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a tfln of the missus, gem and Anne on a girls date with newborn p and the missus sending pics to harry with updates of their day and her adventures

Harry. Missus.

Are you out of bed?

You lazy fuck.

Sod off.

I’ve been awake since you left me this morning.

I didn’t say awake… 

Have you gotten out of bed today?

I miss you both. Especially my little lady. I don’t like it when you take her away from me… She’s so tiny. I want to enjoy her.

Can you come home now?

Stop changing the subject.

Are you still in bed? Or do I have to come and pull you out by your ankles?


I’m folding the clean laundry.

That’s so hot.

You like it when I do some domestic dad stuff?

Hell yeah.

Are you in your towel?

Butt. Naked.


My towel was too wet to dry myself with once I got out the shower… so… I’m just completely naked.


That’s SO hot.

It’s a shame 6 weeks isn’t up yet…

What would you do if 6 weeks were up?

I’d have to leave Persephone with your mum and Gem…

Yeah? What else?

I’d have to come home and sort that situation right out…

What would you do?

Stick a towel on you…

Awww, what?

I’m kidding.

If 6 weeks were up, me and you would be in bed right now. We’d have a sleeping newborn in her bed and we’d be going through orgasms like there’s no tomorrow.

Till you’ve milked me dry?

You’re damn right.

Only 3 more weeks.

What are you up to anyway? Except giving me a sore boner that;s about to pop…

We’re sat in a pub garden for a lunch. I’m just about to feed Persephone, too. Your mum and Gem just ordered us some food.

Make sure none of those pervy guys get a glimpse… As natural as breastfeeding is, I don’t need their dirty eyes ogling over your chest.

So protective you are, huh?

Dad mode is kicking in, Gorgeous. I can’t be there to give the guys a bop on the nose if I see them looking.

A bop, huh?

I’ll knock ‘em out. Your boobs are mine.

Last time I checked, they’re on my chest. My body. 

They’re for my eyes only.

They’re not yours, you tosser.

They’re mine.



And they were just Persephone’s.

“She’s her father’s daughter.” - Your mum.

She’s asleep. Gemma burped her, and she fell asleep, almost immediately.

That’s literally you. She’s you.

You fell asleep on the sofa after dinner the other day.

I was tired!

We had a bad night with her and I was exhausted.

She’s very you.

I would hope so.

Your beauty. 

But, she’s such a daddy’s girl.

I’m hoping our future children are mummy’s babies.

Always going to be mummy’s babies.

You go through the rough stuff.

I do.

It’s all worth it though. Of course.

I’m proud of you. My love for you has no ends anymore. It just keeps going and going and going; peaked the most when you gave birth, I’m telling you.

You’re getting sappy. I don’t want to cry in this pub. Save that for later, okay?

I’ll let you enjoy your lunch then. I’m going to head off into the studio to finish off some last minute songwriting but I’ll pop into Sainsburys on the way home and get us some dinner - how does spaghetti and meatballs sound? We ate mum’s last lasagne the other night. 

Sounds delicious. See you later! x

The Marauders + your period

Just a small preference of how they would be acting BECAUSE TODAY I DIED BC OF HORMONES

To the OP: I hope it’s okay that I used your work, if not please tell me and I’ll remove it. The gif does not belong to me.

Here is the source and this is the artist’s blog

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we went to the beach yesterday, me and lily and lily’s friend thane, who is the first person i’ve met in so long that i could describe as soft-spoken. funny and self-assured in a way that makes you want to shut up for just one second, jesus, liz to hear what he has to say. even when the water is unbearably cold and the wind whips sand into your face, it’s a particular privilege to take a sweating, heaving, rumbling A train to the ocean and eat an empanada and then clamber back up the station stairs to go home.


something destroyed my little fire escape pepper plant while i was out. just last week, the first pale green pepper had appeared, seemingly out of nowhere, a miracle of nature and the montage of weeks of popping through the open window to water the row of terra cotta pots. “it’s our first pepper,” we told each other, laughing, “we made it together”. i’m not embarrassed to tell you that i loved this pepper, and i loved this plant, and i was so sad to find it ruined that i had to take my sandy self to get a new one right away.

which is how i found myself on the way to home depot, looking at the pop-song-pink sunset and thinking about domesticity. about whether the me who had to touch every stream in iceland, who flushed pink every time she thought about kissing another girl, who was just getting started - later than usual, which i think is a facet of bein’ a gay, you get started so late that it feels like you’ve missed out - would be horrified to find me wrists-deep in a bag of potting soil on a saturday night in the greatest city in the world.

but that is the particular combination of love and fear, i think. now i have something to protect, something strange and so good. something that mike pence hates. why wouldn’t i turn inward? why wouldn’t i build a tiny fort and fill it with pepper plants and lamplight? why wouldn’t i retreat, get a little stronger, get ready to take on the whole goddamn world one more time?

We’re on different paths now
And I can’t tell if
I want to keep following this new road
Into a world of new opportunities
And find myself in a happier town
To be rid of your destructive ways
If I want to look back
At the boy I’ve called home for so long
And sprint
As fast as my little legs can take me
Right back into your arms
—  in with the new, running back to the old (m.s)

dad wants to travel to home country 


  • its too dangerous 
  • there are bad people taking over 
  • those bad people know our family… they know we are against them 
  • they can kidnap you..

im so scared for my dad.. i don’t want to lost him…
im about to cry…
when my dad want’s to do something.. he will do it…


I want to go to the zoo, yoshi! I want to see all the cute animals and birds! It would be a really big adventure, yoshi! Imagine telling everyone at home that you’d seen a lion that wasn’t made out of yarn! Or Koopas…. awawawa! I mean, turtles that don’t cause trouble, yoshi!


Maybe if I’m a good little Yoshi, Minder will take me on her next trip! It would be lots of fun, yoshi! I’d learn about animals I’d never even heard about, and see lots of interesting things! Maybe I’ll even see the Red Panda that lives on Minder’s wall, yoshi!

I just want to take a moment to express how truly blessed I feel for the friends and family I have. As many of you know, the past 3 years I’ve been suicidal and dealing with my bipolar, my anxiety and other things. My family treats me better every day and it’s becoming less miserable at home.

I realized just how many people I have who care about me and how many people love and support me. It was until last night that I truly took in how many people care about me.

I feel so grateful for everyone in my life. My friends who have been there for me when I was going through the worst time in my life.my friends who have supported me through so much shit. Everyone here on tumblr, even if we talk once a month, even if we’ve never talked at all but you still support me, I’m grateful for all of you.


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Almond Berry: when r you comin home?

Mama: We miss you dear! [image attachment] The kids went out to the museum so me and your mom went to an art show. They even featured one of my pieces! What do you think?

Chamois Cream: Hey, is something going on? Lilac said you haven’t left much this week.

Chamois Cream: Azalea…I don’t want to do this. I’m worried, but I don’t want to be that guy who wont take no for an answer. As a friend….Let me know if you’re okay.

Chamois Cream: You know how to reach me.  

Mail June 23rd

June 23rd

Good Morning z z

Yesterday before going to bed
I had a rehearsal by myself
for minerva performance today …

after it I was lying on sofa
and playing with my phone…

the air purifier in front of me
is making「 GataGataGata… !! 」voice

it was really scary
just when I finally gathered my courage
to take video of it
the sound dissapeared
haha …(;Д;)lol

The power of lemon

since using this masker
my dry face… and skin …
become very tender and moisture (*°Д°*)

usualy my skin is very dry
sometiimes it become very itchy and rough
so I’m really happy with it

Message …

Before going home yesterday
ayaka said「 here you are 」
and gave me a letter

not just her dance and clavicle that is beautiful
but her words too(´・ω・`)

I also
always been saved by how
cheerful and pure ayaka is
When I’m with ayaka, I always want to take care of her 。

with the letter
we have promised to do a sleep over in my house
I hope it does come true ~(;A;)


I left marks of my evening disasters
on the right arm;
my dominant side.
Why did I write “hate” when
“love” would have cured it?
Why didn’t I scream stay?
All I wanted
was her to be closer.
Realizing too late,
she did care;
she felt and knew.
I let the world tell me
who I had to be and be with.
I drove her away,
forcing her to pack her bags,
and take the old rusty Ford
back home.
She was my care giver…
was to say the least.
She left one object behind.
Almost like she was purposely
leaving a piece of herself
for me to see everyday.
She left her favorite ring.
A simple square cut emerald
built around a gold band.
Her initials were imprinted inside.
I found it in the bathroom,
a place she would have never taken it off.
I still remains in that room
just in case she one day

my name is Stanley Almodovar III
i carry the name of my father and his father before me
i’m twenty-three years young
i dyed my hair saturday but no one got to see it sunday morning
my name is Amanda Alvear
i am twenty-five years young
people know me as a pharmacy tech, the girl who lost almost two hundred pounds, the girl who takes too many selfies
but the only place i was truly myself was where i was that night
my name is Oscar Aracena
i am twenty-six years young
i’m a student at Valencia College
i was so close to getting my degree… so close
my name is Rodolfo Ayala-Ayala
i am thirty-three years young
i am a supervisor at the OneBlood donation center
i never did know if my job was the one who tried to save my life
my name is Capt. Antonio Davon Brown of the U.S. Army Reserve
i am thirty years young
i almost have my doctorate degree of management in organizational leadership
my name is Darryl Roman Burt II
i am twenty-nine years young
i just received my master’s degree in Human Resources Management
tonight, i was celebrating
mi llamo Jonathan Camuy
soy es veinticuatro anos
trabajo en una cadena de televisión española
realmente estaba deseando volver a trabajar el lunes
my name is Angel Luis Candelario-Padro
i am twenty-eight years young
soon, i will be an ophthalmic technician
i cannot wait to begin my new job in a few days
my name is Omar Capo
i am twenty years young
i love to dance
i always said i wanted to die doing what i loved
my name is Simon Carrillo
i am thirty-one years young
my partner and i just came home from a little getaway to Niagara Falls
i was really looking forward to our next vacation together
my name is Luis Daniel Conde
i am thirty-nine years young
my best friend is  Juan Pablo Rivera Velazquez
he’s been by my side since high school
my name is  Juan Pablo Rivera Velazquez
i am twenty-two years young
my best friend is  Luis Daniel Conde
seems only fitting we left this world together
my name is Cory James Connell
i am twenty-one years young
my brother is getting married this fall and i am to be his best man
don’t tell him but i have no idea what to say in my speech
my name is Tevin Eugene Crosby
i am twenty-five years young
i am the owner of a marketing firm, Total Entrepreneurs Concepts
hard work truly does pay off; i can’t wait to share my latest meme with all of my facebook friends when i get home tonight
my name is Anthony Luis Laureano Disla
i am twenty-five years young
i love to dance, i want to be a dancer
tonight, i want to go dancing with my friends
my name is Deonka Deidra Drayton
i am thirty-two years young
for the first time in a long time, i can finally, confidently, say
that i am happy
my name is Leroy Valentin Fernandez
i am twenty-five years young
i love to sing
no matter what happens in life, no one will ever take my voice away from me
my name is Mercedez Marisol Flores
i am twenty-six years young
i am studying literature at Valencia College’s West Campus but my true passion is party planning
i’ve been thinking about switching majors
my name is Peter O. Gonzalez-Cruz
i am twenty-two years young
all i want to do is make people smile
i’ve always thought that laughter could cure anything
my name is Paul Terrell Henry
i am forty-young years young
i am the proud father of two amazing kids and i have the most magnificent boyfriend
i cannot thank god enough for all of my blessing
my name is Frankie Hernandez
i am twenty-seven years young
i have a little sister, she’s one of my best friends
i cannot wait to see the person she becomes when she grows up
my name is Miguel Angel Honorato
i am thirty years young
i have three sons who i love more than life itself
i hope they will enjoy what i have planned for the next birthday party
my name is Jimmy De Jesús
i am fifty years young
i love my job but i am so thankful i have tomorrow off
i plan on having a good time tonight
my name is Javier Jorge-Reyes
i am forty years young
i am so, so proud of who i am
no one can take that away from me
my name is Jason Josaphat
i am nineteen years young
i love life, i love my life
and it’s only just begun
my name is Eddie Justice
i am thirty years young
i have a huge family, but i am a mama’s boy at heart
i always make sure to text my mom everyday
my name is Christopher Leinonen
i am thirty-two years young
i am madly in love with my boyfriend, Juan Guerrero
i cannot wait to see what the future has in store for the two of us
my name is Juan Guerrero
i am twenty-five years young
i am madly in love with my boyfriend, Christopher Leinonen
after a long week at work, i just want to unwind with my love tonight
my name is Alejandro Martinez
i am twenty-one years young
i have only been living in Florida for two years
but i have always met so many kind people here; that must be why it is called the “sunshine state”
my name is Brenda Lee Marquez-McCool
i am forty-nine years young
i beat cancer twice
and i have never felt more alive
my name is Gilberto Ramon Silva Menendez
i am twenty-five years young
i am studying health care management at the Ana G. Mendez University’s Orlando campus
all i want to do is help people
my name is Kimberly Morris, but you can call me ‘KJ’
i am thirty-seven years young
i moved to Florida to be closer to my mother and grandmother
i love my job as a bouncer at Pulse Nightclub
my name is Akyra Murray
i am eighteen years young
i just graduated from West Catholic Preparatory High School
my name is Geraldo Ortiz-Jimenez, but you can call me Drake
i am twenty-five years young
i love Selena Gomez
i hope to meet her one day
Joel Rayon Paniagua
i am thirty-one years young
i love dancing
i am going to meet my friends for a night of dancing
my name is Jean Carlos Mendez Perez
i am thirty-five years young
not to brag, but i am the best salesperson Perfumania
you can ask Luis Daniel Wilson-Leon
my name is Luis Daniel Wilson-Leon
i am thirty-seven years young
growing up wasn’t easy but i can finally say that i am comfortable in my own skin
and i am lucky enough to have Jean Carlos Mendez Perez by my side through it all
my name is Enrique L. Rios
i am twenty-five years young
i am from New York
but i came to Florida to celebrate my friend’s birthday
my name is Eric Ivan Ortiz Rivera
i am thirty-six years young
i don’t really like clubs
but it’s for a friend, so tonight, i will go
my name is Xavier Emmanuel Serrano
i am thirty-five years young
i have a five year old son who is my entire world
i just hope i will raise him to be a genuine and compassionate person
my name is Christopher Sanfeliz
i am twenty-four years young
i am a personal banker at J.P. Morgan Chase bank
i am very thankful to have Sundays off, especially tonight
my name is Yilmary Rodriguez Solivan
i am twenty-four years young
i am a proud mom and wife
my youngest baby is three months old
my name is Jean Carlos Nieves Rodriguez
i am twenty-seven years young
i just brought my first house
i just want my mom to live somewhere nice
my name is Edward Sotomayor Jr.
i was named after my father
i am thirty-four years young
i love my boyfriend and i love adventure
my name is Shane Tomlinson
i am thirty-three years young
i am the lead singer in a band
i love to bring music to the lives of others
my name is Martin Benitez Torres
i am thirty-three years young
last month, i enrolled in college
i hope to be a pharmacy tech
my name is Juan Rivera Velazquez
i am thirty-nine years young
i love being a hair stylist
 i love making people feel beautiful
my name Luis Vielma
i am twenty-two years young
i love my job, especially working on the Harry Potter ride at Universal
but one day i really want to become an EMT
my name is Jerald Arthur Wright
i am thirty-one years young
i have a huge family, both biological and my coworkers 
tonight i am celebrating my friend’s birthday
—  say their names
(cc, 2017)
  • Steven: Not so fast, Lars. You heard Garnet. We’ve got adventures to go on, Lars - just you and me - and sometimes Sadie and sometimes Lion, but never the Diamonds. You want to know why, Lars? Because they crossed me.
  • Lars: Okay, take it easy, Steven. T-T-That’s dark.
  • Steven: Oh, it gets darker, Lars. Welcome to the darkest year of our adventures. First thing that’s different - no more Diamonds, Lars.
  • Lars: Oh, geez.
  • Steven: I turned myself in to their government, but I made them and the government go away. I’ve replaced them all as the de facto matriarch of the universe, Lars. Beach City wouldn’t have accepted me if I came home without you, so now you know the real reason I rescued you. I just took over the galaxy, Lars, and if you tell the Cool Kids or the Gems I said any of this, I’ll deny it, You’re gonna deny it. because they’ll take my side because I’m a hero, Lars. And now you’re gonna have to go and do whatever I say, Lars, forever! And I’ll, I’ll go out and I’ll find some more of those Cookie Cats, Lars.
  • Lars: What are you talking about?
  • Steven: Because that’s what this is all about, Lars.
  • Lars: Cookie whats?
  • Steven: That’s my one-armed man! I’m not driven by clearing my mother’s name, Lars! That was fake. I-I-I’m driven by finding those Cookie Cats.
  • Lars: Cookie Cats?
  • Steven: I want those Cookie Cats, Lars! That’s my series arc, Lars.
  • Lars: What the heck?
  • Steven: If it takes nine seasons, I want my Cookie Cats, Lars.
  • Lars: What are you talking about, Steven?
  • Steven: That’s what’s gonna take us all the way to the end, Lars. Season Nine! Nine more seasons, Lars. Nine more seasons until I get those Cookie Cats. What is that? For 97 more years, Lars! I want those Cookie Cats, Lars.

This morning I was thinking about the LGBT+ community I know vs the LGBT+ community now, and something dawned on me. The LGBT+ community doesn’t respect its predecessors. Gay culture has changed drastically over the last 10 years, and I’m okay with us moving forward naturally with what people within the community naturally want - I’m not okay with us shitting on the past, erasing the past, degrading the past, as we do so.

The LGBT+ flag is topical so I’m going to start there. During the aids crisis, we never gave up. People were faced with something that was killing them on a biological level, and they said “Fuck you”. People had “going away” parties after being diagnosed where they would go out and drink and drink and drink, not going home for days, they would kill themselves because they didn’t want to let aids have the last say - they said “Fuck you, I control my life, I control when I die”. Other people, even some of the first to be diagnosed while they were still giving out numbers with each new diagnosis, are still alive today - they said “Fuck you, I’m going to take everything I can and do everything I can, you are not taking me, bitch”. We added a black line for those people. And now people think that those struggles don’t deserve that colour any more, that instead of using the pride flags they already have for the intersection of race and LGBT+ issues, they can appropriate all of those deaths.

Punks and rockers in the 70s and 80s stood by gay people, we shared our fashion sense and our flare for the dramatic, bright hair colours and clothes that stood out. Punks and rockers got beaten up for being presumed gay. The leather and spikes in the metal community were popularized because gay artists in that community wore those things on stage - it came from gay culture. And now those very bands and communities have to constantly remind people that they’re left-leaning, that they’re for gay rights, that they’re against systems of power - because somewhere down the line someone decided that gay culture was now flower crowns and unicorns, and that the other subcultures have been against us all along.

Drag queens and leather and revealing clothes are constantly pictured online with captions saying that they’re inappropriate at Pride. Fucking Pride - a protest, a party, a celebration of all of the wild and wonderful aspects that we incorporated into our culture when we said “We’re outside of the norm and so are you, so lets rock it together”. They were our body guards, they took the brunt of the insults and violence while those who were afraid hung back and looked “normal”. They are our history. They are the communities we stood with because we all understood what it was like to be ostracized and judged, and we accepted each other, and we became stronger together. Pride is a protest and a party in one, it’s not a safe space, it was never supposed to be - and if you’re okay with a woman wearing nothing but a lacy thong and marching at a Free The Nipple protest with “Slut” on her chest in permanent marker, as I see so many of the people who decry Pride outfits celebrating, it’s a giant fucking double standard to not be okay with revealing outfits at Pride. If you’re okay with someone dressed as a slutty unicorn at a Slut Walk, then why aren’t you okay with leather short shorts and a leash at Pride?

And alcohol!? People complaining about the alcohol in the gay community are so utterly unaware of our history. Gay bars were our first real “Safe Spaces”, Harvey Milk and other incredible gay activists rose to popularity partially because of their incredible personalities, their parties, their fun and kind nature, how they welcomed people in and offered them drinks and fun and friendship with no question. Our history is full to the brim with proof that being fun and exciting and rebellious was what drew people to us.

And the one that grinds my gears the most is slurs - is how everyone is so quick to be offended by words. That’s not what the gay community has ever stood for. The film “Pride” said it best when it said that when we’re called a name, we take it and we run with it. The “Pits and Perverts” concert happened because the newspapers called us perverts and we said “That’s catchy”. You can’t take away people’s power by giving that word all of the power and then saying that only bad people can use it, only people that hate you can use it - because now the word means “I hate you, I have power over you, you disgust me” - you take their power by making the word meaningless, by taking the word and going “ours now”. That was one of the staples of the LGBT+ community, a motto that we all lived by. But now people talk about how those words have “always been used to oppress us”, as if that never happened.

Y'all act like you want the world to think that LGBT+ people are pastel coloured, young, innocent, harmless angels - we’re rebels, we bring the fun, we bring the energy, we fight to the death and we’ve won over and over and over again; we wear our hair big and bright, we wear our labels on our chest, not because we want to ~normalize~ and ~raise awareness~ but because we’re daring the world to fucking try it, because we’re saying to the homophobes “I’m not scared of you” and we’re taking their power and their words. This modern LGBT+ community isn’t doing that, it’s screaming “Think of the children!” like the conservatives of old, it’s insisting that we’re quaint, middle class, and “just like you”, instead of “Fuck you we don’t have to conform”. It’s becoming what we fought, it’s turning on its own members, past and present, for engaging in parts of our culture and our history.

~ Vape

Inexorable (1)

So I thought, why not combine that shit and make it a mini-series or something? I really hope you two anons enjoy it! No idea how many parts there will be. We shall see. Gif isn’t mine, cred goes to the owners! 1,560 Words

Pairing: Jeon Jungkook x Reader 

Genre: Fluff, a little crack, (Eventual) Smut, Mafia au!

Part 1 | Part 2

Everyone’s heard of blind dates – never of blind marriages, not even in the mafia world. Yet, here you were, walking down the aisle, your hand latched onto your father’s arm, towards a young man you had never seen before. 

You hadn’t even gotten the chance to speak to him, let alone this being the first time you actually got to see his face. There was so much rage bubbling inside you at the moment, but it was all hidden behind a small smile.

Combining two mafia organizations together was a huge deal; something bosses usually agreed on with the exchange of girls, but considering Red Python was one of the most powerful organizations in the country, they wouldn’t want just any girl. They wanted a suitable bride for the heir of said organization.

And your father, being the great, generous man he was, suggested you.

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bkatedisney  asked:

Hi I just wanted to say that I loved the book and all the characters expressly Ty as I have just found out that I have autism and he has really helped me and it's really nice to read a character who thinks like me so thank you very much. So my question is that I was wondering which Sherlock Homes book did Ty pick to take home with him. Thank you again and I can't wait to read the next book

The Return of Sherlock Holmes. :)

Angel in the Darkness pt.5

Originally posted by aestheticvbts

Summary: After a patient urgently pleads you to go and help a friend of his, you naively agree to it. Little did you know, that you would get more than what you agreed to, when he leads you to a brothel, to help a dangerous prostitute named Jeon Jungkook.

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader (ft. Jin, but not romantically)

Genre: Smut (M), angst, mafia!au, prostitution!au

A/N:This is a dark and filthy story! Graphic descriptions of sex (masturbating, etc), heavy dom/sub undertones, drug use, vulgar language use……(alot of smut comes in later) This is a mature read! You have been warned!

part 1 | part 2 | part 3 | part 4 | part 5 | part 6 

The bright sunlight behind the curtains, stirs you awake from your deep sleep. There’s a faint smile stretched upon your lips, as you feel as if you’ve had one of the best naps in the longest of times. Your eyes are still closed shut as you try to flex your stiff muscles; only you can’t.

As soon as you tried to lift your arms, you hit something very hard and muscular. Huh? That’s weird. You can also feel that your legs are entangled, and something wrapped around your waist.

You didn’t mind the feeling, as you were still too tired to process things, and because it brought great warmth, but then you heard it; a faint grunt. Your eyes instantly shoot open, and you blush hard when you realize you’re wrapped up into Jungkook.

His face is mere centimeters away from yours, and his eyes are still closed shut, indicating he’s still asleep. You can feel his hot breath, gently tickling your red face, as his hair is all over. You peer downwards and see that his left arm is securely wrapped around your waist, as both of you were laying down on your sides. His long, thick legs were clumsily tangled with yours, and you were finding it hard to breathe since you were so close to him.


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BTS Reaction | Vibrator

Anon request: Hey! I love your reactions and your blog! Can you do a bts reaction to catching you using a vibrator? Thank you so much!

Anon request; reaction to you using a vibrator when they told you to wait till they got home.

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