i wanted to see what he looked like with just brown eyes



“Daddy!” She runs over to him and throws her arms around his middle, still happily wearing the beanie he put on her that morning. “Guess what we learned in school today!”
Every single day, he is still surprised by how tall his daughter is now and how fast she grew. Yet she is still young enough to rely on him and want his attention and hugs. To her, he isn’t a famous actor and singer, just her dad. He smiles softly at her sweet, brown eyes which mirror his and her bright smile, just like yours. She’s already talking about how she was the best reader in English class as he makes sure she puts her seatbelt on. “When we get home, maybe you can read the story to me and your mom. I think she’ll be really proud of you, too.” She watches him from the backseat as he drives them back home. He looks up into the rearview mirror to see her grinning and he knows, more than acting, being an idol, or songwriter, being this little girl’s father is the best job he’s ever had.

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hey, have you seen the post calling diego luna white? I'm confused because to me he doesn't look white & i thought he was mestizo.

yeah i saw and read it and like i kno diego has more privileges bc he has a light skin but in no fucking way erases his heritages of color and how proud he is to be a Mexican and how much he loves his country. the whites might even mistaken him for white at some pictures and scenes bc that’s what they want him to be (u can see when ppl in this website edit pictures or gifs of him its very common they make his skin lighter) but he’s a latino brown man just like oscar isaac. it was too much reaching tbh but sure opinions right (i just roll my eyes and move on)

The Office (Taekook Smut)

*I feel like I lost my soul*

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Word Count: 1,309 words

Your schedule was hectic, sometimes you would leave in the early hours of the hours and return late into the next day. It put its strain on your relationship with your boyfriends. They had each other when you were the working but you missed them both.

You sighed, going back to typing the work your boss gave you. This job paid the bills but you just wished you could stay home and be able to see your boys more often. You wanted to be that girlfriend that was able to go to their concerts, bring their lunch and keep them company in the studio.

You wished for that freedom.

“Did you see the two hotties in the office?”

“How could you not, the red haired one was so fine.”

“What about the brown haired cutie? He looks like he needs someone to take care of him.”

“I’ll certainly teach him, that cutie needs a trustworthy tour guide.” You rolled your eyes,  you couldn’t care less about office gossip. You went to the break room, needing a cup of coffee and turned your back.


“I found her, Kookie!” Did you miss them that much? You’re obviously hallucinating because they would-


“Taehyung-What are you two doing here?!”

“Jungkookie and I-”


“Well, I missed you and your job isn’t that far from the house.”

“You two came to my workplace without your masks because you missed me? Aww~” You hugged Tae and pulled in Jungkook. He didn’t protest, hugging you tightly and not letting go after Taehyung did.

“Yah, let go.”

“I thought you didn’t miss me?”

“Maybe I did, maybe I didn’t.”

“If you keep acting like this, you won’t get girls.”

“I got you, didn’t I?”

“Aish.” You hit his arm and he laughed, he was always like this. You grabbed your cup, finally filling it after your little distractions.

“As cute as you two are, just go home.”

“You’re going back to work?”

“Well, yeah-”

“You can’t.”

“Why is that, Jungkook?”

“Hyung broke your vase.”


“Taehyung broke my vase? It’s not the vase that I spent a whole month searching for to put in our living room, not that vase Taehyung?”

“Maybe Jungkook and I-” You were about to take off into a sprint if Jungkook didn’t wrap his arms tightly around you. He lifted you up, you still determined to have one less boyfriend. They both know how much you loved that vase, they saw that little happy dance you did when you found it.

Hell, Taehyung even joined you that day. Jungkook lifted you into your office; you still determined to get to Taehyung until Jungkook sat with you into your chair. Taehyung locked the door and pulled down the blinds. Jungkook had you in his lap and Taehyung smirked, seemingly at Jungkook.

What were they planning?

“Say, Y/N, are the walls soundproof?”


“Are you shy about it, baby? That’s cute.”

“J-Jungkook, you too..”

“Didn’t you miss us, babydoll?” Jungkook nibbled on your ear, his hands kneading your breasts. Taehyung watched you moan softly, your lips forming a deformed ‘o’. He moved over to you two, your hands flew to his zipper.

“Look how eager she is, you were waiting for this, weren’t you? Such a naughty girl.”

“T-Tae. J-Jungkook. I can’t..”

“You’re grinding your dirty hips against me, do you really want us to stop?”

“I-I..N-Not there…” Jungkook popped open your blouse, revealing the cream bra you wore underneath. He pushed you up against your desk, half your body pressed against the cool glass.

He eagerly pulls down your skirt, exposing the rest of your body before Taehyung joins him. Jungkook brashly grabbed your butt while Taehyung teases your clit.


“Are you going to beg for it, baby?”

“I wonder how much she wants it.” Jungkook slapped your ass before sitting you back down. They moved to the couch, making out right in front of you.

Jungkook’s hand pulled Tae’s shirt, bringing their bodies closer and Tae’s hand slipped to Jungkook’s crotch. You heard Jungkook’s groan and he pulled away from Tae’s lips to feast on his neck.

You couldn’t help yourself, your hand slipping between your legs and slowly rubbing circles into your clothed cunt. You watched attentively, continuing to stimulate yourself and you let out little moans. They noticed you quickly, their hungry eyes off each other and now, on you. It was a quick sweep, Taehyung kissing you heatedly while Jungkook toyed with you.

You moaned in Tae’s mouth, reacting to Jungkook slipping his finger into you. Your tongue tangoed with Tae’s, Tae’s tongue exerting dominance. His hand cupped your cheeks, not letting you see Jungkook fingering you. You felt it, the stretching of your walls, his fingers thrusting into you at an unforgiving pace.

Incoherent thoughts take over your mind, letting both boys control you and do as they will. Tae pulled away, letting you see Jungkook gingerly eating you out. The slickness of his tongue against you only made you moan louder and you tug at his hair strands. You looked to Taehyung, seeing the bulge in his pants and your hand strokes him. You unzip his pants, reaching for his cock and pumping him hard. The glorious sounds of Taehyung’s deep groans filled your ears and you could feel yourself becoming wetter.

Jungkook pulled out of you, deliciously licking his lips and grabbing your breasts. He pulled off your bra, attaching his lips to your nipple and Taehyung sucked on your neck profusely. The action of them both was pleasurable, simply told by the way you breathlessly moaned their names. Taehyung shifted your body, putting you on your hands and knees, Jungkook behind you and Tae in front. You instinctively pulled him into your mouth, swirling your warm tongue around his cock.

Jungkook saw it as an opportunity, sliding his cock into you without forewarning.

“So tight.”

“Don’t slow down, baby. Bob your head faster.” You obliged, bobbing your head at a faster pace on Taehyung’s cock. He grained your name, saying every curse word under the sun afterwards and you took a pounding from Jungkook. His hips slammed into yours, the sound of skin slapping loud within the small office. Taehyung pulled away, not wanting you to cum so soon at the pace you were going. You cried out, Jungkook using this sudden burst of energy he got. Half your body are pressed agaisnt the desk, leaving an imprint of your nipples and hands.

“F-Fuck.” He climaxed, stealing you of having your own when he pulled out  of you and Taehyung sat in your chair. You crawled into Tae’s lap, facing him as you sunk your hips down on his cock. He bounced your hips for you, seeing you cry out his name as well, You buried your head into his neck, not wanting anyone to hear how loud you were. Although there should be no doubt that someone had already heard how loud you were previously.

“Don’t hold back for me, Y/N.”


“Louder, babe.”


“Turn on my cock and show Jungkook how much of a slut you are.” You did as he said, facing Jungkook while bouncing your hips. Jungkook made eye contact with you as you only moaned, unable to say anything. Your breasts bounced for hims and Taehyung began sucking on your neck again.


“Do you want to cum?”


“Beg more.”

“P-Please, Tae, p-please let me cum.”

“As you wish.” His thrusts began more sporadic, only consistently hitting deep inside you. You came, unable to contain the sound that escaped your lips. He reached his climax as well, spilling his own condom and you got up. You slipped on your panties and skirt after buttoning up your blouse. You kissed them both, meaning to send them home.

“See you at home, baby.”

I sit up on the bed and sigh quietly, giving up on trying to sleep.

This is getting nowhere.

The moon shines through the opened window and I gaze at it silently for what seems like hours, until I hear a whisper coming from the supposedly sleeping boy next to me.

“Go to sleep.”

“Wish I could.”

Calm sits up on one elbow and looks at me in the dark. The moonlight reflects on his face and I see his bright but tired brown eyes fixed on mine. He sits up completely and rubs his face with his hands, trying to dissipate the haze that always lingers when one just wakes up.

His voice resounds in the not so silent room as he asks

“Want to go for a ride?”

I consider for a while. It’s not that I’m not used to go out with Calum in the middle of the night, when one or the two of us just cannot sleep, but this time I have to wake up early in the morning.

Calum seems to have read my thoughts when he says:

“It’s not like you’re gonna sleep anyway.”

“Yeah, okay.”

I slide my legs out of the bed and get up slowly, still a little dizzy. Putting on an old hoodie over one of Calum’s shirt I was wearing as pyjamas and some equally as old sweatpants, I make my way out of the bedroom.

I’m followed closely by a very stumbly Calum whose footsteps echo loudly in the silent flat. He disappears in the kitchen for a second, coming with the few remaining snacks my poor little kitchen has to offer. In an instant we’re both out of the flat with the car keys in my pocket.

I grab Calum’s hand as we head for the stairs and walk them as quietly as possible. A moment later, I’m sat on the passenger’s seat while Calum starts the car and we’re off for yet another nocturnal escapade.

The streets are empty and silent, filled only with darkness. It feels like we’re the only ones on Earth. The feeling is kind of relieving after the stress of not being able to fall asleep and satisfaction along with a little happiness rises in my stomach.

Calum’s hand slides on my thigh and I look at him, the streetlights now reflecting on his face. His dark eyes are focused on the road ahead and he glances at me shortly, a small smile dangling at the corner of his lips.

I’m glad he woke up tonight.

Between the warmth of the hand on my thigh, the music playing faintly on the stereo and the white noise of the car comfortably engulfing us, along with the familiar darkness, I couldn’t feel more…appeased.


“You know that I love you, right?”

I smile. So cheesy.


His hand gives a squeeze on my thigh.

“Aren’t you gonna tell me that you love me too?”

His voice is filled with fake worry and a playful glint shines in his eyes. I take his hand in mine and look at him in the cheesiest way possible.

“I love you too.”


Title: Waiting for Tadhana
Pairing: Dan x reader
Rating: T
Word Count: 1,112
Prompt: From the very first moment Dan sees you, he is enthralled. If only timing was better and he could actually meet you.

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Hello lovelies! “Tadhana” means destiny in Filipino. Idk I just love the idea of adding Filipino words in fanfics and this word spoke to me. I wanted to work on a story involving terrible timing (heaven knows that’s what defines my lack of a love life). This is the result. Enjoy!

She captivates Dan like the first firework that appears in a night sky.

Across the field of a park, a pair of brown eyes lock on a (H/C) girl. His heart skips a beat. Never in his life has he ever looked at a girl that brings an effect quite like this. The warmth creeps deeper into his bones. His body is attuned to the beauty standing feet away from him.

She’s alone, and his instincts tempt him to approach her. Who is this girl that’s sending his emotions in a frenzy?

He finds his feet dragging itself toward her, a water molecule trying to find another molecule to bond with. Just as he’s within a few feet away from the mysterious beauty, she’s joined by another girl.

He pauses. There goes his plan to approach her. He retreats, ducking behind a tree.

He curses to himself. If he’s going to talk to her, he didn’t wish to do it with her friend as a witness.

Disappointed, he watches as his mystery beauty stands up and walks away with her friend. It elicits another curse word from him. He wants to follow them, but that would be creepy and he didn’t want to make a bad first impression.

He sighs. He doubts he’ll see her again.


But he does. Three hours later.

Dan walks out a video game store, holding a paper bag with the newest release of Halo. He’s on his way back to the flat when he spots her across the street.

It’s her. The (H/C) girl from earlier. She’s still with her friend.

Standing at an intersection, he waits impatiently for the stoplight to turn green. His eyes follow her, his heart racing faster against his chest the farther she walks away.

The light turns green. He’s tempted to be like a bull and stampede through the crowd to reach her.

He loses her in the busy London crowd. Once he’s on the other side of the road, he can no longer see her or her friend.

This day keeps getting better and better.

He turns a corner. He leans his head against a pole.

Great. Just fucking great.


Hope isn’t lost. The third time Dan sees her, he’s certain fate is messing with him.

“I’ll see you next time.” With a smile, he turns off the camera. When he got home from the video game store, he decided to film a video to distract him from his thoughts. He needed something to help him take his mind off of her.

He moves to the window. He looks out the glass pane.

He nearly faints at what he sees.

It’s her. Again. He can see her face from here. She’s alone, sitting on a bench, reading a book.

He turns around and takes deeps breaths. Three times already. This has never happened to him before. Why is this girl turning him into a complete mess? Why is it that, within the same day, he keeps seeing the same girl over and over?

“It’s just a girl,” he mumbles. “Go talk to her, Dan. Maybe if you talk to her, you’ll stop feeling like your life is like the guy in a shojo anime that acts like a lost puppy around his crush.”

This is progressing too fast. He’s investing his interest in a girl who hasn’t even made eye contact with him yet.

He turns back around. He could probably go downstairs and meet her.

He looks to the place where he saw her.

She’s gone.

He facepalms.

“Are you fucking kidding me?”


He doesn’t have high expectations by the time night falls. He had three chances to introduce himself to her. He failed at each and every one of them. He wouldn’t blame fate if there won’t be a fourth chance.

He steps outside into the cold London night. The street lamps cast a light glow along the neighborhood. The image of her hasn’t left his mind. Perhaps a little walk will help him clear his thoughts.

Phone in hand, he checks his texts. Three texts. He responds back to them.

He starts walking. He logs on to Facebook and checks his news feed.

He’s focused on his screen that he’s taken by surprise by the feeling of a body bumping into him.

“Sorry!” a female voice apologizes.

He glances away at his phone. He’s about to apologize back when the words are trapped on his lips.


“I didn’t see you there,“ the girl says. There’s a slight red in her cheeks. “I better get going. Have a good night.”

He’s still frozen when she walks away. He has to pinch himself to bring him back to reality.

“Wait!” he calls out.

She turns around. He puts his phone away and catches up to her.

“I’m sorry too. If you don’t mind me asking, what are you doing out late?”

She gives him a sheepish look. “My friend had a fight with her boyfriend. I was on my way to her house to talk to her about it.”

“Ah.” He holds out a hand. “I’m Dan.”

“I know.” Her blush deepens. “I watch your YouTube videos. I’m a big fan. Phil too.”

“Thank you. I’m surprised you aren’t fangirling.”

“I am. On the inside.” She smiles. “I’m (Y/N).”

“(Y/N).” He finally has a name for the girl that he couldn’t get out of his head. “It’s nice to meet you.”

Maybe fate was messing with him for a reason. If this was fate’s way of leading him to meet (Y/N), then he forgives fate for the missed chances.

The time wasn’t right. This moment right here is.

“I have to go, or else (one of your friends’ names) will start to worry.”

“Right. Can I get your number at least?”


The two exchange phone numbers. In his mind, he’s doing an internal happy dance. After today, he won’t have to rely on chance encounters to run into her.

“See you later, Dan,” she tells him when they hand their phones back to each other.

“I’ll text you when I get back to my flat.”

“You will?”


“Alright.” She holds out her hand. “I left you hanging.”

He chuckles. “Oh right.”

They shake hands. Her touch calms him down.

They say that when you meet someone three times within twenty-four hours, you are 98% likely to meet them again. Boy, was that 98% part spot on.

He wonders what (Y/N) will think if he tells her about those three times. Her reaction would be priceless.

But that will be another day.

There’s a 100% chance he’ll see her next time.

This was a little story inspired by The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight by Jennifer E. Smith. If you’ve never read the book, I highly recommend checking it out! Oliver reminded me so much of Dan (he’s British and he and Hadley, the main character, were going to England in the story). While I read it, I pictured it as an AU Dan x reader story.

The concept of the story came from the last page of the book, so this is why I want you to read the book so you get what I mean. Repetitive encounters is one of my favorite kinds of love stories.

Until next time.

~ AA

Her eyes looked like they wanted to ask a question that she never dared to mouth and her lips seemed as if they were ready to apologize. I had to ask her, “what’s wrong, what makes you feel so small in size?” She said it was as if she could feel the world waiting to swallow her whole, that she was like a ship lost at sea just waiting to capsize.
She told me how she tended to wander off from the world and fantasize. Fantasize about what it felt like to have her path figured out, what it felt like to not have to improvise. I sat her down and looked into her bottomless eyes. I told her that maybe it was the ships that sailed through the ugliest of skies that made it out alive. That he who reaches his marked destination no longer tries. “You see love,” I said, “to reach your destination truly is a curse in disguise.

Did anyone else see a really strong parallel between the youngest Styne and Sam?

They were both people who didn’t feel like they belonged. The boy just wanted to get away, have a normal life much like Sam did. He even bears a small resemblance to season 1 sam, with the long brown hair and youthful demeanour. He didn’t conform to his father’s wishes: where the older brothers were soldiers, doing what their father told them to do, the kid just wanted to get away, he “hated” his family and was visibly shaken when he was made to ‘harvest’ that guy. Sound familiar at all?

Even when the kid was trying to reason with Dean, saying “you don’t have to do this”, it really struck a chord with me, because how many times has Sam said that to someone? Tried to reason with a killer or monster? Or even with Dean when he was a demon? And I think Dean saw that. He got this look in his eyes as he was sizing the kid up and I don’t know, to me there was this look of recognition that was extremely powerful.

What made it even more chilling for me, however, was the fact that after this look of recognition, Dean puts a bullet through his head without so much as a blink, and for me, that was a metaphor Dean killing his brother. Sam has always been the anchor that kept Dean grounded, and no matter what they’ve always had each other. But now I think this represents Dean severing all ties to both Sam and his humanity, showing that he has lost all sense of control. And I couldn’t be more terrified.

Our Kids of the Future || Golby Future AU

The sun was setting on the southern nearly flat surface, the sky turning a gorgeous shade of orange and pink. Gaven was watching their twelve-year-old daughter Lily playing in the swing-set they had in the backyard. He remarked how much she looked like his husband. The same color hair, the big brown eyes. Not everything was the same, not as much as Kieth who was a dead look-alike, especially as he was now getting older, but he was able to see Colby in her. 

Sometimes, in moments like these, it was enough to bring him back to the world of the past in his memories. How had they even made it this far….There bitter beginnings were far behind them, and now, they were marveling in their better ends. Everything that they had imagined to be too good to be true…turned out to be true. What scared him, though, was how long that could go on. But that was just his paranoia. They had lived twenty years in peace. This was their life now. 

“Papa?” A shake on his shoulder shook him out of his memory. He couldn’t help it, he tensed up, grabbed the wrist, and snapped his head back. It was instinct. When he saw it was his son, looking at him with wide eyes of confusion and concern, he relaxed. He took his hands and patted it. 

“Dont sneak up on me like that,” he scolded him, but his tone was gentle. 

“Sorry, I just calling your name and you wouldnt answer.” 

Gaven looked up at him. “You go shooting with your Dad today?” 

Kieth shrugged, his face less than thrilled. “Yeah,” he answered simply. 

“Whats that face for?” Gaven asked him.

Kieth shrugged again. “….You know how he is. He’s just….intense about this stuff.” 

He has a reason to be, Gaven wanted to tell him. But he simply said, “He knows whats best for you.” 

Ok but like a Strange Magic bartender AU. The bars run by Sugar Plum Fairy (probably named The Primrose) and its pretty famous for this one drink that they’ve unofficially dubbed “The Love Potion” because its the biggest hit with couples. Griselda takes Bog King there a lot to set him up with some girls and he has no interest what so ever. So one day he kinda slips away from her and just plops down on a stool and is like “give me anything” without looking up, expecting SPF to serve him his usual. Instead he gets this pink fruity looking monstrosity and he’s like “I don’t want this cr-” and he finally looks up to see this foreign pair of mischievous brown eyes and she says “well you said anything” and his heart just pounds and all he can think is “fuck”.


He’s quiet for a moment after opening the door, then remembers himself; Orihime’s warm brown eyes and pretty smile are far too easy to forget oneself in. “Hey, you look great. I just finished making dinner, so you got here at the right time.”

She beams. “Thank you, Uryuu-kun! For today too, I mean. It’s the best White Day I’ve ever had. Thank you again for the roses; they’re gorgeous.”

“I’m glad. But I admit, I’m surprised you aren’t already headed for the dining room.” His eyes are smiling teasingly. “Maybe my cooking is too bland for you?”

She shakes her head at her boyfriend of about a month and a half, laughing as she crosses the entryway. “I’m extremely interested in dinner. I just wanted to see if I could figure out what you made before I saw it.”

“Guess away.”

IshiHime Week Day 1: White Day