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I Miss You
I Miss You

Aaliyah - I Miss You

“I Have trouble accepting the fact that you’re gone, so I won’t. 
It’ll be like we went for a while without seeing each other.
But I can understand why God would have wanted you close to him,
because you truly were an angel on earth.

I love you. I miss you.“

Is your heart still mine?
I wanna cry sometimes…

How to animated with tweening

So I did promise that I’ll redo the tutorial.. so I now is the right time-

Firstly this is how many (often) ur animation will need drawings/frames

without counting the mouth/lip syncing- often for a tween animation u need around 10 to 20 drawings for a 20 sec.. but that’s just for me it really depends on what u r trying to animate- also ur drawings should be png so it can work-

Now next u open Flash then find ur audio, hold and drag it to ur screen.. if u don’t see it then it’s most likely in your libraly-

and if it isn’t there….. boi what version of Flash do u even have??? idkthen-

U do this same step hold and drag ur first pic and throw it on your screen- ah and make sure to crete layers one for audio another for animation and then background!

Now how to ad more frames? Well u need to press the hot key F5 and it’ll add frames!

And when u want a certain place for ur first pic to stop.. then press the hot key F6 two times!

Then press ur second seprate keyframe(?) and ctrl + z that sh ed :D

And finally for the animation part right click ur mouse anywhere on the center and..

I got lazy :’D I’m sorry-

after this start it and see the result of ur first pic either moved flipped zoomed depending on what u wanted it to do c:

When ur animation is finished open Swifel and turn ur swf file into mp4 file!

No Need for Blueprints
No Need for Blueprints


( Dementia | Black Hat )

This one’s got more energy and optimism than my Black Hat one, and really it’s just ‘about’ Flug in general. Nothing specific or whatever. Some timing bits may be weird though, uh, oops.

I tried to make the ‘Dr. Flug that’s me’ parts sound like a crowd of people shouting, but my effect skills are not that strong so  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Lyrics below the cut, as usual!

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death by glitter, a marauders au group chat fic

Note: It is about to turn 2am as I write this, so please, don’t ask.

james: cmon

remus: No.

sirius: no

peter: no


remus: still no

james: pls

peter: thats it im telling lily u said the four of us were married u deserve it

james: nO GOD

lily: heard ur cheating on me

james: lily no i swear

lily: im leaving u for sirius anyway

James renamed the group chat to Death by Glitter.

Remus renamed the group chat to james we, in no way in hell, are not becoming a punk rock band.

james: remus ill buy you that chocolate fudge

james: sirius i can get that motorcycle

james: peter whatever u want

peter: can i have that new broomstick yaknow what im talking about right

james: done

Remus renamed the group chat to Death By Glitter.



sirius: ur wife said my voice was better

james: i give up

peter: i can play guitar

remus: Since when did u play guitar, mate?

peter: my dad taught me


remus: I can play the drums.



remus: Are you actually that surprised or did you do that to annoy me?

sirius: both

peter: who’s the manager tho

sirius: lily

james: ???? okay shook

james: guess thats settled

james: operation the marauders are punk rock af is a go

sirius: our first single is now officially out now!!!


remus: We can head to that bar in Muggle London if you want.

james: y'all i need to find lily and drag her along but does anyone know where shes at

peter: oh i forgot shes at a theater performance and it’ll last until 11 so her phones probably silent she told me to tell u

james: thanks bro

peter: anytime

sirius: come on boys we have a smashing night ahead!!!

james: ur not really cheating on me with one of them right

james: they know an awful lot about u. its kinda sketchy

lily: james im pregnant with your child i do not have time for an affair

lily: oh shit

lily: james…

lily: james?

lily: listen tell sirius and peter that i didnt mean to tell yiu guys this way but im pregnant. and james just found out so pls just keep an eye on him

remus: Lily, do you want me to have a heart attack?

remus: That’s a given, though. I’ll return him to you safe, don’t worry.

lily: i owe you one

remus: That’s a bit off the mark, but I’ll take it.

james: lily is jt a her kr a xhe

lily: it’s a he, love.

james: im clming home nlw i love yoiu

lily: love you too.

Sirius renamed the group chat to in honor of harry james potter our next single is going to be called baby boy.

james: harry??

peter: yeah u said it over and over last night so i guess u like it

james: ha i only remember the part where i heard my name over and over

sirius: MY EYES

sirius: im SCARRED


remus: Funny, you said that last night too.

–james: listen i love that you’re subtly pointing out that yall had sex but peter and i have known for a long time now that u two like each other

peter: finally tho like took yall long enough

peter: also

peter: dumbledore’s calling

lily: i cant believe you’re going away for two weeks

lily: NOW too

lily: i understand that u feel you need to

lily: but just..dont

james: dont guilt trip me like that im begging you

james: its for marlene, love. you and i both know we have to do this for her

james: she deserves this at least

lily: how dare you

lily: presume that i don’t know how important this is to her

lily: go if u want then

james: lily, i

james: ill see you soon.

Sirius renamed the group chat to the mv was watched over 20 million times in the first two days SHOOK.

james: yall went ahead and uploaded it without me??

james: on the day i come back too

james: rude

Peter renamed the group chat to james talk to your wife u fool.

james: im coming home now

james: just..ill talk to you then

lily: you idiot oh my god

james: what omg i thought we were good now

lily: you forgot the FUCKING VENUE CONTRACT

james: dammit ill be right there

sirius: are you good now

james: yeah i apologized

sirius: good

sirius: james..this is what you want

sirius: what you’ve always wanted

sirius: dont risk it again

james: dont have to tell me twice

sirius: smh

sirius: one week man one week to the day

james: im dropping the contract off now ayy

sirius: this is gonna be lit

Remus renamed the group chat to today’s our first concert in a actual venue with upwards of five thousand people im

peter: oh fuck



sirius: bc u’d back out

peter: i feel exposed

remus: Go check on the audio mate

peter: yes sir

sirius: time for your pep talk james there’s six minutes to go

james: aight listen we got this. we’re prepared and they already love us. there’s nothing left to fix and i am positive each of us will give everything out there. get it boys

sirius: damn

remus: That was actually really good

peter: shook

peter: two minutes

james: r u here

lily: yeah

lily: love you

james: love you too

James renamed the group chat to THAT WAS FUCKING FANTASTIC!

To be continued.

Hey? Anyone up for some High School AU headcanons for Destiel?

  • So Dean would be the new kid
  • I mean, I guess y’all saw this coming but ye he’d be the new kid
  • Now I making this an AU where they have normal(ish) lives so it isn’t because their dad is killing monsters and stuff
  • They do kinda live out of the Impala and go state to state so their dad can find a job
  • They have money, but not a lot of it
  • And they pretty much live somewhere until either they realize that there isn’t going to be any jobs there or John gets fired
  • So ye things kinda suck for them
  • But then again they’re the Winchesters so……
  • So anyway, y’know Dean kinda walks into school with this I-don’t-give-a-shit attitude bc he’s probably going to be gone within a month so at this point he doesn’t care
  • But ye ppl see this scruffy looking teenage boy walk in and immediately kinda step away bc wow he looks like bad news
  • I mean, he kinda makes friends and makes out with a few girls, but he doesn’t have any real relationships, platonic or romantic
  • And he’s fine with that bc that’s the way he wants it
  • He kinda learned that he shouldn’t get too attached if he’s just gonna move away again
  • But oh gods please help him for what happens next
  • So y’know everyone’s kinda going about their normal lives and stuff
  • And Dean goes to his locker to grab his books and stuff so he can go to his next class
  • He puts his locker combination in and pulls the door
  • It doesn’t open
  • He tries again
  • It still doesn’t open
  • He bangs on it
  • Nothing
  • He kicks it
  • Zip. Zero. Nada.
  • So ye he getting rlly frustrated with this crappy locker
  • And then he feels a tap on his shoulder. His green eyes meet cobalt blue ones
  • “What do you want?” he says, sounding irritated.
  • “You have to pull it up, then open it,” the boy says. Dean looks at him confused. He then grabs the handle of the locker, pulls it up, and ofc it opens 
  • “Um… thanks?” Dean says.
  • “My name’s Castiel, but most people call me Cas.”
  • “Dean.”
  • So ye they kinda become friends but you know Dean is kinda a little distant and stuff and doesn’t completely trust Cas and yadda yadda yadda
  • But so like, Cas is an amazing artist????? Like soooooooo good it’s just literally beautiful
  • Dean wishes he could make something that beautiful but rlly he’d rather watch Cas paint a picture than do it himself
  • But Dean admires his art
  • Like so much
  • Like sometimes he’ll just sit with Cas and watch him draw or paint or whatever he’s doing
  • He asked if he could keep a few pictures
  • His favourite is one of an angel 
  • Cas never draws Dean in front of Dean
  • Actually Dean has never seen a picture of himself that Cas drew
  • Bc Cas is kinda embarrassed that he literally just loves drawing/painting/sketching Dean bc wow he’s beautiful
  • Frick he thinks he’s crushing
  • But ye Cas definatly has a lot of drawings and paintings of Dean bc he can’t help himself
  • You get inspiration where you can get it and Dean inspired him 
  • When Castiel painted his first picture of Dean smiling with a ton of radiant colours that’s when he figured it out
  • “Holy frick I’m in love with Dean Winchester.” 
  • Cas is a little scared bc it’s Dean Winchester ye u don’t mess with him and having a crush on him is way bad news
  • Plus Dean is his friend like no friends are supposed to be off limits
  • Nope nope nope nope nope
  • But when u have a crush it’s a little hard to bury it and make sure it never climbs back out of it’s hole
  • So when Dean comments on his art or says something that nice to Cas, Cas blushes a lot and is at a loss for words
  • So beep bop boop Cas is very much in love with Dean and he knows that someday Dean is probably gonna rip his heart to shreds
  • Now Dean is trying very hard not to get attached to anyone bc he probably gonna leave in a month or so. His dad hasn’t had the best of luck looking for a job
  • Dean would lowkey protect him at all costs
  • I mean, sometimes he can get a bit annoying and he isn’t the most talkative person but HOLY POOP DEAN LUVS IT
  • Dean just…. needs help
  • He tried sooooo hard not to let anybody past family into his heart but this boy did it in some how in some way
  • And he need help bc he falling for him and he doesn’t know what to do
  • So ye they both hopelessly in love but neither of them can see that the other likes them and they know that it will probably end in flames
  • So doot da doo one day Cas comes by the motel room for some reason idk maybe they need to study for something and Cas’ house wasn’t free idk
  • So Sammy is the one who answers the door and has literally no idea who this guy is bc wtw Dean who the heck is Cas???? And who names their child Castiel???? Like that’s child abuse Dean. 
  • So Sam has to go find Dean to make sure that he isn’t letting in a random stranger and Dean just gets so annoyed bc Sam I told you my friend was coming over today my god
  • Now Sammy has heard about this so called friend bc Dean talks about him without actually meaning to and I mean, Dean brings home a lot of random drawings that Sam definatly knows aren’t Dean’s bc he is in no way an artist so ofc he asked who drew them and Dean’s like “Just a friend.”
  • So Sam has heard a lot about this friend and has a very vague suspicion that Dean has a small tiny crush on this friend but he has no idea what this friend looks like or what’s the friend’s name
  • He didn’t even know if it was a boy or a girl, tbh
  • But ye Sammy meets Cas and Cas is being super awkward and stuff and just has no idea how to interact with people
  • Dean shoos Sam away so they can study
  • But Sam is spying on them
  • It didn’t take too much observing to realise that they both have huge gigantic crushes on each other
  • I mean he knows his brother and Cas is blushing way too much 
  • So ye he becomes the captain of the Destiel ship
  • All aboard crazy town
  • So Dean goes outside to the vending machines to get them two cokes
  • And literally Sam takes the first second he has and walks right up to Cas and says, “You should ask him out.”
  • Cas is like “what the freak” and is so confused bc this literally came out of nowhere like wtw
  • “Wh-why would I do that?” Cas asks.
  • “Bc you like him.”
  • “Wh-what?”
  • “And he likes you.”
  • “wHaT?!” he shocked
  • “Do it. Please, just make him happy for once.” (bc y’all know that sure Sammy is gonna be an annoying little brother but in the end he just wants to do whatever it takes to make his brother happy)
  • Cas nervously nods his head, now a lot more nervous than before
  • “You better not hurt him, Castiel.” (bc yes Dean is a protective big bro but Sammy is a protective little bro too)
  • Tbh Cas is a little scared of Sam now
  • Dean walks in. “They where out of coke so does root beer work for you?” Dean asks, putting the room key on the table
  • “Oh it’s fine” Cas is sketching now
  • Oops a blob became Dean
  • He’s drawing Dean
  • Oops
  • The picture pretty much takes Dean’s breath away
  • Like holy schnitzel
  • He falls a little deeper in love
  • Cas puts down his pencil, standing up and walking to Dean. They end up close. Rlly close. 
  • “Dean I….. Can I ask you a question?” Cas says
  • “Of course,” Dean says
  • “Can I… Would you…..” Oh gods this is a lot harder than he thought
  • “CanIkissyou?” he says finally. It comes out in a rush and is definatly not what he wanted to come out he was just supposed to ask Dean to the movies or something
  • “What?” Dean says, not sure if he heard correctly
  • He very much hopes that he did
  • “Can I–” but he stops bc he realises that there lips are centimeters apart
  • He can feel Dean’s breath on his face
  • Frick
  • And shoot he didn’t even know what the heck he was doing just some how in some way he kinda accidentally um maybe went forward a few centimeters???? Um well ye uh now he has the problem that he’s kissing Dean Winchester
  • Frick
  • Dean is literally so surprised and has no idea if it’s real
  • Then, he comes out of his shock and wraps his hands around Cas’ waist, deepening the kiss
  • And Cas is literally screaming on the inside bc this is literally even better than his fantasies
  • And also ofc Dean is literally being softer than he has ever been with anybody ever
  • When they break away they both blushing way too much like gods help them
  • Sammy walks into the kitchen and sees them standing close together with both of their cheeks looking like tomatoes and is like “What the freak happened to you two”
  • Dean is like “Don’t you dare say anything.” 
  • Sam giggles and leaves
  • “I have wanted to do that for a long time,” Dean admits, and then he kisses Cas again
  • Oh gods wow they literally end up being the cutest couple at school
  • Dean calls Cas his little angel
  • Cas is constantly drawing stuff for Dean and believe it or not he actually is pretty good at love letters so Dean gets sum amazing stuff from him
  • Their perfect date isn’t anything fancy it’s kinda just going out for cheeseburgers
  • But they love it
  • Dean and Cas are constantly “stealing” John’s car and just driving around and stuff (not that Cas likes cars, he just loves seeing it make Dean happy)
  • They try to keep at the back of their minds that Dean might have to leave soon
  • They don’t want that to happen
  • But sometimes, during a long weekend or a particularly bad night the thought drifts into their minds
  • Dean would just ask his dad if he could try getting a place of his own or stay with Cas but he doesn’t want to go anywhere without Sam
  • So :p
  • But good news!!! John actually finds a good job!!! :D
  • All of them are happy little dorks
  • And UGH JUST. SO. CUTE!!!!!!
  • Yup that all i got ( @destielsolangeloshipper u mind if I tag u in this??? I sorry to bother u)
Valentine’s: V


- Valentine’s day was more like V day for u bc u always shower V in affection and gifts and u never let him (on that day anyway)
- like this boy deserved to have a day all for himself <3
- But sadly, since you’re Jumin’s secretary, his hoe ass decided to schedule u for overtime on Valentine’s day
- “No listen to me MC, I have a great idea, a cat company dedicated to finding lonely people the perfect the cat, i need u to do the research immediately”
- You contemplate killing Jumin and making it look like Elizabeth the Third did it
- But V totally understands, work is important he tried to convince Jumin to let you come early but Jumin was like “bye bitch”
- Poor V is all alone, cuddled up on the couch by himself, hOW DARE U DO THIS TO HIM MC
- but then he gets a very brilliant idea
-wow gee I wonder what it is, definitely not a proposal like the past fics I’ve written, definitely not that nope
- When you finally get home, you don’t see V anywhere??? Wtf
- he always greets you and has a cup of tea ready for u when u get home
- where that hoe with my tea, I nEED IT
- But then you see a line of cocaine (i’M SORRY) rose petals leading the little art studio/gallery attached to the side of ur house (ofc V is gonna have one don’t even try me on this)
- when you walk in you see a bunch of balloons and floating lamps covering the celing???
- it’s so cute wtf
- wAIT
- omg at the end of every balloon, there’s a photo attached to the ends of the balloons string???
- the pictures aren’t just of you and V??? it’s pictures of everyone in the RFA!!! V I love u but wtf is this
- and then you hear something behind you and you turn around to see V on one knee with a ring in his hand <3
- “I know it seems weird that these aren’t pictures just of us, MC. But I just want to say that I’m so happy with you; with everyone. Because of you, I have a family now. All these group pictures? They wouldn’t have happened without you. You’re amazing and fantastic and everything I ever needed. Be my wife so we can officially be group mom and dad.”
- He doesn’t even ask he just tells u bc he knows ur gonna say yes
- You invite all of the RFA over after to tell them the good news <3
- Saeyoung tries to convince u to let him dress up as a girl and be the maid of honor
- Saeran punches him “I’m going to the maid of honor, not you”

- It’s a good night with good drinks, good food, and good friends <3

at my resturaunt we sell lots of soup. we have a quart size so people can take home soup for dinner or whatever. we can sell more than that at a time but soup takes a while to cook, so we really arent supposed to sell more than 3 qts of one soup at a time without prior notice. apparently people forget that soup needs to you know, cook and try ordering gallons at a time and it annoys me so much because 1. its the same as a pizza place u cant just order a sheet pizza and expect it immediately and 2. i get hissy fits and “dont u want my money????” honey. i dont see that profit. i see you leaving me without a ton of soup for like an hour and many other annoyed customers because that soup had run out. the best was these women who stood thinking about their order for a solid 30 minutes and proceeded to buy 9 quarts of soup, but no more than 3 of each kind they wanted (hope that makes sense) so i couldn’t really say no. i have lots of work-stress type dreams about that one.

Dating Haechan would include

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- Can you pretty please write what dating Haechan would include? Thank you so much haha,i really like your blog and all the admins💞💖💕 all the love xx

-Can i have what jealous Haechan would be like? You know like he is my bf and gets jealous ,what would make him jealous,what he would do then ,how would he act,talk…. is he a jealous type etc etc , love you💕

A/N: this is the first time i’m doing this for nct so i hope this is good enough and i hope u guys enjoy it~

  • k so let’s start shall we
  • i’m putting this under a read more bcs
  • it’s gonna be
  • a long ass ride

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anonymous asked:

will u fucking stop sending your shitty fanart & music to peopl like heavenfel or huntertale or cursetale !ITS FUCKING TIRING ! when i'm on their blogs, or others btw, i want to see their art & things not urs that they feel they have to reblog ! ure a fucking attention whore & u disgust me


That’s my first anon hate, does it makes me a fully confirmed Tumblr-user now =D ?

First, it warms my little heart to know you feel so strongly about my works. Why not do so without those pretty sunglasses, hm ? Are you shy or something ?

Secondly, if I’m bothering you that much, those artists generally tag artworks with the name of the senders. Blacktag my name and you’ll be free of me =D !

Lastly, I trust @heavenfell-au, @huntertale-au, @cursetale, that are strong-minded people, to tell me if my never ending fanart spam is bothering them. I’d be very surprised if they reblogged something because “they feel obligated”.

Much much love, my coward friend,

Aya <3

anonymous asked:

Omg okay so for the ghost Laurens au I just have this feeling that when Alex runs to the hospital to see Philip, Philips passing in and out of conscienceless and the entire time begging john to not let him die and Alex breaks down because it makes him think about how scared John had to be and the entire time John is just being ghost John trying to help but can't do anything. Obvi philip survives but not without Alexander thanking whatever force saved his son (i.e. JOHN LAURENS) Idk u do u

You know what’s cool about this idea?

John Laurens did want to be a doctor at one point (from what I’ve read), which means he’d have some medical expertise under his belt. So even as a ghost, he’d have a strong chance at saving Philip, especially being that he was there from the moment the shot was fired.

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Senpai, Do you know where I can watch bsd comics....? Cause I really want to know who Fordor is.

Dazaiscans is ur lord n savior they’re vry caught up with the current chapters pls go show them some love for their hard work.

Akutagawaprize usually vry kindly provide us with raws if u can read japanese so go show them love as well.

🌸Be kind🌸

Why are the people so full of hate ? Why can’t they be kind to each other,I don’t really understand it and I don’t want to understand it! It has nothing to do with myself but I always see it on the streets or in school… Everyone is different and like/hear/wear something different. Why is it so difficult to let the people live their lives how they want to ? I sometimes see that people look at me as I were very strange just because I wear other clothes then their wear :o (it is just an example, because I have often good experience with that 😊). Or some people get bullied because their are different. Another thing is if u go outside shopping or for anything else their are often people who treat you bad without having a reason for it! So pls be kind to each other and try to treat each other well ! The other persons have also feelings and they also want to live in peace! I only want to say that pls respect and accept each other also if they are different ! If u don’t like them just ignore it! I don’t want to say that everyone is like this 😊 I see and know many people that are very kind and that makes me very glad 💕! I’m so sorry for this serious topic but I just wanted to share what I think with you🌸 🌸I wish u a lovely day/night🌸

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Roman Reigns

Requested by @m-a-t-91 :OMG yay could I ask one about Roman Reigns like something where Roman flirts a lot with X Reader everytime he sees her she’s shy and very quiet but likes it and she blushes a lot n u can add smut if u want please?

You were sitting backstage at catering staring at the one and only Roman Reigns. You never really talked to the big Samoan mainly because everything he was around, you always got shy.

You’ve asked yourself the questions, Why? Why do you get so shy around Roman? All you want to do is talk to him one time without blushing but you can’t because the man loves to flirt with you.

You have no idea why he chose to flirt with you out of all people, all you know is that you like it way too much.

“Do you like what you see Y/N?” You hear a familiar voice ask. You look up to see Roman staring down at you chuckling. “Um-um..” You try to say something but can’t because you don’t know what to say.

“You’re really cute when you stutter Y/N.” He says making you blush. “I love how you blush at a tiny compliment, maybe I should continue to compliment you just to see how red your face can get.” He says smiling.

You’re about to say something until a production man runs by saying you had to be in the gorilla. “Don’t worry Y/N, I’ll see you later.” Roman says kissing you on the head. He starts walking away but says, “You might want to stop blushing before you get out to the ring, you know how Mark gets when no one looks their best on tv.”

You let out a laugh and head towards the gorilla.


Over the next month, Roman continues to flirt with you whenever he has the chance but you still can’t get over your shyness.

“Hey, there’s the beautiful Y/N in her wonderful wrestling gear.” Roman says when you walk backstage after your match. You send him a smile and head towards your locker room.

You open the door and Roman says, “When are you ever going to get over your shyness Y/N? Because I actually want to hear your beautiful voice sometimes. I feel like I talk too much around you.”

You turn around and look at him smiling. “Maybe one day.” You say. “Ah, there’s that voice I’ve been waiting to hear all day.” He says poking your sides. You start laughing and he pulls you close to him so you can’t run away.

When he stops poking you, you look up at him and see that he’s staring at you. “You know, I never noticed how beautiful your eyes are up close.” He says. You blush and look at the ground.

He grabs your chin making you look up at him. “Don’t hide your face Y/N.” He says leaning down. His lips touch yours and you grab his head pulling him closer.

“Do you share a locker room?” He asks pulling away. “No.” You say grabbing his shirt and pulling him inside. You take his shirt off and lead him over to the couch sitting in the middle of the room.

He pushes you down gently and takes your gear off. “Who knew you had and amazing set under your gear? They’re so beautiful Y/N.” Roman says lowering his mouth down to your nipple.

You let out a moan when you feel his hand squeezing your nipple while his mouth is sucking on the other one. “Ah, Roman.” You moan when he switches sides.

You feel his member poking your crotch so you start grinding against him. He lets out a throaty growl and you feel yourself getting really wet down there.

“You keep on doing that Y/N and I won’t last much longer.” He says moving his hands down to your bottoms taking them off.

Your hands go to his pants and you take his belt and pants off. His member pops out and your eyes widen because of how big he is.

“Like what you see babygirl?” He asks smiling. You smile back at him while lowering your mouth onto his cock. “Holy shit Y/N.” Roman lets out while trying to put your hair in his hands.

You bob your head up and down while listening to Roman let out small moans. He pulls out suddenly saying, “As great as your mouth is, I don’t want to cum just yet. I want to cum inside that tight wet pussy of yours.”

He adjusts your body so you’re laying down and he lowers himself near your area. His mouth lands on it and starts sucking on your clit while slipping two fingers inside you.

Your hands run through his hair while letting out moans and curse words. “Roman, I-I’m getting c-close.” You say. “Let it go babygirl, I want to taste you.” He says taking his fingers out and sticking his tongue in you.

You can’t hold your release in anymore and you release all in Roman’s mouth. Once you’re finished he sits up and says, “Just so you know, you taste fucking amazing.”

Before you can respond he slips his dick inside you. He lets you adjust to his size before he starts fucking you. You grab ahold of his bicep letting out all kinds of sounds and he just smiles and starts rubbing your clit.

“That’s right babygirl, let everybody hear how good I’m making you feel. Let them know that I’m the only one who can touch your beautiful body and I’m the one who makes you cum.” He says.

You can’t handle all this so you release all over his dick and his breathing starts getting faster. “Babygirl I’m so close.” He says thrusting into you a couple more times before releasing inside you.

You both come down from your highs and he says laughing, “Looks like you got over your shyness.”

rainglazed replied to your post “You can always find me in the kitchenware aisle, fondling the skillets”

Mikey this sounds like a dril tweet

if fondling skillets is wrong, i don’t want to be right


Written by: spencerreidsmiles

A story about Spencer comforting you after you leave your abusive boyfriend. For @sarahcrystalheart

Trigger Warnings: mentions of abuse

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i wanted to join the derma selfie party!! 🎈

this is me with and without makeup. sorry for the glare, turns out i avoid taking pictures of my problem areas even with makeup on so this was the best i could do - i think u can still see a big difference tho! I’ve had derma for a long time, but things really went downhill when i started testosterone & it gave me acne that i cannot. stop. picking and prodding!!

anyway, thank u for starting this and to everyone submitting their selfies. it’s really doing so much to stop me feeling so gross and ugly bc of my scars 💕