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Inktober, Day 4: Underwater

Jeremy sings at Supergirl Panel
Jeremy Jordan

I did promise to upload this moment I recorded from the Supergirl panel in Telford, when someone asked Jeremy to sing. At the beginning everyone is shouting suggestions of what to sing. And i’m pretty sure the first loud cheer when he finishes was David Harewood.

Also he said he was embarrassed doing things like this, so picture evidence of his shy pose while he sang (and for a few questions following)

  • Freeform: (releases the very first teaser for 2B -- a Clace one)
  • my dash: Yeah...okay. Fine. Whatever.
  • Freeform: (deletes an earlier uploaded trailer with Izzy, Luke and a Malec kiss)
  • my dash: MALEC!!!
  • my dash: ....
  • my dash: ....
  • my dash: (starts examining every tiny detail of a 0.3 second long scene)

make me choose: brandnewfashion asked MCU stevetony or & 616 stevetony

Sharing Stage/2.5D Content

So there are some things I want to go over about sharing, reposting, and general distribution of content.  And while I’m going to talk specifically about Engeki Haikyuu, some of the more general stuff can be applied to most Japanese stage plays, musicals, and general theater.  

I wanted to make this post because I’m seeing a lot of frustration in fandom from both content providers and fans and followers butting heads on this issue.  First off, we have to acknowledge that there is an undeniable precedent that’s existed in fandom that makes fans feel entitled to all the content all the time, for free.  And there is knowledge of the industry that content providers have that I think we’re not communicating frequently enough to help fans understand our positions on these issues.

It’s lengthy, but please take some time to look under the Read More and read about this issue.  

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anonymous asked:

I do not have a simblr so I can't ask o your other blog. But I have a question. Your two toned eyes don't work? Is there something you have to do with them?

Make sure that the package is in your mods folder. Then when you go into CAS you will want to start off picking your sims main eye color. 

The main eye color will be the color on the left side (your right) of the eye. You will need to use a default or non default eye color for this one. While the two toned eyes work with any kind of eye, they match with my eyes.

Then go into facepaint under makeup and that is where the two toned eyes are. You can find them by the thumbnail of an eye with color on the (your) left side and gray on the right. The thumbnails on my computer are acting up so you may need to double check what’s in your catalog. Choose the color you want on the (your) left side of the eye and it should look like this. If you’re still having problems, please let me know!

For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about I uploaded a new form of two toned eyes earlier today.