i wanted to see him on that drug so bad

Paparazzi [Part II]

Pairing: SherlockxReader

Warnings: Kidnapping, little fluff at the end, mormor angst, gunshot (to the shoulder), badass reader, little Sherlock…

A/N Okay, so, I had a plan with th mormor thing, but I took it too far… my mormor shipping has become quite the little probem, I’ll admit. It’s also like 1.6 K words, so…. I’m sorry. I’m also sorry it’s so late. -CE

Last time on Paparazzi…
I’m going to have so much fun with you, pet.” He whispered heavily into your ear while the other jabbed you in the neck. The last thing you could remember was everything turning black, and a lunatic giggling jumbled up with the words, “So… much… fun.”

The drugs wore off rather slowly, creating fog in your vision until it cleared enough for you to see the dull, throbbing grey of the room. There was movement in the dark, just enough to alert you that you weren’t alone. 

“Well, would you look who decided to join us? You’re little fan!” A voice sang- the same voice that had taunted her earlier, belonging to an utter lunatic. Your breath caught slightly when you heard a deep chuckle. His buddy was there, and he had to be just as insane, if not more, to do what he did to those women. You knew that… you just hoped you weren’t the next victim.

“Well, well, well. The little reporter who managed to do what Scotland Yard couldn’t- I’m honored!” The tall blonde chimed sarcastically, messing with a gun on a smooth silvery table. Moriarty’s fingers drummed along your jaw, but you refused to react. You had to do everything Sherlock told you: stay calm, and find a way out. Among other things, but who could remember those?

“It wasn’t difficult, you practically left a trail.” You remarked blandly. As his blue eyes fell to navy, you wished you had the skill of just biting your tongue. 

“What did you say?” Moriarty seemed rather intrigued by your sass, but continued to to type away at his phone, leaning haphazardly on a metal table. The other- Sebastian -just seemed pissed.

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Kai Parker Fic


Part Five - Part four here


They were safe, for now. Kai had transported them both to her house, since obviously his was not the safest place to be at the moment. He’d collapsed onto the plush red sofa, sinking back into the cushions and rubbing his bloodied face on the edge of his coat, which he peeled off as the girl started up a crackling fire, her hands shaking as she worked and frantically muttered to herself. Once the room had warmed up, she sunk slowly down on the carpet to face the amber flames, her head bent low. Kai spoke her name, but she didn’t respond for a while.

“I’m gonna kill him,” she said at last.


“Your father, I’m gonna kill him,” she repeated.

“Well you already got him pretty good back there,” Kai tried nervously, “that was pretty cool, by the way.”

She stood suddenly, facing the heretic with her eyebrows narrowed, “are we not going to talk about the fact that you cloaked me?”

He chewed his lips, hoping it wouldn’t come up, “I was-” he started.

“Just trying to keep me safe,” she finished with a scoff.

He nodded, fidgeting anxiously with the hem of his black top.

“Clearly I’m not the one who needs to be kept safe,” she grumbled, heading over to the side table beside the couch and promptly filling a cup of bourbon.  Kai outstretched his his hand for the glass, watching in awe as the girl plopped beside him and downed  almost the whole thing herself, face scrunching as she drank the liquid.

“You don’t drink,” he pointed out.

“I do now,” she took another swig.

“Should I be worried?” Kai asked, confused as he watched his perfect girl trash her innocence. 

“Nope,” she said flatly, head pushed back as she nudged the glass into Kai’s hands.

He finished it off, setting the glass down and shifting so he could get a good look at the girl, her eyes closed, hair like a waterfall around her face, lips barely parted.

“You okay?” he whispered, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear.

She blinked her eyes open to look at the heretic’s sad blue ones, “no, you?”

“No,” he said, pulling her gently into his lap, and mindlessly running his slender fingers through her locks. He seemed nervous, new to this whole thing of physical contact. She curled onto her side, snuggling into his front and breathing in his scent, breath settling as she relaxed under his touch.

“Is he going to come after me?” she asked, already knowing the answer.

“He’ll try.”

“Why?” she whimpered.

“He doesn’t know who you are. He just sees a girl I’m with, and makes any assumption. You could be a witch for all he knows. Or you could be any other magical entity that potentially poses a threat to our coven, even though I’m not trying to take it down, it’s what he’d assume,” Kai said, heart aching from seeing her so broken in his arms. “Or maybe he’s exactly right. Maybe he sees a girl, a normal, human girl, and the thought of seeing me even remotely happy makes him so sick that he wants to take that away.”

“Why?” she said again.

“My family thinks I’m an abomination, so, no doubt they’d infer that I’d hurt you, on purpose or not. In a way, I’m actually happy you’re human, or else they might be right.”

“What do you mean?” she asked, rolling on her back so she could look up at him.

“It means I can’t siphon from you, or hurt you by accident.”

“Yeah but I wouldn’t mind,” she shrugged.

Kai traced around her facial features, sighing, “You don’t understand. With my family it’s…it’s like I’m a drug addict or something. I’m always dying for a hit of magic, I need it, and I never want you to see that side of me. Because when I don’t have it I get bad, I do things I wouldn’t usually do. And I don’t mean to hurt them, I just…” he trailed off with a shake of his head.

The girl sat up now, lacing her fingers through Kai’s and leaning back in distress. “I’m sorry,” is all she managed. 

“I need to leave,” Kai said at last.

“I’m not sure that’s safe,” she started.

“Look, my dad is going to do a tracking spell to find me, which will lead him right to you. If I leave now, he won’t be able to find you. The spell requires someone’s possession, but he doesn’t own anything of yours, so as long as you’re away from me-”

“Don’t do that!” she exclaimed, standing and pacing with agitation, Kai rising from the couch.


“That thing, where you try and push me away to keep me safe. It won’t work, Malachai. Did you learn nothing from back there in the forest?! I don’t want to let you out there alone knowing that what happened to you could-” she paused, choking on a sob, “could happen again.”

Flashes of Kai’s bloodied and lifeless form in the snow flashed back to her. The scars she saw in the bathtub burned in her memory. And those bruises, the ones she saw the first night with him, suddenly they were all flooding back. And it was too much for her, as she went sinking to the floor and collapsing into a wave of fresh tears. Her body shook with every sob, face buried in her knees as she felt a set of arms come slinking around her from behind, holding her body against his chest. Kai rest his lips atop her forehead, rocking her slowly in his arms and whispering lightly to her until she regained her ability to breathe. She blinked through her blurry vision, hand wrapping around Kai’s arms as she stared at the glowing flames in front of her, mind spinning.

“There’s something I need to tell you,” Kai whispered after a long silence. “My family, they’ve been on edge more than usual recently, because-” he paused and thought about a way to phrase his next words. “Remember when I told you about how the twins merge?”

She nodded and blinked up at his worried blue eyes.

“Well, it happens, when they come of age,” he gulped anxiously.

Red blood began dripping from Kai’s nose, and he looked completely unfazed as it spilled across his full lips and down his chin like a faucet.

“Kai!” she gasped, turning and grabbing his arms, “what’s happening!?”

Kai gave a weak laugh, blood still coming as he wiped it away on his sleeve with a lame chuckle.

“Kai!” she shook him with worry.

“Probably a birthday gift,” he said with a twitch of his lips.

“Birthday gift?”

“I probably should have told you,” he said, eyes flickering up to the clock that hung on the wall, striking just past midnight. “I’m twenty two now.”    

“Oh my god,” she breathed in denial, “that means-”

“They won’t let us do the merge,” he shook his head, suddenly releasing a groan of pain, hands coming flying to his head as he shrunk down in aguish.


“I need-” he coughed out, “magic.”

She silently panicked, “I-I don’t know how to help!”

“Papa’s sending a warning,” Kai groaned, rolling to his backside on the carpet and panting out, vision going fuzzy.

She slid next to him, hands on either side of his face, “Kai, stay with me! Siphon from the vampire blood you gave me!” She fumbled for the vial around her neck, watching Kai’s eyes grow wide in shock.

He let out a scream of anguish before going still all at once, his eyes focusing back on her, chest rattling with each breath he gulped down. He sat up, rubbing at his temples, his eyes dark, lacking their usual glow. He growled, almost barely audibly, “where’s the necklace?”

Her eyebrows furrowed as she reached for her neck, grasping at nothing there and instantly feeling her heart sink.

Where’s the stupid necklace?” he hissed, his nostrils flaring.

“I-I don’t know,” she said, “It must’ve fallen off earlier or something. I’m so-”

Kai’s hands flew to her mouth, muffling her shocked yelp, his eyes boring into her own, “he’s here.”

Smooth - Johnny [3]

A/N: Sorry for the delay guys! I’ve been having some writer’s block and I’ve been busy with school but here it is, part 3! Hopefully part 4 won’t take as long… Lots about Johnny’s background in this chapter hope ya like it :)

-Admin Kay

Pt 1   Pt 2   Pt 3   Pt 4   Pt 5   Pt 6

Part 3 - Johnny

Genre: Informational, Subtle Fluff

Rating PG

(slight language)

Word Count: 2,590

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Fridge fun...(Raymond x Reader smut)

AN: I never see stories for suburban gothic, Raymond is such a fucking…ugh…so heres a smut, one of probs two tonight, where Raymond and you fuck against his fridge. 

Tagging: @dontshootmespence @spencerdamnreid @reidbyers @bookofreid @litandexciting @tortillachildalyssa

Your long term boyfriends house was nice, quiet, you understood though why he had fled faster then a drug dealer from the cops, his father made you want to punch him, football and had a bad habit of staring at your ass and spewing about his disappointment in Raymond. You loved his mom, she was nice, a bit, eclectic, but she was warm to you.

Groaning you slipped out of the tight grip of Raymond’s arms smiling as he curled into the pillow.
Walking down to the kitchen you sighed, you hated going home as much as Raymond hated being here, but after collage, home was the only place he could go.

Grabbing a water bottle you shut the fridge sighing at the cold breeze, it felt good against your heated skin, courtesy of Raymond’s amazing skill at causing your body to heat up and your body to ache in the most amazing way.

Screaming slightly I turned feeling someones hands on my hips, exhaling seeing the hooded eyes of Raymond, his face going to my neck, hand going straight to my hair, tugging it back slightly
“Mmmm waking up with out you next to me….I hate that…but fuck you look good bent over, beautiful ass out, just asking me to grab it, squeeze it…fuck” you moaned, Raymond was an ass man, you knew that, his porn search history told you that, he loved yours, his hands moved squeezing lightly.
“Fuck baby…” feeling his teeth against your neck made you wetter by the second.

Gasping out you felt his fingers slip down your panties, his middle finger rubbing against your aching clit, causing you to lean back against the fridge, one hand going to his hair tugging slightly, his fingers moving down feeling your wetness,
“God you’re so wet, fuck…” you gasped out biting down on your hand to keep quiet as he pushed his fingers into you curling them roughly, pumping them in and out quickly, his teeth biting down on your collar bone.

“Fuck…fuck…can I cum…please daddy….fuck please” A few rough thrusts of his fingers and you were spilling over the edge.
“god…fuck…” Raymond hands yanked your panties down, his own dropping to his ankles, pulling you up around his hips, his hands holding the backs of your thighs, pulling his face to yours, kissing him roughly, gasping against his mouth as he thrust in, letting you adjust for a moment, before snapping his hips up, setting a mind erasing pace, his moans stifled in your neck
“Fuck…daddy…..a little more…please make me cum…please…please” moaning out against your neck he bit down as your head went back against the fridge reaching your hand up to stifle the moans spilling out of your throat.
“Fuck….I want you to cum, right now….cum for daddy” that was all it took, biting down on your hand, you came hard around his cock, his hips stuttering as he came inside you, his breathing heavy against your neck, kissing it softly
“Fuck…I could fuck you every minute of my life and still not get enough” you smiled leaning your head back against the fridge
“Right back at you ghost boy” it was true….if you had your way you would never let him leave the bedroom.

Opposite Direction [Part Three]

Title: Opposite Direction [Part Two]// Teen Wolf and Riverdale

Summary: Escaping a program similar to the Black Widow program you begin a new life in a town where you’re aware isn’t exactly normal. Working in the Beacon Hills Sheriff’s Department places you in the eyes of Stiles but when Black Widow finds you with Captain America will you return the favour to her?

Characters: Reader x Stiles Stilinski , Sheriff Noah Stilinski (mentioned) , Jughead Jones, Betty Cooper, Veronica Lodge, Archie Andrews, Ms. Grundy (mentioned), Natasha Romanoff (Black Widow), Steve Rogers (Captain America) and Sheriff Keller.

Words: 2665

Disclaimer: I do not own Teen Wolf or Marvel. Nor do I own Riverdale when it does appear. This means I do not own the characters from these shows/movies either.

Warnings: Swearing, injury, past mention of Archie and Grundy.

Requested: @fandomnationwhore

Author: Caitsy

A/N: This is the end of Opposite Direction. I have to say I’m pretty damn proud of this short series. I’ve just moved back to my university so things are about to get hectic. Thank you for all the support you give our blog. We love you. Seriously.


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Your eyes landed on the cell you used for your legit job in Beacon Hills to see that you had a message from an unknown person. There were few people that had that number seeing as other than work you didn’t talk to many people. Flipping the phone up in the air to catch as you shoved a piece of food in your mouth you unlocked it.

From: Unknown
Hey Y/N, it’s Stiles. Um just wanting to know if your alive? You haven’t messaged my dad or emailed anyone. Your cards haven’t been used and you have no social media so uh…let me know?

From: Pest Stilinski
It’s Stiles by the way.

From: Pest Stilinski
Wait I said that already.

You rolled your eyes at the pain of boy that obviously didn’t see the wrong in breaking laws to find things out.

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anonymous asked:

So you know the part in the second book where Kvothe is drugged before admitions by Ambrose and he tries to remember if you can eat stones and he gets dizzy and practically begs Simmon to tell him it isn't possible? And then Simmon doens't know what happened but Fela does? Could you explain that? I always get confused when I read it.

Okay so Ambrose wants Kvothe to fail his admissions so he drugs him with plum bob (he gets that modegan woman who started crying in the bar to do it) what plum bob does is it destroys all filters telling you what’s good, what’s bad, all that.
This means that kvothe doesnt know if any idea he has or anything he says is good or bad. That’s why Sim asks him “is it worse to steal a pie or kill ambrose” as a test to see if he still has a filter. Turns out he doesnt, as he asks “meat or fruit pie?”
And kvothe also asks him if eating stones is impossible because he’s fairly sure it’s impossible to eat stones but because he’s drugged, he doesnt 100% know. He begs sim to say its impossible because he wants to be sure he’s still sane in some way. (I.E. knowing you can’t eat a stone)

He goes to sim in the first place because he knew something was off and he wanted to ask sims opinion. Sim is the one who figures out it’s plum bob after kvothe tells him his mouth tastes like nutmeg (apparently that’s what plum bob tastes like)
I’m fairly sure the only reason they bring Fela in is because she had a later admissions chip (someone correct me if im wrong). Because kvothe definitely could not go through admissions drugged out of his mind. So she uses his time slot and he then goes through admissions a few days later with her time slot.

anonymous asked:

Does it make me a terrible person that feel sorry for Nathan? Since I do, I don't justify him waving a gun around, but he was panicking whenever what happened to Chloe, he might of loved Rachel. So Jefferson might of done it. He might of been abused (him getting the shit beat out of him by Warren)I mean?? He might of been manipulated into believing some things had been proper. His mental issues might of been ignored? I just, I get called a retarded moron if I do feel sorry for him?

No! You are not a moron at all! Feeling sorry for Nathan is nothing bad at all. In fact I feel sorry for him to. If you take just one look at him and his story you get all possible warning sings. He takes a lot of medicine, has probably tried out drugs to cope, his dad is treating him like shit, his sister ran away with the peace cops to flee the family and his therapist is considering to quit his treatment because his father is trying to sabotage his work. Yes, he made some bad decisions, but he is what his father made him. His reaction in the two whales diner on seeing Max in Rachel’s clothes says a lot: He probably didn’t wanted Rachel’s death. I think it was more of an accident or so.

He really needs help and deserved a better ending (which I am 100% sure he would have get if Dontnod wouldn’t have run out of time and money…)

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I’ll Always Come Back

Requested:  Some David fluff/smut.  It’s more smutty than fluffy, but I did attempt to add the fluff element.

Word Count: 2,426

Warnings: Sexy Time, swearing, mentions of mental illness, mentions of drug use

Author’s Note:  I tried to make this as gender neutral as possible!  Hope ya like it :)

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Nymobblepot - Gotham Theories

May contain spoilers

In 3x14, Oswald refused to give up Ed when Barbara asked, even if the consequence was death.

“So you would rather die than give up the man who tried to kill you?!”

“I would.”

Ed tied Oswald to a car and was going to leave him there to die and told Oswald he wanted to take everything he had from him and yet, Oswald still loved him. So, after Ed shot him, who’s to say Oswald doesn’t still love him. 
Oswald could have easily killed Ed at the dock, but he didn’t, and there were multiple times Ed could have just killed Oswald, but he never did, so obviously he didn’t want to kill him that bad. Also, Oswald was about to cry when he was talking to Ed the second time at the dock, when Ed thought Oswald was going to kill him.

At the dock, the first time, when Oswald says “you can’t do this”, Ed starts to look like he’s regretting it. Also, at points it looks like Ed is about to cry.

Ed took drugs to see Oswald and Oswald sang a love song to him, I mean, c’mon.

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Little notice (with a lot of spoilers)

I just realised that yesterday I’ve been flooding my dash “a bit” with stuff about Rika and V. So I need to do it again today =D (srsly sorry if it was a bit too much) As you saw I’m on the unpopular opinion boat with my support for Rika and my grudge against V. I think it will be useful to make myself clear about something. I don’t think that Rika did nothing and is an angel. I don’t think that V is an evil mastermind who did the worst thing.

I’m just tired to see V pictured as a pure angel who is so perfect and did nothing or almost nothing bad (which is wrong) and how he is only a victim.
And Rika as just a bitch/snake.

Important note: snake are cute creature even if in reality I’ll be afraid of them. But still. Stop using them as an insult.

I just regret that because V is put in contrast with a character with major issues, his own issue are being reduced or even totally forgotten.

V is manipulative. Or at least I feel like he was before Rika snapped. The way he chose Jaehee resume for Jumin because she seemed desperate enough (I think he said something like “what about this one, she doesn’t seem ambitious” ). The way he totally ignore the fear of Rika with her therapist (I mean I’m no expert but if what she remember of her seance was “get over it” and “I’m actually a monster” I’m not surprised that she didn’t want to continue). The way he say that he find her pain beautiful. I mean he literally said that

Rika: I feel like you think my pain is beautiful.
V: You’re right everything about you is beautiful even the pain.

Don’t tell me you read that without feeling he was some sort of psycho??? Who say that to comfort someone. Who?
No shoot she lost her mind with someone who can think that way (even more since before meeting him she already had issues). Rika said after, that he was weird because he liked to observe, mediate( at least a good point for him, but does it matter with everything else?), and find her state fascinating. And then asked if he didn’t feel twisted too. Later V even say that as long Rika still love him she can destroy herself all she want. V has a problem and it’s not only because he lied to all his friend to protect someone who became a threat to literally anyone.
I also read recently that V knew nothing about Saeran that it’s Rika who did wrong. Just a second. Yes Rika became at this point a scary monster, she wanted a child to be drugged and used in her selfish plan. And it is horrible and unforgivable.
But another problem is that as far as I know Saeyoung counted on both V and Rika to protect Saeran. So here’s the problem: why did V just knew nothing??? He was the one who talked with Saeyoung, the one who promise to take care of him. So why he wasn’t more interest about his whereabout? Now from some chat, we can see that he guessed that something was wrong and it’s worse! He knew that his girlfriend was up to something bad but did nothing. Then he knew that his girlfriend was up to something bad with a kid by her side.

I think that V is aware of what he did wrong afterwards and he feel really guilty about it. And I think that his selfless side became overtaking after that (leading to the V we know). But. When it was obvious that the action of Rika involved more than him and her (and I’m not even mentioning the other people in the cult) he should have, I don’t know, call the autority ? or at least call the childhood friend that have access to the best doctor in the world if he wanted to still hide Rika?

V is not an angel. When we “met” him(when we end up in the RFA) he feel guilty and he is working on himself and he is trying to fix his mistake. And then proceed to failed the last. But I don’t think he is just a sweetie. In that sense, I’m really expecting his route, to understand better this character.

And I’ll be short about Rika because I must admit there’s not a lot of positive thing
(reminder: her actual parent rejected her, her new parents rejected her, she meet a lover who accept her as she is *hope :D* and then tell her that he likes to see her in pain *nope D:*. She suffers from mental illness and even if “you share [insert depression and/or anxiety and/or another problem you deduce from her actions here] with her and still didn’t start a cult” 1- as far as I know two people can have the same mental illness and be affected in different way 2- she stayed 3 weeks in therapy and I don’t think it was enough to make a diagnosis about all she suffered of. And if it is usually enough to do so: again she had a bad therapist.)

At the end of the secret ending 1, the last thing that we heard about Rika was an heartbreaking scream. Before that I was fine with a Rika being killed (at this moment I hated her like the fandom) or ending up in jail. From here you can say it’s not really an argument, but I felt like the scream that we heard was from the girl who wanted to get help, who wanted to get better and just realised she became the thing she was scared of the most.

And from this moment. She can’t talk. In the game they say she just don’t talk but she seemed to be almost entirely disconnect to reality. And people seemed to want to punish that. If she was conscious okay but she seemed to be a walking vegetable. Why do you want to put in jail someone like that? What’s the purpose? She already seemed trapped in her mind!

In the beginning of the relationship between V and Rika, actually V was the one being manipulative but then Rika started to do it too and did it worse than him. And it’s there that V became nicer (and a victim too) and Rika became a monster.

PS: If someone know how to put text under read more on mobile, I would gladly do so ^^’

Let’s Talk: How to play a character under the influence of marijuana

With marijuana becoming more acceptable in modern society, there are more people dabbling in or recreationally using marijuana… but what does a stoned person act like? This article is going to tell you. Let’s talk!

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A Gut Feeling - Part Three / Betty Cooper

Words: 1535

Part One
Part Two

“(Y/N),” Betty replies gravely, jogging up to her room.

“What’s wrong?” the girl questions. Betty could imagine her face scrunching up in concern. She didn’t say anything back, causing the girl to sigh. “Do I have to start guessing?”

Betty sits on her bed, pulling her legs to her chest as she leans against her headboard. “I thought we were friends,” Betty eventually says, somewhat unintentionally.

“What are you talking about? Of course we are.”

“Then why haven’t you been honest with me?”

“About what?” she asks, starting to get frustrated with not knowing what was going on.

“About moving, about Jason, about-”

“Jason?” (Y/N) interrupts. “What about Jason?”

Betty closes her eyes, “How could none of us know you two were friends?” she demands, referring to the rest of their group. “Why did Cheryl have to be the one to tell us?” This time it was (Y/N) who was quiet. “Are you going to answer me or not?”

“What am I supposed to say? Yes, I guess you could say Jason and I were friends. I can only imagine what Cheryl said, but we really weren’t that close. To be honest, I barely knew him. We just…met up a few times.”

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It’s been hard to talk about it and still is but here goes:
For a few months my dad’s cancer has been tough on him along with the drugs. It’s been one bad thing after another. I have seen too much in my house with my dad that I never thought I would see at the age of 21. Today’s meeting was what I knew was probably coming but didn’t want to believe. His organs are starting to slow down and they can’t do any more chemo. I don’t know how I’m going to survive these months and after. I hate that this is happening and I’m angry. I don’t understand why and it hurts, it fucking hurts (sorry for my language, but that’s how I feel)
So prayers really can’t help my dad medically but I would really appreciate prayers for for him and my family to get through this somehow.

Misunderstanding G-Dragon (Kwon Ji Yong) BigBang

You open your front door trying not to faint right their and then. You hadn’t been getting any sleep because of your work, getting up at 4-5 in the morning and coming back at 10-11 at night. Sometimes you even stay in your office. It’s not like there’s going to be anyone home waiting for your arrival anyway. With jiyong gone on his world tour and you working so hard, your house just seems like an abandoned building.

You finally get inside, your lights automatically turning on, you hold on to the wall to keep balance as you take off your shoes. You walk pass your mirror that hung above your cute little turtle bowl for your keys, not bothering to look at your reflection like you would usually do. Honestly, who would want to look at you, you washed your makeup off in attempt to wake yourself up leaving your dark circles under your tired red eyes, your red nose and depressing skin for all to see, not like you cared. Everyone knew it was because of work but those who don’t know you and those who don’t know you shouldn’t even pay attention to you.

Your train of thoughts get cut off by your buzzing phone. You look away from the ground and answered it. It was your younger brother -AN-.

“Oh hey! How are you now?”

“I’m not going to say I’m good because you know I’m not but I’m doing better than last night.”

“That’s great to hear.”

“Yea, but I still can’t believe he would do such a thing!” His aggravated voice spoke threw the speaker, but you got distracted from a shuffling noise coming from the living room.

“Agreed, he’s such a dickhead.” You hear the shuffling noise again.

“Hey, babe I’m going to call you back later, k?” You say.

“Sure thing babe. Oh by the way thank you for last night, I really needed your comfort.” He says gently.

"Last night wasn’t a big deal baby, no need for that” you softly say “I’ll always be there for you after all if I’m not going to be there for you who will.”

“Uhh God, who else.”

"Shut up sassy pants!” You exclaim jokingly. Before he can say anything else you cut him of with a “bye, I love you.”

The moment you hung your phone up, you began walking towards the living room with cautions. You turn on the lights and the second you do a startled scream leaves your mouth when you see jiyong sitting on the sofa like a statue. He turns his head to look at, anger clear in his eyes.

“Why are you so late?” You don’t reply but your smile slowly leaves your face as he continues to throw questions at you.

“Do you know what time is it!” His voice got louder by each word.

“It’s 10:55 jiyong, I’m tired and I want to go to sleep.” You say annoyed. You walk to your kitchen to take your medications that you put in a Advil bottle not wanting Jiyong to know about them. You open the Advil bottle with a struggle, your hands feeling weak and num as if you just woke up. Dropping a pill in your hands you notice that it’s actually a Advil pills not your medications. ‘Somethings better than nothing’ you thought as you swallowed it with out water.

"Too tired now but you weren’t last night fucking that guy in our bed”

“What are you talking about?” You weakly yell confused. He traps you between him and the counter pinning your hands at your side.

“You know exactly what I’m talking about. The guys shirt’s on my side of the bed. The same guy who called you few minutes ago.” His whispers in your ear calmly, sending chills to your spine.

“Is this what you do every time I leave?”

“Answer me Y/N.”

His hands leave your hands and trails down your figure stopping at your ass, giving it a little squeeze, you restrain a moan from escaping. But you do close your eyes in pleasure as your body tries to squirm away from his hands.

"Is this what you gave away last night, are you that much of a slut that you would try to cheat on me.” His voice rougher.

Anger boils up as you hear what he said. “DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHAT YOUR TALKING ABOUT KWON JIYONG!” You push him away, all the tiredness vanishes by the time your done yelling.

“IF THAT’S NOT IT THAN WHAT! YOU STOPPED CALLING WITHIN A WEEK OF MY TOUR. YOUR FRIENDS SAY YOU’VE EITHER BEEN COMING HOME LATE OR NOT AT ALL. YOU TAKE FUKING DRUGS OF SOME SORT. HIDING THEM IN FRIKIN ADVIL BOTTLES, IF I HADN’T REPLACED THEM WITH ACTUAL ADVIL PILLS BEFORE LEAVING GOD, KNOWS WHAT WOULD HAVE HAPPENED TO YOU! I COME BACK EARLIER BECAUSE OF A GUT WRENCHING FEELING THAT SOMETHING HAPPENED TO YOU, JUST TO SEE!” He’s got you backed up to the wall, your eyes wide with surprise at everything that was said, you never realized that he had switched the pills before leaving because you never used the ones you hid, you always used the ones in your office draws and purse. But what surprised you the most is that he thought they were drugs.

“Just to see my girlfriend the one I thought loved me have another man shirt at the side of the bed, and her coming home close to midnight drunk and calling and telling someone babe and that she loves them.”

"If that’s not knowing what I’m talking about, than I don’t know what is.” A tear trickles down his face. His angry composure slowly breaks into a sobbing mess. He gets down to his knees gripping onto your legs, tears staining the soft fabric of your leggings as he mumbles a couple ‘whys’ here and there . Your heart breaks seeing him drown in a misunderstood misery.

You lower yourself to him slowly, now having him hug your torsos. Your chin rested on his head as he cries in your neck, your hand run threw his hair.
“It’s called jumping to conclusions and misunderstanding.” You say softly, kissing top of his head.

“Those weren’t bad drugs the were prescribed pills from the doctor, I put them in Advil bottles because I didn’t want you to worry about me. That shirts belongs to my younger brother A/N, you know the one who likes men just as much as woman do. His boyfriend cheated on him so he came over looking for comfort that only I can give him, he took his shirt of because my AC was broken and I had changed my clothes besides the bed, because I was to tired to change in the washroom. I had my AC fixed this morning by the way. I also am not drunk I’m tired, I thought you knew me Ji.” You tease him at the end. He pulls away from your neck to look at you in the eye.

"Why did you come home so late, jagiya?” His voice as innocent as a puppy, his eyes holding regret and sorrow as he looked into your eyes that are holding in tears from his words.

"I have an important meeting that was timed for tomorrow morning, I am also taking over my rivals company.” I tell him excited for the growth of your business.

“I’m so sorry jagy~”

You don’t reply, you just kiss him, a long sorrow filled kiss to show how much you had longed for him and his arrival.

"How about I give you the best night of your life Y/N.”

This is my first story ever
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That shows how stupid you are. It's not just because of louis and harry, It's because of louis girlfriend, and his son (family, friends) Shipping is nothing bad: But when people saying mean things about louis girlfriend, and much worse about his little son. Then shipping is something bad. It doesn't matter what louis says, for you everything is fake. You have no respect for louis and harry. You blame everyone, except yourself. You have ruined a friendship, and now you have to live with this

Sweetheart, I have been here since before One Direction even existed. I was watching the X Factor that year rooting for Harry and Mary Byrne. I have seen so much hell from this fandom. And I haven’t been too vocal about things but after seven years of this bullshit, I am fed up. I want to start by saying that I never once stated that it was okay to send Eleanor hate. I have spoken out in defense of that girl many times which ended up getting me asks just like this sent my way by larries themselves. I don’t think it’s right to send anybody, regardless of who they are, death threats, insults, or anything else of the sort. I have defended every “girlfriend” that has received any of that shit. Because they’re human beings. And no one fucking deserves that shit. And I know you lot like clumping us all together as having the same opinions on everything, but I can assure you that most larries don’t promote bullying.

In seven fucking years, Louis Tomlinson has never voiced his supposed hatred of us out loud. In seven fucking years it has always been quotes from different magazines claiming they interviewed either Harry or Louis on the topic. From their actual mouths, we’ve gotten:

“They genuinely think we’re together”

“It’s photo-shopped”

“Fans can believe whatever they want.”

“It’s up to interpretation.”

And that’s only what I can remember off the top of my head.

Let me tell you something. When I was 16 and became a fan of One Direction in 2010 I was opening myself up to a lot of bullshit. Because as I started seeing things about Larry Stylinson and how maybe there really was something there other than friendship, I started thinking to myself “If people go through such great lengths to hide a relationship within a boy band, what else do people lie about?” And so, thanks to these kids, I started questioning everything. The government, the news, grown ups. Everything. Because people fucking lie all the damn time. Everyone has secrets. Considering all the bs happening with the world, two boys in the same band being in love didn’t sound so far fetched. And the only reason that I’m bringing this up is because I have to ask you. Do you seriously believe everything you’re told? If Louis was quoted to say “I only have two siblings.”

Would you believe that? Even if there was evidence proving otherwise? What I’m trying to get you to understand is that the printed word means shit. I can easily tell you that the actress who played Regina on The G*t Do*n once told me that she hates dancing and singing. I knew her. I went to school with her. We were in drama club together. Do you believe me when I tell you that she said that to me. “I really hate dancing and singing.” We know that’s not true based on the show she was on and the fact that she was in drama club and the choir. But would you believe me if I wrote a whole article on that? My guess is yes. Because despite the fact that Louis has never said anything negative about the fans on camera, you people still choose to believe his written words. Why? Why don’t you question any of this shit?

Do you genuinely believe everything the tabloids tell you? And if Louis and Harry were so angered and bothered with larries, why don’t they just sit down in front of a camera and finally say “No, we have never been in a romantic relationship.” It’s been seven years and they’ve never vocally talked about this topic.

And the whole baby shit? I’m sorry but what’s worse, larries saying he’s not the father or you guys making fucking fan pages for the child? That is disgusting. It is a baby, not his, but a baby nonetheless. Why the fuck are y’all making fan blogs and twitters dedicated to a child? How is that in any way okay? And I get that some larries were fucking disgusting towards the child. And again, I have never said that was okay. Stop clumping all of us together.

And we have no respect for Louis and Harry??? Did you see what just happened with Harry? These fucking girls trying to be groupies because they want to have sex and do drugs with him? They’re fucking harassing him but that okay. Thinking he and Louis are romantically involved is so much worse. You’re right. And I know not all of you are the same. Just like us larries aren’t all the same. But in comparison to what antis have done and said to the boys, we aren’t that bad.

Another thing I want to bring up is the disgusting image they’ve given Louis. In seven years that I’ve been a fan, I’ve never know Louis to be a shit person. A person who doesn’t give a shit about his son. A person who’s never with his kid. A person who hates being clumped with the LGBT+ community so much that his twitter handle had to spout fucking hurtful shit over an article saying that he supported the community. Nothing else. Not that he himself way gay. It was just stating that he was supporting the community with his rainbow apple shirt.

Do you really believe that’s him? This makes me so genuinely sad. Louis is non of these horrible things they’re making him out to be. He has always been so supportive of us fans and of Rainbow Direction, which has nothing to do with larry. Is this really the person you think he is? Because it’s not. And he fights so hard against this image. He tries so hard to prove that he’s not like this at all. And you’re refuting that?

I don’t know what else to say. We haven’t ruined a friendship. And I am going to live with myself knowing that I never once disrespected these boys or those tied to them. I don’t know if you can say the same.

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Some of you guys gotta understand, H isn't this angelic baby we make him out to be. He is human and has made mistakes. Let's say Carolina is about an experience he had with cocaine, it doesn't change who he is as a person. It just means he experimented. We all know he's not doing drugs. It might be shocking to some but this is H laying it all out their for us. He wants us to get to know the real him, good, bad, ugly and pretty

Exactly!! It doesn’t mean I want him to use drugs, I hate it so damn much, but turning a blind eye to pretend it couldn’t be like… Artists have experiences, hell we, normal folks, have experiences. I think he tried and hate it, but he wrote about that /one/ experience. It’s nothing bad to assume the lyrics are about that and it’s not the end of the world 

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If you're still taking prompts... Erujean in 31 pls?

I’ve not written any Erujean before, let’s hope I do it justice.


Jean kept an eye on two phones as he tapped away at his laptop and tried not to think about what was going on behind closed doors. How someone of Erwin’s Smith’s age and position managed to avoid getting his wisdom teeth out for so long was beyond him.

He’d honestly never considered that his boss might be frightened of anything; just working with him was sort of inspirational, and to become his PA had frankly been what Jean considered his greatest achievement to date.

It hadn’t been easy. Competition was fierce.

The doors opened and Jean pocketed the phones and got to his feet at Erwin was ushered out of the back area.

He looked, well, all right. A bit dazed. The operation must have gone well.

“Hello, Mister Smith,” Jean said, wondering what sort of state he was really in. “Feeling all right?”

“Terrible, I slept awfully,” he said. “We have to check out.”

“I’ve taken care of that.” He’d summoned the car as well, as soon as the door had opened.

“I thought I had luggage,” Erwin was frowning at his hands.

“It’s already been packed, you just need to go home.” He wondered if it was appropriate to reach out and guide him, given he didn’t seem to be prepared to move. Jean took his elbow, and Erwin allowed himself to be steered to the elevator.

This was so weird.

Erwin leaned against the wall as they rode down, and Jean tried not to twitch under his scrutiny. Erwin didn’t normally stare at him like that, and it was unnerving.

“You’re very good,” he said the way he made pronouncements about company policy, with gravity.

“Thanks, boss.”

“Arrogant,” he added and Jean stared at him, shocked. Erwin just smiled, lazily, and it was diverting. “I’m no better. That’s how we change the world. You’ve got every reason to be cocky; smart, hungry, handsome.”


It was a relief when the elevator doors opened. The car was waiting and Jean practically hustled Erwin into it.

“Just straight home,” Jean told the driver, just confirming that the schedule hadn’t changed.

“Where’s my phone?” Erwin asked, patting down his pockets.

“I’ve got it, and you can’t have it back until you’re back to normal,” Jean said, sitting in the back seat as well. “Your orders, Mister Smith.”

He sighed deeply, and stared out the window. “God, it must be awful,” he muttered.


“When they crush the peanuts. To make peanut butter.” He shook his head. “Carnage.”

Jean knew he was going to regret not recording this as he bit his lip trying not to laugh.

“We could go out for lunch. I’m very thirsty. Do you think they’ll have yoghurt?”

“I could get you some, but it’s probably best if you went home.”

“I don’t have a home. It’s a place. ‘Back to my place.’ Have I ever invited you there?” Erwin was sprawled on the seat, his head lolling back slightly, looking at Jean with half-closed eyes.

“Not like that you haven’t,” Jean muttered. “Yes, I’ve been to your place. It’s very nice.”

“It’s lonely,” Erwin muttered. “I haven’t lived with anyone for a long time. Don’t end up like me, Jean. You deserve better than that.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.” Loopy was entertaining, this was just a bit worrying. Luckily, Erwin seemed to have exhausted himself for now and lapsed into silence.

When they got to Erwin’s apartment building, Jean told the driver he could go; he’d catch an Uber later and he wasn’t sure how long he’d have to spend taking care of his employer.

“We’ve got to get some work done,” Erwin said, as they rode up to his floor. “Are you ready?”

“Yep. Whatever you need. Did you still want that yogurt?”

The question seemed to stump Erwin for a good five minutes and in the meantime Jean got him inside and his coat off and left him to flop down on the couch. He managed to find some yogurt in Erwin’s fridge and offered him some.

Erwin thanked him like he was a guest, and slowly ate some. “Everything’s fuzzy. In my mouth,” he said through a mouthful of the stuff.

“Yeah, you just had your wisdom teeth out. I’m not surprised.”

“No,” Erwin winced and hung his head at the words. “I don’t want to.”

“Hey, hey you already did, all right?” He put his hand on Erwin’s shoulder. “It’s over. You don’t need to worry about them again.”

Erwin looked up at him gratefully for a long, long moment. “I love you.”

Jean was pretty sure his jaw was hanging. He didn’t think anyone but his mother had told him that so earnestly before.

“Wow those are some good drugs,” he said. “That’s very nice, now maybe you should rest, okay?”

To his relief, Erwin agreed, and practically dropped off then and there. Jean rescued the yourt before it got all over the carpet and saw himself out, wrestling with an entirely confusing swirl of conflicting emotions and wondering what he should do next.

The next morning Erwin arrived at work on time and sat behind his desk with his head in his hand as Jean stepped in for his morning briefing.

“Should I be braced for a sexual harassment suit?” he asked, as Jean closed the door behind him.

“No,” Jean said, smiling. “There is this.” He slid a piece of paper across the desk and Erwin picked it up. “It’s my resignation letter.”

“Jean, no.” Erwin started to get out of his chair and Jean was a bit tempted to see what he’d offer him to stay, but that wasn’t what he wanted.

“I want to ask you out,” Jean said, looking him in the eye. “To dinner with me. And I can’t if you’re my boss.” He shrugged, a bit self-consciously. “It’s not like I can’t get another job. You’re not gonna give me a bad reference, right?”

Jean held his breath as Erwin considered.

“I accept,” he said finally.

“It’s in your diary,” Jean said, unable to stop himself from grinning.

You're Best Friends and He Tells You He Loves You Before Tour but Ignores You When He Comes Back part 2

Part 1

“I don’t know, Niall. I just miss her is all.” Harry whispers, circling his finger around the top of the beer, thinking about every part of her he hasn’t seen in months.

“You should. Don’t know why you had to be so stupid about it.” “Beats me” he sighs, focusing on the drops of water on his canned beer. Suddenly, Niall’s door opens harshly, the door slamming against his wall. Y/n is bleeding, beaten, crying in hysteria. 
“Hey hey hey!” Niall panics, kicking his seat behind him before running to her. Her cheek is purple, her eye swollen as thick tears slid down her face. There’s saliva on her chin, her cries and sobs not allowing her to close her mouth. She’s pale, her body shaken up so much that she nearly collapses onto the ground, but Niall catches her before her body allowed her to. “Shit, shit” Niall curses, trying to keep her body up against his as he tries to drag her toward his couch.  Harry’s still, worry filling his thoughts. She looks so hurt, so, so hurt. The way half of her face is bigger than the other, and how her glowing body is not covered in sweat. He feels angry, angry that somebody had done this to her and that he wasn’t there to protect her like he usually is.  “Y/n. Y/n” Niall says softly, his eyes inspecting her injuries as she continues to rock her body. “You have to tell me who did this to you. You need to tell me what happened.” He whispers. She attempts to speak, but her lack of air and her continuously traveling mind makes it impossible for her. She tries again and again and again, until an inaudible whisper leaves her chapped lips. “Derek’s friend.” “Who the fuck is Derek?! And who the fucking hell is his friend?!” Harry immediately questions, his voice in a strangled growl as he punches the table with the side of his fist. Y/n flinches, his sudden harshness scaring her fragile state of mind.  “God fucking damn it!” Harry yells again, his body in a sudden adrenaline. He just couldn’t understand. Why would somebody hurt her like that? It kills him to see how hurt she is. She doesn’t deserve any of that, someone so precious doesn’t deserve this. She’s so innocent, so pure. He can’t even think about what she looked like while this happened to her, and he doesn’t want to.  “Harry, I need you to shut up for one second please. You’re panicking her.”  Niall lightly pushes her hair out of her face, shushing her softly as her sobs turn into soft cries.  “Love, now that you’re calm, can you please tell me what happened?” She nods, her head dropping down until her eyes meet her fingers. She gulps, her body shaking again.  “I was with Derek, for our date. And—and—and when I was in his home, after dinner, h—his friend barged in. He was screaming about money. Y—yelling that he needed his money back b—because Derek owed him a couple grand for I guess drugs or something. I tried to stop him, I—I did. He was beating him so bad and I just didn’t want to see it, but—“ “Okay, it’s okay. It’s all okay.” Niall coos. “He hurt you” Harry whispers, his hands running over his face, “he hurt you. He—oh God.” Harry starts to cry, because deep down, he really believes this is his fault. If he didn’t push her away, if he just kept her as close as he had his entire life, she’d be safe. She wouldn’t have even met Derek. She’d be happy, she’d be unharmed if she were just wrapped around his finger. But she wasn’t and he blames himself so much, that he’s nearly drowning in his own self pity. “Harry” She whispers, needing him to hold her. She needs safety, she needs security, which Harry had always supplied her with. “Harry.” she repeats. He slowly looks up at her, his eyes cloudy, but is still able to make out her beauty. He cries again, shutting his eyes with force, trying to get her broken body out of his brain. He shakes his head, as if to rid the images.  “You’re not okay, Y/n, I—can I hold you? Please let me hold you.”  She whispers a small “okay”, and that’s all the permission he needs. He gets up from his seat, taking slow strides to Niall’s couch, making his was to his love. He sits down next to her, but is hesitant to touch her. He reaches his arms out, but pulls them back to him quickly, scared to hurt her anymore than she is now.  “It’s okay.” she whispers, “it’s okay.” He nods, wrapping his arms around her tenderly, the way she should always be treated.  “I let you go. This is my fault. I’m sorry. I’m sorry I let you go.” “H—“ “I love you so much. I’m so in love with you, but when I came back, I blamed you for holding me back on my career. You were, you were because I love you. I love you so much I’m willing to push everything back for you. You have always come first, and I took that as a bad thing. I don’t know how I saw losing you easier than loving you, I don’t.” he sobs, “I miss you so much.” She sniffles, tears slowly falling down her cheeks. She rubs his back, tracing his spine as she’s lazily hugging him.  “’S okay. I love you, too. ’S okay.” “I’m gonna kill him, you know that? I’m gonna beat the living shit out of him.” He spits.  “Harry d—“ “Nobody ever hurts you. Such an angel, nobody ever fucking touches you again. Not a single soul lays a hand on you again.” He holds her closer, nuzzling his face into the side of her stomach, making her feel safer than she ever has been.
Please forgive me, I can't stop loving you.

Min Yoongi!mafia x reader.

Genre; angst, fluff

Gender; Male x ?¿?

Warning; -

Word count; 1072 words.

“Yoongi?” You called out, sleep still present.

It was 3 am and arms that once had wrapped themselves secure around your body had left, now only a cold spot as to where the mint boy should’ve been was empty.
Light illuminated from underneath the creak of the bedroom door and slow and steady you had risen up and shuffled towards the door and into the hallway. Your feet shuffling against the cold and wooden floor.

The hallways had stopped and had become a big room with an open kitchen and a living room.
You scrunch your eyebrows when you saw Yoongi sitting in a chair shoved into a corner, starting at nothing while the lights where on at max.

Only when you turned down the brightness of the light Yoongi noticed your present.

“[Y/N]?” Yoongi croaked out, his voice sounded broken as he held his knees closer to his chest.

“Why are you up?”

“I can ask you the same.” You said and shuffled closer towards the mint boy who looked tired. You scrunched your eyebrows even further and placed a hand on his ever so smooth cheek, automatically Yoongi moved his head up to look up at you.

“What’s wrong?” You said in a whisper.

“Nothing.” His voice cracked.

“Yoongi.” You began to move your thumb up and down, causing Yoongi to frown. But instead of retreating your hand, you placed three fingers between his furrowed brows and pressed ever so slightly, causing him to stop frowning.

“Magic hand” you whispered out, a sleepy yet genuine smile spread across your face.
That’s when something tug onto Yoongi’s heart with a hard force, causing him to wrap his arms around your waist and pulling you in closer, burying his face into your stomach.

You where startled by the sudden action, but decided to brush it off and let it happen. Fingers comb through Yoongi’s hair which made him hold you even tighter.

“[Y/N],” you hummed.

“Please forgive me.” He mumbled into your stomach, you frowned.

“Yoongi wha-”

“Please forgive me, I can’t stop loving you.” Yoongi said, slowly moving his head up to look at your confused and furrowed face.
Slowly you lowered yourself down, practically sitting on the ground as you looked at Yoongi.

“Yoongi,” you said, your hands holding his.

“What are you talking about?”

“You why are you with me?” Yoongi asked in a tone that made your heart shake.


“[Y/N], I’m a bad person.

Why are you with me?” You vigorously shook your head, not sure how to react. It was the first time you had seen him act like this and you where just at loss and unsure how to react.

“I, I am a bad person [Y/N].” Yoongi said again.

“Yoongi you aren’t.” He was, in a way, and you knew it. But right now you had no idea what to say.

“Don’t [Y/N].

You know I am.” Yoongi wrapped his hands around yours and holding it tightly.

“Why are you with me?” He croaked out.

“Because your the one I only want.” You said in a hushed tone, your thump going up and down on the back of his hand.

“But [Y/N],” you felt him clench your hands for a second.

“I do bad things, I am a bad person.”
You honestly had no idea what to say, your mind was blank but your mouth wasn’t. So before you could process what you wanted to say, you had already spoken out.

“You are.” Yoongi’s eyes shot up and looked at you, slightly surprised by the agreement.
“But, that’s how others see you.” Yoongi cocked you an eyebrow.

“Perhaps you are a bad person, but I cannot seem to find it.”

“[Y/N], I kill people.”

“The bad ones.”

“[Y/N], I have sold drugs.”

“You have,” you sighed “but you are very cautions to who you sell it too.”

“What?” Yoongi said tilting his head.

“You look at age, documents and such.

You make sure to who you sell it to, not only that. You sell drugs in a non lethal amount.” You looked at Yoongi’s hands, who carried more blood on them than anyone else.
It sometimes did scare you, but he meant well. You know that, that’s why you love him.

“I do, but.” Yoongi began.
“I have my people all over the country and even beyond…

[Y/N] people are afraid of us.”

It was true, Yoongi was the boss of a notorious mafia that your elders used to warn you about whenever you would go outside, even when you where an adult yourself you got warned. The rumors scared you, but that quickly went away when you met Min Yoongi.

They said that the mafia he owned where all just a bunch of bad guys, but ever since you met the mint boy he was all but that. He was sweet like sugar and protective over you.

“That’s because they only heard but never saw.” You said, releasing one hand and made it’s way up to his cheek once more.

“Yoongi, you’re not a bad person.
Those who say you are haven’t been around you for even one second.

You’re the most sweetest guy I have met.”

“I’m not sweet, I’m bad.” Yoongi slightly pouted, which caused you to chuckle.

“Yes Yoongi, you’re the sweetest bad guy I have met.” This comment made Yoongi smile ever so slightly and caused him to slightly lean into your touch.

“You’re not afraid of me?” Yoongi asked in a careful matter.

“Oh yes very!” You said dramatically.
“That’s why I married you and always visit you.” Yoongi’s smile grew wider.

“So don’t deny me or yourself ever again okay?” You said, looking straight into Yoongi’s eyes.

“Because I love you a little more than I should.” You chuckled and Yoongi now showed his gummy smile that you fell for the instant you saw it.

Yoongi had tugged onto your arm causing you to being pulled forward into Yoongi’s warm embrace.

“God [Y/N], I need you like I do.” Yoongi mumbled into your shoulder, causing to let out a small laugh.

“What does that mean?” You said.

“It means,” Yoongi pulled you out of the embrace and inched closer towards your lips.

“Please forgive me, I can’t stop loving you.” And with that he planted a sweet kiss on your lips which you gladly returned.



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