i wanted to play the game

park jimin’s lies.

jimin: hey jungkook, why don’t you come to my room when I tell you to? you’re so disobedient, what happened?
jungkook: *comes to jimin and j-hope’s room every night*
jimin: stop coming to our room every night it’s so annnoying! ><

interviewer: who do you want to go on a trip with?
jimin: not jungkook, because he’d make me do everything >w<
paper interview: who do you want to travel with and why?
jimin: jungkookie! within the country though, it’s dangerous to go abroad with jungkookie~ ^^

jungkook, probably: so wtf do you want from me ._.

I want people to love me, otherwise I will leave. Leaving Barcelona on free was a classy hit. In my last 3 seasons you kept hearing that I was leaving, but the managment never said anything to my face. They were very fake and ungrateful. They had no respect for me. They only offered me a reneval because of the fifa transfer ban. That’s when I played their game and I signed a reneval which included a clause that allowed me to leave for free a year later. The people who run fc barcelona today have no idea how to treat their players.
—  Dani Alves
The plan.

Sorry I’ve been a bit absent recently, but I’m having issues with my computer and it’s really ruins the fun of playing games when any time you try to play your whole computer freezes up and you lose any unsaved progress and have to restart.

As I mentioned in this post, I’m in the process of getting a few new parts for my computer including a new CPU, new graphics card, and new harddrive. But as per usual I tripped over my own stupidity and ordered the wrong version of the GPU I wanted, so I had to contact the company and hope they’d take it back so I could order the right one.

At first they refused to refund/return the card because I had opened the box it came in — which I had to open it to know it was the wrong card because both versions of the card have almost identical boxes — but after arguing with them about it for a few days they finally agreed to allow me to send it back. They haven’t said for sure whether they’re going to refund it but I’m guessing they just want to make sure it’s not damaged or used in any way before they agree to refund/replace it.

Without that card I can’t really do much at the moment without my PC freaking out. Pretty much all I can do is run TS4 CC free. If I try to add all my old CC back or play a more graphic-intense game like WoW, the GPU I currently have overheats and the whole computer just goes “Nope.”

SO! The plan right now is to just lay low for a bit, still keep up with Lusk Life (provided the PC doesn’t get any worse) and wait to hear back from the company about the card. Then if I can get a refund/return, I’ll be even more absent for a few days while I install all the new parts and then completely reformat my harddrives and start fresh.

But until then; I hope everyone has a great week and happy simming =D


SONG: ooh you’re playing Density Effect!! i still need to play this!

PICKLE: it’s pretty cool!! my character is dating this big bird looking alien dude and he really likes it when she punches reporters :D

SONG: …um, remind me not to let you save the galaxy? 

Dating Jungkook Would Be Like

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  • Awkward in the beginning
  • You’re gonna be the one to break the ice
  • As soon as he sees you like him as much as he like you he’d be hella confident
  • Show off
  • Playing video games
  • Not letting you win
  • He’s very competitive
  • “The loser has to do everything the winner wants.”
  • He asks you to cook for him
  • He wanted to ask for head, but it was too soon
  • Eating really fast
  • Feeling sick later
  • You’re gonna have to take care of him
  • Covering his face with kisses
  • Making him laugh
  • Watching anime at night
  • And eating candy
  • “But you were feeling sick five minutes ago!”
  • “I’m fine Jagi, just give me the candy.”
  • Feeling sick again
  • “Jagi, my stomach hurts!”
  • “-_-”
  • Stubborn Maknae
  • Him making you breakfast because you took care of him the hole night
  • Being horny all the time
  • Hands on your inner tighs 
  • You playing with the hair on the back of his neck
  • Knowing what it does to him
  • Really into public sex 
  • Loves spontaneous blowjobs
  • Will lightly pull your hair and guide your head
  • Being very jealous 
  • Specially of the other maknaes
  • Jimin going “I was born in Busan first!”
  • Jungkook going “I was born in Busan better!”
  • You and Tae laughing till you can’t breathe
  • Him taking you to the bedroom and showing why he’s better
  • Him being a meme 24/7
  • Whenever you texted him to go get something in the market he’d reply with a meme
  • Wants to take you to Busan
  • Romantic walks by the beach
  • Holding and warming your hands
  • Kissing his nose 
  • Him being shy whenever you started skinship
  • Not taking his hands off of you whenever you were in private
  • In public would always keep an eye on you
  • Because of saesangs 
  • Calling you everyday to tell you how his day went, and asking you about yours.
  • Doesn’t gives you gifts all the time
  • But when he does is something really expensive
  • Would want you to wear Timberlands to match with his
  • Watching him working out
  • Him asking you to lay on his back while he does push ups
  • Shower sex 
  • Him carrying you to the bed 
  • Cuddling while he sings to you
  • Him reffering to himself as oppa 
  • only if you’re younger of couse
  • Wearing his oversized white shirts
  • Having a very playful relationship
  • Also very sexual because that boy has a lot hormones
  • And stamina
  • Nudes
  • A lot of them
  • Loves when you send nudes and he’s not expecting
  • “Just wait for me to get home kitten.”
  • He’d be dominant and would only let you be on top in rare occasions 
  • Likes lingerie, but usually tear them apart 
  • Specially when he uses his bunny teeth
  • Likes when you lay on his chest
  • And plays with your hair 
  • While talking about random things 
  • Him being your best friend and lover

  1. Husband Jin
  2. Husband Namjoon
  3. Husband Jimin

i want Vrains to be .Hack with card games

really Extra people hack their player character to have crazy skins, including like, running around as cat people or dragons or some shit

the rival plays as a male avatar but then the plot twist is that irl the rival is a girl

little eight year olds playing with voice modulators to seem older than they actually are

Yusuaku and his rival are bitter enemies online but don’t know each other’s real names so when they run into each other irl they actually end up becoming friends

just imagine the possibilities here


Finally!! My January/February shipment from AmiAmi took FOREVER O.O;

I’ve never had an SAL package take this long, but it’s here and I’m happy to have it! I’m still not sure on how I feel about Universal Unit but I am excited to have an EW Wing Gundam at this scale! The Splatoon Buki Collection fits in really well with 1/12 scale figures. I’m really hoping they do at least one more set from the first game before they start releasing merch for Splatoon 2 Q.Q..I want an entire arsenal of these if possible x.x. Even if you don’t get these for play-ability, they look great on display!

I love that Martin’s the kind of guy who’d you’d be chilling having coffee with and out of nowhere would suddenly want to play that game where you make silly faces at each other until one of you cracks up laughing. While he inevitably wins, with you dying and wiping tears from your eyes, he’d sneak his hand under the table, stroking the inside of your thigh slowly, and right as he’s at the point of touching your sweet spot, he pauses, and just looks at you like it’s the most innocent thing in the world 🔥😥🔥

Dive //Stepbrother au part// 4

 Bts Kim Taehyung

A/N: I am so sorry for updating so late. I’ve been so freaking busy with test, school and personal things and now i’ve had a day off. FINALLY got a chance to finish and update !! 

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5

Warnings? May contain Angst, smut and other strong language.

~ Step siblings au ~ (M)

It was hard to stay away from a boy whom you had feelings for before your parents even came together. Especially when the boy you needed to stay away from was playing mind games with you and constantly annoying you..

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Been thinking about my Ryders - Dylan and Delia.

Ok so I want Delia to be a bit like Sombra y’know. Hacker gal with a thing for neon stuff and very cunning. She’s fun, she likes challenges and has fun hacking random electronics just to mess with people. Also I’m thinking making her a biotic/hacker/sniper combo. Dylan is very similar but he’s more of a fighter than a hacker (also a biotic) however he likes crafting his own guns and explosives. They’re both crafty and creative, Dylan could make a bomb from a bottle of vodka and no one would know how he did that. They both are big pranksters and still pull pranks on people even now.

That’s all for now.

A bit of science for @acquiresimoleons, who said you can’t brush a horse without horse + sim being friends.  Idk.  I usually don’t own horses.  I just wanted to see for myself and see if there was a Retuner fix because I’m constantly curious.  For the record since I don’t play horses I don’t have any horse-related tuning mods in place.


That’s definitely not at “friends” or anything like “friends”.


So at that point I actually reset everything I’ve done in Retuner in this game (even though I was 99.9999999% sure I hadn’t touched anything in Retuner yet with regards to brushing a horse), removed Andrei’s Animal Lover trait just in case, set them to just under negative in their relationship and…

Idk.  Your game is fucked.  xD  Perhaps your horse has a trait that makes them offended to brushing by a stranger.  This randomly pulled horse had Agile, Brave, and Quiet.

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I want to suck bowser's juicy girth

title header bold italics. TICK🕘🕙TOCK🕚🐕BITCHES🐕👊😤IT’S 🕛👊😤💊⬆HIGH⬆💊🕛👊😤NOON🕛👊😤✏🎨DRAW🎨✏ THAT 👉👌FUCKIN👉👌 🔫🕛GUN🕛🔫💥😩💦🔥LOAD💦😤THAT😂👌BITCH🐶😩😤UP⬆⬆🕛👀👀🔫AIM👀🔫👀👉THAT👈💩SHIT👀💩 😩😲SMASH👊💥👌👈THAT😤😤👊💁MOTHER👉👌FUCKIN😤🍆💦🔫TRIGGER🔫👊💪🕛😤💥DE_STROY💥🔫💣👀👉THOSE👉👀👉🍆💦FUCK👉👌👬👳👮BOIS👴👱🕛👬🔢FOR🔢THE ♥💕😘😍LOVE😍💞OF🙇👼🙆GOD🙋🙆🙇👼🕛▶PLAY▶OF THE 🎮🔫GAME🔫🎮.

I love this picture. It shows their personality so well.
Oikawa is freaking out as always over his lose like ‘whaa how can you kill such beautiful guy. No no don’t ruin his hair noooo not his face don’t punch him in the face!’.probably his 48th time trying again that level.
Hanamaki is just done with game. He dont want to play. He’s like 'aw man not again. How do you play this?’.
Mattsukawa is calm and shit like always. He is just so good at video gaming even Kindaichi is approving. Mattsun is like 'there you go another level is passed’
Iwaizumi is just so into game. Aggressively pressing buttons until he wins. Iwa-chan looks like he’s playing the battle mode of the video game.
I bet third years made bet on 'who ever loses gonna treat all of us to Ramen after school’
I love Aoba Johsai 3rd years!!


The first time I watched Jack was around 4 years ago when I came across his flappy bird oculus rift video. I remember how much I was laughing at this goofy Irish guy playing this stupid game and how much I wanted to see more. I’m so glad that that video came up in my recommended that day. I love being in this community and being able to watch Jack everyday who always brings a smile and a laugh to my face. It’s helped me get out of so much bad stuff in my life, and I don’t know how to repay that, so in this time, I’m joining in by helping spread positivity and the things I love about @therealjacksepticeye and this community.

If you see this and you’re in the community, please share this by commenting about how Jack and this community makes you happy.

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TBH the thing I hate most about YanSim is how young and dumb some of the fanbase is. Like, remember how people reacted when the kitten idea was pitched? Sure it was unnecessarily edgy but the whole "noooo I don't want kitten killing to be a game mechanic don't kill sweet kittens :cccc" when they're playing a game about killing people to get a guy was reeaaaal annoying.

yeah but consider this: it was totally unnecessary and would only have been implemented for only shock factor, made no sense, and was an ineffective elimination method to begin with. the people who are like “um youre playing a game about murder and you dont want  k i t t e n s  being killed uwu check your priorities sweaty” and literally the same as the people who are like “youre mad about panty shots in a game about murder!!!! go play a game about flowers and bubbles snowflake” and THATS the annoying shit



Arden Nightshade

Traits: Romantic | Evil | Materialistic
Aspiration: Vampire Family

As I stated last night, I really want to get into playing with vampires in TS4 since I have had yet to do so since the pack came out. And seeing as how my sims are normally sweet, kind hearted and all around good, I wanted the biggest, meanest beezy you’ve ever seen. So meet Arden, a vampire who only wants to turn the town and create her own vampire army. Possibly wanting to somehow take out Vlad, her biggest competition to become the badass on campus. 

I’m not sure how long this gameplay will last for. As of now, I don’t have any real point to this aside from just playing the game. I might turn it into a black widow type thing maybe somehow? But I’m not sure at this point :)


Ross: You know i really enjoy listening how you play…

Brant: I thought you won’t come back until tomorrow

Ross: Well you did say that you want to see my wolf form

Brant: Yeah i really did…..

Brant: Look Ross i’m …

Ross: No don’t say it, i’m the one who needs to apologize i never should yell at you like that ..

Brant: It’s ok….