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Winter Break: Part Fourteen

Summary: Your brother, Sebastian Stan, is taking you for a little vacation and internship scouting with him on the set of Captain America: Civil War. On the trip, interesting friendships are made, and Spider-Man doesn’t stay your least favorite superhero.

Characters: Sebastian Stan, Chris Evans, Anthony Mackie, Tom Holland, Scarlett Johansson, Chadwick Boseman, Robert Downey Jr., Paul Rudd, Daniel Bruhl, Don Cheadle, Elizabeth Olsen, Jeremy Renner, Paul Bettany, Emily VanCamp

Word Count: 1.9k

A/N: guys, I’m so sorry for the week long wait but as I had posted earlier, school is getting a little more aggravatingly busy with exam prep and it’s driving me absolutely insane to want to be writing and having to commit to my studies butttttt I have a week off so I plan on finishing Winter Break and possibly uploading something else I’ve had in mind soon. enjoy this part! (:

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“You just want me to sit here?”

Anthony nods. “Act like Elizabeth Olsen and Scarlett Johansson aren’t sitting a few feet away from you.”

“That’s easy,” you shrug.

There would only be one day for filming in Berlin, and it was at a quaint coffee shop in Berlin where the very first scene was being shot. It was just Elizabeth, Scarlett, and yourself sitting in the café’s outside seating, but they would be speaking to Chris, who was in a hotel window somewhere in one of the buildings surrounding the street, dressed in his Captain America uniform. Later, it would be Chris, Mackie, and Emily filming inside of the café, supposedly after the bombing Daniel would do in Vienna as Bucky.

Contrary to your original thought, Sebastian wasn’t needed at all in this scene or the next, but he was one of the extras with you, wearing a snapback hat with his hair tied up under it, and sitting off camera across from you at a table a few yards from Scarlett.

“This is boring,” he complains, fiddling with his coffee cup as Anthony walks back to Joe, who was arguing with one of the crew personal about a camera.

“Stop complaining,” you reply, using your phone as a calculator.

“I thought I took your phone away last night,” Sebastian says, watching you type in another system of numbers.

“And I took it back this morning,” you respond shortly.

To his credit, he hadn’t been mad after the game last night where he found out your virginity no longer existed; he’d been frustrated. And being the immature and confusing pretend parent your brother was, Sebastian had decided to take your phone away from you before you could leave the Cards Against Humanity game, interrupting your texts to Tom and the call you owed to Max.

“You’re supposed to be in trouble,” Sebastian grunts, beginning to reach across the table, but you finally look up at him, glaring.

“Don’t touch my phone,” you say seriously.  

Sebastian’s jaw clenches, but he relaxes back into his seat, gripping his cup of coffee tightly.

“Alright Stans!” Joe calls out, “Sebastian pull your hat down and make sure your hair stays up! Act like you’re just friends meeting up!”

“Three…two…one…rolling!” Anthony shouts.

You force yourself to smile at your brother and he smiles back at you.

“How has your day been?” he asks you pleasantly, and you pick up your own coffee, sipping at it.

“Boring,” you say. “I’ve been studying for a test that isn’t until next week and my brother’s being an annoying ass lately.”

Sebastian chuckles dryly. “Well, it’s smart you’re studying now instead of putting it off, and if your brother’s being a dick lately, then maybe you shouldn’t have done something irresponsible.”

“See, that’s what I knew he’d say to me,” you shake your head, sighing, “but it wasn’t irresponsible; I knew what I was doing.”

“Really?” Sebastian says, crossing his arms over his chest and getting comfortable in his chair. “Do enlighten me, dear sister.”

You purse your lips, reminding yourself to not look pissed in case the camera moves over you, and then smile.

“Well, dear brother, I do love Damon,” you tell him, “just not in the way a relationship called for. We both only figured this out after we got through sex and then realized that was too awkward to be the start of anything else.”

Sebastian stares at you for a long time, and then lets out a long sigh, his bad acting façade falling away. “(Y/N), why did you give something as precious as your first time to someone who’s only your friend?”

“Seb,” you exhale quickly. “I was dating him because I thought I loved him the way a relationship called for, but we both learned that just because we’re co-ed best friends doesn’t mean we need to date.”

“Do you regret it?” he asks you.

“No,” you shake your head. “Now can you please stop making me feel guilty for doing something independently?”

You feel Sebastian legs wrap around yours, and he reaches across the table, taking your hands away from your papers and pencil.

“I love you, okay little sister?” he says, his face sincere. “I’m just trying my best to look out for you.”

“I know Sebastian,” you respond, holding his hands, “but you have to remember I’m an adult now and nearly out of high school. I’m going to do some things you’re not going to like and things you’re going to be proud of.”

“I already am proud of you, (Y/N),” Sebastian tells you, his eyes not leaving yours. “I just want to keep you safe.”

You smile, and take your hands back, picking your pencil back up. “I’m always safe for you,” you assure him.

Sebastian snorts, leaning back into his chair again. “That’s hilarious because I specifically remember one time when you climbed out onto the roof and told me to fill the back of my truck up with water so you could jump into it. Where was any safety in that?”

“I was wearing a helmet,” you shrug, cracking a nostalgic smile as you recall this instance.

“You still broke your wrist.”

“I’m so bored,” you complain, leaning against a tree next to Sebastian with Elizabeth at your feet, playing Sudoku on her phone. Your books are on the ground next her, being used as her elbow rest. Personally, you felt that was as useful as a calculus text book was.

“Tell me about it,” Scarlett replies, tapping her fingers against the bottom of her own iPhone. “Scenes with Chris and Mackie take twice as long because all they ever do is crack up on each other.”

Booming laughter that flows out of the café a moment later confirms Scarlett’s statement.

“Why don’t we just go on a walk?” Sebastian suggests.

“Can’t,” Elizabeth speaks up. “Joe said he didn’t want us going anywhere until they finished this scene.”

You, your brother, and Scarlett all groan in unison, and Elizabeth chuckles.

“You all would be terrible to wait in lines with at amusement parks,” Elizabeth comments.

“Dude,” you say, “If I tried going to an amusement park with any of you, I’m pretty sure I’d be robbed of my brother.”

Sebastian snorts, “What can I say? The girls love tall, dark, and brooding assassins.”

“Oh please,” Scarlett rolls her eyes. “You’re shorter than Chris and are about as intimidating as a teddy bear.”

“Hey,” Sebastian shrugs. “Teddy bears can be scary.”

“Are you saying Ted is a horror movie?” you ask your brother.

Elizabeth chuckles, her weight resting against the tree, and turns her phone off.

“Hey wait a minute,” you say, stopping them each with your sudden thought. “If Disney owns Marvel, doesn’t that make all of you Disney princesses and princes?”

Scarlett’s brow creases, and Sebastian shrugs, saying, “I already knew I was a prince; I’m Luke Skywalker’s son.”

You face palm, and Elizabeth laughs louder, falling back into your legs.

“His ass is out of this world,” Elizabeth giggles, “in a galaxy far, far away.”

You laugh along with Scarlett and Sebastian, sinking to the ground with Elizabeth when she knocks you off balance.

“Oh my God,” Scarlett chuckles, and you shake your head, cheeks hurting from smiling.

Your phone suddenly goes off, and you pull it out of your front pocket, this time reading the caller ID, and answering excitedly.

“Hi Tom!” you chirp, out of breath from laughing.

“Hullo love,” he replies, sounding delighted.

“How are you?” you ask, standing up and putting some distance between you, Sebastian, and your friends.

Awh!” Elizabeth cries out. “Her and Tommy are talking.”

“So cute,” Scarlett teases, poking Sebastian in the face. He swats at her.

“Splendid,” Tom says, “and you? How is Berlin?”

Wunderbare,” you chuckle, “it means wonderful. Berlin is nice right now; it’s a little chilly but there’s no snow here yet.”

“Sounds wonderbar,” Tom tries to say, “it’s snowing a bit here, but not too badly.”

“That’s good,” you muse, wrapping your arm around your waist. “What time is it there?”

“About nine in the morning,” Tom responds. “Feels later though.”
“That’s the jet lag,” you chuckle.

“Hey Tom!” you hear a voice call from the background, and frown, not recognizing it to any of the female crew members you knew.

“Hey love,” Tom says, speaking to the other person, and then back to you: “I have to get going, love. Got something to do today before shooting. Text you later?”

“Uh, yeah sure,” you reply a little hesitant. “Who was that?”

There’s a brief pause. “Just a friend from the crew I met yesterday. I’ll text you later, (Y/N).”

“Bye,” you say, and he returns it quickly, before hanging up.

You stay with your phone raised to your ear for a moment, and then lower it gradually, until Elizabeth is hooking her arm over your shoulders, having followed you the good distance from the rest of them.

“My favorite couple,” she coos, and you look at her for a second, still a little unsure of how to feel to the abrupt goodbye, Sebastian’s fears from the argument you’d had with him last week surfacing in your mind. You force yourself to smile at her.

“Yeah,” you say, trying to be like your brother and be a good actress. “Favorite couple,” you echo.

Elizabeth grins and pulls you back in the direction of the group, which you hadn’t noticed had been joined by Chris, Mackie, and Emily.

“Hey guys,” Emily says when you and Elizabeth return.

“Hey,” you reply, and Elizabeth just flashes her a short smile.

“Why does she get a hug?” Chris pouts, wearing his Steve Rogers clothes.
“Because she’s nicer than you,” Elizabeth responds, pulling you closer and tucking her face into your neck.

Sebastian eyes catch yours, and you realize you haven’t reacted to Elizabeth.
Holding her sides, you make yourself push the Tom incident to the back of your head and tickle your friend’s ribcage.

“Go hug Rogers,” you say, bringing yourself to chuckle. “I’m sure he’s more comfortable than me.”

Elizabeth turns a shade of pink as Chris drags her into his arms, and keeps one of his arms over her shoulders even after he’s pulled away.

“God, that took forever,” Mackie comments, standing beside Sebastian.

“That’s because you wouldn’t stop making faces off camera,” Emily replies.

“Okay,” Mackie nods, “but that didn’t mean you had to laugh at them.”

Emily pulls a face and Mackie sticks his tongue out at her.

“Guys,” Scarlett says, capturing everyone’s attention. “You want to find out if we can go out to dinner anytime soon?”

“Scar, it’s like four in the afternoon,” Chris says.  

“Linner,” she shrugs. “I’m starving and you three should not have taken two and half hours to shoot one scene.”
“It’s Emily’s fault-”

“It’s Anthony’s fault-”

“You’re the one that kept making faces-”

You’re the one that mocked every word I said-”

Mackie and Emily speak over each other, and Chris snorts, grabbing his chest as he takes Elizabeth down with him as he keels over.

“Oh my God,” Elizabeth says, “he’s doing the left boob grab.”

This spurs a genuine laugh out of you, and you join the others as you jeer together at Chris’ odd habit.

“Hey!” Anthony Russo shouts over from across the pavilion, startling a few of the extras still hanging around. “Take break you guys and get something to eat!”

“Did we finish filming?” Scarlett asks.

“Hell yeah we did!” Joe yells, pumping his fist. “Phase One of Civil War is officially complete!”

“Only took five months,” Mackie murmurs, as the crowd around breaks into a small applause.

“Yay,” Chris beams. “Now we just have some ass kicking to do.”

“Oh man,” Sebastian rubs his knuckles. “I can’t wait to kick Downey’s ass into next year.”

Elizabeth looks over at you. “This is the side of the princes Disney doesn’t show in the movies.”


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You’re My Best Friend

Prompt: ((thank you for sending yours in!))

Genre: angst, fluff, smut ((wow the whole package go kyra))

Warnings: grinding, swearing, self hate, homophobic slurs, bullying

Word count: 1818 ((god damn it kyra this is a simple prompt why))

A/N: okay this was supposed to be really fluffy and smutty but then i haven’t written angst and i threw this thing up. also the italics are time flashbacks with the exception of the end. hope you like :)

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Teaser for Bunsen is a Beast (Danny Phantom Returns?)

For those who may not have already seen it, Nick uploaded this short teaser for their new animated series, Bunsen is a Beast, earlier on their YouTube channel. Looks like a few unexpected guests from other iconic Butch Hartman shows also decided to make an appearance.

I’m assuming Butch is responsible for creating this short, and if that’s the case, I find it interesting that this is another instance where he brings mention to Danny Phantom. I wonder if he really does want to revive that show…


make me choose: brandnewfashion asked MCU stevetony or & 616 stevetony

i’m back (sort of)! i just finished all my assessments and essays and i’m gonna need this weekend to relax but i plan on uploading bits and pieces that i’ve been doodling in seminars - expect to see more stuff soon!

for now, here’s a li’l chibi of my cure chocolat i did earlier this week! i wanted to establish some kind of colour palette for her - i’m not 100% happy with it but for now it’s a rough idea :3c

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I think it might have actually been the editor of LOVE, Katy grand, that got the pic taken down. Fyz posted some odd clarification that the pic was an outtake and not actually in the magazine that read like someone asked them to post it and Katy tweeted "ugh" earlier when the picture was spreading lol. The pic was probably never supposed to be part of all the LOVE mag stuff but the photog probably wanted the attention it would bring and included it when he uploaded all the other "outtakes"

Ah i see. Thanks!


So this isn’t easy for me to post because it’s filled with a mix of dysphoria and anxiety, but also pride and humor. I just went through all 60 of my older YouTube videos I’ve uploaded since like 2009 and republished a few that don’t completely offend me or I’m not too embarrassed to post. I was definitely a different person. When I was earlier in my transition I was filled with shame and wanted to try to erase a lot of my past. I made all but 6 videos private. I kept my most popular/viral videos and music performances. That was silly of me, but it was also valid because I wanted to control my online presence. I didn’t want people to be able to learn my dead name or call me out for my past etc. But today it hit me. I can’t erase that part of my past. That’s how I became who I am today. So I republished a lot of videos including a performance at my university’s 2015 drag show where I took home the first place prize. I did a lot of exploring in college. I started wearing makeup, girls clothes, heels, etc. I finally began accepting my femininity. Drag appealed to me because it was so out of my comfort zone, but widely popular. I hadn’t performed on stage in a while and after a lot of friends asking me if I’d consider it, I gave in. Seeing myself present as a woman shocked me. I was literally petrified. It made too much sense. It felt right. On stage, I finally felt alive and free. Plus everyone loved me. So I continued drag for a bit. I learned most of my makeup skills from watching and doing drag makeup. I know drag is controversial in the ways it arguably appropriates womanhood and femininity, and I’ve even had problems with queens and friends apart of drag culture being transphobic and offensive, but without drag I’m not sure I’d be where I am today. So I hope you all enjoy the videos that are now available again to view on my channel. Here’s to the future of my channel. I’ve improved immensely and cannot wait to see where this leads me.



Only got to upload pictures from my humble bedazzled fort I built in my bedroom with the help of my wing-woman Huwaini and my younger sister, Aneesah a few weeks ago. We hung up shawls and blankets against a bookcase with strings, decorated the interior with plenty of fairy lights & dreamcatchers, lit scented candles, baked chocolate muffins & heart shaped cookies & brought up all sorts of other food to keep us busy in there. Food keeps everyone busy duhh.

In case you’re wondering, no, there was no special occasion. We just felt like it, and so we did it. Initially Huwaini and I wanted to go for a picnic earlier that day, but it rained and we had to stay indoors. So we figured why not have a pseudo-picnic inside the fort instead? We baked in the afternoon then spent later that evening putting everything up. Surprisingly, it didn’t take us that long. And the outcome was E-P-I-C! We got dressed and put on make up afterwards (although we were in the comfort of my own bedroom lol), and then started to squeeze ourselves into this mini mansion of ours.

Just as we were about to take pictures, the power went off. What a perfect time to not have electricity. Luckily we had candles so what was meant to be a decoration ended up as a necessity haha. There was no electricity for a generous amount of 3 hours or so. But we waited, and sweated terribly. Like hey-lo this is Malaysia we’re talking about. Since the blackout was taking quite a long while, we got hungry and finished all the heart shaped cakes- which tasted divine, who knew me and huwaini were pretty good bakers :p 

After being soaked in the dark for a few hours, at around midnight the power came back on Alhamdulillah. So we went back in and started to eat, take pictures, talk and laugh until we got super tired. In fact we were too tired to even change into our pyjamas, and so we slept just like that. 

Building forts brings me back to my childhood. I used to do this with my brother, well a less bedazzled version, of course. Doing it again as an adult, is even more fun. Except for the tidying up, that was tedious = no fun.

Anyway, nobody’s too old to build forts and live their childhood dreams.

And mind you, this year I’m 22 *cues Taylor Swift*

Well I guess from now on you can call me a professional fort mastah #howiwish #dropslawdegreeifthatwaspossible #kidding

I Want To Love You But I Don't Know How - Chapter 1 - Skamzombie - SKAM (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Uploaded first chapter of my new fic. Hate to Love, Blackmail and school play because I am trash for classic teen drama. 

Feel free to check it out and judge me deeply

SERVAMP Alarm Clock Translations

So earlier this week someone asked @kairei-chan​ about the alarm clock and what they meant in English.. I’m pretty sure someone else has already posted a translation but here’s my take on it too!
–Just wanted to do something for the Servamp community here on Tumblr :’D

The audio clips can be found HERE and HERE, and a big thanks to Kairei for uploading them!
Also, do note that it might not be 100% accurate and my English might sound awkward… :’D

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July 11, 2015: Update!

Since I’m a Solavellan fan, I wanted to upload two pages for Solas’ Positivity Week! Here you go guys. I also edited some of the script from earlier pages because it didn’t flow as well as I’d like. And that’s it! Hope you are enjoying it as much as I do drawing it <3

I will continue to post new pages on my Tumblr as they come out, so stay tuned! >:3

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hi!! its the anon who asked earlier if you had seen the seeso show and then didn't realize you answered. ryanphantom (on tumblr) has a link on their account to where you can download the episodes because they uploaded it (i cant send links in an ask so you'll have to go through their blog yourself if you want to find it, sorry!!)

!!!!!!!!! yoo oh my god thank you you’re a lifesaver