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transparent bardcio here to protect you with his cavaquinho

(i forgot to clean up the transparent before i posted it haha)

free for personal online use, i.e. headers, icons, backgrounds, provided that you credit visibly (in description, in about page, basically somewhere where people can find it if they wanted to know where it came from)

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Happy 15th Anniversary, Kingdom Hearts!!



1- Just wanted to draw my fav boy with his hair down, it was alil experimental because I dont really know how his hair works and just fucked around until it looked half decent~

2- A version of him w/o glasses just for funsies.

3- Chibi Erasermic smooches before they have to go to work

4- MidMic doodle comic. Aizawa isn’t the only one who gets him. I hc that Mic lets his facial hair grow when he is not doing so well and Midnight knows this. (This can be either platonic or romantic, I like both so…)

5- Erasermic filled sketchbook page, how Mic and Aizawa  went from rivals who hate eachother for pety reasons to best friends. 

6- Another Erasermic filled sketchbook page, Platonic gifts that mean the world.


[image description: On a white background, Peggy Carter gives Angie Martinelli a piggyback ride. Angie’s arms are thrown out excitedly as she is decked out in rainbow flags, face paint, knee-high socks, and a tshirt reading “LESBIAN THESBIAN” in rainbow letters. Peggy is mid-run and smiling (at her silly goofy girlfriend) with a tshirt reading “BI PRIDE” and corresponding face paint]

Not that I need an excuse for gay on my blog, but I realized it was almost the end of Pride month and I never posted anything. So here’s some gay-as-hell Cartinelli art

Happy June 32nd!

I don’t even know where to begin, if you had said to me last month I was going to meet Taylor Swift in October I would of called you crazy 😂 I just can’t believe this photo actually exists, I’m so grateful to have been invited to the secret session it was seriously the best night of my life and I will always cherish it 💛 I finally got to meet my idol, the person I have looked up to since 2008, she was exactly as I knew she would be, kind, humble, funny, generous, gorgeous and so much more 💖. She was so kind to me and instantly recognised me as soon as I walked through the door “Morgennnn I’m so glad you could make it” I will never forget those words, I never thought she actually knew who Is was but Taylor proved me wrong ☺️. She also told me she always associates me with the flower crown filter which I died when she told me as all my friends of hers call me “flower king” because of that 😂 I fell in love with her in 2008 and met her in 2017. Last month I was in a dark place, I had my first heartbreak I felt so lost and depressed for a long time but as soon as I received that message from Taylor Nation everything changed. Someone once told me that with every low comes a high and this is definitely that because I have never felt this happy in my life and will never stop thinking about it😊

Taylor thank you so much for inviting me into your home( which is beautiful btw) to hangout with you for a night and listen to Reputation early, which I am gonna say again is the best album you have created you have put your heart and soul into this album and just looked so happy when listening to it with us and just throughout the whole night, I’m just so happy for you ♥️ I cannot wait for everyone to hear Reputation and also can’t wait for you to win album of the year for the third time when the Grammys come around 😌 it’s gonna happen and I am so ready for it! And finally thank you so much for the friendships I have made from the Secret Sessions, I finally got to meet @ethereal-swiftness and @taylorsparklingswift who i had been friends with before the event, it was such a great surprise to see them and to freak out together throughout the whole night with 😄 Also I’m sorry for kinda freezing like a statue when meeting I was so awkward and just overwhelmed that all the thing I wanted to say to you I forgot to speak to you about and I didn’t even ask for a picture with just me and you which I kinda best myself up about as they were personal things I wanted to thank you for but I’m gonna make a post with all those things so please if it made by the fine you read this look on my blog for it it would mean so much to me if you knew.

Thank you so much again Taylor for everything. I love you so much Taylor it was truly enchanting to meet you, the memories of October 13 will stay with me forever, see you on tour!

Love from your Scottish Swiftie

Morgen 😘🌷🌺

im at comic con and i met Tom yesterday. i thought i would make a post about it before i forgot, bc my brain turned to mush when i talked to him.

me: hey, how are you?

Tom: I’m good! How are you?

me: I’m good! I’m really good! Um… I have a gift… but it’s not for you do don’t get too excited…

Tom, raises his eyebrow: okay, that’s fine

me: it’s for Harrison (Tom smiles a bit) my friends and I really want him to play Harry Osborn in the MCU—

Tom: of course, of course

me: so we made these shirts, and I thought he might want one (I show him the shirt that we had made that says #HazforHarry2k17 on the bottom with Harrison drawn in the Obama “Hope” poster style.)

Tom, smiling at he looks at it: that is awesome! That’s so great!

me: I was hoping you could give it to him?

Tom: I will most certainly do that. I will definitely give it to him.

me: thank you! it was really nice meeting you!

Tom: great meeting you too!


and then bakugou went back to his own room only to start screaming pretty loudly about what he had just done

anyways i’d never drawn a kiss before nor a comic itself + i’m still getting used to digital art so this probably looks terrible … i wanted to draw something for tetsutetsu’s birthday too but i was pretty busy today (one of the reasons why this looks so rushed, there’s only an attempt at a background in 3 panels and there are so many mistakes) … i’ll try to draw something for him tomorrow

i wasn’t even going to post this because i keep getting the feeling that it’s bad but?? i spent too much time on this to just keep it to myself so yeah !! hopefully i won’t end up regretting posting this lmao

Engeki Haikyuu - Winners and Losers
Reviews Master Post

Initial Thoughts  (x
Opening Sequence (x
Karasuno’s Losing Point  (x
Post-Match Meal  (x
Kunimi and Matsuhana  (x
The Middle School flashback w/ Kageyama, Oikawa, and Iwaizumi  (x
Ennoshita  (x
Suga benched, Kageyama Resumes Play (x
Yamaguchi’s Pinch Serve (x
Karasuno Third Years (x
Iwaoi and their Perfect Harmony  (x
Intermission during the Final Show (x

Final Show Curtain Call (x