i wanted to upload a video but tumblr is dumb basically

bemyvally-tine  asked:

How do I make gifvs to put up on tumblr like you do? I have it uploaded in mp4 but can't figure out how to make it Gifv/webm, do you know?

Oh yeah. I can totally blow that fish out of the water for ya. 

Now you didn’t really tell me what program you use, so I’m going to do it via CS6 Photoshop. 

(I heard Gimp is a very similar program to PS and it’s free. Other than that I can’t tell you much about any other programs because I don’t know!)

So here goes. (It’s a bit lengthy, but simple. I think. >.>)

Basically you have to import it, not open it or else you’ll just be opening a video file. (It happens to me sometimes when I’m not paying attention. >.>)

You pick your video file you want. (Hurr.)

Then this window pops up. If you look at the bar below the picture, you see 2 black little half arrow heads and the grey tab in between them. The black arrows  are basically to cut what you want to make for a gif. So whatever’s in between the left and right black half arrowheads then that’s what you’re going to work with. The Grey one is basically to scrub through the video to look at it so you can find what it is you’re looking for for giffin’. (Also a good file saving trick is to limit every 2 frames, keeps most of the motion while saving the file size, the human eye doesn’t necessarily miss every single frame you’re using, give it a try and see.)

When you hit okay on the previous window, then you have your frames in the bottom, there’s this little icon on the top right of where the picture panels are.

Right at the top riiiiight. Do you see it?

THAT THING. WHATEVER IT IS. So. Once you click on that, you can select “convert to video timeline” like in the above larger picture.

Then it becomes a video timeline, basically like viewing a movie. But we’re not done yet.

All these layers need to be grouped in a smart object. How do we make a sharp object?

I basically clicked at the bottom-most tab and scrolled to the top and hit shift + click at the very top layer, and it selects all of them. (It’s useful for anything really. I’m kinda really dumbing it down but that’s the best way I learn so. XD)

Then you right click or control + click (PC or Mac I dunno) on the grouped layers, whatever it is you use, you select convert to smart object.

Now it’s nice and grouped. This enables you to use adjustment layers on it now. Curves, brightness, color tints, anything, experiment with it.

All the little adjustment tools are above the layers so click on some and give it a try!

Once you are done with making it pretty, you go to file > save for Web.

Then this window pops up. These are the settings I usually use so, if you’re iffy about experimenting you can use these settings. You can modify the file size here, the colors, they’re all ways of making the file smaller and more manageable. Why? Needs to be under 2 MB for tumblr to allow it to work so. Keep it under 2 MB! 

Oh also don’t forget to switch the looping options on Forever, or else the gif is only going to play for 1 cycle and then you just have a still picture and that’s not a gif at all!

And so you get something like this! I hope this has been helpful for you! This is basically my gif workflow. XD

On the miraculous ladybug fanvideo takedown notices

I’m kinda taken off guard by the whole thing.

A disclaimer: what you are about to read below is not a very professional response. If I were a responsible big name blog I’d tell you guys to respect the valid and legally-in-the-right wishes of the company, but hey, that kind of mature adult talk is what mlsubbing and other official channels are for. I’m just some college student with a blog, who grew up in the era of persistently uploading amvs as quickly as youtube could take them down, so here’s what I actually think:

I guess it’s not actually all that surprising, considering how many companies are involved in the making of this show, and therefore the army of lawyers trailing behind. On the other hand it’s actually really surprising: as recently as last month zagtoon was taking such a thorough “blind eye” policy to fanworks that Thomas Astruc was contributing to a ML fanzine being sold to raise money for charity.

Not to mention that in the years I’ve been in the amv community, I’ve pretty much never seen a show’s fanvideos ordered taken down as thoroughly as these seem to be. Full episodes or long clips, sure, but it was basically always music copyright holders making the demands for the takedown of an AMV. From what I understand these takedown notices have been going to everyone from ML music videos to dubbed fan comics. That last part is the one still rocking my boat a little; technically youtube is earning ad revenue from videos that contain copyrighted characters, yes, but I’ve never seen anything like the takedown notices for that kind of video. If anyone else has been in a fandom where fanart/dubbed comics got a cease and desist, or just wants to talk about it, send me a message at @televisiontelepath, I’m super curious if something equivalent has happened before.

Imo it’s also just a dumb move, since youtube is a huge part of how fandoms are built. That is the arena where shows build fanbases; it’s the discovery location for the kind of people with enough money to buy serious amounts of merch, have a big enough audience that they can introduce a ton of other people to the property, and not to mention make it big enough that it trickles down to reach the target audience.

I would love it if people wanted to throw in their two cents on what may’ve led to the change in stance. Again, send me an ask or message at @televisiontelepath, clearly this is something I wanna talk out, because right now my brain is just a big ball of ?????

…So I mentioned up at the top that I grew up in the era of people aggressively uploading and reuploading AMVs as quickly as they could be taken down, and I maybe still identify with that mindset. I’ve got a whole internal rant on the free exchange of ideas and art, not to mention the purely capitalistic fact that youtube is where I first heard every single song I’ve ever bought (and also where I discovered most shows I fell in love with), but more importantly:

Who’d be down for it if I created a fanvideo aggregation tumblr? Everyone starts to upload their ladybug fan videos to tumblr’s video player, I make a blog to archive them and make them more easily visible, everybody wins! a fanblog born out of spite is as good as any other

-Mod tT