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  • Aries: Are you my appendix? Because I have no idea how you work, but this feeling in my stomach makes me want to take you out.
  • Taurus: Do you have a name or should I just call you mine?
  • Gemini: Spell me. (M-E) You forgot the D. (There isn't a D in me.) NOT YET!
  • Cancer: You look a lot like my future husband, I promise to take great care of you and our kids.
  • Leo: I'd rate you a nine out of ten, only because I'm the one you're missing.
  • Virgo: I may not be photographer, but I can picture you and I together.
  • Libra: You remind me of the sun because you constantly brighten up my world.
  • Scorpio: If I had a dollar for every time I thought of you, then I'd only have one dollar because you never left my thoughts after the first time.
  • Sagittarius: You must not of took your vitamins today because you look like you're lacking in vitamin me.
  • Capricorn: If you were a triangle, you'd be a right triangle because you're ALWAYS right!
  • Aquarius: I'm good at math ok. U + I = 69, and the value of I is 59 because U are a 10.
  • Pisces: You must be a masterpiece because I want to pin you up against a wall and admire you whenever I see you.

I want to talk today about why Why Animals Do The Thing is done educating on behalf of the wolfdog community. This doesn’t mean I won’t be doing education about wolfdogs if the subject comes up, and I still encourage people to utilize @packwestwolfdogrescue as a source for wolfdog-related information, but WADTT will no longer be advocating for the private-ownership wolfdog community or collaborating with them. I know WADTT readers have really appreciated the previous education surrounding wolfdogs, and I apologize for not being able to continue on a topic that garners so much interest. This is a not a choice I want to make, but one that is necessary, as it has been made clear there is a fundamental incompatibility between their ethos regarding education and public outreach and mine. My ethos for WADTT has always been to create accurate, fact-based education drawn from comprehensive research and to foster a community that encourages dialogue and active collaborative efforts; it is time to disengage from supporting a community whose approach to education is spreads misinformation, attacks learners looking to engage with it, and actively supports harassment.

I’ve been in the various wolfdog Facebook groups since Pack West and I began discussing collaboration about a year ago, because they’re the best source of general education for people interesting in learning about phenotyping and wolfdog behavior. I learned a huge amount from those groups - both about wolfdogs and about the general mentality of the people who own them and participate in discussions about them online. As an educator, it was hard to watch and as someone who wanted to learn it was even harder to engage in.

The education done there of new members was consistently combative and hostile - with threads often devolving into lambasting people for not doing more research before asking questions - and occasionally threads would be created about the new members and how much their attempts to contribute to conversations before they knew everything were a problem. The only people who were considered credible when discussing wolfdogs were those who had owned wolf content animals for most of their lives - which meant that the input of anyone with relevant professional experience was ignored, if not often outright denied as being valid. This meant that the actual education accomplished in the groups was really vitriolic and frequently inaccurate: some posts would invite people to try to phenotype animals for education, but the same people involved would immediately turn around on other posts and condemn people for phenotyping animals they hadn’t met; the discussions about wolfdog behavior I observed were full of urban legends and misunderstandings of dog behavior, and awareness of recent research or even understanding of basic behavioral science concepts was frequently absent; training wolfdogs was not considered unimportant and frequently discouraged, and it seemed that using preventative training strategies to safely manage typical wolfdog behaviors wasn’t even on the radar. Education from the groups in general required being able to discriminate between mythology and fact and the ability to weather the constant unpleasantness that pervaded the threads. I chose to stay because I didn’t want to ask Pack West to be my only wolfdog primary source, and it was important to me to engage with the community I wanted to assist as an outside educator.

Last week, I published an article on what people should know about one of the most internet-famous misrepresented wolfdog, Loki. I’ve talked about Loki in posts a few times on this blog, and while I was at Pack West in January it became clear from our discussions that a larger article was necessary due to the frequency of questions received about him. When the article was published, while the response on tumblr was fairly positive, it brought on a deluge of harassment from the wolfdog community on Facebook that has not yet ended at the time of writing this post. It is the response to that article, specifically the pieces of it that they chose to attack, that finalized my choice to disengage from the private-ownership wolfdog community and helping with their outreach efforts.

I originally shared my article on the groups I was in as an offer of an outside resource that could be utilized, since I had asked the groups for assistance finding sources when I began writing it two months earlier. In the time I had been part of the groups, Loki had been a frequent topic of discussion and irritation, and I assumed that it might be useful for them to have a link to offer people rather than having to reiterate the facts so often.

In response, I was swamped with enough comments to shut down my ability to use Facebook for a couple days: how I don’t have enough experience to write anything education related to wolfdogs, how it’s completely unthinkable to publicize even a well-agreed-upon phenotype on an animal I have never personally met, how I should get sued for writing such a character attack, how I’m not actually an educator and just a person with a vendetta, etc. In addition, multiple threads discussing how appalling it was that the article existed at all and everything wrong with it showed up in the groups, because the fact that they were visible to me didn’t matter. I engaged with a few of them in a similar matter to how I respond to critique on the blog, explaining my reasons for writing and my sources. The comments and the private messages got nastier once I made it clear I wasn’t willing to capitulate to taking the article down. I was eventually kicked out of the main group without any communication or explanation from the mods as to what I’d done to violate the rules. It was exhausting and it hasn’t calmed down: I’m still getting passive-aggressively tagged in things on the groups I haven’t left to give my “expertise”. I recently received a letter from the board of the National Lupine Association, whose phenotyping pamphlet I linked to in the text of the post as further reading, officially requesting that I remove any reference to their association from my blog post. It’s awful and it’s exhausting, but the harassment isn’t why I’m no longer willing to support the private-ownership wolfdog community - it’s because of the type of feedback given regarding how they want education regarding wolfdogs to be done.

These are the major points made by the private-ownership wolfdog community (meaning they were repeated multiple times by different people) in response to my article that elucidated how incompatible the reasons I do education are with that community:

  • My article was not approved by the general community and therefore should not exist. The private-ownership wolfdog community hates messaging they cannot control, especially if they do not agree with it. Some of the well-respected members had told me not to publish when I first brought it up in January, and they were furious that I had not obeyed.
  • My article might have created blowback against the wolfdog community by Loki’s owner, which meant silencing me was more important than educating the general public. The private-ownership wolfdog community is terrified of aggravating Loki’s owner, as they believe he has threatened to use his fame to go anti-ownership, and are desperate to do anything to prevent that occurring. No matter how many animals are killed or left in horrible welfare situations because of the exact type of misrepresentation Loki and his owner perpetuate, it is more important to the majority of the Facebook community to not risk having someone popular speak out against them than to accurately educate the public to prevent other animals suffering in the future.
  • My article contained a phenotype I did not have enough “experience” to be giving, no matter where I sourced it from, so the article could not be credible. Even though I had produced educational content for the wolfdog community regarding phenotyping before, did research into Loki’s parents and kennel of origin, and discussed his phenotype at length with an expert before writing, my lack of personal wolfdog ownership discredited the validity of any educational material produced.
  • My article mentioned having been in contact with a government agency as part of my research, which is a cardinal sin. I contacted USDA regarding the existence of an exhibition permit for Loki - the private-ownership wolfdog community does not believe anyone should ever interface with any authorities regarding a wolfdog, no matter what the situation. (In some ways, this is a reasonable concern, as people have historically reported animals to the government and gotten them taken or killed. However, as Loki is internationally famous, he is not an animal that animal-related government agencies would not already be aware of. Moreover, Loki lives in a wolfdog legal state, USDA considers wolfdogs domestic animals by their own regulatory definitions, and USDA is primarily concerned with enforcing licensing and registration in accordance with the Animal Welfare Act. Inquiring as a journalist about the existence or lack thereof of a specific permit would, at worst, get Loki’s owner fined and forced to get the permit.)
  • My article told the truth about rabies law as it applies to wolfdogs, and it was inappropriate for the general public to be aware of that information.

That is not the education I believe in doing. I do not believe in advocating for people who allow vague threats to keep them from speaking out about an issue that regularly gets animals they care about killed. I do not believe in being told not to do thorough research because it might involve a regulatory agency. I do not believe in being told that it’s inappropriate to educate the public about laws that both protect our pets and could also get them killed just because the truth isn’t pretty or straight forward. And I really don’t believe in supporting a community that is willing to attack and discredit any advocacy on their behalf that they don’t control.

I’ve chosen to remove the Loki post from the WADTT side indefinitely. I abhor letting the bullies win, but the choice comes down to the fact that this is not the hill I want to die on. What I’m trying to build with WADTT is bigger than this and I’d rather fold on this single piece of writing for now to facilitate what I want it to become in the future. The blog has been completely dark for over a week, which hasn’t occurred since I started it two years ago, because this has impacted my mental health so drastically. The folk supporting the WADTT patreon and WADTT’s future are supporting me so I can be present and do daily education, so for now, that’s what I’m choosing to prioritize.

Regular posting and the queue should resume in the next couple of days.

Regarding HEADLINER’s Fansite Rules

Because there has been a lot of confusion lately regarding HEADLINER’s rules in relation to editing of her videos, I sent a personal message to her through email (headliner_jk@daum.net) to get some clarification. In her reply, she confirmed that giffing of her fancams is okay, as long as you provide credit properly (with a source link), and don’t crop the logo. Screenshots and translations are provided below as proof.

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Goodbye Tumblr, find us on Twitter!

Well, it’s been brewing for a while now, but it’s finally time to say goodbye to DDN. On Tumblr at least. :)

This decision hasn’t been taken lightly and doesn’t come out of the blue, Nadine and I have been talking about it for months. Unfortunately, our work schedules and the fact that we are both in a different time zone than Darren means we haven’t been able to post news as quickly as we wished. It’s been getting more and more difficult to keep up because we can’t post on DDN during our work hours and often post when we are home at night, meaning it’s usually hours after a photo has been posted or a news has broken. 

We are also both very busy and have other priorities we need to tend to in our personal lives and that unfortunately means we had to take a decision regarding this blog. We wanted to wait for the right time, but there will never be a right time, nor a wrong time. There just needs to be a time. :)

It’s almost been 2 years since we created this blog and it’s been a great experience, but time for us to move on. :) 

We will, however, still be active on our twitter. It is much easier for us to run and we feel like a big part of the fandom is now relying more on this platform for news, rather than tumblr. So we will still tweet news over there, and we are keeping the blog up as an archive source, as well as a mean to post bigger photosets that we can link to on Twitter, should we need it. I will be fixing the events tags on the blog in the next couple of weeks so that it is easier for you to find things.

Lastly, we want to say thank you for supporting us from the very beginning, for all the kind words of encouragement and help you have provided us. Alex left very big shoes to fill with DCN, and with your support, we feel we did okay. ;) A very special thank you to our friends too, you know who you are. <3

See you guys around, and thank you again. :)

Laura & Nadine



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black out days is a theme that i made in a few days. it’s very versatile & customizable!


  • high-res photos
  • all post types
  • custom pages
  • sidebar image
  • complete color customization
  • shadows (light / dark)
  • tags, notes, date, via and source in posts


  • don’t claim as your own
  • don’t edit then redistribute (if you really want a feature to be widely available, suggest it)
  • don’t remove the credit icon in the bottom right (if this is seriously an issue please contact me)
There’s a Hate Anon’er here...

In my six years that I’ve been here on tumblr, I’m always amazed at the continuation of “hate anons” that people receive. 

From having plenty of those in the past myself - on a different blog - I remember how cruel, mean, disheartening - etc. those can be. I remember how horrible they can make you feel. 

I decided, I wanted to make some points today… Because I’m kinda at my wit’s end when it comes to people that I love, getting a certain kind of hate - and I’m tired of it. 

First - you have no idea what’s going on in someone’s real life. They could be really hurting, and this, tumblr, could be their one source of happiness; a place where they feel unified and accepted. Tarnishing such a thing is unacceptable. 

For some, Tumblr is their safe haven. 

No one has the right to ruin that, especially some person who feels the need to hide behind a grey face. 

Second - you have *NO* idea how much work someone might have put into their blog. Just because their blog might not look as *nice* as some, (and by nice, I mean complicated, graphic, designed - etc) does not mean that they’re not a “quality” blog. Let’s be frank, a BLOG is only the place where your “data” is collected. 

It’s your WRITING that makes you a “quality” blog. 

Your ability to interact through words with others. It doesn’t have to be all fancy, hell - it doesn’t even have to be in paragraphs. Everyone RP’s differently. Anyone can lure you in with fancy-pantsy gifs and icons… What I find the most alluring is the person behind the character. It’s the people that you meet in these fandoms. 

Third - If an anon has an issue with someone RP’ing with another person, perhaps this anon should: 

hey, UNFOLLOW them. 

I don’t understand why anyone should feel as though they’re allowed to message someone and say “Hey, I think you suck. Stop writing with so-and-so because you’re holding them back.” or “Hey, so-and-so deserves better than you.” 


Do you -as an outsider- know the relationships between the people you follow on tumblr? What you’re seeing on dash is perhaps all that they’re allowing you to see. Do you know the IMS? The messages? No. Not unless they, the RP’ers have shared that with their following. While a person is entitled to their opinion, an opinion like that should be KEPT to yourself. (Refer to Point #1!)

I’m not here to get a following. I’m not here to become the “most popular blog on Tumblr.” 

Do I enjoy knowing that other people are enjoying my blog? Of course I do. 

But I value my relationships that I create on tumblr even more. 

Think about what you send to someone, before you send it. 

I am not here for drama. If you’re going to be a coward and hide behind the anonymous option - maybe you shouldn’t say it at all. 

anonymous asked:

do you perhaps have a big comprehensive list of herbs and their uses? i want to write it all down in my book of shadows so i don't always have to search for it

Hey there!

My current favorite list of herbs is an herb compendium I downloaded from a Tumblr blog; it has a crap ton of plants and resins / incenses listed in a Microsoft Excel document, including botanical and alternate names, as well as planetary and elemental associations. Sadly, I can’t find the post right now, and I am not okay reposting that, since it wasn’t my work and I can’t source / credit the original poster.

I also like to write down lists from books I’ve borrowed from the library. The book of herb correspondences I’m working on now (from the Excel document I mentioned) is my third or fourth list of herb associations. I like to have multiples resources for the same things to cross reference. 

@ashesforeverashes says I should draw little pictures of what each plant looks like at the bottom of each page for that book, and maybe even make sigils for each, but that sounds like a lot of work. xD

I do have some other herb lists floating around on my blog, though, that are still good and will serve the purpose.

Pick one and have at it! :D

rockworm  asked:

I want to say I love your blog and you're my Buffy / Angel / Veronica Mars source on tumblr. I just want to talk about Joss Whedon for a second. Some of this stuff I wasn't aware of like firing Charisma for being pregnant and I'm just learning about it. I been a long time fan of his and this news along with the recent reveal of his Wonder Woman script has really soured my view of him. Its ironic that this guy taught me men (like me) can be feminists and now i've learned how bad he is at it.

First, I’m really flattered. Thanks so much and it’s nice to hear you’re here for all the shows I blog about :)

I, too, once was a huge admirer of Joss Whedon. To a certain extent, I still am. He is a great storyteller, funny as hell, creative and I love the way he plays with the English language. I, too, once believed he was a great feminist model - both as a writer and as a man. And then I started to see the cracks in his feminist discourse because it’s desperately lacking in actions to back it up.

I think he tried (tries?) to be a feminist, but he has a long way to go and to learn from his past mistakes - the bigger problem being that he seems reluctant to admit any mistakes were made in the first place…

I think he could benefit a lot from informing himself and listening to the minorities he so vigorously claims to support.

I think Buffy was his most progressive work and the shows that succeeded it got progressively more and more problematic in terms of representation. 

I think you should continue to find value in the fact that he and his work helped you understand feminism and want to strive to be a feminist yourself.

But I’m glad you’ve been able to educate yourself and understand that as inspiring as he and his work were to you, he’s certainly not the be-all and end-all feminist model. Quite the contrary.

He’s fucked up. Repeatedly. I still hope he will learn because damn if he truly were a feminist, I can’t begin to imagine how fucking groundbreaking and epic his work could be. He’s a great writer and storyteller whose work suffers from the lack of evolution in his personal views, you know? It’s such a damn pity, to be frank. 

Hi there  ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ

I’ve been on Tumblr for a while now and after stumbling upon the studyblr and studygram community, I’ve decided to start a studyblr. I’ve deleted my old blog and made a new one, which is this blog. I haven’t been able to post a proper introduction, so here it is!

‣ My name is Bea

I’m learning Korean

‣ I enjoy reading

I’m very bad in socialising. I REALLY WANT TO GET BETTER AT IT  。゚(TヮT)゚。

I am madly in love with BTS

 I aspire to be a Graphic Designer

These blogs are the source of my inspirations@milkystudies @doestudies @kinostudies @studylustre @studykouffee  ➸ I originally found them on Instagram

I guess that’s about it. I’d also like to get to know more studyblrs, feel free to reblog and stuff so that I can follow you and hopefully we can be friends! Thank you for reading (ノ´ヮ`)ノ*: ・゚

anonymous asked:

So I'm super interested in the paranormal and cryptids and such, and I was wondering if there were any, I suppose you could say, news sources that update on stuff like sightings regularly? Like, are there any sites or other blogs that you'd recommend to someone who's just getting interested in this sort of thing?

Sure thing! I’ll try and compile a fun list here for you!  (Annnnd I’m gonna do a shameless self promo and say if you ever want cryptid merch hit up my etsy shop)! ;)


Message Boards 

Tumblr Blogs


rant about stolen art

>goes into the samurai jack tag expecting to see some cool, original stuff

>instead sees a bunch of reposted fanart w/out written permission to share

>am very disappointed

Originally posted by naomi-ackerman

This blog is never, ever going to reblog reposted art unless it has a link to written permission from the original artist to share. Even if it has a link to the original source, it’s not going on here. That’s not proper sourcing!!! You never know the artist’s wishes, and many are uncomfortable w/ their art being shared w/out their consent or knowledge. As a content creator myself, I can understand how frustrating it can be if your art is stolen. And, yes, it is stealing if it is posted w/out the artist’s express knowledge and permission to do so. I’m also against reblogging/posting art sourced from weheartit.com, bc majority of the time it’s stolen work.

That also means that if you notice that I’ve reblogged stolen art here, PLEASE let me know. I’ll take it down right away. I try to be super careful when going through the tag but sometimes I won’t notice in time.

Stealing art is NOT OK! Whether it be fanart, original artwork, a gif, video, whatever, please don’t repost or share work if you know it’s not properly sourced. If you see some art on another site that’s really awesome and you want to share it w/ everyone, do this instead of reposting it w/ a link to the original source:

1. Check to see if the artist has a tumblr account. If they do, chances are their art is posted on their blog. Reblog it from there! Easy!!!

2. If they don’t, send them a message and ask if it’s OK if you can share it on here or other places! If they say yes, make sure to write that you have written permission from the artist to share in the post, and you can put a link to the screenshot of your conversation for proof. Easy!!!

3. If they say no, then DON’T REPOST IT! Enjoy the art on that site, send the link to your friends, or maybe make a post talking about their great art and put a link to their page! This way, you can bring attention to some cool art w/out stealing another’s content. Easy!!!

This post got way longer than intended, but please share this if you can! I see stolen art all the time, not just in the Samurai Jack tag, and it’s pretty upsetting, especially since it’s super easy to share someone’s art w/out stealing it. If you see some cool art but have some suspicions that it’s been stolen or reposted improperly, chances are that you’re right. Don’t take the chance!

i hate when ‘popular hipster aesthetic’ blogs have a 'disclaimer’ section on their blog about the photos they upload and its just 

'haha idk this isn’t mine but hey! whoever took it coolio ima just load it with no credit and tag it as 'mine’ so all my 1,00193984k,000 follows know that it originated from my blog and that im the source so i get more followers k thx’

oh and lets not forget the classic

'if this is ur pic and u want it removed or credited message me or if you know the credit just message me mmmmm k thx bai’

like ??? no ??? how about dont repost art (#1) and #2 it’s not everyone else’s job to find credit for the work your posting on your blog that doesn’t belong to you

ONCE YOU POST TO TUMBLR AND SOMEONE REBLOG/LIKES IT. It’s on this site forever, with NO CREDIT TO THE ARTIST. And that version with no credit will cycle around this hellsite and the respective artist will get no credit/representation for their work. It doesn’t matter if you posted someone’s work without credit, it’s gets 1,000,000 notes and then someone calls you out on it and you go back and credit it. That’s 1,000,000 likes/reblogs, is the version of the post that people will see, without the credit. And I don’t know many people who would go to the source on the types of photos I’m talking about just to get credit to the artist, now that you’ve JUST NOW added credit. 

DO NOT REPOST ART. If you somehow end up in a situation of LIFE AND DEATH and someone’s got a gun to your head to repost this art, REPOST IT WITH CREDIT

PS- Don’t remove artist’s captions on their work. No, their captions do not make your blog “ugly” or “not aesthetically pleasing” and besides, your blog being “ugly” or “not aesthetically pleasing” IS NOT more important than credit to the artist or the artist’s caption.

✨pikelansource launch✨

Hey all! I have a new blog I’m finally ready to unveil (shout-out to @percyvex for all of the amazing html help ;v;) and it’s https://pikelansource.tumblr.com/ !

For now I’ll be going through and reblogging/queuing the posts in my own tag, but I’ll also be checking out the #pikelan tag and eventually #pikelansource if this gets popular enough.

If you can, please spread the word as I really want this to be an amazing source blog for anyone who loves this ship as much as I do.

Thanks everyone! 💖