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Could you do the rfa + minor trio with an mc who seems really cold and rude, especially to them. They're actually really nice but everyone but them sees it because she likes them and she has horrible trust issues. Maybe they catch her at a bad moment where her cold facade breaks and they realise that she's actually really nice and caring. Maybe their thoughts for her change and they begin to like her? Thank you!

Saeran’s is pretty angsty, and there’s trigger warnings of self harm. I’m really sorry if I disappoint you, but I promise they have happy endings. 

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3 September 2017

Ravenclaw tower, first year girls dorm

Hi Lily,

I am very sorry to hear that you fought with your dad, though I get his point too. I mean he was not in a position to give you your brothers’ room now was he? Albus already resents him and your mom for what happened. But you probably do not want me to mention that, you just want to vent, which is where I’m here for.

Also *insert motherly tone here* you are not allowed to do research after ten PM young lady! Sleep is very important for someone your age! (she wrote at half past twelve herself whoops). Parkinson’s face was totally worth it though, and I made new friends putting her in her place because she was already bullying on her first day. Binch.

I must say that I am indeed noticing a large expansion in my vocabulary range. You assumed correctly that I would be a Ravenclaw and these people do not sleep and cannot say ten words without swearing while tired. I do not think they even notice it anymore, though I will try to watch my language in my letters to you. I wouldn’t want you fighting with your parents about your choice of words too.

The weather here is pretty bad, though it isn’t raining at the moment, there is just a lot of wind. The banquet was fine but the vegetarian options were very limited so I was kind of hoping you could find some good meat free recipes? Apparently being a vegetarian is not a thing yet at Hogwarts. I have given my first speech on the matter this evening and I think I have a couple dozen housemates persuaded already. Now I just need to get the house elves on board, but with my mother’s track record I don’t think that will be a problem.

There is loads more I want to tell you but I don’t want to rush it and my eyes are falling shut so you will have to be patient for that. The cousins are doing fine, though James has already landed himself a month worth of detention by changing the generic Hogwarts shampoo to pink hair dye. Really it was rather rude of him because everyone with dyed hair was suddenly called out as being poor and/or unhygienic, but then you already know that your brother is quite the idiot sometimes.

I hope you made up with your dad, just as I hope you aren’t feeling too lonely there in London. At least you can stalk Fred and George, that’s something I already miss.

With the most love,

Rose Granger-Weasley

Ps. Yes it is kind of weird that your middle name is Luna, but Luna herself is weird too so I guess it fits.

Pps. The ink worked! Or at least it has so far. I am writing this letter in bed and I have yet to spill a single droplet. Thank you very much!

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Hey, would you make a fic based on Sleeping Beauty?

i tear myself open (you sew me shut)

For those of you that don’t know, I’m currently on hiatus until I wrap up the summer research fellowship I’m working on right now! But I saw this prompt in my inbox and just couldn’t help myself. Also I realized after I wrote it that they asked for Sleeping Beauty, not Beauty and the Beast so whoops. So I’m pretty sure that this is nowhere near what Anon had in mind, but whatever. My fic, my rules. 

I love writing prompt fills so feel free to send them in! It might be a while before I get to it because of the hiatus, but I’ll do my best to make it happen. I fill anything that inspires me. You can send a prompt in here.

He isn’t pretty anymore. At least, that’s what O always loves to remind him of when she wants to get under his skin. Earth—this awful, god forsaken hellhole of a planet—has marred his skin and aged his body in ways he had never imagined when he used to picture the ground. Freckles that have darkened with the sunshine are now mottled with scars carved by more blades and fists than he can count.

Bellamy had never really considered his physical appearance until the world had taken it from him. He had known he could be considered attractive, had seen the way eyes followed him as a cadet on the Ark, had seen it again when they had first landed on the ground. But it had always just been there, a way to charm the people that always smiled back at him, something that had drawn the eye of girls and several guys, too.

It had never struck him as important to his identity until the day they find the bunker just south of Polis. Its mirror stops him in his tracks as his team scavenges the rest of the room. He’s pushing forty, something he never thought he’d accomplish once they set foot on the ground, but seeing the way the hard years have aged him is still a shock. Strands of silver peek out from beneath his curls along his temples, their color stolen by the burden of so many people’s lives weighing on his shoulders.

And scars, so many scars. They tear across his cheekbones and trail down his arms, each with a story that wakes him in the middle of the night before he can be calmed and caressed back to sleep. His neck is striped with three thin lines, the reminder of threats that could still be followed through upon. He sees the shiny skin of an old bullet wound from two years ago when a trade deal had turned deadly beneath his shirt just below his collarbone, and he remembers how her hands shook as she stitched his torn flesh back together. So many scars it makes him wonder how the hell he’s still alive.

The lines around his mouth have deepened, and he wonders whether they’re derived from his smiles or his grimaces. There was a time when he wouldn’t have even considered the former, back when his days were filled with unopened bottles and watching the fiery earth beneath his fingertips. But the lips that pressed against his bare shoulder as he woke this morning and the knowledge they will be there tomorrow mean it’s probably a bit of both.

He spends the majority of the hike back to Arkadia wondering when he stopped looking like Bellamy Blake.

He’s quiet when he returns their sleepy quarters, the light of the day having faded hours earlier. She is still awake, of course she’s still awake. She always is until he slips beneath the blankets beside her and pulls her close. He expects her usual sigh of contentment, expects to drift off to sleep.

But tonight she pushes herself up on one arm and kisses his temples, fingers carding through silver-streaked curls and slipping across the marks that color his cheekbones, her own hands so much softer than those that put them there.

She trails her affections down his neck, gentle yet persistent in places that makes his toes curl. Her lips press to each of the scars on his neck, each a promise, a reminder that you’re still here, I’m still here, we’re still here.

Her lips are everywhere, leaving marks of their own that make him realize how little the others matter, how little anything matters outside of her, outside of their own little world they have created.

And finally her lips are on his, finding their home once again. She kisses him, really kisses him, the way she did that first day he told her that he loved her, that believing she was lost to the burning world had almost burnt him alive, too.

She pulls away, the lips he has memorized inside and out curling into a smile, so small but it is everything, and he thinks to himself that he has no idea how he’s still alive, but he’s indescribably grateful that he is. He’s grateful that he gets to come home every day to this woman, so fucking beautiful it still makes his breath falter even after all these years, and wake up next to her every morning.

Their story was not a love story, not really. It was written in blood and sculpted by blades that managed to nick them both along the way. But it is theirs, only theirs. And he may not be pretty anymore, but she is as picturesque as the life they have built together. He sees her radiance in everything: in the community they have fought to protect, in the furrow of her brow when he winces with the wrong movement of his bad shoulder, in the golden curls that frame a small face that reflects his own brown eyes.

The world may have taken a lot of things from him, his youth, his sleep, his peace. But no matter how hard it tries, nuclear apocalypse, six years in space, war after endless war, whatever it will throw at them next, it will never take her. It will never take Clarke Griffin from him.

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While I'm supposed to be sleeping
  • Me: *Pauses the episode of Andi Mack I was watching* Look I said I wanted to binge watch this tonight but I'm exhausted
  • Me five minutes later: *Unpausing the episode while chugging a cup of coffee* Okay now where were we
Important message regarding to Phil’s sleepless night video

Alright, so, the video has been up for a decent amount of time now and I’ve seen a lot of mixed opinions on it. Here’s mine.

I still stand by the theory that Dan and Phil definitely share the moon bedroom. You can see the white floor in Phil’s room from the video, while he tweeted a picture of the centipede in a room with wood floors that he claimed to be his room. There’s a lot more evidence too, with Dan and Phil being extremely careful with deciding what to show of their rooms, etc. I do not think that this theory is de-confirmed just because Phil decided to film the video in his “room”.

I don’t like to accuse someone like Phil of lying. It’s disrespectful. But I would not be surprised if he was trying to send us a message.

The whole thing was very suspicious - Phil spent little to no time in his room, you could see that he was filming at 8 PM, and he suddenly decided to make this video just because he ate a couple of coffee beans. What’s he hiding? Probably the fact that he shares a room with Dan. But why would he be so urgent to release this video?

I made a post a few day ago explaining my theory that Dan and Phil are not comfortable with coming out yet. I still stand by that. They don’t want 2012 to happen again, and they don’t want people to see them just for their relationship. I think we’ve all done a good job so far of keeping our theories to ourselves, so I don’t think Phil is necessarily uncomfortable from the theories being spread around. That being said, I believe that neither Dan nor Phil are ready to make their relationship public yet on such an obvious level. And that’s okay. They’re entitled to their privacy and it’s up to them to decide when they’re ready to tell us, if they truly are together.

Like I’ve said before, I don’t really think we’ve been too disrespectful so far, but it’s likely that Phil is just trying to take precautionary measures by attempting to throw us off the track. He just doesn’t want to see 2012 happen again. I think the centipede thing was a complete accident, and he didn’t mean to give himself away there. He’s probably trying to say, “whoops, hey guys, here’s some proof I’m actually sleeping in this room, heh…” 

Making theories isn’t a bad thing. It doesn’t immediately mean you’re harassing them if you’re keeping it to yourself. Is it an invasion of privacy? Not sure. We gather our evidence from public things Dan and Phil decide to share, but some of our evidence may have come from things they revealed completely by accident - like the centipede photo. We don’t know for certain what is or isn’t an accident. I’d say it’s important for us to be careful, and if it becomes more and more obvious that either of them are actually becoming uncomfortable, THAT’S when you need to back off. 

So don’t lose hope. I don’t think we’ve stumbled across a dead end, rather a message and a lesson. And at the end of the day, Phil made a good video and that’s what our main focus should be.

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prompt: jack is a flaming bisexual and previous relarionships with other people both girls and boys comes up casually in a conversation and crutchie gets sorta jealous ((idk where this came from i dont see crutchie as the jealous type but him being a little defensive over jack is cute ??????idk u dont have to if u dont want obv))

so this wasn’t the prompt exactly but I hope this is alright???

Also I wrote most of this at 2 in the morning last night so whoops

In which Jack and Crutchie are once again oblivious about each other’s feelings. Again. And Crutchie is very jealous. A grumpy jealous.

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Okay so I know after season four katt is becoming more of a thing which is absolutely fantastic and it’s quickly becoming one of my favorites but have you guys considered matt and hunk

They had more canon interaction than katt did, although it was certainly less dramatic and intense

The ship name possibilities are great?? Hatt, hutt, munk, and my personal favorite, hunt, and that’s just the result of a two minute brainstorm so I’m sure there are other possibilities as well

Also, and this is probs the most important thing, matt appreciates hunk. He acknowledged his brilliance pretty much immediately and idk about you guys but I’ve been wanting something like that to happen for a while

Basically, matt is such a great character and he’s gonna be so good for the whole team and yes katt is great and so is latte (I’ll rant about that more later whoop) but please please please don’t sleep on this because it deserves to be appreciated just as much as these other ships and it will break my heart if no one jumps on this because it’s just so pure guys

A Sleep Like Death (closed rp - kirby-rps

“It will be like falling asleep.”

He didn’t dream. He drifted. And he remembered.

Those last words echoed from nowhere over and over, the only thing that came to him clearly in the thick fog of magic that kept him senseless and silent.

That last lie in a string of many, repeated ad infinitum, mocking him. He’d trusted that voice and it burned to hear the deceit so vividly now where he’d missed it before.

He didn’t dream. He remembered.

And he waited.

They’d been playing phone tag for two days now. Arthur had waited to tell her about the ruined tower’s new ownership until after the legal paperwork for the inheritance went through and the property was his for sure. By the time he’d known for sure she’d already left for California to collect a rare document she’d hunted down. He left her a message.

To say she’d been excited in the message she’d left him in response would be a massive understatement. He’d had to listen to it three times to decipher the whole thing. They’d never managed to catch each other, instead trading a string of increasingly confusing messages of answers disjointed from the questions they belonged to until Arthur finally decided ‘fuck it’ and told her he’d explain everything when he picked her up at the airport today.

He was hoping she’d want to take a day or two to relax after traveling before getting him to take her to the tower. But since he was sure that wasn’t going to happen, he’d picked up pizza for them to split on the drive out to scenic Nowhere where the near-ancient building stood.

Just PTSD things

  • Not sleeping because that’s what you were doing when It Happened
  • Oops slept for 15 hours
  • RLS
  • Who the fuck is parked in front of my driveway what do u want who sent u
  • Whoops theres some psychosis
  • Someone Is In The House
  • Leg bounce leg bounce leg bounce
  • Corners are Good and Safe
  • Congratulations you win a Trauma Dream
  • Where am I? Who are you? Who am I?
  • Crying hour but it goes for six hours
  • Time to D I S S O C I A T E
  • “Why are you shaking?”
  • Feel free to add more!
Tag I’m It

I was tagged in this by @jordisstigander!

Nickname: I don’t really have one?  A few people call me Beth.  

Star sign: Cancer

Height: 5’11”

Hogwarts house: Hufflepuff!  (That’s my primary house.  Ravenclaw’s my secondary.)

Favorite animal: Giraffes

Hours of sleep: I try for eight to nine but that doesn’t always happen, whoops

Dogs or cats: Cats!  :D  I do like dogs, too, but I just don’t think I’d want one of my own.

Number of blankets: There are four on my bed right now.  (I really like blankets.)

Dream trip: Maybe to Ireland?  It’s pretty there.  On a smaller scale, I would really like to go visit my best friends back in my home town, and I might get to during Thanksgiving weekend (yay!)

Dream job: Author.  (Copy editor also sounds nice.  Librarian could work as well.)

Time: At the time I’m posting this, about 11 p.m.

Birthday: In July!  I really like having a summer birthday.  It means any presents I get are nicely spaced out around the year.  Also, the usual embarrass-the-birthday-person things happen during the school year, so I escaped most of those.

Favorite bands: My best friends recently got me into Skillet (I don’t know much about them yet, but I like their songs, they’re nice and stimmy).  I also like Disney songs and soundtracks from things, but I don’t think those count.

Favorite solo artists: I hardly know OF any solo artists.  I think Taylor Swift is one?  Maybe?  I’ve heard some of her songs and I like the rhythm of them, so her, I guess.

Song stuck in my head: A Bible passage set to a song (it’s Romans 4:20-25).  This morning, in Bible Study Methods class, we were talking about psalms, and the professor asked if any of us memorized verses by using songs, and since I do that, he asked me to sing one, and now I have it stuck in my head.  Now that I think about it, I’m super surprised I wasn’t way more nervous about singing in class than I was, but yay, I guess.  😊

Movie I last watched: Thor: Ragnarok (and it was AWESOME)

Show I last watched: Supernatural (also pretty awesome)

When did I create my blog: Sometime this August (I’ve been trying to figure out exactly when for several minutes now and it turns out that I do not know how to use computers very well- ha, as if I didn’t know that already- so that is all you are getting)

What do I post/reblog: Funny things, meta, gifs, occasionally my own writing, and various things about my special interests (Doctor Who, dragons, writing/linguistics/storytelling, knitting, Supernatural)

Last thing I googled: “Rossana es nicht translate” (I was confused about this post.  I still don’t have an answer so if anyone knows what that’s about I’m rather curious now.)

Other blogs: @pretty-knitty-things, a knitting sideblog, and @stimminess, a stimmy videos (slime etc.) sideblog (I just started them a few days ago)

Do I get asks: I haven’t gotten one yet!  

Why I chose my url: I was trying to figure out a way to combine dragons and stories, which would basically sum up my special interests (Doctor Who, for example, is a story itself).  And my blog is basically a hoard of various sparkly shiny stories and funny things and gifs, so I thought it was pretty appropriate.  

Following: 259

Followers: 22

Lucky number: Not so much lucky numbers, but either 7 or 23.  I like 7 because it’s a prime number but a lot of things (days of the week, several things in the Bible, etc.) are still multiples of 7, and also it looks nice.  And I like 23 because so many people I know have birthdays on the 23rd of the month: at least five that I can think of off the top of my head.

Favorite instrument: The flute, I guess?  I used to (and maybe still can?) play it.  I also like the sound of violins.

What I am wearing: A skirt (that I really like because it’s so flowy and fun to spin around in), leggings, a hoodie, and an “I’m Silently Correcting Your Grammar” t-shirt.

Favorite food: Pizza, pasta, and most things with enough salt on them.

Nationality: One-quarter Dutch, one-quarter Lithuanian, and some various Pennsylvania Dutch (German)/French/maybe Irish, I don’t remember exactly.  And I live in the United States.  (I’m not entirely sure which answer I was supposed to give so you get both.)

Favorite song: “Lions” by Skillet at the moment.  I also like hymns just in general.

Last book I read: Ella Minnow Pea by Mark Dunn.  It’s super cool!  (I found a recommendation on here and immediately got the e-book with my library account.)  It’s made of letters (ha, in two ways).  Both in that the story is composed of epistles (letters) from various people to others, and in that the letters of the alphabet are used in it, though not all of them throughout the entire book, which is the point of it: the premise is basically that people are prohibited from using specific letters as they fall off of a sign and have to write and speak without using words that include those letters.  I especially liked the ending, and I didn’t expect it to go the way it did, but it made sense after it happened, which is the best kind of ending in my opinion.  

Three fictional universes I’d like to join: Narnia (preferably not during any of the battles that go on there if possible), Doctor Who (“the Doctor is worth the monsters; one may tolerate a world of demons for the sake of an angel”: I think it’d be worth it even if I did end up stuck in a parallel universe or something), and Harry Potter mostly because I think it would be really cool to be able to use magic to knit two or three things at the same time, and also because dragons exist in that universe so that’s pretty cool.  

I’m tagging @failsafeartemis, @stowawayinsantassackathealpaca, and anyone else who wants to do this!  :D

Episode 14x05 Rewatch

Hey guys!

So I know the episode was a pretty rough one for the fandom as far as the conclusion, but I did want to share a few thoughts after rewatching it:

  1. It as beutifully done. So much symbolism with the fans, the water, the sounds etc.
  2. In recent interviews Kevin talked about how having children could be back on the table with Amelia. This wasn’t in the episode, which leads me to think it’s still to happen (though changes could’ve been made). My theories for this are: Owen adopts and Amelia supports him. Owen and Amelia sleep together once and whoops. Or finally: they talk and realize hey we do want the same things.
  3. Owen’s reason for breaking up his marriage was he felt he and Amelia didn’t know each other. As we can see with the promo for the next episode and pics: he Amelia are bonding a lot. They’re relationship started so intense that they really weren’t friends. I’m not saying that they’ll get back together soon (could be a long while), but I do believe they’ll come back to each other. Look at Jolex — sometimes it takes a bit to work through things. Marriage is a lot of pressure when you’re trying to figure out who are. Both Amelia and Owen have just been liberated by things weighting them down. They need time!
  4. Teddy is still an interesting variable. I do believe her and Owen need to explore what is there. She is such an important part of Owens life. That being said, I do not believe it will last. Teddy has been in love with Owen for so long, it may just be the idea of them together. As Megan said, Owen loves ideas and ideals. So this could play out interestingly.
  5. The re-exchange of the rings. That was both beautiful and meaninful. When you get married you exchange rings to be tied to one another. In this case although they are untying said relationship, they still held onto each other suggesting they are still linked. And just to reiterate #3 I think they’ll come back to each other. Everyone gives Omelia so much crap for being back and forth but Merder legit was 5 seasons of back and forth.

So all in all, I’m sad they aren’t together, but I’m in it for the long haul. I believe they are meant to be and can’t wait to see how the rest of the season unfolds!

Nano log/ day 12

I WROTE 2010 WORDS AND I WANT TO WRITE MORE BUT SLEEP+HOMEWORK PREVENTS ME FROM DOING SO ;((( today was so good!! I had no idea what to write but then I cleared up my plan and some very cute/heartbreaking stuff happened! Like it’s good now but oh boy does Peter have a storm coming. Poor baby he doesn’t deserve this shit I’m so mean to my characters. Anyways, I should break 25k tomorrow which is exciting!

Update:: added 337 words to round out yesterday’s chapter to 2004 words! (Also i won’t sleep enough tonight whoops)

((@ingthing​ and I had some fun with this, so I thought I’d post it for all the rest of you lawyer shippers to enjoy - tem))

Okay, so imagine that Phoenix and Miles like to go over case information together a few hours before the trial. They meet up, maybe in the courthouse library, early enough that there aren’t many people around. That way they can have some privacy. 

And one day the trial is at eight in the morning, so Miles meets Phoenix at six, maybe earlier – and it’s a little too early, turns out, because they end up accidentally falling asleep together in the library.

So everyone’s looking for the bloody lawyers, and Maya checks the library, and she finds these two fast asleep, side by side - Miles’s head resting on Phoenix’s shoulder - and they both just look so relaxed that’s she’s like ‘aw let them rest’ and leaves. The trial gets called off and rescheduled bc they didn’t show up.

Miles probably wakes up first like ‘nghoooh what’s this’ and just…he wants to storm off before Phoenix wakes up, but Phoenix just looks so peaceful like this, and :O 

And Miles is probably like HOW COULD I, A PROFESSIONAL, SLEEP THROUGH A CASE AND TOTALLY POSTPONE IT, while Phoenix is just like ‘lol whoops.’ Basically Phoenix is chill about it while Miles is a blushing mess who doesn’t forgive himself for the next month.

Phoenix, naturally, doesn’t get how shameful Miles thinks this is and so he’s just like ‘hey Miles remember that time in the courtroom library when we –’ and Miles cuts him off like ‘shut up Wright’

So naturally, whoever overhears them assumes that something shockingly indecent happened between these two in the library. Rumors spread like wildfire, and of course Maya just lets it happen despite knowing the truth 

And when it gets around to Miles, he’s absolutely appalled, and he issues an email to the entire office going:

‘ No indecent matters occurred in the Court Records archive at X time on X date.  Due to sleep deprivation, Mr Wright and I fell asleep while reviewing case information.  And thus, our morning court session was postponed due to our absence.’ and he leaves this lengthy apology underneath.

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Chapter TwentyFour


~ Six Weeks Later~

“So how many people are coming again?”, Briana asked as she pushed the trolley while I did the loading of the food and Jasmine held a sleeping Zay in her arms.

“About 35, maybe 40”, I told her as I smiled softly at how adorable Isaiah looked, curled up in a bundle while Jas rocked him back and forth. Poor baby was exhausted from all the shopping we had done today and after spoiling him with ice cream and lollies he crashed out.

It has been a month and a half since our family had come together as a whole again and it has been by far the best time of my life. The love and happiness I have felt during this time is literally indescribable and to say I was blessed would be an understatement. 

Not only has Zay taken to family life so quickly but Tyson as well has adapted amazingly to becoming a father. To make matters even better Ty has yet to have an episode since Zay has come to live with us. Although we are so proud of Ty for his self control, we all couldn’t help but be on edge with him as well, as Tyson has never been able to last this long without falling manic.

What was worrying us was that we were afraid that he was bottling any anger in and that soon something would trigga him off causing him to explode, which something that we did not want to happen.

Though that thought was constantly in the back of our minds we couldn’t help but doubt it with every day passing as Tysons happiness was quite evident but it also didn’t mean the ‘rough’ side of him was gone. His bluntness, attitude and rudeness towards other was still there and I couldn’t help but beam with the fact that his personality hadn’t changed.

That brings us back to today. After a few months or recovery and intense rehab, Ty was finally able to get back on the court and just in time for practise for the new season that began in the coming weeks.

While he was off early in the morning at the basketball court with Ace, J and the rest of his team, the girls and I took Isaiah out to the local supermarket so we could get decorations and food for his birthday party tomorrow. 

Yes it was in fact Isaiah’s 3rd birthday tomorrow and having missed his first 2 birthdays, Tyson and I were going all out for it even if he was still just a little kid. Most the people attending were Tysons team players who were bringing their wives and kids as well as Zay’s friends from the orphanage that we had managed to get Mrs Jones to agree to let come.

“So I need your guys advice and opinion”, Jas suddenly asked causing Briana’s and my attention to turn away from my shopping list and over to her, where she subconsciously tapped her foot on the ground repeatedly.

“You better not be asking what we think about threesomes, I will literally slap the shit out of Jeremiah for even suggesting that”, Briana immediately said off the bat causing me to break out in laughter while shaking my head.

“Girl please, lets be serious out of all our men, Ace would be the one asking that and J would be the last”, Jas defended in a joking manner although we all knew it was true. 

“Hey ! Ty wouldnt be asking for no threesomes either. He knows i’d royally whoop homegirls ass as well as his”, I chuckled even though I was dead serious.

“Ace can ask all he wants but it would never happen, not in his wettest dreams”, Briana huffed before looking back over at Jasmine who was still rocking a sleeping Zay, “Anyways what was it you needed advice on?”, B asked as she threw in some plastic plates and cutlery.

“Jeremiah asked me to move in”, She blurted out while beaming causing me to squeal as I jumped up and down while clapping my hands in excitement. Briana on the other hand narrowed her eyes with suspicion before openingly eyeing out Jasmine from head to toe.

“You checking her out or nah?”, I asked jokingly as I winked at Jas who was a looking at Briana in confusion, “You looking a little plump, you pregnant or nah?”, Briana retaliated, aiming her question at Jasmine whose eyes grew wide while I on the other hand died of laughter in the middle of the shopping aisle.

 ”Bitch what the hell”, I managed to get out as I leaned my head on her shoulder while Jasmine just shook her head with amusement trying her best not to laugh so she wouldn’t wake up Zay.

“Im trying so hard to be offended that you pretty much insinuated that not only was a hoe but also fat”, Jas playfully pouted as I mockingly gasped, “Hey, I aint married and I got a kid. You trying to say Im a hoe?”, I asked with a raised eyebrow while Briana rolled her neck all ghetto like causing strangers to look at us weirdly.

“It dont apply too you cause both you and your man are fine as hell and you produced the cutest baby on this planet. So your hoe title has be removed, effective, immediately”, Jas said all cop like causing me to cheese while winking at her.

“Well pregnant or not, I think if you love him and feel ready then you should definitely take the next step and move in”, Briana said causing me to nod my head while Jas playfully rolled her eyes.

“Okay lets clear that up, I am 1000% NOT pregnant and I do love him, like a lot and I know he loves me. Besides I pretty much spend all my time at his anyways”, She replied with a sigh just as I handed some party decorations into the trolley.

“You seem pretty sure so why you looking a little doubtful?”, Briana asked causing me to look over at Jasmine with a raised eyebrow, “Its just, I’m scared that it would change us. Like what if once I move in he can’t stand it or he gets sick of me”, She stressed as a small smirk played across both mine and Brianas face.

“Okay you need to chill J! Obviously you do not realise just how much this nigga is in love with you. You need to put your fears aside and take this step otherwise your relationship is never going to progress”, I sighed as I walked over and gave her a side hug which prompt Briana to walk over and join in for a group hug.

“Yo you emotional ass females ready or what? Bout to lose my damn mind shoppin with y’all, my damn turtle walks faster than this”, Brock grumbled as he suddenly appeared out of no where with a frown etched across his face. Following close behind him was ‘Juice’, he was the newest employee on the Brown team and was assigned to pretty much be my shadow.

“Yea we got everything you grumpy ass, lets go to the check out and go home”, I mumbled before sticking my tongue out at Brock which caused Juice to chuckle under his breath.

You would think that after 6 weeks the news of us getting our son back surfaced across the world, that people would leave us alone and get over it. Well that was not the case, not even a little. Paparazzi was now a frequent occurrence in our life and there wasn’t an outing that we went on that didn’t involve them hovering around us. Hence the added bodyguard.

Originally, Tyson was banking on having a extra 3 bodyguards for Zay and myself alone but after a hour long argument, rough sex and putting my foot down we had finally come to the agreement to have only one other along side Brock.

Brock was one of the most trusted people Tyson had so his mind was at a lot more ease when he knew that B was with me when he wasn’t. But as you can see, due to Brock being more like a brother and part of our family, he didnt have a ounce of filter or professionalism so instead of me running shit, it was usually him. 

“Lazy ass stay complaining, we only been shopping for two hours”, Briana huffed under her breath causing me to bite down on my lip to stifle the laughter that was trying to escape.

It wasn’t until 40 minutes later that we had finally arrived home and too say we were all exhausted was an understatement. After unloading all the groceries, Briana and Jasmine each found themselves a spare bedroom so they could take a nap, Brock took his ass to the lounge room to watch ESPN and eat and Juice went home as he was no longer needed for the day.

I on the other hand, took my baby boy upstairs to my bedroom and carefully laid his small body on my bed where I proceeded to undress him and slip him into his pajamas instead. Showing no signs of waking up anytime soon, I left him in the middle of the bed and placed a barrier of pillows around him so he wouldn’t fall off before making my way to our ensuite.

Groaning as I stripped out of my clothes, I mentally cursed being a women as the craps that came with having your period hit me at full force causing me to hold onto my stomach while fumbling with the water.

Once the cold was pouring out, I stepped straight in and let the goose bumps take over as the water covered my hair and entire body in one hit. Feeling the sleepiness come over me, I quickly began washing hair while fighting to keep my eyes open which proved to be quite a challenge.

Spending only 15 minutes in the shower, I silently congratulated myself on the worlds fastest shower in my books and proceeded to get ready for a nap.

Combing some treatment into my wet hair, I slipped into some sweats and Tysons shirt before making me way back into our main bedroom where I found Zay still sleeping his life away, look adorable as hell.

Smiling at the sight, I turned the bedroom lights off and turned the Tv on before slipping into bed. Quickly checking my phone, I sighed when I saw that the time was only 1:00pm meaning Tyson still had a few more hours before he came home giving me at least 2 hours tops to have a nap.

Switching it to silent so I wouldn’t be bothered, I placed it on the side table before getting comfortable under the blankets and snuggling up to my sons tiny body. It only took minutes before I slipped into a deep sleep where nothing but good dreams filled my mind.


“And he shoots and scoressssssssss”, Ace’s obnoxious voice yelled throughout the court causing the boys to break out in cheers and howling as the 3 pointer I just shot landed perfectly in the basket.

“Ight I see you nigga, still got game I see”, Bosh chuckled as he came up and dapped me while a cocky smirk was permanently planted across my face, “Bra please this nigga can break all four limbs and he still will out school you and your homeboys”, Ace exaggerated as he came over and slapped my back while Bosh waved him off.

“Y’all thought King was done gone for good huh? Bitch I aint going no where”, I chuckled as Jeremiah came up while shaking his head and chuckling at my boosting, knowing fully well I was cockiest when playing the game I loved.

“Yea he ain’t changed”, J muttered mockingly as he dapped me while I just shrugged and dribbled the boy in between my legs, enjoying the feel of being back on the court. Even though I had been back training for a few weeks now, the good feeling of being able to play was still fresh in my mind and I was constantly on a high everytime I came out here.

“300 suicides and then y’all free to go”, Coached yelled out resulting in all the players to groan while I just happily jogged over to the line causing everyone to shoot me raised eyebrows and confused looks. 

Chuckling as I shrugged my shoulders, I began my suicides as my team players looked dumbfounded at my participation of the exercise. Why? Because once upon a time I would have literally told the coach to go fuck himself and walk out without completing them.

However after months of no training, orders and playing I was happy to comply and partake in the exercise, “Dont look too excited coach, it only gonna last another week before this nigga gonna be saying fuck you and everyone in here”, I heard J say causing them all to laugh loudly as they knew it was true.

300 suicides later, I was mentally cursing this nigga for making us do this and most importantly myself for even considering it. Realising why I never complied to doing anything like this before, I flipped off the coaches who were standing around and watching me with proud faces before huffing my way towards the lockers while hearing a string of laughter from the others.

Wanting nothing more than to get home to see my woman and son, I had a quick shower before wrapping a towel around my waist and heading into the locker rooms where my teammates were all changing and chatting with one another.

“King you looking at hitting the club this saturday night bra?”, One of teamplayers asked as I began putting on my clothes hastily so I could get outta there as soon as possible.

“Why? We celebrating or something?”, I muttered as I slipped into some sweats while turning around to face my niggas who looked like they were just lounging around like they aint got places to be.

“Na we just going to hang out bra. Bring the ladies too”, Ace spoke up as he sat down next to me, still in his towel while scrolling through his phone.

“You trying to get a lift back to mine I suggest you get yo bony ass up and start getting ready nigga, otherwise you walking home”, I mumbled while shoving my sock covered feet into my J’s.

“Chill bra, Im coming. But you down for this saturday or nah?”, He asked as the boys still stood around waiting for my answer, “If my girl down then ill be there”, I shrugged giving them what they wanted so I could go about my business.

“Dont you worry bout Lani, Ill talk to her ass if she on some shit”, Ace chuckled while bouncing on one foot, trying to get into his sweats as quick as possible. Taking the opportunity, I sent a shove to his shoulder causing him to lose balance and crash on the floor sending everyone to hauch over in laughter while I casually grabbed my duffle and began making my way out.

“Im waiting four minutes bra then Im leaving”, I said over my shoulder as a string of incoherent curse words left his mouth while I made my way out of the locker room and down towards the carpark. Making it to my car, I grabbed my phone and dialed Lani’s number as I waited for Adrian to hurry his ass up.

Sending a quick head nod to Jeremiah who jumped into his range, I watched him back out of the car park and make his way over to my house while still waiting for Lani to answer. Frowning as the phone continued to ring out, I took a deep breath trying not to start stressing as I knew she was probably just not near her phone.

My frustration grew by the second as Ace took his sweet ass time while I tried to keep Lani out of my thoughts from my mind for the moment and just before I was about to speed out of there, Adrians skinny ass finally came into view causing me to turn the car on instantly.

“Brah anyone ever tell you, you’re impatient as fuck?”, He huffed as he slide in and sat his duffle on his lap as I hit the gas and sped out of there not bothering to wait for him to put his belt on.

“Anyone tell you you take longer than a girl, fucken princess”, I grumbled under my breath causing Ace to throw his head back as he began laughing like a damn hyena, “You a bitch”, He laughed as my jaw clenched.

“Your mom’s a bitch”, I muttered back which only seemed to fuel his laughter even more, “Cuh your mom’s a bitch”, He howled as I fought to hide my grin by shaking my head, amusement won and I balled a fist and raised it for him to dice, “Brah you aint never lied”, I chuckled as he tapped his fist with mine.

“You forreal gonna come through on saturday?”, He suddenly asked causing me to glance over in suspicion, “Why you busting my balls about this, fuck you up to?”, I side eyed him as he chuckled and shook his head.

“Nothing man, just that we aint hit up a club or strip joint in a minute. Shit we young bra but I be feeling old as hell with all these nights in”, He stressed causing me to let out a sigh as I understood what he meant but didnt necessarily feel the same way he did.

“Nigga you forgetting I gots a kid and woman at home? Shit bra you got a woman too, fuck you need to be out clubbing all the damn time for?”, I muttered with a raised eyebrow while reaching for my packet of smokes and offering him one.

“Cuh just cause we got girls at home dont mean we cant still go out and have fun. I aint saying to go out a fuck them groupies, hell na bra. Im just talking bout downing a few drinks with ya boys and having fun”, He shrugged as he lit both cigarettes and handed mine over.

Thinking about what he was saying for a minute, I licked over my lips once before placing my cigarette between my lips, “You know what? You right bra. I mean aint like we cheating or sumthing. No harm done by going out for a bit”, I agreed causing a massive grin to break out across Ace’s face while I just shook my head in amusement.

“We taking the girls or nah?”, He asked with a raised eyebrow causing me to think about it for a second before shaking my head, “Nah bra, we having a boys night out”, I smirked slyly while dicing his fist with my own.

“Its settled than, Zay’s party tomorrow than the day after we bustin out for a boys night”, He cheesed causing me to begin getting hyped at the thought of drinking with my niggas although my thoughts were interrupted as Ace stopped chessing and looked my way, “Damn you think our women are gonna give us a hard time?”, He frowned causing me to chuckle lowly before inhaling my cigarette.

“Bra the fuck we look like? We aint no little ass kids, we can go where ever the fuck we want”, I huffed in a cocky tone causing Ace to instantly start chuckling while shaking his head, “Yea we’ll see if you still singing the same tune after you tell Lani, or should I say ‘ask’ Lani”, He laughed as I just waved him off.

“Man you just tell your girl and let me handle Lani, she ain’t gonna say shit”, I muttered lowly although even as the words left my mouth both he and I knew that Lani was most definitely going to have something to say about this.

It took us another 15 minutes before we reached home and as soon as I parked the car I was jumping out and making my way straight inside without a moments hesitation.

Walking past the lounge room, I stopped in my tracks a the sight of Brock stretched out across the couch, beer in hand as he watched movies, “I’on even know why I be paying yo lazy ass”, I muttered under my breath causing him to look my way before breaking out into laughter.

“Bra I deserve this relaxation time, ya girl had me walking around the shops for hours. Matter fact Imma need a pay rise”, He chuckled causing me to shake my head while flipping him off and heading towards the stairs, “Pay rise these nuts”, I said over my shoulder as I jogged up the stairs and headed straight to Zay’s room.

Peeking my head in, I mushed my eyebrows together at the empty room before closing the door and heading off towards my bedroom. Again without any hesitation, I flung the door open only to find Nalani in a deep sleep while Zay was sitting up and watching cartoons as he played with his mom’s hair.

“Whats my little man up too”, I cheesed just as Zay’s attention turned towards me causing a huge grin to break out across his face before he began to crawl across the bed and towards me.

“Hi Dada”, He said in his baby voice as I reached down and picked him up and tossed him in the air a few times causing the room to fill with giggles and squeals. Completely forgetting that my girl was still sleeping, we both froze as a wild haired Lani sluggish sat up and sent us a frown while her big lips were turned into a pout.

“Shit we woke your moms up”, I mumbled slowly to Zay who seemed to think it was funny as he hid his face in my chest and began laughing, “You have to be so loud nigga? Always gotta wake me up and shit. You just get back?”, Lani mumbled sleepily as she sat up and stretched her arms out above her head as I just frowned at her shitty attitude but deciding to ignore it

“Drop the attitude and yea mama, what y’all do today?”, I asked as I kicked my jordans off and got onto the bed and moved over until I was next to Lani with Isaiah still in my arm.

“Just went last minute shopping for the rest of the stuff needed for tomorrow, then came home and been napping since, nothing special. How was practice?”, She yawned in a uninterested tone causing me to eye her out suspiciously as I knew she wouldn’t just have attitude for no reason. Although I couldn’t read her like I usually could as she scooted over and laid her head on one side of my chest while Zay laid on the other.

“Was good. Tired as hell, swear coach trying to kill me with all the shit he got me doing”, I muttered in a unimpressed tone before leaning down and kissing them both on the head.

Truth be told I still felt like I was living in a dream.  Here I was with my whole world in my arms and to think that less than a year ago I was tearing up this very city and didnt have either one of them was crazy.

“What are you thinking about Ty?”, Lani’s asked in a muffled tone before pulling her head away for my chest so she could look up at me with curious  eyes, “Just how lucky I am”, I mumbled truthfully as I leant down and pecked her lips a few times while mentally telling myself she was fine and just grumpy from being woken up.

“I think Zay and I are the lucky ones, we’re lucky to have you daddy”, She smirked causing me to chuckle as Isaiah’s attention stayed glued to the TV that was currently playing re runs of Tom and Jerry.

“You feining for this dick huh?”, I mumbled slowly while raising my eyebrow and licking over my lips, “Tyson! Our son is right there, you overly horny ass”, She huffed while rolling her eyes although I was being dead serious. A nigga was horny as hell and after all that working out I was looking forward to sitting back and letting my girl ride my dick until I bust deep in her.

“Soooooo is that a no?”, I grinned as I eyed her body but soon frowned as I noticed she was wearing sweats and a baggy shirt to bed, something she never does.

“I cant”, Lani mumbled lowly causing me to pull my stare away from her clothes and back up to her face where she had her head down and red cheeks meaning she was blushing.

“Your shit broke or sumthing?”, I asked curiously although she just sucked her teeth while shaking her head at me which only seemed to confuse me more.

“You know, It’s the time of the month”, She whispered lowly although I just continued to look at her with a blank face, “No I don’t know actually, the fuck you on about?”, I huffed in annoyance as I felt myself losing patience.

“I GOT MY PERIOD YOU STUPID”, She blurted out loudly before continuing, “You know that thing women get a once a month where we PMS, get cramps and bleed from down there”, She dramatically explained causing me to cringe with disgust before quickly placing Zay on the bed and jumping off.

“Oh hell nahhhhhhhhh, you mean the red river of hell? Man not again”, I groaned in disgust as a shiver went down my spine causing me to shake it off while Lani just rolled her eyes and smacked her lips.

“Oh please its not that bad”, She huffed in annoyance while rolling over and pulling Zay towards her, while I on the other hand scouted out the bed to make sure there was no traces of demon blood on it.

“So shit where you sleeping tonight?”, I asked in a hopeful tone before quickly ducking so I could dodge the pillow she sent my way all while Isaiah sat there clapping and giggling at us.

“Big bad Tyson cant handle no periods? Looks like you the one with the pussy”, Lani huffed as she got out of bed with a mug, “Here we go with that grumpy ass shit, Imma let you be before we start throwing hands at each other”, I teased her which only seemed to annoy her more. Laughing at her saltiness I picked Zay up and began making my way out the bedroom, “Where are you talking my son?”, Lani yelled from behind me causing me to raise my hand and wave her off.

“Im taking OUR son too seek out refuge from your demon tendencies”, I muttered over my shoulder but soon staggered forward with a groan as a pillow hit me on the back of my head at full force, “Crazy ass lady, lets get the fuck outta here before she really kills us”, I whispered to Zay who was hiding his face in my chest as he laughed.

Jogging down the stairs I began making my way to the lounge room where my boys voice were coming from but quickly stopped as little LJ or Mason as Lani calls him, was rolling around like he was on pills.

“Everyone in this house has done lost their damn mind”, I mumbled while bending down and picking LJ up with my free hand before continuing to make my way into the lounge room.

“The fuck was going on upstairs?”, Ace chuckled as soon as I came in view. Him, J and Brock all occupied a lounge each while sipping beers and watching what seemed to be ‘Friday’.

“Lani’s lady parts are leaking”, I sighed as I collapsed back on the couch just ask the boys all groaned in disgust, “What the fuck nigga, no need to go in detail”, J muttered while shaking my head.

Shrugging my shoulders as I chuckled, I sat the kitten on my lap so Zay could play with him, before stretching my legs out and letting out a long yawn. “You tell her bout Saturday night?”, Ace suddenly asked causing everyone to turn their attention on me.

“Bra what you think? She like possessed by the devil right now, Imma tell her when she is on chill mode”, I explained causing them all to laugh as they shook their head, “Bra don’t do her like that she got deal with your moody ass all the time”, Brock chuckled before taking a sip of his beer.

“Man y’all think I got Bipolar? Shit its these woman on they rags that have bipolar, I be looking like a mother fucking angel next to PMSing girls”, I said as Ace nodded his head in agreement.

“I CAN HEAR YOU, ASSHOLE !”, Lani suddenly yelled from just outside the lounge room causing us to all freeze up before letting out a breath after 5 minutes when she didn’t storm in.

“Y’all see what the fuck I gots to deal with?”, I huffed lowly as they all just smirked while shaking their heads, “Nigga why you acting like we aint gotta deal with that shit too, you been forgetting we got women as hell”, Jeremiah chucked as he pulled out his phone before looking up at me, “Whats the chances you think if we ask her to cook?”, He asked as we all started laughing.

“Slim to nothing bra and if you really wanna know than yo ass gonna have to ask her yourself”, I said, letting them know straight away that I wasn’t about to do nothing to piss off the hormonal female anymore.

“Stop being a little pussy nigga, go handle that bra we hungry”, Ace grumbled, instantly causing me to frown at him before picking Zay and LJ up and handing them too J. Walking past Ace who was watching me like a hawk, I faked left before sending a punch straight to his arm causing him to groan while we all started laughing.

“Teaches yo ass right, talking to me like you aint got no damn sense”, I chuckled while patting his head while he continued to groan and rub his now dead arm.

“Telling you man, everyone in this house gone lose they mind”, I said loudly to no one in particular as I began walking towards the kitchen where I could hear the girls talking.

“How are all you beautiful ladies doing today?”, I grinned trying to charm my way into not getting my ass beat by my tiny yet very feisty woman.

“Hey Tyyyy”, Jas and Briana said in sync causing Lani to roll her eyes while smacking her teeth. They all stood around the middle island, cutting and mixing different foods causing me to mentally thank god for not having to ask.

“We good, just making you boys some food cause we no you hungry”, Briana chuckled as I winked at her and stood behind Lani who was doing her best to ignore me, “You look really good today baby, you do something new with your hair?”, I asked even though it was wild and curl and pulled into a bun on top of her head.

Picking up the knife she was using to cut the potatoes she turned around until she was facing me and pointed it at me with a mug, “Don’t make me hurt you Tyson”, She said in a deadly calm tone.

“So this would be a bad time to tell you and yo girls that me and the niggas are hitting up the club on Saturday night, huh?”, I muttered without think before mentally slapping myself and backing away from the mug that had now turned into one of those death glares.

“Club? What club, Adrian ! Bring your skinny Asian looking ass in here now”, Briana yelled as Lani sent me a smirk before sticking out her tongue to which I quickly grabbed with my fingers and pulled, “Ouchhh nigga!”, Lani chuckled as she slapped my arm away.

“You too Jeremiah!”, Jas suddenly yelled out causing me shake my head as I pulled out a stool and took a seat just as the three boys came in, with J carrying Zay.

“Well looks like y’all are about to get your asses chewed up and spat out so Imma bounce. Ill be here tomorrow at 1. If you need anything call Remy and leave me the fuck alone”, Brock instructed as he dapped up the guys and gave the girls hugs.

“Don’t forget to pick up the cupcakes on your way here tomorrow!”, Lani yelled over her shoulder as Brock began making his way to the front door, “Tell yo man I want a mother fucking payrise!”, He yelled out just as he closed the door behind him.

“Should go and kick his ass”, Nala muttered under her breath as J handed me Isaiah who was drinking a juice box that Lani hand just handed him.

“So what the fuck y’all hollering and yelling about?”, Ace asked as he sat on the stool and pulled Briana’s body so that she was standing in between his legs, “You going out Saturday night? Why didn’t you tell me?”, She accused with a small neck roll causing me to lick over my lips to hide my amusement.

“Yea I was gonna tell you soon”, He shrugged as if it was no big deal. Lani on the other hand had continued to cook the food while Jas stayed hugged up in J’s arms.

“Well if you guys are having a guys night, than why don’t us girls have a girls night?”, Briana said instantly making my smirk turn into a frown as Nala and Jas started beaming and nodding their heads in agreement.

“Na you cant”, I immediately said while shaking my head and shifting Isaiah onto my other leg as he started to get numb, “Uh why the hell not?”, Lani frowned as she sat the cooking spoon down and faced me.

“Cause someone gotta be here with Zay”, I said simply not explaining that the other reason I didn’t want her going out is because I didn’t want no niggas trying to crack on while I wasn’t around.

“That’s okay my mom can look after Isaiah, his meant her a few times and seems comfortable around her”, Jas spoke up causing me to mentally groan and bite my tongue from saying something harsh as I liked Jas and she didn’t deserve my wrath.

“Ya mom don’t gotta do that, its okay Lani can stay here and look after our son”, I said casually although I knew due to Nalani’s current demotic state she would not be letting this go any time soon.

“Actually Jas that is a great idea. We haven’t had a night out in so long and it would be so good to get out. See if its okay with your mom and if so than we’ll go out Saturday night as well”, Lani cheesed before looking over at me a smirking which only caused me to grit my teeth, “Don’t worry baby, if you think we are going to ruin your boys night don’t worry we gonna be hitting up a different club from y’all anyways”, She said sweetly before closing the distance between us and planting a kiss on my cheek, pissing me off even more.

“Im with Ty on this, I think y’all should just keep yo asses at home and look after the kid. Let us niggas do the partying”, Ace piped up before Briana sent a slap to the back of his head causing him to groan as he rubbed the spot that she had hit.

“Alright, alright y’all need to stop being so damn violent and aggressive.  Boys lets just let the ladies go out and have their girls night and we’ll go out and have our boys night. No harm “, J spoke up as he tried to defuse the tension that was visibly building up between the guys and girls.

“Man whatever but best believe if I find out any niggas try talking to you Lani  I swear Imma kill him than Imma beat yo ass”, I shrugged as I slipped off the stool and began making my way out the back.

“Imma beat your ass nigga!”, Lani yelled from behind me just as I slammed the glass door shut and walked over to the pool with Zay in my arms, “Don’t mind yo mom little man, she just been visited by a little demon of hell that comes once a month and makes mommy a little crazy”, I explained to Isaiah who just seemed to look at me with confused but curious eyes.

“You know what, don’t even worry about that bra, wanna put our legs in the pool while we wait for the food to get ready?”, I asked him, to which he instantly began nodding his in excitement. If there was a few things I learnt about my kid it would be that he was quiet unless he was with his parents, he loved basketball and most of all he loved the pool.

“Ight lemme roll your sweats up”, I muttered as I sat him on his feet and rolled his mini Miami heat sweats up to his thighs and helped him out of his shoes before slipping out of my own.

“Hold my hand daddy”, Zay asked as he held his small hand out waiting for me to get a hold of it while bouncing on the balls of his feet in excitement, “Alright lets go little man”, I grinned as I grabbed hold of his hand and began walking towards our large pool.

Stepping down on the first step, I turned around and picked up my little man and sat him on the step so the water came up to his knees. Almost instantly the grin on his face was huge as he began walking up and down the step while holding onto my hand tightly.

“You like the water don’t you man”, I chuckled as I watched on with happiness as he bent down and splashed his hands in the water as if it was the greatest thing in the world.

“Yea daddy, we go waves next time ok?”, He said as he pointed out to the water of Miami beach that we had taken him down to a few weeks ago, “We’ll go next week okay?”, I chuckled as he nodded his head while jumping up and down so the water could splash around his feet.

“Ty the foods ready, hurry up or you can starve!”, Lani suddenly yelled as she stuck her head out of the glass doors and waved us over, “Yo fat ass can starve”, I yelled back which she responded by flipping me off and slamming the door while I started laughing.

“Come on Zay, we better go eat before your mom really does kill me”, I chuckled as I stepped out of the pool and helped a now pouting Isaiah out as he wasn’t too happy about the short pool trip.

“More daddy, more”, He frowned as he pointed to the water causing me to sigh, “When we finish eating we can come back out ok?”, I told him as I carried him over my shoulder which made him forget the pool and start laughing as I began to jog while he was bouncing up and down.


After a tension filled dinner and another swim with my son. I put his worn out self to bed and showed my niggas and they girls out. Yawning at my sudden wave of tiredness, I jogged back up the stairs towards our bedroom only to find Lani sitting on the bed flipping through the channels of the TV.

Suddenly any trace of tiredness left as the thought of getting my dick wet entered my mind causing me to get hard almost instantly but as quickly as it came it left at the remembrance of her being on her period filled my mind.

“What are the chances of getting some dome?”, I asked cautiously as I sat beside her and wrapped my arms around her waist so I could pull her closer to me, “Very slim”, She chuckled in a much nicer tone than what she had for the past few hours.

“Damn you back to being my sweet Lani that I love?”, I mocked causing her to playfully roll her eyes as she chuckled, “I wasn’t that bad”, She giggled as I looked down at her dumbfounded at the dramatic mood change.

“Damn if that’s what Im like with my bipolar than I seriously feel sorry for you, cause damn that shit is fucked up”, I muttered as I shook my head in disbelief at how easily someone could change moods and not to mention how dramatically different the moods were.

“Sorry baby, I was just not in the mood this afternoon, beside you weren’t making it any better with all your shit talking”, She chuckled as she stood up and straddled my lap instead.

“Swear to god you leak on me and Imma turn shit up in this house”, I muttered seriously as she pecked my lips while trying to hide her amusement although I was being dead serious.

Deeping the kiss, I let out a groan as I felt my dick once again begin to get hard as the thoughts of fucking my girl in every possible way filled my mind, “I wish we could have sex”, She moaned while biting down on my bite causing a grunt to escape my lips.

“Maybe we can?”, I smirked as I pulled away while pulling on her bottom lip with my teeth, “What do you mean?”, She asked with curious eyes.

“Let me fuck you from behind?”, I grinned as I eyed her out while she just wore a blank expression, “Im sorry what?”, She asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Fuck you from behind? Pound your ass, slide in the back door,  stick my dick in your ass?! Need a nigga to spell it out for you?”, I mocked as she playfully rolled her eyes while lifting up off my lap and standing in front of me.

“I know what you meant idiot but I dono Ty”, She sighed as she shifted on her feet while I just continued to get harder and harder at the thought.

It wouldn’t be the first time Ive had anal with Lani, it just would be the first time we’d do it without it being against her will. Yes the piece of shit that I am fucked her in the ass a number of times without her permission but that was back when I was mentality fucked up. Okay, well I still am mentality fucked up but not as bad as I was before. At least I didn’t think I was.

“Look we can go in the shower so your red river doesn’t come out or whatever the fuck it does and the water will be like lube”, I suggested with a shrug as she stood there contemplating it for a few seconds.

“Okay fine but if it hurts or doesn’t feel good you’ll stop okay?”, She asked for reassurance which I gave her instantly as I began nodding my head with a grin.

“Okay give me a few minutes alright”, She said as she began making her way into the bathroom while I started pacing along the bed in excitement at the thought of sliding my dick inside my girl.

The sound of the shower could be heard from our bedroom and I immediately started stripping out of my clothes in anticipation, “Ty baby come in”, Lani yelled from inside the shower just as I kicked my sweats off.

Not wasting another second I jogged towards the bathroom and instantly found myself becoming harder by the second at the sight of Lani’s naked wet body behind the clear glass shower doors.

“God damn this is so gonna be worth it”, I muttered under my breath as I opened the shower door and stepped inside the large shower that was big enough too fit at least 10 people.

“Come here baby”, I mumbled as I licked my lips while my eyes roamed her naked body that was to perfect for words.

“Go slow please”, She plead as I nodded my head and wrapped my arm around her waist so I could pull her body towards mine.

Standing on her tippy toes, Lani wrapped her arms around my neck, “Wait wait, you aint gonna like leak blood are you?”, I cringed while she rolled her eyes playfully.

“No dumbass, I haven’t even started bleeding yet, Im just getting cramps”, She laughed as I looked down at her dumbfounded and confused, “Wait, wait you had me thinking your pussy was a loose red tap this whole time and you aint?”, I asked in a mocking hurt tone causing her to bust up in laughter while I just shook my head.

“I tried to explain but you started loosing your mind with all this ‘red river’ shit so I let you believe what you want. Truth is we still got like a day or two before they officially come”, She laughed while I stared at her blank faced, trying to figure out how I could get back at her for making a nigga wait all day to fuck when I could have hours ago.

“You in for it now”, I muttered as I placed my hands on her hips and hoisted her up so she could wrap her legs around my waist, “Mmm I like it when you get rough”, She moaned as my lips found their way to her sweet spot on her neck that always drove her crazy when I sucked on.

“Im still fucking you in the ass tho”, I muttered as I kissed along her collarbone and up her jaw until I met her lips with my own, “Do whatever you want baby, it gotta last for the next few days”, She moaned as her nails ran down my back roughly.

“Damn girl, I gotta be inside you”, I groaned as I sat her on her feet and turned her around. Placing her hands on the wall, I grabbed my dick and rubbed it up and down her soaking clit to lube it up before slapping her ass so she could push it up in the air for me.

“Im gonna go slow first okay baby, just relax”, I muttered as I sat the tip of hard dick on the entrance of her small anus. Watching her take a deep breath, I reached around and started to rub her wet clit slowly to take her mind off the pressure and pain of me entering her from behind.

Lani let out a moan as I slipped two fingers inside of her just as the tip of my dick pushed through and entered her ass. Groaning at the feel of her literally swallowing me up, my fingers began pumping her pussy as I gritted my teeth at how good it felt entering her from behind.

“Oh shit Ty”, She breathed out as her chest was heaving up and down while she clenched both her entrances tight, “Baby you gotta relax”, I grumbled as I slowly pushed a little more inside her causing us both to groan and moan out.

Fucking a girls pussy is good as hell but fucking her ass was on whole other level. Shit literally felt like you were burying deep in heaven.

“More Ty”, Lani moaned out causing a smirk to play across my face at the thought of her wanting more and as always I never left my girl unsatisfied. Pushing my dick in the rest of the way until I was balls deep, she moaned out as I pulled my fingers from out of her pussy so I could place my hands on the sides of her hips. Slowly pulling my dick out a little,  I thrust it back in until she was swallowing me up nicely and more easy.

“Play with your pussy baby”, I grunted as her moans got louder and filled the room while I lifted my head and closed my eyes so I could savor the feel of me fucking her ass.

Each thrust seemed to send me deeper inside her and after a few minutes I started to pound her in a rhythm that even had me feeling weak at how good she felt wrapped around my cock.

Continuing fucking her for the next 5- 10 minutes, I knew we were both close and wouldnt last much longer.

Gripping one ass cheek tight, I sent a slap to the other before I pushed her hand away from her pussy and took over with my own, “Come for me baby”, I groaned as I felt my own nut built up due to being so rough and deep inside her that my balls were loudly slapping against her ass every few seconds.

Pushing three fingers in her while using my thumb to rub her clit, I felt her clench tightly around my fingers as her cum dripped down them, “Oh my god, Ty. Please don’t stop, don’t stop”, She cried out as my other hand gripped her hair and pulled it back so I could suck on the side of her next roughly, wanting to leave mark there so that way on Saturday night niggas knew she got a man.

Just the thought of her going out caused my thrusts to get harder and rougher and minutes later she cried out as she came hard around my fingers. Letting her ride it out for a few minutes I pulled my fingers out and brought it up to her mouth where she proceeded to suck her juices off while I continued to fuck her in the ass hard.

Gripping each ass cheek tight, I let out a loud groan as I nutted a massive load inside her that felt like it went of for ages as she continued to throw it back until my thrusts died down. Breathing hard, I rested my forehead on the back of her head and together we stayed silent trying to catch our breath.

“Holy shit that was so good”, Lani mumbled breathlessly after what seemed like five minutes of panting in silence, “I hope you don’t think we done yet. You wanted to get reckless with a nigga today, I gotta show you who’s boss”, I muttered as I slipped my once again hard dick outta her ass and turned her body around before lifting her over my shoulder.

She didn’t know it yet but she wasn’t going to be getting a wink of sleep tonight, you can believe that.


9x17 // 9x19

This is so important, and I think one thing we don’t discuss enough is how much of a role fear plays in Dean’s life. In 9x12, we get this exchange between Reverend Jim and Dean:

Reverend Jim: It’s no use, Dean. I can hear your heartbeat. You must’ve done this countless times, yet you still get nervous.

Dean: Nothing wrong with a little fear. It’s what makes us human.

and in 9x17, Crowley tells Dean:

Don’t scam a scam artist, darling. You’re stalling ‘cause you’re scared.

Fear is what keeps Alex awake, but it is also what keeps Dean awake. Alex was afraid of being dragged back into the life she tried so hard to escape, while Dean is fearful of a number of things. He is afraid of letting the world down yet again because for some reason it always falls on him to save everyone. He’s afraid of the surge of power that the blade gave to him, even if he knows that is the one and only thing that will allow him to clean up the mess he perceives to be his fault. He is afraid of what he is perhaps becoming. He’s afraid of losing his brother, the one fear that has been a constant for him as long as he can remember. 

I think what he said to Sam in 8x14 is still very relevant, that he plans on dying with a gun in his hand, and his only happy ending will be Sam’s happy ending. Only this time, he plans on dying with a blade in his hand. So he doesn’t sleep because he wants it to be over, but also because he is afraid. That fear makes him human, but I think deep down his biggest fear is not death…it is becoming a monster. It is losing his humanity. Losing his humanity in a way that Alex nearly lost hers. Thankfully, she was able to make the decision to save herself before it was too late. I have to wonder, will Dean be able to do the same?

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I heard you were cool with plotting out lyricstucks for people--would it be okay to ask what you would do for the ancestors and Everybody Wants to Rule the World by Lorde?

Ahh, two of my fave things in the stuck this turned out being basically like After Us whoops

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