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Hey, yeah. So about that au with '7 reasons why' could we get a continuation of the story in perspective of the other members? Their reactions perhaps?? Thank you!

Yes! I’ve actually been thinking about this a lot tbh! 

I recommend you read the original before you read this! 


(The credit goes to them) 

Everyone was still attempting to recover from what happened. It happened out of the blue (like his color! hah *cries*) as far as everyone was concerned Lance has no reason to do it. None at all. 


Shiro was the first one to receive the tapes. He was on his way to his room after a long day of training. He nearly tripped on the box as he entered the room. He hesitantly picked the box up and entered his room.  He slightly laughed when he opened the box and saw..tapes? Where did these come from? He hasn’t seen a tape in years. 

Shiro carefully picked up the tape that said 1A on it, written in blue handwriting. Shiro glanced around his room, looking for something to play the tapes on when he noticed the tape player in the box. 

Shiro pulled it out and decided he would listen to one then clean up and go to dinner.

He soon realized that he would not stick to that plan. 

Shiro placed the headphones on his head and pressed play on the first tape. He was greeted with static then Lances voice crackling through the headphones ‘ Hello space pals and gals. Lance McClain here. Live and in stereo…’

Shiro’s eyes widened at what he heard. He was paralyzed, and listened to the rules that Lance put in place. 

How would he e- Shiro’s thoughts were cut off by Lance saying “First and foremost, our mighty and heroic leader, Shiro.”

Shiro knew he had to listen. 

Shiro sat on his bed shaking. He felt sick to his stomach. He couldn’t move from his spot on the bed. He knew that he could be hard on Lance, he just didn’t consider the negative effect on the poor boy. He had listened to all the tapes. Everyone one of them. He now knew why. Shiro shakily took the head phones off and put everything back in the box. 

He fought back tear and barely register when Keith called him for dinner. As he walked out of the room he placed the box back in front of his door. He was grateful when he found the box gone when he returned. 


Keith was the next one to receive the box. He found it on his bed when he was walking back from the pool. Swimming was the only thing he could do to feel close Lance. 

He noticed the box but decided to open it after his shower. 

One he was all cleaned up he put the box on his desk and opened it. He carefully examined all the tapes one by one. Keith picked up the headphones and pressed play on the first one. He was also greeted with static and Lances voice breaking through “ Hello space pals and gals. Lance McClain here. Live and in stereo…”

Keith nearly through the headphones across the room but he listened to the rules instead. 

He wasn’t sure what emotion was stronger during Shiros tape. Empathy or anger. So Shiro killed Lance, he wanted to make Shiro pay until he switched the tape and heard what he didn’t want to hear. 

“Can you guess our number two?? Well, I’ll give you a hint. It’s not me this time. *laughs* First time being number two, our excellent number one paladin, Keith!”

Keith was frozen I killed Lance too?


Keith was crying by the time Hunk’s tape was over. He was crying for his lost friends and a relationship that would never happen. He never intended to hurt Lance, yet he did. Keith put the tapes away, placed the box on his bed and sat inside Lance’s room trying to feel any part of Lance. Slightly relived when he found the box gone the next day. 


Pidge was next on the list, she found the box when she walked into Green’s hanger. 

“What’s this?” Pidge received a growl in response, like Green was upset with her. “Why are you mad?”

Pidge sat down in front of Green and opened the box. She dumped out the tapes and sorted them by order. She knew immediately that they were Lance’s, she was there when he bought them at the space mall a few months back. She also picked on him for that and called him stupid, but hey she was tired that day and wanted to go play her new game, not wait for Lance buy tapes. 

Pidge put in the first tape and listened to Lances voice break through and the rules he put in place. 

She could already tell where this was going ‘fuck’ 

Pidge started at nothing as she let the headphones fall into her lap. She knew that this was her fault as much as the others but she hurt Lance where it really did hurt. Family. Lance was a family person and just wanted to feel some connection to Earth. She couldn’t be bothered to help him with it, even though he only wanted to help her. 

Pidge unconsciously put the tapes back in the box and sat inside Green while she cried for a brother she lost.


 Hunk received the tapes in the kitchen. He pulled the tapes out and decided he would listen to them as he cooked, he wouldn’t get far. 

Hunk had all of the supplies out on the counter, he had the first tape ready. However as soon as he pressed play, he broke down in a wet sob. It was Lance, It was his voice. After listening to the rules, Hunk didn’t want to hear what Lance had to say.

Hunk was on the floor crying. He knew that something was bothering Lance, but he didn’t think that it was this major. One check in could’ve have saved his best friend but Hunk couldn’t be bothered. Hunk feel asleep curled up on the floor, when he woke the tapes where gone. 


Allura was the next person to receive the box. They were placed on the control panel. Allura (thinking that it was music) decided to listen to it when she took a relaxing bath. She had to adjust the headphones multiple times to make sure she was actually hearing Lance. 

How did he do this?

Allura decided figure out what this was about. 


The water was cold around Allura. She never knew how much she stressed Lance out. She didn’t know how much he struggled with trying to be perfect. She couldn’t even defend herself, everything Lance said was true. 

After she dried herself off she put the box back in the control room and walked away. 


This was Lance’s tape so the box immediately went to the next person.


Coran the last person to  receive the tapes. He found them when he was cleaning the healing pods for the 10th time. He already cleaned the entire castle 4 times but he needed to stay distracted. 

Coran wiped his brow and sat down in front of one of the pods. He examined the tapes carefully, and slowly put the headphones on. Coran started crying as soon as Lance’s cheerful voice came through. He missed that boy so much. 


Coran wiped his eyes for the 5th time. He knew something was off last time Lance came to him about his problems. He was aware that he over talked Lance, he just never thought about the consequences. Coran put the tapes back and put his face in his hands. He listen to the mice drag the box out of the room, removing the only piece of Lance the team had left. 


Thank you so much for this! It’s just past 1am right now and I’m crying. 

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Hii! Can you do a fic in the future where jughead already published his first novel and he has like some sort of conference or sth where he gets asked questions and all and somebody asks about the girls next door and he talks so sweetly about her and like Betty is in there too and all. Idk if you get it but English isn't my first language. Oh and I love your writing btw you are really talented

*insert here Titanic’s “It’s been 84 years” gif* Yes, it’s a prompt!! I finally uploaded one! Easter holidays are totally messing my writing scedule and I’m so terribly sorry for that. But I’m back in the game and I promise I’ll be my usual bughead obsessed self from now on! So, I’ve finished this just before the episode aired yesterday (I was just so tired to go over it and post it after the episode ended, I’m sorry) and I’m very pleased a lot of things that I wrote became canon. I had so much fun writing this because I’m a sucker for future fics and because that’s pure fluff and a huge, much needed dose of happiness to Jughead’s life! Also I changed the request a little, I wrote this as a TV interview just to make it more grande for Juggie, I hope you don’t mind, nonnie! Thank you for requesting and for your lovely words!!! <3 Hope you all enjoy (and maybe this will make you hate me less for my tardiness) !! <3

Betty could literally feel herself bouncing on her heels with nervous excitement, the velvet material of her blush colored pumps getting scratchy as they rubbed up against each other but, truly, right now, she didn’t give a damn about her potentially ruined shoes. She could only focus on the red digital numbers changing sequentially over the silver doors of the semi-packed elevator she was in, biting her lip nervously and counting mentally in her mind as if that way, somehow, the numbers would run faster and the silver cage would miraculously arrive on her floor in a nanosecond.

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The Name Game

 Pairing: Finn Balor x Reader

Summary: Finn and Y/N find out the sex of their baby. Though the news is happy, the two cannot, for the life of them, agree on a name. 

Warnings: None! Super cute and fluffy. 

Word Count: 6,937


If this were any other Saturday in Florida, Finn and Y/N could have been found doing a number of things. 

One, they probably could have been lounging poolside while the sun beat down heavy on their skin. 

Two, they could have been throwing a spur of the moment barbecue for them and all their friends, drinking like frat stars until one wound up with their head in the toilet while the other giggled and took embarrassing photos to post throughout the locker rooms the next live event; normally it was Y/N who couldn’t handle all her liquor, but Finn had his fair share of moments as well.

Three, the two of them could have easily been found locked in his air-conditioned condo, tangled up in the cool, white sheets while fingers and mouths explored the soft, bare skin each knew all too well. 

If this were any other Saturday, life for them would be completely simple.

But, this Saturday was different, and this mid-August day was one that neither saw coming so soon. 

It was supposed to be a traditional routine; date, get engaged, marry, and then maybe have a few children. 

Y/N should have known nothing was going to be traditional with Finn. Hell, the first time they’d locked eyes had been nowhere near traditional. 

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What the ever loving fuck is wrong with you people?

You people  You Antis, NST, Truthers, Haters, wtfer name you want to be called or are called. You people. You know I’m talking to you @noshippingallowed @contemplatingoutlander @goldenoutlander @adhara112 @aliceinoutlanerland (oops you forgot the d in outlander. get a d.) @whylimewhyanything (put the lime in the coconut) @whoreallyknowswho (it’s whom! whom! unless you just forgot to finish your sentence) @prodigiousreblogger @bestof60 (are you 60?) @vividdreamer318 (your imagination is certainly leading you astray) @breezylouisey (is that you weezy?) @momofmusa (i thought you were mom of USA lol)  @alittlebitmasss (oops your s key got stuck)
Anyway, there are more of you and I’m sorry I didn’t give you a moment of thrill by acknowledging you by name but I mentioned the Tumblr accounts that I’ve seen making horrendously wild, hateful, fictional, hurtful accusations against other Outlander fans with no speck of proof - accusations meant to inspire others to emulate you and spread hate to those people as well. Let me get this straight. From what I can tell, you are super hopping mad about the content of certain Twitter and Instagram accounts. Fine. Totally fine. You are entitled to your opinions. I can see why those accounts might make some people mad. I mean, irrelevant to my life but maybe not yours.  You are mad that certain Twitter and Instagram accounts have been created for the sole purpose of throwing shade and mocking a certain celebrity you hold in high esteem. I get that. Fine. Be outraged! Express yourselves!!
Speaking of fine I know you will go through this post with a fine toothed comb for anything you can argue with and attack me over because god forbid you actually read the message, digest the information, thoughtfully consider the content and then share your thoughts and opinions and maybe answer some of my questions. Nope that’s not your style. Attack attack attack half-cocked and don’t put any thought or concern for reality into it. Yes you are the borg of Antis as the foil to the Shippers. I didn’t create that world, you did. You wanted to be the anti-shippers. You are gathered on Tumblr together to be this Anti-Shipper fighting army. Go forth and fight uhh I guess? WHY???? 
See, shippers are motivated by love. That’s really obvious. There are all types of shippers just as there are all types of people (and even all types of antis), but what brings them together is not just their love of Outlander (and you guys love Outlander too! Whee we have something in common) but their love of the LOVE parts of Outlander and all the LOVE associated with Outlander in promos, BTS, interviews, Q&As, social media banter between the cast and crew, etc. LOVE is LOVE is LOVE is LOVE is LOVE is LOVE is LOVE is LOVE. So you generally don’t see shippers on social media attacking people with hatred and lies and accusations of criminal activity. Wait wait wait. Correction! YOU see shippers doing those things but no one else does. You mostly see shippers doing those things with accounts that aren’t even recognized shipper names. They are basically troll accounts that you have deduced are shipper accounts. You do have these long convoluted narratives of what certain shippers are alleged to have done and you bandy them about so frequently that your telephone game grows legs and walks it’s own marathon and becomes some weird beast-mode attack shipper who does horrible things. You say you SAW these things but you haven’t. Show me a tweet, a facebook post, an instagram post from an Outlander fan who identifies herself as a shipper and has a known persona in the fandom and is attacking, hating, committing these horrendous crimes you claim. What I mean is, SHOW ME THE MONEY! SHOW ME PROOF to back up your narrative. You have specifically named a number of Outlander fans and made outrageous claims as to their character, behavior, beliefs, actions, off-line actions and more. YOU HAVE NO PROOF BECAUSE THESE STORIES ARE FICTION.
I’ll give you an example of how your lies have grown wings, run a marathon and turned into beast-mode:
So a certain blue check account posts that a certain object of your hatred and hate-mongering did something so illegal that she would have been arrested and would still be in jail. You all headnod, mouth breath, feel righteous for having attacked her because you were soooo right, bang away at your keyboards and continue the lies and hatred and stoke the fires for uhhh fun? Yet you all know that she isn’t in jail and couldn’t have done this highly illegal thing because you watch her every move and you saw her posting pics of herself just last weekend participating in a fitness event. Hmmmm. Are you collectively dumbing each other down with your groupthink or all you all that stupid? YOU KNOW IT’S A LIE. But you’ve all convinced each other it’s ok to lie about it, malign, spread hatred and misinformation about certain fans and tarnish their reputation in the fandom because… because? because why??? Help me out here. So it’s because someone has said rude bad things to an actress you believe is Sam Heughan’s girlfriend even though he has never once said so. You BELIEVE it so it’s your reality. And the fans that you malign? You do that because they believe something else. But the weirdest thing is that you do malign them by tossing out totally unfounded and false accusations about their behavior and ascribe all kinds of unsavory activities, motives, and behaviors to these fans you have chosen to malign. You do the thing to them that you so claim to hate they are doing to the objects of your admiration. 
I’m still working on this and I still need your help. So because you BELIEVE that two actors are dating and BELIEVE that it’s wrong that internet trolls make claims that they are not and some internet trolls say really rude things and tag them, you feel fully justified in making claims that the trolls are not just trolls but actual recognizable Outlander fans. Are you like shippers of trollworld or something? 
I’ll just come right out and say it. Kim Hickey is not behind any of those trolls accounts you claim she is. I know this and you know this. You know which accounts are legitimately hers because she identifies herself. You are even attacking her My Peak Challenge account that she posts inspirational memes and encourages people to donate to Bloodwise. Are you for fucking real? You’re attacking a charity endeavor in your blind hatred of…. hatred of who fucking knows.  Even if you didn’t know she wasn’t behind the troll accounts, you absolutely have no basis for claiming she is. You are making shit up and publicly proclaiming it as truth just like that thing that Shippers do that you claim to hate.  Also, let’s talk about me:  I am a public person online. I don’t hide behind cutesy names. You can look me up and it won’t even be doxing me because it’s all right there, isn’t it? I have no sock accounts. I put my name on all my accounts because I own what I say and share. This tumblr account was created in the middle of last summer as a parody of Starz Obsessable campaign therefore it did not need my name on it. I never had a Tumblr account before that and I have never even sent anons on Tumblr. I never pretended I was anyone else or made any attempt to be anyone else. I posted freely about myself and my life when it was topical, including photos of myself. If you were like BINGO I’m such a supersleuth I figured out who is behind that blog!! you’re not smart or observant. It was obvious. The thing is, though, shippers didn’t know who I was. Not because they didn’t know who was behind “Obsessive Sassenach” but because they didn’t know who Nipuna was. Isn’t that funny? One of the Outlander fans on the top of your BAD SHIPPER LIST WHO MUST BE EXTERMINATED list isn’t even known by other shippers. What makes me a shipper? Just that I have heart eyes for Sam and Cait and think they have chemistry and oh wait, whoah, ZOMG, Arthur Kade thinks that too. Josh Horowitz does too! and ummmm ummmm that one lady at TCA that one year and that one book author who was on the NYT best seller list and you know I could go on. It’s not a crime to be fully happy to enjoy Sam and Caitriona’s chemistry. And if that makes me a shipper, yay. But the only reason I’m actually a known component of the shipper community now is because you guys have dragged my name around and created ridiculous lies about me. It’s like I’m some sort of Shipper Legend (to you, not shippers) who does these super crazy Shipper things in AntiLand. Remember the grave story that was created by one of you weirdos because a family friend of mine who is a caretaker for a military graveyard in the USA was friends with Sam’s father? You guys turned it into: That Crazy Shipper Nipuna stalks Sam’s father’s grave in hopes of running into him and Caitriona making a baby on his dad’s grave in Scotland. Or something like that. Anyway, tour bus guides in Scotland think there are crazy Outlander fans who stalk Sam at his father’s grave but if they stop to think they realize they don’t even know if he has a grave or if it’s even in Scotland. 
You’re maligning the whole fucking fandom you freaks! You’re creating these outrageous, convoluted piece of fiction because you are all worked up about uhh something and then you tag other nasty people and get them to repeat the stories and then the stories get embellished and repeated and you sit back and watch the telephone game continue. But don’t you realize that you’re fucking the whole thing up for yourselves too? I mean, I guess not if you like chaos and mayhem. But most of you profess to care about people being nice and kind and cry out that bullying is bad and wrong. But then you do just that when you pick an Outlander fan and create detailed and convoluted lies about her behavior.  The people you lie about know they are lies, sure. And lots of other people know they are lies and ignore you, but you repeat the lies over and over and you know that saying about how if you repeat a lie often enough people will start to believe you. So you repeat and repeat and then sit back and with self satisfied smiles. Or maybe it’s just that your mouth is open because you’re breathing through it. Whatever. I don’t know your motives. I don’t know what attracts you to fan the way you do. I don’t know what fulfills you. I know it’s not LOVE. But do you even know? Are you just running around half-cocked and brainless and letting yourselves be lied to? What gives? Can you help me understand why you are constantly naming and targeting certain people and pointing others to attack them and if that doesn’t work creating stories that will hopefully motivate them to attack? WHY???

brush contact, ii: covers

on ao3 | part i

so this fic exists still.

if you look on ao3, this fic has changed from 4 chapters to 5. that’s because i had literally off this chapter but about 100 words written for….i wanna say at least two months. since this chapter was already sort of broken up into two, i just made it official so i could finally post this part. also it makes more sense this way.

also, hopefully you can understand why adrien acts the way he does in this fic. if not, i’m always willing to discuss it (it should be fairly clear, but it’s been three years since the last chapter)

warnings in this chapter for anxiety and dissociation

Nathalie knocks on Adrien’s door, but he’s already awake. He’s been awake for a few hours now, just staring at the wall.


Staring at the wall maybe isn’t the best use of his time, but he figures that he’s thirteen and allowed to be overly dramatic and emotional.

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HI, I just wanted to say you have a great site. I noticed you put up a number of art drawings and I am not sure if you have looked here but have you seen Matt Rhodes Concept Art for for Dragon Age? It has some great official concept art from Dragon Age 2 including Fenris and Merril. I would love to hear some of your comments on this. The first part is about Mass Effect but halfway down is about Dragon Age. Thanks again.

Hey Nony!

Sorry for the delay getting back to you. We went through quite a few Matt Rhodes posts (the man is everywhere!!) to find the one we thought you were talking about.  Anyone who hasn’t seen Matt’s review of DA2’s concept art is missing out.

All four of the Sisters Wyrd sat down together for tea and to talk about these designs.

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(1/3) Any advice you could give me? I'm an INTJ and I've been in quite the Se grip for quite a few months, and being aware of it makes it even worse. I stress-eat and so I've gained quite some weight as well. The main reason for this is that I've been thrown off my "juju" (if that makes sense) and failed to make my intricate schedule prior to this college sem (For various reasons. Mainly guys. This is why I cannot date. I cannot focus my energy on two things at once. Also emotions ???)

(2/3) I’m quite stressed in result of the lack of structure and also, I’ve been lacking in performance lately. Simply put, it’s a matter of “I’m going to fail, it’s not going to be perfect. So why should I even try?”. I understand this mindset isn’t healthy, and it’s not how I usually am. I hate not being at my best and not doing anything worthwhile. So I am under constant stress, stress-eating and over-indulging to cope, hating myself for not taking action, and the cycle continues.
(3/3) I’ve tried to come up with ideas myself but… I think it’d be better and more comforting even, to hear from someone else how I can get myself out of this horrid rut? Thank you for your answer, I appreciate it and your blog.


INFJ: Hey there, INTJ. So when I get this type of questions, I end up talking about what has worked for me or what has work for people around me, since that’s the best mark of quality I can offer. However, I understand different people work differently and maybe not all of this helps. But if there is something in my words that help you regain your steps, I’ll be a happy camper.

First things first, something you already know: you’ve made some not-so-good choices that took you were you are now. I am quite sure that some circumstances had a bad effect on you, which mix in the rut you are talking about. I’ve seen that in my INTJ. So my first advise is to understand one thing, without falling in the next one:

  • Understand that your present self is a product of your past choices.
  • Understand that hating on your past and present self isn’t gonna help your future you. (In the end, we are here to try to make things easier to future you).This is harder than what it looks like. 

[Geek example, ignore if you don’t need it(?): There is this thing in games called Random Number Generator, that makes things a little random sometimes. When you are playing an strategy game and you get your fair amount of bad luck. Maybe your attack didn’t hit your opponent three times in a row and you loose because of it. That sucks. Would things had been different in other circumstances? Probably, yes. But you see, you can’t control RNG, the same way you can’t control some of the things that happen to you. What you can do, is prepare the best strategy you can possibly make, and try your very best every moment. Okay, geek off].

The second thing I’d recommend is reading my last post about overthinking if you haven’t already. You can find it here. 
There are some points that might help, and for starters, I really, really, really recommend you to go for a walk everyday. It’s a great predecesor to create the habit if exercising. It does sound like there is a little too much serotonin in your brain at all times lately and not quite enough endorphins there. Going for a walk everyday can be hell, but I am confident you can do it. At lest ten minutes. As they say in Bojack Horseman: “It gets easier. You have to do it everyday. That’s the hard part. But it does get easier”. This might take a while, but exercise helps with:

- Sleep problems.
- Training your will.
- Making you feel better.
- Keeping your mind at a your very best.

As I said, this might be difficult at first. Don’t beat yourself if the day ends and you haven’t gone for a walk. That is like blaming RNG, won’t help. Just plan the walk you are gonna take first things first the next day, and do it.

This brings me to my next point: your J is frozen. So let’s bring some warmth! I want you to find a place where you can write. A piece of paper works, but if you have a notebook you can use, that might be better. I want you to stop reading this when I give you directions, and come back when you are done, okay? For around five minutes, try to put in this piece of paper every task you’d been procrastinating that is making your mind feel shitty. It might be laundry, it might be signing up for a gym, it might be buying one particular text book.

Do it now. I’ll wait here till you are done.

Are you done? (If you just want to keep reading that’s okay too, just do it later, alright?) Now, I want you to do one of two things (even both). This is since I’ve watch that one works for some people and the other one for others:

  1. Divide each task in one of each of this pairs: important-not important, urgent-not urgent.
  2. Put next to each task how long it’s gonna take you. If you are not quite sure, try to switch it in “5 mins, 10 mins, 30 mins, one hour, unknown”. 

If you completed the first instruction, you’ll have a list of things you need to get done right now (important-urgent). This is your fire zone (my INTJ gets dizzy after dealing with this one for too long). If you feel in a constant feel of urgent things, where everything is important, you’ll eat out your willpower and then it will be hell to seat down and make an action plan because your mind will be burn-out. This is probably the case, so we are gonna take things slow. Don’t put in your plate more than you can eat. As well as going for the walks I talked about, you are going to do one thing of this category each day. You can do more if you feel like it, but for a start, every night before (or every morning of the day in question, whatever works for you) you are gonna choose which task you wanna get done the next day. And then, try to get it that the day in question. At the same time, I recommend doing as a secondary quest, one of the tasks in the important-non urgent category (this is the category I feel like you should be in). But this is a secondary mission. Do it only if you can, or if one day you feel like you can’t do your primary mission and there is a task for the secondary you could get done.

When the first week is over, how about you come back and talk to us? Maybe we ca try a little review of your week. Has this worked? Do you have any suggestion? Do you want further advise? I’ll be glad to help if I can, and give out more tips if I find some that might help. Sorry if it this was weirdly written. You really got this, okay? Just follow the first step and keep going.

PS: You can obviously talk to us before one week goes by. I mean, whenever you need. 

Now, up with you!


INTJ: I don’t feel like there’s much for me to offer other than my own personal experience. That stage was hell for me, too, and I know it sucks hearing that it’s not so important because our future and aspirations are important. But you can handle this. And it does get better. 

how to prevent sensory overwhelm

The downside of being autistic is that our nervous systems tend to be very sensitive to sensory input, and tend to go into overwhelm, causing meltdowns or shutdowns. (AKA “sensory processing disorder”.) That’s a simplistic explanation, but this piece is aimed at people who already know what I’m talking about :-D

The beauty of being autistic is that we come with built-in ways to calm our nervous systems. I think of these as autistic superpowers (and not the only ones we have, imho). But a lot of allistic people play a kind of “unless you’re a savant/genius, autistic people aren’t worthwhile human beings” game with us so some of us are not into the idea of having superpowers. If that’s you, just think of it as a handy built-in tool.

The downside (again) is that many of us are forced out of using those built-in tools by people who don’t want us to “seem autistic.” So, often, we never discover them, or are viciously forced to suppress them. Additionally, each of us has slightly different tools. For example, rocking might help me, but make someone else feel seasick.

The following is a short guide to how to find the tools that will get YOU out of overwhelm, or prevent you from even going into it.

First, you need some options for what your tools might be. I’ll put a bunch of suggestions at the end of this post. You may also have some things that have helped you in the past.

My experience was that I had a handful of things that I knew helped, but I didn’t use them consistently. Part of the purpose of this piece is to encourage you to be aware not only of what works for you, but of when you need to use it. It is A LOT easier to do this kind of self-care when you have a sense that it will actually work consistently, and a sense of how well it will work for you!!

Also, if you are the parent of an autistic child: this is the shit you should be teaching them. Thank you. Sincerely, a former autistic child.

STEP ONE: On a scale of 0-10, where 0 is “perfectly calm,” 5 is “getting overwhelmed,” and 10 is “already having a meltdown/shutdown,” rate how close you are to sensory overwhelm. 

Autistics, please note: it does not matter if you “get it right.” There really is no objective gauge for this. It doesn’t matter, because we are measuring how much (or whether) this number changes.

So if today you say you’re at a 7, and tomorrow you feel the same way but you have a better sense of how overwhelmed you can get and you now call the same feeling a 3… it doesn’t matter.

All we care about here is how far you currently feel like you are from 0, and then, how close we can get the number to 0. So just pick something that sounds pretty accurate. 

STEP TWO: Write it down. Please and thank you.

STEP THREE: Pick a thing to try.

STEP FOUR: Set a timer and try it for three minutes. UNLESS you hate it. If you hate it, or even just find it really annoying, please stop immediately, pick something else, and try THAT for three minutes.

(Please note: three minutes is a little bit of an arbitrary number. I find that it’s a pretty good amount of time to actually shift things, while not taking too long to try something else. But if you want to try it for more or less time, go right ahead. I do recommend trying everything (that you don’t immediately reject) for the same amount of time - it just doesn’t have to be three minutes long.)

STEP FIVE: Stop doing the thing, and gauge where you are on the same 0-10 scale.

STEP SIX: Write your current number down.

STEP SEVEN: If you have found something that significantly reduced your overwhelm, you can stop. I mean, you can stop any time anyway, I’m not the boss of you. But you don’t have to go through and test everything on the list below. Just find as many things as you want; or spend as much time doing this at once as you want. You can always do it again later if you want more tools.

That’s it!

anniegst served as my guinea pig for this method yesterday. Thanks, Annie!

She rated her overwhelm as an 8 initially. I found a no-talking, crinkle-sounds ASMR video and handed her the headphones. She almost immediately was like, “this is reaaaaallly annoying, sorry.”

I asked her if there were other sounds that would not be annoying. She said that she thought even white noise would be okay, like rain or something. I switched to the white noise app we both use (Relax and Sleep, which is awesome bc you can play more than one sound at once – it’s free on both Android and iOS) and put the fountain noise on.

She listened to it for about three minutes, and re-rated her overwhelm. As a 2!!

She said that she thought if she kept listening (or if the dog in the other room stopped barking) she would be able to get down to a zero.

I didn’t check in with her to see if she did. But I did get the dog to stop barking!

Here is the list of different things people said helped them, when I requested your “autistic swiss army knives”. There are A LOT OF THEM, and there are likely far more out there. I think this gives a great overview of the possibilities though, thanks everybody!!!!

I’ll give you the summary first: By far the most common ones were rocking, and pressure from blankets/sheets, either weighted or wrapped tightly. Flapping and music – in general or loud, or on repeat, or specific pieces – were also extremely popular. I’ve mostly tried to only put each of these once when many people suggested them, but I’ve included a few variants below.

There were also multiple people mentioning echolalia, chewing on things (gum/chew necklaces/toys/fingers), singing, playing with one’s hair, reading, drinking tea, playing with textures, drawing/coloring, and showering!

Try whatever you like, and enjoy!

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Take my fate in your hands
We’ve got a lot that hasn’t even began
Something is calling us, we’re breaking free
I’m curious, I need to see

// i created this blog on a 12th April, and a little bit more than a month later i got to this number. i’m … speechless if i had to tell the truth. this fandom is one of the most chill ones i’ve been in, and even though, like any other fandom, it has its flaws, i got to admit i’ve been in way worse fandoms. in fact, the reason i came to this one was to escape the pressure and stress from my other fandom, and also because i found in black and white 2 a breath of fresh air. however, as always, there were people involved in the process, and also others who helped my stay … what would a follow forever be without a ‘thank you’ list of sorts ?

(below the cut as to not extend it too much; in no particular order)

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@unchillginger‘s post had me thinking about how dex/parson would happen, and this is what became of all that thought. Because how did dex end up falling in love with kent parson? How did they end up talking? how did they even meet?

Well, kids, sit down and I’ll tell you how, because it starts with a lost book and ends with love.

So here’s the thing about Kent: he never really got to go to school, like normal kids do. But he really likes learning! Not even classrooms, necessarily, just the reading and retaining information. He’s always got a book in his hockey bag, he listens to podcasts during the flights for away games. (And yes, he also loves a good party. These things are not mutually exclusive, y'all. Extroverts like to read, too.) his nickname around the guys is captain librarian, and Kent to this day has no idea where it came from, but it probably has something to do with his reading glasses, now that he thinks about it.

And Kents got a game in providence, while Jack is playing for them, so of course the whole Samwell team drove up and Dex is there, and they’re all leaving, and some of the guys are a little drunk, and Jack takes them all for a tour of the players area and during it, Dex finds a book. It’s “voices from Chernobyl” and in the front, there’s a phone number, followed by “if lost, please return.” The handwriting is neat, but Dex doesn’t recognize the area code, so he picks it up and decides that he’ll call the number and get a shipping address for the book later. It’s the kind of book he’d read, so no one really thinks too much about him carrying it around.

The next morning, as they’re all driving home, Dex starts reading it. Because it /is/ the kind of book he would read, and it’s actually been on his reading list for a while. About three pages in, there’s an annotation. It’s the same handwriting as the first, neat and clinical, but slightly rushed this time. The quote “death doesn’t care. The earth takes everyone.” Is underlined, and next to it, in the margins, “death can drag kit from my cold dead hands. You don’t fuck with a mans cat.”

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Fic Rec? Fic rec

Sooo~, I used to make fic rec posts pretty often in my previous fandom, and I think it’s time for me to make one for Dragon Age too? There are so many talented writers worthy of all the love ♥ I’ve thought about how to structure it, since they’re all different ships and characters, but it’s almost completely a dorianmance fic rec (because it’s pretty much all I read lmao) so here we go. 

First of all, there are some authors in this fandom that I follow on tumblr I’ve read basically everything of, or at least I tried because they have a huge production, that are so good and you all need to check their AO3s. 
(in no particular order): 

  • @thereluctantinquisitor (AO3) | who has has a great sense of characters and writes amazing dialogues. All snark and sass and puns and it’s all so sweet, like biting a fluffy pastry full of icing sugar. Not to mention the smut and the aaaaangst. Please read the entirety of her archive
  • @weresquirrel​ (AO3) | I am forever in love with the way you spunwords. Just. How??? I am drowning in fluff and I’m perfectly happy this way
  • @lindira(AO3) | I love Aeric so much T_T Please read the entirety of her archive too because her shots are amazing.
  • @ourinquisitorialness | YOU GIVE ME TOO MANY FEELS
  • @friendofthefugitive​ (AO3) | A+ quality smut 
  • @iseektheholygrail​ | Etienne is a precious boy that needs to be protected and I love reading about him

As for the fics, since it’s long, under the cut!

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Challenge Accepted

So I’m finally posting a Barba imagine, I’m so nervous gjhshsbhdbjhdb. 

Thank you to my absolute fave, my cuban crumpet @lunadegitana who supported and encouraged me to post my writings. She’s awesome. 

My goal is to post a few of these so here is the list of prompts I want to write from, I used number six for this one. Full of fluff and a tiny bit nsfw.

Originally posted by rundalek

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WitchTips’ Concert Tips

Originally posted by slightdownpour

I know this isn’t one of my usual topics, but many of my followers know that I’m an avid concertgoer, music fan, and a member of the industry. I’ve been attending concerts since the ripe age of 8 months old. That being the case, I decided to put together some tips to make your concert experience a little bit more pleasant! (Sorry, the “read more” made the numbers get all messed up).

  1. Wear comfortable clothing. You will most likely be sweating, moving, and walking a whole bunch. Things can get rough, depending on what environment you’ll be in, and the last thing you want is a torn piece of clothing or a ripped off bra strap (believe me, it’s happened). After the show you’re not going to care about how cool you looked, you’re going to want to be able to get back home/to your ride in a painless manner. If you have long hair bring a hair tie just in case you’re in a tight spot or you get too warm. (Note: This does not mean you can’t look cute AND be comfortable! There are tons of great looks that don’t take a toll on your comfort. Plus, you’re cute regardless of what you wear.)
  2. Wear proper footwear! I cannot stress this enough and I’ll be the first to admit that I often disregard my experience and convince myself that I’ll be fine wearing a new pair of shoes, heels, or sandals. Only you know what the best pair of shoes for you is, so don’t try to convince yourself that just because someone else can wear 5 inch platform heels comfortably that you can too if you know you can’t. Blisters and bleeding feet are not what you want when you’re out enjoying your favorite band/artist.
  3. Be kind to your body. Get a good amount of sleep before a show, eat something, and drink a lot of water. You’re not going to have any fun if you fall asleep or pass out in the crowd. If you’re going to be outside in the sun bring sunscreen and sunglasses.
  4. Bring as little as possible, or carry it in an appropriate bag. We all want to be fully equipped during a show. Backup charger, phone, I.D., cards, money, makeup, menstruation supplies, sunglasses, tickets, etc. Depending on the show, it’s length, the venue, and your personal needs you’re going to need most or all of these things with you. Having pockets is always a major plus, but not everyone owns/opts to wear clothing with nice spacious pockets. Backpacks are good for festivals, but can be annoying in tight spaces and when going through security. Wristlets are nice and usually can fit everything you’ll need, but depending on how much you move your arms they can also be troublesome. If you’re going to bring a purse, make sure it has a long enough strap that you can wear is across your body. This way, your hands and arms will be free and you won’t drop or misplace your bag. Something that is extremely important in any of these is a substantial zipper or button to close the bag. Having a way to keep your items secure inside of your bag or pockets prevents others from stealing or going through your stuff and it keeps you from inadvertently losing items because of sub par closing methods.
  5. Conserve your phone battery. Concerts have terrible signal, as does any place with lots of people all using their phones at the same time. Don’t use your phone for unnecessary things, especially if you don’t have a backup charger (I usually carry two). Your Snapchats, Facebook posts, and texts might not go through until after the show, but that’s okay.
  6. Keep the information you need available at all times. This not only means having your possessions with you and easy to access, but also that you should take advantage of technology. If you have a smartphone, save the digital version of your tickets (if you get them through an app or pdf) to your pictures. Just screenshot the bar code so you have it. Also screenshot transportation schedules if you plan on using public transportation or if you may have to take public transportation in a pinch. It also doesn’t hurt to screenshot the map of the area you’re in if you are unfamiliar. If you like to look up the set lists for acts, screenshot that, too! There’s no point in wasting your phone battery to look it up. That brings us to:

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10 Rules of Good Studying

Excerpted from A Mind for Numbers: How to Excel in Math and Science (Even if You Flunked Algebra), by Barbara Oakley, Penguin, July, 2014

1. Use recall.After you read a page, look away and recall the main ideas. Highlight very little, and never highlight anything you haven’t put in your mind first by recalling. Try recalling main ideas when you are walking to class or in a different room from where you originally learned it. An ability to recall—to generate the ideas from inside yourself—is one of the key indicators of good learning.

2. Test yourself.On everything. All the time. Flash cards are your friend.

3. Chunk your problems. Chunking is understanding and practicing with a problem solution so that it can all come to mind in a flash. After you solve a problem, rehearse it. Make sure you can solve it cold—every step. Pretend it’s a song and learn to play it over and over again in your mind, so the information combines into one smooth chunk you can pull up whenever you want.

4. Space your repetition.Spread out your learning in any subject a little every day, just like an athlete. Your brain is like a muscle—it can handle only a limited amount of exercise on one subject at a time.

5. Alternate different problem-solving techniques during your practice.Never practice too long at any one session using only one problem-solving technique—after a while, you are just mimicking what you did on the previous problem. Mix it up and work on different types of problems. This teaches you both how and when to use a technique. (Books generally are not set up this way, so you’ll need to do this on your own.) After every assignment and test, go over your errors, make sure you understand why you made them, and then rework your solutions. To study most effectively, handwrite (don’t type) a problem on one side of a flash card and the solution on the other. (Handwriting builds stronger neural structures in memory than typing.) You might also photograph the card if you want to load it into a study app on your smartphone. Quiz yourself randomly on different types of problems. Another way to do this is to randomly flip through your book, pick out a problem, and see whether you can solve it cold.

6. Take breaks. It is common to be unable to solve problems or figure out concepts in math or science the first time you encounter them. This is why a little study every day is much better than a lot of studying all at once. When you get frustrated with a math or science problem, take a break so that another part of your mind can take over and work in the background.

7. Use explanatory questioning and simple analogies.Whenever you are struggling with a concept, think to yourself, How can I explain this so that a ten-year-old could understand it? Using an analogy really helps, like saying that the flow of electricity is like the flow of water. Don’t just think your explanation—say it out loud or put it in writing. The additional effort of speaking and writing allows you to more deeply encode (that is, convert into neural memory structures) what you are learning.

8. Focus.Turn off all interrupting beeps and alarms on your phone and computer, and then turn on a timer for twenty-five minutes. Focus intently for those twenty-five minutes and try to work as diligently as you can. After the timer goes off, give yourself a small, fun reward. A few of these sessions in a day can really move your studies forward. Try to set up times and places where studying—not glancing at your computer or phone—is just something you naturally do.

9. Eat your frogs first. Do the hardest thing earliest in the day, when you are fresh.

10. Make a mental contrast. Imagine where you’ve come from and contrast that with the dream of where your studies will take you. Post a picture or words in your workspace to remind you of your dream. Look at that when you find your motivation lagging. This work will pay off both for you and those you love!

Ten Rules of Bad Studying

Excerpted from A Mind for Numbers: How to Excel in Math and Science (Even if You Flunked Algebra), by Barbara Oakley, Penguin, July, 2014

Avoid these techniques—they can waste your time even while they fool you into thinking you’re learning!

1. Passive rereading—sitting passively and running your eyes back over a page.Unless you can prove that the material is moving into your brain by recalling the main ideas without looking at the page, rereading is a waste of time.

2. Letting highlights overwhelm you. Highlighting your text can fool your mind into thinking you are putting something in your brain, when all you’re really doing is moving your hand. A little highlighting here and there is okay—sometimes it can be helpful in flagging important points. But if you are using highlighting as a memory tool, make sure that what you mark is also going into your brain.

3. Merely glancing at a problem’s solution and thinking you know how to do it. This is one of the worst errors students make while studying. You need to be able to solve a problem step-by-step, without looking at the solution.

4. Waiting until the last minute to study. Would you cram at the last minute if you were practicing for a track meet? Your brain is like a muscle—it can handle only a limited amount of exercise on one subject at a time.

5. Repeatedly solving problems of the same type that you already know how to solve. If you just sit around solving similar problems during your practice, you’re not actually preparing for a test—it’s like preparing for a big basketball game by just practicing your dribbling.

6. Letting study sessions with friends turn into chat sessions. Checking your problem solving with friends, and quizzing one another on what you know, can make learning more enjoyable, expose flaws in your thinking, and deepen your learning. But if your joint study sessions turn to fun before the work is done, you’re wasting your time and should find another study group.

7. Neglecting to read the textbook before you start working problems. Would you dive into a pool before you knew how to swim? The textbook is your swimming instructor—it guides you toward the answers. You will flounder and waste your time if you don’t bother to read it. Before you begin to read, however, take a quick glance over the chapter or section to get a sense of what it’s about.

8. Not checking with your instructors or classmates to clear up points of confusion. Professors are used to lost students coming in for guidance—it’s our job to help you. The students we worry about are the ones who don’t come in. Don’t be one of those students.

9. Thinking you can learn deeply when you are being constantly distracted. Every tiny pull toward an instant message or conversation means you have less brain power to devote to learning. Every tug of interrupted attention pulls out tiny neural roots before they can grow.

10. Not getting enough sleep. Your brain pieces together problem-solving techniques when you sleep, and it also practices and repeats whatever you put in mind before you go to sleep. Prolonged fatigue allows toxins to build up in the brain that disrupt the neural connections you need to think quickly and well. If you don’t get a good sleep before a test, NOTHING ELSE YOU HAVE DONE WILL MATTER.

Winter Break: Part Fourteen

Summary: Your brother, Sebastian Stan, is taking you for a little vacation and internship scouting with him on the set of Captain America: Civil War. On the trip, interesting friendships are made, and Spider-Man doesn’t stay your least favorite superhero.

Characters: Sebastian Stan, Chris Evans, Anthony Mackie, Tom Holland, Scarlett Johansson, Chadwick Boseman, Robert Downey Jr., Paul Rudd, Daniel Bruhl, Don Cheadle, Elizabeth Olsen, Jeremy Renner, Paul Bettany, Emily VanCamp

Word Count: 1.9k

A/N: guys, I’m so sorry for the week long wait but as I had posted earlier, school is getting a little more aggravatingly busy with exam prep and it’s driving me absolutely insane to want to be writing and having to commit to my studies butttttt I have a week off so I plan on finishing Winter Break and possibly uploading something else I’ve had in mind soon. enjoy this part! (:

Originally posted by madqirl

“You just want me to sit here?”

Anthony nods. “Act like Elizabeth Olsen and Scarlett Johansson aren’t sitting a few feet away from you.”

“That’s easy,” you shrug.

There would only be one day for filming in Berlin, and it was at a quaint coffee shop in Berlin where the very first scene was being shot. It was just Elizabeth, Scarlett, and yourself sitting in the café’s outside seating, but they would be speaking to Chris, who was in a hotel window somewhere in one of the buildings surrounding the street, dressed in his Captain America uniform. Later, it would be Chris, Mackie, and Emily filming inside of the café, supposedly after the bombing Daniel would do in Vienna as Bucky.

Contrary to your original thought, Sebastian wasn’t needed at all in this scene or the next, but he was one of the extras with you, wearing a snapback hat with his hair tied up under it, and sitting off camera across from you at a table a few yards from Scarlett.

“This is boring,” he complains, fiddling with his coffee cup as Anthony walks back to Joe, who was arguing with one of the crew personal about a camera.

“Stop complaining,” you reply, using your phone as a calculator.

“I thought I took your phone away last night,” Sebastian says, watching you type in another system of numbers.

“And I took it back this morning,” you respond shortly.

To his credit, he hadn’t been mad after the game last night where he found out your virginity no longer existed; he’d been frustrated. And being the immature and confusing pretend parent your brother was, Sebastian had decided to take your phone away from you before you could leave the Cards Against Humanity game, interrupting your texts to Tom and the call you owed to Max.

“You’re supposed to be in trouble,” Sebastian grunts, beginning to reach across the table, but you finally look up at him, glaring.

“Don’t touch my phone,” you say seriously.  

Sebastian’s jaw clenches, but he relaxes back into his seat, gripping his cup of coffee tightly.

“Alright Stans!” Joe calls out, “Sebastian pull your hat down and make sure your hair stays up! Act like you’re just friends meeting up!”

“Three…two…one…rolling!” Anthony shouts.

You force yourself to smile at your brother and he smiles back at you.

“How has your day been?” he asks you pleasantly, and you pick up your own coffee, sipping at it.

“Boring,” you say. “I’ve been studying for a test that isn’t until next week and my brother’s being an annoying ass lately.”

Sebastian chuckles dryly. “Well, it’s smart you’re studying now instead of putting it off, and if your brother’s being a dick lately, then maybe you shouldn’t have done something irresponsible.”

“See, that’s what I knew he’d say to me,” you shake your head, sighing, “but it wasn’t irresponsible; I knew what I was doing.”

“Really?” Sebastian says, crossing his arms over his chest and getting comfortable in his chair. “Do enlighten me, dear sister.”

You purse your lips, reminding yourself to not look pissed in case the camera moves over you, and then smile.

“Well, dear brother, I do love Damon,” you tell him, “just not in the way a relationship called for. We both only figured this out after we got through sex and then realized that was too awkward to be the start of anything else.”

Sebastian stares at you for a long time, and then lets out a long sigh, his bad acting façade falling away. “(Y/N), why did you give something as precious as your first time to someone who’s only your friend?”

“Seb,” you exhale quickly. “I was dating him because I thought I loved him the way a relationship called for, but we both learned that just because we’re co-ed best friends doesn’t mean we need to date.”

“Do you regret it?” he asks you.

“No,” you shake your head. “Now can you please stop making me feel guilty for doing something independently?”

You feel Sebastian legs wrap around yours, and he reaches across the table, taking your hands away from your papers and pencil.

“I love you, okay little sister?” he says, his face sincere. “I’m just trying my best to look out for you.”

“I know Sebastian,” you respond, holding his hands, “but you have to remember I’m an adult now and nearly out of high school. I’m going to do some things you’re not going to like and things you’re going to be proud of.”

“I already am proud of you, (Y/N),” Sebastian tells you, his eyes not leaving yours. “I just want to keep you safe.”

You smile, and take your hands back, picking your pencil back up. “I’m always safe for you,” you assure him.

Sebastian snorts, leaning back into his chair again. “That’s hilarious because I specifically remember one time when you climbed out onto the roof and told me to fill the back of my truck up with water so you could jump into it. Where was any safety in that?”

“I was wearing a helmet,” you shrug, cracking a nostalgic smile as you recall this instance.

“You still broke your wrist.”

“I’m so bored,” you complain, leaning against a tree next to Sebastian with Elizabeth at your feet, playing Sudoku on her phone. Your books are on the ground next her, being used as her elbow rest. Personally, you felt that was as useful as a calculus text book was.

“Tell me about it,” Scarlett replies, tapping her fingers against the bottom of her own iPhone. “Scenes with Chris and Mackie take twice as long because all they ever do is crack up on each other.”

Booming laughter that flows out of the café a moment later confirms Scarlett’s statement.

“Why don’t we just go on a walk?” Sebastian suggests.

“Can’t,” Elizabeth speaks up. “Joe said he didn’t want us going anywhere until they finished this scene.”

You, your brother, and Scarlett all groan in unison, and Elizabeth chuckles.

“You all would be terrible to wait in lines with at amusement parks,” Elizabeth comments.

“Dude,” you say, “If I tried going to an amusement park with any of you, I’m pretty sure I’d be robbed of my brother.”

Sebastian snorts, “What can I say? The girls love tall, dark, and brooding assassins.”

“Oh please,” Scarlett rolls her eyes. “You’re shorter than Chris and are about as intimidating as a teddy bear.”

“Hey,” Sebastian shrugs. “Teddy bears can be scary.”

“Are you saying Ted is a horror movie?” you ask your brother.

Elizabeth chuckles, her weight resting against the tree, and turns her phone off.

“Hey wait a minute,” you say, stopping them each with your sudden thought. “If Disney owns Marvel, doesn’t that make all of you Disney princesses and princes?”

Scarlett’s brow creases, and Sebastian shrugs, saying, “I already knew I was a prince; I’m Luke Skywalker’s son.”

You face palm, and Elizabeth laughs louder, falling back into your legs.

“His ass is out of this world,” Elizabeth giggles, “in a galaxy far, far away.”

You laugh along with Scarlett and Sebastian, sinking to the ground with Elizabeth when she knocks you off balance.

“Oh my God,” Scarlett chuckles, and you shake your head, cheeks hurting from smiling.

Your phone suddenly goes off, and you pull it out of your front pocket, this time reading the caller ID, and answering excitedly.

“Hi Tom!” you chirp, out of breath from laughing.

“Hullo love,” he replies, sounding delighted.

“How are you?” you ask, standing up and putting some distance between you, Sebastian, and your friends.

Awh!” Elizabeth cries out. “Her and Tommy are talking.”

“So cute,” Scarlett teases, poking Sebastian in the face. He swats at her.

“Splendid,” Tom says, “and you? How is Berlin?”

Wunderbare,” you chuckle, “it means wonderful. Berlin is nice right now; it’s a little chilly but there’s no snow here yet.”

“Sounds wonderbar,” Tom tries to say, “it’s snowing a bit here, but not too badly.”

“That’s good,” you muse, wrapping your arm around your waist. “What time is it there?”

“About nine in the morning,” Tom responds. “Feels later though.”
“That’s the jet lag,” you chuckle.

“Hey Tom!” you hear a voice call from the background, and frown, not recognizing it to any of the female crew members you knew.

“Hey love,” Tom says, speaking to the other person, and then back to you: “I have to get going, love. Got something to do today before shooting. Text you later?”

“Uh, yeah sure,” you reply a little hesitant. “Who was that?”

There’s a brief pause. “Just a friend from the crew I met yesterday. I’ll text you later, (Y/N).”

“Bye,” you say, and he returns it quickly, before hanging up.

You stay with your phone raised to your ear for a moment, and then lower it gradually, until Elizabeth is hooking her arm over your shoulders, having followed you the good distance from the rest of them.

“My favorite couple,” she coos, and you look at her for a second, still a little unsure of how to feel to the abrupt goodbye, Sebastian’s fears from the argument you’d had with him last week surfacing in your mind. You force yourself to smile at her.

“Yeah,” you say, trying to be like your brother and be a good actress. “Favorite couple,” you echo.

Elizabeth grins and pulls you back in the direction of the group, which you hadn’t noticed had been joined by Chris, Mackie, and Emily.

“Hey guys,” Emily says when you and Elizabeth return.

“Hey,” you reply, and Elizabeth just flashes her a short smile.

“Why does she get a hug?” Chris pouts, wearing his Steve Rogers clothes.
“Because she’s nicer than you,” Elizabeth responds, pulling you closer and tucking her face into your neck.

Sebastian eyes catch yours, and you realize you haven’t reacted to Elizabeth.
Holding her sides, you make yourself push the Tom incident to the back of your head and tickle your friend’s ribcage.

“Go hug Rogers,” you say, bringing yourself to chuckle. “I’m sure he’s more comfortable than me.”

Elizabeth turns a shade of pink as Chris drags her into his arms, and keeps one of his arms over her shoulders even after he’s pulled away.

“God, that took forever,” Mackie comments, standing beside Sebastian.

“That’s because you wouldn’t stop making faces off camera,” Emily replies.

“Okay,” Mackie nods, “but that didn’t mean you had to laugh at them.”

Emily pulls a face and Mackie sticks his tongue out at her.

“Guys,” Scarlett says, capturing everyone’s attention. “You want to find out if we can go out to dinner anytime soon?”

“Scar, it’s like four in the afternoon,” Chris says.  

“Linner,” she shrugs. “I’m starving and you three should not have taken two and half hours to shoot one scene.”
“It’s Emily’s fault-”

“It’s Anthony’s fault-”

“You’re the one that kept making faces-”

You’re the one that mocked every word I said-”

Mackie and Emily speak over each other, and Chris snorts, grabbing his chest as he takes Elizabeth down with him as he keels over.

“Oh my God,” Elizabeth says, “he’s doing the left boob grab.”

This spurs a genuine laugh out of you, and you join the others as you jeer together at Chris’ odd habit.

“Hey!” Anthony Russo shouts over from across the pavilion, startling a few of the extras still hanging around. “Take break you guys and get something to eat!”

“Did we finish filming?” Scarlett asks.

“Hell yeah we did!” Joe yells, pumping his fist. “Phase One of Civil War is officially complete!”

“Only took five months,” Mackie murmurs, as the crowd around breaks into a small applause.

“Yay,” Chris beams. “Now we just have some ass kicking to do.”

“Oh man,” Sebastian rubs his knuckles. “I can’t wait to kick Downey’s ass into next year.”

Elizabeth looks over at you. “This is the side of the princes Disney doesn’t show in the movies.”


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Can you please do a scorbus coffee au where albus is a flirtatious customer that leaves our precious scorp all blushy and flustered!

The first time it happened, Scorpius thought that maybe the customer was just a bit friendly. Scorpius thought maybe he was reading too much into it. After all, who wouldn’t want the gorgeous guy at the counter to be flirting with them? 

Albus had dark skin and permanent bedhead that Scorpius couldn’t work out if it was natural or stylized to be that way. He also had amazingly bright green eyes that just sort of drew one in. Most days he wore skinny jeans and tight v-neck t-shirts that hugged his body. It was a miracle Scorpius wasn’t drooling by the time Albus got to the counter.

Meanwhile, Scorpius knew he wasn’t unattractive but he certainly didn’t have Albus’ confidence. People were always asking him if his platinum blond hair was dyed to be that way and Scor always had to tell them it was natural. The only people who didn’t ask that question was anyone that knew Scorpius’ father.

Scorpius was doodling on a napkin when he heard footsteps. He glanced up and saw Albus approaching the counter. He quickly discarded the napkin and put on his best customer service smile, pretending that his heart wasn’t already racing just from seeing Albus. “Hi there, what can I get for you?”

“Oh Scorpius,” Albus said, nearly draping himself over the counter. “Must we play these silly games?”

Scorpius laughed and shoved at Albus a little to get him off the counter. “I’m going to have to clean the counter if you keep doing that.”

“You’re looking as ravishing as ever,” Albus told him, batting his eyelashes at Scorpius. Scorpius wondered how he had ever considered this just being friendly. He blushed from the tips of his ears down to his neck. 

“What can I get for you, Albus?”

“All work and no play,” Albus said with a tsk. “Maybe I just came in to see you.”

Scorpius swallowed around the lump in his throat. “Considering you come in every day for a coffee fix, I highly doubt that,” he managed to joke, getting out the spray bottle and wiping down the counter just for something to do to distract himself from those damn green eyes and those pouty lips that he just wanted to suck on.

“I come in every day to see you,” Albus corrected. “The coffee is just an added bonus.”

Scorpius chewed his bottom lip because it was better than screaming in delight. “Why would you want to see me?”

“Because you’re adorable,” Albus answered straight away. “And I’d very much like to jump over this counter, press you up against the latte machine and snog you for an extended period of time.”

Scorpius felt his stomach flip at the image Albus had presented. “I-I-I’m pretty sure I’d lose my job i-if we did that.”

“I know,” Albus said with a grin. “That’s why I’ve restrained myself so far, but you make it very difficult.”

Scorpius whimpered softly. Do not get hard at work, do not get hard at work, he begged his body. The last thing he needed was an uncomfortable boner and no way of taking care of it.

“I think you should go,” Scorpius told him.

Albus’ face fell. “I’m so sorry, did I offend you? I really, really didn’t mean to.”

“No, no,” Scorpius responded quickly. “You’re just…god, you’re really attractive and you keep saying all these wonderful things to me and if you keep it up I won’t be able to do my job.”

“Oh,” Albus said, chuckling softly. “What time do you get off work?” 

“Five o’clock,” he responded.

“Okay,” Albus nodded. “I’ll be back then.”

“You don’t have to -”

“I want to,” Albus cut him off with a small smile. “See you at five!”


Scorpius was just finishing locking up the coffeeshop for the night when he felt a weight against his back and arms encircle his waist. “Is this okay?” Albus’ familiar rumble asked in his ear, making Scorpius shiver.

“Yeah,” he murmured, turning his key and pulling them out from the door. 

“I’ve been thinking about you all day,” Albus confessed, pressing soft kisses to Scorpius’ neck that cause Scor to mewl. “You’re so cute and sweet, I can’t get enough of you.” 

Scorpius turned in Albus’ arms and his lips were immediately captured in a fierce kiss that stole his breath away. Scorpius nearly dropped his keys but managed to put them in his pocket in favor of getting his hands in Albus’ hair. 

“We’re - gonna - smudge - the - door -” Scorpius gasped out between kisses. “Have - to - clean - it  - tomorrow.”

Albus pulled them away from the door, keeping their lips locked. He backed them into the alley and pressed Scorpius up against the brick siding of the building. Albus broke the kiss and Scorpius sucked in air, his chest heaving. “Fuck, I’ve been wanting to do this for ages,” Albus confessed, kissing across Scor’s jawline and down to his neck. 

“Why didn’t you ask for my number?” Scorpius asked, tilting his head back to give Albus more access to his neck. 

“I like seeing you face to face,” Albus told him, sucking a mark onto Scorpius’ pale skin. 

“That’s so romantic,” Scorpius said, tugging Albus up into another kiss. “And also utter bollocks. Why didn’t you ask for my number?”

Albus laughed and nipped at Scorpius’ bottom lip playfully. “Took me a while to figure out if you liked my flirting with you or if you were just shy.”

Scorpius huffed out a laugh. “A bit of both, I suppose.”

“That’s why it took me a while,” Albus responded, sliding his hand under Scor’s t-shirt and splaying it against his heated skin, making Scor arch off the brick from the contact. “But now that I know you are into me, can I have you number?”

“Of course,” Scorpius said with a small smile. “Might be hard for you to find it though.”

“What?” Albus asked, his brow knitting together.

Scorpius’ smile widened. “I wrote it on the first coffee I ever gave you,” he told him. “Hoped you might call.”

Albus groaned and buried his face against Scorpius’ neck. “I didn’t even see it, I was too busy staring at you. I’m so sorry!” 

Scorpius laughed. “It’s okay,” he said, running his fingers through Al’s hair. “I suppose I’ll be nice and give it to you again.”

“I would appreciate it,” Albus said, nuzzling him affectionately. “I’m such a plonker.”

Scorpius hummed and tugged Albus’ face up. “Hey, don’t talk about my boyfriend like that.”

Albus kissed Scorpius, both of them smiling as their lips brushed. “So I’m your boyfriend now, eh?”

Scorpius shrugged as if his heart hadn’t relocated to his throat. “If you want to be.”

Albus kissed Scorpius with such tenderness it made his whole body tingle. “Yeah, I want to be.” They beamed at each other until their faces hurt and then their lips found each other again. 

Alrighty, here we go! So lately I’ve been getting asks about what constitutes a good trade or what can make a trade better. I’m not an expert on Wonder Trade, but I have traded  A LOT and I’ve been involved with @wondertag for a long time, since its inception (although I was not a mod there in the very beginning). I’m a BIG fan of wonderwashing and trying to make Wonder Trade a better place!

That being said, I know there are already guides to wonder trading out there, and you should check out @tinytheursaring‘s guides when you get a chance. I’ll probably cover a lot of stuff other people have already touched upon, but that’s okay I think. Anyway, let’s start with the basics.

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aria-inthestarless-night  asked:

can you tell me how to do pixel arts? I'm actually making a game and I'm stuck about the characters D:

   Of course!! I’ve put together some stuff and tips that I thought useful in a tutorial-like way, I hope it helps! ´ w ` Everything is under the read more!

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lainadraws  asked:

hey i just started reading taproot and i love it? its so cute? i was just wondering--i was thinking of starting a webcomic soon myself but its a little intimidating. do you have any, like, pointers for starting off? :0

I’ll do my best! Taproot is my first ongoing webcomic :’D Forgive me if some of this is too 101. Also, this is just what works for me–and I’m still figuring it out! I’ve learned some things from Taproot that I’ll probably change in my next comic. A lot of it is just finding out what works for you, because there aren’t really any set rules when it comes to these things.

That said, here are my number one advices: 

1. Start with something small if you haven’t done many comics before. Do some 3-panel comics, and some 3-page comics, and some 20-page comics before you jump into any kind of epic. Even if you don’t end up with anything you like! My folders are filled with abandoned storyboards and even mostly-finished stuff. But, when you do make something you’re proud of, it won’t matter if it’s only 3 pages long, and it will teach you so much about your boundaries and your goals and your process. Fan comics are good too! It can be relaxing to not have to worry about character designs and things like that. I do a lot of Dragon Age…

2. Have a lot of padding. This can mean different things for different people. Some people are able to write, storyboard, and draw pages the week before every time, but most are not. My personal preference is to have everything completely storyboarded out in pretty good detail before I even start, and to give myself at least a couple of months of finished pages at all times. I get really anxious about these things, so you might not need QUITE that much, but for me it keeps the comic fun and stops me from angsting about it constantly.

3. Keep to a schedule–I do once a week, but you might choose Tuesday and Thursday, or you might choose once every two weeks, but stick to the schedule, and if you can’t make the schedule, change it. This goes for scheduling yourself, too. I have a full-time job and can only work on stuff in the evenings and free weekends, which means I have to promise to put in a certain amount of time every evening. Those hours are my promise to my comic. (Maybe you can only promise half an hour a day–that’s okay too! As long as you stick with it.)  

4. You have to be in love your characters and your story. This probably seems obvious, but for me anyway, I have to be…sketching them for no reason, and having fun imagining them in different scenarios (even ones that I’m not putting in the comic), and talking about them with my friends like, all the time. This goes for loving your art, too, I think–there’s a time and a place for stretching your boundaries (for me it’s cars, eugh), but that place and time isn’t your entire comic. I like making lists of things I really enjoy drawing (leaves, flowers, bones…you can probably see where Taproot came from) and then finding ways to let myself draw those things. Making comics can be pretty grueling at times, and if you’re not making something you love, it’s very hard to stick with it, honestly. Which brings me to my last advice!!

5. Take breaks! Forgive yourself for mess-ups! (Even published mess-ups!) Drink lots of water, stand up and stretch, play video games, read other comics, go on walks (or do something else that you like if it’s not that). I’m terrible at my own advice and I forget that time spent in between drawing is just as valuable for your art and storytelling as drawing itself. That time is how you recharge and get new ideas and see things in different ways. It’s really, really easy to burn yourself out on comics, because they’re a lot of hard work. I think they’re also 1000% worth it, but burned out sad hungry sleep-deprived Keezy doesn’t think that, so I have to stop her from happening. 

Originally posted by expressyourself-draw

I’m sure I’ve forgotten all kinds of things, but hopefully you are invigorated and a little less intimidated! Comics are the best thing to have ever happened to me, but it took a while to overcome my fears and decide to just do it. I hope you have as much fun with your webcomic as I am having with mine (and I would love to see it when you start posting!) Feel free to pester me for more specific advice if you want to <3

Go forth and comic, friends (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧