i wanted to use this psd

tbh I think the secret of every coloring on gifs (specially pastel coloring) is maintaining the black color in high values, making everything as pastel-ish as you want but not messing with the black

I used to add exposure and increase the “offset” value because I wanted everything to look pastel-ish but then I read/watched (idk) somewhere about different coloring techniques and this was a point of it (if I remembered where I saw it I would link it ugh) and I started doing so with my gifs and tbh I like them waay more now than before -of course that also depends on you and if you like it that way or not.

Also I don’t think it’s necessary to keep the black in high values in every part of your gif but it should always be kept on the main element of it. If there are objects in the background that I don’t want to stand out as much then I just downgrade the values of black color on them, by example in the first gif I could had lowered the values of black in the frame of the wall (let’s be honest I didn’t do it because as I was reading this photoshop crashed) and just keep it on their clothes and hair, it wouldn’t had made a remarkable difference in this case given that the frame is incredibly tiny, but in gifs with bigger background elements it would had probably made a better effect.


I’m Ten from Thailand! I like exercising, extreme sports, and travelling! I like cute pets too, and sweet desserts. I especially love chocolate cake. However, I’ve been thinking of my health lately and only eat a bit. Because I want to do singing, rap, dancing, and acting, I am practicing really hard now! I will become the best artist! Fighting!

lokihiddleston  asked:

Hey, where I can find your effect stars (gif) with your edit here => /post/153925981468/defenders-smoke-bomb-photography

@cpn-america also asked me something similar, so I figured I’d kill two birds with one stone and make a tutorial! 

how to make something like this:

or this:

you will need:

  • photoshop cs6 (or cs5)
  • a basic knowledge of said program
  • the top gif from this post (this is where you get the sparkly effect, so just drag it onto your desktop)

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how to create aesthetic graphics

(a tutorial by rihleymatthews) 

so, many people requested me a tutorial on these (x and x) graphics, and since they are not hard at all to create, i decided to try explaining to you guys how they come to life. 

WARNING: this is a long and detailed tutorial. Please keep in mind I tried to show all the tricks I normally use for these graphics, so some steps are optional or extra.

you’ll need: 

  • basic to medium photoshop knowledge (such as cropping, blending and shadowing)
  • a concept (a tv show, a character, something you can pick objects to represent them or their porsonality)
  • patience, a lot of patience. 

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Gif tutorial

Since some people asked me a tutorial on how I color my gifs and make color palette gifsets/multicolor gifs, I’ve finally decided to do it.

We’ll go from this:

to this:

and finally to this:

and this:

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Haikyuu!! S02EP24 + EP25 || Oikawa Tooru
↳ “ Don’t forget this worthless pride of mine! ” : for Anna