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hey i was going through your blog and saw some posts (in the tags) where you said you think that the touken baby will die and in others you say you want it to live. why do you think it die? wouldnt it be like meh if ishida killed the baby after everything?

OHOH, that’s a painful ask right there, dear anon.

Okay so, first of all: i don’t want this to happen.

Some people tend to think that “I believe it might happen” is the same as “I want this to happen” which is NOT.

Now about your question… There are actually many reasons why I believe the baby won’t make through :c (even though part of me is like ‘’I still haV E FAI T H !!!!I’m sorry if I sound confusing btw HDGFJSAJGAJH)

To begin with, some months/year ago, Ishida posted a poem alongside a drawing (in which I can’t remember exactly if it was the Kirishimas + Yomo’s bday one) and its title was something like “Her womb smelled like it was burnt”. In that poem there were these lines “and the children supposed to live, died”

At that time, we wouldn’t even dream that Touka would get pregnant so we were just like “?????” but now….. it makes much more sense

Continuing, on Suzuya’s birthday, ishida posted another poem, and in this one there were these lines “should I have killed both?” “it was going to die anyway”-or something like that, and to be quite honest, we don’t even need a context to this, it’s already scary by itself –LOL

Many were speculating that it might have something related to Touka (I was and still am one of those), yet after this chapter… it seems even more clear that it IS related to her

Oh and hear me out, I don’t think she will die, not now neither ever. I believe she is one of the –maybe few- characters that will make through the end, but as you could see in some of my reblogs, her baby isn’t exactly on my list of ‘characters i think will live’

ATTENTION!!!: For this point forward, my words are fully based on speculation and sad thoughts that were formed while listening to heartbreaking songs before sleep:

Let me -TRY- explain to you my thoughts

-> “should I have killed both?” “it was going to die anyway”, I see this as if he is saying that he pierced Touka’s stomach, killing the baby, but, whenever I thought about it, the question “what does he means by ‘it was going to die anyway’?” appeared on my mind because even if you see it as if he killed Touka and not the baby, it’s obvious that it wouldn’t survive because it needs the mother to develop and such, plus there would be no reason to ‘should i have killed both’, so of course ‘it would die anyway’, unless he meant that by piercing her stomach –killing the baby- and so leaving her there bleeding until death arrived, but holy shit that’d be just way too cruel, and Juuzou’s development wouldn’t let he do such a thing, imo. But then I came to the conclusion: “should I have killed both?” = “should I have killed the mother too?” – after realizing she was pregnant and perhaps feeling guilty for letting her in pain and suffering after losing her unborn child – “it was going to die anyway” = “ahh… the baby was bond to die anyway” – after learning (if he doesn’t know that already) that a ghoul woman can’t have a child with a human man, realizing he only speed up the process. But that would only apply if he gives up on trying to kill her, and leaves. Also, idk how he would know about her pregnancy but as i said, FULLY BASED ON SPECULATION. I don’t know what will happen, but I’m free to think and suffer OHOHOH

Ahhh and of course, the wild “Why would Ishida make Touka get pregnant if he was going to kill the baby later? Even if it’s a tragic story, wouldn’t that be too much? Only for tragedy-sake?” appears, and well, at first I thought that way too, but after reading some posts from @linkspooky​ and @midnight-in-town​ (please visit their blog, it’s amazing plus they are MUUUUCH better in this than i am GSHFJSHGDFH) in which they said that Touka ‘doesn’t care about all this war’, i started to understand why would Ishida do something like this

  • Even if she doesn’t care about all of this, she can’t deny the fact that the world she is living in is currently a fucked up place.
  •  Even if the baby doesn’t die and she gives birth, what would happen to it if she and Kaneki die? The baby would be just one more out of the hundred children that are left alone because their parents died. Her child would lose their place to belong, just like what happened with her and Ayato when Hikari and Arata died even tho Arata is still unknow. Of course, I’m not saying that they will die (after all, Touka and Ken are in my list of characters-i-think-will-live) but it is important to be aware that they are living in a war-moment. Anything can happen at any time. The child could somehow be separated from them.
  • She gives birth, now what? She can’t live peacefully. She can’t live with her family in a world like this, where in a moment her child goes out to play, and in the other it can be killed without mercy in seconds.
  • As linkspooky and Acchan said, she doesn’t care about this, she just want a family, but if she loses her unborn baby, what would happen to her? How would she feel? What kind of thoughts would pass through her mind? “it’s unfair”, “why”, “why can’t we live”, “why can’t you live”, “is it my fault”, “I couldn’t protect you”, “I’m sorry” ?
  • If her unborn baby really dies, what kind of changes would it bring to her? A reality shock. Again, she can’t live in a world like this. She can’t make her baby live in a fucked up place like this. She can’t have a happy family in this kind of world. Her loss would be what would make her open her eyes, what would give her the greatest will to change the world (alongside Kaneki and goat/hide/whatever). It would be the thing that would make her remember how unfair it is to live.

Again, I’m not saying I want this, to me, if the baby could live (with both Touka and Ken) I would be the happiest bitch in this world, believe me. Yet… can they really acchieve happiness like this?

Even if the child dies, it will only be over if Touka dies. -> “we can only live while losing important things”, that’s how her life has been since the begging of Tokyo Ghoul. As long as she is alive, she will keep losing and losing.

But that doesn’t mean everything is lost. As long as you live, you will lose, but you will also gain, you just need to keep going, to face forward and keep walking. What is her goal? A place where she can live happily and peacefully with her child and her husband? Then keep it in mind and fight for it. Because again, it’s only over when you die.

She can still have her family because she and Kaneki are still alive.

She has to fight, there is no escape, but she can use the pain she feels with her losses as a strength to keep her moving forward. That’s how life is.That’s how her life is.

 ANYWAY. This was all based on my personal thoughts so you are free to agree or disagree.

Thanks for the question and I hope you have a nice day, dear anon~~ <3 !


HelOOO!!””! It’s me Nida doing the selfie tag after like 569569 years i’m sorry ;u; or smth idk i procrastinate for evrything ;;; Anyway i was tagged by these beautiful people (tbh i always feel happy getting tagged in the selfie tag because everyones just so damn pRETTYY I LOV) @jeonu @wooziology @mingyou @jeongjeonghan @soonrongs and some more but i forgot since i’m a loser (+ i apologize for this mess which is meh)

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BEFORE AND AFTER SIM TAG by @soft-almond

rules: update your oldest sim in your personal gallery and take a before and after shot then tag some people!

I didn’t know I needed to do this before I actually loaded the left sim. It’s the very first sim I uploaded to the gallery and probably the first one I made in ts4 because I shared it the same day the game was released? I’m shook.

I tag @soleilsim, @squeamishsimmer, @glitterysimmies, @pennypixies & anyone who wants to do it, say I tag you ;) 

bricks and bones, welcome to hell

The chill in his bones didn´t help his shaking. He tried to look strong, to create a shield in his eyes, like his godfather once had taught him. He was so scared, just a boy, but he didn´t know this. He thought there was no other way, he had to do this. He had already killed, sort of, and this couldn´t be worse, could it? 

He kept telling himself this, that it´s not that bad, it´s really not. Oh, but it was.

It hurt, it made his body feel unreal. It felt like his body were made of bricks and bones instead of flesh and bones. The hurt manifested in his heart, because there was no return now. Not really. No one could help him. His father was more scared than he and his mother was already way too strong. It wasn´t like the Order would even want to help him, no one ever wanted to if he didn´t threat them. He was alone. At last. All those pure blooded friends gone, the prestige, everything. Gone. It didn´t matter now, he was alone with a bunch of maniacs and psychopath and absolutely no one in the whole wide world could help him. No one could, nor cared, not even his own godfather.

Curled up in a corner with his once trimmed, but now long blond messy hair, Draco Malfoy cried, not in pain, but rather because this was it. His life, his destiny. Not as the pure blood prince that he had been told he was since he was a child. He would never own the world, it all was an illusion and now his only destiny was to be a killer, no, a murderer. 

The tears just kept falling. The tiny hope he once had that Potter and his friends would fix this were gone, they hadn´t been seen in weeks, and here he was, all alone, crying

Malfoys never cry.

Draco had met his own end.


Hi people! Long time, no see?

Anyways, so I wrote this and please don´t hate me. So this is set between Dumbledores death and before the trio end up at the malfoy manor. Originally this was supposed to be when he was going to kill Dumbledore but meh. I imagine he was asked to do something more horrific than to kill an old man.

As usual, tagging some lovely people (and if I have forgotten someone that asked to be tagged or tagged someone that doesn´t want to be tagged, I am very very sorry.)

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Love, Sara xx

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What do you think of d*aensa? Sansa is my fav, and I don't have much love for DTarg. I can get behind briensa or sansaery, but how did this ship come about? To me it smells a bit like the whole 'they should be friends, Sansa will gladly braid DTarg's hair and make her northern outfits' but maybe I'm overthinking it. I'm fairly new to the fandom and to shipping in general, so maybe I should just take a chill pill and let people have their fun :)

Well, you know the history of my dislike for Da€nerys is a long one, and Jonerice was my NOTP since book two long before I’ve begun shipping Jonsa and long before there was a show. Since I dislike D so much I would never ship her with any Stark, since I would like all of them to be happy (not bloody likely though). The only ship I somehow like is Da€nerys /Tyrion, because I can see that her undeniable charisma and his shrewd mind could work together.
As for Da€nsa… Sigh! I think you are absolutely right that some people ship it because the ship brings the whole attitude of : ’D and Sansa will get along splendidly because they are two women’ to a logical conclusion. And in a way anyone shipping them can show that he/she is above shipping wars. I saw posts like that: ‘Don’t ship Jonsa or Jon€rys, and stop pitting two woman against each other over a man and ship them instead!’
To me it does not make any sense to start shipping because of how a fandom evolves, because I never chose my ships, my ships chose me and crept upon me unawares. And I do think that this is not about a stupid ship war. To me Jonerice is my NOTP because I am foremost a Jon and a Stark fan, and Jon with D would be imho deeply unhappy (the show has yet to convince me that it could be otherwise) and for me my rooting for the Starks and the North led me to the logical conclusion that Jonsa would be best conclusion for that arc. If Jonsa never happens but the Starks endure, survive and the North will have his independence or rather some kind of proto-representation a part of me will be very happy about the outcome regardless of the fact that I have to quench my Jonsa thirst with fics.
So shipping Da€nsa goes against how I want the Stark arc to end and even if it’s not my NOTP I find it pretty ‘meh’. I can see the aesthetic appeal of it, but that’s about it.
But, as you said, ship and let ship. And while I think that I might have an idea why some people ship Da€nsa (these are reasons that do not work for me at all) there are certainly shippers who have other reasons I just don’t know about. I would never comment or jump on a Da€nsa post, and I hope this post doesn’t show up in their tags. So, if you don’t like it or think how some of it derives from an attitude of 'I am soo above shipping wars’ just don’t let that disturb you. Scrolling past is always a good option. And it’s easy. Da€nsa shippers are very polite. I’ve yet to clash with one. Unlike a certain other part of the fandom who crosstaggs and jumps on posts correctly tagged as anti…
If you like Sansa in a relationship with a woman there are enough options as you pointed out. Thanks for the ask!

PSA: Oversimplifying.

I oversimplified my last post because I was half asleep when I wrote it and thought that it was comprehensible- but I guess not- and now there’s some misunderstandings. So. Here is what I actually meant. (Skip to the tags if you want a summary, honestly.)

Some people are actively attacking others for shipping two fictional characters because of ‘abuse.’

One of their arguments for that is ‘to protect younger generations from abuse.’ Acting almost as if the younger generation can’t understand it themselves.

That’s amazing and all, but here’s the thing.

This is about a movie, first of all. A Disney movie. I doubt Disney would market out a relationship between an abuser and it’s victim. (Cue some Rian Johnson quotes here, and some articles, and interviews, and what not…)

It’s a kids movie.

I didn’t mean to make it sound like children wouldn’t be able to look at an absuive scene and not think it’s abuse. Not at all. Kids can, and will, understand abuse. I meant to say that kids aren’t going to be sitting in their seats and looking at scenes and think it’s abuse because it’s not meant to be set up like that.

The scene, which I hope we all know which one I’m talking about, was supposed to be an interrogation between a prisoner of war and a commanding officer to get information vital to the war effort. Not justifying it here, just pointing out what I, one of the supposeded ‘younger generationals,’ noticed when I first saw the movie in 2015. It’s an observation.

And when I saw the movie for the first time, I was rather intrigued with Rey and Kylo Ren (as was all of the younger kids in my neighborhood) and I wondered what would happen next, and began to theorize and guess with all my other friends, because why not? It’s all fun and games.

Put this in for perspective: TFA was the first Star Wars movie I saw in the theatres since I was way too little for ROTS.

Anyway, my point with that last post was don’t ever begin to assume what kids can and can’t understand. I’m not even talking about shipping reylo or anything. They can decide themselves what they take away from the movie- whether it is abuse or not- or any other movie or show or book/story. People don’t have to defend them from anything when it involves fiction. (Disney fiction no less.)

It’s condescending and annoying, okay?

Don’t underestimate what we, the youngsters, can understand and tolerate when it comes to fictional culture. I’m pretty sure we can handle a lot since we have to put up with this shit you, the ‘adults,’ who are too critical over characters, deciding they’re a bad influence for having flaws, and taking away the fun in things.

I think- hear me out- that maybe the bad influences on little girls and boys are people who don’t understand common decency and practice it online while talking about fictional things, and are actively bully others? Not like I have any experiences or proof or anything…

Just stop lying to yourselves about some things, honestly.

Treat kids with more respect. Actually, start treating others with more respect. At least, that’s what my parents taught me.

And sorry if this is ‘unoriginal.’ I just find it sad you have to read this in the first place.

Browsed through the Jonerys/Jon x Dany/Jon x Daenerys tag and there are still some lost posts in there.

Just had random thought, though: does Jonerys get hate because people don’t like Dany? Aside from the argument that it’s a ~boring~ and ~predictable~ ship, people seem to be pretty meh with Dany being with Jon.

I mean I dunno, I really want to see them help each other achieve their goals (she helps him beat the Others and he helps her unite the seven kingdoms). But that’s just me.

  • Homestuck Fandom: .....dude that comic has been on hiatus for a LONG time now. Very few people haven't finished it yet.
  • Homestuck Fandom: ....nope thats already there too bro
  • 4chan: ......RUIN PARADOX SPACE
  • Homestuck Fandom: ...meh, some people like it some people don't.
  • 4chan: ....post porn in the tag?

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Hiiii, I wanted to know if there is some fanfics where Derek is a cinnamon roll and like everybody wants to protect him ?? i don't like when people make him as an asshole (is that english ? meh) bC HE'S MY SON AND DESERVE SO MUCH MORE (idk if there is a tag i didn't saw so idk) THANK YOU

here you go

A Curious Couplement by idareu2bme (9/9 | 40,375 | PG13)

Derek is a simple horseman from the mountains, Stiles is an enthusiastic university graduate ready to make a name for himself. In any other situation, they would have gone their entire lives never having met. It’s probably a good thing then, that they both happened to be in the wrong place at the right time.

Arachnophobia by Rainbowflavoredtrash (1/1 | 1,388 | G)

There is something Derek Hale is scared of.

Give Me Shelter by WonderWolf (1/1 | 8,295 | PG13)

“I don’t make a good impression, I know,” Derek grumbles. “It’s fine. I get it.”

“Noooo,” Stiles groans in frustration, “but it isn’t fair because you’re not that guy, you’re not an asshole and you give cats punny names so they have a better chance at being adopted.”

“Who told you I named the cats?” Derek asks, his brows scrunching together in confusion.

“Scott,” Stiles smirks. “My favorite so far was Purrsephone.”

(Or the one in which Derek and Stiles both volunteer at an animal shelter, Derek works with cats and gives them punny names, Stiles works with the dogs, and misunderstandings ensue).