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2x07 conclusions (???)

alright earpers, if anyone, literally anyone (seriously. you could be a cat staring at some careless owner’s screen who left their Tumblr open idgaf I’m desperate) has been actively following my blog you’ll know that I’m not very consistent with my theories but it’s 12:32 am, I got places to be in the morning, and I should really go to bed, so I figured why not lull myself to sleep with a 207 conclusion post
•drunk!Nicole is the gay icon we deserve
•waverly is def 100% not human k thx
•um Jeremy is a poor nerd boy who needs 2 be cherished
•nice comic Con reference Emily
•jeremy always wanted to go to Hogwarts
•i really love drunk Nicole
•I’m feeling like the baby isn’t what’s his face? Like idk it seems too simple to be Doc’s but who knows
•waverly is still an Earp regardless of blood and you can fight me on this
•drunk Nicole omg
•have I mentioned drunk Nicole
•tbh I’m sure I’ll remember more things about the episode tomorrow but right now I’m drunk on drunkNicole

the beginning of taking flight is such a rollercoaster for keith like:

here is he, extremely worried about lance, watching him closely

he is so eager??? to let him out of the pod??? (you can already see allura going “wtf chill boi”)

tfw u get scolded for wanting your boyfriend out as soon as possible (pidge is judging him too)


“I just want to see my bf allura is that too much”

always by his side

he’s the last of the group to leave the pod, which means he stayed in front of it all alone for a bit


and last but not least…..the look of betrayal™ after he sees lance flirting with allura

this guy is in love wake up america

Things I want to see in future Steven Universe episodes
  • Steven learning to heal corrupted and forced-fused gems
  • Jasper being cured of her corruption! Jasper redemption!!
  • Redemption for all the Rubies too whERE ARE MY RUBIES
  • While we’re at it where’s my BISMUTH redemption??????
  • Topaz + Topaz coming to earth to be free as a fusion!! 
  • Liberating all the Amethysts/Jaspers/Carnelian from their posts at the zoo and bringing them to earth
  • and the humans too I guess w/e
  • More Amethyst family schenanigans!!! 
  • Steven fusing with Garnet or Pearl!
  • More Stevonnie I will never have enough Stevonnie in my life thank u
  • More of the Off-colors oh my GOD????
  • Rescuing the Off-colors and bringing Lars home!! 
  • The Off-Colors coming to earth!!!! The Off-colors joining the crystal gems!!
  • Garnet meeting Rhodonite! Garnet meeting the Topaz fusion!!! Garnet and Rhodonite and the Topaz’s bonding over being fusions!! FUSION JOKES
  • Did I mention bringing Lars home?/?? 
  • Lars being reunited with Sadie!!???!?!!!!!! 
  • More of Lars being a badass and helping out the crystal gems!!!! He and Sadie learning to fight together!!!!!! Becoming crystal-gem helpers like Connie!!!!!!!!
  • LARS!!!!
  • Steven collecting all the misfit gems from every corner of the universe and making them into an army and then round-house kicking yellow diamond into the sun
  • please

Feel free to add anything I missed I think I need to lay down now

Battle of the Boot pt. 2

My Kobold bard, Keeva, is still gnawing on Pirina’s boots. The dice rolling bot clearly hates any semblance of plot.

P: “Go away you repulsive barnacle of a child!!” At this point she is panicking and shaking her boot like nuts
DM: This small lizard has bested you in every way so far
K: “I’m not a child,” Keeva says, long enough to get kicked off into a wall. Somehow, the boot comes with her.
K: She has the boot
P (OOC): Can I retrieve the boot
K (OOC): No
DM: >Roll for Dex
DM: >Both of you
P: (rolls a 6)
P (OOC): Fuck off to hell
K: (rolls a 14) nice
P (OOC): Fuck this stupid fucking bot
DM: Keeva pirouttes past Pirina.
K: She still has the boot
DM: >Keeva roll for perception
K: (rolls a 13)
DM: You begin to notice that your pockets are lighter than what they used to be
K (OOC): holy shit
K: Keeva holds the boot in her mouth and looks for money on the ground.
DM: When you did the back flip earlier. All of your gold fell out. Local children are picking it up as quick as possible
DM: >roll for dex
K: (rolls a fucking 22)
K (OOC): nice,
P (OOC): I might waste a spell slot on you
DM: I don’t even know anymore
K (OOC): Clearly, the dice hate you
DM: A show. A magnificent show. Each year this festival brings some of our countries greatest acrobats, but this year was different.
DM: A Kobold of all people trumped all others. Too see such beauty.
DM: It was indescribable. It would be a crime to put it into words.
DM: >Keeva roll charisma check
K: (rolls 7)
DM: >Pirina roll a Con check
P: (rolls the exact same roll)
K (OOC): mexican standoff
DM: You both look at each other and just start laughing like children. What a wierd and funny turn of events.
P (OOC): Fine but I want those boots back goddammit

The Party part 16/?

K: …

L: …

L: Aren’t you going to say anything?

L: Whoa okay settle down-

K: Lance do you… even like me?

L: What?

K: Don’t ‘what’ me you know exactly what I’m talking about.

K: You walk around flirting with any mildly attractive alien we come across and I can’t help but feel like…

L: Like what?

K: Like I’m nothing special to you! Just another person you can flirt with when you feel like it, then move onto the next because it’s no big deal to you

K: d-don’t you know how much I care about you?

K: I-I mean we have arguments and disagreements and I know you’d probably be happy with someone else but to lead me on like this… and for this long.

K: It’s fucking cruel!

K: Is everything that you’ve done just some kind of petty game? Another competition you want to beat me at?! another way you can one up me!?

K: If that’s the case then, you must really hate me! a-and I know this all just might be my fault for forcing things, instead of just letting myself hate you-

K: Too….

Holy freaking crap people.

Last post was a damn joke.

I have friends that have never played the game and know more about it than other people who have played it.


Now I’m an elitist brat to some of you.

“Ew cameh pepol dunt plai succer but dey liek spurtz, how cud u”

At this point idk if you’re just looking for a reason to ruin whatever post I make because you still got a trunk up your butt over an old post of mine or just because you dislike me as a whole and look for a reason to ruin my day.

F**k. Guess I won’t make jokes anymore.

Gonna make this a family friendly blog.

Rebloging positiveness and sh**

Gotta start now.






He’s weak for the most ridiculous stuff and they 100% know and take full advantage of it

On the complexity of words in our racialized and colonialized world, and my own liminality...

TW: Discussion of the term “g*psy,” which I know may be a triggering word to some of my American followers in particular. I’ve done my best to tag this. Let me know if I’ve left something out.

So I need to talk about this. I really don’t want to because I feel like I’m going to be attacked for doing so. But this is my life in a super literal way, and I am taking time to process all this, with my cultural background, and my personal history, and my non-belonginess, and all the other super heavy baggage I have, and my society has, with this word and this way of life.

I’ve seen the occasional post on here talking about the culture on Tumblr of sometimes oversimplifying their activism and not understanding the full breadth of certain issues, and I’m kicking myself for it even as I type, but… today I’d like to address the international complexity of the term “gypsy.” Specifically, its use in the UK.

(Oh god, what am I doing sticking my foot in this hornet’s nest…)

All I ask is that you really just read this before you rip my head off, yeah? Please. I need to talk about this.

That word does not mean the same thing here that it means in the US, where I come from.

In America, it’s a pretty negative word to a lot of people of any degree of social consciousness. In America, that word is associated almost exclusively with the Romani people, an extremely marginalized group of POC who’ve been subject to every type of violence in existence, up to and including genocide. It is almost always used as either a slur, or an ignorantly appropriative capitalist tool. They’re the only well-known group of nomadic people Americans are familiar with in relatively modern times (since most nomadic Natives were killed or had their seasonal routes cut off long ago), and naturally, it has therefore remained a very racialized term in America. As a general rule, all nomadic peoples known to Americans are POC who have suffered genocide, sometimes to the point of extinction.

It’s fucking heavy. And that is what my brain still emotionally understands, when I hear that word. I’ve felt, and feel, that ickiness listening to someone use that word carelessly, or as if it were a trendy aesthetic™. This post is hard to write, because I have to use it.

So, Americans, I get this. ‘K? Me too. And Brits, if you’ve ever wondered why this strikes such a chord with Americans, that’s why, and this might be some handy knowledge for you to have when traveling to the US: “gypsy” is not a nice word in the US, and “Traveller” isn’t a term most Americans will recognize. We don’t have any legislation protecting Traveller rights, the way you do (inadequate as they may be). If you want to refer to the Romani, use Romani. If you want to refer to Travellers as a diverse group, use “nomadic people.”

But now I live in the UK. In the UK, “gypsy” is a government-official term, and people refer to themselves and others by this term routinely. And most confusingly, to my American sensibilities, it has little to do with your ethnicity. Even ethnic gypsies are most frequently white British, in the UK (the UK has its own native nomadic populations, especially from Ireland and Scotland). But there are also non-ethnic gypsies. It’s a term that refers more to your mode of living than to your race.

My gypsy neighbors are Irish, English, and Romani. The Irish Travellers and Romani obviously have an ethnic history of nomadism. But the ethnically English do not. He’s a Traveller, legally speaking, and part of larger gypsy society. And here, that is legally and culturally legitimate. He isn’t considered an ethnic minority, the way ethnic Travellers are, but culturally has a home under both terms.

There are other slurs in the UK for Travellers, of course. And there are also people who talk about them in a racist way (*cough* Tories *cough*). If I were to draw a comparison to American linguistics, “gypsy” in the UK is much like “queer” in America. It is simultaneously a neutral and inclusive word, and a word which is often found in the mouth of bigots. It has a complex history that has both highs and lows.

I still prefer to use Traveller, because I’m American and “gypsy” leaves a weird taste in my mouth. But that only works in writing, where it is capitalized. In speech, that term could just as easily mean kids on a gap year, and it isn’t useful for specifying nomadic people. So in speech… the word everyone uses is “gypsy.” This word which gives me the willies is now a normal part of my life. It is hard for me to get used to that. But also, apprehensively positive. What a wonderful community this is. It isn’t any stupid stereotypes. I mean, the dude a couple caravans down from me is a graphic designer. It’s just a really solid community of people who are just… really wonderful.

So… this is a major part of my existence right now. Please remember that Tumblr is an international community. Not everyone you see using that word is a racist throwing out a slur. Some of them aren’t even referring to the Romani. If they’re British, they’re probably more likely to be referring to the Irish, or to people of diverse or unknown ethnic backgrounds.

It may also be something I start talking about more often, because this is now my life. I live on wheels, in a mostly Traveller community. Legally, I’m a “New Traveller” (and the idea of referring to myself that way sends off a degree of appropriative heebjeebies that’s just unbelievable, but that is the fact of the matter). That is, I would be if anyone knew I was here. But the way these things are interacting for me, and how simultaneously uncomfortable and necessary it is to learn about them given my cultural background, means that it is something that is likely to come up. Something I will need to talk about. A consuming part of my life at the moment.

These people have taken me in, in a very real way that pretty much makes me cry when I think about it. They’ve fed me, and kept me warm, and helped me keep this hell shed from tipping over. They’ve gifted me things for my craft – the part of my life this blog is about. I don’t want to avoid talking about them as they talk about themselves, or understanding the way my self-perception is changing as this is happening, for fear I’ll be mistaken for an asshole. It feels like hiding who they proudly are, because the culture I come from has a different history than they do. I don’t live in that culture anymore, and probably never will again. I need to find some way of reconciling the dissonance with the way my life is now.

I don’t think any of this takes away from the complexity of that term. And to all you goddamn Nazis, don’t you dare take this as a reason why it’s ok to fucking harass the Romani, or I swear I will hex the shit out of you. And since the UK tends to follow American trends, I wouldn’t be surprised if that term eventually goes out of vogue.

But today, it is a very different word from its American counterpart, which is essential for me to fully understand in the context of both my own life, and my experience of adopting my new culture as an immigrant. And I want people to understand where I and other people in Britain are coming from when we talk about it. And I feel a need to be understood in my own life right now.

So… This was probably unwise. I’ll take my blows I guess. I’m just reaching into the dark and hoping I’ll find some understanding. This is very much part of what kind of witch I’m becoming, and more broadly, what kind of human I’m becoming.

Soo I kinda promised a few people about this. Here’s the rest of the video I took at the almostadultsmovie table read back in April. And yes, I know Elise is in it (contain your excitement if you can) Also, please note that kait-e-k is the amazing human being that was instructing Elise :) thegaywomenchannel (oh and kbearluna and natvanlis thought you might want to see it too) so yeah, hopefully I didn’t manage to mess up this post somehow :)

And I can’t help but laugh every time I remember how angry it made you that I wouldn’t talk to you. You wanted a reaction from me, you wanted some satisfaction that you still had a hold on me. But baby girl, a liar and a cheater will NEVER get that reaction from me. I’m worth too damn much to lower myself for someone like you.
Just Gongchan Things (Warning: Long Post Ahead)

Tall, dark, and handsome.

Soft and sweet voice.

Some performances to hear his honey voice:

Variety dark horse.

“I want a diamond ring! TEN CARAT!!!”

Stronger than he looks.

Huge gamer nerd.

Oddly good at rock, paper, scissors.

And limbo.

Seriously great with kids.

Biggest weakness = that box game.

Actually cried because of kelp once.

Has pride in his badonka-donk.

Likes to find hearts in everything.

And I mean everything.

High-key clingy with zero shame.

A little lot gay for Sandeul.

His side fling with Jinyoung.

“Awkward” relationship with CNU.

His bromance with Baro.

That one time he went blonde.

Amazing Photoshop skills.

An actual seven year old sometimes.

All in all, just a precious human being. Needs to be protected at all costs.

Stan perfection. Stan Gongchan.


Hello everyone! My dash is rather dead, and since I unfollowed a lot of blogs a while ago, I would like to follow some new blogs so here’s to another follow spree :) Here are my general requirements:

1. Tag your posts
2. Be 17 and above in the year of 2017. I’m 23 this year and it makes me uncomfortable following users much younger than I am. Even if you’re comfortable with it, I’m not.

Other things I will be looking at but are not an absolute requirement:
1. (***** HUGE PLUS POINTS FOR THIS) Posts K//pop OR has a K//pop related sideblog (the // is there bc a lot of people who follow me probably blacklist that so I don’t want to miss out any other blogs I might like). If you post BOTH K//pop AND anime that will be an even larger bonus. FYI, my ultimate bias group is EXO so it would really help if you have their related content. I also like girl groups like Blackpink, f(x), Red Velvet, Twice, EXID. In any case, just put your main fandoms in the tags. Feel free to check out my sideblog too!

2. Multifandom anime blog / 80% of your blog isn’t limited to one fandom 

3. Post things not related to anime (e.g.: TV shows, video games - I’m very into Persona now so that will be a huge bonus, film, aesthetic, etc.) aside from anime

Please reblog this post and please put in your tags: 

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I will only consider people who reblog the posts with the above required tags! Also, you don’t have to feel obligated to follow me back if I do follow you after checking out your blog! I would just like more blogs to follow ^^ Mutuals, I would highly appreciate it if you could reblog this as well!


So. Here’s some art and a fic I’ve been holding onto for…about a year. I’ve been too nervous to post it anywhere because I don’t write, but my chances to post are running out so now or never! 

This is my take on why and how Keith knew Shiro when they met in the first episode. There weren’t many stories like this when I wrote it but I’m sure there are alot now but whatever, just take it. This follows the main scenes of the first episode, with some added details/headcanons and flashbacks added into the mix. Oh, and male pronouns for Pidge because this is from Keith’s early perspective. Beta’d by my lovely friend @x-i-l-verify~

This is also written in a completely platonic light. I love Keith and Shiro as surrogate brothers of sorts, and the team as a family, so if you reblog…

Please don’t tag any ships on this! Thank you!

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sevmurray  asked:

I sent in a question and stating that I love grunt H. I do but I think its grunt K that I was meaning to ask the question about... okay now I can't remember. The transgender grunt. Anyhow I was gonna ask what was the inspiration on character development? What lead you to have a character like that on this page?

Hahaha. That’s okay. Grunt K is the breakout star!

I mean first and foremost: we need more trans characters in fiction. That’s just a fact.

Secondly, her debut comic was one of a pair with grunts writing home. (I meant to do more of these.) I kind of wanted to hint (without going too dark) that teens and young people don’t just join a gang if their home lives are going well. Either K’s parents didn’t support her, or she was just too scared to even tell them, and either way she found Team Skull more welcoming.

Her growing confidence and development is a natural result of being able to express herself! Having a cute boy flirt with her is just a bonus.

Okay so this is kinda old, and there are things that I fucked up on with this, but I’m too lazy and angry at this drawing that I’m likely never going to fix it, but I need to post art more, and I want to be able to delete this from my phone so I dont sob at how much I fucked up with coloring, k thanks.

  • sometimes, alfred isnt around to do the grocery shopping / is sick. theyre all adults though, they can buy their own food
  • it’s easier to go grocery shopping after patrol, when there arent as many people around in stores
  • that means they go buy groceries in costume because going home to switch clothes and then come back to shop is such a waste of effort when all you want to do is crash into your bed and sleep for hours
  • on one such occasion: the red hood and nightwing walked into a walmart, already arguing (”we’re not getting fucking 10 boxes of cereal, screw you–” “you won’t survive the winter.” “–you can have one.”)
  • they bought vegetables and fruits at the red hood’s insistence. also a strange amount of corn?? and cat and dog food.
  • they stopped at the milk section. “what percent of milk does A usually buy?” “uh. the normal percent?” “fucking shit.” they spent the next 15 minutes trying to deduce what kind of milk batman would like based on his personality. (”listen, i’m certain it’s whole milk.” “no, that asshole would absolutely buy organic gotham milk to support the local farmers or whatever.”)
  • “fuck.” “what?” “is robin vegan or vegetarian.”
  • neither of them remember so they end up arguing about vegan options while already holding two milk cartons (whole & nonfat; “listen, if they want something in the middle, they can just mix these in a glass, it’ll be fine.”) “almond milk sounds promising.” “what if he’s allergic to nuts?” “soy then.” “no, bad memories. coconut.” “the milk isn’t for you anyway, you asshole.”
  • after they decide on one almond, one coconut, they realise they have to choose if they want the milk to be sweetened or not.
  • cue another 15 minute argument deducing milk preferences based on personality
  • the coconut ends up being unsweetened (”it seems like it’d already be sweet, right?”), while the almond would be sweetened.
  • a long pause. “is anyone lactose intolerant?” “i hate you.
  • as theyre looking at the lactose free options for milk, around 10 minutes in, the red hood exclaims, “fuck, the vegan options already are lactose free!” nightwing startles, but seems too tired to even reprimand him.
  • its 6 am
  • theyve been here for 2 hours
  • they buy 4 milk containers, a shitload of fruits and veggies, animal food and 10 boxes of cereal.
  • the red hood is not amused
  • (damian really starts liking almond milk and refuses to drink any other version.)
Just This Night {SE Pt. 2}

OK! Part 2 to the series is finally here. I sincerely hope you are all destroyed by this because if you aren’t then I didn’t do my job, lmao. I tried something new, adding gifs to the story, let me know if its distracting or if it enhances the experience. I am going for some serious K-drama/BTVS level angst here so I hope you enjoy it!

Link to first part: http://zalrb.tumblr.com/post/162905370050/guess-whos-coming-to-dinner

People to tag: @thefangirlgoddess @stefan4president @kissmebluesexyvioletsme @misslilmel @stefan-is-too-sexy-for-you @humbu-bumbu @starrystelena @stelenacaryl4life @savagetore @youareatypo @wasabicakes @stelena-lover-forever @beverllarke @tea-moonn @stelenaliveson @stelenaisforever @emjo029 @fiftyshadesofstelena @demetrias-stelena @annoyinglydecadentface @foreveryoursnyoursalone

“What do you mean you want to leave in the morning?”

                Elena walked out of the washroom in purple silk pyjamas and sat on Damon’s old bed. She reached for the lotion on the nightstand and started rubbing some Aveeno on her legs. Damon lay next to her, a wet rag on the top half of his face, covering his eyes.

                “We shouldn’t have imposed on them like this,” said Elena.

                “Elena, you insisted we come here.”

                “I know.”

                “You get one weekend off from your internship and instead of us having a sun-soaked, naked, boozy getaway you wanted to come back to Mystic Falls.”

                “I know that, Damon.”

                “So why do you want to leave after one day? We haven’t even seen Bonnie yet. Or the twins.”

                Elena put her hair up into a ponytail. She hadn’t expected to be met with so much resistance. “Why are you making a big deal out of me changing my mind?”

                “Because you’re not telling me why,” said Damon. “And we just drove seven hours across the country.”

                “You were the one who wanted to make it a road trip,” she mumbled.

                “So this is my fault.”

                “What? No. It’s no one’s fault, Damon,” said Elena.

                “Babe, indoor voice please,” said Damon. “Whisper if you have to. I can’t believe I’m already hungover.”

                “I can,” said Elena. “Stefan’s right, it takes a while to learn your tolerance as a human but it’s been a year, Damon. You should know what you can handle by now.”

                “I know what I can handle,” said Damon.

                “Right, you just choose to ignore it.”

                “Since when did this conversation become about my drinking habits?”

                Elena shook her head but didn’t say anything. He was right, they were getting off track, but she couldn’t find a good excuse for them to leave.

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