i wanted to something different of putting each member and then the family pic in the middle

Deconstructing the PR Cycle

I got some comments on my Google hits post about how the 7 million (or 3.2 mullioned spending where you are) items meant that people were interested in Meghan.

It doesn’t mean that. The number is just counting posts about Meghan (including tweets by UFO Paranormal accounts and Footwearnews posts). it doesn’t say anything about how popular she is.

To get a sense of her popularity, we need to look at Google Trends (or IMbd’s StarMeter, which I don’t have access to right now).

Here’s her Google trend line since October 1st:

That big peak is late October/early November. It’s HUGE but you can see that she’s been kind of flatlining since. Interest in her has gone down a lot, although you can kind of discern a couple of “bumps” here and there.

I got curious and decided to figure out what caused the “bumps.” That was actually harder than I expected. The “increased interest” incidents were not what I thought they were.

For starters, that big bump isn’t, as I thought, when the relationship was outed. The big peak is actually the statement. That was what caused a big splash.

And the other peaks are either “dates” or pics with Harry (which I expected) or reports that she’s “met” members of the royal family. I did NOT expect the latter as we in the fandom have mostly dismissed these stories as totally fake. 

I was particularly struck by that “met Charles” peak in late October. I barely remember that article, but apparently it got a lot of attention when the relationship was outed.

So none of the “increased interest” bumps have to do with Meghan (not even the nudes!). They all have to do with either Harry or the rest of his family.

The other thing I noticed is that these “increased interest” bumps are rather, er, evenly spaced. We get two per month – one early in the month and the other in the middle – and the Harry one always precedes the family one. 

That’s when I got kind of suspicious.

The big November peak makes the graph hard to read, so I decided to zoom in and check out the trend line since December 1st. Here’s the graph, with the Harry dates and family meets (even the ones that didn’t move the needle much, like poor George’s) labeled.

That’s a pattern right there.

I decided to check if Meg’s others “signature” articles were also on a pattern. Here’s the above graph with Meg’s pap walks inserted.

Yep, the pap walks come out in cycles too.

So that’s the pattern. She bumps up interest at the beginning of the cycle with a Harry date or pic, then she has a pap walk and a family meet rumor to keep the interest high. Then there’s another pap walk at the end of the month, which is also when we get the beauty/lifestyle articles and the “friends” articles. Then the cycle starts again with another Harry date or pic.

Sometimes the cycle breaks, as it did on the third week of March, when Megs missed her second monthly pap walk. Why, you ask? The Westminster attack happened on March 22nd. Skipping the pap walk was smart.

Overall, however, this is a very disciplined gang (except for Lainey who goes rogue once in a while) and they keep to their schedule come hell or high water. Remember that January 12 pap walk that got backdated to December and we all thought that was a mistake because Megs had to “be in London” for her Kate meet? It wasn’t. The pap walk was required by the schedule.

The pap walks are not the only things that are on cycle though. Here are the “date” articles (two per month, one at the beginning and one in the middle, like clockwork) and the essays. Note that the essay dates jump around. That’s because many (MLK, IWD, V-day) are linked to holidays. She always puts out one “big” one per month, however, pubs have their own schedule so sometimes she gets a smaller one at the end of the month (Game Changers in December and “freckles” in March)

The weirdest part of this is that even stuff that I assumed was bad luck (like the Toronto detour) or the tabs making mischief (old V-day article appearing on the press) or independently making stupid crap up (Norway, ”love cave” and “dino date”) is actually part of her pr cycle. She’s feeding ALL of this stuff to the tabs. ALL OF IT.

NONE of this is organic. It’s all a well-run pr machine.

Remember how we all think she’s being quiet on IG and not posting anymore? And everyone thinks that’s because KP told her to keep the social posts down?

Well, we’re all wrong.

Guess what? She puts out at least one IG post (on either her personal IG or the Tig) that gets pushed out to the press per cycle. Like the essays, the dates vary because they’re often linked to holidays, but there’s always at least one.

And those engagement rumors all from “friends” and “sources”? One per cycle, always at the end/start of the cycle to “hook” the audience into paying attention to the next cycle. 

These two may very well be having the romance of the century behind the scenes, but nothing we’ve seen is “real.” It’s all a pr construct. Relationships don’t fall into place like this. You don’t schedule your dates for the beginning of the month and meet a family member every month (on the second week of the month). You don’t suddenly decide to get engaged at the end of every month.

And, mind you, most of these articles allege that the date (or family meet) occurs either the previous day or a few days ago. They (except for the supposed Charles meet in October) don’t pretend to tell you about something that happened several weeks or months ago. They are all supposedly contemporaneous. 

“Supposedly” being the key word here.

You can spot the pattern with all of her stuff, the humanitarian articles (once a month), the “friends” articles (once a month), the “good with kids” articles (once a month), the merchandise pimping (one high-end time and one low-end item and she wears each item twice per cycle and then once on the previous/next cycle). Some articles are “perennials” and get pushed out every month (”style sisters” with Kate, IG pics of Cory’s apartment, food/travel expert). 

Same crap, different month.

So if you’re wondering why people talk about the pics being old or the stories being fake this is why. The whole thing is fake. ALL OF IT.

I didn’t add November because that statement spike makes the Google trend all wonky, but the same cycle appears in November. She’s been doing this since the very beginning.

This is why people are so bored and sick of her. The royal fandom is like Groundhog Day now. Everything gets recycled and repeated every single freaking month and none of it feels or sounds real.

And that’s one of the (many!) problems I have with Meghan. The whole point of the royals is that they’re not supposed to be a reality show with fake storylines and made up “characters” and events. They’re supposed to be real people with real duties that they carry out.

If I wanted fake meetings with the heir to the throne and made up dates with the spare, I’d watch the royals on E!