i wanted to try out new types of coloring

Do you remember “The Hourglass Game“? 🐙🌷❤ She’s from my Spilled Milk exhibition back in 2013! 😄 I wanted to share her for this weeks #throwbackthursday! 😊 I wanted to try something different than my usual color palettes and compositions, so I went outside the box with this one! 🎨🖌 The outcome was my first attempt and breaking down the girl’s figure. I wanted to portray a certain mood so I used deeper colors in the background and tried some slash-like dripping effects! 🖤❤️ It was really fun to try something opposite of what I would normally make! 😆 She serves as a reminder to push myself to try new things while painting because you never know what the outcome may be! 😉💖 I even made her one of the images you can choose in my new Custom Print Shop on store.camilladerro.com! 😁 I have over 50 images you can choose as well as what paper type and size! 😀Whatever choices you want, I’ll make it and send it to you! 💌💕 Please check it out ☺ and make sure have a great morning cuties!

ASTRO for Harper’s Bazaar Korea May 2017 Issue - JinJin

Who made up the name ‘JinJin’ for you?
My face looks like a puppy’s. I was reading a webtoon titled <Jin Jin Evolution*> where a Korean Jindo is the protagonist and then one day Moonbin started calling me like that. Everyone was calling me by my nickname, “JinJin hyung, JinJin hyung” but it ended up really becoming my stage name (laughs).

You’re the oldest and also the leader in your team but you were chosen as the member who cries the most.
I think I’ve cried at every single concert or fan meeting we’ve held until now. The tears just come to me when I think about my parents. To be honest, my dad had a great influence on how I ended up doing music. He played the drums as his hobby and I started learning with him then. Since my 5th year of elementary school, I played the drums for about 5 years and then as I learnt the guitar and dance, I naturally dream of (becoming) who I am now.

I heard everyone personally writes their own rap, what do you have drafted in your notes lately?
(Looking through the notes in his handphone) Can I rap it? (laughs) “A lot of things have happened, being together was fun, you look prettier the more I look at you that I wandered around feeling flustered” (You have to read it rhythmically!) The content is about not wanting to be friends just for that day and wanting the relationship to progress into lovers. It’s not my own story, I’m usually the sort to gain a lot of ideas through movies (laughs).

Who’s a rapper that you like the most?
Big Sean! (On this day, as soon as JinJin heard Big Sean’s Moves loudly playing on the filming site, he gave up his sandwich, dashed out from the dressing room and started to move along with the rhythm.) Opposed to a low tone tight rap, I think the style of completely warming up your voice and then being able to easily go into a high tone rap is really cool.

I heard that you collect colognes and shoes.
Rather than liking just one thing, my personality itself tends to look our for new things. Hairstyles, clothes, colognes, I’m the type to quickly get sick of something so I like to gather this and that. Even with my shoes, I collect one model in different colors. With my rapidly growing interest in fashion, I’m daringly challenging myself to try fancy things and what stands out. Lately, I like matching my dress code to my shoes.

Now that you mention it, you’re wearing black trainers and a black shirt today too.
It’s a pair of trainers that I really wanted to own and the fans gifted it to me. I’m really thankful. I’m always wiping them with tissues and being careful when I wear them (laughs).

*Not the official English title

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Commissions: CLOSED

Update 7/8/16:

Opening these up again because I am quite in needs of funds this month.  Also added a new icon type style!  Free to use as an icon wherever you want.  Will be 1000x1000px so you can resize down to fit your needs.

(Sorry again for the blurry…thought I had it figured out :\ no matter what I try nothing fixes it lol.)


Detailed black and white digital sketches- Like the ones above for $50 per character (fullbody). More examples herehere and here.  I’d also welcome hip and ups for $45 and busts for $40.  

Detailed colored digital sketches- Like above for $75 per character (fullbody).  Hip ups are $65 and busts are $50.

NEW: Floral Avatars- Bottom example above for $40 per icon.  Can be yourself or a personal character, and you may select one flower type.  Sale: Matching set for $75 (limit 2 icons per set). CLOSED

TO NOTE: These are meant to be quick so no WIPS or drastic revisions.

People, animals, etc welcomed; No copyright characters; No mega adult-centered content (keep it PG13).  (Additional charges apply if the character is detailed/ needs design/ you want extra)

Contact me at denaewsketch@gmail.com with “B+W Sketch Commission” in the title, references to your character, and your tumblr/insta/twitter username somewhere if you’re interested, thanks!

Anything helps, thanks! Reblogs on this post would be most appreciated ✌ 


I noticed that I had all the right colors for a Rowlet plush today so I could not help but to start right away. So here are my WIP Rowlet plush. I wanted to try out a few different eye and mouth styles for the plush because i think its expressions are so cute! 

The mouth for one will be open and the other closed, I am just having a hard time choosing at the moment XD

Here’s to the new pokemon Gen! 

sunsetfields  asked:

Have you ever considered getting a pixie cut? Or do you like to keep your hair at the same length?

You bet I have! I would love to get a pixie cut. It just is, unfortunately, probably not a smart move for me at the moment. I’ve waxed about this on twitter before, but in my line of work, changing one’s appearance is not just a thing you can do for fun—it’s a real decision you have to make. I would have to clear that with my reps, get new headshots, and be ready to be put in a different category for the types of roles I’m ready to play. It’s just often an expensive and laborious process. Sometimes it’s good—when I went red, a whole new world opened up to me. But nobody really knew who I was then so it didn’t really matter so much. But yeah, I hope to try that out someday. I want to try all the hair colors and styles!

And I’m not really keeping it at the same length. I’m actually trying to grow it out at the moment.