)

  • They absolutely cannot lie to one another, especially after the battle of Endor and all its revelations. It’s a combination of the twin bond, knowing each other very very well, and not really wanting to lie to the other. So they don’t bother, and just tell each other the truth, no matter what it is. The only thing Luke has ever kept from Leia was the Anakin/Vader thing, and even that he told her the moment it became something that personally touched her.

  • They randomly hold hands. It starts long before they discover that they’re twins, even during the escape from the Death Star. They don’t really know why they do it at first, and sometimes don’t even notice, but it feels good, it feels right, so they keep doing it.

  • They feel it when the other has a nightmare. In the beginning they don’t truly know what is happening, and it takes them until after Bespin to actually make sense of it, but they can feel it from the first moment they meet on the Death Star on.

  • (Sometimes they share nightmares. Leia will see an elderly couple with kind smiles burn in their home, and Luke will see a stately man with warm eyes and a beautiful woman in an elaborate dress explode with their planet. Those dreams are the most terrifying ones.)

  • They use words differently. For Luke, words are the carrier of stories, they are a way to bring peace into a situation and to move the hearts of people around him. This attitude makes him a good diplomat, and he learns to use his words as a defence, a way to calm down a room before it ever comes to blows. For Leia, words are weapons, cutting and harsh. They are a way to break down someones ideas, to make people fear her or make them question their logic. It makes her a good politician, able to stop a law before it happens by tearing it apart in the senate, able to motivate people into following her and start a war with a good speech. When they learn how to use their words together, as a team, the twins become very, very fearsome, even without their physical weapons.

  • Being together makes them feel safe. It’s another thing that doesn’t truly make sense until they learn of their true relation, but they know it way before, since the moment Luke, still in a stolen armor, burst into Leia’s cell and offered her a way out.

  • They teach each other the languages of their planet. Leia teaches Luke Alderaanian, flowing and melodical like water, and Luke teaches Leia the language of the slaves of Tatooine, rough and harsh like the desert that they claim to be the children of. They find it just a bit too easy to learn.

  • Leia teaches Luke how to swim.

  • They make lots and lots of holos. Neither of them says it, but they do it because both of them lost all their pictures, all their mementos of the people who raised them when they were 19, and they don’t ever want to be in that situation again.

  • Whenever there is a game evening with the Rogues, Han, Lando and the twins, the twins are banned from playing on the same team. Everybody knows that if the twins do, they will win.

anonymous asked:

Could you please do headcanons for have a crush on like Skywalker and them him asking you out? Thanks!

okay here we go!! i haven’t wrote for luke since my old blog days so forgive me if i’m a little crappy :/

• despite your attempts at subtle hints at your feelings for him, luke is completely and utterly oblivious. he’s l o s t

• “You know what? I love spending time with you honestly.”

“me too, (Y/N). That’s why we’re best friends.”

• Everyday you swear you fall for him more and more.

• You want to slap him everytime he smiles because everytime he smiles your heart begins to thump in your chest, and you suddenly can’t speak without mumbling or messing up your words. You hate that he makes you feel this way because you literally just appreciated him so much u g h.

• it literally took you forever to get together, leia wouldn’t stop harassing luke about it until one of you got the courage to ask the other out.

• and of course, han harassed as much as leia harassed luke. If not, more than leia.

• Luke and you would be the Best Friends to Lovers™ trope and honestly that’s adorable.

• You were the first to admit how you felt to Luke. His reaction was priceless.

• “Luke, damn it i like you. A lot.”
“I like you too, we wouldn’t be friends if i didn’t?”
“Oh maker, Luke! I like you like, i like like you. More than this.”
“Well, i like you like that too.”

• Han and leia secretly betted on who would confess first. Leia lost and Han rubbed it in her face for the entirety of your relationship.

Eight for Eight

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▪last movie I watched: Hmm. I watched “LA92″ last night. 
▪last song I listened to: “Tamarack Pines” by George Winston. Trying to write, yo. 
▪last book I read: “Luke Skywalker and the Shadows of Mindor” by Matthew Stover. Heh. The EU rocks.
▪last thing I ate: I’m about to eat BBQ chicken and cheesy bread. 
▪where would you want to time travel to?:  whichever day it is that Donald Trump is no longer president. I would say Jan 20th, 2021, but that takes away the possibility that he’ll get arrested and go away sooner than that. 
▪fictional character I would hang out with for a day: Leia Organa. 
▪If I could be anywhere right now, where would I be?: On the river. Oh, god. Wave running on the river sounds GLORIOUS right now.
Fandom: Star Wars OT and Legends. 

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Double Agent Vader fic: Rocks and Water

Finally a new DAV fic! Sorry for the long wait, everyone. (If you want to read the whole series, the best place to do so is on AO3.)

This one begins very shortly after Trophies, but covers a span of several months during Anakin’s wild bantha chase for the location of the Rebel base between ANH and ESB. It will be a two-parter, as well: the next part will be from Leia’s point of view.

In part one you get: Anakin building a lightsaber and definitely not having any conflicted thoughts about Obi-Wan Kenobi, or any parental feelings about Leia. Nope. None at all. Also we get a glimpse of the secret network of free droids within the Imperial ranks. And there’s a lot of Tatooine folk magic. (If Master Obi-Wan could see this, he’d be very grumpy indeed.)

Title is taken from Deb Talan’s song of the same name, which is basically the Anakin and Leia theme song for this ‘verse.

Warnings for: some body horror (mainly because Anakin has a morbid sense of humor), implied abuse, medical situations, burning, and…casual talk about murder?

Part 1: The Lightsaber

His new left hand was nearly identical to the old one. Anakin smiled to himself without any real humor as he tested the fingers. He wondered darkly if his Master had a store of such things somewhere, just waiting. He’d certainly been ready enough with the life support suit, all those years ago.

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anonymous asked:

I was about to ask you if you could write Anakin and Luke spending Luke's birthday together or in a fancy restaurant for a change in the Vader Survives ROTJ verse. I just realized as i typed the words that Leia shares his birthday since she is his twin. And I just, that would be awkward in the restaurant, im not even sure she would want to talk to him and i got really really sad :(

Leia’s relationship with Anakin is tumultuous to say the least. I think she would eventually be able to tolerate him for Luke’s sake, but I doubt it would ever move much past that.

Anakin might take Luke out for his birthday, but I doubt Leia would go with. And Luke wouldn’t necessarily want to celebrate without her, even if they have a big family party (that includes all the not-quite-family-but-basically, like the Rogues and the Imperials who followed their commander, like Piett and Veers, because in this AU the Executor didn’t get destroyed, and they survived and followed Vader/Anakin over).

You know what I’d really like to see more of? I want less comparisons of how Luke and Leia are like Anakin and Padmé, and more how Leia is like Bail and Breha, and Luke like Beru and Owen - and how they’re both similar to Shmi.

Don’t get me wrong; I love the posts comparing Leia and Luke to their biological parents; I live for those! But seriously, you can’t spend 19 years raised by people and not share similarities.

I want to hear how Leia had Breha’s kindness and style, and Bail’s diplomatic skills. I want more tears over how much they loved her, and how she wanted to be just like them when she grew up. I want Breha teaching Leia how to put her hair up in the cinnabuns to keep it out of her face when she did activities, and Bail trying his best to replicate that when Breha is busy. I want Leia dressing up in her mother’s gowns, saying she’ll be Queen of Alderaan someday. I want family picnics, and bedtime stories and nightmares sending her snuggling into their big bed. I want rants on all the traits she learned from Bail and Breha Organa, and how she proudly bore the weight of their name long after they died. I want fanfiction about Leia crying herself to sleep, holding a holo of the couple who were every bit her parents.

I want to hear how Luke had Beru’s tenderness and softness, but Owen’s determination and hardworking spirit. I want stories of how, even though he hated Tatooine and wanted to leave as soon as possible, he loved his aunt and uncle, and chose to stay - to the point of turning down adventure with Ben. I want headcanons of how Beru would exasperatedly blame Luke’s stubbornness on Owen, and how Owen would shake his head and agree. I want Beru quietly telling Luke tidbits about his parents behind Owen’s back. I want them sitting together, watching the suns set and questioning if they’ve been good parents, if they ever could truly stand in the place of true biological parents. I want Owen cracking and telling Luke things about Shmi, who had loved him as her own son. I want the both of them to draw upon memories of her unconditional love and support to find strength when they feel they are failing. I want Luke trying to learn to cook with Beru. I want him practicing shooting with Owen.

I want comparisons to Shmi. I want more credit for her. I want her gentleness and love but also her immense strength and willpower recognized as present in both Luke and Leia. I want to hear that Leia has her hair, and Luke has her smile.

I want more of this. I want credit for their ancestors and adoptive parents. More recognition for the massive roles they played in making Luke and Leia what they are.

Why don’t we have more of this?!

Random Headcanon: The Force and the Skywalker Twins (part 1)

The Skywalker Twins have always been very different–very much the “two halves make a whole,” like the dichotomy of night and day, spring and fall, sun and moon. There are similarities, yes, and the two of them are incredibly close–but, in the end, at the root of all things, Luke and Leia are, in many ways, fundamentally different. Opposite, even.

Their natural gifts and inclinations in the Force are no exception

Luke and Leia are both as equally gifted in the Force as the other. According to their midichlorian count, they are identical, down to the hundredth percent. However, while Luke is naturally gifted in all physical uses of the Force, Leia is naturally inclined toward the mental aspects.

What I mean is this:

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Summary: Rey is trying to avoid a fuckboi and asks your help in getting someone to get him away.

A/N: There has been 5 different variations of this fic. See I can write stuff that isn’t crack fics. I hate endings here have an unresolved ending or whatever. 

Ever since Kylo Ren had been defeated by Rey everybody had wanted to hear her side of the story but she left immediately after making sure Finn would be ok and went to find Luke Skywalker.

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Luke Skywalker x reader

Luke Skywalker x reader
Two fanfics in one night whaaattttt
No smut
Fluffy fluff ball
Readers POV
Enjoy 👅
Anon asked:
Can you do a Luke Skywalker imagine, where him and the reader make out? And its really fluffy and Cute Af Ps your awesome
(This was really fun to write.! Super cute ask 😘) keep asking mofos
Luke was known for being touchy feely. Always holding onto my waist or pinching my butt when no one is looking. Luke and I had been friends for a long time, we weren’t dating, for I was told by Leia to make him chase me and show me he wants me. It worked, he would always flirt with me and wink at me telling me I’m gorgeous today. One time he even said
“You look beautiful tomorrow.” While he was watching me put away my supplies after I fixed my speeder.
“Luke, you can’t possibly know that.” I laugh looking at him disapprovingly.
“Oh no, no I do know (Y/N), I just know, you’re always beautiful.” He smirks at the ground.
He was always like that, he was awkward when he first met me, but grew confidence around me.
It’s always about the chase. But I’m tired of running.
Today is the day I say yes to Luke, he has asked me out many times, but I always said no. Today will be different, Leia told me he was planning to ask me again and I will say yes.
“Hey (Y/N)!” I hear Luke’s voice from behind me, he sounded super happy, like he does when he’s about to ask me to be his.
“Hello Luke.” I say turning my head to look at him but back again to the beautiful scenery.
He walks up to me and watches me as I study the waves crashing on the beach on planet (ONCE AGAIN, make up a cool ass planet name dude).
“Beautiful isn’t it?” He asks still gazing at me.
I turn to him.
“Yes the ocean here is so breath taking.”
I smile at him, then at the water again.
“I didn’t mean the ocean (Y/N)” he says in a serious yet teasing tone.
I lol at him once again, questionable but then realizing what he meant. I smile lightly and move closer to him, wrapping my arms around his torso and hugging him tightly breathing in his scent. He is surprised at first but then returning the hug and squeezing me against himself. I pull away and lock my eyes with his stunning blue ones. He leans his face close to mine, smirking as he does so. He connects his lips with mine ever so softly, like he wants to make sure I’m okay with this. If I wasn’t I would break away. But I don’t. So he deepens the kiss. Tilting his head to the side and moving his lips vigorously with mine.i reach up to his blonde locks and tug on hem ever so slightly causing him to moan softly, making me moan with him, he takes this chance to slip his tongue into my mouth. I’m surprised at first but let him explore my mouth with his tongue and grip my waist and pull me closer.
“Jump” he whispered with a smirk on his face but a desperate sound to his voice. Almost a beg.
I jump up and he lifts me up and wraps my legs around his waist. He continues to kiss me and squeezes my bum, causing me to giggle. The kiss heats up even more and he lays me down on the bed and kisses my neck leaving little bruises and bite marks. I pull his face up to mine and kiss him more. I can’t get enough of him.
“Y/N, please be my girl.” He smiles still pecking me on the lips as he utters the words.
“I’m yours.” I smirk.
It’s all about the chase, but sometimes it’s better to stop running.

anonymous asked:

A one-shot in an AU in which Leia Skywalker was the farmgirl from Tatooine, and saved Prince Luke Organa from the Imperials. Leia somehow gets herself imprisoned somewhere with Darth Vader, and can't seem to understand why the Sith Lord gets confused and angry when she reveals her identity. And they need to co-operate to get out. (I'm sorry for the request, but you're one of the few people who can write Leia's personality well, and- I just really, really want this one-shot and- SORRY.)

I’m really not very interested in Leia and Vader’s relationship, and I actually have a really hard time writing Leia. I’m sure there are other people who would be much better at writing this than me. I would point you in their direction, but I don’t read any Leia fic so I don’t know who they would be. Sorry. :(

blood that binds us

5k oneshot of Leia and her family in five glimpses. (Should’ve been ‘Leia and her father through the years’ but…Oh well.)
Possibly slightly AU and blatantly ignores most of the EU; features angst, mourning, flashbacks, the Organa family, Aunt ‘Soka, Forceghost!Anakin, our favorite scoundrel and his little brother - you’ve been warned.


In the Organa household, no discussion is offlimits. Bail is First Chairman and Viceroy, his Serene Highness (and Rebel leader, actually, but she doesn’t know that yet) and Breha is Queen of Alderaan, her Majesty, thank you very much; both are speakers at heart, unyielding in their beliefs. How could their daughter be any different?

In the Organa household, no discussion is off limits. Well, maybe, only one thing is not to be spoken of, makes Papa’s brows furrow and Mama’s voice sharp–


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