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Home pt. 2 - Recovery

A/N: Here it is.  The much-anticipated, much requested continuation of the knee surgery blurb, Home. Thank you to my amazing crew for helping me flesh this out and offering their support and editing!  Enjoy!

Four weeks.  You were four weeks post-op from your knee surgery, and you were on the verge of pulling out your hair.  The doctors had declared the surgery a success, but the amount of constant pain you felt begged to differ. Niall had been attentive and sweet, catering to your every need.  It had actually started to get on your nerves.  He had the bandage change schedule set in his phone.  Each time the “ding” sounded on his phone, he came into the room with a full-blown first aid kit at the ready.  If he hadn’t been a pop star, he would’ve made an excellent nurse with his soft touch and attention to detail.  

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