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Love Lessons

Summary: He understood Math like the back of his palm. It was textbook, it had specific formulas to follow, and if everything was placed well all his problems would be solved. Too bad there isn’t a formula on how to ask you coworker out.


T+ for smooches

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Inside the quiet classroom, the sound of feverish pen tapping bounced against the walls.

Was it a nervous teen waiting for a test grade?

Not quite.

The owner of the pen had been thumping the end against a stack of ungraded tests for several minutes, and the students were just waiting for him to pop.

“ggrrRRHOW DO YOU ASK SOMEONE OUT?” The salmon haired man burst from his desk. 

His cry caused the students to jump in their desks, earning some shrieks from the jocks in the back of the class.

“Here we go again.” A pink haired girl sighed as she opened up a small notepad labeled ‘Mr. Dragneel’s issues’ on the cover.

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Eremika Week //Day1 Fantasy\

-Notice- This is my first time participating in a Ship Week and ughhh Im so nervous to post this. myselfesteemislowsothistakessomuchcourage . I don’t know if this is considered fantasy, I had a really hard time with thinking of what to so, and my first attempt was to do something with Pirates but it turned out bad. But then I was like, uh maybe have Mikasa walk on water? IDK????? And so I basically just threw this story together. IDK read if you want I suggest you not. But okay bye enjoy. 

“Eren have you ever been in love?” Armin asked after realizing his friend had zoned out after he went off complaining about the girl he liked. 

“Oh, sorry Armin can you say that again? I was thinking about the food at home.” He rubbed his belly as it begged to be fed. 

“Have you ever been in love?” The blonde kid replied in slight annoyance. 

Eren leaned in his chair a thought for a bit. “Nope.” Armin slapped his arm, “Don’t lie Eren. I’ve rambled enough about my love life, here’s your chance to speak—”. His words were cut off short by Eren’s upset stomach. “Alright enough for today, I’m going home to eat.”

“But, but!” Armin pleaded for him to stay as Eren began leaving the soon to be empty class room. “You should go home too. We have a test tomorrow. And I know you loooooove studying.” Sighing he replied, “Yeah, I’ll leave in a bit. See you tomorrow Eren.” “Bye.”

‘Have you ever been in love?’  Eren replayed the simple question in his mind. “Yes I have, and I’m still in love.” He spoke softly to himself, not like anyone was listening anyway. 

“Remember that time we went to the ocean with Sasha, Connie, and Jean?” He asked as if he was still speaking to Armin. 

“Yeah, and you ass holes wanted to prank me by ditching me and run to the car first? Well as I was walking around looking for you guys, on the corner of my eyes I see her. I watch her still from the corner of my eye, and I thought  the waves should’ve reached her by now, there should’ve been a sound. So I look over, and there I see her fully. She sipped her toe into the water as anyone else would, but you see when she ‘stepped’ into it, she was hovering above it. I must sound crazy, but she was, I blinked, pinched, did everything I could to prove to myself that I wasn’t dreaming. I continued to watch her float on top of the waves. Her arms were up, letting the wind hit all of her. And that rich red muffler looked so familiar. Still not believing this was reality, I decided to call out to her. ‘That’s dangerous’ I stupidly called out. She didn’t hear. I repeated myself, and then she showed me her face. I don’t know why but I swear everything was in slow motion at this point. Her hair blown around by the wind, the cute smile she flashed, and the eyes that looked at me with such happiness. ‘Eren’ She said so softly, but I heard it loud and clear. Now you see, I’ve never seen this girl in my entire life, but I don’t know, it just came out of my mouth when I called her name too. ‘Mikasa’, that was her name. I don’t know why but that name brings so much warmth to me. Just as she began approaching me on shore, Armin you shouted to me. I turned to see you all in the car laughing and teasing me, quickly I turned to see if they had seen me with this girl, but she was nowhere to been seen when I looked.” 

Eren let out a small chuckle. “And you guys thought I was mad that you guys left, but I was really just mad that she disappeared.” 

Just now reaching home, he took the keys from his pocket, unlocked the door, threw his bag on the sofa, and made his way upstairs. He locked his room shit, and jumped on to his bed, facing the ceiling. “Yes, I have been and am in love.”

Bad Boy Ashton *PART 4* imagine

He took you like everywhere. You tried not to smile or even laugh, but failed. He really made you happy, which was weird. And he made you smile a lot, and laugh. “Alright.. we should go back,” you said. “Aww, but we had so much fun,” he winked. "I don’t care. We have to finish our homework too!“ you yelled. "Alright calm down Y/N lets go,” he grabbed your hand. You both went back to his place and finished the homework assignment.  Finished. It was only well… 7 P.M. 

“Um… thanks for letting me stay here? I’m gonna start heading home..” you sighed and grabbed your backpack. You stood up, but then you felt Ashton grabbed your arm. “Well do you like me?” he asked. “No..” you said and glared at him. He smirked and kissed your lips. "See you,“ he smirked again. You stood there, shocked at what he did. You just left his house, still remember what he did. "Ughhh! Ashton gives me problems..” you groaned. You fell back on your bed and began whining. You got in your pj’s and slept. 


You got dressed, and heard the doorbell ring. You grabbed your backpack and ran down the stairs. You opened i seeing Y/F/N name. Thank god. “Hey!” you smiled. “C'mon lets go! And tell me everything,” she giggled. You locked the door and left. You told her everything. “He so likes you! He kissed you like, what 3 times?” she said. 

“I bet he doesn’t. He’s just trying to make me one of his girls..” you said. “Or be friends with benefits or something..” you sighed. “Oh c'mon don’t say that. He’s really into you. Like he won’t stop talking about you now,” she laughed. “Sure. But i’m still not liking him and being one of his girls,” you say. You guys walked into the school. 

Then you walked to your locker. You opened it, grabbing your textbooks. “Its probably that pendant,” you heard. “I heard it gives her luck. If I had it… would it give me luck?” another person asked. You looked over your shoulder, and saw. Your ex best friend, Alieen.

She was really mean around you. You guys had tons of fights and she’s really bitchy to you, but really nice to other people. You looked at her pendant around her neck. A small star and moon. Maybe that pendant is lucky. You saw her walk into the bathroom, and you followed her. She finished washing her hands and you stood next to her. “Can you please piss off?” she smirked. You looked at her, with a glare.

You scoffed. “What? You’ve become brazen," She looked in the mirror and fixed her hair. "You said you didn’t like this school.. Why are you staying? You have no self-respect. Isn’t it time for you walk away? Don’t you think?” she said, putting her hand on the pendant and squeezing it. 

“You’re scared of me? Or you have something else that you are afraid of? When you don’t have self esteem, and when you’re scared of someone.” you smirked. “Are you done talking?!” Alieen’s voice raised higher. “You’re scared right now. You’re afraid if I won’t leave this school. And you might be ni-” then she slapped your cheek, across your face. You looked at her and got angry. 

“You..” she grabbed your hair. “Hey!” you yelled. Everyone outside of the bathroom could hear you both. Then they started surrounding the girls bathroom door. “Y/N!” she yelled. Then she heard some people coming in. You pushed her on the stall door, and she slid down. She dropped on the floor. You stood there. Was she faking? She was… 

Then people came in. Even guys. “Y/N what are you doing?!” they asked. They were all worried about her. They crouched down to her and Ashton’s friend, Ryan looked at her. “Hey Alieen, stop acting and get up!” you say. “Hey Y/N thats enough!” Ryan said. They were saying her name and if shes okay. You rolled your eyes.

She was definitely acting. You walked out of the bathroom, fixing your hair, and Ryan took Alieen, put her on his back and ran to the nurse, along with another person. Alieen finally opened her eyes and felt her pendant wasn’t there. "Wait wait put me down..“ she said, and Ryan put her down. "My pendant..” she said. “My pendants gone!" 

You walked outside of school and sighed. It was kinda cold and you put your jacket on. But saw something fell right in front of you. You picked it up. "Lucky charm?” you read. It was Alieen’s pendant. “This is a joke..” you laughed. “Y/N!” you saw Ashton running to you. You put your arm behind your back, so he wouldn’t see it. “Did you hear?” he asked, he was smiling. “Hear what?” you asked.

“Everyone got all A’s in math class for the whole semester, that today we get to do whatever what we want in school. We can even bail school!” he smiled. You widened your eyes. “Really?” you asked, a smile appearing on your face. He nodded.

“Yeah we even get free lunches too,” he smiled. You began smiling now. “C'mon lets go get the cards!” he walked. You didn’t follow him. You just looked at the pendant and smiled at it. “You coming?” Ashton asked. “Y-Yeah!” you smiled and you guys went to the office to get them. It really was a lucky charm..

After you got the cards, you walked to your locker once again. You were alone in the hallways though. You heard your phone ring. You picked it up. “Hello?” you answered. Your best guy friend Finn, saw you, so he made sure you didn’t see him.

“D-Dad? You’re coming back? Next month?!” a really big smile got on your face. Your dad had to go to Canada for his job and stay there for 3 years. “T-Thats amazing. I really can’t wait to see you again,” you smiled. “Alright bye,” you hung up. The lucky charm. You smiled brightly. Finn smiled at you, to see how happy you were.

 "Give me back my lucky charm!“ you heard. You turned around. Alieen, great. "I don’t have your pendant,” you said. Then people started to hear and go to you guys, forming a group. “I know you have it. You stole it when we were in the bathroom!” she yelled. People started to murmur. You looked at everybody. “I don’t have your lucky charm! I never had it,” you said. “I know you do. I can even search for it,” she growled.

She grabbed your arm, but then Ashton took your arm. “Give back the pendant Y/N,” Ashton looked at you, with his eyes, darkening. “I said I don’t have it,” you said. You were lying. Ashton looked at the pocket of your jacket. He put his hand in it and grabbed it. He showed it to Alieen. The crowd gasped. “Is this it?” Ashton asked.

“Yeah thats it! She stole it!” Alieen grabbed it out of your his hand. “She really did stole it..” Ryan said. You looked at Ashton. “You shouldn’t steal someones lucky charm for luck. Thats just heartless for you Y/N. You don’t need it. You’re a good student. You don’t need it,” he said. You never thought Ashton would do this. You just walked away. 

“T-Thank you for getting it back to me Ashton..” Alieen blushed. “No problem,” he smiled and just left. 

OMG WOWWWWWWW THINGS BOUT TO GO DOWN NEXT PART OH OMG. Damn I already hate Alieen. Its too long I’ll make the next part in a bit! :D. Things gonna be so good in the next part damn. GUYS I CAN’T THIS IS TOO GOOD. 

-Kelly :) xx