i wanted to take a picture ok

Ok so after seeing this post, it got me thinking how it’s a very Victor thing to do, wanting to bring Yuuri to places like this, places he’s definitely been to while growing up.

It’s known that Ice skating on Red Square (where both Yuuri and Victor are standing in the photo), it’s an annual December to early January tradition in Russia, people come to ice skate during the annual Christmas fair on Red Square in Moscow on December 8, and the only thing I can picture right now… is Victor taking Yuuri there to spend maybe Christmas or New Year, takes him to skate and see the lights, and just show him around.

I can imagine Victor starting to talk about the times he used to come as a child or teen, and just skate in the same ice rink, loving no more than being able to do it, without pressure, without needing to impress anyone more than himself.


things I’m thankful for: the fact that the prompto falls for people so hard so fast but isn’t creepy and entitled about it. he fell for cindy in 3 seconds flat but he never makes any inappropriate comments or moves. he can’t even stand near her without getting too nervous to talk. closest he got to “making a move” was shyly asking if it was ok for his group to call her and trying to snap a pretty picture of her garage during the sunrise for her (with her there? as a gift? dialogue lost me there). but he thought asking to take a pic of her would be inappropriately forward so he didn’t. also, he’s never mad about her not responding to him; he’s honestly happy this pretty girl knows his name and just wants to impress her. that is what a crush is. I love prompto and his big dumb crushes. the developers could have made the scenario creepy and playboy-esque like a lot of games do but they don’t. they make it light and adorable instead. i love it.

Ok so this particular picture had me shaking because sneaking a pic around her home was one thing but being out and in there car was another. I wanted to see up her skirt so bad I didn’t care if she or anyone else caught me, but I never got caught. Her and my brother in law were taking me to go get my truck out of the shop and we had stopped by his office so he could do what ever it was he needed to do real quick. She was laid back in the seat napping and the way she was slouched down I could almost get a peak but what I wanted I would need to pull the dress back a little. I was in the back seat so had to quiet and still. But I managed to get what I wanted without her knowing. Her and my brother in law after they dropped me off went out that night after dropping me off and all I could think about was her and how lucky he was. I was sooo jealous

Just look at them, Sakuya having his arm draped over Mahiru’s shoulder taking a picture or maybe he is showing something funny on the phone. They are so precious, I mean look at the way Mahiru smiles, how close they seem.
I  have so many feels over SakuMahi lately after a couple of discussions with some of you, seeing fanart and fanfics….Ahh my heart <3 I ship KuroMahi and SakuMahi too…
(Who’s in the same situation  as me?) Ok, I’m not just about shipping them, I only want them to be reunited so that the two of them can be together again.


this was about 2 and ¼ years ago….the night it all started….where i stopped taking pictures of everything but my head….the night i shaved my face…lotioned up…watched a tutorial did what i saw…..covered up a little more and went (by my self) to the closest bar ok with gurls like me…i didnt pay a cover fee i bought my first drink but not another one all night….never have i felt so wanted lusted after and wooed beyond flattery……that night was the deciding factor as to her incarceration…i chose to pardon her and set her free….now here i am…


     chloe colada….now Kaleesia Targaryan…..i love you all

ps….i dont know why i did this…i’m stoned and feeling deep….but so fabulous at the same time…

ok please for a second just

try picturing how goddamn awkward a bunch of what Kylo Ren does will come off as if they’re related

/ bridal carries cousin/

“you know i can take whatever i want cousin

/ leans in close enough to feel the breath of his cousin/

“but COBWEB” i hear you cry in your tiny desperate voice “Luke and Leia, who are siblings, kissed! repeatedly!”

“well” i say in a motherly tone as i smother you with a pillow “george lucas was very, very clumsy about writing the original trilogy and did not plan for them to be siblings originally. the idea of the same mistake happening in 2017 is a little ludicrous”


So yesterday I was out with my gal pal and these two high school age girls came up to us with a camera. They said that they were doing a project for an AP class and wanted pictures of people looking happy, so they asked if they could snap a few of us, because we looked so happy!
We said yes and they asked us to pretend not to notice them (since they wanted it candid but didn’t want to take photos without consent - right on). And then they asked if we were together, and asked if we’d be ok with smooching when we said yes.
We asked them to send us the pictures if we did.
Here’s the results!

tl;dr My girlfriend and I are the cutest couple ever and super photogenic and happy and I love her and SO YAH THATS ALL <3

Ok but, true story, this is exactly what happened when I first got the camera in gravity rush 2.

Syd gives it to you when you arrive in Jirga Para Lhao.

Naturally, I wanted to try it out immediately.

“Kat, what’re you doing?”

“Shhh, I’m getting the right angle…”


Then I found out I could MOVE while aiming the camera and I got so excited that I…

…fell off the pier. And when you’re in camera mode, the button that usually lets you float takes pictures instead. So I have a whole bunch of blurry photos I took while flailing around.

Street Food Across Arda: Apple Hand Pies (Edoras)

(can i just say how hard it is to take pictures of one’s own hand without using a wide angle lens? forgive my weird looking alien hand. i just wanted to prove that they were literally hand-sized pies ok)

It’s Eothiriel Week! (that’s Eomer/Lothiriel for you lightweights ;) It seemed appropriate to have a recipe for at least one of my two favorite people in Tolkien’s world. (I generally try to keep this blog JUST food. Middle Earth food. No gifsets, no personal stuff. Just…food. But when it comes to my OTP, all that is out the window. Though in my defense, this is still food.)

These apple hand pies are a specialty across the Riddermark, but nowhere are they made better than in Edoras. 

Apple Hand Pies (printable)
makes about 16-18 pies


One batch pie crust
2 apples, chopped (any variety will do)
3 tablespoons brown sugar
1 tablespoon cornstarch
½ teaspoon cinnamon
1/8 teaspoon nutmeg
½ tablespoon lemon juice
Egg wash (1 egg yolk beaten with 1 tablespoon of water)


Prepare pie crust according to directions. While it is chilling, prepare the apple filling by mixing together the apples, brown sugar, cornstarch, cinnamon, nutmeg, and lemon juice. Put aside. Preheat oven to 375 F (190 C).

Roll out pie crust; cut into 3-4 in. diameter circles. Make sure you have an even number! Put a tablespoon of filling on half the circles; place the other halves on top and crimp edges with a form. Poke holes in the top. Transfer to baking sheet and bake for 20-25 minutes or until golden brown. 

Serve warm or cold; with ice cream if so desired.

Ok guys…..as you can tell I am hardly ever on this fanpage anymore due to my hectic life and work, soooo I wanna give the fanpage away to a lucky fan that will keep it rolling strong in the name of Bino lol. I came up with a contest instead of just randomly giving it away 😊.

🚨🚨RULES: 🚨🚨

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3. Incorporate Bino somehow into the picture. (Cd, T-Shirt, Poster etc)

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So post your pic with the tag #Iwantthechildishgambinofanclub then go tell your friends, your mama’s, your cousins, your aunts and uncles..EVERYONE to like your pic and reblog the hell out of it so you can win!!!!

The contest starts now. Good luck to everyone that participates. 😘

Imagine Mark Watney, after many years of being indoors with no direct sun, feeling sun for the first time. I imagine it happens when he’s first out of quarantine, and the crew comes to visit him. I imagine he’s sitting there, staring at the sun, and somebody, maybe Johanssen, because for all her computer-ness she still knows what he wants, offers to move the party outside. Maybe Beck protests a little, but one of the doctors says it’s ok, he can go out, but he can’t walk out there, so mark sits in the wheelchair, and they roll him outside, and he just lets the sun hit his face, enjoying the warmth and the light, and breathing in fresh air and maybe someone (vogel) takes a picture of him. It doesn’t leave their phones, but the whole team has a pic of Mark basking in the sun, and they feel bad, Lewis especially, because in their minds, it’s their faults, they did this, but that pic reminds them that, regardless of what happened, they fixed it. They brought him home, and they have the picture to prove it.

anonymous asked:

omg!!!!!! so today i went to starbucks and this new guy was working aND HE LOOKED LIKE ARTHUR WOODS OK he had the big round glasses and blonde hair and he just had that cutesy woods aura ok it was just so crAZY!!! i wanted to take a picture but there were too many ppl :( next time!!!!

omFG ur kiddin me…………….. this is SO  SO SO WEIRD I THINK THIS IS THE SECOND MESSAge ive gotten where some1 has seEN ARTHUR IN A FREAKING starbucks…… im very suspicious now like…………………………………what the HELL LMFAO…… im very scared if he is now manifesting in THE REAL WORLD ……………………………………. omg………………………………..omg????………………..can. u …….imagine…..i,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,?????????


“I don’t really care about any of that stuff, I’ve always done well for myself. But my agent once told me that if I wanted to play a lead, I should take more time in the morning: ’Do your hair, wear shirts that fit a little better, and go to the gym a bit more.’ I was like, ’It’s all about the acting, man.’ He was like, ’This is Hollywood.’ He was right.”


Kasia: Hey Molly, it’s pretty nice here…

Molly: What’s wrong? You seem sadder than usual?

Kasia: I don’t know I feel like a fool for getting into that argument with Parker last night… I was raised better than that… I highly doubt she was though… I hope I didn’t ruin the party for you?

Molly: Oh I don’t care it was silly, don’t even worry about it ok? Let’s go for a walk! I want to show you my sick photography skills…

Kasia: Oh my god are we taking a selfie right now?!

Molly: Yeah come on smile!

Kasia: Woof this is no good, you look great but the whole mood of the picture is too, you know… “date at the park.” The meaning just isn’t showing through… Maybe next time we can find somewhere… gloomier… sexier… You know?

Molly: Isn’t that what we are doing? Dating at the park?

Kasia: Molly… Look deeper… Is that really what we are doing?

Molly: Uhhh, lol.