i wanted to re-read all the books in order

the fic rec

Hello, and welcome to this collection of a hundred or so het and slash fics I’ve read and loved!! 

Everything is in alphabetical order and sorted by boy/pairing, and because I have so many Harry fics, I’ve separated them into four different categories, and you can also use the legend below to figure out what you want to read!!

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new project alert

Re-read the entire Dragonriders of Pern series by Anne McCaffrey (plus the Todd McCaffrey books) in chronological order. 

Okay, so I generally have a list between 50 and 100 books that I want to read.  Normally with a list this long I would get stressed, but that’s never the case with books because I just love to read. ALL. THE. TIME.  And knowing there’s always something to read next makes me happy. Well told stories invigorate me, inspire me and make me want to socialize in the real world so I can blabber about how amazing x, y or z was in whatever universe I’d just come back from. 

Most of the books on my list are ones that I haven’t yet read and have been recommended to me by good friends, family or generally people’s whose opinion on books I trust and respect.  But every so often (okay more than that), I want to go back and re-read a series.  And with my adventuring about to start picking up speed, having a solid collection to bring with me is key. (I mean I’m looking at several 13 hour flights).

So. My new project is going to be tackling the Pern series in chronological order. Which, as soon as I realized I had never done, became that thing I had to do. Immediately.  So I’m sorry new authors and new books that I’m sure I’m going to love, you will have to wait just a little while longer while I immerse myself back in the world Anne McCaffrey raised me in.

heathercat56 asked:

Out of curiosity/survey, what sequence did you actually end up reading the books in? Me: O, DIA, Voy, Drums. I then stopped and read ALL the Lord John novels and novellas, because I REALLY wanted the missing context of Jamie/LJG and I didn't think Diana covered it as in depth as I wanted within just Voy and Drums. Then re-read O and DIA and I just started re-read of Voy before I'll reread of Drums and then finally FC and the remaining bulges. All since March of this year.

WOW. I am reading them in order – I am currently on book seven. I am reading it very slowly because who knows when we’ll get book nine. I need them to last!

How are the Lord John novels? I might read them after I finish 8. 

Summer plans tag

Lovely straight-a-girl just tagged me in her new tag #summerplans and encouraged me to write about my plans for the rest of the summer!
My plans are;

• Working - I work at a bar/restaurant and I’m working a lot right now to save money for my school books, pens and the computer I’ll rent from school. It’s a really nice work and my colleagues are SO nice!
• Reading a LOT! During the school year I don’t have that much time to read all of the books that I want to, you know how it is, you have to do homework all the time and when you’ve finished you’re homework you’re WAY to tired to read that great book.
• Just rest, I had a rough school year last year and this year will be even worse so I have to relax now that I can in order to get trough the upcoming semester.

And now, I’ll tag the blogs that I want to do this;
ashamelessdreamer studylikehermione professionalfreshman psychoticgoldfish way-to-study moonlitestudies studyhardandachieve studyhardlikegranger happyyellowblogger thestudyingdinosaur and muffilato
I wanna know all of your summerplans!

Have a nice day everyone!

anonymous asked:

i really want to read gillian flynn's books, and i know they're not tied together at all but is there one that i should start with? all my friends read gone girl because of the movie but sharp objects looks really good as well! thank you and have a wonderful day :)

really, you can start with any! they are all so fantastic. i personally read dark places first, then sharp objects, then gone girl. not for any particular reason, simply because that’s the order they arrived for me at the library. it can be tricky, but just pick one you want to read and go from there!

puppetwithapistol asked:

Same and recently I read a romance that was SO badly written that it made me not want to read for a good week! Oh and I would love it if you could give me book recommendations! 💛

Of course! My taste might be slightly different from yours but here are ones I enjoyed reading.

These are in no particular order:

▪To all the boys I’ve loved before and Ps. I still love you both by Jenny Han
▪Kira-Kira by Cynthia Kadohata
▪Rain song by Alice J. Wisler
▪Romeo and Juliet Code by Pheobe Stone
▪Harry Potter Series by J.K Rowling - they really are good books if you’re into that

Sorry it isn’t a lot but it’s 1:30 am right now and I wanted to get this out before the next morning

angrychill asked:

ive been wanting to read terry pratchet for some time, but a) i dont know where to start and b) they're not available anywhere nearby.... help?

A) Where to Start

Although each novel has a number, they’re actually grouped into different series that at times reference eachother, but more or less exist as their own tales occuring in the same world. There are handy graphics out there that show which books belong to what series and in what order, like this one here. They all have that same great T. Pratchett wit, but the characters and themes are different, so where to begin is really a matter of what your preferences are.

City Watch follows the life of Sam Vimes and the city guards of Ankh Morpork, as they go from a small, largely inept band of maligned wash-ups to a well-functioning police force in an increasingly modern city. It’s everything I love about crime drama and high fantasy meshed into one. A conspiracy involving a werewolf family and dwarven royalty, a series of murders that point to a dragon as the culprit, finding a place for gnomes and vampires in the police force… all great stuff. Also, some of Pratchett’s most poignant satire.

The Witches novels follows, well, the witches of the Discworld, primarily the begrudgingly-good Granny Weatherwax, jovial matriarch Nanny Ogg, and “wet hen” Magrat Garlick. These books tend to be lighter in tone (so far) and poke fun at fairy tales and the various portrayals of witches in English literature. Anyone can enjoy them, but they’re much more amusing if one has a working familiarity with Shakespeare as well as fairy tales. My personal favorite of these is Wyrd Sisters, which draws a lot from MacBeth.

The Death Novels are about Death the character, who appears in almost every Discworld novel at least briefly. They’re great, but it’s best to read at least a few from any of the other series so that you’ve seen the character before jumping into the series about him and his family/assistants.

The other series I haven’t touched yet, so I can’t say much on what’s good about them or what sort of person would like them most, but I’ve no doubt they’re great, and you may want to read more yourself on what they contained.  Rincewind or Tiffany Aching might be more to your liking, you never know!

B) Where to Find Them

There are e-book and audio-book versions of the books on amazon if you’re not interested in a physical copy. Personally, I really like the audiobooks, because I can enjoy them anytime anywhere and am free to doodle characters while I do, and the readers are all very good.

If you want to find them for free, well… I can’t say anything about that other than that there is definitely is a place somewhere where you can probably find some of them.

drsxreid asked:

Some of my favourites: Looking for Alaska, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Dark Places, Vicious, all of the Harry Potter books (obviously) currently reading The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson and I'm loving it so far!

Still need to finish The Perks Of Being a Wallflower and Looking for Alaska. But probably won’t finish it anytime soon. I really liked Dark Places. I like all Gillian Flynn’s books. Vicious is on the top of my to be read pile! Just need to save money and find it in my local bookstore in order to get it. I also really want to read The Final Empire! Heard nothing but good things about it and I need to get my hands on it soon. I’m glad you're loving it so far!


Message me what your favorite books are and what you’re currently reading!

okay, now that i ate dinner, i will finish reading my daily does of odesta fic’s && then work on my verses here. it would be also nice if i would stop listening to the whistle song soon, because i think i’m starting to be a little addicted        oooohhh, let’s not forget about how i should start ordering books to school, i want to do it sooner this year.

“… I have my own theory: in the absence of male attention we became infatuated with our books and couldn’t tolerate the touch of other hands, the glance of other eyes, on the skin we adored. And so we shut our doors, shut our lips, and retreated to the stone interior, to gloat, to fondle, to read.” (P.105)

Alright, at first, I scoffled because I thought it was simply implying that all the librarians are straight women, but, after rereading more closely, Miller is just saying that they’re such a tight knit order that they don’t want any outsiders coming in and messing with them.

Like, sexually.

Alright, this is getting better, past all the penis references.