i wanted to use it for something else originally but then i changed my mind and i just didn't want to delete it

“What follows is an accounting of ABUSIVE and MANIPULATIVE behavior, involving someone in the kin community. I expect everyone to be mature about this. Even if you don’t like kin stuff. Now, if you’re down with all of that, pull up a chair. There’s tea and I’m spilling it the only way I know how. And yes, for the curious; I AM involved. Names will drop. Nothing is censored or altered. It’s below.”

A number of you may be surprised to find out I’m involved in the kin community, but it happened. Honestly it was a matter of time. That’s a whole other something.

You’re here for the tea I’m about to get everywhere. There’s a cut to save your dashboard. Warnings for the content: Abusive and manipulative behavior and language. Defamation of character. DID or an attempt at faking it (no one’s sure). Mental illness. Bigotry. Harassment. And, if it bothers you, repetition.

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