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i know this isn’t a big deal since a lot of you post makeup-less selfies every week (and you fucking slay wow), but i never do and i wanted to switch it up i guess. my skin has been looking extra good and i’m happy with that, but even if my acne was at its worst i’d still love myself, you know?? life’s too short to put yourself down over something you can’t change and i don’t want to waste my time doing that sooo have a fabulous wednesday #inspirational

Are The Girls Here?

Author: Juju

Pairing: Shawn Mendes x Reader

Warnings: fluff…so much fluff, also sorry for any typos or mistakes. If you find any, drop by my inbox and tell me please?

Word Count: 3.1k …sorry?

Summary: At one of Shawn’s Q&A’s, the fans seem to be more interested in you and Aaliyah than they are Shawn.

A/N: There was a Shawn imagine where it was similar but it didn’t include Aaliyah or the same questions. I asked the writer of that fic ( @1-800-sassy-mendes)  if she was ok with it and she was! Hope you understand! Xx


“y/n? y/n wake up, Shawn’s doing the q&a and you said you were gonna come with me.” Aaliyah said as she shook you awake. 

“I’m up! I’m up. What’s-what’s Shawn doing?” You mumbled as you slowly rose from the couch. 

“The q&a! Come on! It just started!” She whined.

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(English Subs + Text) Soraru and Mafumafu’s new Cooking Videos

”I tried making Sticky Ramen for my friend”
I’ve subbed Soraru’s latest video on his official channel where he tries to cook a meal for Mafumafu! :O If the English subs don’t pop up immediately, click the gear icon and enable them~

Below the “read more” is the full transcript for Mafumafu’s video!
Watch Mafumafu’s video here.
I can’t subtitle it because his channel doesn’t have community contributions enabled, sorry! ;_; But feel free to share the link to this post if you see people wanting to know what’s happening in the video!
This goes line by line and might be a bit hard to understand without the video side by side, so feel free to ask if you have any questions~ I hope you enjoy both videos! :)
(Please do not use these translations to upload a subbed version of either video to Youtube or anywhere else)

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Headcanons for the chocobros when they discover their lover keeps photos of them with embarrassing captions like "love of my life", "best bf", "prince charming" xD

Omg I love this idea so much! :’) I’m sorry if these are a bit long!


- Noct would be lounging around in the tent one day, probably looking forward to going to sleep or something.
- His eyes happen to land on his s/o’s bed set up, realising they hadn’t put away all their stuff properly. Something in particular was quite curious…
- Of course, this boy cannot resist going over to check it out. (This is the same guy who wants to check out dungeons just because after all).
- He’d pick up the slip of paper to see it was actually a picture. Of him. With a cutely drawn crown on top of his head. Underneath his face were the words ‘My prince charming!’
- Noct would gasp and blush like mad.
- Awkward mode initiated.
- But he would also feel so happy and loved. God damn it my lover is too cute.
- He’d also really like that they used the phrase prince charming, since he half jokes that he is one constantly.
- Once he’d recovered his cool as best as he could, he’d head out of the tent.
- “Be back in a bit guys!”
- When he comes back he is super shifty, s/o notices at once.
- “Can I uh… uh speak to you, like, over there?”
- Chocobros are amazed at his smoothness as always. S/o humours him and they finally have privacy.
- He is so adorable and awkward. One hand behind his back, the other scratching the back of his neck and dear gods his can’t make eye contact.
- “So… I just went for a walk, and well, kinda found these.”
- Literally shoves flowers into his s/o’s hands.
- Crickey is it hot in here? Nope, just my face.
- S/o can’t stop grinning. It’s obvious he went to look for them.
- When they return to camp, the others look at each other and just shrug.
- Noct mentally pats himself on the back.
- Ah yes, smooth as silk.


- Would be walking behind his s/o one day seeing that they have a photo in their hands.
- “Hey, whatcha got there?”
- S/O would grip the photo tightly and run around the room, Prompto would literally have to chase them down if he wanted to see it! Which of course, he’d be dying to.
- Finally manages to snatch the photo out of his lovers’ hands, only to see it’s a candid picture of him that he didn’t know existed. With some writing on the bottom?
- “Sunshine boy, l-love of my life…?”
- His face is on fire. Like, tomato boy red, his hand covering his mouth.
- Heart is racing. I’m… I’m the… of their life?
- Doesn’t realise he has the most ridiculous, most goofy grin on his face behind his hand!
- S/O is like… “Prom, are you okay?”
- Finally snaps out of it.
- “Yeah… but you could have used a better photo of me, look here are some of my selfies from our journey.” Tips a handful of photos out, mostly with his chocobo. Distraction tack-tick!
- S/O face palms and snatches the picture back.
- Prompto is smiling for the rest of the day, cannot get the image out of his head!
- Would tell everyone. “Hey, hey guess what I am. A sunshine boy!”
- I don’t think his s/o would understand just how much it would mean to him. Is an absolute lovely dovey mess.


- Gladio and his s/o would be lounging under a tree together in the brief moments they could manage to steal away together.
- S/o would be laid on his chest, both with a book in their hands.
- They would turn the page, totally forgetting what they had been using for a bookmark.
- Both watch as the little square falls and lands on the centre of Gladio’s stomach.
- His lover goes to reach for it but damn it he is so much quicker.
- Damn those lighting fast reflexes!
- “Hmm what’s this?”
- It’s a picture of him that Prompto had taken mid-fight, his s/o must’ve swiped it from him. And in the corner was a heart with the words ‘My gorgeous Gladdy’ scrawled in it.
- S/o has their head in their hands this is so embarrassing.
- Gladio laughs so warmly, and moves the fingers obstructing his lover’s eyes.
- “So you think I’m gorgeous huh?”
- He is not shy at all, he thinks that it is so cute.
- His heart is singing, confirming just how much he was head over heels for his partner.
- “Ob coush.”
- Gladio sits up causing his s/o to move their hands and repeat themselves.
- “Of course.” They can’t look at him.
- Gently he would lift their head until their eyes make contact, seeing that dazzling, warm smile of his they loved so much.
- “Let me show you how gorgeous I think you are.”
- His arms bring them back down on the floor where he gives the most passionate kiss his could muster, hoping that he was getting across just how happy that photo had made him.
- He was.


- Iggy would be at his s/o’s house, waiting for them to come back when he spotted their jacket on the sofa.
- Can’t resist picking it up and putting it back on the coat hook for them.
- As he puts it away, something falls out of the pocket and flutters to the floor.
- “Hmm?”
- He reaches down to pick it up and put it away, but stops as he sees it’s a picture of him.
- “What…?”
- It’s a picture of him and his s/o laughing at something Gladio was saying, but it looked like there was writing on the picture…
- Ignis’ heart would thump as he read the words written in the handwriting he knew so well.
- World’s best boyfriend!
- Would definitely love knowing his s/o felt that way, but would seriously want to live up to those expectations not that he doesn’t already.
- S/o gets home finally to see a banquet pretty much, prepared for them with all their favourite things.
- Ignis pampers them anyway, but that night he would seriously ramp it up a notch.
- Backrubs? You got it. Kisses? Constantly. Cuddles? Absolutely!
- Here let me run you an extra bubbly bath.
- S/o wouldn’t say anything because they would be enjoying it too much, but wonder what brought it all on.
- Later they would go to sneak a look at the picture they keep in their jacket pocket like usual, but this time look at it in surprise.
- There was now some more elegant script on the photo next to them.
- World’s most precious partner.


Life is Gay

Edit: Okay had 2 change the caption bc people were taking it the wrong way?? I dont hate gay people my two favorite characters are gay so like?? Dont say someth abt it if u dont look at the rest of my page guys!


a while back I promised I’d make a post about my coloring process. Twitter followers voted on opal as our model so here she is! (Click the images for captions)

I feel like my process is pretty basic but if even one person learns something then it’s worth it. 

edit: putting the captions under a read more too for people who can’t see them

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Over the Garden Wall art here we are. I love this show waaaaaay too much and I don’t think I’ve ever actually drawn anything for it??? Apart from the constant doodles living on the edge of my math homework. For another friend’s birthday.

Hey everyone, so I hope I don’t seem naggy or anything but I just wanted to say again that if you make stimboards you really really should credit the people who first posted the gifs and images you use. And I also wanted to let people know that if you think you can’t credit because you make your boards on mobile: you can. You most definitely can and here are two ways I’ve seen people credit that would work on mobile:

  • Tag the OPs in the caption. This is how that would look:

As a gifmaker who has been credited this way, I promise it’s not annoying, we already get so many notes that one more isn’t a problem, and personally I like to see what you have done with our gifs and am glad to see you credited us. Also, if you do it this way and you used something of ours we’ll probably see it and reblog it, so there’s some further incentive to do so!

  • Put the OP’s url in the tags. Here’s what that would look like:

If you don’t want to tag the OPs in your caption for whatever reason, this method works just as well, the only limitation being that the credits will not be there in reblogs and for that reason I think I’d prefer to be credited the first way. But at least with this method there are credits in some form on the original version of the post.

Also, if anyone happens to think crediting isn’t important because, for example, a gif isn’t “original content”– first of all, trust me, making a gif from someone else’s video still takes time and effort to do and deserves credit. And second, gifmakers give credit to the original video they giffed from! So if you credit a gifmaker, then the original person who made the video is getting credit in that way, but if you don’t then they aren’t.

Again I hope I don’t seem naggy/annoying by making this post, but I just wanted to explain for people who may not know that it is possible to credit on mobile even though you can’t put a direct link, and hopefully convince more people to give credit in their boards :)


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“The photo I took of you has like 24,00 notes on Tumblr,” you say, looking at your account. “What is Tumblr?” Richard asks.

“It’s kind of like Facebook but you can literally post whatever without people knowing who you are unless they’re really good hackers. There are many different types of blogs,” you say, explaining all the types of blogs that you usually see.

“And I look like I just frightened you,” you finish, looking at Richard, Aidan and Dean. They look like lost puppies and you can’t help but laugh.

“And which group are you in?” Richard asks, clearing his throat.

“Mines is a mixture of photography and fandoms. I draw stuff and write stories for fandoms and I kind of just yeah,” you finish lamely, not really wanting to get into it. “Can I see?” He asks and you nod passing him my phone.

“I have this system where everything on my blog is 100 my own. Meaning no reblogging stuff. Everything on their is also watermarked as well. It’s barely visible and it kind of curves around whatever is in the middle so they can’t crop it out,“ you explain.

“B/T? 20 million followers?” Richard asks and you nod. “I can’t remember where I got the name from,” you say, shrugging.

“20 millions followers?” Dean asks. “Some people run multiple blogs so I probably get my following from that,” you explain. He nods. This is actually pretty fun.

Aidan and Richard take a picture together and you laugh.

“So I just put a caption on where it says text?” Richard asks, looking at you thoughtfully. You nod. “Yeah and then by the pound sign, you just put whatever hashtag you want. It’s like twitter but you can put spaces. One you finish with the tag, you press enter,” you explain and he nods again.

“I think i’ll caption this, “Y/n is teaching us how to us Tumblr and I don’t know how to feel about it.”” he says and you laugh.

“Just don’t make a tumblr. That would be ten times harder,” you say. “Why are there things popping up on the bottom? Did I do something wrong?” Richard asks and you laugh.

“Those are just notifications. It tells you how much people liked or reblogged the post. Its like regular notifications but on the bottom,” you shrug. you decide to move next to him to see what he’s doing. He’s looking at all the notes. You read the reblogs and smile.

“My followers are big fans,” you say. “Obviously. This blasted thing has 100 notes and I just posted it 2 minutes ago,” he says. “It’s probably cause you’re hot,” you say, shrugging and he smiles at you.

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would jungkook and taehyung keep their relationships a secret or make them public? If they keep it hidden; how would they deal with it? :)

I think they would both keep it hidden at first…

Jungkook would want to keep the relationship under wraps, not for the reason that he’s ashamed of you or anything like that but because BTS is at that point where their every move is being watched as they are the center of attention in the kpop scene. He wouldn’t put you under the spotlight like that especially from eyes that usually judged and thrived from negative comments. Your safety and emotional well being would be his first priority and he knew how the media could manipulate a sweet and innocent relationship into a global scandal that could start fan wars..or worse could ruin your relationship altogether.

That’s definitely the last thing Jungkook wants to happen so he would keep it under wraps and you two would have to make do with dating indoors or in disguises when you’re out. 

Although when the two of you have become serious over time, I think Jungkook would be less and less strict on keeping your relationship hidden. Like he would no longer be freaking out if he saw an article about you two caught in public holding hands or when there are photos of you online, seen going inside the BigHit building when you come visit him.

He might even go as far as to saying “I’m very much happy right now.” on interviews when asked about his love life. Jungkook would be careful but he would know the right timing to show your relationship. 

When that time comes, you can bet he will show you off like you’re the best thing that has ever walked the face of the earth. <3

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Taehyung would also keep your relationship a secret at first because he would be thinking of how much drama and commotion it could cause to the media and his fans. He wouldn’t want you to be put under a bad light or have your name plastered on tabloids with lies attached to them. 

Although I think as time passed, your relationship would just be found out before the two of you could even manage to announce it yourselves. Taehyung might have slipped in an interview or hinted at it when he posted something on Twitter–let’s say a stuffed toy he got you from their tour and he just carelessly captioned it with: I hope you like it *heart heart smiley face* The fans would think he was referring to them at first but one two many times that he does it and the ARMYs would catch up on what’s really going on eventually. I mean c’mon, have you seen the fan theories? ARMYs are scary smart, okay? lol

And I don’t think Taehyung wanted to keep you from the world in the first place. But he knows he had to ease you into his world slowly because he doesn’t want to scare you away. He knew dating him had more cons than perks: like never being able to hold hands in public, always being criticized by netizens, or not being able to go on much dates doing regular boyfriend-girlfriend stuff like going to pet cafes or watchign movies in a cinema…

But Taehyung would definitely try his best to be the best boyfriend he could be. If you two would break up, he wants the reason to be because he didn’t try hard enough…because it was him (as Taehyung) not because he was V, an idol. 

Get what I mean? ;)

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Thanks for requesting! I really enjoyed answering that one. :)

Reactions Masterlist

- Kaye Allen

i’ve always wanted to do a study of seventypercentethanol’s work. The way they block in color and light “effortlessly” is something i really admire. Lately i’ve been feelin down about my own stuff, so I thought i’d give a study a try. I learned a lot in trying (like how great the overlay function is, and also to keep it simple stupid) and it was nice to use super bright colors for once.


Artemis and Apollo are by far my fav gods, and also my fav chars after nico, reyna, and hazel. such darlings………

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Smoking Age (TG/AP

Brandon followed his older brother, Richard, into the gas station. “I’ll take a pack of Camels,” Richard said to the attendant, “and a lotto ticket.”

“Rich, don’t you know how bad cigarettes are for you?” Brandon said innocently.

“Look, Mom and Dad said I had to watch you after school today, but I’m still hanging out with my friends and my friends like cigarettes.” Rich and Brandon left the store and began to walk towards the park that Richard and his friends hung out at. Rich pulled a smoke out of the pack and lit it, inhaling deeply and blowing out a cloud of smoke. Brandon coughed a little at the stench and waved the smoke away from his face. Richard jokingly offered his 13 year old brother a smoke, though Brandon didn’t find the gesture that funny. Soon they were at the park and Richard went around greeting all of his friends. He handed each of them a cigarette and began to pass the lighter around.

“Stuck with your little bro, huh Rich?” said one of the boys as he exhaled smoke.

“Yeah, I got babysitting duty today.” Brandon looked around at the older boys nervously. He was clearly unwanted there, and he felt it. As the smoke thickened around him, he began to cough a little. The boys chuckled lightly at Brandon’s coughing fit.

“Hey,” another boy started, “at least you’ll be used to this smoke by the time you’re old enough to buy a pack.”

“Honestly,” Brandon said, “I wish I knew why you guys like this stuff.” As he continued to inhale the secondhand smoke, Brandon began to feel a little lightheaded. He hadn’t noticed yet, but he was slowly beginning to grow taller. He coughed again, but when he looked down at his pants, he noticed that they seemed shorter than usual. Curious, he looked at his shirt only to notice that his sleeves also seemed shorter than usual. He continued to grow unnoticed by anyone in the group. He tugged on his brother’s sleeve to get his attention, but Richard ignored him. “Richard, something doesn’t feel right.”

“You’re probably just tired,” Richard said as he blew another puff of smoke in Brandon’s direction. As Brandon inhaled again, the changes began to accelerate. Soon Brandon was he same height as his brother. As his shirt continued to tighten against his growing body, he felt a heat beginning to build under his skin. As he began to sweat, he removed his shirt completely. This caught the attention of the entire group.

“Hey, Rich, is your brother okay?” one of them asked.

“Yeah, he’s fine. Don’t worry about hi- Brandon!?” Richard exclaimed as he saw Brandon standing there, older and shirtless. “What the fuck happened to you?”

“I don’t know!” Brandon cried. “I suddenly started feeling really hot and the- oh!” he exclaimed as he grabbed his chest. “Fuck!” he yelled as two mounds of flesh began to grow from his chest. Richard was taken aback, both by his little brother’s sudden grown spurt and his language. Brandon had always been the golden child of the family, so hearing him swear told Richard that something was seriously off. Brandon began to moan as his new breasts continued to grow. When they finally stopped growing, he gave them a squeeze to see if they were real, and inadvertently send a surge of alien pleasure through his changing body. He tried to withhold another moan, but to no avail. His exposed midriff began to harden into a sexy core as his hips began to sway uncontrollably. The boys of the group, though horrified, were also becoming slightly aroused by Brandon’s rapidly maturing body. Brandon ran his hands down his midriff, feeling his smooth skin and widening hips. He reached behind and grabbed his ass as he felt a tingling sensation emanating from his butt cheeks. His butt grew until it took on a peach-like shape.

“Please,” Brandon half cried, half moaned, “someone help…” Richard could only look on in terror as his little brother grew older and more feminine. Brandon’s moaning grew higher pitched as he felt an emptiness begin to form in his lower abdomen. His internal organs soon made way for a womb as his penis folded into itself, leaving behind a rapidly moistening pussy. He felt an uncontrollable need to touch his new sex organ and was unable to stop himself from plunging a hand down his pants and sticking a finger between his new folds. He continued to moan as he pleasured himself in front of the group, much to the horror of his older brother. As he rubbed his clit, he felt his thighs thicken and his calves harden. Intoxicated by sensations he’d never felt before, he reached his free hand up to his head and ran his fingers through his now lengthening hair. He closed his eyes as his hair grew long and messy, covering his face entirely. As he screamed in orgasm, he felt a flood of estrogen enter his brain. His eyes rolled back into his skull as his face, covered by his hair, morphed into that of a 21 year old sex goddess.

The entire group watched in silence, except for Brandon’s heavy breathing, as he removed his hand from his pants and brushed his hair back to reveal his new face. “Brandon?” Richard asked hesitantly.

“Richard? What happened to me?!” Brandon exclaimed in his new voice. He was still reeling from his orgasm and it was difficult to think clearly. He looked around at all the boys and their awestruck faces. Suddenly, he felt a craving he’d never felt before. He wanted a cigarette. One of the boys got up and pulled a scarf from his backpack. He approached Brandon, cigarette still in mouth, and began to place the scarf around Brandon. As the boy approached, Brandon felt another new craving beginning to build. He blushed a little as the boy reached around his exposed body and laid the scarf over his nipples. He inhaled deeply as the burning cigarette got closer and closer to his face. He looked at the burning thing hanging out of the boy’s mouth and tried to remember how much he hated the smell, but was unable to remember a time when he didn’t want a smoke. He looked at Richard in a desperate attempt to keep his old self alive, but the longer he looked at his older brother, the more he began to forget about their relationship. It wasn’t long before the hormonal changes ran their course.

Without warning, Brandon grabbed the boy in front of her and passionately locked lips with him. He had given in to his transformation, and the kiss flooded the boy with new memories as well. The boy suddenly remembered that the two of them had been dating for a few months now as they continued to make out. As the girl pulled away, she plucked the lit cigarette from the boy’s mouth and took a drag. She exhaled smoke out her nose as she turned to look at Richard.

“Thanks for buying us all smokes, Rich.” she said in a sultry tone.

“Brandon, what are you doing?!” Richard said in shock.

“Brandon? C'mon man, I know we’ve only known each other for a few weeks now, but you could at least call me Brittany. Ya know, my real name?” the girl said sarcastically. She walked up to Richard and put her arms around his neck as she leaned in and whispered, “Listen, if you want to meet up with me later I could make it worth your time. You’re kinda cute. Don’t forget the smokes.” Brittany turned to the boy again and took another drag of the cigarette. “Come on, baby. We’ve spent enough time smoking cigs out here. There’s something else I want to put in my mouth now.”

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My sister has a CW-verse Captain Cold pop figure that I keep threatening to steal, since he's pretty much my favorite of the few characters I like with DCTV. Recently I was in her room and on my way out I pretended to make a play for the figure. She asked me if I wanted one so much, why didn't I just buy one for myself? My answer to her was, "As in sure he'd agree, things are so much better when they're stolen," followed by me turning off the light and dramatically closing the door behind me

You just made me think of the (coldflash) fic “Tastes Better When It’s Stolen” :)

Honestly though I’m thinking you should sneak the pop figure out of her room and have it go on some adventures. Take a picture of it in the freezer (the snyptid’s natural habitat) and one of it stealing like… freaking cookies like oreos or something. If you have a pet, have it facing off against the pet. If you have snapchat, put little captions over the photos like “Snart vs. the giant meta-puppy” or whatever. A whole series. And one with you of course, maybe to start if off like “I stole him so now he’s teaching me his ways of thievery”. Hell, each photo could be a lesson in stealing.

Gosh now I actually want someone to do this and to see the final product.