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Out Of My Mind

Sequel to Psyche You Out

Summary: “I want you to not come.” Dan groaned, flexing his fingers uselessly. “That’s kind of what we’ve been doing for that past God-knows-how-long.” “No,” Phil said, and Dan instinctively froze at the word. “I want to you not come until I say so on Saturday night.” Dan’s eyes flew open, and his jaw dropped. “You can’t be serious.” “I am.” Phil kept his gaze steady on Dan. “Completely and totally serious.” “Phil, it’s fucking Sunday.”

Tags/warnings: Teacher x Student, daddy kink, smut, edging, just generally sin

Word count: 5954

A/N: Oh my god… Well, people wanted a sequel, here’s a sequel, featuring totally not self-indulgent porn and you know what I’m just going to go take a cold shower now my god was that frustrating to write (read on ao3)

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Francesca and Robert cooking [+ eating + sharing that damn Brandy] or Francesca and Robert dancing for abb-yroad

How he wakes you up on Christmas morning

Mark: Opening one eye, you look around the room letting your eyes adjust before turning your head to the figure next to you. “Morning sleeping beauty,” he’d joke lightly. Pulling the covers up over your face, you groan knowing how bad your bed hair must be right now, especially when compared to Mr Prince Charming over there. “Ahh I was only kidding y/n,” he’d say tugging the covers down and nuzzling closer to you. Rubbing his nose against yours and pouting, you can’t resist but smile. You move closer to him still if possible, trying to get whatever warmth he was radiating. “Cold?” he’d ask before wrapping his strong arms around you and peppering your face, neck and shoulders with soft kisses until you started to blush pink. “Warmer?” You nod before he pulls the cocoon of covers off you completely as you whine in protest, squeezing your eyes closed. “Someone isn’t feel all too christmassy,” he laughs and your eyes fly open as one arm tucks under your legs and the other holds your waist, lifting you from the bed. Laughing, he twirls you around before burying his face in the crook of your neck, “Merry Christmas, y/n”

JB: Singing softly, his fingers trace light patterns over your skin, travelling from your arms to your collarbone to your face. “Oh gimme gimme gimme your love,” he sings as you blink your heavy eyelids open. Kissing your forehead, he smiles down at you before reaching over the side of the bed to reveal a golden box wrapped with a red ribbon. “Merry Christmas Jagiya,” he’d say, still quiet. Sitting up and rubbing your eyes, you take the present he’s handing out to you. Carefully untying the pretty ribbon, you open the box to find /your choice/. The /your choice/ that you’d been looking at and awing over for months. Surprise written all over your face, you admire the gift from every angle as you start to ramble your “thank you”’s and “you shouldn’t have”’s. The boy sat silent content with staring at you. “Why.. Why are you staring at me like that?” You ask cautiously. “I adore you,” he whispers, leaning forward to tuck a stray strand of hair behind your ear. Your cheeks tinting red, you giggle and whisper back “you’re so corny.” “Oh admit it, you love it,” he smiles. “Maybe,” you say, smirking. Leaning closer, he lightly cups your cheeks and kisses you softly, slowly.

Jackson: A loud bang echoing through the room, your eyes fly open as you notice the sleeping form that is normally next to you, isn’t there. “Jackson?!” Hearing a groan from the floor at the foot of the bed, you crawl under the covers that you now realise are half on the floor. “… What the hell happened?” You say, looking at the scene before you: your boyfriend lying with his face smushed against the floor with the bed sheets tangled around his legs in every way possible. A smile cracked onto your face as you noticed the Santa hat in his hand. “I was trying to reach my hat but I didn’t want to get up and then…” His explanation cut off by the sound of you laughing loudly. “HEY!” He shouts in defence as you continue to laugh. “Your beautiful boyfriend is in pain over here!” he says, only making you laugh more. “Oh that’s it,” he mutters before two strong hands grab your waist, pulling you down to the floor. Accidentally landing on top of him, he grunts before smirking. “Oh well Merry Christmas to me.” Wiggling his eyebrows, you lightly hit his chest as he sits up, putting on his Santa hat. Pointing to his pouted lips, he adds “now how about a kiss?”

Jr:I really can’t stay.. but baby it’s cold outside! I’ve got to go away..” Music playing throughout the entire house, your eyes open to not only the sound, but a wonderful smell drifting from the kitchen. Sleepily walking into the kitchen, you find your boyfriend wearing a Christmas apron over pyjamas as he sang along to the song that filled the room. Noticing your presence, he turned and smiled at you as you giggled at the streak of flour on his cheek and his hair that was stuck up in random tufts. He put the bowl he was holding on the closest surface as he swayed over to you, grabbed your hand and sweetly twirled you around in a circle. “Your eyes are like starlight now..” he continues to sing as you curtsied. Tugging you closer until there is no space between you, he sings softly “mind if I move in closer?” Your cheeks tinted pink, he smiled as he pressed a kiss on the corner of your lips, “Merry Christmas y/n”

Youngjae: Hearing a range of noises coming from downstairs, you walked into the living room to find him sat on the floor encircled by wrapping paper, sellotape and scissors. Looking up at you, he’d be a mess as he tries to hide what he was doing. “You forgot to wrap my present didn’t you?” Subtly trying to push your present behind his back, he’d smile awkwardly as you giggle at the image of him because the poor confused boy has sellotape stuck everywhere, including his cheek. You go to pull it off and as he flinches away confused, you grab the paper and your present (already knowing what it was because this boy isn’t discreet in the slightest). Wrapping it up before handing it to him, you let him put in under the tree. Pressing a soft kiss on his cheek and taking his hand, you lead him back to bed because it’s three in the morning. (However he would make you promise to act surprised when you open it before he let you sleep again!)

Bambam: feeling a soft prodding on your cheek, you turn your head towards your boyfriend as his eyes widen and a smile appears on his face. “Ah Jagiya you’re awake!” He’d lean over you and you can easily tell how excited he is by the sparkle in his eyes as he looks at you expectantly, hoping you would suggest going to open the presents right this very moment. “But I’m still sleepy,” you say teasing him and making a pouting face. “Oh…you can…just..go back to sleep then…sorry..” He’d say genuinely believing you, and you couldn’t help but laugh. “Bam I was only kidd-” you wouldn’t even get to finish your sentence before the hyper boy pulls you from the covers and drags you towards the location of the presents.

Yugyeom: The warmth of his arms encircling your waist, your eyes flutter open to reveal the face of your boyfriend only centimetres from your own. Pressing a big kiss on your cheek (including the “MWAH” sound effect), he’d whisper “I’m sorry I didn’t know if I should wake you” Giggling, you tell him that it’s okay and within seconds he’s running down the stairs. After only a moment, you follow him to find him standing in the centre of the room holding a square box perfectly wrapped with a large red bow, a huge smile plastered on his face. Extending his arms to hand you the gift, you take it as you pass him a neatly wrapped hand sized box. Before you even get a chance to open your present, or him his, two long arms wrap around your waist as he buries his head into your shoulder. Caught off guard you almost topple over but he doesn’t let you fall. “What was that for?” Laughing you add, “you haven’t even opened the present yet!” “I’m just really glad you’re here noona.”

(first scenario! more will coming soon so please feel free to send us your requests! thank you!)

a-flickering-soul  asked:

In honor of the crazy amount of snow in the North East, a snowday Tasertricks would be absolutely adorable.

The neon orange glow from the streetlights filters into their bedroom, mixing with the soft purple light just before the sun rises. Darcy rolls over in bed in her sleepy state, throwing an arm and a leg over towards where Loki sleeps next to her, trying to hook onto his body. But she misses completely, her limbs falling back down onto the sheets. 

“Mmph?” She groans, groggily lifting an eyelid to see why she wasn’t currently snuggling the six foot tall god. He’s not even in bed.

“Loki?” She asks through the fog of sleepiness.

That’s when the door to their room opens, and in an instant, he’s hunched over her side of the bed, his untamable hair falling around his face as he looks down at her, “Darcy!” He whispers excitedly, “It snowed overnight.” 

“Ugh,” Darcy rolls her eyes, turning away from him, “Great. Fantastic. Sleep now." 

"No, sleep later,” Loki replies with way too much enthusiasm for 6 a.m. It’s his first winter in New York with Darcy. And his first winter away from home. She swears she’s never seen him this enthusiastic before, and she suspects it’s been a while since he’s encountered a snowfall like this. Hell, he’s like a kid who just found out school was cancelled. 

“Come with me, you’ve got to see this,” He says with unbridled eagerness, and just as she’s about to protest, he’s scooping her up in his arms, bundled up in her comforter and all. 

“Loki!” She shrieks, her legs kicking as she wiggles around in his arms, “Oh my god." 

He takes them to the front of their townhouse, opening the door and stepping outside. The sun still hasn’t broken the horizon yet it’s that early, and all around them lies untouched, perfectly pure drifts of snow in the still-sleeping neighborhood. It covers every inch of every surface, and with it falls an eerie silence, one not common on their usually busy New York street. 

"Whoa,” Darcy breaths as Loki sets her down on the porch, her feet on the only spot of cement covered by the house’s awning. She takes in the scene before them, just as a light snowfall begins to rain down upon them, “It’s magical.”

Loki smirks, “I told you.” 

She takes the moment to scoop a handful of snow off the railing and smush it in his face, “But that was for waking me up so early.”

He stands there for a minute, no expression, tongue darting out of his mouth to lick at the snow coating his face. She can’t help but laugh. 

“Are you sure you want to go there?” He asks with a twinkle in his eye, brushing the snow off. He leans over to scoop up an even bigger ball of snow, and she shrieks with laughter, darting out down the steps and onto the sidewalk as he hurls it at her. She doesn’t even care that she’s still in her pajamas. 

They’re both coated in the white powder, yelling with laughter, before four neighbors simultaneously open their windows and tell them to shut up. Which, in turn, only causes them to laugh harder, doubling over as their breaths come out in tufts and their cheeks turn rosy and pink. Their impromptu snowball fight was waking up the whole neighborhood. 

Before they head back inside to warm up, Loki stands there for a second on the sidewalk, arms spread wide, tilting his head back and letting the snowflakes sprinkle across his face. Darcy stops to stare at him from the doorway to the house, entranced by the way the weather has made him so carefree and childlike. 

She swears that he is by far the most magical thing she’s ever seen.