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lclrgsl replied to your post “Psst, anyone got any celeb prompts? The thing I was working on is not…”

klaroline + “we broke up and I am making a fool out of myself so the media focus on me instead of you, so they might think I am the one who broke up with you. Even though I do hope you’ll take me back” maybe?

Thanks, Luce!

For Klaroline + Celebs!

Ain’t So Easy

He’s awoken by the insistent ringing of his phone, loud and shrill from the pillow next to his head. Klaus grabs at it but only manages to shove it off the bed. He groans, squeezing his eyes shut and feels relief when the incessant ringing stops.

He’s fairly certain it’s the middle of the night and positive that he’s still drunk. Not in a fit state to talk with anyone.

Klaus gropes for the blanket he’d kicked off at some point, planning on burrowing into it and not emerging for at least another 8 to 10 hours.

Unfortunately whoever is trying to contact him has other ideas.

His phone starts up again, all the more annoying with the slight echo it makes having landed in the narrow crevice between his side table and his bed. Heaving himself over he shoves his arm down, groping around until his fingers brush glass. He yanks it up, starring fuzzily at the screen.

It takes a second for the letters to arrange themselves into something recognizable and when they do Klaus wonders if this is a particularly vivid dream.

Caroline Forbes is calling him. After making it clear that she had no desire to continue their personal relationship though she’d told him that she trusted they could continue to have a cordial professional one. They would have a movie to promote in a year or so, after all. Couldn’t have the public thinking there was friction between the director and her leading man.

Now why, Klaus wondered fuzzily, could she possibly be calling him at the very un-businesslike hour of 3:42 AM?

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