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Sharing Stage/2.5D Content

So there are some things I want to go over about sharing, reposting, and general distribution of content.  And while I’m going to talk specifically about Engeki Haikyuu, some of the more general stuff can be applied to most Japanese stage plays, musicals, and general theater.  

I wanted to make this post because I’m seeing a lot of frustration in fandom from both content providers and fans and followers butting heads on this issue.  First off, we have to acknowledge that there is an undeniable precedent that’s existed in fandom that makes fans feel entitled to all the content all the time, for free.  And there is knowledge of the industry that content providers have that I think we’re not communicating frequently enough to help fans understand our positions on these issues.

It’s lengthy, but please take some time to look under the Read More and read about this issue.  

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make me choose: brandnewfashion asked MCU stevetony or & 616 stevetony

  • Yang: RUBY! *Yang shouted as she kicked down a door holding her cybernetic arm in her left hand.*
  • Ruby: *Ruby looked up from her weapon she is fixing.* What's up sis?
  • Yang: Don't you "what's up" me!? You have some explaining to do!? *Yang growled holding her arm up in Ruby's face.*
  • Ruby: *Ruby gulped as she throws her hands up.* I SWEAR IT ALREADY HAD THE FLAME THROWER!
  • Yang: Flame thrower? This has a flame thrower?
  • Ruby: Uuuuuh Yeeeeees?
  • Yang: ...
  • Ruby: ...
  • Yang: Okay, coming back to that later. I'm more pissed off why your girlfriend is in my arm!
  • Ruby: GASP! Weiss is in your arm!?
  • Yang: No, Ruby. Your other girlfriend. *Yang said as she reattached her arm and it suddenly moves to salute.*
  • Penny: Salutations Ruby. *Penny's voice said as it came from Yang's arm.*
  • Ruby: Penny? Oh my god. How did you get into Yang's arm?
  • Penny: Well as I was connected to the my complete to receive know updates and software upgrades, along with Yang's arm, I went web surfing and as I re-upload myself I have accidentally went into Yang's arm. *Penny explained, Yang's arm moving to Penny's will.
  • Ruby: I see. *Ruby nodded before raising an eyebrow.* Wait, that was two hours. Why didn't you say anything earlier?
  • Penny: I wanted to learn from Yang and Blake. *Penny giving a thumbs up.*
  • Ruby: What did-*Ruby began before Yang interrupted as she shouted.*
  • Penny: Huh? But I didn't. My body is still in the next room.
  • Penny: Oh dear. I am so sorry Ruby. I did not know.
  • Ruby: Sigh. It's just never do anything like this again.
  • ~two days~
  • Weiss: General Ironwood? What are you doing here?
  • Ironwood: Hello Miss Schnee. I'm here to give miss Xiao-Long a software for her arm to prevent unauthorized AIs from access.
  • Weiss: Oh, It's about what Penny did... Did she ever?
  • Ironwood: Yes. And it carries a ten prison sentence if it is ever brought up.
  • Weiss: I didn't say a thing.

Sorry for the wait you guys! I also just want to put out a general statement because we have a lot of asks from earlier asking us when the clip was going to be uploaded. If we’re not posting anything that means we’re hard at work doing the subtitles. If a clip has just dropped, we’re not going to be hanging around the Tumblr account answering 50 asks about when the video will be uploaded.

I hope you can understand and be patient with us!

Happy SKAM day!

For Percy Jackson Big Bang! This is a standalone art though. This will be officially posted tomorrow (6th August) but because of time difference, I have it uploaded a few hours earlier! 

Nico always caught my attention in the series because I feel like I watched him grow up /OLD

And I feel like he has a lot of drastic changes. Like from the innocent and happy little boy (although still w/ a pretty sad story) he was, then he was angry and so lost. And now he somehow become so…distant? I really hope he’ll be happy ;-;

Also, been wanting to draw Eros lol

Hello again! Sorry I’m putting bad art into your inbox again. I couldn’t help but color the sketch that I had drawn some time earlier. Sorry if the scaring around his teeth is weird– I had a little trouble with it.

Also bc I couldn’t find their account (sorry for this) @ the user kartsmonstrosity are you the one who messaged me on insta bc I posted the sketch? And Ben- if you’re not okay with that pls tell me so I can take it down.


Ben: holy fuck

he looks so fuckin cute when you draw him, how could i ever have anythin against that. 
Besides, it’s your art, and you can upload it wherever you want 

The thing before was a misunderstanding, i was just sad cause i thought someone drew my oc and didn’t show me at all, but it was you and you submitted it here. my mistake 

Oc © @scaredycat-draws
Art © @halfways-to-hell

for @drunkonmedia

I was supposed to upload this waaaayyy earlier but i got busy working on my comic. I wanted to do something that I can only describe as Frazettian in spirit. Also in color. And because the scotsmans daughters fought alongside the spartans I added the robot minotaur head as a shout out.

Twas a fun ride drawing this.