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So you know the part in the second book where Kvothe is drugged before admitions by Ambrose and he tries to remember if you can eat stones and he gets dizzy and practically begs Simmon to tell him it isn't possible? And then Simmon doens't know what happened but Fela does? Could you explain that? I always get confused when I read it.

Okay so Ambrose wants Kvothe to fail his admissions so he drugs him with plum bob (he gets that modegan woman who started crying in the bar to do it) what plum bob does is it destroys all filters telling you what’s good, what’s bad, all that.
This means that kvothe doesnt know if any idea he has or anything he says is good or bad. That’s why Sim asks him “is it worse to steal a pie or kill ambrose” as a test to see if he still has a filter. Turns out he doesnt, as he asks “meat or fruit pie?”
And kvothe also asks him if eating stones is impossible because he’s fairly sure it’s impossible to eat stones but because he’s drugged, he doesnt 100% know. He begs sim to say its impossible because he wants to be sure he’s still sane in some way. (I.E. knowing you can’t eat a stone)

He goes to sim in the first place because he knew something was off and he wanted to ask sims opinion. Sim is the one who figures out it’s plum bob after kvothe tells him his mouth tastes like nutmeg (apparently that’s what plum bob tastes like)
I’m fairly sure the only reason they bring Fela in is because she had a later admissions chip (someone correct me if im wrong). Because kvothe definitely could not go through admissions drugged out of his mind. So she uses his time slot and he then goes through admissions a few days later with her time slot.

Kai Parker Fic


Part Five - Part four here


They were safe, for now. Kai had transported them both to her house, since obviously his was not the safest place to be at the moment. He’d collapsed onto the plush red sofa, sinking back into the cushions and rubbing his bloodied face on the edge of his coat, which he peeled off as the girl started up a crackling fire, her hands shaking as she worked and frantically muttered to herself. Once the room had warmed up, she sunk slowly down on the carpet to face the amber flames, her head bent low. Kai spoke her name, but she didn’t respond for a while.

“I’m gonna kill him,” she said at last.


“Your father, I’m gonna kill him,” she repeated.

“Well you already got him pretty good back there,” Kai tried nervously, “that was pretty cool, by the way.”

She stood suddenly, facing the heretic with her eyebrows narrowed, “are we not going to talk about the fact that you cloaked me?”

He chewed his lips, hoping it wouldn’t come up, “I was-” he started.

“Just trying to keep me safe,” she finished with a scoff.

He nodded, fidgeting anxiously with the hem of his black top.

“Clearly I’m not the one who needs to be kept safe,” she grumbled, heading over to the side table beside the couch and promptly filling a cup of bourbon.  Kai outstretched his his hand for the glass, watching in awe as the girl plopped beside him and downed  almost the whole thing herself, face scrunching as she drank the liquid.

“You don’t drink,” he pointed out.

“I do now,” she took another swig.

“Should I be worried?” Kai asked, confused as he watched his perfect girl trash her innocence. 

“Nope,” she said flatly, head pushed back as she nudged the glass into Kai’s hands.

He finished it off, setting the glass down and shifting so he could get a good look at the girl, her eyes closed, hair like a waterfall around her face, lips barely parted.

“You okay?” he whispered, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear.

She blinked her eyes open to look at the heretic’s sad blue ones, “no, you?”

“No,” he said, pulling her gently into his lap, and mindlessly running his slender fingers through her locks. He seemed nervous, new to this whole thing of physical contact. She curled onto her side, snuggling into his front and breathing in his scent, breath settling as she relaxed under his touch.

“Is going to come after me?” she asked, already knowing the answer.

“He’ll try.”

“Why?” she whimpered.

“He doesn’t know who you are. He just sees a girl I’m with, and makes any assumption. You could be a witch for all he knows. Or you could be any other magical entity that potentially poses a threat to our coven, even though I’m not trying to take it down, it’s what he’d assume,” Kai said, heart aching from seeing her so broken in his arms. “Or maybe he’s exactly right. Maybe he sees a girl, a normal, human girl, and the thought of seeing me even remotely happy makes him so sick that he wants to take that away.”

“Why?” she said again.

“My family thinks I’m an abomination, so, no doubt they’d infer that I’d hurt you, on purpose or not. In a way, I’m actually happy you’re human, or else they might be right.”

“What do you mean?” she asked, rolling on her back so she could look up at him.

“It means I can’t siphon from you, or hurt you by accident.”

“Yeah but I wouldn’t mind,” she shrugged.

Kai traced around her facial features, sighing, “You don’t understand. With my family it’s…it’s like I’m a drug addict or something. I’m always dying for a hit of magic, I need it, and I never want you to see that side of me. Because when I don’t have it I get bad, I do things I wouldn’t usually do. And I don’t mean to hurt them, I just…” he trailed off with a shake of his head.

The girl sat up now, lacing her fingers through Kai’s and leaning back in distress. “I’m sorry,” is all she managed. 

“I need to leave,” Kai said at last.

“I’m not sure that’s safe,” she started.

“Look, my dad is going to do a tracking spell to find me, which will lead him right to you. If I leave now, he won’t be able to find you. The spell requires someone’s possession, but he doesn’t own anything of yours, so as long as you’re away from me-”

“Don’t do that!” she exclaimed, standing and pacing with agitation, Kai rising from the couch.


“That thing, where you try and push me away to keep me safe. It won’t work, Malachai. Did you learn nothing from back there in the forest?! I don’t want to let you out there alone knowing that what happened to you could-” she paused, choking on a sob, “could happen again.”

Flashes of Kai’s bloodied and lifeless form in the snow flashed back to her. The scars she saw in the bathtub burned in her memory. And those bruises, the ones she saw the first night with him, suddenly they were all flooding back. And it was too much for her, as she went sinking to the floor and collapsing into a wave of fresh tears. Her body shook with every sob, face buried in her knees as she felt a set of arms come slinking around her from behind, holding her body against his chest. Kai rest his lips atop her forehead, rocking her slowly in his arms and whispering lightly to her until she regained her ability to breathe. She blinked through her blurry vision, hand wrapping around Kai’s arms as she stared at the glowing flames in front of her, mind spinning.

“There’s something I need to tell you,” Kai whispered after a long silence. “My family, they’ve been on edge more than usual recently, because-” he paused and thought about a way to phrase his next words. “Remember when I told you about how the twins merge?”

She nodded and blinked up at his worried blue eyes.

“Well, it happens, when they come of age,” he gulped anxiously.

Red blood began dripping from Kai’s nose, and he looked completely unfazed as it spilled across his full lips and down his chin like a faucet.

“Kai!” she gasped, turning and grabbing his arms, “what’s happening!?”

Kai gave a weak laugh, blood still coming as he wiped it away on his sleeve with a lame chuckle.

“Kai!” she shook him with worry.

“Probably a birthday gift,” he said with a twitch of his lips.

“Birthday gift?”

“I probably should have told you,” he said, “eyes flickering up to the clock that hung on the wall, striking just past midnight. “I’m twenty two now.”    

“Oh my god,” she breathed in denial, “that means-”

“They won’t let us do the merge,” he shook his head, suddenly releasing a groan of pain, hands coming flying to his head as he shrunk down in aguish.


“I need-” he coughed out, “magic.”

She silently panicked, “I-I don’t know how to help!”

“Papa’s sending a warning,” Kai groaned, rolling to his backside on the carpet and panting out, vision going fuzzy.

She slid next to him, hands on either side of his face, “Kai, stay with me! Siphon from the vampire blood you gave me!” She fumbled for the vial around her neck, watching Kai’s eyes grow wide in shock.

He let out a scream of anguish before going still all at once, his eyes focusing back on her, chest rattling with each breath he gulped down. He sat up, rubbing at his temples, his eyes dark, lacking their usual glow. He growled, almost barely audibly, “where’s the necklace?”

Her eyebrows furrowed as she reached for her neck, grasping at nothing there and instantly feeling her heart sink.

Where’s the stupid necklace?” he hissed, his nostrils flaring.

“I-I don’t know,” she said, “It must’ve fallen off earlier or something. I’m so-”

Kai’s hands flew to her mouth, muffling her shocked yelp, his eyes boring into her own, “he’s here.”

It’s been hard to talk about it and still is but here goes:
For a few months my dad’s cancer has been tough on him along with the drugs. It’s been one bad thing after another. I have seen too much in my house with my dad that I never thought I would see at the age of 21. Today’s meeting was what I knew was probably coming but didn’t want to believe. His organs are starting to slow down and they can’t do any more chemo. I don’t know how I’m going to survive these months and after. I hate that this is happening and I’m angry. I don’t understand why and it hurts, it fucking hurts (sorry for my language, but that’s how I feel)
So prayers really can’t help my dad medically but I would really appreciate prayers for for him and my family to get through this somehow.

Smooth - Johnny [3]

A/N: Sorry for the delay guys! I’ve been having some writer’s block and I’ve been busy with school but here it is, part 3! Hopefully part 4 won’t take as long… Lots about Johnny’s background in this chapter hope ya like it :)

-Admin Kay

Pt 1   Pt 2          Pt 4   Pt 5   Pt 6

Part 3 - Johnny

Genre: Informational, Subtle Fluff

Rating PG

(slight language)

Word Count: 2,590

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Some of you guys gotta understand, H isn't this angelic baby we make him out to be. He is human and has made mistakes. Let's say Carolina is about an experience he had with cocaine, it doesn't change who he is as a person. It just means he experimented. We all know he's not doing drugs. It might be shocking to some but this is H laying it all out their for us. He wants us to get to know the real him, good, bad, ugly and pretty

Exactly!! It doesn’t mean I want him to use drugs, I hate it so damn much, but turning a blind eye to pretend it couldn’t be like… Artists have experiences, hell we, normal folks, have experiences. I think he tried and hate it, but he wrote about that /one/ experience. It’s nothing bad to assume the lyrics are about that and it’s not the end of the world 

A Gut Feeling - Part Three / Betty Cooper

Words: 1535

Part One
Part Two

“(Y/N),” Betty replies gravely, jogging up to her room.

“What’s wrong?” the girl questions. Betty could imagine her face scrunching up in concern. She didn’t say anything back, causing the girl to sigh. “Do I have to start guessing?”

Betty sits on her bed, pulling her legs to her chest as she leans against her headboard. “I thought we were friends,” Betty eventually says, somewhat unintentionally.

“What are you talking about? Of course we are.”

“Then why haven’t you been honest with me?”

“About what?” she asks, starting to get frustrated with not knowing what was going on.

“About moving, about Jason, about-”

“Jason?” (Y/N) interrupts. “What about Jason?”

Betty closes her eyes, “How could none of us know you two were friends?” she demands, referring to the rest of their group. “Why did Cheryl have to be the one to tell us?” This time it was (Y/N) who was quiet. “Are you going to answer me or not?”

“What am I supposed to say? Yes, I guess you could say Jason and I were friends. I can only imagine what Cheryl said, but we really weren’t that close. To be honest, I barely knew him. We just…met up a few times.”

“Why was it a secret?”

(Y/N)’s groan travels through the phone, “It wasn’t a secret. None of you ever asked, so I didn’t bother mentioning anything. Why are we talking about this exactly?”

“Cheryl thinks you had something to do with what happened do him,” Betty admits quietly, not wanting to risk her mother overhearing her conversation.

“Of course she does,” (Y/N) practically snarls. “She has a reason to blame everyone in town, I’m sure. And what do you think? Do you think I killed Jason?”

“Of course not. The thought of you hurting him never crossed my mind,” she tells her honestly. “But,” Betty continues before (Y/N) could say anything. “You moving is bad timing. Really bad.”

“Suspicious you mean. Look, I’ve already told you. I had no idea my parents wanted out of Riverdale. If I knew we would have to leave, I would have told you the moment I found out. You’re my best friend, Betty. I would never just leave without saying goodbye. I thought you knew me better than that. I promise you, I had no clue that I would be moving so soon.”

Betty frowns, somewhat disappointed in herself. She wasn’t lying when she told (Y/N) that she never considered the possibility of her harming Jason, but she felt bad for questioning their friendship.

“I didn’t mean to accuse you of anything,” she says. “I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings.”

“I know,” (Y/N) whispers. “You’re the sweetest person I know. You would never intentionally hurt anyone.”

The pair were quiet for some time. Betty finally broke the silence with the question she had been burning to ask, “What’s the book for?” She held her breath, worried about her friends reaction to her snooping around her room.

“What book?”

Betty took a deep breath, her eyes darting to her abandoned backpack by the door, and her words came rushing out before she could stop them. “The one you hid behind your bookshelf.”

(Y/N) did not react the way Betty had assumed. Instead of getting mad or hanging up or scolding her for going through her things-she laughed. 

“Of course,” she chuckles.

Her laugh did not sound as amused as Betty had first thought. It sounded forced and rather abrupt.

“When did you find it?”

“Today,” Betty mumbles. “I’m sorry for breaking into your house…and for going through your room. But I was worried and confused and I thought maybe I could find something that would help me understand-”

“Stop,” the girl insists, cutting her off. “I get it. I don’t approve, obviously. It’s a huge invasion of privacy, Betty, but I do understand. I just wish you would have asked me about what you wanted to know in the first place instead of doing this.”

“How was I supposed to ask you anything? I have no way of contacting you! I had no idea when you were going to call me again.”

There was a muffled shuffling sound that echoed through the phone. “The book helps me remember and keep track.”

“Of what?” Betty questions, not satisfied with her answer.

“It doesn’t matter what. I shouldn’t talk to you about this, I won’t.”

“Are you in trouble? Is that why you left town?”

(Y/N) groans once more, “How many times do I have to tell you? I. Had. No. Idea. We. Were. Moving. My parents still haven’t given me a proper answer-they never do.”

“Then why can’t you just tell me what the book is about? I know you’ve been keeping something from me, for a while now. I never wanted to ask you because I didn’t think it was such a big deal-I thought you would tell me eventually. You always do. But you didn’t. We’re best friends,” Betty says. “I can tell when something’s wrong. And something has been on your mind and taking up your time.”

“It’s not a big deal,” (Y/N) tries to say, but Betty wasn’t having it.

“Please tell me, please trust me.”



“I did a few jobs for the Serpents, okay?” she mutters, not wanting the pair to keep going back and forth. “I’m not exactly proud of it…but It wasn’t often…just enough to earn some money.”

It was as if the blond girl had lost the ability to speak. She would have never guessed her friend would be involved in something like this. “So the book-”


“Why?” Betty asks, rolling on to her side, pulling a pillow against her,

“The money mostly. I wanted to get away from home, from my parents…but I needed money. Fast. Clearly it didn’t work out,” she laughs. “I’m all the way out here for some reason they won’t share, as per usual. I’m trying to plan my way back. I love Riverdale, in my whole life it’s the only place we’ve been that’s felt like home. You and Kev, Juggie and Archie and Veronica…I don’t want to lose any of you. I’ve never had friends like you guys.”

“Does Jughead know?” Betty questions, thinking of the knowledge she learnt not that long ago regarding his connection to the local gang. “About you and the Serpents?”

(Y/N) sighs, “No, he didn’t know. I didn’t want any of you to find out.”

“Is this how you knew Jason? Because of the drugs?”

“Sort of,” she admits. “We started talking in class. We actually had a bit in common. He heard from some guy in the team that I sold, he wanted in and I was reluctant at first. But he was in love and desperate. I felt bad for the guy. I told him to go to FP and I guess you know the rest.”

“Did you see the Blossoms on the 4th of July?”

“Cheryl sure does love to gossip, doesn’t she?” she ask. “Yeah I did see them that day. I hadn’t heard a thing about any sale Jason made, so I went to Thornhill and Cheryl took me to Jason. I confronted him about it-I was worried it would come back on me if he screwed up. He told me he had it under control and I left. That’s all.”

Betty took her time to take in all the new information and (Y/N) waited patiently, silent on the other end of the call.


“Okay? That’s all you want to say to me?”

Betty nods the best she can as she was lying on her side, then rolls her eyes at her reply that her friend couldn’t see. “That’s it. For now.”

“You don’t think of me any differently?”

“Oh, I definitely do. But I have a lot to think about. You’re still my best friend though and while I don’t…agree with what you’ve done for the Serpents, I’m trying to see it from your point of view.”

(Y/N) was stunned, not completely understanding what Betty had just said. She had expected something much different. 

“I should go now,” she finally says. “I’ve been away for too long by now, they’ll probably want me to help out with dinner or something.”

“Promise to call again soon?” she asks, a smile forming on her face.

“I promise. Hey, Betty?”


“I’m going to come back to Riverdale eventually, okay? I’ll find my way back.”

“I know.”

Betty rolls on to her back and stares at her ceiling for a while after their call ends. She thinks about how her friend is unhappy however far away she is and how well she had kept such a huge secret from them all.

She had no idea when (Y/N) would be back or where she would stay-how her parents would react or how she would support herself if she came back alone. But Betty didn’t want to think about all that. 

She eventually decided she wasn’t going to share this new knowledge with the rest of the group, she would wait for (Y/N) to return and tell them herself. Betty still couldn’t understand why (Y/N) had made certain decisions…but she had to try.

You're Best Friends and He Tells You He Loves You Before Tour but Ignores You When He Comes Back part 2

Part 1

“I don’t know, Niall. I just miss her is all.” Harry whispers, circling his finger around the top of the beer, thinking about every part of her he hasn’t seen in months.

“You should. Don’t know why you had to be so stupid about it.” “Beats me” he sighs, focusing on the drops of water on his canned beer. Suddenly, Niall’s door opens harshly, the door slamming against his wall. Y/n is bleeding, beaten, crying in hysteria. 
“Hey hey hey!” Niall panics, kicking his seat behind him before running to her. Her cheek is purple, her eye swollen as thick tears slid down her face. There’s saliva on her chin, her cries and sobs not allowing her to close her mouth. She’s pale, her body shaken up so much that she nearly collapses onto the ground, but Niall catches her before her body allowed her to. “Shit, shit” Niall curses, trying to keep her body up against his as he tries to drag her toward his couch.  Harry’s still, worry filling his thoughts. She looks so hurt, so, so hurt. The way half of her face is bigger than the other, and how her glowing body is not covered in sweat. He feels angry, angry that somebody had done this to her and that he wasn’t there to protect her like he usually is.  “Y/n. Y/n” Niall says softly, his eyes inspecting her injuries as she continues to rock her body. “You have to tell me who did this to you. You need to tell me what happened.” He whispers. She attempts to speak, but her lack of air and her continuously traveling mind makes it impossible for her. She tries again and again and again, until an inaudible whisper leaves her chapped lips. “Derek’s friend.” “Who the fuck is Derek?! And who the fucking hell is his friend?!” Harry immediately questions, his voice in a strangled growl as he punches the table with the side of his fist. Y/n flinches, his sudden harshness scaring her fragile state of mind.  “God fucking damn it!” Harry yells again, his body in a sudden adrenaline. He just couldn’t understand. Why would somebody hurt her like that? It kills him to see how hurt she is. She doesn’t deserve any of that, someone so precious doesn’t deserve this. She’s so innocent, so pure. He can’t even think about what she looked like while this happened to her, and he doesn’t want to.  “Harry, I need you to shut up for one second please. You’re panicking her.”  Niall lightly pushes her hair out of her face, shushing her softly as her sobs turn into soft cries.  “Love, now that you’re calm, can you please tell me what happened?” She nods, her head dropping down until her eyes meet her fingers. She gulps, her body shaking again.  “I was with Derek, for our date. And—and—and when I was in his home, after dinner, h—his friend barged in. He was screaming about money. Y—yelling that he needed his money back b—because Derek owed him a couple grand for I guess drugs or something. I tried to stop him, I—I did. He was beating him so bad and I just didn’t want to see it, but—“ “Okay, it’s okay. It’s all okay.” Niall coos. “He hurt you” Harry whispers, his hands running over his face, “he hurt you. He—oh God.” Harry starts to cry, because deep down, he really believes this is his fault. If he didn’t push her away, if he just kept her as close as he had his entire life, she’d be safe. She wouldn’t have even met Derek. She’d be happy, she’d be unharmed if she were just wrapped around his finger. But she wasn’t and he blames himself so much, that he’s nearly drowning in his own self pity. “Harry” She whispers, needing him to hold her. She needs safety, she needs security, which Harry had always supplied her with. “Harry.” she repeats. He slowly looks up at her, his eyes cloudy, but is still able to make out her beauty. He cries again, shutting his eyes with force, trying to get her broken body out of his brain. He shakes his head, as if to rid the images.  “You’re not okay, Y/n, I—can I hold you? Please let me hold you.”  She whispers a small “okay”, and that’s all the permission he needs. He gets up from his seat, taking slow strides to Niall’s couch, making his was to his love. He sits down next to her, but is hesitant to touch her. He reaches his arms out, but pulls them back to him quickly, scared to hurt her anymore than she is now.  “It’s okay.” she whispers, “it’s okay.” He nods, wrapping his arms around her tenderly, the way she should always be treated.  “I let you go. This is my fault. I’m sorry. I’m sorry I let you go.” “H—“ “I love you so much. I’m so in love with you, but when I came back, I blamed you for holding me back on my career. You were, you were because I love you. I love you so much I’m willing to push everything back for you. You have always come first, and I took that as a bad thing. I don’t know how I saw losing you easier than loving you, I don’t.” he sobs, “I miss you so much.” She sniffles, tears slowly falling down her cheeks. She rubs his back, tracing his spine as she’s lazily hugging him.  “’S okay. I love you, too. ’S okay.” “I’m gonna kill him, you know that? I’m gonna beat the living shit out of him.” He spits.  “Harry d—“ “Nobody ever hurts you. Such an angel, nobody ever fucking touches you again. Not a single soul lays a hand on you again.” He holds her closer, nuzzling his face into the side of her stomach, making her feel safer than she ever has been.
Misunderstanding G-Dragon (Kwon Ji Yong) BigBang

You open your front door trying not to faint right their and then. You hadn’t been getting any sleep because of your work, getting up at 4-5 in the morning and coming back at 10-11 at night. Sometimes you even stay in your office. It’s not like there’s going to be anyone home waiting for your arrival anyway. With jiyong gone on his world tour and you working so hard, your house just seems like an abandoned building.

You finally get inside, your lights automatically turning on, you hold on to the wall to keep balance as you take off your shoes. You walk pass your mirror that hung above your cute little turtle bowl for your keys, not bothering to look at your reflection like you would usually do. Honestly, who would want to look at you, you washed your makeup off in attempt to wake yourself up leaving your dark circles under your tired red eyes, your red nose and depressing skin for all to see, not like you cared. Everyone knew it was because of work but those who don’t know you and those who don’t know you shouldn’t even pay attention to you.

Your train of thoughts get cut off by your buzzing phone. You look away from the ground and answered it. It was your younger brother -AN-.

“Oh hey! How are you now?”

“I’m not going to say I’m good because you know I’m not but I’m doing better than last night.”

“That’s great to hear.”

“Yea, but I still can’t believe he would do such a thing!” His aggravated voice spoke threw the speaker, but you got distracted from a shuffling noise coming from the living room.

“Agreed, he’s such a dickhead.” You hear the shuffling noise again.

“Hey, babe I’m going to call you back later, k?” You say.

“Sure thing babe. Oh by the way thank you for last night, I really needed your comfort.” He says gently.

"Last night wasn’t a big deal baby, no need for that” you softly say “I’ll always be there for you after all if I’m not going to be there for you who will.”

“Uhh God, who else.”

"Shut up sassy pants!” You exclaim jokingly. Before he can say anything else you cut him of with a “bye, I love you.”

The moment you hung your phone up, you began walking towards the living room with cautions. You turn on the lights and the second you do a startled scream leaves your mouth when you see jiyong sitting on the sofa like a statue. He turns his head to look at, anger clear in his eyes.

“Why are you so late?” You don’t reply but your smile slowly leaves your face as he continues to throw questions at you.

“Do you know what time is it!” His voice got louder by each word.

“It’s 10:55 jiyong, I’m tired and I want to go to sleep.” You say annoyed. You walk to your kitchen to take your medications that you put in a Advil bottle not wanting Jiyong to know about them. You open the Advil bottle with a struggle, your hands feeling weak and num as if you just woke up. Dropping a pill in your hands you notice that it’s actually a Advil pills not your medications. ‘Somethings better than nothing’ you thought as you swallowed it with out water.

"Too tired now but you weren’t last night fucking that guy in our bed”

“What are you talking about?” You weakly yell confused. He traps you between him and the counter pinning your hands at your side.

“You know exactly what I’m talking about. The guys shirt’s on my side of the bed. The same guy who called you few minutes ago.” His whispers in your ear calmly, sending chills to your spine.

“Is this what you do every time I leave?”

“Answer me Y/N.”

His hands leave your hands and trails down your figure stopping at your ass, giving it a little squeeze, you restrain a moan from escaping. But you do close your eyes in pleasure as your body tries to squirm away from his hands.

"Is this what you gave away last night, are you that much of a slut that you would try to cheat on me.” His voice rougher.

Anger boils up as you hear what he said. “DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHAT YOUR TALKING ABOUT KWON JIYONG!” You push him away, all the tiredness vanishes by the time your done yelling.

“IF THAT’S NOT IT THAN WHAT! YOU STOPPED CALLING WITHIN A WEEK OF MY TOUR. YOUR FRIENDS SAY YOU’VE EITHER BEEN COMING HOME LATE OR NOT AT ALL. YOU TAKE FUKING DRUGS OF SOME SORT. HIDING THEM IN FRIKIN ADVIL BOTTLES, IF I HADN’T REPLACED THEM WITH ACTUAL ADVIL PILLS BEFORE LEAVING GOD, KNOWS WHAT WOULD HAVE HAPPENED TO YOU! I COME BACK EARLIER BECAUSE OF A GUT WRENCHING FEELING THAT SOMETHING HAPPENED TO YOU, JUST TO SEE!” He’s got you backed up to the wall, your eyes wide with surprise at everything that was said, you never realized that he had switched the pills before leaving because you never used the ones you hid, you always used the ones in your office draws and purse. But what surprised you the most is that he thought they were drugs.

“Just to see my girlfriend the one I thought loved me have another man shirt at the side of the bed, and her coming home close to midnight drunk and calling and telling someone babe and that she loves them.”

"If that’s not knowing what I’m talking about, than I don’t know what is.” A tear trickles down his face. His angry composure slowly breaks into a sobbing mess. He gets down to his knees gripping onto your legs, tears staining the soft fabric of your leggings as he mumbles a couple ‘whys’ here and there . Your heart breaks seeing him drown in a misunderstood misery.

You lower yourself to him slowly, now having him hug your torsos. Your chin rested on his head as he cries in your neck, your hand run threw his hair.
“It’s called jumping to conclusions and misunderstanding.” You say softly, kissing top of his head.

“Those weren’t bad drugs the were prescribed pills from the doctor, I put them in Advil bottles because I didn’t want you to worry about me. That shirts belongs to my younger brother A/N, you know the one who likes men just as much as woman do. His boyfriend cheated on him so he came over looking for comfort that only I can give him, he took his shirt of because my AC was broken and I had changed my clothes besides the bed, because I was to tired to change in the washroom. I had my AC fixed this morning by the way. I also am not drunk I’m tired, I thought you knew me Ji.” You tease him at the end. He pulls away from your neck to look at you in the eye.

"Why did you come home so late, jagiya?” His voice as innocent as a puppy, his eyes holding regret and sorrow as he looked into your eyes that are holding in tears from his words.

"I have an important meeting that was timed for tomorrow morning, I am also taking over my rivals company.” I tell him excited for the growth of your business.

“I’m so sorry jagy~”

You don’t reply, you just kiss him, a long sorrow filled kiss to show how much you had longed for him and his arrival.

"How about I give you the best night of your life Y/N.”

This is my first story ever
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Please forgive me, I can't stop loving you.

Min Yoongi!mafia x reader.

Genre; angst, fluff

Gender; Male x ?¿?

Warning; -

Word count; 1072 words.

“Yoongi?” You called out, sleep still present.

It was 3 am and arms that once had wrapped themselves secure around your body had left, now only a cold spot as to where the mint boy should’ve been was empty.
Light illuminated from underneath the creak of the bedroom door and slow and steady you had risen up and shuffled towards the door and into the hallway. Your feet shuffling against the cold and wooden floor.

The hallways had stopped and had become a big room with an open kitchen and a living room.
You scrunch your eyebrows when you saw Yoongi sitting in a chair shoved into a corner, starting at nothing while the lights where on at max.

Only when you turned down the brightness of the light Yoongi noticed your present.

“[Y/N]?” Yoongi croaked out, his voice sounded broken as he held his knees closer to his chest.

“Why are you up?”

“I can ask you the same.” You said and shuffled closer towards the mint boy who looked tired. You scrunched your eyebrows even further and placed a hand on his ever so smooth cheek, automatically Yoongi moved his head up to look up at you.

“What’s wrong?” You said in a whisper.

“Nothing.” His voice cracked.

“Yoongi.” You began to move your thumb up and down, causing Yoongi to frown. But instead of retreating your hand, you placed three fingers between his furrowed brows and pressed ever so slightly, causing him to stop frowning.

“Magic hand” you whispered out, a sleepy yet genuine smile spread across your face.
That’s when something tug onto Yoongi’s heart with a hard force, causing him to wrap his arms around your waist and pulling you in closer, burying his face into your stomach.

You where startled by the sudden action, but decided to brush it off and let it happen. Fingers comb through Yoongi’s hair which made him hold you even tighter.

“[Y/N],” you hummed.

“Please forgive me.” He mumbled into your stomach, you frowned.

“Yoongi wha-”

“Please forgive me, I can’t stop loving you.” Yoongi said, slowly moving his head up to look at your confused and furrowed face.
Slowly you lowered yourself down, practically sitting on the ground as you looked at Yoongi.

“Yoongi,” you said, your hands holding his.

“What are you talking about?”

“You why are you with me?” Yoongi asked in a tone that made your heart shake.


“[Y/N], I’m a bad person.

Why are you with me?” You vigorously shook your head, not sure how to react. It was the first time you had seen him act like this and you where just at loss and unsure how to react.

“I, I am a bad person [Y/N].” Yoongi said again.

“Yoongi you aren’t.” He was, in a way, and you knew it. But right now you had no idea what to say.

“Don’t [Y/N].

You know I am.” Yoongi wrapped his hands around yours and holding it tightly.

“Why are you with me?” He croaked out.

“Because your the one I only want.” You said in a hushed tone, your thump going up and down on the back of his hand.

“But [Y/N],” you felt him clench your hands for a second.

“I do bad things, I am a bad person.”
You honestly had no idea what to say, your mind was blank but your mouth wasn’t. So before you could process what you wanted to say, you had already spoken out.

“You are.” Yoongi’s eyes shot up and looked at you, slightly surprised by the agreement.
“But, that’s how others see you.” Yoongi cocked you an eyebrow.

“Perhaps you are a bad person, but I cannot seem to find it.”

“[Y/N], I kill people.”

“The bad ones.”

“[Y/N], I have sold drugs.”

“You have,” you sighed “but you are very cautions to who you sell it too.”

“What?” Yoongi said tilting his head.

“You look at age, documents and such.

You make sure to who you sell it to, not only that. You sell drugs in a non lethal amount.” You looked at Yoongi’s hands, who carried more blood on them than anyone else.
It sometimes did scare you, but he meant well. You know that, that’s why you love him.

“I do, but.” Yoongi began.
“I have my people all over the country and even beyond…

[Y/N] people are afraid of us.”

It was true, Yoongi was the boss of a notorious mafia that your elders used to warn you about whenever you would go outside, even when you where an adult yourself you got warned. The rumors scared you, but that quickly went away when you met Min Yoongi.

They said that the mafia he owned where all just a bunch of bad guys, but ever since you met the mint boy he was all but that. He was sweet like sugar and protective over you.

“That’s because they only heard but never saw.” You said, releasing one hand and made it’s way up to his cheek once more.

“Yoongi, you’re not a bad person.
Those who say you are haven’t been around you for even one second.

You’re the most sweetest guy I have met.”

“I’m not sweet, I’m bad.” Yoongi slightly pouted, which caused you to chuckle.

“Yes Yoongi, you’re the sweetest bad guy I have met.” This comment made Yoongi smile ever so slightly and caused him to slightly lean into your touch.

“You’re not afraid of me?” Yoongi asked in a careful matter.

“Oh yes very!” You said dramatically.
“That’s why I married you and always visit you.” Yoongi’s smile grew wider.

“So don’t deny me or yourself ever again okay?” You said, looking straight into Yoongi’s eyes.

“Because I love you a little more than I should.” You chuckled and Yoongi now showed his gummy smile that you fell for the instant you saw it.

Yoongi had tugged onto your arm causing you to being pulled forward into Yoongi’s warm embrace.

“God [Y/N], I need you like I do.” Yoongi mumbled into your shoulder, causing to let out a small laugh.

“What does that mean?” You said.

“It means,” Yoongi pulled you out of the embrace and inched closer towards your lips.

“Please forgive me, I can’t stop loving you.” And with that he planted a sweet kiss on your lips which you gladly returned.



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Originally posted by gaeku

I used to be ‘morbidly obese’. In the top photos I am approximately 300lbs. At my heaviest I was 312lbs. Those pictures were taken in 2009 prior to my weight loss surgery. My weight is something that I have struggled and obsessed with for most of my life. In 2009 I was 25 and i was borderline diabetic, I had high blood pressure, constant had back pain and was heading down a road of depression and significant health issues.

I had tried EVERY diet available to me at that time. Cash diets, fads, weight watchers, Jenny Craig, Dr. Bernstien’s, Herbal Magic, diet pills– you name it, I did it. I lost weight with many of them, but would quickly gain back the weight once I stopped the pills, ate 'normal’ (unhealthy) food, or stopped exercising. I joined gym, I hired a personal trainer- nothing was working. I talked my doctor and was referred to the doctor that could do my weight loss surgery. It was a long process- a huge and in-depth process of assessment to see if I was a good fit. First, the doctor made me quit smoking and the I was return to him 3 months after I quit. So after smoking on/off for 10 years, I quit. I wanted this so bad.

Backtrack a bit to 2006-I had always been overweight, but became extremely overweight while married to my ex (which was an extremely unhealthy and abusive relationship). Some people drink, some use drugs, I ate. I ate to cope and ate to numb my feelings. Fast forward to 2009 and I had been apart from my ex since 2007 and I met my soulmate in 2008- who loved me at my heaviest—- and encouraged me to become healthy and take care of myself. Without his support and encouragement I’m not sure where I’d be.

Anyway, so after multiple lectures from my surgeon “30% of people gain back the weight after survey, I won’t do the surgery again!” I realized that this was a big deal. This was my opportunity to change my life. It was my choice. I always loved a challenge and love to rise above. It didn’t take long after surgery to lose the weight. 100lbs fell off, the remaining 50 took longer, but I total I’ve lost 150 pounds and been pretty stable. That’s been amazing. I’m normal in everything- blood pressure, blood sugar, BMI, and I’m back pain free. I can run again without nearly having a heart attack!

But I’m not perfect and I don’t ever claim to be. I still struggle with my appearance and sometimes still see the 'fat’ me in the mirror. But I’ve been working on that.

We are all a work in progress. Nobody is perfect! I have a lot of extra skin since losing weight and I do not plan on having surgery to remove it all. For a few reasons- the cost, the pain, the time off and the amount of surgery I’d need (belly, boobs, arms, legs). It’s just not worth it. So my plan is to tone and build as much muscle and lose as much fat as possible. Tone it up!!

So the reason I am doing #Whole30 is to create healthier relationships with food. I’m looking for non-scale victories (NSV). I have grown and changed a lot since 2009 and 300lbs- I eat basically the opposite of what I used to- but bad habits have been creeping up- especially at night- so #Whole30 is a great challenge for me with the trade off of breaking some bad habits!

The Music of John's Stag Night

Sooooooo…tonight I got tired of all the music on my iPod and downloaded all of the songs that play during John’s stag night (among others). I put them in a playlist, listened to them all in a row, and had a total ball doing so. Back in January loudest-subtext-in-television made this totally awesome post about the music right after The Sign of Three aired, but then no one really seemed to come back to it (at least I haven’t seen any metas about it come across my dash?) and it turns out that this is a total tragedy!

If we take a close look at the overall messages provided in the songs that play throughout John and Sherlock’s bar hopping adventure, we see that the music choice was in no way random. The songs paint a perfectly coherent narrative of what’s going on in John’s psyche as the night progresses. Let’s start from the beginning:

[Shakin’ All Over by Johnny Kidd and The Pirates]

When you move in right up close to me
That’s when I get the chills all over me

Quivers down my backbone
I got the shakes in my thigh bone
I got the shivers in my knee bone
Shakin’ all over

Just the way you say goodnight to me
Brings the feelin’ on inside of me

Well, you make me shake and I like it, baby
You make me shake and I like it, baby

As LSiT said, Shakin’ All Over has Johnlock written all over it in general, but even moreso in the context of this episode. This is John’s stag night and it starts, right out of the gate, with John feeling shaky in regard to Sherlock. It’s not just that when Sherlock gets close John gets weak in the knees (and likes it), in the larger context of the episode, John is feeling shaky about his marriage thanks to Sherlock. And if the song is any indication (and it is), it’s getting worse the closer his newly dedicated BFF gets.

Following this opening statement, we get a little set of scenes in which John alternates between looking disoriented, really into it, and irritated as Sherlock shows him both physically and via his suddenly super-awesomely catchy theme music, that he is more than capable of having a good time doing perfectly “normal” activities with John.

[Fried My Little Brains by The Kills]

Got six troubles, on my back
Like six little milk teeth, all gone bad
Won’t move over, won’t get gone
Won’t move over

Fried my little brains [x4]

Only got ten minutes, better get me good
Pull out my little milk teeth, pull good
Won’t move over, won’t get gone
Won’t move over

Fried my little brains [x4]

After a few drinks the music (i.e. mood) is starting to get grainier. More rough and personal.

What this song tells us is that John has something troublesome weighing him down, something he feels he should have outgrown a long time ago that won’t go away. Someone else pointed out the connection in the lyrics to, “What’s it like inside your funny little brains? It must be so boring,” and I think that’s totally part of it too. John’s funny little brain can’t get over Sherlock and now the clock is ticking down. He’s getting married! He can’t afford to keep pining after Sherlock for the rest of time. He wants to pull those milk teeth out, get them gone, but yet he just keeps obsessing. His brains just keep on cooking.

[Crystalline Green by Goldfrapp]

Here we come, driving down
Deep and wide, settle down
On the beach, get the sun
Coming down, get and warm

Turn it down, settle down
On the beach, get the sun
On the down, jealous day
You can lounge, turn it down

I wanna waste it playing
Spend all our day in a dream
Crystalline green watch it rolling
Feeling the weight of the sun

Here we come, driving down
Deep and wide, blue and green
Breathing in, come alive
Here we come, with the stars

Letting slip in through my fingers
Little rings float in your eyes
Try forget who are you now
Stare into space, watch the sky

A few more drinks and John is starting to feel good. This is only natural since Sherlock was spot-on with his measurements. John is trying to let go of the things that are bothering him, to settle down and enjoy his night with Sherlock, and the lyrics tell you just exactly what John is thinking at this point. He wants to spend his time playing, to stay in a dream with Sherlock. He’s wishing that it could always be like this, and he wants to forget about who he is now (someone getting married), and enjoy this perfect dream while it’s here. But by the end of this song, he’s aware that the dream of Sherlock is slipping through his fingers, and he’s not happy about it.

[Galang by M.I.A.]

London Calling
Speak the Slang now
Boys say Wha
Girls say Wha-What [x2]

Slam Galang galang galang
Ga la ga la ga la Land ga Lang ga Lang
Shotgun get you down
Get down get down get down
Ge-d Ge-d Ge-d Down G-down G-down
Too late you down D-down D-down D-down
Ta na ta na ta na Ta na ta na ta

Blaze a blaze Galang a lang a lang lang
Purple Haze Galang a lang a lang lang
Blaze a blaze Galang a lang a lang lang
Purple Haze Galang a lang a lang lang

Who the hell is huntin’ you?
In the BMW
How the hell they find you?
1 4 7’d you
Feds gonna get you
Pull the strings on the hood
One Paranoid you
Blazing through the Hood [x2]

Blaze a blaze Galang a lang a lang lang
Purple Haze Galang a lang a lang lang
Blaze a blaze Galang a lang a lang lang
Purple Haze Galang a lang a lang lang

London Calling
Speak the Slang now
Boys say Wha
Girls say Wha-What [x2]

They Say
River’s gonna run through
Work is gonna save you
Pray and you will pull through
Suck-a-dick’ll help you
Don’t let ‘em get to you
If he’s got one, you’ve got 2
Backstab your crew
Sell it out to sell you [x2]

Blaze a blaze Galang a lang a lang lang
Purple Haze Galang a lang a lang lang
Blaze a blaze Galang a lang a lang lang
Purple Haze Galang a lang a lang lang [x2]

Ya Ya haaaaaa… Oh eh oh eh oh oh ya ya yay [x6]

This song cracks me up for real. I laughed my ass off listening to this thing. Not only does it have the line about sucking dick, it also tells us straight up that drunken John’s little brain has taken a turn toward the naughty.

The very first time I saw this episode (when it first aired) I wasn’t initially certain that John had meant to spike Sherlock’s drink. I thought maybe he was just trying to get more smashed himself because he wasn’t having much fun with Sherlock being so preoccupied with his phone app, and that he’d made a mistake, but no; it was definitely John’s intention to get Sherlock drunk.

These lines in the song; “Who the hell is huntin’ you? In the BMW. How the hell they find you? 147’d you. Feds gonna get you. Pull the strings on the hood. One Paranoid you. Blazing through the Hood,” are not about the ever-present threat of danger in the lives of the Baker Street Boys, they’re talking about John and how nervous he is to be trying to pull one over on Sherlock. The fact is, John is doing something he knows he shouldn’t be doing, and it’s making him really paranoid.

Now, if you want to apply this to him spiking Sherlock’s drink, straight male friends do shit like this to each other all the time in the name of good humor. John tells the bartender that Sherlock mustn’t see and he/she doesn’t think twice about it. It’s not something John really needs to worry about being busted for…unless of course he had a decidedly dubious motivation. But it’s more than that. Sherlock has literally drugged John multiple times before so I significantly doubt John feels bad about slipping Sherlock an extra shot of liquor. The real key to John’s guilt can be found in the line that says, “Backstab your crew. Sell it out to sell you.” He’s not really backstabbing Sherlock by getting him drunk. He’s not planning to laugh at him while taking video of him deducing into a gutter, no, the crew that John is considering backstabbing is Mary.

By the end of this evening, John is drunk, he wants Sherlock that way too, and he has every intention of cheating on Mary if Sherlock seems in any way amenable.

[We Found Love by Rihanna]

It’s like you’re screaming, and no one can hear
You almost feel ashamed
That someone could be that important
That without them, you feel like nothing
No one will ever understand how much it hurts
You feel hopeless; like nothing can save you
And when it’s over, and it’s gone
You almost wish that you could have all that bad stuff back
So that you could have the good

Yellow diamonds in the light
Now we’re standing side by side
As your shadow crosses mine
What it takes to come alive

It’s the way I’m feeling I just can’t deny
But I’ve gotta let it go

We found love in a hopeless place [x4]

Shine a light through an open door
Love and life I will divide
Turn away 'cause I need you more
Feel the heartbeat in my mind

It’s the way I’m feeling I just can’t deny
But I’ve gotta let it go

We found love in a hopeless place [x4]

Yellow diamonds in the light
Now we’re standing side by side
As your shadow crosses mine (mine, mine, mine)

We found love in a hopeless place [x8]

And who can blame the guy? John is so hopelessly in love he can hardly stand it.

So to recap; Sherlock’s closeness shakes John’s body and his morality. He knows he should be over it by now but he just can’t help himself. He knows how wonderful things could be, and even if it’s a horrible thing to do, John would definitely leave Mary if it meant he could have Sherlock because he’s so in love with him he’s ashamed of himself.

Poor John. That really was a truly awful stag night experience when compared against his hopes for it all…

unreplaceable  asked:

a great ??? addition to our fam ???? bless you for picking up such a minor character and fleshing him out

awh thank you –– i don’t want to sound like a broken record but i appreciate it. I love fleshing out characters that i feel need some recognition. i chose monty because i don’t really see him as a bully, i just see him as the kind of kid that gets into a bad group so he can avoid being bullied himself. He rebels and does drugs to fit in. He’s not a total douchebag. 


Freddie had his following appointment today after keeping a rough food/drink journal for the last week. His therapist is referring him for a video fluoroscopy and has instructed us to start thickening all his liquids from now on, because he needs it. He can’t drink without coughing and having problems. She also suggested we see if we can mix him epilepsy medication with something else, or dilute it - because he’s coughing on his bedtime dose of that too. I called his nurse and we can dilute it, but she did deliver her own bad news which is there are problems with the manufacturer of his drug so it’s likely he needs to change brand. In theory, these drugs should be the same but they’re not. Changing drugs comes with relapse concerns which I don’t want to think about right now. That is a bridge we’ll wait to cross.

In SALT, we also discussed his general breathing and snuffling. She asked if he had a cold, I said people always ask that but he is quite snuffly anyway. She asked if he goes quiet (breathing wise) whilst asleep then suddenly does a big gasp for air. James and I nodded in agreement straight away, that’s how he normally sleeps. She’s suggested referring him to Ears, Nose & Throat for an investigation. She said he could, possibly, have a sleep apnea and explained how adenoids and tonsils can cause problems in children sometimes. We also discussed how babies having irregular breathing and take big gasps… I guess James and I never realised before that maybe he should’ve grown out of it. James and I agreed to the referral. We may as well get everything check out, just to be sure.

The sobering thing about his drinking problems is that we don’t know if this is a new deterioration or whether it’s something that has just been missed. On top of that, we don’t know if it will continue to deteriorate or whether it will plateau with help to control things. I think that’s what I hate the most about this disease, you don’t really know what comes next. We just have to wait and just when I think things are good and I can breath a little more easily life throws us a video fluoroscopy.

What if Shinji were the one to originally give Ichigo his powers?

As requested by anon. :)

We’ve contemplated this kind of thing before - with Hitsugaya, Renji, Lisa, and Yoruichi. But what if the visored Shinji were the one to give Ichigo his original soul reaper powers, instead of Rukia? How would Bleach play out then? And just fyi, I’m imagining that Shinji has still been exiled and is a visored in this scenario. Because that seems fun.

1. Shinji would help Ichigo while just passing by.

As a visored in exile, Shinji wouldn’t be helping Ichigo because killing hollows is his job or anything. He’d just be passing by, maybe because Urahara hinted that that Kurosaki kid was special, maybe because Hiyori had been yelling at him and he needed a walk, maybe because he was playing air guitar in the sky. Who knows. But for whatever reason, Shinji would happen to see Ichigo trying to fight off a hollow with a stool, and would decide to intervene.

Shinji: Man, that kid is super going to die.

 Good thing I’m no longer a shinigami, so it’s not my problem!

Shinji: I-is he attacking with a freakin’ bar stool??

Shinji: That’s so sad that I can’t help but intervene!

2. Shinji would do a bad job at convincing Ichigo to accept his help.

In canon, when Shinji decided that Ichigo should become a visored, he did the world’s worst job of selling it. He basically implied that the visored were some kind of weird and probably evil cult, and then stalked Ichigo just to make it creepier. So in this new reality, when Shinji decides to transfer his powers to Ichigo, he might have a….difficult time selling it.

Shinji: There is….only one solution…

Ichigo: I’m listening!

Shinji: I am…. going to stab you…. in the heart…. with this very deadly… and sharp weapon…

Ichigo: …

Ichigo: So you’re going to murder me?

Shinji: Heh…. I didn’t *say* that…. come here… let me stab you with this… lethal weapon of death…

Ichigo: The bar stool is lookin’ pretty good right now.

3. Shinji would get info from Urahara.

Somehow, Shinji would manage to convince Ichigo to accept a good ol’ stabbing, and suddenly Shinji would find himself with no powers. As in canon, this would be Urahara’s moment to show up and offer his help. Only, Shinji knows Urahara. So Urahara would be slightly more honest with him. But only slightly.

Urahara: Hey there, Hirako. Need some help?

Shinji: Kisuke?? I haven’t seen you in ages! 

Urahara: I have a gigai for you. After that, I want to tell you why you need to help and train that human. It’ll help take down Aizen!

Shinji: A gigai, huh? That wouldn’t be one of those power stealing gigai that you got exiled for, would it?

Urahara: …

Urahara: Ha ha! Super not! I’d NEVER do something like that to a friend!

Shinji: …

Shinji: And yet sadly, I have really no choice.

4. Shinji would follow Ichigo to school…pretty much like he does in canon.

Shinji would naturally start to stalk Ichigo to convince him to become a soul reaper. And he’d act pretty much the way he does during the canon arrancar arc - he’d show up, flirt with Inoue, write his name backwards, demand to sit next to the most beautiful woman and then sit next to Ichigo, etc. etc.

Ichigo: W-what are you doing here????

Shinji: What do you mean, Ichigo? I’m here because I want you to [ominous pause] join me.


Shinji: I have no idea what you’re talking about. 

5. Shinji would try to involve the visored

Shinji, of course, has friends in the human world. Seven of them. He would naturally try to involve them….and they would refuse. Because Ichigo doesn’t have his own hollow powers yet. Why would they want to get involved in Soul Society affairs?

Hiyori: Help a HUMAN who is working as a SHINIGAMI?! 

Hiyori: You’re bein’ more of an idiot than usual, Shinji!

Shinji: You’d also be helping ME, you know.

Hiyori: Yeah, that doesn’t make it better.

6. Shinji would be arrested by Aizen and Hinamori.

Eventually Soul Society would get word that one of those escaped criminals is in the human world and has given powers to some random human. They’d send Aizen and Hinamori to arrest him….because Aizen really wants to see his old captain again (and gloat).

Hinamori: Escaped criminal Hirako Shinji, we are here to arrest you!

Shinji: Arrest me? Seriously? I thought there were orders to kill me on sight?

Hinamori: It is admittedly very strange, but those are our orders!

Aizen: Yes. I for one am so suspicious of these orders. It is as though Central-46 has been corrupted. I certainly hope nobody evil has taken it over. I am so worried about this.

Shinji: …

Shinji: So nice to see you again, Aizen.

7. Shinji would try (and fail) to convince people that Aizen is the evil one.

Back when he was a captain, Shinji never exactly told anyone that Aizen was evil. Regretting that decision now, Shinji would try (and fail) to convince someone (anyone!) that the real villain is Aizen.

Hitsugaya: Aizen clearly did not write this letter. Because he would not do something like that. Somebody is framing him.

Matsumoto: Um…didn’t that Hirako guy keep insisting that Aizen was evil?

Hitsugaya: Yes. He is clearly in league with Ichimaru.

Hitsugaya: Poor innocent Aizen.

Shinji: SON OF A -

8. Shinji’s cause would be taken up by……no one.

When Rukia was sentenced to death, many people eventually took up her cause - Renji, Ukitake, Kyoraku, etc. But Shinji? Most of the Gotei-13 doesn’t even know him. He’s been gone for a hundred years. He part-hollow. So I don’t see anybody defecting to help Ichigo rescue him.

Hisagi: Looks like that guy’s execution has been moved up again.

Renji: Good thing. I hear he’s dangerous.

Hinamori: I wonder why those ryoka want to rescue him so bad…

Kira: Drugs, probably.

9. Soi Fon would be extra mad at Yoruichi.

In canon, Soi Fon was super furious at Yoruichi for the whole abandonment thing. In this new reality, Soi Fon would be SUPER furious with Yoruichi for (a) abandonment and (b) returning to help one of those visored that Soi Fon hates.

Soi Fon: You’re even worse than I believed! You BROKE into Soul Society to rescue one of the CONDEMNED HOLLOWS?!

 Well it’s not like it’s the first time I’ve rescued him.


10. The visored find themselves pardoned a lot earlier.

In the end, of course, Ichigo would manage to rescue Shinji and everybody would realize that yes in fact Aizen was evil the whole time. This would mean that the visored would be pardoned a whole lot earlier.

Yamamoto: Whelp. It seems like we were wrong in condemning you all to death. Twice, in your case.

Yamamoto: Here is a coupon for a free drink at Starbucks. As an apology.

Yamamoto: We cool?

Shinji: …

Yamamoto: Because it looks like we need some new captains, so…

Shinji: …

Yamamoto: Are you mulling over this excellent offer?

Shinji: Yeeeeah…..we visored will be working for Ichigo from now on.

Yamamoto: But why

It’s not a myth that junkies hang together. Like finds like. Water seeks its own level. And not all junkies are scumbags - though many of them are. Some are just lost souls, misguided fuckers, or glamour seekers.

The vocalist from Alice In Chains, Layne Staley, was the latter. He did drugs before I met him, but he was always a sniffer. He’d snort heroin or coke. For some reason he came to see Ministry in Hawaii when we played right next to Pearl Harbor. He got backstage into the dressing room and saw Mikey shoot up. So he asked if he could try. I looked him right in the eye, held up a syringe, and said, “Are you sure you want to do this, man?” And he nodded. I feel really bad about that because we turned him on to needles, and now he’s dead.

I don’t feel responsible, because he was gonna find someone to shoot with; it just happened to be us. He did a dose and passed out and didn’t wake up. He was barely breathing, I didn’t know if he was dead or alive. I had to keep checking. Then he woke up, got some more dope, and shot up again. He took to needles like a fish to water, but I could tell he got into it for the glamour. That was a mistake. Other than the fact that he died from drugs, there’s no glamour in being a junkie. It’s the hardest job in the fucking world.

Al Jourgensen, Ministry frontman

Best Mistakes - Part 2 (Final)!

Summary: The time has finally come and after months and months of waiting, Dan is finally ready to give birth to his and Phil’s baby.

Genre: AU, Fluff

Word Count: 2,752

Warning: mpreg!!! don’t read if you don’t like mpreg!

A/N: Normally I don’t really do ‘more parts’ to mpreg fics that I write because I write sooo many of them but, because a few people asked me to write another part to 'Best Mistake’ I decided to! 

Part 1

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glassesgirl0401  asked:

If you're still taking prompts... Erujean in 31 pls?

I’ve not written any Erujean before, let’s hope I do it justice.


Jean kept an eye on two phones as he tapped away at his laptop and tried not to think about what was going on behind closed doors. How someone of Erwin’s Smith’s age and position managed to avoid getting his wisdom teeth out for so long was beyond him.

He’d honestly never considered that his boss might be frightened of anything; just working with him was sort of inspirational, and to become his PA had frankly been what Jean considered his greatest achievement to date.

It hadn’t been easy. Competition was fierce.

The doors opened and Jean pocketed the phones and got to his feet at Erwin was ushered out of the back area.

He looked, well, all right. A bit dazed. The operation must have gone well.

“Hello, Mister Smith,” Jean said, wondering what sort of state he was really in. “Feeling all right?”

“Terrible, I slept awfully,” he said. “We have to check out.”

“I’ve taken care of that.” He’d summoned the car as well, as soon as the door had opened.

“I thought I had luggage,” Erwin was frowning at his hands.

“It’s already been packed, you just need to go home.” He wondered if it was appropriate to reach out and guide him, given he didn’t seem to be prepared to move. Jean took his elbow, and Erwin allowed himself to be steered to the elevator.

This was so weird.

Erwin leaned against the wall as they rode down, and Jean tried not to twitch under his scrutiny. Erwin didn’t normally stare at him like that, and it was unnerving.

“You’re very good,” he said the way he made pronouncements about company policy, with gravity.

“Thanks, boss.”

“Arrogant,” he added and Jean stared at him, shocked. Erwin just smiled, lazily, and it was diverting. “I’m no better. That’s how we change the world. You’ve got every reason to be cocky; smart, hungry, handsome.”


It was a relief when the elevator doors opened. The car was waiting and Jean practically hustled Erwin into it.

“Just straight home,” Jean told the driver, just confirming that the schedule hadn’t changed.

“Where’s my phone?” Erwin asked, patting down his pockets.

“I’ve got it, and you can’t have it back until you’re back to normal,” Jean said, sitting in the back seat as well. “Your orders, Mister Smith.”

He sighed deeply, and stared out the window. “God, it must be awful,” he muttered.


“When they crush the peanuts. To make peanut butter.” He shook his head. “Carnage.”

Jean knew he was going to regret not recording this as he bit his lip trying not to laugh.

“We could go out for lunch. I’m very thirsty. Do you think they’ll have yoghurt?”

“I could get you some, but it’s probably best if you went home.”

“I don’t have a home. It’s a place. ‘Back to my place.’ Have I ever invited you there?” Erwin was sprawled on the seat, his head lolling back slightly, looking at Jean with half-closed eyes.

“Not like that you haven’t,” Jean muttered. “Yes, I’ve been to your place. It’s very nice.”

“It’s lonely,” Erwin muttered. “I haven’t lived with anyone for a long time. Don’t end up like me, Jean. You deserve better than that.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.” Loopy was entertaining, this was just a bit worrying. Luckily, Erwin seemed to have exhausted himself for now and lapsed into silence.

When they got to Erwin’s apartment building, Jean told the driver he could go; he’d catch an Uber later and he wasn’t sure how long he’d have to spend taking care of his employer.

“We’ve got to get some work done,” Erwin said, as they rode up to his floor. “Are you ready?”

“Yep. Whatever you need. Did you still want that yogurt?”

The question seemed to stump Erwin for a good five minutes and in the meantime Jean got him inside and his coat off and left him to flop down on the couch. He managed to find some yogurt in Erwin’s fridge and offered him some.

Erwin thanked him like he was a guest, and slowly ate some. “Everything’s fuzzy. In my mouth,” he said through a mouthful of the stuff.

“Yeah, you just had your wisdom teeth out. I’m not surprised.”

“No,” Erwin winced and hung his head at the words. “I don’t want to.”

“Hey, hey you already did, all right?” He put his hand on Erwin’s shoulder. “It’s over. You don’t need to worry about them again.”

Erwin looked up at him gratefully for a long, long moment. “I love you.”

Jean was pretty sure his jaw was hanging. He didn’t think anyone but his mother had told him that so earnestly before.

“Wow those are some good drugs,” he said. “That’s very nice, now maybe you should rest, okay?”

To his relief, Erwin agreed, and practically dropped off then and there. Jean rescued the yourt before it got all over the carpet and saw himself out, wrestling with an entirely confusing swirl of conflicting emotions and wondering what he should do next.

The next morning Erwin arrived at work on time and sat behind his desk with his head in his hand as Jean stepped in for his morning briefing.

“Should I be braced for a sexual harassment suit?” he asked, as Jean closed the door behind him.

“No,” Jean said, smiling. “There is this.” He slid a piece of paper across the desk and Erwin picked it up. “It’s my resignation letter.”

“Jean, no.” Erwin started to get out of his chair and Jean was a bit tempted to see what he’d offer him to stay, but that wasn’t what he wanted.

“I want to ask you out,” Jean said, looking him in the eye. “To dinner with me. And I can’t if you’re my boss.” He shrugged, a bit self-consciously. “It’s not like I can’t get another job. You’re not gonna give me a bad reference, right?”

Jean held his breath as Erwin considered.

“I accept,” he said finally.

“It’s in your diary,” Jean said, unable to stop himself from grinning.

Shameless Season 5 Character Wrap Up:  Carl Gallagher

Previous Wrap Ups

Oh Carl. The writers ignored any of your development in season four to force this shitty plot on you. Though that’s a rather common theme I’ve discovered while doing these wrap ups. The writers just completely ignored/forgot everything that happened in season four in order to make these plots make sense. Fiona struggling to live without her family? This season is new-and-improved Fiona who doesn’t give a shit about what her family is up to. Lip stepping up to take care of his family and learning to balance his two worlds? New-and-improved Lip wants nothing to do with his shitty Southside family. Carl worried about going to jail like Fiona did? New-and-improved Carl is going to “make juvie his bitch.”

Seriously, what the fuck happened?

I get that Carl was always a wildcard on what side of the law he was going to end up on, but this was pushing it. Especially after that really heartfelt moment last season where he looked genuinely scared of what going to jail might be like for him.

Onto the wrap up.

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