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Why I don't reblog & post content often on Tumblr?

Why I don’t reblog & post content often on Tumblr?

I know some people on Tumblr are probably thinking “Why does Bio don’t post or Reblogs often on Tumblr? Also why doesn’t he post content often on tumblr?” The honest truth is I am active on tumblr but I am mostly active on Twitter. On tumblr I mostly just look at artworks and photos. I know I should post my content often on here. But I gotta start doing that. Even on my tumblr page I try to avoid doing re-blogs on here. It’s because I don’t want to be one of those Sh*t-poster on tumblr. It’s because I don’t want to reblog anything that is not funny or interesting to the viewers. I just mostly wanted to post my stuff only and reblog fan arts from the fans. Even when something really important happens on Tumblr I will reblog it to spread awareness to others or to simply help others. I know many people enjoy rebloging other people’s content. One time I even thought about creating a reblog page on tumblr. But I’m not sure people will enjoy it. I don’t know, What you guys think? Let me know in the comments.

But yeah a lot of people on Tumblr really enjoyed the reblogs on here. Every time I look at my status updates and feeds, I always see them reblogging interesting thing or funny thing. But in all honesty I got nothing against people reblogging stuff. Plus I gotta get more into doing blogs on here as well. I’ve done a couple blogs on Furry Amino. But seriously I gotta post more blogs on here, I just hope people will comment on them. When I work on blogs on social media, I just love seeing people’s opinions in the comments section. It’s just interesting to see peoples opinions on stuff. But sometimes I don’t like reading the comments from attention seekers, Trolls or kids trying really hard to be my friend.

Anyways, It’s interesting that I have 3000 followers on tumblr. Most of the just want to see the fursuit and Artwork. So I’ll try my best to post more fursuit photos and artwork. I can also try to do more of thos animated Gifs of Al the wolf. Cuz people enjoy them on here.


hey y’all! my name is silas and I’m a 21 year old nb trans artist living in mississippi.

I do all sorts of art but what I typically sell on etsy are my handmade mixed media fan collages. they’re on hangable wood panels of various sizes. I work with a lot of glitter which is hard to photograph sometimes!! everything is very well sealed with semi gloss varnish. I really do pride myself on how sturdy and durable my collages are. these things aren’t flimsy, the glitter if used is definitely not going anywhere, and I work really hard on keeping air bubbles out of my work.

here’s a link to my etsy and while you’re there check out my 94 positive reviews and my past 278 sales!

right now I’m trying to get some commissions! I’m out of school right now so I have a lot of time to work on them right now. this is also my only source of income right now. 

when you message me about a commission, let me know your budget, what size you want your collage, and what all you’re looking for me to include. you can send me specific photos too!

So in honor if this exciting achievement I have decided to give away an album, poster and extra photos cards.
What am I giving away exactly?
I’ll be giving away The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Part 2 Blue ver. With a wings era poster and extra photo cards!
So, there is only 1 winner.
Rules to enter:
1. Must be following googlebts, because this give away is for my followers.
2. Like and Reblog this post with the reason why you want to win the album and the country where you’re from. So, when reblogging add your reason and country underneath the post. I won’t read tags.
3. Have your ask box open, so I can contact you!!!
4. No giveaway blogs, I’ll check.
If you don’t fulfil rules above your entry won’t count.
When will I choose to announce the winner?
July 11th the the deadline so somewhere around there once I contact the winner.
I’ll message the winner first and give them 24hrs to reply. If there’s no reply
** If you have any questions don’t hesitate and message us.
**The winner will of course be choosen randomly


S/O to @fyeahthe8 < I saw them do this for Seventeens 2nd university and I thought it was cool

Welcome to The Calt Phannies Net! (note: calt= cat cult and this started off as a joke based off  this post so don’t judge us too harshly okay) 

about the net!

- this net is hosted by @serenephil and @danopoly!

- calt= cat cult (the peak of our creativity is at 12 am, phacts only.)

- no, you don’t have to adore cats or anything, as long as you appreciate them you’re welcome here!

- we will be accepting about 12-15 people! (and possibly more in the future)

- the deadline for applications is April 21st! (may be extended or shortened depending on how many applications we get)

- this gc  will be on imessage, so please take this into consideration before filling out the typeform!

what you must do to join!

- must be following julie, megan, and the caltphannies net blog!

- must reblog this post!

- must be 12-18 years old to apply!

- your blog doesn’t have to be solely dedicated to dan and phil, as long as you like them it’s fine!

- must fill out this typeform!

cool things about the net?

- some cool new friends/mutuals!

- some nice lil reblogs/likes on selfies and content!

- fun lil  bants!

- sharing your dankest memes!

- skype calls (but only if you’re comfortable with it when the time comes, don’t stress about it too much!)

- movie nights on rabb.it!

- cards against humanity!

- sharing cute cat photos! (or any animals you want for that matter)

- discussing dan and phil with fellow dnp lovers!

if you have any more questions, please send an ask to the caltphannies net blog, and even if you aren’t going to apply, reblogging to spread the word would be appreciated!

(p.s. if this gets less than 50 notes then it didn’t happen)

Fellow Dogblrs,

I have an idea for a fun project that I would love for others to participate in: The Dogblr Flower Hunters Project. The idea is simple: walk your dog(s), keep your eyes open for flowers and take photos! Tag your photos with #dogblr flower hunters.

-flowers can be in your own yard or in your neighborhood, at parks and trails, etc– but please be respectful and don’t allow your dog to trespass or trample your neighbors’ flowers in order to get photos!

-the focus of your photos can be mainly your dog, or mainly the flowers. It’s up to you. If you can’t get your dog in every photo that’s fine too. Try to have at least one photo with your dog in each photoset to keep it Dogblr related.

-all dogs, all flowers, and all quality photos are great! I love seeing beautiful professional-quality photos but I also don’t want people to be discouraged from participating because they (like me) only have a smartphone or an old camera and not an expensive setup.

-Don’t get hung up on the quality of the shot. Get as creative as you want, process and edit if you like, or just snap a quick pic. It’s not a competition, it’s just for fun and community.

-For extra fun, if you know what the flowers are, identify them in your post. If you see someone else’s post and want to identify their flowers, go for it! Be comfortable with others reblogging your photos and adding comments.

I like the idea of seeing what’s blooming in everyone else’s neighborhood, and I love the idea of other dog walkers exploring new areas and staying out longer with their dogs just to scope out new flowers, not to mention taking the time to appreciate their surroundings. Please join the project!


BTS Hyung Line X Confetti Home & Lock Screens 💙💜💖

{ requested by @x7wika }

Like & Reblog if u use, like, or save! :)

Note: Sorry Hobi only has one photo that isn’t full sized- I looked through every app I had that has photos of BTS and I couldn’t find ANY photos of jhope in confetti (besides the YNWA concept photos, but I figured everyone has seen it/has it already so I didn’t want to use it)

Maknae Line X Confetti Here

About that pic of Koogi

Hey guys, apparently the photo of Koogi’s face is not supposed to be spread online. I’ve seen tweets and comments saying that there is a sign at her booth saying no photo permitted. Don’t know if the original poster on twitter noticed, but OP of the post on tumblr didn’t know that, which I can’t blame since we don’t see that sign in the photo.

Since I wasn’t at the expo, I can only go by online comments. But to be safe than sorry, if any of you reblogged that post, it would be great if you can delete it. I have deleted mine. It is completely understandable if Koogi doesn’t want her face to be known online, and let’s respect her wish. 


binder positivity by joey


I’m looking for fish/aquarium blogs to follow! 🐠
please like and/or reblog this if you’re a fishblr who is supportive of the lgbt+ community. the reason I’m asking for that specifically is that I’ve followed a few blogs only to later found out they were homophobic/transphobic and it made me very uncomfortable. fish are my special interest and I want to be able to see photos of them and read about them without worrying that something that makes me feel uncomfortable or unsafe might show up on my dash.
if you like or reblog this I’ll check out your blog and probably follow you!


In light of the other post - I’ve kept meaning to do it but never got around to it, here’s a comparison from my very first make up test to one of my most recent ones.

Even if you feel intimidated by a cosplay, and I know I do all the time especially when there’s props involved, know that you don’t have to be. There’s only about a year between these photos and you can make so much improvement in just a short amount of time.

I want to say thank you to every person who’s ever said “your cosplay is awesome” or tagged “holy shit” in the reblogs. Your kind words are what encourage me to keep getting better.



♥Come mid MARCH(pushed back a bit) I will selling some pins, mirror, and selfie Photo cards! They come in sets! 17$ and everything above. There are 7 pins, 1 pocket mirror(group photo), and the 7 photocards. The price will also include shipping. tracking, and packaging! ^^ That price is for US buyers only. Because it will go up for international buyers due to shipping. I will give you the best deal as possible! ^^

I am doing this to help me raise money for something very important to me and my job simply does not give me enough hours!

I have many buyers set up all ready, so if you want to buy a set all you have to is REBLOG this post. I will gladly put your name down for a set. Then I will notify your as soon as I get everything.

I accept pay pal and money orders~ ^^ No payment accepted until I get goods. This is just for I can get an idea of how many people are interest

Eldarya Selfie Date: April 27!

Okay, as everyone knows, Eldarya Selfie Day was going to happen at the 15th of March but because of many problems with porn blogs taking advanage of people´s pictures it was delayed, but now that it was found out a way to counter-atack it, we can finally do it!!! \o/

I shall explain the rules of Eldarya Selfie Day!

  • You have to take the selfie of yourself while using something related to your Guardienne´s powers.
  • For example, my Guardienne´s powers has roses invloved so I will take a selfie of myself with a rose ^^
  • In case of mermaids, taking with sea objects- real or not- is a way too!!!
  • And it goes on. It can be something simple, not complicated at all. :D
  • It doesn´t have to be in specific your Guardienne´s power! It can be some physical trait if you do not think of something else :D
  • It can also be something that both ofyou like! For examply music or reading! Pick up a book or earphones and take a selfie with it ^^
  • Guys,let your imagination go wild here!
  • If you are someone who is an expert on make-up or doing hair styles, try to imitate your Guardienne´s hair style and/or make-up!! It´s up to you!! :D


Now, some more things I need to talk about it. THE TAGS!!! There will be 2 of them: #eldaryaselfieday and #eldaryaselfieday2k17. This way it becomes less messy ^^

Another important thing: If you aren´t aware of what you can do if a porn boot tries to use your photo, please, go HERE! This way, everyone will stay out of danger if we all are carefull of it ^^

Well, that´s it! I will keep reblogging this post once per week until the day comes so that everyone can see it. Please, do reblog this post in order to reach as many people as possible :D

Can´t wait~


🍃🌸🍃Looking For Active Animal Crossing Blogs🍃🌸🍃

Reblog/like if you have a active AC blog! Or if you follow me & would like to help get my message across feel free.🙊 I want to follow blogs that post AC stuff only or mostly.

I post photos of my mayor (photos above) or screenshots of my town, & visits from dream addresses I visit. I’m also big on reblogging AC art & I’m a active blogger!



Hello to the people who are reading this! >3< Let’s do an activity all right! Everyone can join, followers or not. This is to show my gratitude to the people who like, reblog, and even follow me! Thanks guys. You don’t know how much you all mean to me. ;3; I’m so happy.

 To participate, all you have to do is reblog and add a photo of your persona or OC. Only one please. I will also accept Undertale Aus but it has to be yours.  It doesn’t need to be a full color picture. It could be a sketch. Once you got your sketch, please pick a number on the person’s face so I will know which place you would want to be and I’ll draw them. Also, if your shy to reblog, you could PM (Private message). That work with me as well. Join if you want to! First come, first serve!

 Also thank to @burebu-luxiu for inspiring me with theirs. Here is example when reblog and here is an example when finish.  

 Due date is the end of this month. Unless it’s full.

Numbers that are taken > (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 14, 15, 20)

Introducing Hidden Meow Art

Hi there! It’s me @lucystarkid attempting to set up a side blog and be a little more professional with my art. 

I’ll be posting all of my finished pieces here from now on, like Jolene and Georgie and Flo. If you want to follow me and/or reblog this post to help me spread the word, I would love it, and i promise not to spam you with loads of WIP photos. 

Also, if you are interested in commissioning me to paint something for you, a pet of yours or just an animal you especially love, this is the best place to message/send asks so that I can keep it all in one place and be semi-organised. Thank you so much to those of you that have already spoken to me about this, I am keeping a list and I will be in touch very soon. 

Thanks again for how supportive you’ve all been. 

Lucy <3