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I created a expression meme chart because I was REALLY bored  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Feel free to use it! ^^

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I actually like how the arc's are coming fast. The faster, the more they'll end, and the time we can PROBABLY chill with our bf's. Since if it was slow, it'd be like Candy has a small break. But if she gets it all like this, it'll be quicker to have a longer break, having to deal with all of their arcs already.

huuum i think i would rather have an arc then a looooong break then another arc rather than all the arcs at the same time :o

the loooooooong breaks are silly stuff but we can get to know more about the characters during those eps you know ? not some tragic infos about them, just useless thing like do they like pineapples on pizza or if they apply the toothpaste before or after wetting their toothbrush. it’s useless but important ya see ? just. chilling.

My old uni teachers: publishing houses don’t actually put out job offers for illstrators, nobody does, you have to go to them instead and count on them having something that needs to be done. They usually do need it, they just don’t go looking themselves most of the time.
Me, in the middle of a depressed self loathing episode and stuck in ten different job search sites: but why are there no jobs??????