i wanted to try to animate something with a background

I’m not dead just ridiculously busy with moving and whatnot!! I haven’t had the chance to draw in months and it almost started to physically hurt not to be able to draw so my resolution: to use the time i could be sleeping to animate 8,D

Got dem Sailor Moon feels back from marathoning all the newest musicals and crying at the beauty that is Yuuga Yamato as Mamoru Chiba.

hello everyone, i’m looking for people/person making music for a small collabo. i’ll be making a short animation and i’ll gladly animate something with your music playing in the background, in exchange to use your music in my animation, with credits of course. it’s nothing big, just a project for school and i’m not good with animation, but i want to try my best? so if you’re making music and you’re ok with me making some kind of video clip for it, send me links to your bandcamps, soundclouds or direct link to a song fitting requirements and soon i’ll contact you if i chose you! [more info after this little casting]requirements: it needs to be about 2-3 minutes long [if it’s above 3 minutes it’s cool too, but no longer than 4 mins], and of course it has to be your own music and you’re willing to let me use it, and god only knows how it’s gonna end.i’m waiting for your music until october 17th.please note that i probably won’t have time to answer and thank everyone for sending stuff, i’ll be busy enough listening to EVERYTHING, and i’m sure i’ll like more than just one song, but i can chose only one… so right away: thank you all for your ‘applications’ : P thanks guys        


Finally the video is done, after trying so hard to post these animations as GIFS … :’)

So baby pigeons loves to follow people and get noticed … even if you are really busy !! They will wait ! 

So it was an exercice I love to do when I don’t have much ideas, I take a photo and then I try to animate a little story on it … that mostly ends with birds bouncing !

In this case I wanted to take an illustration (I didn’t made the background, Ghibli’s studio made) and I used it to animate, I wanted to have something that was like an anime and a cartoon in the same time !

Many of you asked me if I could animate something with another program for a change (especially on the post when I talk about this “OH SO” talented pro animator telling me that I was wasting my time drawing on a DSi and that the program I use “censored”, well I hope this guy will see this and understand what passion is before money !) 

And I wanted to say that, I do animate the same way as I animate on my DSi, good or bad programs doesn’t exists, you have to find the program that will help you the most ! 

I used TVPaint to make this animation, the song is Flower Field-Kirby epic Yarn ^u^

Now some translations :)

“Mais … ils sont trop mignons !” means “But … they are so cute !!”

For a boy it’s “mignon” and for a girl it’s “mignonne”

This boy is cute - ce garçon est mignon

This girl is cute - cette fille est mignonne

voila ! Thank you for all of your advice to downloading the colored GIFS, I’ll try next time ^^


Heya! Mimi here to tell you an… Important change in my… art?? Now that the feelings storm is over, I’m going to explain in calm.

As you may all know, I’m Muslim.

Oh… You don’t? Well, now you know. And if you got a problem with that, keep your mean and rude comment for you and just block. It’s way quicker and nicer for all. If you don’t got a problem with that, thank you so much for accepting me as I am.

So, I learned today that, religiously, I’m not allowed to draw animated things like humans, animals, bugs… I still can draw natures, objects and all. And don’t go to fast! I accepted it. To be honest, I knew it was bad for a long time now but I always ignored it. But nowadays, I try to be a better person and move on, even if I have to stop something I love. I’m actually having a fight with myself to convince to stop (and I’m winning).

Yes, you might have understand it now, I won’t continue a lot of my project such as my comic, some animations and other WIPs.

BUT!!! I still going to draw some stuff. I wanted to practice backgrounds, it’s a great opportunity!

Don’t think its a bad thing. Don’t think that my religion is being an obstacle, no, not at all!! Once again, I accepted it and it’s maybe hard for me now but I’ll live with that.

*whispers* If you disagree with my decision, that’s okay, I’ll understand, but I won’t go back to change it. I won’t change my mind.

NOW YOU KNOW!! Now, you’re warned! It’s a little change but it’s good for me even if it doesn’t seem to.

But, hey! I’m still me! I’m still Mimi! So nothing really change!

Thank you for understanding!

And sorry if you waiting something from me *coughjackieboymancomiccough*!

PS: I’m trying to improve my English and writing to start writing fanfiction!!


Ugh, when I saw the Family Therapist clip I just had to do something X”D I wanted to draw a poster but I wanted to see the whole episode first in order to do it properly. So, I thought “Oh! Let me try story-boarding slash animating even tho I don’t know how the hell to do it!!” And so I ended up with this ; w ;” I drew the backgrounds and characters in PaintToolSai and animated it by using Photoshop @ w @ )/

I also LOVE Dr. Wong’s design D”X Like she is so adorable I swear!!!

CSBB Artist Spotlight: clockadile

Today’s Captain Swan Big Bang Spotlight features @clockadile!

What kinds of artwork do you make?

Drawing, painting and animation.

What’s your favorite thing about creating artwork?

Always having new questions to solve. It’s weirdly both frustrating and relaxing at the same time when something stumps me like a shadow or a hand not looking right and then I get into this hyper focused mode where it’s nice to just be concentrating on one thing. I mean I might still swear under my breath but it’s fun.

What’s one of your greatest strengths when it comes to creating artwork?

Well damn uhh… I’m always so focused on what I want to improve on next that I don’t think as much about what I’m good at. Those are solved problems. I don’t have to think about them! But I’ve made a lot of progress on my lighting lately and I’m pretty proud of that.

What’s something you’ve always wanted to try your hand at, but haven’t had a chance yet?

Art wise or general life stuff? General life stuff I’d like to go surfing one day. Art wise, I want to try using a fully hinged stop motion rig like they use at Laika studios.

If you participated in the first Captain Swan Big Bang, what was the experience like for you? What are you looking forward to this time around?

I really enjoyed working on blessed-but-distress’s fantastic noir styled fic, “A Lost Boy’s Guide to Hollywood.” Fitting a style to the story gave me a chance to really push myself to go bolder on my contrasts between light and dark and there was always something new to inspire me every chapter. I’m especially happy with my chapter 2 art of Emma pinning a mark to the ground. That scene was a lot of fun to read and to draw. It’s easy to fall into the habbit of drawing people not really doing anything. Getting great scenes like that brings more character action and story into my own work. I’m looking forward to doing all that again.


It’s my most recent one and after having a lot of fun doing Emma all brightly lit I wanted to try more Killian backlit. It’s not something I’ve done with colour too much before and I was really happy I managed to get that darker side but also keep the colours warm and vibrant. 

Second Artwork: (CLICK GIF FOR FULL SET)

Remember that one time I animated a fanfic? Yea that was cool. Maybe I’ll do it again sometime. ;)


I’m just really happy with how the expressions came out and the simple background setting. And I feel like I got a really nice stylization going for Emma’s face that simplifies the shape but still feels like Emma.

Check out clockadile on Tumblr

Hi guys! I’m going to try something different here by opening animation commissions for the summer!

The prices below are based from the length of 1 to 2 seconds. (around 10-24 drawn frames or depending how complex the action is)

If you want anything longer or shorter or simple looped, the prices can be adjusted. Payment is through Paypal invoice in USD (yengmadayag@gmail.com). I must be paid in full before I start your commission.

You can message me your descriptions here on tumblr or through email: yengmadayag@gmail.com

Flat color with gradient: $40

Clean line no color: $35

Sketchy line no color: $25

Add a still background: +$10

Add animated background: +$20

(My only limitations so far are mechanics, some animals, and nsfw.) Please read terms and conditions for additional info ^_^ 

This is my (first?) submission for the Bendy and the Ink Machine Chapter 4 Fan Art Contest.

Everyone seems to be drawing posters, and those seem to be very popular for these art contests. However, I feel like I wanted to try something different. I wanted to try and draw a cartoon in the works, so I drew an animator’s desk. I feel like at this point, this is what one of the animators’ desks would look like at this point. I came up with a scene, background, animation cels, even a script! I am very proud of how this turned out! I hope you all like it!                                                                                                                                            

art goals for 2017

i saw @incaseyouart make a post like this and i wanted to put a list together myself too just to get myself more motivated!

- do more digital art (and practice with clip studio paint since i recently got it)

- make new prints and hopefully start making buttons, charms and stickers to sell in an online shop (speaking of which i’ll add it here: open a shop on either storenvy or tictail!)

- work on anatomy, poses and expressions more

- try to keep a diverse sketchbook?

- animate something 

- put together a good portfolio 

- make more full drawings

- practice backgrounds (use irl image references) , hands, and realism 

- work more with watercolors (get new ones that are actually decent) and maybe try gouache at some point?

- stay organized with the artwork i need to get finished and manage my time + commissions in a way that i don’t stress myself 

Peridot is trying to help Lapis with being near water and going into the ocean again, and pointing out all of the cool things she sees.

This is the first time drawing the gems not in human form on this blog… how did I go this long?

I am very happy with how this turned out! (Minus the background, but that’s because I don’t know how to make fitting backgrounds on TV Paint yet)

I know I said yesterday I was working on a picture of them, but I got distracted and wanted to animate something, since it’s been a while. This took way more time than I expected.

Anywaaays. This is for @lapidot-love. I’m one of the members or the group and wanted to draw fanart as soon as possible for it! Anyone who likes the ship, can draw, and would like to join in, message the admin of the group  @spacemonkeymafia42

I’m still working on that other picture, but I’m going to put it on the back burner for a while.


alright so here’s the rub guys…i literally have 0 dollars. i’m a broke college student and i’m already paying up all the money i’ve got to lessen some of my student loans and it’s only been 2 months since i’ve been here //sobs wildly…also i’d love to be able to have some extra money to support other artists out there yup.

so i’ve decided to open up official paypal commissions! i know it can be kind of frustrating when artists do just real money commissions since not everyone is able to pay for that, but it would really help out! so here’s all the info!

$5 for a mayor bust

$5 for a mayor reference (includes mayor name, town name, and anything else you want me to add! just ask!)

$6 for a full body chibi

$10 for two mayors/mayor + resident

+$2 for every villager or npc character you want added to any of the above! (or you could just do $2 for a drawing of a single villager)

Here’s more examples if you need them! (careful tho, there’s a bunch of random doodles in there too lmao)

More very important info below the cut~

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Opening up for commissions again xAx;!!

Open! If you found this page ahead of time, feel free to contact me for commissions!


1) Have clear reference of your character. I do not work off of vague descriptions. If you have no reference, you can always show me images that are similar to your character idea. I need something visual to work off, whether it’s a pic of your Neopet or an image of an anime character who looks like your character.

2) Give me a general description of the sort of background you want and any sort of animations you might want to see in the artwork. I do very simple animations, so please try to keep the request simple. I am most comfortable with nature backgrounds if that is of any use to know.

3) You must pay me in advance, I put a lot of work into these pieces and do not want my time to go to waste. I will not go looking for you to pay for the artwork. That being said, let me know what is the best way to reach you once I finish your commission, such as a tumblr account, or your email.

4) Please have patience! I can not stress this enough, I may take 1-4 weeks to send you the finished artwork. Many factors may be added to how long it takes, such as me working on a commission before getting to yours, or coming up with ideas. Feel free to inquire on the status at anytime but please have patience your artwork will get done.

5) I will post the finished artworks on my blog as I complete them. I will also tell you were your slot place is on my list so you have a general idea of when I will get to your commission.

Anyway, that’s about it! Please send me a message if you’re interested in commissioning me:: LINK

Submit all reference and details such as background info and animation requests to be submissions:: LINK

That’s about it =D!! Thank you for reading this wall of text lol!


I’m opening up commissions!!

Cool, okay, so first thing’s first, all of these prices are negotiable. Depending on what exactly you want, the price may go up or down slightly. This is just a basic menu of what kind of stuff I offer and ballpark prices. ALSO, You can check my Art Tag for more examples!!


  • Prices can vary from around $5-$10 depending on bust/waist-up/full-body
  • Solid, basic flat coloring
  • Sketchy, messy lines (its a sketch after all)
  • Solid color background
  • +$2 per extra character

Lineart + Cell Shading

  • Prices could range from $10-$15 depending on bust/waist-up/full-body
  • Solid colors and basic cell shading/cell shading with gradient
  • Clean, Solid lines. Thin/Thick lines depending on what you want.
  • Simple 2-3 color background, but could negotiate something more complex depending on what you’re willing to pay.
  • +$4 per extra character

Lineart + Painted

  • Could be around $18-$23 depending on bust/waist-up/full-body
  • Detailed, Painting style coloring
  • Clean, Solid lines
  • Simple or Painted background, depending on what you want.
  • +$8 per extra character

Lineless Painting

  • Pretty much $30 is going to be the price you get, there’s not a lot to negotiate with this one
  • Only willing to do busts, as this is a very time consuming style
  • Lineless, but crisp and clean edges
  • semi/realistic coloring, extremely detailed features
  • Simple, painted background, or something a little more, but theres not a lot you can do with the background of a bust.
  • No extra characters! sorry

Alright! That’s pretty much all the info on the pieces themselves. A few rules, though:

  • I can’t really draw machines or cars or anything, but if you really want, i can TRY, just be warned it might not be great.
  • SAME WITH ANIMALS/FURRIES I can try but it might not exactly be good.
  • of course if i don’t finish it you dont have to pay BUT
  • You don’t have to pay until I finish it, but you WILL have to pay BEFORE I post it/send it to you
  • I will always ask permission before posting publicly! You’re buying the art from me so if you don’t want it public it WON’T BE!

Also, I have no job and no car and can’t drive and I’m basically leeching off my girlfriend’s family so I’d like to be able to give back a little!! Please help me earn some money by boosting this :^)

If you’d like to commission me, Please send me an ASK or a FANMAIL and we can discuss there or I can give you my skype or whatever you’re comfortable with.

I’ll disclose the paypal email and stuff once payment is due, don’t worry about it until then! Thanks guys!! Please buy my art!!!

Hello! I’m Willim, and I’m dirt poor! My current source of income isn’t very stable and I have bills to pay and medicine to buy so I would like to DRAW, for YOU!!!

You will recieve two copies of the finished commission, one low-res (72 dpi) and one high-res (600 dpi) (or for pixel art, 100% and 400% zoom). If you want traditional art I can send the original to you if you pay for any eventual shipping costs.

I will not draw porn (nudity is just fine!) or straight up offensive things. Other than that I’m fine with drawing most about anything, furries fanart blood etc everything, just make sure to provide good refs!! Please take a look at my art tag or twitter for more examples of my art.

I don’t have much experience with drawing animals or mechanical things but I’m very willing to try! If you want something with a detailed background, let’s talk about it - since it will take me more time I’ll charge a bit extra.

Payment via paypal only! And since I really need the money, I won’t start on your commission before I recieve payment!

Five slots for starters!


If you’re interested or have any questions, send me an ask or email me at snailoiler@gmail.com ! Reblogs are very appreciated! Thank you! Have a good day!


Hey! I’m opening up commissions so I can get a little money! I can draw animals (including dragons, griffons, etc.) and pokemon, but I could try humans or ferals. My paypal is holly.koonzoo@yahoo.com

Something around this quality. +$3 per character added.

Can be made transparent so you could color it yourself. However, do not claim the lineart as your own. +$5 per character added

Flat colors! Can be transparent to put on your blog or whatever you want to do with it. +$8 per added characters.

Can be transparent. Add a simple background for $3, +$8 for added characters. 

I can also do icons! 7$, add a simple background for $2

Be sure to contact me on here if you would like to commission me. Payment first is preferred.