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(yet another) college au prompt meme

cause im trash and i wanted to make my own based off some of my fun college experiences. (these have probably been used in like 80 other peoples prompt lists but whatever.)

  1. “the obligatory my roommate is super cute and i’m crushing on them au.”
  2. “the obligatory my roommate is trash and leaves me locked out, but thankfully youre a decent person so i’m not alone”
  3. “my roommate is doing push ups on the floor and i’m not sure whether to be turned on by their athletic powers or freaked out”
  4. “i work nights and you have an 8am class, so we always end up running into each other at the campus coffee shop.”
  5. “its the first week of the semester, what reason could you possibly have for being at the library right now?”
  6. “you work for the campus radio station and keep passively aggressively dedicating songs to me”
  7. “i was really drunk and you walked me safely back to my dorm room.”
  8. “youre singing in our dorm shower, and i just want to let you know that you have a wonderful voice, also oops i’m naked.”
  9. “were both running for the same associated students position and are sudden rivals.”
  10. “its my senior year, and ive created a bucket list of things i want to do before i graduate - one of those things happens to be you.”
  11. “i really want you to join this organization i’m a part of - not because you’re super attractive or anything, haha, not at all.”
  12. “oops i accidentally slept with my ta.”
  13. “i have a term paper due tomorrow and yours is the only 24 hour cafe with internet.”
  14. “i have the keys to the roof of the chem building and you need somewhere to smoke.”
  15. “you just hit me with your bike, but you’re also really hot so i forgive you.”
  16. “my org requires community service hours, and your program is the only one that sounded semi-decent.”
  17. “i literally only joined this org because the person handing out fliers was cute, wtf do we even do here?”
  18. “were in the same orientation group and we might never see each other again but i still want to do this.”
  19. “wait so you’re saying you still live in a college town even though you graduated years ago?”
  20. “hey hey its alumni weekend and everyone else has become freakishly successful after graduation, the fuck.”
Wet Bodies

Pairing: Scott x Reader

Warning: Cocky-Scott, shower sex, cursing. 18+

A/n: I’m working on a new Stiles series, and I got this idea but it didn’t fit in with the story so I decided why not just write it as a one-shot for Scotty. FYI, you have absolutely no permission to take this story and post it elsewhere. None. Nada. Nope. Don’t do it.


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I used to think maybe you loved me, now I know that it’s true.

And I don’t want to spend my whole life, just waiting for you.

Now I don’t want you back for the weekend.

Not back for a day–

The water fell over your body like an angel dancing in the rain, it was hot and everything you needed after a hard day at work. Squirting the shampoo into your hand, you scrubbed it into your scalp as the song playing off your phone was blaring through your bathroom. Your legs did a little dance but you also focused on not slipping.

Just as the chorus was about to start, everything switched off. Your heart pounded, you stepped out of the shower and wrapped a towel around your body as you looked around in darkness. You cried out when the shampoo got into your eyes, “Just my luck.”

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Bungou Stray Dogs Ideal OVA Spoilers

So first, my Japanese isn’t quite good enough for an anime/manga series like BSD because we know that this requires a higher level of Japanese. So I reread the manga translation by beloved @dazaiscans after watching to fully understand.

So the whole OVA basically goes after manga chapter 40 with a few minor differences. And that’s what I’ll only be pointing out here. If you prefer the whole story, you can just read the manga itself since it’s the same. 

Some have also been asking if it’s already uploaded somewhere, I’m not sure about that but I heard that it might get posted this weekend. The one I have is what I bought as I happen to be in Japan currently.

So you may want to wait for the video itself or if you don’t mind, spoilers are under the cut!

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The Topmodel AU I hadn’t realised I need

Kicking this AU Weekend (more infos here) off early because I’ll go on a trip later today and won’t be back until Saturday evening, so most of my posts will have to wait until Sunday&Monday (yes, I’m counting Easter Monday as part of the weekend, sue me). So let’s just talk about my Topmodel!AU headcanon for a sec, shall we? 

Not gonna lie, I came up with this ten minutes ago, so expect lots of incoherent rambling.

Alright, so. Tony is nineteen, just finished his master degree and determined to piss his father off as much as possible–a dangerous combination that ends with him signing up for the next topmodel casting instead of starting to work for SI like Howard wants. He didn’t really expect to make it through, he’s too short to be a model, damn it, and he really doesn’t appreciate Rhodey howling with laughter. But his father’s expression when he learns of it is so worth it.

And well, Tony is good with cameras, alright? He’s confident, knows how to put on a show, and suddenly those abilities aren’t just a necessity, they’re actually really helpful. He moves into a house with the other models (though having to give up his phone and being cut off from the internet is hell, seriously, how do regular people survive this?). 

He makes friends with some of the other models, a pretty redhead named Pepper who walks in heels like she was born to be on the catwalk, the sharp-tongued Maria who doesn’t appear to be interested by anything–she doesn’t even blink when they get to shoot a short clip with famous actor Steve Rogers, Tony is convinced she’s secretly a cyborg–and Clint who, by virtue of being the only boy, immediately becomes Tony’s new best friend.

The judges can be harsh in their critic, but their trainer Bruce is an absolute sweetheart. Also the first time Natasha Romanov compliments Tony on the expressiveness in his photo shot is a world-altering experience. 

Sometimes being locked into a house with so many people can be a bit much though. That’s when Tony sneaks into the kitchen at two AM, just to get some time for himself. Which is how he meets Bucky. Well, he doesn’t meet him that way, Bucky is a camera man on the crew after all, and he’s always around. But sharing a sandwich in the middle of the night is a different kind of knowing, okay?

There’s also the fact that Tony may or may not have a tiny little crush on the guy–Bucky is attractive and witty and has this super secret ability of stalking them all day with a camera and not making it weird, and also his abs, really, Tony’s never had a chance. So. There may be a bit of flirting involved in their midnight meets.

Which is not a problem, Tony flirts with everyone, it’s his thing. His bisexuality isn’t a secret either, in fact the fans are shipping ‘Clony’ very insistently. And though that’s just a terrible ship name–Tony tells the interviewer as much–he and Clint do like to play it up a little, just for fun. The problem is, Bucky isn’t shy about flirting back, and as it turns out, that’s something Tony’s brilliant brain can’t handle. 

What also turns into a bit of a problem is that Tony isn’t exactly subtle, no matter how hard he tries to hide his crush. There’s a lot of blushing and stuttering involved for one, and that’s just plain awkward. Tony doesn’t blush, alright, especially not when someone calls him cute. He’s not cute. He’s hot. He’s handsome. But not cute. And the way Bucky smiles and nods at him indulgently isn’t fair at all.

Then, there’s the week eight incident. The sexy shoot. Yeah. Let’s just not talk about that. [Everyone is talking about it. Clint and Pepper refuse to shut up about it. And Tony knows he did well, that his photo was the best of that week, but it’s still embarrassing because he knows he was throwing that smoldering look straight at Bucky–and who had placed him behind their photographer, damn it–and it’s just weird.]

Maria leaves them at the end of week nine and Tony resolutely refuses to cry. It’s part of the show, he’s known that from the start, and it’s not like he’ll never see her again. Which is what he very insistently tells Bucky who just as insistently convinces Tony to drink the hot comfort chocolate he’s smuggled in from Starbucks.

“I can’t do this,” Tony tells him, stares sadly into his half-empty cup. “I’m not supposed to be a model, I can’t be a model, what am I even doing here?”

“Tony,“ Bucky interrupts the beginnings of his panic attack, voice serious. “I’ve seen you out there, you love being a model. You love being on that stage, you own it. Look, take it from someone who’s been filming at this show for three seasons, you’ve got talent. You’re improving every week. And it’s true that that’s not the only thing it takes, model business is tough. Not everyone can handle that, but I don’t have any doubts that you could.”

“You think so?” Tony asks and hates how hopeful he sounds. Because this was supposed to be joke, a way to annoy his father, he wasn’t supposed to care about this.

“I do,” Bucky nods, then smirks. “You’ve got the ‘bitch please’ attitude down already too.” To which Tony sniffs derisively. Somehow the night ends with both of them laughing, and when Tony returns to his room, Clint sends him a knowing look.


“You know what.”

“No I don’t.”

“Yes you really do.”

“Fuck you.”

“Love you too.”

“You’re in love with him, aren’t you?” Rhodey asks two minutes after his arrival. Tony is too overwhelmed by his surprise visit to even bother denying it. 

“Oh, Tony,” Rhodey sighs, pulls him into a hug, and Tony melts. He’s missed this, missed it so much. Clint is a great guy, but he refuses to cuddle Tony the way Rhodey does. To be fair, nobody cuddles Tony like Rhodey does but that shouldn’t stop his friends from trying. “Now, tell me about that almost-porno-photo shooting I keep hearing so much about.”

Tony squeaks in mortification.

Clint leaves them at the end of that week, and this time Tony does cry. He’d deny it but the bastard took pictures. Actually, who are we kidding, he still denies it.

Paradoxically, with the house becoming more and more empty, Tony ends up spending more and more time with Bucky. It felt crowded and overwhelming in the beginning, but now the silence is bothering him. He’s already dreading going back to his tiny little flat or worse, his parents’ mansion.

By now Tony’s crush on Bucky is common knowledge, basically. Pepper keeps making not at all subtle comments, the rest of the filming crew constantly hang around in hopes of catching the first kiss, there are jokes and knowing smirks–and Tony is getting sick of it all.

He gets it, alright? Bucky has shown no interest in him–isn’t even allowed to have interest in him–and really the man can’t be that obvious. Clearly is kindly sparing Tony the embarrassment of being rejected in front of an audience. Tony appreciates that. And he’s trying hard not to make things awkward, but he can’t help his feelings, so if everyone else could just cut it out, he’d really appreciate it.

In the end, Tony makes it into the top five. He’s got talent, Natasha and Fury of all people assure him off that, but he’s also had a bad week and his picture just wasn’t as good as those of the other participants. So, Tony packs his bags, says goodbye to everyone, resists the urge to kiss Bucky just for the fuck of it, and flies back home. He doesn’t cry. He’s too numb.

Not until he’s in the privacy of his own home at least, where the stress, the excitement, the weight of those last few incredible weeks finally catches up with him. It seems like such a waste suddenly, such an embarrassment, and god, he’s a failure, he’s never going to leave his apartment ever again.

He does. Rhodey makes sure of it. Makes sure to remind him that this is not in fact the end of the world because Rhodey is sadly a very rational person who’s far too used to Tony’s dramatics.

“You’re not gonna give up on something you want, Tony,” Rhodey tells him one night. “It’s not your style.”

He turns out to be right.

Tony doesn’t want to work for SI, not right now at least. Because he genuinely liked modelling, and he doesn’t- he wants to give this a shot. He’s young, he’s got lots of time to argue with boring, old board members later. He starts looking for shootings instead, takes a job here and there. Looks up a couple of offers he gets because of his surprising popularity on the show too. (He honestly didn’t expect so many people to follow him on Instagram, what the hell?)

By the time the live finals roll around, Tony is excited again. Excited to see the other models one last time, excited to walk on that stage one last time, just excited. There are a lot of hugs and tears at their reunion, lots of things to catch up on.

When Tony walks down the catwalk on the night of the finals, with all the other models who’ve been part of the show, he wears a beautiful, glittering, evening gown, murderously high heels and the worlds most brilliant smile–because Tony Stark never does things half-way. (Tony Stark never passes up an opportunity to give Howard an aneurysm.)

He asks Bucky out that night. Bucky gapes at him, blurts out, “Don’t you already have a boyfriend? That Rhodey guy?”, causes everyone in their vincity to groan in annoyance and disbelief.

“Seriously?” Pepper glares–and wow, that’s a terrifying sight. “I’ve watched the two of you pining after each other for three months, if you don’t kiss and make up right now I’m gonna stab you with my heels!”

And that is the story of how Clint got to twitter a picture of Tony’s and Bucky’s first kiss, hashtagged #IdbeheartbrokenifIdidntshipit #Sorryclonyfans. 

Save Me. (Yoongi x Reader) PART 7.

“It swallowed me, this lunatic. Please save me tonight. Within this childish madness, you will save me tonight.” - [“Save Me” - BTS]

Summary: It was an unprecedented love that bloomed within the halls of your high school, until secret words were overheard, and shattered the budding romance. It changed your life forever, leading you down a path you had never thought you would be on– training to become a secret agent. You chose it to escape Yoongi and the results of how things ended between you two, but as fate would have it, that very same choice ended up leading you right back to him. Will you be able to save your clients and solve mysteries together despite your history? Will you be able to save each other? Will you able to save yourself…from yourself?    

Yoongi x Reader (ft. Jin & all the other BTS members)

Secret Agent AU

Mystery, Action, Angst, & Fluff (contains some violence, mentions of murder, death, harassment, and bullying)

PARTS: Prologue | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 (Finale) | Bonus: The Letter

A/N: Sorry for not updating sooner everyone <3 Thanks for your patience xD Apparently my free weekend, ended up with an impromptu random family friend of my dad’s inviting themselves over to our house, so we have to go tour them around today (sigh). So I banged out this update x_x and I wanted to post it right away! I’ll probably be answering messages and inboxes during the long car ride. I can’t wait! I missed you all! Enjoy :)

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           The entire crowd reacted with a mixture of gasps and squeals.

           "Um… give us a second.“ You chuckled nervously.

           You tugged at Yoongi’s hand, turning him towards you, and whispered frantically, "What do you think you’re doing?”

           "You can’t go with him.“ Yoongi stated.

           "Why not?”

           "What if he’s… you know?“

           "All the more reason to go with him!” You argued.

           "Absolutely not. He could take you to some secluded area and–“

           "We’re not doing this right now, Min Yoonji.” You hissed.

           "I got this. Don’t worry.“

           "What do you –”

           "We both have dates already. That’s why.“ Yoongi turned around, displaying his brightest smile.

           Surprisingly, there was a collection of disappointed "Aww’s” from the crowd, to which you raised an eyebrow towards them questionably.

           "Oh, I had no idea.“ Prez smiled warmly. "Boyfriend?”

           "Um…just an old friend.“ You blushed, making it up as you went. "I didn’t think anyone would ask me at first…so I had asked him to come along…”

           "Too bad.“ Prez chuckled. "Definitely save a dance or two for me then.”

           "I’m so sorry.“ You handed the flowers back, a bit disheartened. But Prez wrapped his fingers around yours and nudged the flowers towards you.

           "Don’t be. These flowers were yours regardless of your answer. I’ve been wanting to give you something like this for awhile now.” he smiled warmly.

           You couldn’t hide your giddy grin. “I love them.”

           Prez’s stare lingered on you for a few more seconds than Yoongi liked, but he held it in because your expression of absolute happiness and gratefulness hindered him from acting selfishly. Who was he to stop your face from looking like that? All the while, he was slowly being reminded of all the things he didn’t do for you. Why had you stayed with him for so long back then?

           "I’ll see you around, Y/N.“ Prez waved and the crowd dispersed with him.

           You continued to play around with the flowers lovingly, while Yoongi was submerged in his own vortex of dark thoughts. You noticed his peculiar silence and looked up to catch him with his concentrated, blank expression, which always meant he was thinking too hard about something.

           "Yah.” You poked his forehead. “Why did you skip practice to come all the way here?”

           He blinked and glanced at you in front of him. “I just…I just…”

           I was jealous and selfish.

           The words fell dull at the tip of his tongue.

           "You were right anyway.“ You shrugged, buying his fake excuse for stopping you earlier. "It’s probably for the best I didn’t get carried away with my desire to go to a dance with a date for once.”

           Yoongi shut his eyes. He was supposed to have asked you back then, but you two had broken up before the dance, then you had completely disappeared from his life soon after.

           "Do you not feel good?“ Your hand was at his forehead. "Let’s take you to Mr. Park.”

           Yoongi nodded, willing to use any lame reason to have all your attention on him for any amount of time.

           "You really must not be feeling well. You’re not making any snarky comments. Come on.“ You held onto his hand. "Ji– Mr. Park wanted to talk to us anyway. This is perfect.”

           Yoongi clasped your hand tighter, reveling in the feeling once again. He needed to pull himself together. No good can come from his clouded mind, especially with a mission as dangerous as this one.

           Just for a little while. Just for a few moments. He wanted to be Min Yoongi and Y/N. Not secret agents. Not students. Not anyone, but yourselves.

           But this would have to suffice for now.

           You knocked brightly on Jimin’s office door, despite the sign reading “Do Not Disturb”. But if you knew Jimin, he had installed cameras to monitor the outside of his office and was doing so at the moment.

           "Y/N. Yoonji.“ He welcomed you two in fake pretense, in case anyone passed by. "Thanks for coming. How’re your injuries from the incident?”

           As soon as the door shut though, Jimin’s demeanor turned grim. It sent shivers down your spine, and apparently Yoongi’s too because he tightened his grip on your hand, pulling you closer.

           "This mission is a lot more complicated and dangerous than we had anticipated.“ he solemnly stated.

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rain-runner-x3  asked:

Hey I just wanted to know, about how far into the animate a grumps timeline are we? Like are we still waiting on some animations, does it just need to be stitched together or something, etc? I only ask because it's been a month since anything was posted about it, and I just wanted a bit of an update, if that isn't too much to ask...

Hey there ! We actually finished the final editing yesterday, it took us a extra week to fix and change some things we weren’t happy with or that we forgot in the previous versions but we should be sending the finished video to the grumps this weekend, once that done we will keep everyone in the known as to when the video will be put out on the main channel, thanks for being patient !

Party Like A Stark

Originally posted by yesilliniz

Peter Parker x Stark Reader

Part (5/6)

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4  Part 6

Summary: Your 19th birthday party was a memorable one and maybe the best one yet.  One of the best things that came out of the party was Peter.  There’s definitely something budding between the two of you, but will it last?

Warnings: just some cursing!


AN: Hey friends! I know this is being posted late, it literally took me hours to write this chapter! Also don’t think I don’t like Zendaya’s character after reading this! I just thought it could work! also The actor or Ned, Jacob, is Filipino, and I’m filipina so I wanted to kinda to make his birthday party accurate to how it would be in real life haha anyway sorry for the long wait! I hope it was worth it!!

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Sorry for not posting artwork so much this month

I have so many school projects, homework, camping, field trips, No weekends, works and works and going to the school contests, skipping class, damn homework, less drawing. I want to draw it so badly and I want this to finish as soon as possible. ;-;

I hope you guys can wait. I’m so sorry for busy studying all month













On 3/24/17, not only did I get to see BTS live but I also got the chance to meet these amazing people. I cannot believe how A++++++ quality they are. @kimdaily is so damn soft. Like wow, she is like the sweetest little shit ever. Bitch, this is for you. Stop trying to be all hard cause I witnessed you being the softest shit alive. From you squealing over cute things to holding my hand while walking, I appreciate your presence. We waited so long to see each other irl and it was definitely worth it. Thanks for babying me and loving me :’) @taetaetown is truly a walking meme. Alex, you played a big role in making this weekend one of the best. Keep being that koreaboo that I love <3 Caitlin is so lovable. I’m so happy to have the opportunity to meet her. And Vic is hilarious. He was so reliable and just extremely fun to be around! From me and Sab holding onto each other sobbing during the concert to us screaming “JHOPEEEEEEEEE” in the middle of NYC, this weekend is hands down one of the best I’ve ever had. Thank you guys for being so damn down to earth. Thank you for taking care of me and looking out for me when I felt like my feet was getting cut off as each step I took while we walked everywhere in NYC (((: Thank you for making me feel all warm and loved inside because I was being surrounded by you guys. I’m so glad that we were able to be so comfortable around each other to not even care about how embarrassing we were being. And our late night talks and jokes. I will never forget the things we said and shared. This weekend was very memorable. I cannot wait until we reunite again. It’ll be the best reunion yet. Wow, I miss y’all so much :(( Wth come back to me! Anyways, I love you guys with all of my heart. I can’t wait to be embarrassing with y’all again :’) GO GO GO!

▌a review: Book of the Atlantic

~read after the jump at your own risk~
Kuroshitsuji: Book of the Atlantic
劇場版「黒執事 Book of the Atlantic」

Alright, this post contains very specific spoilers for the new film in Japan! 

I’ve watched it twice during the premiere weekend. I’m writing this as a personal keepsake for myself, but am allowing others to read, share, and discuss. For the love of all things kuro, read at your own risk!! 

I recommend you bookmark all reviews, and wait to read them until after you watch the movie yourself. 

I promise you it will be worth the wait when you can just enjoy the experience yourself first!!

If you want a tl;dr basic little review, see the first point. If you want to spoil yourself rotten with each and every specific detail that stood out to me in whatever way, skip down to the second point. Your own risk!! 

basic review

The movie was beautifully animated despite having spare brief moments of questionable budget. It moved in a steady pace without feeling too slow or fast, and felt like a creepy thriller. It is packed with violence, gore, and a threat of danger. All of the major scenes and moments that make the Campania arc complete were included in the film, and I loved it enough to watch it multiple times in one weekend. I would watch it a third time in theatres and will definitely preorder the bluray and soundtrack!

a very detailed spoiler review

warning: there are spoilers after this jump & it is a long read. bring tea.


8-26-2017 “That butler, resting” blu-ray comic translation
8-25-2017 Japanese blu-ray release
8-25-2017 I’m creating & linking edits that coincide with this review!

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prompt! “then you tell me why.”

Aaron had found himself sitting in the office at Home Farm twice too often this year, if he was being honest. He didn’t want much to do with the place, not now, not ever, and yet somehow, he was sitting at the edge of the desk he knew used to be Roberts, waiting for Rebecca to say something.

(She’d been standing in shocked silence since she’d walked in and found him waiting, a mirror image of where he’d been in January, except this time, it was true.)

“He told you?” Rebecca seemed shocked, only proving that she and Robert had gone through the “please don’t tell Aaron” routine a hundred times since it happened. He knew it, of course, but it was a whole other thing to have it confirmed, and his stomach twisted. 

“Yeah,” Aaron said, as though it were obvious. “He wasn’t going to keep it from me forever, he’s my husband.”

Rebecca sat down heavily, confusion clear on her face. “I’m sorry,” she said quietly, her tone genuinely apologetic.

“He’s my best friend, you know,” Aaron said, picking at a loose thread in the cuff of his hoodie. “I love him to bits, yeah, but he’s still my best friend underneath it all. All I thought about when I was inside was about when I would see him again, about how long it was going to be before I could watch shit telly with him again, or listen to him pretend like he knows anything about football.”

“Why are you telling me this?” 

Aaron shrugged. “I just thought you’d like to know that we’re more than an affair,” he said. “Seeing as we were supposed to be friends, n’all. Friends tell each other these things, don’t they? Talk about their husbands, moan about them.” 

Rebecca’s face fell. “Aaron, I never meant for you to get hurt in all this, I swear.” 

“Then you tell me why you did it.” Aaron said, voice a little bit more forceful now. “I know Robert isn’t blameless in this. I know exactly who I married, Rebecca, when he hits self destruct, he goes all out, does his best to hurt everyone around him beyond repair. But you? You were so nice to me, even when you didn’t have to be, after I stole that money. Really thought I could consider ya a friend.”

“You don’t really know me, Aaron.”

“I know. I thought well enough of ya after that,” Aaron shrugged, knowing it was the truth. He didn’t know Rebecca, not really, only knew snippets from what Robert would say about her, tiny details from the few conversations they’d had, but Aaron had been grateful she didn’t call the police that day, and a part of him wondered if he would be able to call her a mate. 

You could never have too many, Victoria had joked once, when Aaron had said Adam was all the mate he needed. 

“Maybe I’m just weak, when it comes to Robert,” Rebecca said after a few moments silence. “That’s why. I’m weak, when it comes to him, always have been. I couldn’t stay away from him, even when he was with Chrissie. I just - I thought maybe I’d get my chance at a happy ending.”

“Of the back of his three week old marriage ending?” Aaron raised an eyebrow, genuinely confused at Rebecca’s logic. Even if things had been over between them, even if Robert had wanted her like that - no, no, it didn’t make sense, and it wouldn’t do to dwell on it.

Aaron had done nothing but dwell on it for the entire weekend, four days of talking and crying and anger, and trying to understand why Robert had done what he had done and why he’d done it with her. 

“Are you going to forgive him?” Rebecca inquired, hand resting on her stomach in a gesture that felt like a dagger to Aaron’s gut, a stark reminder that the consequences of Robert’s drunken mistake stretched far beyond one night. 

“My marriage is none of your business,” Aaron shrugged, twisting his ring around his finger. “I just wanted answers.”

“Didn’t you get them from Robert?” 

Aaron stood up, done with their conversation now, done with wondering if Rebecca could shed some light on that night, done with wondering if she’d done anything but lie in wait for that one moment where she knew Robert would hit self destruct and do what he did best, push his life, their lives to wrack and ruin. 

“I have everything I need from Robert,” Aaron said, hands shoved in his jacket pockets now, a defiant expression on his face. He wasn’t going to cry, not here, not now, not because of her. No, he’d cried all he had, that weekend. “But I’m allowed to want answers from you, too. You’re as much to blame as he is, don’t forget that.”

B for Bollocks (2/2)

Hey guys! Thank you again for all the kind words about this story! As opposed to part 1, this second half was a struggle for me. I went back and forth with two endings and I still don’t know if I made the right choice. Honestly I am not fully happy with it, but who doesn’t doubt themselves right?  Plus if I agonize over it anymore I’ll never complete it. I’m going away at the weekend for a month long holiday and I didn’t want to wait until I got back to post it, so here it is flaws and all. Hope you enjoy! xx

Archie had rung him five times, Chop had knocked for him twice, and Rae had done zero of either in the past four days (and that was the count that mattered most).

Finn wasn’t angry with her, never could be really. It wasn’t her fault she was brilliant and he was a coward. He had watched in jealous anguish as Archie dated her and told himself that he wouldn’t let it happen again. Until it did.

Finn was gone on her almost immediately, but by the time he actually realized it his best mate had moved in. He had been so relieved when they didn’t work out. The closer Finn got to Rae, the closer he stepped to the edge of falling hopelessly for her.
That one afternoon in his room, when she had confessed about France, about her scars, she had seemed so afraid of his reaction. Rae’s eyes had filled with tears as she folded into herself and away from him. She had babbled about how she would understand if he didn’t want her around, if he wanted her to leave and stay away, but all it did was make him want her more. She was so brave, so strong, so wrong about herself. Finn had held her close and whispered that no matter what he always wanted her around. From that moment she was his, and he’d tried to stake his claim in little touches or looks, listening sessions in his room and mix-tapes full of subliminal messages. Finn was crap with words and he knew actually voicing it out loud ran the risk of losing everything. He’d been such a dick to her in the beginning he was just happy to have her as a friend; happy she trusted him enough with her real self. So he let his feelings rest, let the steady tingle in his skin settle as he waited for some kind of sign; his hope being buoyed by how she said his name or left her scent lingering on his pillows. Evidently, he had waited too long and deep down he knew he had no one to blame but himself.

But that didn’t stop him from avoiding everybody, opting to sulk in his room instead. And sulking is really all he could do. He couldn’t even appreciate his records anymore because everything reminded him of Rae; how she hummed along with Morrissey, mouthed the words to The Stone Roses, and swayed her hips to Primal Scream (she probably thought he didn’t notice, but he definitely did; the visual aiding him in at least a dozen wanks). Not to mention Spaceman. After leaving the pub he had bitterly shoved it in the back of the furthest crate, darkly muttering “our song, my arse”. But it was that very thought that stopped him from hurling it like a frisbee towards the tip. She never liked Radiohead much, but he couldn’t fall back on that either because once Brandon had showed up in a Thom Yorke shirt and that’s all Finn could picture when No Surprises came on. “Tosser didn’t even have the decency to have crap taste in music,” Finn grumbled to himself before shutting off his speakers. He looked around his room for something else to do, but again all he saw were the places Rae had sat or stood or touched, and he knew it was no use.

It was midday Friday which meant the gang was most likely at the chippy. Finn looked over at the calendar pinned to his wall where he had surreptitiously marked down Rae’s work schedule to see that she was off, which meant she would be there too. He wasn’t sure if he was excited or sick at that. Usually he barely lasted 24 hours without seeing her but now being around her meant seeing B-for-Bollocks-Bastard-Brandon too. Finn sat contemplating going, images of slapping Brandon’s smug face with a fresh from the fryer battered sausage swirling in his mind, when his stomach growled angrily making his decision for him. Can’t avoid them forever. With a huff he grabbed his flannel and helmet and clopped down the stairs.

Finn paused outside the chippy window. The gang was sat at the same table where they had assembled the day before Knebworth, the day he’d punched Big G, the day he should have walked Rae home and told her that Chop might as well have printed her name on the front of Finn’s shirt because, really, he was more excited to see her than Oasis.
Rae was sat at the end of the table and the hungry animal in his stomach morphed into a thousand restless butterflies. Fuck, if she didn’t somehow get prettier in the last 72 hours. She was wearing her I Wanna Be Adored shirt and a genuine smile; two of his favourite things to see on her. Again he thought of another lost opportunity: that day in the park where he’d been so eager to apologize he’d forgotten he was half naked. Then he’d gone and made that garbled noise in the back of his throat after telling her she was sound. Not to mention his I-realize-this-is-too-long-but-I’m-busy-sniffing-your-hair hug. The memory made him cringe. “Such a twat,” he mumbled to himself, turning to get back on his scooter, but a loud bang and the vibration of the shop window made him jump. Chop’s gap tooth grin at startling him immediately changed to one of a stern parent as he brandished a finger and said “GET THE FUCK IN HERE” loud enough for Finn to hear through the thick glass. Well he had no choice now, he’d been spotted. Hitting his helmet against his thigh, he went for the door. Chop grabbed him by the back of the neck as soon as he was in arms reach.

“The hell have you been?!” Chop admonished, steering him towards the table. Finn shrugged. Not like he could say ’Oh, just at home being miserable and getting strange looks off my dad.’

Looking up he noticed an empty seat in front of Rae, Archie next to her and, surprisingly, Brandon beside him. Finn furrowed his brow at that. If Rae was his he’d be sat close enough to hand feed her chips and feel her breath on his neck. That image quickly turned X rated in his mind, and he had to shake his head to rid himself of the poorly timed fantasy. Not now, he told himself as he slipped into the empty chair.

“Finn!” Izzy waved at him enthusiastically, her red hair bouncing happily. “We missed you, where ya been?”

“Yeah where’d you disappear to?” Chloe’s tone was slightly accusatory and it made him hunch his shoulders.

Shit, really can’t avoid this question. “Just around” he shrugged again. Finn looked over at Archie and was met with crossed arms and an icy glare. I guess I deserve that. “Archer”

Archie looked him over, probably assessing how much Finn had punished himself already before determining how much more crap he deserved for blanking him for days. He must have read the lines under Finn’s eyes from lack of sleep and the frustratingly skewed fringe like one of his history books because his shoulders lost their menace, and that sympathetic smile was back. “You alright?” Archie asked. Two words with a hundred annotations. Was he alright? Finn genuinely didn’t know, so he let his head do a weird shake/nod/shrug thing to neither confirm nor deny.

The table’s conversation continued but Finn noticed Rae had gone quiet since he’d walked in. She was looking down at her tray as she swirled a chip in curry sauce. “Hey Rae” Finn managed, but not without his voice cracking on the end of her name. Fuck will I ever not be a complete pleb around her? He cleared his throat to recover, but her eyes shot up to him and she actually looked relieved before that genuine smile was back.

“Finnley. I was starting to think you’d left the country, or at least Lincolnshire,” she teased in a hushed tone, before pushing her cone of chips towards him in offering.

“Thought about it,” he said honestly, grabbing a chip as a distraction. He felt her nudge his foot with hers under the table and he looked up to find her smiling softly.

“You’re alright though?” To that he nodded. If it meant her eyes wouldn’t look so sad, he would make himself alright. “And uh…we’re..well, are we alright?” Her voice was quiet and hesitant and Finn suddenly felt incredibly guilty for running out on her without explaining. But how do you explain your heart in your throat and your stomach falling out of your arse?

“Yeah. ‘Course,” and he let his foot nudge her back. Her smile was wide this time, reaching her eyes until she bit her lip and nodded. For Finn it was one of those moments; the kind that mutes and blurs everything else around them and makes him feel like maybe he gets what love is.

He tore his gaze away to catch his breath and see if Archie had caught their exchange, but instead was met with Brandon looking over at them. His forehead was creased with a look of consternation before his eyes met Finn’s. Finn made sure to hold his gaze firmly until Brandon gave him a half nod and turned back to conversation with the others.

“Right. Now that this bellend is back,” Chop’s voice rose over the din of the table as he pointed a half eaten saveloy in Finn’s direction, “we can discuss the rave tomorrow.”

Saturday morning had Finn certain that he wasn’t going to go. Last night he’d dreamt of the rave: a pulsing room with swirling colours and warm bodies, and at the centre of it all Brandon was kissing Rae. Finn had woken up in a cold sweat, a hard pain in his chest and an even harder determination to not subject his reality to that gutting scene.
That is until Chop showed up at his with glow sticks, whistles and a threat to tell Gary about the time they’d nicked his expensive scotch and gashed the side of his car trying to make the curve of the McDonalds drive thru. They had been able to get their burgers and convince Gary it must have been vandalism, escaping any punishment. It was the miracle of their then 15 year old lives, and the only reason Finn wasn’t still grounded, so he had no choice but to get ready.

The ride there was loud and the gang had so much energy it boosted Finn’s enthusiasm. He hollered along, drinking cans with Archie, glad that he ended up in a separate car from Rae and Brandon. But when he sees her emerge from Chop’s Renault 5 looking like some golden glittery goddess, he wishes so badly that he had been pressed against her in the back seat until the sequins of her jacket left oddly shaped imprints on his skin. Chop offers him something from a baggy and whatever it is, he’s taking it.

They’re dancing now, just him and Rae. Everyone else has split off and Finn doesn’t care or even wonder where they are because she has his whistle in her mouth and her hands above her head and she looks about as loose as he feels. She’s not touching him at all, but the string of the whistle might as well be connected right to his soul because he feels completely tethered to her. This is how it should be. Him and Rae, happy, together. He’s lost all inhibitions to intoxication and is about to tell her just how right this feels, but then Izzy is pulling her away and his whistle drops to his chest and settles against his heartache. Reality drips down him like the sweat on his brow; he’d almost confessed to a girl with a boyfriend. She’s with Brandon, he reminds himself.
After watching Rae get swallowed by the crowd, Finn moves to the back of the room where it’s slightly quieter, seeking the bar to shoot down anything that will replace the sinking in his stomach with a fiery burn. But he doesn’t make it because he’s stopped dead in his tracks and what he’s seeing has successfully set his whole body alight with fury.

Brandon is leaned against a wall in an intimate embrace with some brunette in a tight dress, his mouth on her neck as her hands move up his shirt. Blind rage surges through Finn and the next thing he knows he has Brandon by the collar and is shoving him up against the brick, the brunette cast off and forgotten.

“What the fuck, Finn!”

“YOU SCUMMY PIECE OF SHIT!!” Finn seethes as he grabs him close, only to slam him back into the wall repeatedly. “YOU DON’T FUCKING DESERVE HER!” Finn’s whole body is shaking and he’s sure he’s never felt this angry before.

Brandon’s hands are at Finn’s wrists, and he manages to shift his weight and throw him off. Finn launches himself forward, catching Brandon by the middle and tackling him to the ground. They’re tussling and rolling over one another trying to get the upper hand, unaware of the crowd building around them. “Do you even know how fucking lucky you are?! You have her and that’s how you treat her?!” Finn is breathing hard and trying to land punches at any available spot but his determination to talk through the fight has made him sloppy and Brandon is too quick. Soon he’s being straddled, and Brandon’s hands are pinning his arms to the ground.

“What the fuck is this about?! Did you know that girl or summat?” Brandon asks through heaving breaths. This has Finn flailing, determined to escape his hold so he can murder the thick son of a bitch. He’s rolled them over now so he looms over Brandon and his right arm pulls past his ear to deliver the final crushing blow, when Brandon gives him a verbal hit that’s harder than any punch.

“I’m not with Rae!!”

Finn’s whole body slackens and his arm falls to his side. “You what?”

“That’s what this is about right? Rae?” Brandon still has his hands up in defence, bracing himself for another attack. Finn just stares at him dumbly. He is so fucking lost right now. Neither of them has moved but then a girl in the crowd breaks their intense stare down.

“Are you two gonna fight or what?” They both turn to her, and finally take notice of the ring of people surrounding them.

“Take your clothes off first!!” her friend demands before falling into a fit of giggles.

“Yeah if we had some jelly this could get really hot” another standby voice yells out.

A weak scattered chorus of “punch him, punch him, punch him” breaks out but when neither of them make a move, the crowd dissipates. Finn rolls off Brandon and sits next to him, arms resting on his knees.

“Say it again,” he demands.

“I’m not dating Rae”


“I like her. I thought maybe she liked me too, but-”

“What?” Finn’s mind was swirling. With booze and drugs and bruises he just couldn’t grasp what was happening.

“She said she didn’t want things to get weird since we worked together, but I figured there had to be another reason. Then I saw how you two looked at each other and…” Brandon trailed off and shrugged to finish his thought.

“But what about-”

“Look, Nelson” Brandon interrupted. He sounded exasperated and Finn clocked an odd look in his eye. It was almost sad. “I never took you for a cock block but that’s the second girl you’ve gotten in the middle of. Just go talk to Rae, yeah?” And with that he got up and disappeared into the crowd.

Finn’s hands shake as he dismounts his scooter and looks up at Rae’s house.
After his fight with Brandon, he’d searched for her for ages, only to hear from Archie that she had gone off to help Chop. When he asked with what, Archie had slurred through an explanation of Rae being the “daddy” and something about that twat dealer from Dalehead snogging a fairy. It had only left Finn more confused, and by the time they made it to where they had parked up, Chop’s car was gone. Finn had driven him and a queasy Archie straight to the chippy in hopes she’d be there, but when the others (bar Brandon) arrived for the debrief, Chop explained that he had dropped Rae home a few hours ago. Finn had promptly ran home to shower (no way was he going to talk to her smelling like a distillery) and grab his bike.
With a deep breath he heads towards the front door, before thinking better of waking Linda at this early an hour. Instead he climbs up the drain pipe and knocks gently on Rae’s window. After a few minutes Rae appears on the other side, confused, before she unlocks the window and opens it for him.

“Finn? What the bloody hell are you doing out there?” She whisper yells.

“Is it alright if I come in?”

“Uh…yeah okay. Just don’t break your neck alright? Don’t need my mum waking up to a dead body on the lawn.” She moves aside to let him in and once he’s safely got feet to carpet she’s asking “thought we were meant to meet at the chippy?”

“I needed to talk to you about summat important. In private” Finn says, taking a step closer to her. A worried look comes over her face before she nods and gestures for him to continue. “Rae…I…” he trails off, unsure of where to start, so he takes another step so they’re toe to toe.

“What?” her voice is so quiet and he can tell she’s bracing herself for whatever is about to happen.

Finn’s not sure getting this close was a good idea. He can smell her shampoo and his words die on his lips when he feels her chest rising and falling against his. His body knows what it wants though and suddenly he has one hand in her hair while the other cups her cheek, stroking her face gently. Rae’s eyes look wet as her gaze moves to Finn’s lips which are only an inch away from hers.



“I came to tell you that I’ve wanted to do this for a long time,” he whispers. And then he’s kissing her.

Finn has imagined kissing her thousands of times. Endless variations of how it would go, who would make the initial move, which lip he would devour first (he always ended on her bottom one, it was just so plump), how long it would last, what noises she would make; but he never knew it could feel like this. No other girl made it feel like this. He could have never imagined how perfectly her mouth slotted with his, or the thrill that shot through him when he felt her fist his shirt and pull him closer, or the way they melted together when their tongues touched. Finn’s toes curled as his mind went blank while the rest of him felt so full. Too full; of words, of want, of need. At that moment kissing her became a necessity. World War III could be breaking out right next to them and all he would hear and see and feel was one Rae Earl.

Finn feels her smile against his lips before she pulls away slightly. Her mouth is still close enough that her lips brush his as she asks “why the fuck did we wait so long to do that?” He allows a breath of a laugh out before he’s on her again and, like at the chippy and the thousand other times he’s felt it before, it’s one of those moments. Their moments; when the rest of the world shifts away and it’s just the two of them. But this time Finn knows for sure what love is.

They’re in his room, on his bed, kissing. It’s been three weeks since the rave and they haven’t really stopped kissing, despite the protests of the gang. They haven’t gone further than that, but Finn’s not complaining. The fact that he gets to hold her by the waist and put his tongue in her mouth and call her his girl is amazing enough to him. So when Rae’s hands start to creep up the back of his shirt, and he feels her nails gently rake at his skin while her tongue swirls against his Adam’s apple, he isn’t ashamed to admit he’s already about to mess his jeans.

Finn dips his head, his mouth greedy to get back to her delicious lips. Her arms move up so her hands are in his hair and he takes the opportunity to slip his own hands under her top. She hums against his mouth and he takes it as his cue to continue. Finn’s hands ghost higher, until he can feel the smooth expanse of her back and the tips of his fingers rub the clasp of her bra. Rae shifts to lift her back off the bed and he pulls her with him so they’re both sitting upright. Finn nips her bottom lip before pulling away. He’s pleased to see she’s just as dazed as him, that maybe his kisses are messing with her mind as much as hers do his. Her eyes are half closed and her lips are swollen from his bites and the sight makes him feel like he’s on fire. She gives him a barely there brush of the lips before guiding his hands to the hem of her shirt. Finn looks into her eyes, raises his brows in question, afraid words will brake the sensous air thick around them. Rae comes close, nods against his nose before swiping her tongue across his top lip. He kisses her until he has to move to make way for her shirt and when he sees her breasts spilling out of a lacy teal bra, he’s not sure he’ll ever be able to stand her in clothes again. His eyes travel from her cleavage, higher until they settle on a necklace. The necklace. B for Brandon’s necklace.

Finn’s certain he’s never lost his arousal faster. The sight of that gold pendant between her collar bones is gut wrenching. He hasn’t seen it since that first day, and after their kiss in her room he was sure he’d never see it again. But all this time it was under her clothes like a secret. Nestled close to the breasts that he’s been fantasizing about. He hasn’t moved and the only thing that shatters his shock is Rae pulling the covers over her. When he looks to her face she seems mortified and her eyes are full of tears.

“Fuck! I knew it. You’re disgusted by me. I can’t believe I let you see me!” Rae grabs for her shirt and stands. Tears fall from her eyes and hit Finn’s hand and he feels the panic rise inside of him.

“No Rae, no! That’s not- Rae!” He’s grabbing for her now but she pulls away and shoves her shirt over her head.

“Please don’t touch me Finn, don’t!”

“Rae listen to me -”

She’s on the floor grabbing her things, frantically searching for her Converse. She’s sobbing and the sound squeezes Finn’s heart like a vice.

“Rae! Listen to me, please! It’s not you! I love how you look, I swear!” Finn knows he’s yelling but he needs her to hear him. She does. She stops mid grab for her backpack and looks up at him. He gets down on his knees so they’re level and grabs her face. “Rae, I love your body. I find you so fucking sexy, believe me. It’s just…I saw the necklace and it was like a punch to the bollocks”

“What?” Confusion clouds over Rae’s face and she pulls out of his hands.

“Brandon’s necklace. Why are you still wearing it?” Finn’s voice brakes with the painful lump in his throat.

“What? The fuck are you talking about Finn?”

Finn sighs heavy, falls back so he’s sitting on his bum, and leans against his bed. “I know it’s from him Rae. B for Brandon.”

It’s quiet for a long moment, he’s staring at his hands because he’s afraid to look at her but when she laughs his head shoots up. The tears are gone and she’s wearing a smile. Finn grimaces at her. He doesn’t see what the hell about this situation could possibly be amusing. Rae shuffles on her knees until she’s in front of him, then swings one leg over to straddle his lap.

“You numpty. This necklace is not from Brandon.”

“What? Then who’s it from?”

Rae bites her lip and her eyes dance across his face as if she’s trying to memorize this moment. “It’s from Karim”

“KARIM?! But I…I don’t..Karim?” He knows he sounds daft but he is thoroughly confused.

“He gave it to me after him and my mum got married in Tunisia. Said he wanted me to feel like part of his family, ‘cause that’s what I am” Rae shrugs and places her hands on Finn’s neck, thumbs rubbing at his jawline. “Sounds cheesy, but it meant a lot to me. It’s the first time someone has wanted to be my dad in any sorta way, you know?” Tears fill her eyes again and Finn moves his arms to circle her waist.


“B for Bouchtat, yeah” Rae interrupts and nods, giving him a watery smile. Finn buries his head in her neck, embarrassed.

“More like B for Bloody idiot. Fuck Rae, I’m so sorry. I’m such a dickhead” Finn says against her skin, nuzzling closer, trying to hide how red he’s gone. He’s been so thick about the whole situation.

“Yeah well, I’ve only been telling you that this whole time. Glad you’ve finally admitted it,” Rae laughs as she strokes his hair.

Finn places a kiss on her neck before pulling away, his finger tracing the chain of the necklace. “I really am sorry, Rae. I never want to make you cry. It’s just…the thought of you with anyone else…”

“You must really be an idiot if you think I want anyone else, Finnley. You’re stuck with me now.”

Finn beams and tightens his hold on her. “Yeah?”

“Yeah. And you don’t even need to give me a necklace,” Rae teases.

“Nah, anyone can get a necklace. I was thinking something more permanent. Like a massive ‘F’ tattoo on your back or summat.” Finn traces the letter above the band of her leggings for show.

“Bollocks to that!”

Finn shakes his head and laughs before pulling her face to his, close enough for their breath to mix. He rubs his nose lightly against hers.

“I love you, girl”

“I love you too, dickhead”

Hours later when Rae is fast sleep against his chest, her bare skin sticking to his, Finn reaches for a biro in his beside drawer and draws a tiny ‘F’ on the inside of her wrist.

The end! Thank you for reading :)

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One time I went to a friend of mine (we like eachother but he doesn't want a relationship yet because of the 6 year agegap) because his parents and siblings were gone that weekend. We immediately went upstairs and he started fingering me, I came 4 times. We stopped because we went to the cinema but that night he took my virginity. It was the best experience ever! A few days ago he texted me how he would fuck me next time we are alone and I can't wait to see him again!

UGH! (Edward Nygma x Reader)

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The reader and Edward nygma telling the same cute cheesy riddles to each other and the whole GCPD(mostly Harvey) gets annoyed by it because they are cute together but are both shy to ask each other out do everyone tries to set them up and it works

The reader is known to be very shy by all of the GCPD and everyone knows she has a crush on edward except him so everyone (Harvey) teases her about it till she gets annoyed by it and asks him out infront of everyone(not purposely)and he says yes

A/N: I tweaked a few things here about “asking each other out” and “asks him out in front of everyone” thing. It’s pretty bad but I tried.

Mr. Edward Nygma was in charge of being occupied in the forensic examination room. He had that room as if it was his cage, a neat and organized location. It was as science-savvy like himself. He had a job to do and he was abusing that advantage by leaving the unsupervised lab to visit Ms. Y/L/N in the record file room.

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Why you should see King Arthur

I normally don’t make many random text-posts here but ehh it’s a blog and this is important to me so I wanted to use the opportunity for outreach.

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can’t trust everyone || deacon || listen

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