i wanted to shake it up a little

(set after the junior art show.)

Shitty finds her out on the back steps of the building, sitting on the steps with her shoulders shaking. The night’s cold. She jumps a little when the door closes behind him, but doesn’t turn.

“Lards?” he says carefully.

She sighs. Her shoulders ease, then rise and fall as she takes a long, steadying breath.

“You okay?” he ventures.

“Yeah,” she says immediately. Then, “No. Shut up. No, I’m not okay.”

He sits down on the stoop next to her. “Okay,” he says. “That’s okay, you don’t have to be okay.”

She says nothing. He wants to touch her – her shoulder, or her knee, some kind of comforting pat – but he keeps his hands folded in his lap, too unsure to do anything besides be there. “I’m here if you wanna talk about it,” he says after a beat.

She still says nothing.

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You watched as Shawn rubbed his hands together, in an attempt to warm them up as you walked through the near empty streets of the small city. “You cold?” he asked, looking back over his shoulder at you. You shook your head quickly, shoving your hands in your pockets. “But you’re shaking,” he said, stopping in his tracks. “I’m fine, really” you smiled, but as soon as he turned away the smile disappeared. You swallowed the lump which kept appearing in your throat, wanting to continue being strong like you had been all day. 
Shawn had taken you out for dinner, and you were walking back to his house under a bleak evening sky in October. Without intention, you walked a little behind Shawn who was in a hurry to get inside. “(Y/N), what’s wrong?” Shawn asked, stopping again. You shook your head, “No,” he said strongly. “Something’s up. Tell me.” You chewed on the inside of your cheek and looked down at your shoes as you fidgeted your feet. “Is it your period?” he asked softly. 
Since being on the pill, you hadn’t experienced a period. But two weeks ago, you had started bleeding heavily and it hadn’t stopped. He knew how worried and uncomfortable you had been, but he didn’t know that you had gone to the doctors to find out what was wrong that morning. You shook your head again, scrunching your face up as the tears automatically fell down your cold face. Shawn moved closer to you to comfort you, but you stuck your arm out and backed up. “No, don’t” you said, avoiding eye contact. “(Y/N) you’re really scaring me now,” Shawn said slowly. You looked up at him, and found him looking at you like you were some wild animal on the loose. 

You walked to the edge of the curb, and sat yourself down on the frosty pavement. You lowered your head and inhaled the bitter air before you spoke. 
“I went to the doctors this morning, to find out what was happening” your voice shook, not only because of the cold sensation you were suddenly feeling - but also because you felt vulnerable, about to confess something heartbreaking. 
You ran your tongue across your bottom lip, to compose the words in your mind carefully before you spoke. “I didn’t tell you this, and I don’t know why. But, I was pregnant” you felt like the air left your lungs as the words left your lips. 
From the corner of your eye you saw Shawn sit down beside you. “When did this happen?” He asked in a low tone, almost in a whisper. You swallowed another hard lump before replying, “That night at yours, when we had a whole bottle of vodka between us. Remember I was throwing up for ages before I passed out, well, I threw up the pill. And, then we…you know…without any protection. Then I fell ill and stupidly forgot to take the pill for the next few days” you shook your head at your stupidity. Shawns’ head dropped as he let out a heavy sigh. You placed the tip of your thumb between your teeth as you anxiously watched him through teary eyes, his hands on either side of his head.
“Wait,” Shawn said as his head snapped up, his hands moving under his chin. “What do you mean was pregnant?” His eyes were already dark, but they looked lost when they looked back at you. You bit harder into your thumb, wanting to hold the tears back. 

You couldn’t handle it, you couldn’t do this. You pushed yourself up from the pavement and started to stride down the road. “Hey, (Y/N)” Shawn shouted as he tried to catch up. He grabbed your wrist, but you pulled away. He grabbed it again, this time with a lot more strength, too much for your weak body to compete with. He pulled on your arm, forcing you to stop. “(Y/N)” he gasped, breathing heavily. You closed your eyes, still facing away from him. You couldn’t bring yourself to drop the same news that had been told to you hours earlier, knowing Shawn would crush from the weight too. He hadn’t known you were pregnant, but you knew that children was a sensitive subject for him. 
Your head feeling light, you turned round and faced him. You nodded to yourself, smacking your lips together before you finally spoke. “I lost it,” you barely said, looking him dead in the eye as they grew even darker. He blinked slowly a couple of times as he absorbed the truth and lowered his arm, letting yours fall back to your side. “I know we didn’t even plan it or even want children right now,” you found yourself saying. “And it was just a month old, so not even looking like a proper baby” you shrugged your shoulders, tears streaming down your face again. “But, it was still something living inside of me Shawn. And, my body failed. I failed, I failed at keeping it alive.” You closed your eyes to force the tears out, telling not only Shawn, but yourself how you truly felt. The words that had been swimming in your mind all day, ever since you had found out. You let out a groan, collapsing to your knees as you finally let out the pain you had been keeping hidden. 
You looked up from the ground at the noise of footsteps, and watched as Shawn walked away from you. Your body curled in again, feeling lost and alone. You made your cries heard, not giving a shit about anyone who happened to be passing by. For the past two weeks, a baby, your baby had been dying inside of you and every time you went to the bathroom, or felt a horrible cramp - they were just reminders that your dead child was passing through you. You punched your fist into your stomach, letting out your anger. 

“Hey, don’t do that. Don’t hurt yourself,” Shawn said softly. You looked up to see Shawn crouched down in front of you, blinking his eyes repeatedly as the tears poured out. “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry” you said quickly, before Shawn grabbed your head and moved it closer to his lips, placing a long kiss against it. He gasped for air, and wiped the tears from his cheeks. His face was red, his eyes swollen and his lips were puffy. “We don’t know why this happened,” he said, looking you in the eyes. “But, life can do terrible things.” You nodded, scrunching your face as you felt the pain burst through your body all over again. 

“You are the best thing that has ever happened to me (Y/N),” he admitted, showing a faint smile. He took one of your hands and kissed it repeatedly, before a smile appeared on your face. He then placed his hand between your faces, holding a single stem of lavender. “I know it’s not a bouquet of the most exotic flower on the planet, but it’s in memory of our little bean,” he said bravely, his familiar smile spreading across his face. You took the flower from his fingers and held it delicately in yours. Shawn stood up and held his hands out for you. When you finally rose and inhaled deeply, he lowered himself, with his hands on your waist before he pressed his face against your belly - kissing against the fabric of your top. Your hand clasped over your mouth, trying to top yourself from crying out loud. Shawn stood again, close to your body. “I love you,” he said as his thumb stroked your cheekbone. You nodded, “I love you too” you said wearily before kissing his swollen lips. 

BTS reacting to you giving them a sassy comeback but kissing them afterwards.

A/N: The requests were really familiar so I figured~

Kim Namjoon:
After the kiss, he’d fail to process what happened and just laugh at your reaction really loudly, causing him to fall.

Kim Seokjin:
He’d stare at you in silence for a little while, trying to process what just happened and after a while stick his tongue out at you in attempt to get you back. “God, you’re really something.”

Min Yoongi:
*questions his life choices*
He’d gently push you away after the kiss and shake his head at you before turning around and walking away from you. “If you want to make up for it, a kiss isn’t going to cut it.” 

Jung Hoseok: 
After you take him by surprise and the giggle that follows afterwards, he’d immediately forget about the comeback and laugh with you, taking it for what it was supposed to be in the first place.

Kim Taehyung:
After the kiss, he’d pout at you in confusion before realizing what happened and hissing at you teasingly. “Not bad, little one.”

Park Jimin: He’d keep you in his grip after the kiss and pull you closer to him, keeping his eyes locked with yours and smirking. “You know, maybe after another kiss I’ll forgive you.”

Jeon Jungkook: He’d immediately burst out laughing at your comeback, completely ignoring the kiss and giving you a high five. “God, what a strong comeback!”

Love, Youngmi~

Study Environment & How To Make Studying Easier

We all know that studying and getting homework done is one of the biggest tests of will power and discipline there is and ever will be, but it doesn’t always have to be such a struggle. Here are some tips and tricks to make getting that perfect score much, much more tolerable, and possibly even fun. 

~ Requested by Anonymous ~  The perfect setup to study? or like… the best way to study? I’m about to go back to school and really want to do my absolute best :)

Get rid of distractions ~ Turn off the phone and the TV and get down to business.

Turn on music ~ Have a long playlist prepared so you can switch it on and have a relaxing soundtrack to help you focus

Healthy Snack ~ Make a small snack to give your brain that little boost

Exercise ~ Studies show that exercising for short periods between studying will help you retain information.

Study in different places ~ Coffee shops and libraries and many other places can be a great way to shake it up and study somewhere new that isn’t boring

Have all materials ready ~ Have your pens, pencils, notebooks etc. ready and available so you don’t have another pesky distraction keeping you away from your work. 

Have the time set aside ~ If you have a large chunk of time set aside, you’ll be able to chill out and get your work done without worrying about future obligations.

Get comfy ~ Studying is way more enjoyable when you’re comfortable, so get those blankets, pillows, and sweat pants and get that hair in a messy bun so you can wind down and get your work done. 

Coffee, Hot Chocolate, and Tea ~ Studying i always better when you have a warm drink to keep you calm and happy and awake.

Have a study schedule ~ Have time set aside for each assignment/test to study for or complete so you don’t feel stressed when trying to get everything done. 

Surround yourself with things that inspire you ~ Watch a YouTube video, decorate your desk with objects you love, or cover your walls in pictures of your favorite things so get inspired to get things done. You can do this!

Have a rewards system ~ If you study for 30 minutes, take a 10 minute break. Get that math assignment done? Watch an episode of your favorite sitcom. Mold this around the amount of time you have and remember to reward your hard work. 

Keep yourself accountable ~ Skype with a friend who’s also studying to keep yourselves accountable and get your stuff done. Friends help each other out.

Study in a clean, quiet, organized space ~ Take that pile of the laundry room and put those dirty mugs in the dish washer before you wind down and start working. Your obsessive-compulsive side will thank you.

Have a positive attitude ~ A positive mindset makes all the difference. Keep the end product in mind and remember the goal. 

Now get out there and win at education!


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can you write more lena author x kara, post the latest development of 2x16.

the bar is dark & a bit dingy, never the place they expect a luthor to be so it’s perfect for kara & lena.

they’re five drinks in & lena is considerably more drunk than kara for obvious reasons they don’t talk about but that lena makes clear she understands in laughing, slightly slurred, comments.

“your liver is just, wow, must be out of this world, kara,” she laughs & she tilts a little when the elbow she’s using to prop up her chin slips. kara catches her & lena flashes her a grin. “my hero.”

“do you want another?” kara gestures to her empty glass & lena shakes her head no. they sit together in silence for a while. then, “i broke up with m-mike. mon el, whatever, him.”

lena’s eyebrows shoot up & she scoots along closer to kara. “why?”

“he,” kara scowls down at her glass. “where to start, honestly? he never listened to me, he kept making these decisions that made me so uncomfortable, he lied to me from the start about who he really was,” she shrugs. “sometimes he was funny but it always felt like i was chasing after him, like i have to be the bigger person always and i just felt so tired all the time. it’s…it’s not supposed to feel like that, is it?”

lena shakes her head no, gently.

kara sighs. “come on, i’m going to take you somewhere i can get properly drunk,” she decides with a nod & she takes lena’s hand without another thought, tugs her to standing. she’s the tiniest bit shorter than kara & her hand is soft & warm & kara is surprised by how much she likes holding it. “um.”

“bar,” lena reminds her. “drinking?”

“yes. yes,” kara laughs. “and then tomorrow we can make up for that lunch date i missed?”

“sounds good. tell me wherever we are going has human people drinks too.”

“it does.”


11.23pm 31st July, 1980


Marlene’s head appeared from behind the door. James stood up from where he had been sitting against the wall in the hallway, his heart beating like a storm inside his ribcage.

“Is she-?”

His anxiety rendered him unable to finish his sentence. His hands were shaking. Marlene nodded a little faintly and let out the smallest of laughs.

“She’s fine; they’re both fine.” She held out her hand, inviting him into the tiny bedroom, her smile widening. “Come say hello”

Sirius put a hand on his shoulder.

“We’ll wait here,” he said, his voice unusually gentle.

“Good luck,” added Remus, as James moved towards the door.

His chest swelled at the sight of Lily. She was propped up on several pillows and there were tearstains lining her cheeks. Her dark hair was tied clumsily out of her damp face, though a few stray strands were still clinging to her cheeks. She looked exhausted but she wasn’t letting that stop the smile on her face as she gazed down at the bundle that had been carefully folded into her arms. As he pushed the door open further she glanced up.


Somehow her smile grew even more when she saw him. Her eyes were brimmed with tears as he walked towards the bed. His heart was leaping and somersaulting as he knelt by her side and softly pushed the stray hair behind her ear. He looked into the blankets in her arms and saw his son for the first time. His eyes were closed tight and his face was as red as a quaffle. James blinked and tears raced down his face before he even realised he was crying. He let out a breathy laugh and wiped them away with the back of his hand. Lily laughed too, careful not to disturb the baby in her arms.

“Are you crying too?” Marlene asked from behind him, and he nodded, his smile unwavering.

“I told you he would.” Lily said weakly. “He hasn’t even said anything yet,” she added humorously. James just wiped his face again and put his arm around her, kissing her temple.

“I’m so proud of you,” he whispered, looking back down at their baby. He couldn’t quite comprehend how huge this feeling in his chest was. This small life in her arms bound them closer than they had ever been; they were a family.

“He’s a boy,” Lily said faintly. She carefully pulled back some of the blanket to reveal a little black tuft of fluffy hair. James stifled a surprised laugh. “He’s also inherited your good looks” At that moment, the baby’s eyes began to scrunch. He frowned a little as he began to open his eyes. Immediately a glimpse of green appeared from behind the eyelids. James grinned widely.

“The lucky thing, he got your eyes.”

“So he did,” Lily gazed down at him as he looked up sleepily.

“He’s beautiful,” James said quietly. He looked back at his wife and kissed her temple again. “You both are.”


7.53pm 31st October, 1981

“Lily, take Harry and go! It’s him! Go! Run! I’ll hold him off!”

James’ heart was pounding hard, desperately grasping for the blood that flowed through it. He knew he was going to die, even before he’d said these words. Lily was holding Harry tight to her chest, her breathing heavy and strained. She couldn’t move away from James. Her eyes were pleading, suddenly brighter than he’d ever seen them. She looked so beautiful. Maybe it was because he knew it would be the last time he would see her again.

“James-“ her voice broke, and tears were pooling in her eyes. Harry began to cry, confused about why his parents were no longer laughing and smiling. James looked at him with a pained expression as he insisted to Lily:


In these few fleeting seconds they had left all he could do was hope that his eyes, desperate and loving, were telling her all the things he would’ve said out loud if they were given enough time.

Lily looked like she wanted nothing less than to leave James, gripping his hand as she backed quickly away towards the stairs. The look of grief that was already on her face was breaking his heart. When she could no longer reach him, their fingers parted. Tears falling down her cheeks, she finally dragged her eyes away from his. She turned and sprinted up the stairs, her arms clutching Harry close to her chest.

The door crashed open. James’ chest ached and his heart was beating heavily as he turned to face Tom Riddle for the last time.

“You keep away!” He yelled, a lion protecting his pride, “Do you hear me?”

He had no wand. He didn’t have time now. But it didn’t matter. Wand or not he was going to do anything he could to stop this man: the man who had caused them so much pain, the man who had come here to hurt them, the man they had been hiding from for so long. James stood with his arms held out, blocking the stairs, his face fierce and unbending. He was not going to cower or run. He owed it to his family, his small, young, beautiful family, to face his fate with as much strength as he could pull. Voldemort laughed; the sound made James’ blood pump furiously in his ears with rage; with fear; with the terrible realisation that he didn’t stand a chance. Voldemort glided forwards and James saw his white hand appear from beneath his cloak, flicking his wand. Suddenly there was only a dazzlingly green light in James’ vision. Everything seemed like it was moving slowly, as though time itself was wading through honey. As the green light blinded him, James couldn’t help but see a haunting beauty in it. He could only think of one thing as that sharp, bright, beautiful green light came surging towards him.

He had always thought her eyes would be the death of him.

How to tell your little is upset
  • They mumble under their breath
  • Soft grrr’s
  • Pouting
  • Refusing to talk to you
  • Loud No’s
  • Crossing their arms and frowning
  • Furious head shaking
  • Angry crying
  • Playful but harsh hitting
  • Angry feet kicking
  • Stomping their feet
  • Sticking their tongue out at you
  • I’m sucking on their pacifier harshly
  • Harsh but cute glares
  • Won’t let you touch them
  • They’re whining excessively
  • Hands are curled up into fists
  • They call you things like “meanie” or “butthead”
  • Refusing to eat anything you make
  • They don’t want to do anything with you

There are a few different ways to deal with this behavior but the preferred method is to ask what is wrong, if they still refuse to talk to you calmly explain that you can’t fix what is wrong if you don’t know what it is. If you have done something your little might have taken as a slight. Apologise first and make amends, letting your little calm down before setting more ground rules.


“I’m not leaving,” you snapped,

“Get out,” Raphael growled,


“You don’t want to mess with me,” Raphael warned,

“You don’t scare me, you know?” you crossed your arms,

“Then why’s your heart racing?” He cocked an eyebrow,

“I might be a little turned on right now,” you looked him up and down as he took a step back,


“You heard me,” you kept up your fake confidence,

“W-well… Well-”

“Well what?” You pushed,

Raphael gave up his stuttering, shaking his head as he left the room, leaving you with a triumphant smile.

How Would Blackpink Wake You Up In the Morning

Actually, I really liked the idea, its cute. Hope you like it.

Jennie: Probably wouldn’t want to wake you up and neither she would want to wake up, since both of you have really tight schedule and need to get proper rest.

Originally posted by jeongyeon

Jisoo: She would poke and would tickle and shake your arm until you opened your eyes all of sudden, seeing her on top of you laughing.

“Jagiya, Wake up!”

Originally posted by 2nep1nk

Rosé: She would wake you up the sweetest way possible. She would totally wake you up with little kisses all over your face and would whisper your name over and over until you’re awake.

Originally posted by pchaeyoung

Lisa: She probably wouldn’t want to wake you up unless she had to. If that’s the case, she would just lay there and softly trace your face until you wake up. You would wake up to Lisa’s bright eyes staring at you.

“Are you watching me sleep?”

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Wild And Unruly by gloria_andrews, 100percentsassy

Length: 124k

“You’re up,” he whispered, his right hand reaching out touch.  He pulled it back awkwardly before finally bringing it to rest on the doorknob, thumb fiddling with the lock button.  “I, uh…”  Harry glanced down, sheepish grin on his face.  His tux was a little rumpled, bowtie loose around his neck and the first few buttons of his ruffled dress shirt undone.  “I didn’t want to wake you.  Just wanted to peek in.”

“I thought you were gonna sleep at Niall’s,” Louis said, voice soft and raspy and full of fondness, cracking a bit.  He saw Harry bite his lip, his fingers shaking slightly as he drew his hand away from the doorknob.

“I couldn’t wait,” he said, simply.  His eyes flicked back up to meet Louis’s, with a stare so intense Louis felt it in his chest.  “I just couldn’t wait any longer.”

He took a step forward.  Louis’s heart jogged painfully when he saw the hopeful smile twitching Harry’s lips, and he felt fragile, all of a sudden.  Breakable.

Harry is a cowboy sitting on the biggest oil reservoir in Wyoming, and Louis is the paralegal assigned to pressure him into selling his land.

Ao3, Chaptered, Complete, Must-Read

Christmas with Jihoon
  • not very into Christmas, but will try for your sake!!
  • he’ll buy you a very thoughtful present, yes, but decorating? not for him
  • “Jihoon, are you sure you don’t want something up here?”
  • at which he takes a look around and innocently shakes his head
  • “Not really?”
  • you pout 
  • “But will you stop me if I decorate a little?”
  • a grin spreads to your lips when he shakes his head with a smile
  • “I won’t.”
  • and that’s how the apartment becomes a lot more festive, with a small Christmas tree (obviously a fake one) on the coffee table with small decorations on its branches, a couple of window ornaments and lanterns and Christmas lights
  • the first time Jihoon sees the new look of your place, he gawks in awe, because wow, it actually looks good
  • “You’ve made it so pretty, Y/N.”
  • you’d be holding onto his arm excitedly, and that’s when you peck his cheek quickly
  • “I know pretty isn’t very manly, but it looks nice~”
  • Jihoon can’t help but agree, and honestly he really likes how it looks
  • Christmas songs are practically banned with some artists’ songs/versions as exceptions
  • like Mariah Carey and Justin Bieber? Jihoon will approve
  • would probably be working on a song on a tablet when you surprise him by putting a Christmas hat on him
  • his shocked face and the shriek he lets out make your day, week, month and the whole year
  • “What’s this about?”
  • you’d be giggling while poking at the soft, fluffy cotton ball at the tip of the hat
  • “I thought you could use some festiveness, too.”
  • you show him his reflection and he makes a face, which only further amuses you
  • at the end, though, Jihoon just sighs and says that it’s fine
  • you snap a few photos for the future and make sure to send it to the group chat you have with him and the other members of Seventeen
  • Seungcheol and Junhui don’t let him live after that, but Jihoon almost enjoys it
  • ok so while he might not be a Christmas person in the very obvious way, he does agree with the part where you spend time with people you care about and take it a bit easier, both of which are things he enjoys
  • he’s taken the Christmas days as well as a few days around them off, and has planned to spend them with you and your families, one way or another
  • when Christmas morning comes and you’re up and lively at 9am, Jihoon’s sleeping heavily
  • it’s nearing 11am and he’s still asleep, so you’d go poke his cheek gently, trying to wake him up, but when he grumbles something incoherent, you’d get on the bed and hug him from behind
  • your lips tickle his neck when you whisper
  • “Wake up Jihoon, it’s Christmas~ We have many things to do~”
  • when he still merely grumbles and tries to shake you off himself, you squint your eyes
  • “If you don’t start waking up soon, I’ll go to Busan without you.”
  • now that gets him awake because there is no way he’d miss going home
  • you’re exhilarated about the fact that he’s finally up, and while he has breakfast, you pack a bag for the night that you’ll be spending at his parents’ place
  • you exchange your presents before leaving, though - much to the relief of you both, you’d gone down a similar route: nothing too special, but definitely something necessary and practical, which you both appreciate a lot
  • you give him a kiss when you’ve opened yours, and he squeezes your hand with a wide smile when he’s opened his 
  • it’s noon and with the coat of snow on the ground, it’s rather bright outside, but you’ve still got your few Christmas lights on, which makes you both feel cozy
  • add to that that you’re both in comfortable clothes and fuzzy socks, and you’ve got what you’d easily name one of the nicest moments of the year
  • “So, are you ready for Busan?”
  • you nod at Jihoon, and once he’s thrown an outfit and his parents’ presents into a bag and you’ve made sure you had your train tickets, you take off
  • the train trip is surprisingly relaxing, and the two of you lean your heads against each other’s and your hands are loosely linked on his lap
  • once you’ve arrived at his parents’ place, the rest of the day is on the busier side, with lots of time spent in the kitchen and living room
  • while you don’t know his parents all that well, there’s a mutual feeling of like between you, and there’s quite likely nothing that makes your heart feel warmer than seeing how happy Jihoon is to be with his parents, and you
  • although, him giving you a long, soft kiss in the living room when only the two of you are up, drinking hot chocolate by the Christmas tree, comes close to making your heart feel even warmer

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Sticky Note (Rap Monster)

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Type: Fluff

Request: Hello! I’m in school to get my cosmology degree and wondered if you could do a scenario where Rap Monster falls in love with his makeup artist? Thank you so so much!

His eyes lightly traced over your face taking in your features. “Is my makeup that good today?” you joke a she snaps from his thoughts with a slight blush “I am sorry” he says as you shake your head. “Its fine hun” you tell him as you moved his hair from his forehead with a smile. “Only a little touch up. Your hairs a bit sweaty” you tell him. He simply nodded and much to his dislike he had to leave pretty quickly afterwards.

He stopped when he got to the door “hey um Y/N” he said as you looked over at him. “Yes?” you asked as he cleared his throat. “I was um wondering if you weren’t busy would you want to go out sometime?” he asked as he looked down at his shoes.

You smiled as you grabbed a sticky note from your bag and began writing your number before walking over to him. Namjoon still hasn’t looked up from his feet when your hand touched his back. “Whenever you’re ready for your answer its on your back” you whisper into his ear.

Seconds after stepping back he quickly grabbed at it and pulled the sticky note off. He had a large smile on his face as he turned to see your dorky smile. “I’ll call you then” he said as you clapped your hands once. “You better” you inform as he nods “don’t worry” he said as he left the room making sure the door was closed before he did his victory dance.

Things I want to happen in Suicide Squad 2:
  • something fucks up, the squad is on the run, they need to find a place to hide.
  • Captain Boomerang: Great, now what are we gonna do?
  • Deadshot: we need to find a place to lay low.
  • Harley: (smiles wickedly) I got it. We're gonna go see an old friend of mine.
  • Deadshot: Who? Joker?
  • Harley: (shakes her head)
  • *cut to a deserted warehouse in the middle of nowhere, filled with bizarre looking plants - bushes, flowers, vine plants, trees, all over the place.*
  • Deadshot: Where did you bring us, doll face, little shop of horrors? What is this place?
  • Harley: She has to be here somewhere... (Looking around) just... don't touch anything. Plants here are crazy.
  • *Short while after, Captain Boomerang touches something. a plant is wrapped around his ankle and pulls him up, hanging him upside down*
  • Captain Boomerang: AYE!! GET ME DOWN!! YOU BLOODY @!#$%&*&% !!
  • Harley: I told you not to touch anything! (Gets ready to hit the plant with her bat, Deadshot aims his weapon at the plant)
  • A cold woman voice: You know how I feel about guests, Harley.
  • (everyone turns around. On a balcony above them stands an impressive women with a greenish skin tone, red hair, wearing a bodysuit made of green leaves)
  • Harley: (giant grin) IVY!!!
  • Poison Ivy: (little smile) hello, Harley. Long time no seen.
Three Strikes Out -Daehyun- *smut*

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Part one of B.A.P Skydive smut scenarios

Title: Three Strikes Out
Pairing: Daehyun + Reader

Plot: You have to keep steady, no matter the situation.
Warning: Smut-ish Oral, guns, teasing, orgasm denial, pet names, etc.
A/N: I know I haven’t been keeping up with my requests but this came to mind from their new MV and oh whale 

I definitely wasn’t thinking of LABOUM when I came up with the title leave me alone

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You got any Headcanons about Lucius and Draco (like joint ones I mean?)

oooh yes

  • lucius spoiled draco rotton when he was little
  • like when draco was little lucius was the “cool” parent because he gave him literally whatever he wanted. narcissa was the strict one
  • draco had him wrapped around his finger
  • lucius would be trying to do some kind of work and cute little draco would come running in
  • “daddy play a game with me!”
  • and lucius would look down at his work and sigh before getting up with a smile and scooping a giggling draco up into his arms
  • and he plays all the games draco wants while narcissa just watches and shakes her head
  • and when narcissa says something to him he’s like “narcissa i cant say no! how could you ever say no to that pouting face”
  • draco followed lucius around because he wanted to be just like him
  • they would go to quidditch games together
  • lucius helped draco with his schoolwork 
  • lucius taught draco how to fly
  • lucius literally loves draco so much and anyone who says otherwise is wrong

Fave Omo things:
-little puddles
-slowly leaking
-helping them clean up
-comforting them after the accident
-cute shy people not wanting to admit they have to go
-hands between legs
-clothes getting soaked
-cute whimpering/moaning sounds
-relief of finally letting go
I just really love Omo okay?


Just discovered your page and i’ve basically read almost all your MGG/Spencer imagines. Could you possibly write an imagine where Spencer and his girlfriend/wife have a daughter named for his mother but Spencer doesn’t want the child to meet Diana and his partner doesn’t completely agree with his choice.

Oh my gosh, thank you so much!  I am so glad that you thought my writings were good enough to read through like that!  Really and truly, thank you so much.  Here is your one-shot, comin’ ‘atcha!

“Y/N, can we talk about this later?” Spencer whispers as he bounces your little girl in his arms.

“Spencer…we can’t keep putting this off,” you whisper back as you shake her bottle up.

Diana was seven months old, sleeping beautifully through the night, ate like a horse, and had met everyone on your side of the family.

But she had yet to meet her own namesake.

“Y/N-” Spencer says sternly.

Huffing as you hand him the bottle, you shake your head as you storm out of the room.  It didn’t make sense to you.  His mother was the reason you named your child Diana.  You thought she was a beautiful woman, lucid or not.  And Spencer didn’t even want to introduce his only child to her!

It was over an hour before Spencer came tip-toeing out of the room and shut the door behind him.

You had already opened a bottle of wine and was two glasses in when he gingerly sat down across from you.

“Didn’t know you were drinking wine anymore,” he says as he offers you a shy smile.

“I keep it hidden,” you lull flatly.

You knew of Spencer’s issues, so you kept the wine hidden and out of sight, only to be brought out in instances when you had trouble coping with things.

You knew you were being insensitive, but you just couldn’t understand, and you were done shedding tears while bathing your only child.

“Y/N,” Spencer begins.

“I just don’t understand it, Spencer,” you sigh as you shake your head, “she’s your mother.  And I get that we won’t see her often, and she probably won’t travel to us, but don’t you think she deserves to-”

“I have told her!” Spencer blurts out.

You slowly raised your eyes to him as the exasperated look wafted over his face.

“I have told her about our daughter,” he croaks as tears rim his eyes.

“So…what’s the problem?” you ask lightly.

There was something he wasn’t telling you, and it was beginning to unnerve you.

“Remember when I went to go see her.  Just before Diana was born?”

“How could I forget?” you smirk as you bring your glass of wine to your lips.

“I went because…because her care facility contacted me,” Spencer says lightly.

You set your glass down as you hooked your eyes on the man that was crumbling before you.

“She has Alzheimer’s,” he whispers.

It hit you like a ton of bricks.

Your Spencer, the one who had battled addiction.  The one who had his first love shot in front of him, who feared for his mind the way he watched his mother battle her schizophrenia.

And now she was losing her mind altogether in an all-consuming way.

“Spencer, I-”

“I told her about Diana.  About how we were naming our daughter after her and how I wanted to fly her out for the birth and how-”

A tear dripped into Spencer’s lap as you got up, left your wine glass behind, and crouched down in front of him.

“And then we had her, a-a-and I called my mother because I was so happy-”

Your soul knew what was coming, and it made you sick.

“And she congratulated me all over again.  Like it was the first time she was hearing it,” Spencer choked out.

You threw your arms around him and held him close as he cried into the crook of your neck.

“I’ve told her about Diana three times…and every time-”

“Ssssshhhh….sh sh sh sh ssssshhhhh…” you hush into his ear before kissing the side of his face.

“I can’t-”

“It’s alright. I understand,” you breathe as you slowly begin to rock him side to side.

“I completely understand.”

Because you did.

He didn’t want to take the daughter he has been bragging about to see a woman he loved and adored…and her not be remembered.

And the two of you sobbed at that little table until you couldn’t sob any longer.