i wanted to try to animate something with a background

art goals for 2017

i saw @incaseyouart make a post like this and i wanted to put a list together myself too just to get myself more motivated!

- do more digital art (and practice with clip studio paint since i recently got it)

- make new prints and hopefully start making buttons, charms and stickers to sell in an online shop (speaking of which i’ll add it here: open a shop on either storenvy or tictail!)

- work on anatomy, poses and expressions more

- try to keep a diverse sketchbook?

- animate something 

- put together a good portfolio 

- make more full drawings

- practice backgrounds (use irl image references) , hands, and realism 

- work more with watercolors (get new ones that are actually decent) and maybe try gouache at some point?

- stay organized with the artwork i need to get finished and manage my time + commissions in a way that i don’t stress myself 

1000+ Followers Art Raffle :0!

Hey guys! somehow this blog has reached over 1000 followers???? (???????) so to celebrate and show thanks to all of you, I’m having an art raffle.

First Place: 1-3 full body characters, full color+shading, and a background

Second Place: 1 full body character, full color+shading, simple background

Third Place: 1 character bust, full color+shading, no background

Fourth Place: 1 character bust, flat color, no background

Fifth Place: 1 character bust, no color, no background

-To enter all you have to do is reblog and/or like this post and be following me (multiple reblogs do count, but try not to spam your followers!)

-I’m pretty much open to drawing anything except animals bc I’m terrible at that (but if u want a character with like cat ears or something thats fine) 

-The prize does not have to be bts related, you can chose whatever your little heart desires

The Raffle will end this Saturday 6pm EST! and again, thank you guys <33

Peridot is trying to help Lapis with being near water and going into the ocean again, and pointing out all of the cool things she sees.

This is the first time drawing the gems not in human form on this blog… how did I go this long?

I am very happy with how this turned out! (Minus the background, but that’s because I don’t know how to make fitting backgrounds on TV Paint yet)

I know I said yesterday I was working on a picture of them, but I got distracted and wanted to animate something, since it’s been a while. This took way more time than I expected.

Anywaaays. This is for @lapidot-love. I’m one of the members or the group and wanted to draw fanart as soon as possible for it! Anyone who likes the ship, can draw, and would like to join in, message the admin of the group  @spacemonkeymafia42

I’m still working on that other picture, but I’m going to put it on the back burner for a while.


I’ll probably be taking about 10-15 commissions. Please reblog this even if you aren’t ordering, I’m in desperate need of money right now. ^-^“

What I’m Willing To Draw:

  • NSFW Stuff & Gore, Original Characters, You, Celebrities, Your Friends, Animals, Just About Anything tbh

What I Won’t Draw:

  • Wings
  • That’s literally it
  • Just wings


  • Prices are listed above for each type of drawing. Simple backgrounds are included at no extra charge.
  • Complicated posing may cost a few dollars more.
  • Want something not mentioned in the pictures above? Email me and we can try to work something out :)
  • I will only accept payment through PayPal and it must be done upfront. You will be refunded if your commission is not finished by the date I give you when I accept your commission.
  • TO CELEBRATE BADLANDS… Halsey can be added to your drawing if you request me to add her. Each drawing of Halsey will be different and can be posed however you’d like. (Let me know what hairstyle/color you want her to have, if you want her in your drawing)


  • Want to commission me? Awesome! Title your email something like "Commission” or something creative idk. In your email, please include your name, a link to your blog, one or more reference pictures for what you want drawn, how you want it drawn (chibi, traditional sketch, portrait, something not listed). Also, if you want Halsey in the drawing, please tell me.
  • I reserve the right to turn away a commission if I so choose. I probably won’t turn you away, but I’m throwing that out there just in case I do.
  • I will not start your commission until I receive payment, sorry.
  • If I accept your commission, please feel free to ask for updates! It may take me a little while to reply, though. :)

My art email (please only email if it’s about a commission): artist.claire.james@gmail.com
If your commission is accepted, I’ll email you my PayPal email :)