i wanted to make this pretty but then i gave up

My mother always told me “shit” was not a pretty word heard out of a woman’s mouth.

I have always been told to “act like a lady”

And that hairs on my body were dirty

I have always been offered pink make-up bags

And used to put paddings in my bras.

Today I need to forgive the ones who keep discrediting my words when I get angry because I’m certainly in “that part of the month”.

Not to mention that they can’t even pronounce “period blood” without tasting disgust on their tongues.

To those people

(who don’t only identify as men by the way)

I want to say

That I am not ashamed of that vagina mother nature gave me,

That my favourite colour is brown

That I am not ashamed of saying vulva,

That yes, I like painting my face but I’d rather have a book instead

That I love the blood that pours out of me every month

Because it gives me the power to grow a tiny human being in my belly.

And maybe, one day, out of this uterus of mine will rise a child that’ll know that men cry and that women fight

And that sometimes, people choose to identify as both a man and a woman

And that, sometimes, they don’t want to be seen in any of these categories.

And that none of that is crazy

That you have no right on controlling other people’s decisions

When it doesn’t affect anybody’s safety.

1.  Hello Moonz I love u a lot! 
Madison is short and very soft. Jefferson loves his soft belly. His hugs are pretty rare but when you get one its like being hugged by pure gold and your soul is instantly healed. John has received two of these hugs in his lifetime and notes it as the best experiences of his life. His smile is shy and sweet and everyone is like DANG when they see him break his deadpan. 
Herc: Herc is shorter than Laf but still taller than most of the crew. Hes very strong but covered in a good layer of chub. Much like Mads his hugs light up a room. He gives them to anyone who wants them and they make you feel like you are eating grandmas cookies. He has the most calming presence and everyone refers to him as the group parent. Everyone goes to him for comfort and love. He also has really warm kind eyes and I am rambling because I adore Herc so fucking much. 

Alex: OKAY so Mod Pepper always gave him a muffin top and we just keep making his chubbier and chubbier because we both love chubby characters. 
You might notice that Alex’s body changes a lot and that’s because his body weight fluctuates a lot based on how stressed out he is. He tends to forget to eat when hes in work mode and actively avoids eating when hes stressed. When hes happy or studying he stuffs himself.

John’s biggest pet peeve is when people thinks he only likes Turtles. He does love Turtles but he loves animals in general. He has a big interest in natural sciences and zoology. He volunteered in research projects to protect endangered species. 

Angelica’s parents where both working professionals so she babysat her little sisters often. She is the best big sister anyone could ask for. Throughout her childhood she made her sisters lunches and protected them from bullies. Shes just an all around wonderful person and so loyal to her family.

Alex has PTSD which he is pretty sensitive about. 

Laf is cheerful and sweet but when hes mad, hes mad. Anyone who talks shit about his friends, his father or his relationship (?) with Herc are going down.

Burr is happiest when hes with hanging out with Theo and his other friends. His happy place is the campus coffee shop sipping his double shot skinny latte, far away from Alex nagging him for course advice or wanting to run his assignments by him.

Eliza’s pet peeve is people walking muddy prints into her house. Who raised you! She also hates when people ask if she or her sisters are adopted. Not that there would be anything wrong with that but shes sick of explaining that her family is just mixed. 

Maria is in really good healthy actually. She met Eliza at the gym and they still work out together. They are relationship goals and you can often see them spotting each other or holding down each others feet when they take turns doing sit ups. 

B rated Juice box

Requested by Anonymous.

From this list 

So I gave them a name but if you want I can revert it back to reader. I just like writing in the third person. 

Thanks to @idrillalaith for the name (Also can you find the line that I put in just for you?) 

“Wally, Wally!” Amanda cried halfway up the aisle as she ran into the theater. Her redheaded date laughed shaking his head, arms filled with popcorn, drinks and other movie snacks.

“What, What?” he mimicked your excited pitch as he following closely behind.

“First off, you’re pretty slow for ‘the fastest man alive’” the bubbly girl said using air quotes around one of his many descriptions as the Flash. “Second THERE’S NO ONE HERE!” she twirled around in front of the empty theatre.

“Makes sense since this movie has been out for weeks and got horrible reviews,” Wally said ascending the wall of chairs to pick a center seat. Laughing Amanda plopped down next to Wally digging into the popcorn.

“The best kind of movie.”

This was their thing, going to see horrible B movies and basically laugh the whole time while flinging popcorn at the screen.

As predicted the movie was horrible. Cheesy dialogue, an amazingly unbelievable love triangle, and a plot that went in so many directions it could make a sane person dizzy.

Good thing you both weren’t quite on the normal scale. 

As the movie began to come to its climax Amanda pondered her favorite moment so far. It was a fight between the horrible dummy that blew up in the bar or when the father screaming at his daughter that “You’re mother’s a bitch!”

Or that was the case until the ex-marine turned Vampire turned to his lover. (How he had turned into a Vampire was still rather unclear. But there had been a 10-minute montage on how his rival trained to be strong enough to kill the demon so all was forgiven.)

“I can’t do this without you,” he said in the rain as he wiped his whole hand across the girl’s face in what Amanda only assumed was supposed to be a gentle tender gesture. 

Leaning forward Amanda gently put her hand on Wally’s arm. The speedster turned his bright eyes meeting her’s, confused. Slowly she leaned toward him, his gaze fell to Amanda’s soft lips.

“Because you complete me,” she whispered softly and Wally felt his heart skip for a moment.  

“Because baby, you complete me.” the hero on the big screen mimicked almost perfectly moments later. 

“OH yeeeahhh! Stick that in you’re juice box and SUCK IT!!!!?” Amanda cried throwing her hands up. A poor unassuming box of M’Ms that had been sitting in her lap flew into the air raining down colorful chocolate on them. Wally couldn’t help but laugh as Amanda pumped the air excitedly 

“Why so aggressive?” Wally asked picking a small blue candy from her hair. Amanda just grinned back at him before settling into his side again.

“I can’t help it, I just love these movies.”

Wally laughed gently playing with the tips of her hair. “Me too.”

Why every girl/woman in Stranger Things is a badass:

Joyce Byers: 

  • Fights tooth and nail to find her missing boy, even when the whole town is convinced she’s overreacting or going crazy, even her own son. 
  • Going into the upside down in a hazmat suit because she’ll be damned if she isn’t there the second they find Will 
  • Screaming at Lonnie for being the worthless piece of shit that he is. 
  • Raising her two sons on her own!!!!!! Working her butt off to provide for them!!!! 
  • Fights doctors who she knows have the power to wipe her off the face of the earth. 
  • Put the death of her significant other on the back burner to take care of her son. 

Claudia Henderson: 

  • Raises Dustin on her own!!!! 
  • Really cares about him and what he’s doing!!!! 
  • Supports his interests, even if she thinks they’re a little odd 

Mrs. Sinclair: 

  • Is supportive of her children 
  • Dealt with Billy before he went to visit Karen and somehow she managed to not strangle him 

Karen Wheeler: 

  • Raises three children (pretty much on her own, because wE ALL KNOW HOW USEFUL TED IS)
  • Supported her friend Joyce after the loss of her son! 
  • Desperately wants her children to know that they can talk to her about anything 
  • Has to keep secrets about probably the most horrifying time of her life, where her son almost got killed because of what happened with El and Hawkin’s lab. 

Nancy Wheeler: 

  • Slices her own hand open to attract it. 
  • Sets up fucking bear traps 
  • Keeps what happened to Barb a secret from her parents even though it is literally eating her up on the inside. But she knows it’s for their protection. 

Barbra Holland: 

  • Tries to protect Nancy from becoming somebody that she’s not. 
  • Never strays from who she is even though she has pressure from the outside. 

Marsha Holland: 

  • Has never given up hope of finding her daughter 
  • Is willing to risk her livelihood if it means she can get answers to what happened to her.

Terry Ives: 

  • Never gave up hope of finding her daughter!!!!!! 

Becky Ives: 

  • Has been taking care of her catatonic sister for at least a decade. 
  • Supports El in her quest to find out what the hell happened and how to connect with her mother. 
  • Doesn’t think El is crazy for trying to connect telepathically. 


  • Do I even have to say why she’s a badass I mean COME ON? 
  • Escapes Hawkins lab after straight up murdering her captors. 
  • Runs into the night with just an oversized tee shirt. 
  • Saves Mike and the party more times than anybody can count 
  • Puts herself into scary and life-threatening situations to save Will Byers who she has never even met before.  
  • knocked a bitch out using only a squirrel
  • Kept herself isolated from Mike for almost a year because she knew it was the safest thing for her and for him. 
  • Sought out her mother despite knowing it was probably dangerous 
  • Sought out Kali even though she knew it was dangerous. 


  • Coming up with a rag-tag team of misfits and all of them supporting and protecting each other
  • Living without much knowledge of her family or where she came from. 
  • Helps El come to the conclusion of who she is and who she wants to be, even if the two of them don’t agree. 

Max Mayfield: 

  • Doesn’t tolerate creepy behavior from the party. 
  • Says what’s on her mind 
  • Defeats a bunch of stereotypes by skateboarding and being good at video games and not dressing in stereotypically ‘girly’ outfits. 
  • Stands up to and defies her brother when he’s being a dick, no matter what. 
  • Understands her brother’s rage but doesn’t tolerate it when it becomes abusive. 
  • Stabs that bitch in the neck with a tranq 
  • then threatens his dick with a baseball bat 
  • Demands he leaves her and her friends alone. 

anonymous asked:

Why do you think Phil never really expresses his love for Dan? He doesn't seem very outwardly loving to me.

Honey, you came to the wrong blog. I’ve put my writing fingers on and there’s a storm coming for you.

Just this year, Phil has featured Dan in at least 11 of his videos. Some of those videos, Dan wasn’t even a necessary part of. But Phil still included him, happily. 

Phil has also included Dan in 17 (including a drawing) instagram photos just this year, including beautiful ones from Singapore (may we never forget).

Dan went to the fucking Bahamas just so he could stay with Phil and Phil’s family on a vacation, and I don’t know who would do that for someone who wasn’t loving. On that note, who would plan a second world tour with someone who wasn’t loving? Who would move into a third apartment with someone who wasn’t loving? 

Phil helped Dan film his video about depression, which I’m sure was difficult for both of them to relive, and then he posted about world mental health day and wore a fucking cheese costume on a liveshow pretty much just because Dan wanted him to. He showed his support for Dan and the video through a liveshow of his own as well.

Throughout the year, he’s mentioned Dan in pretty much every liveshow I’ve watched. He told people to buy tickets to events that he himself wouldn’t even be at, just so they could see Dan. He would do promos for every video that Dan uploaded, and give reasons as to why people should watch. He’d also tell people to subscribe to Dan, even though Dan already has like 2 million more subscribers than him.

They made a board game together, and it was originally Phil’s idea, but when people pointed that out he made it clear very quickly that Dan turned an idea into an actual thing and helped make the game just as much as he did. He gave Dan every bit of credit that he could, to the point it was like, “alright, we get it, you did it together!”

Most recently, Dan went up to Isle of Man just to spend a few days with Phil and his family for the holidays. In Dan’s own words, he went for a day, which makes it even more ridiculous than if he went for 3-4. 

Taking things into consideration that weren’t just from this glorious year (excluding a very important thing we don’t talk about): Dan said he randomly showed up at Phil’s door to do laundry when he was in college, and the first thing Phil asked was if he was moving in. That doesn’t sound like an unloving person. And I doubt Dan would have went to Phil in the first place if Phil was a jerk. 

And then there’s that video where Dan got really sick and had to go to the hospital, and Phil stayed by his side the entire time. Through hours in the waiting room, and then before and after his surgery. I’m sure he was the one to take the photo that Dan had of him lying in the hospital bed. Listen to this: My dad didn’t even stay with my mom at the hospital overnight when she thought she was having a fucking HEART ATTACK. He left and came home cause he was “tired” and “needed sleep.” But 23(?) year old Phil stayed at the hospital with Dan. I believe it was during that time that he also brought Dan McDonald’s because the hospital food sucked.

Dan’s stuck up for Phil multiple times when Phil wouldn’t stick up for himself, which I never find myself doing for someone who shows me nothing in return. “Can Phil express an opinion?” is one moment, but others include calling a pizza place when Phil burnt his mouth on cheese, calling people out when they copied Phil’s 7 second challenge video without giving him credit, and going on a rant when a fitness trainer overworked him at the gym.

But going back to the 7 second challenge- That was also Phil’s idea, but he included Dan in that as well… And OH YEAH, he also asked if Dan could be a part of the radio show with him when BBC1 only asked him to do it. What a jerk!!

He was the one who convinced Dan to start YouTube, he was the one who helped Dan when Dan didn’t know what to do about college, he was the one there through Dan’s existential crises, he was the one who Dan wanted to go back to all the time when they lived apart, he’s still the one that Dan wants to go back home to now, and if you ever come to me saying that he’s not outwardly loving I will outward-lovingly take you down to the park and whoop your butt. Have a lovely day!

When cancer tried to ruin Christmas, Taylor Swift came through in a Big Way…
I would like to tell you a wonderful story about my friend and someone I do not know…Taylor Swift.
By Lisa Mo' Chin

I would like to tell you a wonderful story about my friend and someone I do not know…Taylor Swift.

How do I begin…

My friend, Linda, has had the most terrible history with cancer. She’s a single mother who has tried everything within her arsenal to stay positive, healthy and motivated. So when she found out it was back, with the holidays approaching, she started to reach out to her friends.

She wrote on Facebook:

I helplessly watched her post messages of her condition for months. I read through them trying to find any opportunities of things I could help her with, or just to try to make her feel better. When I saw this post, and read that she wanted a card from Taylor Swift, I thought to myself, there’s no way I can make that happen. Still, you can only ever try, and that is good enough for me.

So I started to try.

To understand exactly what she had gone through, I asked her to write me the details. She replied:

I had a brain tumor removed in May of 2010.
An adrenal tumor removed in aug 2010.
Diagnosed with neurofibromatosis in 2014.
Thyroid biopsy and hysterectomy in 2015.
Triple neg breast cancer stage 3. In August 2017
Double mastectomy and DIEP Flap reconstruction after Dec Bilateral Mastectomy with DIEP Flap reconstruction. Then six weeks of radiation

In August I had the biopsy. The I went bi-weekly for chemotherapy. My last treatment was Nov 29th. The Bilateral Mastectomy and DIEP Flap reconstruction is where they use my stomach tissue to create new breasts.

I hadn’t known her history before, but to think of one person having to go through all of this tore my heart into two. Life really isn’t fair at times. Okay Linda, I’m going to try my best!She told me her daughter Jolynne, 8, was the biggest Taylor Swift fan and sent me a few adorable photos.

Of course, the first thing I thought of was to ask my wonderful boss, Arianna, if she knew Taylor Swift. She replied that she unfortunately did not know the her, but would love to. I was immediately disheartened thinking, well of my limited connections, that was the only path that had a glimmer of hope. Still, I had to move onto plan B. I posted a heartfelt ask to my friends on Facebook. Maybe someone knew someone who knew the Megastar.

With a stroke of luck, my friend Dwayne Seaton came through. He is a long-time friend, but also Founder of “Sounds of Tomorrow”, a wonderful company that takes at-risk talented youth and gives them an opportunity of a lifetime by helping connecting them to industry professionals. One of those is Dwayne’s partner, Jerry Wonda (who has produced the Fugees, Michael Jackson, Mary J Blige and a long list of amazing musicians after), who happened to know Taylor Swift’s managers! Dwayne gave me the contact information and wished me luck.

I received his message late at night, after a long day of work, putting the kids to sleep, taking care of the dog and going through more of my friend’s sad posts. I was mentally exhausted but Dwayne’s message gave me hope, so even though it was after midnight, I began to draft this letter.

I wanted it to be on paper so it wouldn’t be lost in the hundreds of emails their office must get. I wanted the important parts to stand out so I used some pictures and hand-wrote the notes all over it. I really hoped this unorthodox approach would get someone to open it and notice it. I drafted it, noticed that some of the sentences barely made sense but still, shrugged my shoulders and wrote the address on it. I thought, someone is going to think that this letter is from a crazy person. Whatever, nobody is going to see it anyway…

I honestly didn’t think anything would come of it. To me, just the effort of making this would probably make my friend feel less alone, that there were people out there who were doing their best to try to salvage the holiday for her. I put it into the mailbox the next day.

Many days passed and I didn’t hear anything. Some friends asked me a week later about it and I shrugged my shoulders. Who knows how many letters her manager gets. What’s the chances they would see it.

A few days ago, I saw some sad news.

The next day, she had surgery. She kept a pretty positive attitude. Her boyfriend, this amazing man that has been there helping her through this entire ordeal, started to post updates. He said the surgery went well, the cancer hadn’t spread and there was a chance that she would be able to be released for Christmas. What amazing news! We were all ecstatic. I was so happy for them.

But then last night, I checked Facebook for updates and saw a post that she had tagged me into…

All in all Taylor Swift sent a huge package of Christmas ornaments, scarves, pictures, an album and more. Some of it was even autographed. I don’t know what to say except that Taylor Swift saved Xmas for this family. My friend went to bed hearing that her surgery was a success, that the cancer hadn’t spread, that she may leave early and just having the peace of mind that her daughter was preoccupied with these tremendously generous and amazing gifts from her biggest obsession. Her daughter probably didn’t sleep at all ha. I can’t believe how wonderful Taylor Swift and her team is. We are ever so grateful. It was the most generous thing they could have done and it means so much. Truly a miracle.

Then this Christmas Eve morning, I woke up to this…

Wherever you are Taylor, I’m going to have to agree, you definitely do have a Big Reputation, with all of us here in New York. Thank you for making this one giant magical amazing Christmas. You are truly an angel.

Ask Me A Question

Pairing: Ben Solo x Reader

Word Count: 3.5k

Warnings: SMUTTT

A/n: Ben’s first time!!!!! okay so the idea for this fic was brought to me by the wonderful @baensolo ! love u

Ben’s steps were hurried but contained to scuffing along the marble floors. His mother kept a sturdy pace, as well as his uncle, but they both had considerably smaller strides than him, leaving him in an awkward rushed walk that could only be taken in half-steps.

“Did you hear what your uncle said, Ben?” His mother raised a brow at him, continuing to walk.

“…I have to be on my best behaviour?” He guessed. His ears had tuned out the monotonous flow of instructions in favour of focusing on the lavish architecture of the Senate building of Chandrilla. The art that hang off the tall walls detailed in chronological order the Old Republic, then its fall, continuing to the Jedi Order and so on.

Luke stopped walking, placing his hands on his nephew’s shoulders.

“All you really need to know is that the Senator needs a good bodyguard. If you can be that for her, your mother and I will be very happy.”

Ben shrugged. “Piece of cake.”

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christmas / holiday starters

Feel free to change pronouns or anything else !

at a party

  • “Woah, someone drank too much egg nog.”
  • “Look, I only came for the Christmas cookies.”
  • “So do I make a sexy Santa/elf/reindeer or what?”
  • “Merry Christmas! Let’s get wasted.”
  • “Is my outfit too festive/not festive enough?”
  • “Hey! Come on in, I’ll get you a drink.”

a grinch

  • “I can’t believe I’m all alone during the holidays.”
  • “Most wonderful time of the year, my ass.”
  • “I hate snow. And smiling children.”
  • “If I hear one more Christmas song, someone is getting strangled with tinsel.”
  • “The only thing good about Christmas is the candy canes.”
  • “Wow, that gingerbread house is…unique.”
  • “Egg nog is disgusting.”


  • “I’ve had my tree up since November.”
  • “How could you not like the holidays?!”
  • “I’m going to shove a candy cane up my ass. I’m so excited!”
  • “Christmas is the only time of year when I’m stressed out AND receiving a bunch of gifts.”
  • “There’s NO way I’m going to lose the house decorating competition.”
  • “Christmas isn’t a holiday. It’s a way of life.”


  • “What did you get me?” / “I’m not telling you! It’s a surprise.”
  • “I didn’t know what to buy you, so..I made you something…”
  • “You gave me the present that I gave to YOU last year?”
  • “It’s perfect…”
  • “Aw, you didn’t have to get me anything.”
  • “The only gift I want is stability and happiness. But this wrapping paper is pretty.”
  • “You just rip the paper right off?! You heathen.” / “You save the paper? Nerd.”

secret santa

  • “Ugh, I can’t believe I got ___ for secret santa.”
  • “I got ____!! What should I give him/her/them?”
  • “Who bought me socks? They’re plain white no-brand socks.”
  • “The limit was $20, people. Why do I see an iPhone?”
  • “I know who got me this. There’s only one person who knows me this well. It’s you.”

with friends

  • “I got us matching ugly sweaters.”
  • “Do you think I can fit these candy canes up my nose?”
  • “Merry Christmas, fuckers. I’m broke but at least I got you stuff.”
  • “This is really corny…but you’re already a gift to me.”
  • “I haven’t seen you in so long! Get over here and give me a hug.”


  • “Are you Santa? Because I’d sit on your lap.”
  • “Have I been naughty this year?”
  • “Oh, I’d ride in your sleigh.”
  • “Your eyes twinkle like tree lights.”
  • “All I want for Christmas is you.”


  • “It’s snowing! That’s so perfect!”
  • “Great, now my flight is delayed…”
  • “How am I supposed to get home in this weather?”
  • “Baby, it’s cold outside…”
  • “Let’s have a snowball fight.”

no snow

  • “Why can’t we have a white Christmas?”
  • “It’s too hot for hot cocoa.”
  • “I wish I could wear a sweater without dying.”
  • “It’s nice to get away from all the cold.”
  • “The only ice I want to see is in a cold drink.”

knows nothing about other holidays

  • “So is it Jesus’s birthday?”
  • “Where did Santa even come from?”
  • “…Isn’t the tree a pagan tradition?”
  • “How do the deer fly?”
  • “This holiday sounds like it was made by someone on crack.”
  • “What’s a Hannukah?” / “What’s a Kwanzaa?”
  • “Is what I’m wearing okay?”
  • “Stop calling me a grinch! I’m not even Christian.”


  • “Watch me shove all these latkes in my mouth.”
  • “You don’t know how to play with a dreidel?” / “Let me teach you the dreidel game.”
  • “See the menorah? It’s LIT.”
  • “Try the sufganiyot and you will forget about Christmas cookies.”
  • “Hannukah is the time of year when us Jews gather and decide the next step in taking over the world. At least that’s what that crazy guy from work told me.”
  • “Do these dreidel cake pops look Pinterest-y enough?”
  • “Christians get WAY too upset over Starbucks cups. I’ve never gotten a Hannukah Starbucks cup! You don’t see me rioting about it.”
  • “That’s not a dreidel…That’s a beyblade.”


  • “Who needs one day of Christmas when I have a whole week of Kwanzaa?”
  • “See the kinara? It’s LIT.”
  • “I can’t go home until I buy a new kinara.”
  • “What do you think of the decorations? I think I need more African print.”
  • “How are we out of food? Kwanzaa is about the harvest!”
  • “I like Kwanzaa. It’s a holiday of principles.”
  • “It’s not a ‘made-up’ holiday. All holidays are made up.”
  • “Kinda wish the unity cup was filled with whiskey. And that I could drink all of it.”


  • “No matter the holiday, family time is always a bad idea.”
  • “This isn’t Pinterest-y enough!”
  • “Come on, let’s take a quick selfie. We never see each other.”
  • “You know I’m Muslim/Hindu/Buddhist/atheist/other, right?”
A few of Eddie’s journal entries over the years

6 years old:

August 10, 2006:

Some asshole of a child ruined my favorite shorts today by pushing me into the mud. Bill yelled at him and I cried. Stan from school was there with him. The kid who pushed me bought me ice cream a little after. He walked me home and talked the whole time. I don’t think he brushed his hair at all.

August 11 , 2006: 

Bill and I went into the woods today. His mother played us some music while we had snack. I went to the pharmacy to get refills. 

August  12, 2006:

Bill was busy today and couldn’t hang out. I spend the day watching TV with mom. I didn’t speak much today. 

August 13, 2006:

Bill was busy again today. I went to the park to get out of the house. The boy with the hair from 3 days ago was there. He sat with me and talked a lot and really fast. He knows a lot about dinosaurs and numbers. It made my head hurt a little in a nice way. We went to the deli together. 

He reminds me of the broken wind up toy that I have that doesn’t stop moving even when the pin stops turning. I love that toy.

August 14, 2006:

I had to stay in bed today because mom said my allergies would act up in the weather. I really wanted to go to the park with my friends. 

August 15, 2006:

Stan was at the park with his dad when I went. He was looking at birds and let me sit with them. He let me use his binoculars. I didn’t really speak today. 

August 17, 2006:

Mom’s friend came over. She smells like dirty dishes and the red grownup juice mommy drinks at night. Nothing really happened today. I didn’t talk much.

August 18, 2006:

I spend the whole day in the quarry with Bill. I told my mom I was at the park down the block. I’m worried she’ll know I lied.

August 19, 2006:

The boy with the hair has a name. Stan says his name is Richard but he likes to be called Richie. Stan thinks kids like shorter things and we might grow into our full names. Sometimes I think his thoughts sound like mine.

Richie was at the park when we went and I like listening to him talk. I learn a lot. He got sand in his hair and shook it on Stan. Bill laughed really hard. Today a lot happened. It was nice.

August 20, 2006:

I don’t feel like writing but I promised I would write everyday. I didn’t talk except for when the teacher called on me.

9 years old

March 10, 2009:

Richie howled the whole way from the quarry back to his house on his bike. He says it tricks the werewolves into thinking you are one of them. He says he’s not scared of werewolves but he does this every full moon. He gets mad if I don’t do it with him.

 So I howled until I needed to use my inhaler. Funny how fear works. 

March 11, 2009:

Bowers is a bully. That is all.

March 12, 2009:

Bill’s stutter was really bad today. He couldn’t say any of our names very well. We went to his house after school and we watched Mulan. He didn’t stutter on any of lyrics. Stan noticed, too, I think.

March 13, 2009:

Some kids were saying I’m still using training wheels because I’m small and I’ll break in pieces if I fall down. Sometimes I think they are right. I feel like one of those dolls that will shatter if I fall too hard. I hate it. I don’t like dolls. I’m not a doll. 

March 14, 2009:

Richie is a fucking jerk. I told him I was ok with the training wheels but he took them off my bike. He threw them away in the dumpster he knows makes my voice stop working.

I fell off the bike. My leg is all cut up and I had to use the big band-aids that I don’t have a lot of. When I finally got back he pushed me off and rode away on his. I wanted to hit him I was so angry.

I learned how to ride a bike today. Richie is still a jerk, though. 

March 15, 2009:

I’m not allowed to leave the house today. My mom didn’t like that I got hurt.

March 16, 2009:

I went bird watching with Stan and his father again. It was nice and still. Stan gave me a list of all the birds we saw and it is on my wall now. We saw 10 birds. It was a really fun day.

March 17, 2009:

Reason 78 that Richie is a jerk happened today. He took my inhaler and used it as a punchline for a joke. I’m mad at myself for laughing at it. I had to use it right after, because sometimes when I laugh too hard my lungs break. 

March 18, 2009:

Pharmacy after school today. I hate pharmacy days. Bill came with me and bought skittles. We shared them and went to his house to do homework. Georgie is getting really big. I remember the night Bill stayed over my house because he was being born. 

Time is weird. 

March 19, 2009: 

Richie wasn’t in school today. Stan said that Richie wasn’t sick so I don’t understand why he didn’t come in. 

March 20, 2009:

Richie sat out of gym with me today. He said his leg was hurting him. It was nice to have company for once on the bleachers, but I know Richie would have rather been running around with the other kids. He spend the whole period playing with my hands and hair and laughing when I slapped at his hands. I gave up and now ended up getting a knot in my hair.  

12 years old:

June 6, 2012:

My lungs were broken all day today. I couldn’t speak, I could barely look at anyone. Bill bought me skittles and I almost cried. 

I went home early from hanging out with my boys because everything was making my allergies act up. 

Richie came through my window and says he will sing me to sleep if I like. I have good friends.

July 20, 2012

A lot happened today. The kid who I sometimes talk to at the library was almost killed by Bowers. We’ve gained a new member, and I think I love him a little already. His name his Ben and I think Richie likes him a little, too. He kept doing his voice more than usual today while we were trying to help him. I found my forth forever friend, I think

Anyone who Gretta hates is a good person in my books. Beverly Marsh is amazing, and I think I can now finally ask her about how she makes her face look so wonderful without it being creepy. I want to know her my whole life. She is my fifth forever friend. 

July 24, 2012:

We threw rocks at Bowers and I gained another forever friend. Mike is wonderful. I think maybe everything about this summer is going to be important. Sixth forever friend found. I think I don’t need anymore after this.

August 10, 2012:

I don’t think I will never sleep well again. 

September 13, 2012:

I think I might like Richie the way I’m suppose to like girls.

 I’m scared to tell anyone so I don’t think I will. But it is hard to not look at him. He is really pretty, even though my mom says boys can’t be pretty. 

Maybe that is what it is really about. The curls and how beautiful he is. I’m sure I’ll like a girl soon. I’m just smaller than everyone else. Maybe I need time to catch up.

 He’s just really pretty, and sometimes I think whatever is up there wouldn’t make things pretty if they weren’t meant to be looked at and taken are of. Speaking of, he’s coming through my window now. 

I’ll write more tomorrow. 

October 9, 2012:

We were all together again today. My heart felt lighter than it has in a while.

14 years old

May 27th, 2014:

I spend almost the whole day with Stan and his father. We talked alot. Then I went over Bill’s house. 

Things were good today and my head felt mostly ok.

June 1, 2014:

Woke up feeling heavy. Something was different about Richie today and it took me a long time to figure out h ditched his glasses. I’m going to miss them, but he looks happier. That’s good. 

july 5 2014:

I can’t sleep. When I do I wake up far away. I stayed up, but I think Rich was having a nightmare. He woke up and wouldn’t let me leave the bed, which is fine. I don’t think I would have been able to get up anyway. 

July 10, 2014:

Hung out with the Losers today. 

July 11, 2014:

Hung out with the Losers again today. Ben and I cuddled. It was nice. I missed actually feeling being with them all. I missed them

July 12, 2014:

Almost used my inhaler today. Had to remind myself it wasn’t a real need.

July 13, 2014:

I don’t remember anything. I don’t think my head spend any time inside of my body. I can’t remember if I spoke today. 

September 7, 2014:

Richie spend most of today playing with my hair and fingers, but not how he usually does. He wasn’t fidgeting. I don’t know what he was doing, but anytime he was close enough his hands were on me. I think this boy may kill me. 

December 30, 2014:

I had too many panic attacks to count today. Used the inhaler Richie keeps with him for some reason. Didn’t talk at all. I should not have gotten out of bed. 

15 years old

October 13, 2015:

Saw the therapist for the first time today. That’s not what I want to write about. Richie was there when I got out. 

I love this boy and I think I have to live with that knowledge now. Guess I’m gay. Or at least, I love a boy

Game is Life! (M)

Pairing: Reader x Jungkook

Summary: In a series of unfortunate events where you have to take care of your gaming-addict neighbor while his brother is away for five whole days.

Genre: fluff, smut, idk how angst managed to slip in there, youtubegamer!jungkook

Warnings: hickey obsession, unprotected sex, spanking

Word Count: 14.4k

A/N: gfhkgdafkdaghj I normally don’t write smut scenes because I never really have any ideas to make it more interesting, but here’s my attempt to!!! and I was inspired by the webtoon let’s play AND HAPPY 2018!!! i truly love all of you guys and thank you for supporting me in my writings and i hope we all have a great 2018 together <3

At the end of the hall on the third floor of a decent apartment complex is room 110. On the left is room 109, where you reside in.

You have no idea what goes on in room 110 besides the voices of two males: one screaming, “JUNGKOOK! COME EAT!!” and another one yelling in response, “AFTER THIS GAME, HYUNG!”

It happens almost every day.

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High - Luke Hemmings Smut

Originally posted by shookhemmings

Word count: 3.4k

Pairing: Luke + Y/N

WARNING: Unprotected sex, mentions of drugs, very slight choking?

A/N: I found this half written in my drafts and decided to complete it! I miss lip ring Luke :( 

Big thanks to my bub, @honeymoonmuke! She saved my life by editing this for me!!! <3

“I want to fuck you.” Luke’s words caused you to miss your mouth as you went to take a sip of water. The liquid soaked the front of your oversized t-shirt.

“Excuse me?” You squeaked, ignoring the way your thighs involuntary clenched at his words

Luke giggled and pressed his chest against your back, wrapping his arms around your waist. “I said, I want to fuck you.” Your roommate groaned into your ear, his breath tickling your ear.

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GIF Reminiscing

Back when I was a more popular blogger one of my proudest moments was helping motivate certain higher ups at Tumblr HQ to increase the size limit for GIFs. It was only 512k and they made it a full 1 megabyte. Seems like a million years ago now. Back when I was still able to exercise.

It was weird having a millionaire actually listen to me and pushing that change through. Is this bragging? It might be bragging. Just let me relive my glory days a bit. I’ll brag if I want to. You can’t stop me.

I don’t mean to make it sound like I and I alone made it happen. I just gave it a nudge with a strongly worded email so it happened sooner. I’m sure it would have happened eventually without me. 

Those 1 meg GIFs really opened up a lot of options for me creatively. I did my best to put that size increase to good use with super classy content. 

(I’m going to brag again. Apologies in advance.) I also helped make gifsets popular. Especially the kind where all the GIFs interacted with each other. When they introduced photosets I quickly realized I could do creative things using GIFs in the photoset grid. I downloaded the Brady Bunch intro and created individual GIFs for each Brady. And when I made a tiled set, it looked just like the show’s intro with GIFs. All the Bradys were looking at each other in perfect loops. It went viral like gangbusters and soon after people were replacing Alice in the center tile with various things of a hilarious nature. I’m not saying I invented gifsets. That might be a bit too braggadocios. But after my original post, gifsets kind of snowballed and people found all kinds of cool ways to use them. 

Later on someone came up with the idea where you made it look like it was a gifset with multiple GIFs, but it was all a lie and only one GIF. I think some site claimed I invented this, but I definitely saw someone else do it first. It’s hard to quantify influence, but I’m pretty sure I helped it become a more popular thing. (If I were to find a way to brag about this.)   

People took this idea and made all kinds of interesting things. Some folks eventually thought it got kind of annoying, but I think most memes end up overstaying their welcome. It’s fairly inevitable. 

My biggest GIF success was definitely my Men in Black series. Those ended up spreading like wildfire and got me noticed outside of tumblr for the first time. 

I probably could have gone without 9GAG knowing who I was, but it felt good to have so many people enjoy something I made. After a lesson in gun safety, my GIF domination was complete and all of the image sharing sites knew who I was. 

Now imgur is hosting gigantic GIFs that are very popular and I think it’s time for tumblr to follow in their footsteps and increase the size limit once again. I think megaGIFs could allow a new generation of tumblr GIF creators to make some amazing things. I’m afraid I don’t have much influence anymore, so I probably can’t help with that, but I hope it still manages to happen. 

In any case, I love GIFs. I say it with a hard G. They were a big part of my growth on tumblr. Maybe someday I will have the energy to make some new ones. Or I’ll just go out in a giant blaze of GIF glory. 

Uptown Girl

Summary: Billy takes interest in a girl who has to keep it secret from her family. The Wheelers.  

Originally posted by bouncycorgi

    Author’s Note: This shit took me forever to write, oh my god! 4k + words, my dears. Get a snack and get cozy. 


        “Billy!” I exclaimed as he captured me around the waist and tugged me behind his locker door.

Billy and I had been flirting back and forth for a while now. I thought when he first approached me that he only wanted to get under Steve’s skin by dating his girlfriend’s younger sister. But after Steve and Nancy broke up, he kept on flirting.

He had yet to kiss me, even though he came close many, many, times. He was a tease, and he knew it. He also knew that I wasn’t self-confident enough to make the first move, so he went on teasing.

His lips would brush my cheek, in towards my nose, and suddenly he would pull back. He loved to watch my cheeks go red, always pulling away with his trademark smirk.

        “Missed you yesterday.” He told me, keeping his arms around my waist and tucking his head on my shoulder.

        “Mhmm.” I hummed, “Family thing.”

I had gone with Nancy to visit Barb’s parents after school. Despite the lack of clues in Barb’s disappearance, they hadn’t given up hope on finding their daughter. Nancy and I both considered them to be like a second family. And I think they enjoy having girls in the house, another child to parent in Barb’s absence.

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karatam  asked:

I sometimes wonder if within the Star Wars universe, bringing balance to the force means being able to use both the Light and the Dark without falling 100% into either side. Like, Rey being pulled to the Dark because it has something she needs, but maintaining her moral compass and compassion and urge to do good. idk it always seemed odd that an order all about balance only placed emphasis on one side of the spectrum 1/2

Tho it might just be a misunderstanding on my part. Is the Dark a separate part of the Force that Force-sensitive people can manipulate, different from the Light part? Or is that just what it’s called when you use the Force for purely selfish reasons? 2/2

oh my friend you have unleashed such a can of worms i am so sorry please bear with me.

there are two answers to your question, one of which is “what we get from the series so far” and the other one being My Obviously Correct Headcanons And Opinions.

In the past, the Dark Side has been pretty much exclusively categorized as “what happens when you use the Force for purely selfish reasons.” That power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely, so the more you let your anger and resentment and personal need fuel your use of the Force, the more twisted you and it will become. that an act of weakness CREATES a darker seed of weakness within, to be continually exploited.

but that’s always been an inherently unsatisfactory definition–not because of what it implies about corruption, but because of what it identifies as the root of that corruption. it’s been frustrating as far back as Yoda’s lessons on Dagobah, where he told Luke that interfering in order to save his friends would make him vulnerable to the dark side for ???reasons??

It’s wrong to lash out in fear. It’s destructive to let your negative emotions be the sole source of your strength. all of that makes sense.

but where do you draw the line between selfishness and selflessness? Where do you find the boundaries on the spectrum from compassion, to caring, to possessiveness, to obsession?

the OT and PT never really gave us satisfactory answers to these questions–only vague pseudo-buddhist notions about how wanting things will make you miserable and terrible, probably, and that true balance means neutrality. means never having personal investment. and that’s just not how people work. so if we’re going by the idea that that’s the Jedi way, then yeah– the Jedi do need to end.

but as Luke said– the idea that the light side of the force will go away if the Jedi Order becomes obsolete is ridiculous.

so where does that leave us, in canon?

well, if the light side of the force stands for life, growth, connection, and peace, then that would seem to imply that the dark side must stand for death, decay, fractured society, and violence. this means that balance of the Force isn’t just some neutral value, because the Force itself isn’t value neutral. the Force isn’t weather–the Force is the collective intention and interconnectedness of all sentient consciousness. you can’t blame a hurricane for killing people because that’s just what hurricanes do. Hurricanes can’t decide. but people DO. and that’s what makes it the Dark Side of the Force–it’s the decisions behind the actions.

and yet.

so much of where the PT failed was that it did such a poor job of showing us what it actually set out to show us: how a good man, Anakin Skywalker, became corrupted by the dark side. what the PT ends up saying is “he wanted to end slavery so much that he became a fascist; he loved his mom and his wife and that made him Terrible.” which– what the hell kind of lesson is that? We never actually saw that thing click in his head where it suddenly became okay for him to kill younglings. We watched it happen, but I never bought a moment where he gave in, because I never saw how his weaknesses as a good man–how his desire to protect and defend made him selfish and possessive–turn into something outright violent against people who had nothing to do with him. they never sold me on the connection.

but the sequels… they’re doing something different.

the consensus in the OT and PT seemed to be that it’s terrifyingly easy to succumb to the dark side. that you could be minding your own business having friends and wanting good safe things for them and one day you could trip and fall and that would turn you evil. i never vibed with that.

the ST, though… over and over again, what I see it saying is that it’s hard to be evil. It’s hard, and it sucks, and it kills everything good in you. that’s why Finn rejects it; that’s why Kylo Ren is so fucking miserable all the time. but it also demonstrates that there’s something so inherently compelling about using the Force to get what you want that once you’ve gone far enough, the idea of losing it is so incomprehensible you’d do anything–you’d do the worst thing–just to keep it from happening.

(Worth noting: the first Force power Rey ever uses is the Jedi Mind Trick. the first thing out of her mouth when Luke asks her what the Force is is “a way to make people do what you want.”)

it would be the easiest thing in the world for Ben Solo to be the golden boy of the Republic. that life was handed to him on a platter–all he had to do was stay there. all he had to do was take it. even now, Rey is still telling him: the door is open. the life you left behind is right there, waiting for you, needing you, if only you’d be willing to do the work to take it back.

so much of Kylo’s dialogue is talking about how he feels conflict, the pull towards the light, how his only goal is to kill the good in him, kill the past, kill all his ties to his obligation to morality. but it’s a constant fucking struggle for him. you don’t just trip and fall into evil. you have to choose it, every day.

and if that’s true–that tells me so much more about “the dark side” than the other films ever did. it’s not that caring is a curse, because Ben Solo killed his caring a long time ago. it’s that once you’ve had a taste of whatever it is that made Kylo Ren powerful enough to stop a blaster shot in midair and hold it there for five minutes, while carrying on an entire, quite distracting conversation–that once you have that, it digs so deep in you you can’t give it up. it’s a disease, the same way that an addiction is a disease. and with the Force behind it, it has the power to feed itself.

and you’ll never get well from an illness you have no interest in a cure for. so you keep digging deeper into the dark, because even if it’s hard, even if it tears you apart inside, the dark can give you things the light never will. and most of all, it’s convinced you that those are the things you should want.

what i think we might be heading towards–what i would LOVE to see us heading towards– is the conclusion that we’ve been incorrectly defining the Dark Side this whole time.

if I have a rope, I can use it as a lifeline or as a noose. that doesn’t tell me anything about the rope. it tells me about me. 

Evil corrupts. Malice makes you strike first, strike hardest, strike in arbitrary anger. Trauma warps your sense of reality and makes it hard to distinguish between healthy and unhealthy, between acting for for your own survival and actively undermining your own self-interest. Wrath makes you act so that the punishment far outstrips the crime. Jealousy tells you that the things you love belong to you. Hate makes you want to destroy the things you don’t understand. Vengefulness makes you mistake personal satisfaction for justice.

but the Force… I don’t think the Force does any of that. it can be used as a vehicle to get you there faster, but that doesn’t mean that part of the Force is dark and used for dark things only. It means that you MAKE it dark when you USE it for the dark. 

Balance means harmony, not discord. the Force in balance needs must tend toward the light not because death is evil and must be avoided at all costs, but because life, uninterrupted until its natural end, is life as life was intended.

death isn’t the dark side. death is the Force in balance.

murder is the dark side, because it’s using the Force for something it was never meant to be used for, on purpose, for wrong, for personal gain. and no wonder it’s powerful, because the Force is always powerful–it’s all life and thought and spirit that exists! but that doesn’t mean the Force wants you to do a certain amount of bad things and the universe would fall apart otherwise. it means the Force needs people to tell the difference, because that’s all the Force has ever been: the interconnectedness of sentience.

the Force doesn’t tell us what to think. we tell it what to think. and the Force doesn’t need murder any more than people do. 


N e r v e

Originally posted by sugamysavagebaby

→ pairing: Jungkook x FemReader 

→ genre: fluff, smut

→ au: JungkookCEO!

→ word count: +3.7k

→ request: ❝ hey may I request a ceo!jungkook x fem!reader semi-fluff where the reader is his new secretary and he acts nervous and shy around her, and it leads to eventual smut? thank you! :) ❞

→ summary: Jeon Jungkook was good at bussiness, but not with women. His best friend knew that and decided to give him a hand - hiring you as his new secretary. 

“Excuse me, who are you?”

“I’m Y/N. Your new secretary, Sir.”

He examined you from head to toe and gulped. Was this some kind of joke?
After the old Mrs. Choi (who made an excellent job despite her age) retired, he asked for a new secretary to the Human Resources Department from the company.
He expected a younger woman, but not that younger and certainly not that pretty.

You were sitting on your new desk, in front of his office door. A forced smile was carved on your lips, desperately waiting for his approval. His eyes travelled from yours, to the curve of your lips, to your neatly tied hair, your collar bones under your white blouse and…
Embarrassed, he muttered a “This can’t be,” to himself and entered his office before slamming the door shut.

His feet rushed towards his desk, his lower lip caught between his teeth as he pressed the numbers on the phone.

“Humaan Resouurceees?” a voice sang from the other end of the line.

“Park Jimin, who is Y/N?”

Jimin’s laughter sounded like music, and after all those years as best friends, Jungkook could imagine him two floors below him: the blonde man pressing his back against his seat and a mischievous smirk decorating his features. “Your new secretary, Boss.”

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Originally posted by dunkirks

Warnings: a bit of smut and a while lotta fluff :) 

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being the elder henderson sibling [headcanon]

Originally posted by strangerthingscentral

Requested?: Yee my dudes. Anon: “I absolutely loved your Wheeler and Byers middle child imagine! can you make one for Dustin’s older sister? Love your blog btw “ (idk who you are but i’m glad you enjoy my blog <3)

Pairing: Dustin Henderson x reader (platonic, family), Steve Harrington x reader (romantic oops) 

((btw guys if you’re getting annoyed at all of these turning out as romantic Steve things, pls let me know))

((once again, season 2 below the cut))

  • you were Claudia Henderson’s pride and joy
  • well you were, until Dustin was born
  • but you couldn’t complain
  • Dusty was your pride and joy as well
  • you were always so supportive of him 
  • ((especially whenever him and the rest of the party won the annual science fair))
  • you would always help Mr. Clarke with the AV club
  • the fact that you were always around meant that you were always the one constant in the Party’s lives.
  • they loved you
  • ((you were the og group mom))
  • no matter how cool you were to The Party, you were unapproachable at school
  • you thought it was because you were a certified Loser™
  • in reality, it was because you intimidated everybody
  • you were so pretty and kind and smart that people saw you as unapproachable.
  • well, everybody except your closest friend
  • ((aka Jonathan Byers))
  • you always had your nose stuck in a new book, oblivious to the awestruck glances aimed at you.
  • Jonathan would always snort at the glances you’d get from half of the basketball team ((yes, including Steve Harrington [pre-Nancy]))
  • when Will went missing, you swear you felt your heart break
  • but you didn’t cry because Dustin was distraught and he needed someone to comfort him.
  • in fact, you comforted all of The Party, Jonathan, and Joyce.
  • you caught Dustin sneaking out of the house to go look for Will one night
  • instead of ratting him out to your mom, you went along because “there’s no way I’m leaving a dumbass like you all alone in the woods.”
  • The Party was relieved to have you tagging along
  • you made them feel safe.
  • you’re skeptical about Eleven at first, and take Lucas’s side for a while.
  • soon, you begin to see that the young girl can actually be a highly useful asset.
  • the next day, you find yourself being extremely surprised.
  • when you hear that Barb is missing, you’re pretty rattled.
  • first Will, now Barb.
  • what was happening?
  • after school, you find your way to the parking lot
  • you see Steve and his little crowd mocking Jonathan 
  • you approach them right as they break him camera.
  • pissed off, you begin shouting obscenities at them, shocking everyone.
  • sweet, beautiful, caring (Y/N) Henderson knew how to curse?
  • when Carol starts making remarks about Jonathan, you lunge at her.
  • Tommy intervenes and before you know it, his fist has met your face.
  • everyone stops.
  • they all stare at you 
  • you simply crack your neck and deliver an equally devastating blow to Tommy’s face.
  • ((at this point, Steve is feeling guilty because he just knows he’s fallen in love with you but Nancy is still in the picture))
  • but damn can you take a punch 
  • Tommy is on the ground, in pain, and you simply grab Jonathan’s hand and threaten the little group.
  • your foot hovers over Tommy’s crotch before you speak.
  • if you ever pull a little stunt like that again, you can say goodbye to any future children you were planning on having,Tommy. you too, Harrington.”
  • Steve simply stares at you and Jonathan groans because he knows what that look means.
  • he’s seen it too many times on his brother’s face and on the faces of half the school’s basketball team.
  • Steve. Is. Absolutely. Smitten.
  • eventually you find out about Will’s body being found.
  • you reluctantly head home to be with Dustin…
  • …who sends you right back to the Byers residence, insisting that Jonathan needs you more than he does.
  • although hesitant, you listen to your little brother and spend the night with Jon.
  • you help calm Joyce down when they have to go identify the body.
  • you eventually tag along with Nancy and Jonathan when they go looking for the monster.
  • you notice Nancy is missing and follow her into the Upside Down.
  • when the monster chases you, you make sure she goes back through the tree first. 
  • you barely make it through, the Demogorgon clamping onto your leg and leaving you injured.
  • you refuse to go to the hospital, and Nancy proceeds to patch you up. 
  • when you go to the store to buy your weapons, you’re the one who sees the movie matinee first.
  • you try to keep Nancy away from it, but she sees it anyways.
  • when she runs off, you grab Jonathan’s hand and tug him along.
  • oh look, Nancy the slut and the creepy couple”
  • “shut up Carol. just because Tommy is the only one who wants to fuck you doesn’t mean you have to be bitter all the time.”
  • Tommy takes a step towards you but stops once you arch an eyebrow. 
  • Steve looks at your hand in Jonathan’s and starts talking shit.
  • really Nance? you had to go after Byers? I bet you, him, and Henderson there had a lot of fun together eh?”
  • you’re the first one who swings and although Tommy is urging Steve to fight back, he knows that he can’t hit you.
  • so he hits Jonathan instead.
  • you wind up at the police station
  • where you eventually spill the whole story to Hopper and Joyce, showing them your wound as proof. 
  • when you contact The Party, you’re the one who has to speak to them 
  • you’re the only one that they truly trust.
  • you don’t want to leave them but Nancy insists that she and Jonathan need your help.
  • Jonathan is your best friend and although you don’t know Nancy that well, she is a sweet girl.
  • so you agree and go with them. 
  • when Steve arrives, you’re the one who opens the door and tries to keep him out. 
  • eventually, the Demogorgan arrives and you have to keep it away from Steve, who is unarmed.
  • when he helps you fight back, you realize that maybe (just maybe) he isn’t a self-centered, big-haired douchebag.
  • fast-forward to the end of the fight 
  • everyone is safe, except El.
  • although you’re sad that she’s gone, you know it’s nothing compared to what Mike is feeling. 
  • when Will awakens, you’re right by his side
  • along with the rest of The Party.
  • and when Jonathan sees the way Will looks at you, with that dazed, dreamy look,
  • he knows that things might turn out okay.
  • you hug Dustin tightly and tell him how much you love him
  • Dustin whispers the same things back to you before pushing you off and rubbing his neck in embarrassment
  • the rest of the evening is spent in comfort as you all realize that you still have each other.

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anonymous asked:

Do you take fic prompts? If so, then I'd love to see a take on the "Werewolf pretends to be a large dog to get attention or food from an unsuspecting human", except the other person is also a werewolf and can tell right away. If not, then feel free to ignore this ask. :)

I’m not sure this is what you were looking for when you sent this prompt, but I had a lot of fun writing it! (On AO3)

Stiles likes walking home from work. He feels more connected to the world when he can smell and hear it all around him, with no doors or walls in the way.

He usually cuts through the park at the edge of the preserve, because it always has a sort of happy, warm feel to it. It gives him a sense of contentment every time. As he comes over the hill he can see that it’s pretty empty today: a woman is pushing her stroller along the path through the middle, an older lady is sitting on one of the benches knitting, and there’s a guy petting a rather large dog by the volleyball court.

Except that when the man gives a final pat and turns to go, Stiles freezes for a step, skin prickling in surprise, because it’s another werewolf.

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biology notes (1).

Originally posted by mistress-gif

Welcome to the Four Horsemen collab fic! Each of us will be writing and posting parts of this story, but you never know who is going to post the next part, so keep your eyes peeled on all of our blogs!

Dot: @stevesdacre

Emma: @hairringtonsteve

Lidi: @letmeletmetrashyourlove

Rachael: @dacrethehalls

PART ONE (this one!)

PART TWO (tba)



billy hargrove x reader & steve harrington x reader 

fic summary: the reader is the new girl at hawkins, and let’s just say that she ends up catching the eye of a few boys in school. 

word count: 1, 773

a/n: so, surprise! this is going to be an interesting fic, because we’ve all agreed that no one actually knows what’s going to happen. the only person that’s read this is @stevesdacre because she edited it. lidi and rachael have no idea what’s going to happen, and only the person writing it controls what happens next. so i’ve got no idea what’s going to happen from here on out! be sure to follow everyone else because it’s a surprise as to who’s going to post next - and honestly i’m the worst at remembering this stuff. rachael and lidi have harassed me like 20 times bc i keep asking questions.

“There’s nothing to worry about. Everything’s going to be the exact same.”

Mom kept saying that over and over again as we packed up the car and drove from Antioch, California to our new home in Hawkins. It had been three days of reassurances that everything would be fine, that Christmas would be the same, and that nothing would change. Which was fine and dandy, except for the fact that I was stuck with explaining to Matty that yes, Santa would find us despite us moving so close to Christmas, and no, he wouldn’t get coal for whispering fuck as we pulled away from the only home we’d ever known.

I was also stuck with the honor of getting Matty ready for school, which meant waking up a half hour early and rooting through the closet for something that would suffice for the freezing temperatures of Hawkins.

I ended up having to feed the kid breakfast too, which had been an issue all on its own. The worst, though, was getting this kid ready for the bus.

“Do you think Dad will be here soon?” Matty asked me, looking up at me with his big, brown eyes. I held out his coat and motioned for him to shove his arms through. Neither of our coats were very thick, but they did the trick for the most part.

“Mom said he just needed to finish up at work, remember?” My stomach twisted at the sidestepping, but Matty didn’t know about the heated, whispered conversations at two in the morning, or how Dad hadn’t actually slept in the house for two weeks. “Everything’s going to the same, trust me.”

I was going to throw up.

“You’re sure that Santa will find us, right? Did you send him the new address?” 

“Of course I did. I’m not stupid. One of the elves called last night and said we didn’t even have to do that. They keep tabs on all the first graders.”

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Loki Imagine - Tension *smut*

Warnings: smut , fighting, I’m writing this at 5 am so I have no idea if it’s even readable, be prepared, oh and Thanos/ Infinity war didn’t happen in this fic. Long beginning before the smut

Your P.O.V.

Loki’s reunion with the Avengers was absolutely not going well. Asgard got destroyed but the people made it to Midgard and somehow, God knows why, they got permission to build up a small kingdom in Norway. A few difficult months later, the Avengers were invited to a royal party Thor threw for Asgard. Loki, my boyfriend, wasn’t too excited for the party.

Therefore, I, his supportive girlfriend stayed by his side all night long. Everyone was dressed up nicely and the new castle that was still unfinished, looked rather fancy. It was quite different from the golden Asgard, since it was more victorian. The brothers got along way better now so their style was obvious in here. Loki and I were about to speak to Captain America and Iron Man who had a chat nearby. I even spotted Black Widow who had just been hanging out with Hawkeye. I assumed the man was getting drinks.

‘‘ Y/N, do you really think it’s necessary for me to meet them again ? ‘‘ Loki questioned me with a low voice that only I could hear since we were so close, me holding onto his strong arm. I looked up to face him, giving him a warm, red smile. Seeing him so worried made me want to comfort him immediately.  ‘‘ It’s going to be alright ‘‘ I reassured him and squeezed his arm gently, fingers struggling to get a grip of the silky material he wore tonight.We had matching colours, green, gold and black. I wore a dress and he wore a suit. 

 Only a few more steps and we were by the group. Sadly, they all fell silent as they saw Loki and I grew nervous. Naturally, I didn’t wish for anything bad to happen to him. I cared about the God of Mischief with all my heart and if he was sad, I was sad.

‘‘Hi! It’s nice to meet you’‘ I was the one to break the rather awkward silence. All eyes were on me and I realized they weren’t any softer towards me. Well, I wasn’t sure what to expect. ‘‘Hi’‘ Tony cleared his throat, deciding that being quiet was too odd. The brown haired man glanced at Loki and it seemed like he grew a bit tense. Steve and Natasha glanced at each other, speaking through their eyes. The awkwardness was so evident it sent shivers down my spine.

‘‘The last time I saw you dressed up, you were causing chaos in Germany’‘ Steve spoke to Loki rather harshly. The way he spoke angered me but for the sake of Asgard tonight, I tried to keep myself together. It just made my stomach heavy from rage. How disrespectful. ‘‘Well times change, Rogers. This is Asgard, there’s no need to worry’‘ Loki attempted to bear with them. I smiled again, nodding silently in agreement.

Footsteps approached us and of course it had to be Hawkeye. We all turned to look at the man who had two drinks in his hands. The same second he laid eyes on Loki, he seemed pissed off. The man clenched his jaw and gave a drink to Natasha, never taking his eyes off my boyfriend. Great, just great! I didn’t expect things to go south this quickly.

‘‘It’s technically Norway’‘ Natasha muttered before tasting her beverage. My eyes widened in shock of these people. I noticed how Loki tensed up since I was holding onto him. This situation needed an ice breaker for sure.’‘You’re technically a fucking bitch’‘ I sneered quietly, regretting that I didn’t listen to Loki. Once again, all eyes were on me and even I was shocked I said that out loud. Loki raised his eyebrows and cleared his throat, by that letting me know I either screwed up or made him want to laugh.

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