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15 Day Skam Challenge S4 - Day 1: Favourite Music

A few weeks back I made a small challenge. You see, challenges like this helped me survive the last hiatus and the break between the seasons. So I made this. 

If you want to do it, that would be really nice. Tag me if you want me to see what you think! I start today, with favourite music.

I should try to find one fav, but my mind is too unfocused today. So my favourite music in season 4 is:

None of Dem - Robyn, Röyksopp

Love, lay me blind - The White Birch

Håper du har plass - Cezinando

Don`t worry -  Madcon, Ray Dalton 

Jeg vet - Siri Nilsen

I feel it coming - The Weeknd

Gunerius - Karpe Diem

This what was I remembered just now. If I find more focus later, I will write why I chose these songs. 

venusinfursasaboy  asked:

your position on your high horse regarding creature designs was well earned. since you seem to have extensive knowledge on how animal bodies work, do you have any advice for someone who knows literally nothing about non-human anatomy and wants to start designing their own critters?

Oh man, what a question! I get asked this a lot, so I’m gonna take the opportunity to lay out some guidelines I follow when making my own beasties. It’s gonna be long, but I hope it helps a few people!

The biggest, best tip I can give you is to reference from life - all great fantasy creature designs have basis in things that actually exist, no matter how whacky they are. Studying the anatomy of animals hands-on - be it a dog, cat, bird, or even a horse - can give you loads of inspiration for making your own monsters!
I’ll go through my own process for emphasis, it usually starts like this:
1. What do I want to make?
2. Where does it live?
3. Is this environment similar to something on our world?
4. What do animals that already exist in that environment look like?
5. Reference-gathering
6. Construction
7. Tweaks and edits
8. Finish

This SEEMS like a really intensive and time-consuming thing, but I promise it’s not! Steps 1-4 get knocked out really quick, usually all at the same time. Say I wanna make a sea dragon. Okay, what is it? A dragon, obviously. Where’s it live? The ocean. Are there any animals that live in the ocean we can use for inspiration?


At this point, it helps if you narrow down what kind of creature you’re making a little bit further. What does it eat? Is it an herbivore? Is it a predator? Is it an apex predator? Is it a scavenger? All these questions can help you streamline the creative process. Let’s say our sea dragon is a carnivore.

Cool! So now we’ve got a couple great animals to work from. Mostly sharks, seals, barracudas, dolphins, there are all sorts of things to pick and choose from. Now, if you’re making an ocean carnivore, but you want it to have traits of something that isn’t an ocean carnivore, that is absolutely fine. That’s the beauty of creature design! As long as the overall aesthetic of the animal fits what it does and how it lives, you are golden. Check out this rad dinosaur skull:

Shark teeth are awesome, but let’s switch up our dragon a bit and use these instead!

By the time you’ve hit this point, you’re at Step 5, which is getting references. I figure I should take a second to tell everyone that references are not cheating. References never will be cheating, and without them, we would not be able to do what we do artistically. References are the backbone of creature design, there is no shame in needing to spend some time finding the perfect reference photo.
“Photo” is an important word here though - unless you’re using anatomical diagrams (which I’ll mention later), copying another artist’s work is not a good reference. When you do this, you also copy the mistakes that artist makes, as well as the tips and tricks they use to render their subject matter. The issue is, you’re not becoming privy to what those tips and tricks are. So you can copy how your favourite artist draws paws, but if you don’t actually know how paws work, you’re both cheating yourself out of important info AND drawing something you don’t understand. Don’t do that to yourself! Referenced and informed work will always look better than cheap impersonations.

Off my soapbox and back to that sea dragon though! Here’s some nice critter anatomy bits I put together that I wanna use:

I decided I wanted to create something that used large fins to move itself, like a sting or manta ray. Sharks are the ultimate ocean predator, so I’m basing a lot of the beast on them, but I want something with legs - something that can go on and off land - so I’ve got references of otters and crocs to see what limbs will work best.
Since it’s a dragon, I’m gonna try and make the big fins look like wings, so I’ve got a little flying fish up there for reference/inspiration. The skull is, obviously, all for toothy aesthetic, and the nudibranch has a colour palette I really think will look nice.

Once you’ve got your references in order and an idea of what you want, you’ve hit Step 6 - Construction! The most fun and frustrating part of the whole deal. It may take a couple tries to sketch something that looks balanced and functional, but keep at it. I can almost guarantee most of your ideas will need to be tweaked and revised - the creatures I’m most well-known for have been through five or six revisions, and are still being updated after creating them years ago! Don’t fault yourself if you can’t get everything right on the first try - keep pushing and keep challenging yourself to work hard, and if you make something you don’t like, just remember it’s all part of the learning process!

In order to make the most realistic creature possible, I would recommend checking out some of the internal anatomy of the animals you’re referencing. Teaching yourself how a dog’s legs move, or a bird’s wing folds, can really add that extra level of realism to any fantasy beast you make.
The only issue is that this can get a little gnarly - I have several go-to reference photos of flayed animals I use to help me out when I draw, but I understand not everyone has the stomach to look at such subject matter. Thankfully, artists far more patient than I have put together tons of drawn references for just about any animal. The Cyclopedia Anatomicae is a godsend for this, I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to get real down-n-dirty with anatomy and creature design, but without the mess.

As for the sea dragon, it is looking fabulous!

For me, Step 7′s Tweaks and Edits goes hand-in-hand with Step 6′s Construction, since I usually end up tweaking-and-editing while I’m working. Check out the wings:

(Thanks to Paul Mirocha for the anatomical graphics)
I realized that simple fins wouldn’t be enough to propel the dragon through the water (plus they looked a little silly just sticking out of the dragon’s shoulders), so I approached them as if they were a bird or bat’s wings. The structure is tweaked for an underwater creature, but this is the importance of learning proper anatomy - because I know how something works on the inside, I can add it to what I’m creating and edit it to appear believable. This way, the entire animal looks and feels like it could exist in real life, even though it’s basically just stolen parts:

After this, you’re pretty much done! This is the final step, Step 8 - Finishing Touches. Since it’s something you made, you’re more than able to go back and fix up anything about it that bothers you, or even add on new features you may think up! One thing I like to check is if the creature has a strong silhouette - if I can’t differentiate it from another animal when it’s a black blob, the design probably could use some stronger elements.

Very nice! While the spread wings and triangular shape harken back to a manta-ray aesthetic, the points on the wings and long, thick tail bring the creature away from its inspirations, and into its own category. All in all, I consider this dragon to be one of the favourites I’ve made, and a big success!

And there you have it! From start to finish, this is pretty much how I go about making the monsters you see in my galleries. I want to point out that this definitely isn’t the only way to go about doing this; if there’s another method you prefer, it’s certainly just as valid. Trust me though - if you’re confused how to start, or stuck and don’t know where to go, just browsing through the incredible flora and fauna of this world is more than enough to get those inspiration-gears cranking.
I also want to emphasize that the only way to get better at creature design is to keep doing it. I’ve made some hideous and implausible looking things, believe me, and it can sometimes be frustrating when you can’t figure out just what elements a design needs, but I promise that if you keep trying, and keep making an effort, you will make things you will be proud to show off. And if constantly hunting for references feels like it’ll be daunting and tedious, there is a secret to this: the more you draw something, and the more things you draw, the more stuff you’ll have in your visual memory to pull from. I don’t need references for wings or legs any more, because I’ve studied how they work, understand their anatomy, and know how they move and what limits I can stretch them to. I cannot stress the importance of this enough: in order to be able to draw something well, you gotta know how it works. And the easiest way to learn that is references!

If you wanna tell me how you make creatures, or ask for details on any other steps I may use in my process, you’re more than welcome to send me a message! I love creature creation, but what I love more is sharing tips with others to help them create more effectively. There’s more than one than one way to skin a cat, but there’s twice as many ways to make a cat-monster.

Cheers, and happy drawing!

I started this when the DMD video came out but I got lazy and didn’t finish it till today, what I guess is good timing since I want to wish a happy birthday to my favourite irish-leprechaun-golf lover-ray of sunshine-rockstar-angel-goofball-cutie-space nerd-hottie, Niall James Horan…HAPPY BIRTHDAY NIALL!

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You were standing in the line at the library, bringing back a long overdue book. You just didn’t have the time to bring it back before now; your job was exhausting and took up a lot of your time. As you handed the woman behind the desk your book, you worried about how much you had to pay. Despite the time you had to spend working for your job the payment was low and you were only barely able to live off of it. That’s why you were using the library at all. You were able to pay the yearly fee and could take as many books a year as you wanted to, and you read quite a lot. You’d never be able to buy all the books you wanted to read. The elderly woman told you the price you had to pay and you started counting your money. You barely had half of it.

“Uhm, I don’t have enough money right now”, you said quietly worrying your lips between your teeth.

“That’s not a problem, dear. Just pay it if you’ve got enough money to do so, you just can’t lend any other books until then”, the woman was friendly, as always, but you knew that she couldn’t make an exception, no matter how well she knew you. Your shoulders dropped, but you nodded.

“Okay, thank you. Have a nice day”

“You too, darling!” You smiled slightly and moved to the side, so that the next person could get attended to. There were still twelve days left until the next month and about 20 until your next pay check. Reading was your reprieve of your job and all the stress you’ve had, which was quite a lot. You didn’t know how to endure the weeks until you were able to read again. Maybe some of your colleagues would have a book they could lend you? That’s when you remembered that your colleagues didn’t like you, and to be honest you didn’t like them either nor did you like your job, but circumstances had forced you to take it.

“Excuse me?” you suddenly heard a male voice behind you and turned around. In front of you stood a tall, lanky, but attractive man. His brown hair was a bit long and messy, but it suited him, and he wore black pants and a deep purple dress shirt.

“Yes, can I help you?” you smiled at him, which made him grin.

“Actually no, but I heard you talk to the clerk and I kind of payed your fee.” You stared at him for a long moment, utterly surprised.

“You payed my fee? But why would you do that?” Your eyes were wide and full of wonder, while the man seemed to be a bit uncomfortable with so much gratitude.

“Um, you seemed to like to read a lot, and I… um, I thought that maybe…you appeared to be sad and I honestly didn’t think much about it…. But-“, he stuttered and flushed a bit.

“Thank you! Really, this means a lot to me!” you grinned at him. “Do you have any book recommendations?” His eyes lit up and he started talking really fast.

“Have you read ‘The Illustrated Man’ by Ray Bradbury? It’s one of my favourites. Or ‘The Collector’ by John Fowles, ‘The Fisher King’ by Leonore Fleischer? Of course if you wanted to read some classics you could always read ‘The Narrative of John Smith’ by Arthur Conan Doyle.” He suddenly stopped and looked a bit sheepish, but you only smiled at him warmly.

“Already read all of them. Maybe you could help me find some books and then I’ll reciprocate myself by buying you a coffee if you’d like?” You suddenly noticed that you didn’t even know his name.

“I am Y/N by the way” He shook your hand firmly and introduced himself as Spencer Reid, agreeing to your offer. Half an hour later you bag was filled with books again and you were sitting in a nice little café, talking animatedly about very different topics. You noticed very early that he was quite intelligent, asking him about it and learning of his high IQ. He told you about his job and how he loved it, even though sometimes his colleagues treated him like a kid because he was the youngest. Spencer asked you about your job and you told him that you didn’t like it, but had to take it hence of money issues and that you didn’t get along with your colleagues, because you were different than them. Neither of you noticed the time passing until his phone started ringing.

“Yes? Alright, I’m going to be there in about 10 minutes, Hotch!” He explained that there was a case he had to attend to and had to leave.

“It was very nice to meet you, Spencer!” you smiled at him. He smiled and scribbled his number on one of the napkins.

“It was also very nice to meet you, Y/N. You can write or call me if you like, although I won’t be able to answer while cases most of the time.” With that he left the café, leaving you there smiling like a maniac. This had been the first time in months that you had a nice chat with someone you liked.

Over the next month you and Spencer grew closer. You met up at least once a week if both of your work schedules allowed it, and got to know each other a lot better.

One day he called you and asked you over to his work. Not knowing what he was planning, but having no reason to decline, you did as he asked. The team greeted you warmly, Gracia almost crushing you with her hug. You already knew each other, since it wasn’t the first time you had been here. Spencer was waiting for you at his desk, hugging you once you’d reached him.

“So, why did you call me over, Spence?” you asked curiously.

“You still don’t like you job, do you?” he asked and you shook your head no.

“Well, I may have a solution. You see, the person who sorted and filed the evidence retired surprisingly and we need someone new, and I thought that maybe you’d like to take the post? If you want to, of course. It would be nice to have you around here, Y/N”2, he flushed a bit, but you just hugged him hard.

“That’s awesome, Spence! I’d like to take the offer!”

2 weeks later was your first day at work for the FBI. The job was fun, even though many thought it was quite monotonous. To you it was interesting to learn all those things about simple evidence as a rubber duck. Of course the fact that Spencer dropped by nearly every day for lunch, sometimes with Derek or someone else or alone, only made it better. Spencer was, after all, your best friend and being able to work near him was something that made your life a lot more interesting.

Again, I am not a native speaker.

[160227] Baby Japan Fanclub Book - Part 2

Q1. Where do you want to have a holiday at? What do you want to do there?
Q2. Something you’re surprised about lately?
Q3. What special skill do you have with the trait “this is something I won’t lose to the other members!”?
Q4. Spring Summer Autumn Winter, which is your favourite season? The reason is?

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To celebrate reaching 7000 Followers Thought I would make A post with some of the many great blogs I follow! I’m so happy how far my blog has come, I have had this blog since 2011, But it wasn’t even a pokemon blog? Well just a reblog anything blog. Only since 2013 I started making content. Reciveing Great feedback encouraged me to make content daily. Just want to give a Shout out to some great blog’s :3*Bold text is my favourite* but you guys are all awesome though c:

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All of you guys blog’s are awesome! and keep up the great work ^.^