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Could Magnus be using his memory magic to extract the location of the cup from Valentine in the next episode? Do we know if forcefully extracting a person's memories is something he could do? (This could also be what prompts that line to Alec.)


 – i mean, yes, actually this is something he has done, to clary in fact. at her mother’s insistence, yes, but clary herself was not a willing participant. and further, it’s implied that when magnus extracts memories, he has the option to see them too and even keep them. this is why he fed clary’s memories to a memory demon because he didn’t want to be responsible for that knowledge.

but clary was just a child and she wasn’t trying to hide the memories he took. so extracting them from her was a simple process. valentine is actively safekeeping the cup so if they do go this route, it may take a lot more to get inside his head, which might trigger some events that causes magnus to finally break down.

i hate you for introducing this concept to me because i really, really want to see this now and i feel like it isn’t going to actually happen just because it’s too damn good. one of the aspects i liked in the books was that magnus specialized in memory magic. he had a delicate touch that allowed him to remove memories without damaging the rest. we haven’t seen this quite touched upon since 1x04. but either way, i want to see more of magnus’ powerful magic whatever it might be.

Bea is the only women that I have ever loved. She helped me raise my brother and I don’t think I could ever express to her on how much I appreciated that. 

It was the end senior year when we first started dating. She didn’t know I was raising a baby and that’s probably why she always questioned me not going to school or enrolling in collage. I finally had the guts to tell her about my brother and I don’t think I’ve ever met someone as supportive as her. She always wants to see the best in me and she always believed that I could do something special. I guess that’s why I fell in love with her so fast. 

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I've been with my boyfriend for seven months, and I've always identified as Ace, my family, friends, even he knows. Then he wore this really nice tuxedo and I really wanted to have sex with him. It was that urge that people have tried explaining to me, and never understood. Do I still identify as Ace, or am I no longer aloud to use that label?

Maybe you´re grey ace? Could be that you seldom experience that urge? Mmmm, maybe ask your boyfriend to wear that tuxedo again and see if it happens again. But you could be grey ace

I mean tuxedos are really really aesthically pleasing tbh

- Mod Paula

“Do us a favor and see the bard gets back all right, though, will you?” said Cohen.
“Sure,” said Evil Harry.
“Um… I’m not going back,” said the minstrel.
This surprised everyone. It certainly surprised him. But life had suddenly opened two roads in front of him. One of them led back to a life singing songs about love and flowers. The other could lead anywhere. There was something about these old men that made the first choice completely impossible. He couldn’t explain it. That was just how it was.
“You’ve got to go back–” said Cohen.
“No, I’ve got to see how it ends,” said the minstrel. “I must be mad, but that’s what I want to do.”
“You can make that bit up,” said Vena.
“No, ma’am,” said the minstrel. “I don’t think I can. I don’t think this is going to end in any way that I could make up. Not when I look at Mr. Cohen there in his fish hat and Mr. Willie as the God of Being Sick Again. No, I want to come along. Mr. Dread can wait for me here. And I’ll be perfectly safe, sir. No matter what. Because I’m absolutely certain that when the gods find they’re under attack by a man with a tomato on his head and another one disguised as the Muse of Swearing they’re really, really going to want the whole world to know what happened next.”

– on the minstrel getting It | Terry Pratchett, The Last Hero


PAIRING: POLY!Hamilsquad X reader

SUMMARY: the boys noticed you’ve been stressed out so they decide to pamper you

REQUEST: “Hey I’ve been feeling stressed and can you do a poly!hamilsquadXreader imagine? Where the boys are just comforting the reader”

WORDS: 1547

A/N: Hey Anon! I hope this is good for you- and I’m sorry that you’re feeling stressed. I’m sending you plenty of good vibes and lots of love. I know how annoying stress can be so I hope everything is okay??

You were stressed. The boys could all see it. You weren’t eating like you use to, you were staying up late into the night, you would shut yourself in the spare bedroom for hours on ends, and you barely talked anymore. They didn’t know what to do, the love of their lives was fading and all they wanted was you to be happy again.

So that’s when they came up with the plan. The perfect night for you to just sit back and relax. No work, no school and no outside distractions. Just you and your boys. It started off with Hercules making you the socks that you love, then it was Lafayette who had found one of his old fairytale books from his childhood- all in french. Then John created a beautiful charcoal painting of one of your favourite pictures of you and the boys. The boys were all sitting on the front step of your new house while you laid upon all their legs, propping your head up with you elbow. And then it was Alex- he wasn’t as open with his present like the boys. He always felt that his presents should be treasured and kept for you only- not for sharing with the world. So when he handed you a medium sized stack of paper wrapped in twine in the middle of the night, when it was only the two of you you knew he was worried of your reaction. Of course after reading the sweet letter (or letters?) you cried and pulled him into a hug and not letting go for nearly an hour.

But that was all during the week leading up to the friday night of your dreams. Of course the presents weren’t the only things they did. They always made sure to take time out of their day to listen to you. They made sure that you ate at least one full meal during the day and that you were in bed before midnight. They showered you when you were too tired and helped you with your work wherever they could.

Now they were waiting for you to come home. John had prepared your favourite meal (with help from Hercules the entire time), Lafayette had washed the sheets on your bed and brought out your favourite blanket and pyjamas. Alexander cleaned the entire house from top to bottom while Hercules went out a brought your a large bouquet of flowers and a scented bubble mixture for your bath.

You walked through the door with your eyes half closed. Of course today was the day your boss decided to assign you a new project even though you were currently working on four others. He also made you run around the entire day to get him coffees, all while you tried to revise for your upcoming exam during your break. It was also the day your car decided to break down in the middle of the road causing you to be an hour late to get home. All you wanted was sleep, and never wake up.

“Y/N!” you heard four voices carry throughout the apartment as you stepped inside. You winced at the noise before smiling at your boyfriend’s, dropping your bags to the floor and kicking off your shoes.

“Hey, what’s that smell?” You felt like you were going crazy as you smelt the dish from your childhood- it was your favourite dish ever but it was a pain to make.

“Your favourite meal ever? Yes, yes it is” John said as he pulled you coat from your shoulders and placing a chaste kiss upon your cheek. You felt your eyes start to get watery but you blinked away the tears. Soon the other three boys all came forward a placed a kiss somewhere on you face, only for Hercules to hand you a large bouquet of your favorite flowers.

“We know you’ve been stressed” Herc started and you felt the tears rise up again.

“And we thought we could help you out” Alex says and you let out a quite ‘aww’

“So now we’ve got a fresh bed waiting for you, after your dinner and bubble bath” John says and you smile at him before drifting to the silent Lafayette, who smirked once he caught your gaze.

“Come mon cherie- dinner will be cold if we do not hurry” He teases and you roll your eyes as you let him pull you into the dining room. You let out a gasp as you noticed all the candles and fairy lights that were strewn about. Your favourite meal sat in the middle of the table with five plates for you all. You were guided to your seat before John served everyone a plate.

The chatter was quiet but felt nice to your ringing ears, the headache you had slowly dissipating as you ate until you were full. The boy’s noticed you were about to get up so Hercules quickly stood telling you to wait. He soon disappeared into the back half of the house and you sent a look to your other three boyfriends. They all just smirked and kept eating while waiting for HErcules to finish his job.

A few minutes later Hercules came back out and pulled you gently from your chair and lead you into your bathroom, the boys following closely behind. You smiled once you saw the bubble bath waiting for you with flower petals floating above the bubbles. You turned to Hercules before pulling him into a heated kiss.

“Thank you” you say after you pull away and he only blushes.

“None for us?” Lafayette teases and you roll your eyes before pulling your other boys into a quick kiss each. You looked towards the large bath (you made sure that whatever house that you brought would have a bath big enough for all five of you).

“Would you boys like to join me?” You ask innocently, giggling when you saw their eyes bulge out of their head. They all shared a look before nodding- you could only smile before undressing yourself and sliding into the bath.

“Well come on then” The boys all quickly stripped down before joining you in the bath, you were soon pulled into the middle of Alex and John while Laf and Herc sat across from you. You let out small moans as John and Alex massaged your sore shoulders and muscles making them laugh.

You guys spent an hour in the bath each of the boys taking turns at massaging your back before they hopped out letting you enjoy five minutes by yourself. Alex was the one who came back with the fluffiest towel you owned and you smiled at the light blush on his cheeks. Everyone always assumed Alex was some sort of sex god because of his confidence but he was always the shyer one in the relationship. Never wanting to overstep his boundaries.

Alex helped you out of the bath and wrapped you the towel before leading you to your bedroom. The boys were all in the kitchen preparing you a tea and a small snack before bed leaving the room empty, except for you and Alex.

The two of you were silent the only sound being heard was your breaths. Alex gently dried off your wet body before grabbing the pajamas Lafayette prepared for you. You leant on Alex for support as he slowly dressed you one leg at a time before pulling the shirt over your arms. He looked into your eyes as he slowly buttoned up the top. The silence in the room did nothing to help the tension that was brewing.

You could only roll your eyes as Alex didn’t make the move forcing you to lean forwards and placing a kiss upon his lips. It was soft and sweet, just like your Alexander. The two of you were interrupted by the boys returning- whining about how they didn’t get any kisses. You could only laugh before climbing into bed. John and Lafayette joined you one each side with Hercules and Alex on either side of them.

“We love you mon cherie” Lafayette whispered as you all settled down to sleep after your tea. You only blushed as he tucked a stray hair behind your ear. “I love you, mon cherie”. You could feel the tears finally rolling down your face before pulling Lafayette into a passionate kiss. You heard a whine on the other side of you and you turned to face JOhn.

“Jealous?” You teased and he only huffed and pouted making you giggle before pulling him into a sickly sweet kiss. HE hummed in happiness before you finally pulled away and cuddled up to his side.

“I love you Alexander, you always know how to make me feel beautiful” you start. “I love you Hercules because you always know what I need to calm down. I love you Lafayette for you always cheer me up when I am down. I love you John because you always make me feel like I’m one of a kind”

The boys would never admit it to you but they all teared up a bit as you finally drifted off to sleep. What did they do to get someone as beautiful as you?


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You huffed as you knocked on your neighbour’s door. You’ve heard… well let’s just say some moaning like sounds from his apartment and it was becoming unbearable. Look you didn’t care what he did in there but he could at least try to keep it down.

After a minute Eggsy, at least you thought that was his name opened his door. He poked his head out and you couldn’t see the rest of his body but you could tell he was shirtless. “Ah hi… I’m kind of busy right now”.

“I bet you are” you replied rolling your eyes “look I don’t care if you have a girl over but could you keep it down. I really don’t want to hear what you two are doing together”.

He stared at you looking puzzled for a moment but eventually he realized what you were referring to and he snorted.
“You think? No I’m not… no I just ah got hurt at work and I’m cleaning the wound” he explained.

“Oh sorry” you said going a bit red out of embarrassment. Of course your mind went to the dirtiest thing possible instead of thinking about other explanations.
“Shouldn’t you go to the hospital or something? Do you want me to look at it?”.

“No!” He said quickly “I’m fine really. I’ll try to keep it down. See you around [Y/N]” and with that he shut the door in your face.


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hey do you happen to remember what was the first mark video you watched?? everyone's been posting about theirs and I'm curious! sorry if you've already answered this !

I do! It was this one:

I remember my friend was really into Mark in 2013, and since I was watching Cry 24/7, she thought I’d really love Mark’s videos. At first I wasn’t impressed but I subscribed anyway because I wanted to come back after she left to see if I genuinely liked him and, welp…the rest is history, I guess you could say! He’s now my all-time favorite YouTuber :D

Fall Time

@winchestergirl-13 said: Hi! I see all of the aesthetics you’ve made and they are amazing!! I was wondering if you could create a fall themed one with teacher!Sam and Eileen please?

This is so cute, I ship them so much, I love them!

Want One?

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The problem with blocking the thanks for asking tag is that (as far as I know) there is no way to do it on mobile so some of us end up seeing it regardless. Would it be possible for you to just make a separate P5 ask account? This way people (like me) who only want asks only see asks and those who want both can just follow both?

You’re not the first to ask actually, is this something people would be interested in at all? I don’t mind making a separate blog for people to send their weird-ass, interesting cool or just plain whatever asks in, if so.

Edit: If you think you’d be interested could you like reply with a thumbs up or message me literally anything that says so, so I could see please?


One drawing for Mark’s birthday wouldn’t have been nearly good enough. So here are a bunch of drawings in a wide range of art styles and emotions; hopefully one of them will touch on how much this guy actually means to me.

(I know this big mess/compilation doesn’t cover it, but it’s something. Honestly, I owe him so much more than just this.)

As someone who’s been posting a lot of fan art pretty consistently for over a year, I know the chances that Mark will actually see this are very, very minimal. But just in case:

-I’m sorry there aren’t 28 drawings. I would have liked to have done one really, really great drawing every day this month, but I’ve been busy with work.

-I could’ve participated in some organized community project because I know those are probably more meaningful, but I really wanted to do this on my own.

-Thanks for everything. I don’t really know how else I could word that without going into a novel of explanation/personal backstory/appreciation

-I hope you like it. Happy birthday, Mark!

Note: You guys are gonna get mad at me, because I will keep re-posting this every hour or so today. I need Mark to see it. Sorry in advance for the spam, okay?

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Hello, how are you today ? I was wondering if you could do a scenario where the RFA+ Saeran, if its ok, react to a talented MC, that is doing digital art... would they be interested ? would they ask about it ? I would like to see your opinion too. Have a good day !

I personally LOVE digital art holy shit it’s great! But I’m not so good at it tho :(

Zen ✨ would think it’s amazing! He’s very proud that his s/o is so talented. He definitely wants you to draw him sometimes like he has no shame he just bluntly asks you to lol.

Seven ✨ LOVES DIGITAL ART SO MUCH HE THINKS IS BEAUTIFUL. Jup he loves it a lot and thinks it’s one of the best things ever. He tries it sometime and he’s very talented too!

Yoosung✨ thinks it’s really cool! Asks you to draw some of his favorite LOLOL characters. Would definitely try to make some digital art too but it would take some time lol

Jumin ✨ didn’t really know what digital art was. When you described it he was like “uhh no” but when he saw your works he was very impressive, would probably hang some of your stuff in the house lol jup he’s very interested in it.

Saeran ✨ acts really casual but inside he’s fangirling. He thinks you’re so talented and woah it’s digital!!! He’s in love, not only with you but also with digital art lol

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momma, today I learned that my who I thought was pro-trans ex is actually transphobic and misgenders me when he talks about me. just last night I stopped being his friend and it hurts me that I did it but now it hurts even more that I still have feelings for this transphobe who lied to me the whole time about seeing me as male. I just don't know what to feel really. I want to hurt him but at the same time it's my fault for believing him. I don't know what to do...

That is HIS loss. You are an amazing young man and if he’s a fucking transphobe then he was always shit and was never pro trans and you could do so much better. Dump his ass and find a man that will treat you right, treat you like how you DESERVE to be treated. You shouldn’t have any room in your heart for transphobes because they are beneath you, they’re scum.

Event: 100 Days Celebration since Lily’s birth

it’s already that time huh… Time went so quickly and little baby is growing up so fast! *CRIES

What is 100 day’s celebration?  It is old tradition to celebrate a baby’s arrival and introduce him/her to family and friends on either their 30 day or 100 day birthday.  
When does is start? 1st of July
How long will it last? Till 1st of August! ^W^
What I have to do to join? It’s simple! Just send me a message or ask that you want to join or simply reblog this post so I can see that you joined! OWO 
Do I need anything additional? Well… it would be great if you could attend in formal outfit, happy mood and maybe something for the baby! ^W^
What will I get from joining? Possibility to interact with other awesome muses and mun’s that you never had interacted before! OWO 
If my muse is England or Latvia, can I still join? Absolutely! OWO The more the merrier 

Event starts: 1st of July 
Event ends: 1st of August
Requirement: wear formal wear, smiles and good food! Just joking! 

All things related to this event - Please! Tag it under lily100 tag! Thank you!
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I never thought I'd say this but if Tyren is PR or not now it's irrelevant now. want Camila to move on from Lauren like asap.!! At least with Laucy I could say ok they care for each other & it must hurt x Camila to see L doing things with another girl*.. but now with this Ty shit? it's just crossing so many lines of GROSS. Whatever the reason!. Not worth the pain. You deserve pure happiness Camila & being someone's FIRST & ONLY choice.

Worrying about a game being homophobic and contacting the creators to voice your concern is caring about gay ppl.

Making sure that your negative post on tumblr has “dream daddy” written somewhere guaranteeing that we will see your post reminding us that the world hates us, that corporations dont respect us, that statistically we shouldnt get our hopes up because you want everyone to be as miserable and hopeless as you are….is a pretty shitty thing to do. I know as a gay man ill never be truly happy but i thought for a second i could go online and look at ppl talking about gay fathers without some asshat crawling out of the sewers to remind me ill never be happy.

Its called vague posting. Learn to use it.( or maybe spend your time talking about something you love)

Im very upset and other gay ppl shouldnt make me feel this way

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Would you want to see Finnrey or Finnpoe in the movies or do you think Disney/KKKennedy can't be trusted with either?

I’d rather see finnpoe. 

1) Gays of color. 

2) John & Oscar are the best actors in the sequel trilogy and we deserve to see them spend more time on screen together. 

As for lucasfilm… they’re garbage & I understand the cautiousness you’re speaking with in regards to them but… it’d still be great to see them have finnpoe in TLJ or EP9 explicitly. (I don’t mean sex lmao i mean no more “you could interpret them as gays if u look with ur 3rd eye”). 

so im thinking about starting a booster thing to raise money to get top surgery, but i don’t necessarily want the design to be “I Helped Rainsford Get His Titties Cut Off”. does anyone have any other graphic design ideas that i could use that would sell better / stand alone as a t shirt and actually be worth buying?
for example:
- a scale in the trans pride colors
- a drawing that you might see on like an otherwise completely ordinary shirt (i really love apparel wolf’s stuff and might commission that artist to do this)
- um
- idk this is why im asking for help