i wanted to use one of her sleepwalking

anonymous asked:

Hey! I'm so sorry if this has been asked and answered already! I tried going to youtube since you said you were using SCM player but your songs don't show up in my history. May i know what the title of the songs are? (especially the first one) I go to your blog every morning to listen to it for my anxiety and before going to school. Thank you!

the first one is “Good Morning by Remedios ” a track from her ost for the movie “picnic” and the whole ost is just as good!!!  the rest are:

  • Koe no Katachi OST - Longer Version Yoisho Kezu
  • Yoko Kanno - Little Black Book
  • Haruka Nakamura - Arne
  • Yoshida Brothers - My Heart Holds
  • Her OST - Morning Talk Supersymmetry
  • Her OST - Sleepwalker

usually that method works for me with scm player but you can always use shazam if you want to find the name of a certain song. that what I always do if I found a song I like on ig or if that blog is using billy player or something because it’s bothersome to search in the page source.

and good morning. I wish you all the luck at school!!!