i wanted to try something new... but i failed


january 15, 2017 — hmmm on that last page you can see me trying a new style (and failing badly i mean its really messy ahhh) but i’ve made it a resolution to do something different this year since i wasn’t very satisfied with how the clean and minimal spread was looking ;; but!! i also want to post pics of my art as well, especially how messy my desk gets when im doing art jafsdkf ah, some of the lettering (”softly and tenderly”) was inspired by @studyrose !! ;’-)

my studygram!

Can't get to the wifi login page? Browse to!

Sometimes (all the time) when I connect to my office wifi network or a public hotspot I end up failing to retrieve the login page for one reason or another. Sometimes my browser’s auto-redirect tries to hit the internet for instruction on how to handle the new network and fail miserably.

By browsing to “” I just about always get redirected to the network’s login page. Since I’m not trying to hit something outside the network the redirect happens inmediately. Then I’m free to look at all the porn I need to!

Note that if you go to and it brings you to an insecure router control panel you probably don’t want to be on that public network.

I did it! Fanart of Guang Hong Ji. I wanted to try something new and new brushes. In the end I don’t like so much how it turned out. It is a 50%50 fail - but I had also fun and understood things so it’s okay. If you see your error you can become better :D!!


also lol at trying to draw dads sourins like making them look middle aged-ish is so hard I failed but OH WELL

Spontaneity fails me.

In creating this blog, I originally created it as a secondary to my personal one which for now is not something I want. So it is now 3:30am because I’ve spent the last 2 hours trying to figure out solutions. The best solution was to just delete the original one and start over. So I’m sorry @secretschuylersister my only follower from before all of this happened, but technology was not on my side this evening. 

In other news, I’ve started writing a Lin x Reader. It’ll be rough, but we’ll figure it out. Give me a few days or so to finish it and then gather the confidence to post it.  

CARYL… cuz I haven’t drawn them in a long time and I wanted to try these new brushes out! I’ve missed a few fanart challenges from uss-caryl so I figured some Caryl art wouldn’t hurt. Also, I love drawing them! They are both so lovely. Tried to channel some alicexz style into it but I failed.

It’s my new years resolution to draw more! I’m going to draw a least SOMETHING once a week. How about that? Maybe I can finally finish 21 Shades of Cas…

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[this was @marswithghosts‘ idea. inspired by this moment from check, please!]

Bitty stands at the counter in the Providence kitchen, mixing dough, when he hears Jack pad up behind him, stocking feet near silent on the hardwood.

“Hey, honey,” Bitty says, smiling at the bowl in front of him as Jack’s arms slide around him.  Bitty pushes back into him, welcoming the warmth of Jack’s chest along his shoulders, of Jack’s breath against his neck.  Jack kisses just behind his ear, a spot that never fails to make Bitty shiver, and Bitty tilts his head to give him more space.  “Enjoy your nap?”

Jack hums against him, nuzzling.  “Would’ve enjoyed it more if you’d stayed.”

Bitty had tried, really, but there’d been an itch under his skin only baking could scratch.  “I know.  I wanted to try something with this new pecan pie recipe.”

A kiss pressed lower on Bitty’s neck, then behind his ear again.  His earlobe caught between Jack’s teeth in a gentle nip.  Bitty yelps and laughs and pushes back into Jack, happy to be here in Providence in their home–it’s theirs, even if Bitty doesn’t live there full-time yet–with Jack pressed against his back, perfect and–

“Pecan,” Jack says, voice low and rough and–

Bitty stops stirring.  “Pecan.”

Jack’s lips brush his ear.  “Pecan.”

“I understand that you think you’re right, Mr. Zimmermann, but the fact of the matter is you’re wro–oh!”

He should be annoyed that Jack can pick him up so easily, that Jack has found all the places on his ribs where he’s most ticklish.

Mostly Bitty can’t stop laughing long enough to care.


if it was you, everything would make sense.

The post I made yesterday and the responses it received got me thinking about the state of the Yogscast.

I can’t support the Yogscast as a company any more. Too much has happened that I don’t agree with. This isn’t to say that I hate everyone involved with the Yogs; that’s far from the truth. But as a company it has failed me, and every time I hear something new about it all I can see is it sliding towards its collapse. And you know what? I hope it does. I want it to disintegrate so something new can be pulled from the ashes. So let me get up on my soapbox for a minute here and offer some practical suggestions for how I hope things might be improved in the future.

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But, what if you can?

As her BOTM, Harmony ( mybigfatfitlife ) invited me to write a post about something I’m passionate about. I considered a few different things – keto, yoga, Jazzercise, being a carb addict … but, honestly, I feel like I’ve talked about those a lot in the past, so I thought I’d talk about something different that I’ve grown more and more passionate about on this journey:


When faced with new challenges or opportunities, so many of us first think: “What if I try and fail?” or “What if I can’t do it?”

I want to challenge you all to change that question to: 


I missed so many opportunities in my life to try new things, to have fun with friends, to explore and find adventure, because I was always afraid I would fail. I had to be perfect at everything, and if it was outside my comfort zone, if I had never tried it before – at home where I could fail alone – then I would decline.

To this day I don’t know if I can roller-skate, because I wouldn’t try it at the friend’s skating birthday party I went to when I was about 10. I didn’t have skates at home that I could use to try it there first, to practice first by myself, so I wouldn’t try it out in public for the first time with an uncertain outcome. I might fail. I might look like a fool. 

This need to be perfect, this fear of failing, has held me back and cut me off from many experiences in my life.  But I’m changing this outlook. It’s a bit late, but better late than never! 

If you see someone being brave, trying something new and adventurous, what do you think about them?  Do you wish you were that brave? What if they fail? Do you really think any less of them for trying? I’m gonna say the answer to that is ‘no’. We admire people who put themselves out there, who try new things, who embrace adventure, who make themselves vulnerable to ridicule, who don’t even have a comfort zone. 

Be that person! Take the leap. Take the job that frightens you. Take the trip the scares you. Start your own business. Pack up and move to France if that’s what you want to do! Follow your dreams, live your life outside your comfort zone.


A better question is: What is worth doing even if you fail?

Following your dreams, living without regrets, never wondering 'what if’. Whatever that means for you, THAT is what is worth doing even if you fail. Failure is not the end. Failures are stepping-stones to success. No successful person ever got there without many failures paving their way. Allow yourself to fail. Learn. Grow. Laugh. Try again. 


The next time you find yourself afraid of some new opportunity — be it a skating party or a 5k race or a yoga class or a job offer that would require you to move to Japan for two years or the chance to study abroad — WHATEVER IT IS that makes you wonder: "But, what if I fail?” I challenge you to turn that around and ask yourself: “What if I succeed?”





If you’d like to explore this idea more, I urge you to read the book:

Daring Greatly: How the Courage to Be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent, and Lead” by Brene Brown

Something I've been thinking about writing once I update love hurts but it doesn't have to and it started with a phone call.

AU where Barry isn’t the flash. He’s just a CSI.
A CSI who always without fail finds the one thing that always manages to get Len busted. Len has always prided himself on leaving no evidence until Barry Frickin Allen decided it was his life mission to take him down. And at first Len hated the guy wanted him gone. Until he realized Barry made things. Interesting. Len noticed himself working harder trying new ways to outsmart the Clever CSI. He even leaves a note at the next scene. Just for Barry. “Catch me if you can” It becomes a game and Barry won’t even deny he likes the thrill. Knowing he’s one of the few who can get Leonard Snart riled up enough. So Barry leaves his own message. He leaves it at a Bar that Leonard’s known to frequent. The bartender just giving him a small smile taking the note. Later when Leonard reads it and laughs quietly to himself the bartender smiles at him too. Leonard looks back at the note. “You keep leaving clues you won’t be hard to catch see ya soon.” the kid had balls he’d give him that.

That quote is so real

There is legit no such thing as the perfect time or when you’ll never have any anxiety trying something new or going for what you want or just putting yourself out there in any aspect

The best things in my life that were the most significant growing experiences for me were when I had no idea if I was gonna succeed or fail at it and I was also scared as fuck

Acknowledging the inevitability of fear but doing it anyway is the only way you grow

I drew this for martininamerica I wanted to try and emulate Takahasi’s style when drawing Martin\LK into it… But I failed in my opinion. There is still some blank space to where I might draw in some more yugioh characters.

I’ve been feeling quite down lately with a lot that’s been going on in my life, and it sort of has put me into a rut.

But I started to laugh again when watching Yugioh Abridged, i didn’t know that the new episode (64) came out a few weeks ago, I just watched it today.

And I found myself wanting to draw something that could convey how I was feeling…

Ok so Tea sort of said it!! “When you’re out there, no matter how hard it gets, you’ll know that you’re not alone.” And yes I sort of edited that line to fit… Because not everything can be solved by card games.

And for the problems that can’t be solved by card games… I know that it does get better.

Chain Reaction [ Demo ]
  • Chain Reaction [ Demo ]
  • Mia ( me obv )

Love you, hate you, let you go, I try, I fail, run back to you

get over it, you said it, too, can’t keep myself from wanting you



Long story short: Chain Reaction by Diana Ross was one of my favourite songs when I was a child but I always thought it would sound even nicer with different chords. It’s been a while and I picked up a draft of a cover/new version/completely new song that’s only roughly inspired by the original. The lyrics tell a different story, and basically, it’s something completely else, but then again, a tribute - anyway, listen to it! I hope you like it!!!