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Reggie x Reader: Fingers and thumbs, baby.

So I realized that the Reggie tag is dry afand since Reggie Mantle own’s this ass I decided to write a lil’ something. Forgive for the grammatical errors, English is not my first language. This is basically just the intro of the story? So, part 2?Enjoy :)

The one where you are in love with your best friend but is in complete denial, and that will be your downfall but not if your red headed bestfriend, Cheryl, can help it.

Plot: When Reggie and (Y/N) have been bestfriends their whole lives but the universe had other plans.

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Morning, pup. Picking you up.

You nearly jumped from your bed when you saw Reggie’s text fifteen minutes ago. You need to get ready and you need to do it fast because God forbid you make Reggie wait. Reggie Mantle never waits.

After the quickest shower of your life you quickly ran to the kitchen where you saw your mom preparing your breakfast and … a packed lunch? Jesus Christ.

“Uh, mom. What’s this?”

“Your lunch.” she muttered simply as if she wasn’t murdering her daughter’s social life. 

“I’m a senior.”

“I’m your mom. And you know, I don’t want you eating those trash your cafeteria calls food.” she said handing out the bag to you. “And i’m still creating your lunch until you graduate, sweetie, so get used to it.

“But mooom” You were cut off when you heard two familiar honks from outside. You give your mom a pleading look.

“(Y/N) you are not leaving this house without your lunch.” Clerly, it didn’t work.


Another two successive honks.

“Fine! Fine!” you quickly shoved the paper bag in your backpack before giving your mom a peck on the cheeks.

“Love ya! Tell Reggie I said hi!” your mom screamed which you responded with a flying kiss directed to her general direction.

“Hey Reg.” You greeted as you went inside Reggie’s car. “Do me a favor and eat this.”

“Oooh, is this your packed lunch, pup?”

“I will murder your sorry–”

“Okay, I get it.” Reggie cut you off, taking the sandwich from the bag and giving it one huge bite. “Good morning to me.” Reggie moaned in delight. “Thank you mama (Y/L/N).”

“Just drive, you moron.” you chuckled.

Your eyes ran around the buildings they passed through when you heard a buzz from Reggie’s phone that was situated in a small compartment between you two.

“(Y/N/N), can you read that for me.”

“That’s probably from Geraldine.” you deadpanned which, in your language, is a no.


“I do not want to see another picture of a naked woman at 8 o'clock, Reg. It’s too early for that shit.”

Reggie barked out a laugh. “Well, it’s either that or risking an accident, pup. And may I remind you that it was you who kept reminding me that I should never text and drive.”

Anybody who wasn’t Reggie would’ve been ready to cower at your stare but this was Reggie  were talking about. The Reggie that has been the subject of this stare since you were five so it was like an ant bite for him.

“I created a monster.” you sighed.

“Shut up you know you love me.”

“And so does Sandra,” you said as you read another gruesome text from another one night stand. “Thanking you for a wonderful night– nope scratch that, nights. With a photo where she is covered in very familiar sheets in a very familiar bedroom.”

“Well, i’m not Mantle the Magnificent for nothing.” Reggie gave you a wink. “And I thought she was Sarah.”

“You are nasty!” You punched Reggie in his arms which resulted to a (fake) protest from Reggie. They both knew even if you punched him in full of force it would barely tickle your 6 footer bestfriend. “I sleep on that bed, Reg, what the hell!”

“Don’t worry, (Y/N/N), You’re still the only girl in my life.” Reggie chuckled but not before giving you a wink. “And, I replace the sheets every time you sleepover so you can go back to loving me now.”

You huffed, crossing your arms. “Oh c'mon pup, i’m sorry?”

You looked away, knowing if Reggie pulled out the big guns, his puppy eyes, you wouldn’t be able to say no.

“Fine,” Reggie sighed. “I, Reggie Mantle, solemnly swear, that no other girl besides my darling (Y/N) will have the opportunity to sleep in my humble berth.”

(Y/N) smiled at your bestfriend. God, he is a moron.

You can love me now. Heey, heeeeey.” Reggie said, glancing every few seconds in your direction.

“Promise?” You meekly asked. Reggie smirked before offering his pinky. (Y/N) crossed their pinky’s together before pushing their fist and thumbs together, their childish yet unforgotten seal which was yet to be broken.

“Fine-fine, I love you again.”

“Thank God, whatever will I do if I hadn’t gained your affections, m'lady.”

“Crash and burn?” You offered.

“Probably.” You both laughed from the truth in your silly jokes.

“What should I reply?” You asked after a few seconds of silence.

“This is why I love you, pup.”

“Yo Reg!” Reggie heard the muffled shout of Moose as he got out of The car. Moose was together with some of his football buddies that were as intimidating as they looked. Reggie gave them a nod before opening the door for you.

“Sup man.” A couple of greetings were exchanged between Reggie and his teammates while you were hidden safely behind his back, as usual. Aside from when you are with Reggie or any of your carefully chosen friends, you rarely speak. A switch inside you named “everybody-is-a-waste-of-my-time” suddenly clicks and you just go mute which the whole world seems to translate as you being shy.

“Hey bud.” you heard a deep voice from you back. You gave Moose, Reggie’s bestfriend and one of your oldest friends a hug which was followed by Archie, another one of those who got Reggie’s favor when it comes to making sure you are protected from the hells of high school.

Being a silent loner has always had some disadvantages and Reggie always made sure to obliterate those disadvantages at sight, with the help of Archie and Moose from time to time.

“You coming to the game, (Y/N)?” Archie asked you even though you both already knew the answer. Reggie would not allow you to miss a single game of his.

“Yup, Reggie got me tickets.” You barely whispered but apparently it was loud enough for one of their other teammates to hear.

“Oooh nice. Cheer for me will ya?” An unfamiliar face suddenly spoke getting a little close to your personal space that was immediately stopped by Reggie, Archie, and Moose’s hands that automatically went out to protect their (Y/N).

“Watch it, newbie.” Moose warned as the boy raised his hands up.

“Boys,” You warned placing your hands in Reggie’s and Moose’s arms to stop them from making further damage.

“Was just try'na be friendly.” The newbie tried to defend himself.

“Well, start getting the memo. She’s off limits.” Reggie barked back. “Andrews, you got Geometry with (Y/N/N) right?”

“Yeah, yeah got it.” he said taking your book from your hands. “Let’s go bud.”

You nodded before giving Reggie a pat on the waist as a silent goodbye and a silent “please don’t murder the new kid”.

“See you later, pup.”

“Are you crazy?!” Smith nearly screamed at the freshman when Reggie went with Moose to talk to their coach about the new play. “You must have a death wish, I swear—“

“What? It’s not like I asked her–”

“You do not talk to (Y/N), ever. That’s like one of the ten commandments of this school!”

“What? Is she Mantle’s girl?”

“No, she’s more.” Smith scoffed. “Fuck with Mantle’s girls and he might give you a beating of your life but touch his (Y/N) and he’d probably murder you if you haven’t been chopped off by Cheryl first.”

“Who’s Cheryl?”

As if on cue, a black limo stopped in front of the gate of Riverdale high and out went it’s empress. Graceful and intimidating as ever, barely giving other people a glance.

“That’s Cheryl Blossom,” Smith said, almost dreamily which was worrying considering Cheryl looked like the kind of girl who would murder you if you breathed at her wrong. “She had a twin, Jason, but he was brutally murdered. Now all she has left is her money and (Y/N).”

“They’re sisters?” Smith looked at the newbie with an ‘are-you-fucking-kidding-me?‘ 

“Sorry, my bad. New kid.”

“Actually, nobody really knows. Just like Reggie, they have just been really close ever since.”

Cheryl sighed as she scanned her eyes for the familiar face of (Y/N) in the parking lot but it was proven fruitless. She, however caught Reggie and Moose on the way to the door.

“Mantle, where the hell is my dear (Y/N)?” She said as she went near his annoyingly tall figure.

Reggie could barely contain his groan when he heard her eerily high voice. “She’s not a toy Cheryl.”

“Of course not.” Cheryl said obviously missing the point Reggie was trying to make.

Reggie sighed. “She’s safe from you, if that’s what you’re wondering.”

“Listen here, dimwit –”

“She’s in her first subject with Arch, okay? Calm down.” Reggie said pushing the door open. “And for your information, she’s my (Y/N). It’s time you start learning that.”

Birthday Princess

Yikes this was supposed to go up on Ash’s birthday, but you get the point. Enjoy!

Word Count: 2.5k+

Another drunken line of girls passed by me on a determined path to the bathroom, bumping the cheap tiara on my head in the process. I huffed in response while adjusting the ridiculously glittery ‘Birthday Girl’ sash my friends bought and took the opportunity to swipe the newly freed seats near the bar so I could people-watch. An overflow of sweaty bodies wriggled and swayed on every inch of the dance floor free of inhibition due to their intoxication levels. Some men were getting encouraging pats on the backs from their wolf packs of friends before shooting their shot with whichever girl happened to be giggling their way. People throughout the club whooped and hollered when the DJ switched to some vaguely different genre of party music that the lively crowd could fist-bump and grind to.

After straining my neck to check the entrance of the club for the umpteenth time in the past 15 minutes, I turned back around to see a mesmerizing pair of hazel eyes peering into mine. I hadn’t realized how deeply I was staring until the wavy-haired individual tried speaking to me over the loud music.

“I’m sorry, what?” I shouted closer to him.

“I asked if you wanted a refill,” he said loudly while gesturing to my half empty water.

My phone buzzed in my hand, indicating I was getting a text. I briefly looked down at the preview of the message from my friends’ group chat.

Sent at 8:43pm

1: Y/N I’m so sorry honey I can’t make it :( I thought I could cram for this test but there’s way more content than I thought

Sent at 8:44pm

2: ^^ me too :/ my boyfriend’s game went into overtime and I’m pretty sure they’re celebrating after. Maybe another time?

I rolled my eyes and looked back up at the stranger clearing the table of leftover drinks and glasses.

“Actually, I think I was just heading out,” I said standing from my seat.

“So soon?” He asked with raised eyebrows.

“Yeah, clubbing on your birthday just doesn’t have the same ring to it when you’re by yourself,” I replied.

“You don’t have any friends coming to celebrate with you?” He questioned as he wiped the table down and went behind the bar counter.

I followed his trail and answered with evident irritation, “Nope, they suddenly had other plans that were more important this evening.”

“Well,” he planted both of his hands on the counter, “I, in good conscious, can’t let you end tonight as the unhappy birthday girl.”

“And why is that?” I asked curiously.

“Because I’m going to become your new favorite barkeep,” he said with a proud smile. “And it is with this new title that I solemnly promise,” he raised his right hand as if he was taking an oath, “…to ensure that the rest of tonight does not suck for you.”

A small smirk grew on my face at the mischievous man in front of me.

“You can’t be serious, right?” I asked incredulously. “I don’t even know you!”

“How about this, birthday girl” he glanced at a few people walking up to the bar, most likely to order new drinks, “My name is Ashton. I like going on adventures and buying vanilla scented candles. My favorite part of movies are the trailers and I don’t understand how zodiac signs work. I’m gonna come back over here at 9 when my shift ends. If you decide by then that you don’t think an innocent night of fun with me is better than sitting at home by yourself, I will personally call you an Uber and let you go home,” he smiled walking away.

“You should add ‘cocky’ to that little bio of yours,” I playfully said with my arms crossed.

“Not cocky!” He shouted over his shoulder, “just hopeful.”

Promptly at 9:00, Ashton popped out of a room near the back of the club in his normal clothes and re-approached me at the bar.

“So, birthday girl,” he leaned on the counter, “what’s our verdict?”

“Well seeing as you made such an appealing case and I don’t want to put this outfit to waste, I think one night of adventure couldn’t hurt,” I said in a posh tone of voice.

“Then what are we waiting around for?” He asked holding his hand out. I grabbed it and he helped me out of my seat. “Let’s get this party started.”

With that, Ashton led me out of the club and towards the parking lot. He pulled out his car keys and hit the unlock button, bringing my eyes to the flashing headlights on a black mustang.

“This is you?” I asked in disbelief.

He shrugged and replied opening the passenger door for me, “Well I can’t have the birthday princess walking around on her feet all night now, can I?”

“How considerate of you. And when did I upgrade to princess?” I said getting into the car and reaching over to open his door.

Ashton entered on his side of the car and strapped on his safety belt before brandishing that smile of his once more to answer, “When you decided to spend your night with me.” With that remark, Ashton revved up the engine and we dashed through the streets filled with nightlife.

My eyes scanned the various strings of bright lights and neon signs on the buildings near us as the car slowed to a stop. Ashton and I exited the car and re-joined hands as he led me towards the entrance of a building that had a string of people waiting in line to enter. We approached the bouncer - who could easily be mistaken for a ten-foot brick wall - with an icy glare.

“Sam!” Ashton shouted with open arms. The bouncer turned around and suddenly smiled widely, “Ashton!” The two shared a brief hug and fell into small talk.

“How long has it been man?” The bouncer said.

“It’s definitely been too long, buddy, but I was just in the neighborhood and wanted to show my friend here a good time,” Ashton said gesturing to me.

I shook Sam’s outreached hand and smiled, “Hi, I’m Y/N.”

“Nice to meet you, Y/N. Any friend of Ashton is a friend of mine.”

“Do you think you can let us in? I want to introduce her to Mitchy,” Ashton politely asked.

“Of course, but you know the drill man,” Sam giving a side eye towards the line of hopeful club goers beginning to look towards us.

Ashton nodded understandably and leaned towards me to whisper, “Just go with it.”

Before I could ask what ‘it’ was that Ashton was referring to, Sam started shouting.

“Look dammit, I’m not gonna say it again: if you want in you have to wait in line just like everybody else!”

“Fine! No need to get all testy,” Ashton shouted back while we walked backwards with displeased expressions.

While the people waiting in line hooted their agreements at Sam and went back to their own business, Sam winked at us and let down the rope for us to enter while whispering, “You guys enjoy your night,” with a thumbs-up.

I laughed at the switch in his demeanor and followed Ashton into the building. My eyes glimmered and a smile grew on my face as I looked over the chandeliers and walked down the slightly spiraled staircase past a few bottle girls that could very well be models. The all white decor on the top and bottom levels of the building were being splotched with reflections of the blue pink and green lights from the tiled dance floor and the DJ’s station. I was disrupted from my cotton candy dream when Ashton continued to lead me to the bar where a tattooed man in sunglasses stood.

“Ash is that you?” He called out.

“You’re pretty popular around here, huh?” I asked Ashton with a smirk.

“You could say that,” he chuckled and bro-hugged the man at the bar.

“Is this the pretty girl you were texting me about?” The tattooed pointed towards me, causing me to raise my eyebrows.

Ashton turned beet red and the man stepped up to me, “My name’s Mitchy, one of Ashton’s good friends. Unless I’ve got the wrong glasses on, you must be the birthday girl.”

“That’s right,” I said adjusting my sash so the letters were in the right place. “And this one over here is my event guide for the night,” I said nodding towards Ashton.

“Well he brought you to the right place,” he said leading me to a bar stool and going behind the counter. “First two rounds are on me!”

“Mitch, you don’t have to do that man,” Ashton said waving his hands.

“Nonsense! First round is for her birthday, and the second is for yours,” Mitchy continuing to conjure up a suitable beverage to start the night.

My head quickly whipped around to Ashton with my mouth agape, “When is your birthday?!”

“It might also be tonight,” he said nonchalantly with his fingers interlaced in the countertop.

“Seriously?” I questioned.

“It’s not that big of a deal,” he shrugged.

I took the plastic tiara off of my head and placed it on his and said, “Guess who’s the birthday princess now?” making Ashton laugh with an accompanying clap.

Mitchy slid two shot glasses towards us layered with various spirits. Ashton reached for one, but Mitchy lightly swatted his hand away and held up a finger as if to say ‘wait for it’ while pulling a lighter out of his pocket. My eyebrows were furrowed until Mitchy sparked a flame and lit the upper layer of our shots aflame.

“Holy shit. What is that?” I said staring at the beverage.

“It’s informally titled flaming liquid cocaine, but tonight it’s your birthday candle,” Mitchy stated proudly.

“In that case,” Ashton began, “make a wish, princess.”

Mitchy counted us off on three and we blew out the flame, quickly picking up the glass to down the liquid. I shook my head as warmth crept through my belly and up my spine. “Oh my god that tasted like Christmas.”

“Lucky for you, not-so Saint Nick has another one of those coming up,” Mitchy said re-sparking his lighter, making Ashton and I whoop in response.

“What do you mean you can’t dance?” Ashton was baffled bringing me onto the dance floor.

“I said what I said! Unless there’s instructions in the song, I can’t dance for shit!” I told him.

Ashton laced our fingers and brought us closer together, slowly beginning to sway us into the tempo of the upbeat song currently playing, “I don’t believe that for a second.”

“Alright, but don’t say anything when I step in your toes,” I retaliated making his glazed eyes squint while he giggled.

As many times as I stumbled, Ashton kept me on my feet and in a great mood. He wasn’t exactly the world’s best dancer either, so most of our dancing was simply us goofing off with each other and singing the lyrics we knew. Eventually the liquor filtered through his system and he got a lot smoother in his movements. 

It was when Ashton began body rolling that a small circle formed in the dance floor around us with other club goers chanting and cheering his freestyle session on. I giggled when he looked around and realized what was happening before setting his eyes on me. He did a dramatic pause and cracked an imaginary whip, making said cracking sound with his mouth. He then whipped the imaginary rope around me, tightening the knot with both hands and started his gradual pull. When the crowd saw I wasn’t shifting with his faux lasso, a few girls behind me gently pushed me towards him. The crowd got louder as we got closer and the drop in the song was approaching. Ashton “released” his lasso and spun me twice into his arms before creating a picture-perfect moment and dipping me at the bass drop of the song, causing the crowd to cheer and applaud.

We fell into a fit of laughter while the crowd went back to their own dancing. He pulled me upright slowly so I wouldn’t get too dizzy. As our giggles faded, our smiles remained as we recognized how close we were in proximity. The DJ switched the song to a slower, more promiscuous one. Ashton brushed the remaining strands of hair out of my face and my breath hitched when he brushed his thumb over my bottom lip. I took his hands in mine and slid them down to my hips, both of us swaying and grinding softly to the music. I turned around so his front was pressed against my backside like a second skin. He kept his hands lightly roaming on my sides and thighs, rolling his hips against me while I pushed my ass on him as rhythmically as I could. My head lulled to rest on his shoulder, allowing me to feel how quickly his pulse had gotten from our actions. We continued like that, occasionally altering the pace, until the song ended. We faced each other with flushed cheeks, still close in each other’s arms.

“Do you want to get out of here?” He exhaled.

“Oh my god,” I moaned while throwing my head back.

“Fuck, I know,” Ashton groaned equally satisfied.

The McDonald’s cashier behind the counter judgmentally stared at both of us individually going through our second Big Macs.

“It’s even better than the first one!” He shouted with a mouthful.

I gasped and set my burger down to take the bun off and add French fries into it. When I replaced the bun and took a bite, I nearly melted in my seat. “This is the best night ever,” I said taking a sip of my chocolate milkshake.

“I told you!” Ashton victoriously yelled dipping fries into his shake.

And laughed at his boasting and waved away the few other drunks in the restaurant to high five him.

“I’m now your favorite barkeep and newly officiated birthday buddy,” he smiled. “And why do you keep laughing,” he said giggling himself.

“Because you have really deep dimples so your smile is super cute okay! I mean look at you,” I whisper shouted touching his face. “It’s like you’re sculpted to be perfect,” I commented lowly making him blush further.

“It takes perfection to know it,” he attempted to compliment me back, but the moment was stolen by me laughing at the fact that he was trying to bring his straw to his mouth with his tongue and failing miserably.

“Dammit, I’m trying to say you’re beautiful and I’m fucking it up,” he laughed and covered his face.

I removed his hands from his face and kissed his cheek, making his laughter falter.

“Thank you for tonight,” I smiled.

He smiled back and wrapped me into a side hug, “Right back at ya, birthday princess.”

Hide and Seek

Tony wasn’t too sure how they managed to get on to the topic. 

Actually- scratch that- yes he was. It was Clint. All bad things in the world happened because of Clint. 


Anyway- Clint had been talking about his years in the circus, and how they’d taught him all sorts of weird ways to contort your body for the extra showmanship. “Made for some pretty awesome games of hide and seek, though,” he’d said, nodding serenely to himself as he’d sipped from his coffee.

“I bet I’d still find you in under an hour,” Natasha had challenged, raising a daring eyebrow up at him before turning back to the morning paper.

Clint scoffed, turning to Steve, who was stood cooking eggs on the stove. “Cap, you can vouch for me here, right? I am the master at hide and seek. No one beats me at hide and seek.”

And Steve had laughed- a lovely throaty thing that made Tony smile just from hearing it. “Uhhh, I don’t know? It depends on a lot of variables. If it were in a park, maybe- but here? Tony would beat you hands-down. He knows every nook and cranny of this tower, you wouldn’t stand a chance.”

And then- here had come Tony’s fatal mistake of the day. Later, he’d pin it on lack of caffeine in his system and the early hour at which he was conscious- but really, he was just an idiot who’d forgotten how offended his teammates could (and did) get on his behalf.

“Actually, I’ve never played. Although I could still probably beat Barton.”

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anonymous asked:

how about that laf outline you mentioned a while back? really want to see how you plot your stories

Right! Okay, so this is a direct copy-pasta of my LaF notes, unedited.

It’s my rough outline of how things would go, wasn’t completed all at once, notes got added as I progressed. It’s not all my notes, but the main progression that I followed when writing.

You can see how some things got shuffled around or deleted, how lines of dialogue got cut or changed, and how vague ideas developed into the final product.

Hope it’s good for a laugh and some insight!

Like a Fairytale, Lucy’s Plot Notes:

-Yuuri’s family/bakery always makes the sweets for the palace’s parties, have been doing that for years

-Yuuri sees Victor one time from a distance when he’s young and falls in love/thinks he’s really pretty, always tries to get glimpses of him at any public appearances, but never goes to the palace when his family makes the deliveries because he’s too nervous about possibly meeting the prince. Everyone’s like, geez Yuuri, get your shit together and go get some but nope

-This year, something happens, his parents can’t go (idk what) so Yuuri steps up and is like “fine, w/e, i can do this, get in and get out, no big deal, he’ll never be in the kitchen anyway” haaaaaaaa, yeah right

-bumps into Victor (literally?), panics, maybe someone gives him some champagne or something to calm his nerves, maybe one too many, we all know how that goes

-drunk dances with the prince? lol. no stripper poles though

-gets dragged out by someone later, doesn’t remember much, doesn’t even leave a slipper (maybe just knows he got drunk and thus is terrified)

-meanwhile victor the prince is mad bored of the palace parties but deals with them cause it means getting some of bomb sweets that always get brought in
(angry baby bro yurio popping in on occasion to make snarky comments)

-maybe tries sneaking down to the kitchens to see if he can steal some sweets, bumps into a cute sweet lil japanese boy who totally freaks out but aww isn’t that adorable

-oh look cute sweet lil japanese boy is drunk and way too fun and suddenly the party is fantastic and the prince is in love but then the cute japanese boy is gone and all he knows is that he was in the kitchens with the sweets so maybe someone at the bakery will know who he is?

-victor goes to bakery to find out, yuuri terrified, begs someone else working with him not to tell the prince that he was there cause he thinks he’s going to be in trouble

-“no, we don’t know any cute lil adorable japanese boy, sorry, can’t help you” aka sad prince victor

-victor asks other people who were at the party (could be some sort of annual truce-between-kingdoms party so I have an excuse for the other international characters??) but no one seems to know who it was that was the life of the party, aka more sad prince victor

-victor decides to have another party, opens some invitations to people living in the capital, hoping by having it he can find his crush or else find out if any of the common folk know who he is

-yuuri refuses to go despite all his friends/family being all “dude seriously”

- cue fairy godmother phichit: “bitch plz you are fucking going, I haven’t worked this hard whispering magic suggestions into people’s ears to make this happen for you to chicken out now” [mila - champagne? victor - swan?]

-phichit has textbook, new at job, keeps glancing at notes to help

-phichit blows glitter/fairy dust in yuuri’s face at the last moment “what’s that?” “confidence!” “…confidence is glitter?” “don’t question how magic works”

-yuuri goes, everything is beautiful?
(forgets invitation, almost gets turned away, gets saved by yurio?)

-midnight, in garden? Victor traces Yuuri’s lip with thumb, leans down to kiss, yuuri hears bells chimes, nerves erupt, “I can’t” runs off-

-magic wears off midnight cause phichit is new, on probation? “actually says here that it would have lasted if you kissed him before midnight but that wouldn’t have made a difference— what’s that face. Oh my god. Would it? Did you almost kiss him?! Wtf, for realz?!!!! awww fuck”

-Yuuri: why are you doing this?
-“part of my initiation. I gotta help a couple fall in love, but I shot off my mouth and said I could do it with my eyes closed so I got the prince.. but then I found you, yuuri~! He’s so in love with your sweets and you’re so in love with him and it was perfect!”

-victor comes to bakery – that’s twice you’ve run out on me!

-drags yuuri to palace, shows him gardens, asks him what he wants to do -horses, paint, dance, music, games, tease yurio?
-yuuri says he wants to cook, hasn’t eaten anything all morning

-victor showers bakery with gifts, yuuri returns everything but marble statute to cut into slab for baking, turns down invitations to go to palace so victor shows up, refuses to leave until yuuri spends time with him

-takes victor out to make deliveries, some people who are older and can’t get around as well on their own (victor notices yuuri slips extra treats to each one)

-victor notices some part of road is damaged, buildings worn out, asks why they aren’t fixed/who is responsible, yuuri tries to avoid answering the question “actually you are”

-yuuri bakes with yurio, shows him how to make zephyrs, then makes something with victor

-victor and yuuri in the gardens, victor makes him a flower crown
(what color do you like – blue. What flowers – cliché but roses.. they smell like raspberries and they’re the first decorations I learned to make from icing so… )

-victor makes blue roses out of ink in prep
–yuuri makes him small hairpiece out of sakura “if I had more time I’d make you an entire crown”
-victor makes him sit, promise not to look or move, goes to make blue rose crow, wears then presents to yuuri, who worries

-“you’re a prince, you’re the prince, I’m nowhere close to that, I don’t have a title or any sorts to offer you, I’m just a baker…”
-“you want a title? Fine, I can give you a title, which do you want? A lord, a duke? A marquis?”

-yuuri pauses, then laughs… is it really that easy?
-….. well, yes. It doesn’t matter if you’re a baker, my mother was a ballet dancer…

-dance together at some festival/party in town
(alex rybak’s into a fantasy music)


-victor disappears for a week, then shows up with baskets full of lemons/maple (or whatever ingredient)

-“what else?” (to fix) ….“…the ports?” “the ports? They’re fine!” “…the ones you and the navy uses are fine, ours are a bit worn” “done” “it’d be nice to have a second bridge on the river, closer to city’s border” “done”

-“what else can I do?” “….you could kiss me.”

-ending? proposal? in garden??
“yuuri… not just for tonight, but forever… will you be my prince?”

-(Yuuri smiled. Beautiful and breathtaking and all that Victor ever wanted. And then… Yuuri didn’t hesitate to take his hand.)

(Obviously, the ending in particular went a bit differently, ahaha)

playfulpanthress  asked:

How did Selina take the news of Jason and Dick getting together?? Oh! And what if Jason was raised by Selina instead of Bruce?? Would he and Dick still get together? Their banter would be so cute!! Would Jason still be killed?

omg so many prompts dude. Umm. I’m gonna do ‘Jason raised by Selina; Selina finding out about JayDick.’ as the ficlet idea. For your other questions, yes because JayDick is fab and probably crosses countless multiverses so they can be together, and probably? maybe? though Jason would probably feel worse about ditching Selina to go find his real mother because I assume he’d feel closer to Selina and there’d be a bit of transference ect ect and Selina probably would actually try and kill the Joker and Batman would have to stop her and there’d be a whole storyline there that I’m not getting into it. This is going to be a non-dead!Jason fic. Though if you want me to write any other Catlad!Jason (Catlad is the official fandom term for the au’s where Selina takes in a batkid, in case you guys didn’t know) stories, let me know. 

Selina danced among the rooftops, feet barely touching the ground as she prowled her territory. No capers tonight, cats had to get their forty winks, after all, but she still felt a bit restless. 
It was Jason’s fault. 
Her…sidekick had been slipping out of late. 
He had a secret. 
He wasn’t allowed to have secrets. 
She scowled to herself as she jumped between the buildings and came to hide behind one of the random gargoyles that littered Gotham’s building-tops. 
There he was. Her protege, her disciple, her son. 
Lying to her, sneaking out, being suspicious. 
Acting like a Bat. 
If he’d swapped teams, she was disowning him. 
Batman already had like ten children. She should be allowed her one. 
On the street below, Jason was looking cocky, leaning against a streetlight, hands in pockets, acting oblivious even though she knew he was eyeing up every person that crossed his path. Which was a lot of them, since he’d decided to go to the most popular shopping centre in Gotham; regardless of it being almost seven pm, the street was filled with people. 
Odd. Maybe he was buying her a birthday present instead? But her birthday wasn’t for months and there was something about his form that just read guilty. 
He really should have known better. 
Jason glanced at his phone idly but Selina could see the tension in his shoulders. Maybe it wasn’t some childish game after all, she began to worry. Maybe this was something serious? Something he didn’t want to get her involved in, with his childish ideas of chivalry and heroics. Maybe- 
And then he straightened and grinned at someone and she knew. 
He was keeping a girl from him. 
He, her child, the one she had fed and clothed and taught for years now, was keeping his girlfriend from him. She stood up, no longer caring if he saw her because she was one leap away from a lecture, just as Jason’s paramour came into view. 
She quickly dropped back into a crouch. 
That was a boy. 
Jason was keeping a boy from her. 
She was still insulted. 
But….it was more understandable. She supposed. 
She cursed to herself and wondered if Jason had done this on purpose so she couldn’t yell at him. 
Then the boy moved into kiss Jason and Selina caught a look of his face. 
She jumped up again. 
Dick. Grayson. 
Her son was not only keeping a lover from her, a male boyfriend, but that boyfriend was Dick Grayson. Nightwing. Batman’s original sidekick. 
Oh Jason was dead to her. She was going to change all the locks when she got home. If he loved bats so much, he could go live with them. 
Though, she supposed as the men went on their way, Jason casually slipping a hand into Dick’s jeans back pocket, he might like that idea. 
She folded her arms as she glared at the two oblivious men making their lovestruck way towards the shopping center. 
Oh, they were going to have words. 

Jason stumbled into his room sometime past midnight. He reached for the lights and-
He totally did not squeak as Catwoman’s form on his bed was illuminated by the change in lights. 
She folded her arms at him. “Have a nice night?” 
He faked innocence. “Just a bit of practice,” he said, gesturing to his Catlad outfit. 
Her eyes narrowed and he felt his stomach drop. 
“Is that all?” 
Jason nodded. “Can’t think of…anything else.” 
Making out with Dick in a crowded restaurant, groping Nightwing on top of Gotham Bank’s roof. Nothing really. 
Her eyebrow leapt a fraction. “Nothing?” 
“Nope?” He rubbed the back of his head. “And I’m actually pretty tired, you know how crime fighting gets, so-” 
“You’re dating Dick Grayson,” Selina said. 
Jason froze. “What?” 
A cat wandered into the room, jumping into Selina’s lap. She hugged it close. 
“I will not have half-bat grandchildren,” she declared. 
Jason blinked at her. “I don’t think you know how biology works.” 
Selina scoffed. “Batman gets involved in all sorts of things.” 
“Says you,” Jason retorted, feeling more on solid ground now that Selina hadn’t thrown him out or started yelling or who knows what. 
“I know how to take care of myself.” 
“And I learnt from you,” Jason reminded her. 
Selina tutted. “You know Batman’s going to blame me for this, right?” 
Jason slid onto the bed next to her, reaching over to scratch behind the ears of the cat on her lap. “I’ll deal with him when the time comes,” he said in a low voice. 
Selina examined him carefully. Then she pushed the cat into his lap. “No bats in the house.” 
“Technically he’s a bird,” Jason called after her, hope blooming in his chest. Maybe he didn’t have to choose one over the other after all…. 

Send me Batman/Batfamily prompts, headcanons and imagines!

City Girl.

So I came up with this idea for an AU and I wasn’t going to go through with it, because I didn’t know if you guys would like it, but I decided to post it, and if no one likes it, I’ll delete it.

So, Riley moves to Texas from Miami with her mom, her dad staying in Miami. She shows up and she meets the group. Lucas, Zay and Farkle are the three most popular guys in school, but they’re not your typical jocks, they’re just all loved by everyone for different reasons. Isadora is Lucas’ half-sister and Maya is Farkle’s cousin, who lives with his family(I’m not going to tell you the reason yet) as well as Katy. This is a rucas fic, as well as smarkle and zaya. I don’t think Josh will be in this story, but Cory will be mentioned and I haven’t decided yet, but he might actually show up.

Please message me and tell me if you like this, because if no one does I will be discontinuing it!

Love you guys!

“Seriously, Em. Texas is really beautiful. We live in Austin, and it’s such a small town, when I walk down the street, everyone greets me and tries to make me feel welcome. I never thought I would love it here, but I do.”

“That’s great, Ri. I can’t wait to come visit. I miss you already.”

“I miss you too. Look, I gotta get leave for my first day of school now, but I’ll call you either on my lunch or tonight. Love you.”

“Love you too, girl.” When Emma hangs up, I feel my anxiety building up. I’ve never been so nervous. Back in Miami, everyone was so confident, because each and every person had their own style, and people respect that, but today is my first day of school, in a new place, which I’m guessing is not like that.

The apartment building where my mom and I live isn’t far from my new high school, so I put my headphones in and start walking. When I reach the front of the school, everyone is hanging out on the front lawn and inside the school. Not only is this my first day in an new city, new school, it’s my first day in a real school. I’ve been online schooled for as long as I can remember since my dad moves around a lot.

I walk in and make my way to my locker. I put all of my stuff in there and lock it, and decide to walk around the school to get to know it, since I still have 20 minutes before I have to get to class. As I walk around the school, I see that high school is not like the movies. There aren’t really any cliques. There are groups of friends but it seems like all of the personalities are mixed. I can easily tell the jocks, from the geniuses, from the rockstars, to popular chicks, but it seems like they’re all best friends. I’ve already seen a jock and genius bro-hug.

Well, I probably shouldn’t have listened to those teen high school based movies. As I’m lost in my analysing state, I bump into an extremely tall, blonde-haired cutie.

“I’m sorry.” I say, taking my earbuds out.

“It’s my fault.” He smiles. “Hey, are you new here?”

“What’s with you people?” I laugh. “I feel like I’ve been asked that 12 times already.”

“Sorry. It’s a small town.” He chuckles. “I’m Lucas.”

“Riley.” I stick my hand out and he shakes it.

“Hey, Luke!” I hear a voice coming from behind Lucas. I peer out and see two boys who look to be my age running down the hallway. One has dark skin with a muscular form and is holding a football. The other is light-skinned, a tiny bit less muscular (just slightly) and sports a wide smile. They’re both pretty dang attractive, like Lucas. If I knew Texas had this many cute boys, I would’ve begged daddy to fly me here a long time ago.

“Hey, guys. This is my friend, Riley. She’s new here.” Lucas introduces me.

“Yeah, we can tell, Lucas. It’s a small town, you know.” The light-skinned boy laughs and sticks out his hand. “I’m Farkle.”

I shake his hand just as the other boy speaks up. “I’m Zay. Nice to meet you, Sugar.”

“Nice to meet you too.” I say after shaking his hand.

“Okay, we have to go meet our other two friends. You can come with us if you want?” Lucas suggests.

“Sure.” Ten minutes in and I’ve already made a few friends. This isn’t so bad.

We make our way through crowds of students, and I listen to Lucas and Zay’s conversation on a football game coming up. Farkle stays beside me, and he tells me about their two other friends. One’s named Maya, and she’s his cousin as well as Zay’s girlfriend. He tells me that Maya and her mom live with him, since they aren’t exactly financially stable right now. Then there’s Isadora, who goes by Issy most of the time. She’s Farkle’s girlfriend and Lucas’ half-sister. We all stop at a locker on the other side of the school, and Farkle tells me that it’s Maya’s.

“Issy, Maya, this is our new friend, Riley.” Zay introduces me.

I shake Maya’s hand and then Isadora gives me a hug as everyone laughs.

“Sorry.” She laughs. “I love hugs.”

“It’s okay, I love them too.” I reply and Maya pulls my schedule out of my hand.

“Yay! We have second period together!” She smiles and I smile back as Zay peers over her shoulder.

“We have first together.” He walks over to me. “I’ll show you the way.” We bid our goodbyes to the group and Zay leads me down the halls to his locker.

“So, it’s your first day and you’ve already made five friends. That’s better than I did, and I’ve lived here my whole life.” We both laugh. I get the sense that Zay is the funny one in the group. He’s very chatty too, which I like, because so am I.

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Michael Clifford Imagine #1

Originally posted by melstersinc

Requested: Yes

Request: can you do one where the reader and Michael met on Xbox live and became good friends then they finally meet irl?

Word Count: 1,278

A/N: I always take requests y’all! Hope you like anonymous, I don’t really play games so I went off what my friends said and what I have heard.

“You can’t go that way! Dumbass I told you!” Michael shouted over the headset, watching with annoyance as someone on his team didn’t listen and was gun downed by the opposing team, “Michael chill, he is new.. Well kind of new.” You told him, trying to find the other way to the opposing side knowing that if you did it right they would all be dead real quick. Not to be arrogant or full of yourself but you were a pretty good sniper. “Hey Nightingale be quiet and just get over there already.” Michael retorted snorting on the other end, but then proceeded to scream when he was shot by none other than me.

“What in the bloody fuckery was that!?” He screeched, pulling back the headset with a smirking almost regretting shooting him till he started talking about how was going to kill me. “It’s on asshole,” Mumbled to no one in particular since I took off the headset. Forgetting all together they could still hear me, “Oh Nightingale is pissed.”

“Run far and wide Terminator she is after you now.” Someone else commented and just like that everyone was gone, they signed off just leaving Michael and I alone to kill one another. “You’re going down Clifford,” I barked out, tightening my grip on the controller watching the screen trying to find him. “Not it I find you first.”

Not even five minutes later I was dead, he was up on one of the buildings looking down at me. It showed exactly where he was with the instant replay. “I thought you were such a great shot,” He laughed while stating off all the times I had boasted about myself being such a good sniper, “Yeah, Yeah whatever be quiet. Round 3?” The laughing stopped for a while till I saw that he was back on the field.
An hour past and I had killed him a number of 12 times, let’s just say he wasn’t taking it so well, “How in the fuck, did you do that? Are you cheating? Or are you really an assassin in real life, just bringing it out on the game?” He ranted on and on, I could hear some banging from over the headset. “Oh my, no I am not an assassin in anyway. Though I did thinking about it when I was younger,” I told him thinking back to all the times my siblings and cousins would play assassins or be ninjas. “That.. That sounds really nice of a career when you were younger,” Michael retorted, shaking his head trying to decide if he really wanted to play again and lose.

“Where are you from?” Michael asked pressing play, and started to run around keep his eye glued to the screen, trying his best this time not to be spotted. “I’m from Y/H/C, how about you?” You told him, walking around calmly trying to find away to get to the top of one of the buildings, remembering a combination your sister had taught you to get on top of them. “Well I’m from Aussie, I’ll actually be where you are in a week. Maybe we could meet up?” He suggested before getting shot down again for the 13th time, throwing his controller out of his hands out of frustration.

Your laugh was the only thing that he could hear, “Okay, Okay you are the bomb at this game. I really suck,” Michael confused, throwing his hands in the air when he realized he threw the controller quite far away. “I’ll give you the address of a near by coffee shop that we can meet at,” You told him asking him if he had a pen and paper, while you told him the address you kept asking him more questions, just getting to know him a little more. You already knew his name was Michael since you were the only one allowed to call him by his first name instead of his gamer name. “No I am not a serial killer or anything, I just want to get to know you a little more. You seem like a cool person, plus you could maybe teach me a few of those codes I know you use,” He interrupted you for the fifth time, confirming that he was indeed not a killer in anyway, “Okay, what do you do for a living?”

“I’m in a band, we are kind of big,” He bragged before saying, “Maybe you have heard of us?”

“What is the name?” You questioned tapping your fingers on the desk in front of you, “Five Seconds of Summer,” You heard him say over the speaker, frowning when trying to think if you have ever heard of them before telling him, “Nope never heard of you guys before.”

That is how the both of you got into a heavy debate over music genres and different kinds of bands, then foods you still had no idea how it went from killing one another in a game, to wanting to meet up, his band and then other bands, too what kind of food is acceptable to put on pizza. Over the next couple of days Michael and yourself were texting and calling one another couple of days till the day finally came to meet at the coffee shop that you gave him.

‘Be there in five minutes’ The text read, you typing back a quick alright. After five minutes went by you heard the door to the shop open the little bell making a ‘ding’ sound, looking up from the book in front of you. A guy stood there looking lost, he was maybe six feet and three inches with blonde hair that could use a hair cut, he was wearing a blue plaid shirt with a Metallica shirt underneath it with black skinny jeans and black combat boots. Raising your hand in the air, shouting “ Michael?” The guy turned towards the sound of his name being called from a girl that was in the far back of the shop.

“Nightingale?” He questioned raising his eyebrow, though he knew it was you since you sounded just like the girl he had been talking to. “Hey, it’s nice to meet you Michael,” You chirped standing up giving him a side hug before taking a seat. “This is so weird I don’t think I have ever done this before,” He chuckled, the barista sending over a free cup of hot chocolate to the two of you. “I know him and he owes me,” You informed in taking a sip of the hot beverage, “You sure you aren’t an assassin?” He chuckled before blowing on the steaming cup in front him.

The both of you sat there till the shop closed, talking about anything that came to one another head. Though he finally did get the guts to ask you what your was, “It’s Y/N,” You had told him after a long moment of silence, in all truths when he heard you say it he felt something deep within him flutter a bit. Finally it got to all the cheat codes you had saved up over the years from everyone in the family. In the end Michael and You both were becoming friends, he had to sadly go to America to record the third album of his band but he had invited you after being apart for almost two months. Telling you that it was because he wanted to watch the guys get beat by you in almost all the games they had lying around, though you both new it was because the both you were slowly falling for the other.

I think I just fell in love with Vienna *

Send me requests!!

Request: a school trip in Vienna results in an affair with Luke damn

“Are you sure you wanna do this?” You ask, staring at your best friend dejectedly.

She has way too much energy for you to handle, honestly. After the long flight you’d rather just sleep for two days, but she wants nothing more than to go out and explore the city.

“Come on! It’s our only chance to explore on our own, after that it’s gonna be all planned travels and museums visits.”

You have to agree that despite how tempting a seven-day trip to Vienna first sounded when your teacher told you about it, your enthusisam dimmed when you saw the long list of things to do. You’re going to be exhausted by the second day. So why not have some chill time with your best friend before you’re dragged all around the city?

“Plus…” Y/BF/N drags the word as if she were holding the trump card and knew it. “5SOS are in the city as we speak.”

“What?” You exclaim.

“Yeah, they arrived a few hours ago, and they’ve been spotted in the shopping center,” she says, waving her phone around.

“Let’s go!” You say, all tiredness forgotten as you hurry to brush your hair and freshen up your make-up.

The both of you tell your teacher you’ll be back before curfew and head out onto the streets of the Austrian city. You look around for a moment, soaking up the bustle of the huge city and enjoying how tall and grand the buildings are. It may be a little too majestic and ancient to your taste, but it’s still very beautiful.

Your best friend suddenly grabs your arm a little too hard and you snap to attention.


“Look!” She says hushedly, and you look in the same direction as her.

A few meters away from you, casually strolling through the streets, are four tall boys clad in skinny black jeans and band shirts. Your heart almost drops out of your chest before it kickstarts again, beating miles an hour.

“Oh my god,” you whisper, and your brain barely has time to connect with what you’re seeing before she’s pulling you towards them.

The boys look up when they see you approaching and they smile brightly.

“Hi!” Ashton exclaims, and you both become a blushing mess as you say hi and hug them all.

“What’s up?” Calum asks, and your best friend starts explaining the school trip to Ashton and Calum, launching into a discussion about European cities and what they like best about them.

You exchange a look with Luke and Michael, who also seem a little surprised at how the three are getting along.

“Uh…so, music?” You ask with a smile and shrug, and Luke bursts into laughter, breaking the awkwardness.

You gaze fondly at him as his eyes squeeze and peals of laughter fall from his lips.

“So, a Luke girl, huh?” Mike says teasingly to you, and you huff, fighting against your blush.

“Speak for yourself.”

“Pfff I’m not a Luke girl!” Mike defends himself, and Luke sends him a flat look.

“Yes you are. You told me just yesterday that I gave the best hugs.”

“Shut up Luke.”

By that time the three others have started walking again, and you guys follow them around as Mike and Luke bicker.

“I agree, Luke does give the best hugs,” you nod, and Mike gasps in outrage.

“I can’t believe this. Are you turning your back on me?”

“I mean, his hug was better…”

“Maybe my hug game was just off today, huh? How would you know?”

“Sorry, I’m just better in every way,” Luke says cockily, wrapping an arm around your shoulders.

“Fucking Luke girls,” Mike rolls his eyes, and Luke chuckles, tightening his hold on you.

Nope, there are definitely no butterflies going crazy in your stomach. Nope.

“Don’t listen to him,” Luke whispers, just loud enough for Mike to hear. “He’s just jealous cause I get all the prettiest girls.”

“That is not true! Michael stans are the most amazing, most beautiful–”

Luke cuts him off before he can go on a rant.

“All our fans are amazing, we know.”

And you would have agreed if you weren’t so fucking stuck on the ‘all the prettiest girls’ meaning Luke thinks you’re pretty. Also he hasn’t taken off his arm from its place on your shoulders. You can die happy about now.

You pass in front of a tattoo parlor, and that gets the three of you talking about tattoos, Michael asking you about which ones you have and which ones you want. You notice Luke staring at you from the corner of his eye as you passionately explain which tattoo style is your favorite.

“I actually want some of your lyrics inked,” you say off-handedly, catching the two of them off-guard.

Really?” Mike asks with the biggest smile.

“Yeah, from Outer Space. It means a lot to me and I love how Luke sings ‘Nothing like the rain’. So I’m getting that tattooed, on my hand I think.”

Luke turns to look at you and he has the biggest fucking smile on his face and his eyes are shining with pride.

“Are you serious?”


“Oh my god!”

And then the both of them start lowkey fangirling, and you explode into giggles because do they not realize how many people love them and their music and have their song lyrics tattooed?

“Speaking of tattoos, why don’t you have any?” You ask Luke.

“Yeah Luke, why don’t you have any?” Mike raises an eyebrow, and you’ve got the feeling this discussion has happened a lot in the past.

“Becaaaause,” Luke whines. “I want something that means a lot to me and that I won’t regret.”

“Pfff, he’s just afraid of the pain,” Mike tells you confidentially. “You should join my lane, I’m way more hardcore.”

“Stop trying to steal my stans oh my god!” Luke exclaims.

“Don’t worry,” you reassure him. “I’m not going anywhere. I’m too far gone.”

“Good,” Luke gloats, and Mike pretends to barf.

In front of you, Calum, Ashton and Y/BF/N are stopping to say hi to some fans, and you quickly join them. You notice the confused, curious gazes of the fans and the four boys take pictures and make smalltalk before turning back to the both of you. You all start walking down the streets again, as if you were all good friends and you two girls weren’t just as much strangers to 5SOS as the other fans are. You wonder when the hell you became part of the 5SOS group, but you’re so not gonna complain.

Also Luke puts his arm back around you the second you start walking again, and little after little you let yourself melt into his side as you carry on a discussion about KFC and McDonald’s with Ashton. You just can’t believe your luck.

Eventually though, the hangout has to come to an end, as both the boys and the two of you have to get back to your respective hotels. You hug them all, whispering a ‘your hugs definitely are the best ones’ in Luke’s ear and watching a huge smile take over his face before saying your goodbyes.

“Hey, wait,” Ashton exclaims. “You guys are cool, and we’re spending two more days in Vienna. How about we meet for some coffee sometime?”

“Fuck yeah,” Y/BF/N and you speak in sync.

The six of you work out a time where you’ll all be free, and you end up agreeing to meet for coffee in two days at this little café you saw along the way.

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anonymous asked:

Oh my God, please PLEASE write that spite date fic for bellarke. 'Twould be PERFECTION!!

yeah this was obviously happening every time I post a long fic I have to follow it up with some goofy fluff sooooo

also on AO3!

For Clarke, the third Saturday of the month is sacred.

It started about six months into her and Lincoln launching their gallery, when she was at the end of her rope pretty much constantly and snapping at everyone, even Lincoln, who is really hard to get mad at, because he is always calm and reasonable and helpful. Which, at that point in Clarke’s life, just made it worse.

Finally, he asks, “Have you considered taking a break?”

“Have you considered that I don’t have time?”

“Make time,” he said. “I’m worried about you. I know this is important to you. It’s important to me too. But you’re going to burn yourself out, and I need you.”

The next day had been a Saturday, so Clarke took the day and did absolutely nothing work related. In the morning, she got some of her own painting done. When she got hungry, she took herself out to lunch, and since it was a nice day, she went to the park and sat on a bench in the sun for a while. She got takeout and watched Netflix, and the next day she told Lincoln she would never fight with him again.

“That is a complete and total lie,” he said.

“It is. But I’ll remember to take days off.”

“That’s much more realistic.”

Now the gallery’s been open for a year, and it’s doing pretty well, so she’s in an overall better headspace, but she’s still busy, and she still doesn’t take enough time for herself, so she’s maintained the tradition. She doesn’t so much as think about work on the third Saturday of the month, and she takes the time to do things for herself.

Today, she woke up late, took a long shower, caught up with Supergirl, and now she’s going to the aquarium. She’s an adult; if she wants to go look at fish by herself, she can. That’s what being an adult means.

It all falls apart before she even makes it into the building.

She’s texting Raven about Wells’ birthday next week when she bumps into someone else getting in line, and she flashes them a smile and a “sorry” without really thinking about it.

And then she looks back up, and Bellamy Blake cocks his head at her.

Clarke sees Bellamy a couple times a month, because Lincoln is engaged to Bellamy’s sister, and Bellamy’s sister is very close to her brother. So he’ll come out with them for drinks sometimes and spend the whole time winding Clarke up about anything and everything. He makes getting on her nerves into some kind of sport, and he is the world champion of it.

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Carnival Dreams

Rated PG, warnings for mentions of child abandonment. When Felicity worries about Artemis, Sara figures a day off and some playing hooky will come in handy. Part of the Artemis & Felicity Verse: Not That Kind of Hero || Council Meeting || Responsible Parenting || First Day of School || Saturday Morning TV || Moving Blues || Carnival Dreams || The Peanut Gallery|| Youth Culture

“I’m a little worried about Artemis,” was the first thing Sara heard when she picked up the phone.

“And you woke me up at eight in the morning to tell me this?” Sara pushed her sleeping mask off and groped her way along the bed until she found the headboard. Her ribs hurt a little when she pulled herself into an upright sitting position. Felicity’s calls were never short. “You’re aware I’m a bartender at a night club, right? As in nights? As in…” She broke off to snore.

“Sorry! Sorry—we’re just leaving soon and she just left for school, so it’s on my mind. You’re still cool to take her for the next couple of days, right?”

“Got the guest bedroom set up and everything. It’ll be fun. Movie nights, pajama parties, the works.” Sara yawned and finally looked over to the other side of the bed, which was expectedly empty. Nyssa was no doubt on her morning run. “What’s up with Artemis?”

“She’s been really quiet lately. I don’t know, withdrawn. She won’t talk to me or Oliver or even Digg.”

“She’s thirteen. Isn’t being withdrawn part of being thirteen?”

“And normally I’d agree with you, but…”

“You think it’s about her dad?”

“I definitely do. God, this is the worst time to be going away. You know how she is, she pretends like things don’t get to her, but they do. I mean, how can it not?”

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we tried shopping together once [daisuga]

Day 8: Shopping

Pairing: DaiSuga

Rating: Gonna slap down a T for possible perverted comments.

Warnings: This will be an AU featuring Parents!DaiSuga with Child!Hinata because REASONS. 

Summary: They just needed to buy Pampers. Pampers. Half the store shouldn’t be in a state of chaos over Pampers. 

Part of the 30 Day OTP Challenge consisting of multiple OTPS. 

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anonymous asked:

Could I prompt you a wee one? The Avengers finding out just how much Tony gives of his money but more importantly, his time to charity, especially a children's charity? Like visits and trips with the kids etc. Especially the teeny, tiny ones. I just feel like Tony needs some love right now with all the AUO trailer idiocy in the tags and you write a perfect Tony. Thank you.

“Nope, I’m booked right up; June’s a busy, busy month for me.”

Steve groaned and let his elbows slide out from under him, laying himself out flat on the breakfast bar. “You can’t be serious! I don’t want to be the sole face of ‘Avengers Tower’ for /seven hours/.”

Tony patted the back of his head, and it was actually very comforting. “Sorry, old man, this ones been on my calendar for longer than you’ve been awake.” Tony’s coffee mug vanished from Steve’s despondent gaze’s range, preceeding a quiet sip and satisfied sigh. “Though if you’ll make me coffee like this everyday, you can come too, holy smokes, Cap–”

Steve heaved himself back into the land of the dignified, with pretty undignified enthusiasm. “Really? Thanks! I’ll pack a bag, should I bring the shield?”

Tony gawped at him, but that was no suprise; Steve really couldn’t leave off the whole of January without someone making a fuss. Good thing he was in the mood for one hell of a fuss. “I, what?”

“Great, I’ll just, go. Talk to Pepper! Thanks for this, Tony!” He beat a hasty retreat, leaving Tony adrift in the kitchen. He really didn’t care what deals and brokering and manufacturing bullshit Tony was headed out to handle, he just needed out of the city for a while. Besides, he could come back whenever; it wasn’t like Tony ever stayed the full length of a slot booked into his calendar, unless he stayed waaay longer than he was supposed to. He missed training, he missed meeting, he never handed in his threat assessments, he spent way too long covered in grease rather than doing actual business–

Actually, Steve couldn’t fault him for that, they guy was a born greasemonkey; he looked more at home working on his vintage vanity projects than he did glad handing his Board.

“Hey, Ms. Potts, I was wondering…”


“Pepper. Pep, what have I done?”

“Oh Tony.”


They pulled up at a conference centre, three hours drive from the airport. Steve had slept through the traffic and suburbs, then watched bleary-eyed as they drove steadily thicker parkland until the trees opened up to a big bit of grassland, dotted with big, glass buildings.

“Why'z there grass?” He murbled, squinting at the roof of the nearest one.

“Hmm? Oh, on the tops? Cool in summer, warm in winter, and a biodiversity boost. Butterflies, or something; not my field.”

Steve nodded absently, watching the other…guests? Participants? Milling under a living awning in the distance. Tony was laughing to himself in the background, but not at anything Steve pucked up on.

“C'mon, sleepyhead. Up and out. The kids are gonna love your bed head; remind me to never book you a red eye again, you didn’t sleep at all, did you?”

He hadn’t, not even the bed linens (unsubtly the same as where on his) could make him settle on a plane, even a silent, repulsor propelled one. “Wait, kids?”

The milling bodies in the distance resolved into playing children, shambling around with balls and…wheelchairs? At least half had a … No, they all had a prosthetic, or an eye patch, or /something/. Steve’s throat closed up and he stopped following Tony when a little girl took a puff on an inhaler held by a uniformed nurse.

“Yeah, kids, all the kids, kids in every nook and cranny and wheelchair-accesable bathroom. Which is all of them. Steve?”

He watched one of them lock their chair, climb out of it and take four unsteady steps to join in a game of jenga, sprawled on the grass.

“Oh my god.”

“Steve? What’s wrong? Are you having a flashback? Is it the inhalers? Because we can take a second, they haven’t spotted us yet– uh, nevermind, brace for impact.”

Tony strode forwards into the oncoming group of disabled kids, fielding greetings like he…did this every year. Of course he does. Tony knows this place, well enough to not need directions on a three hour drive, well enough that he calls to some of the older kids by name.

Wheelchairs with pink rims and flame decals, a fingerless hand with blue and green acrylic digits, an eye patch with the Hulk on it, a fake leg covered in brass pistons and cogs with a fully functional set of toes inside princess sandals.

Steve was overwhelmed by the press of children, their wheels and legs and hands and eyes and… The girl with the inhaler was standing back a little way, with a loose bunch of other kids, all wearing a purple sash, some with them hooked over the back of their chairs, or tied onto a crutch, and smiling. Some openly, some a little nervously, but all baseline /happy/.

He kept looking, senses a little swamped, and caught sight of other sashes, blue and yellow and, on the little boy that had climbed onto Tony’s shoulder, white.

“And that, is Steve Rogers, asthmatic, heart murmur. Grew out of them.”

Steve shook himself and put on his best smile. “Nice to meet y'all.”

“Just keep breathing!” they chorused, then broke down into a gaggle of some of the strangest welcome messages he’d ever experienced.

Tony was in the middle of a knot of white and yellow sash children, handing out hugs and hair toussling, and looked up at steve over their heads. “Welcome to Camp Capable, Steve.”

“Now!” Tony exclaimed, clapping his hands and standing g up straight. “Where’s my yellow flag! Anyone got a spare?”


After things had calmed down a bit, Steve made Tony that coffee he’d promised, though it probably wasn’t up to his usual standard. The kids had gone to bed, or were in the aream, watching a movie, but Steve could still feel the life humming in the ground where their mismatched feet and wheels had tromped.


“Thanks. They’re a handful, but you get used to it, and its only a month.” Tony said with a tired smile. Steve marvelled at its simplicity; no press here, no shark toothed gleam. “You got questions?”

The coffee was apparently up to snuff after all, because Tony melted into the couch with bliss. Steve had to cough to clear his throat. “Uh, I guess I do. Why’re you 'yellow’?”

“Huh, I did not expect that to be your opening gambit. Maybe something like 'where did all the legs go,’ or maybe-” he put of a funny voice tjhay Steve guessed was supposed to be him, “-what is this, Mr. Stark?’ But no, flags first.”

Steve waited for Tony to dig something rustly out of his coat pocket, which was hanging on the back of their chosen couch. “They’re are touch flags. White is 'yes’, yellow is 'let me see you first’, hmm blue,” he held up a little cloch square packed in crinkly plastic, which was indeed blue, “is…'me first, then maybe’ and purple is 'okay, but no crowds’. We don’t have any grey this year, but if it turns up unexpectedly, its 'just no’.”

Steve reached out for the white curiously, but Tony pulled it backa little. “Aha, ah, I’ve seen how you react to something you don’t expect touching you. Think about it for a second.”

Steve did, imagining having a bad day, and an unfamiliar kid in a silent wheelchair coming up on him when he wasn’t expecting it. He reached for yellow instead.

“There you go. Anyone can change their mind, whenever. Sometimes a new arm or leg needs some getting used to, or they’ve had a bit of surgery and they shift around, or maybe they had a bad dream or just woke up feeling blue. You can do… Whatever. They know what the colours mean, helps them look after themselves.”

Steve pulled the tough, silky fabric out of its packaging and ran it over his fingers. “This place is amazing. You–”

Tony grinned fever-bright. “You haven’t seen half of it yet; there’s a pool and a river for swimming, climbing wall, tree fortresses–!”

Steve reached over, making eye contact because Tony was 'feeling yellow’ still, and took a hold of his wrist. “Tony, this is amazing, this place is like a dream.”

“I– yeah. It was, a dream I mean, so I just… Pep did most of the ground work, I mean, literally, had to buy the ground, and…I can only give a month, shit is way too busy,” Steve cut him off with a gentle squeeze.

“Give me the tour?”

Tony leapt at the opportunity, his eyes all gleeful spark, and their hands swapped places as Tony pulled him out of the den. “There’s a whole bunch of medical stuff, and that’s what gets the most use the rest of the year; new kids, with new hurts or old ones who’ve grown, but this month, June? They just come, no excuse necessary. And no fee. Mom and dad, or Auntie or whoever, get the month off, or come with and– there’s a spa? Pepper handled it. But you dont wanna see the hospital stuff, it sucks. You wanna see the toys?”

Steve swallowed down a rush of feeling, Tony all proud and excited was something’ else. “Yeah, sure. Toys. And the pool, gotta see that.”

Tony babbled on about the solar water heating, and the soft play’s sound system, and Steve followed along with sore eyes and sore cheeks from smiling. The pool was great, like a beech with soft, rubbery sand, and water jets and slides and no steps anywhere, and lights like the aurora.

Eventually, Tony seemed almost talked out, and Steve was peacefully imagining the babble of all those kids letting loose in any one of the spaces Tony had made for them. The last corner they rounded together was obviously near the edge of the medical building, and Tony went peacefully, habitually, quiet. The place had an aura of deliberate peace about it, and Steve could just about hear soft voices near by.

“Sometimes, there aren’t moms and dads, and sometimes that happens way too soon. CPS does its best, but, they can’t do what we can. Don’t wake em up, okay?’

Steve nodded, realising that the soft, round smell here was that of babies, the very young and helpless. Milk and diapers and subtly warm skin. Tony pushed a door open into a gently lit ward, with cots instead of beds. Two of them were occupied, and three people sat in the middle of the cost, talking quietly, with one tiny baby on the red-heads lap. No, not talking. One of them was reading out loud.

"Voices, they sleep better. I proved it.” The reader waved Tony forwards and Steve followed on hushed feet. A little arm waved out of the blanket, with a gurgle that didn’t sound unhappy, and their nurse shifted them to her shoulder, where they made snuffling noises.

The babies other arm worked free of the blanket, and there was no hand at the end of it.

Steve sat down suddenly, more overwhelmed than Tony’s bright smiles could compensate for, and the nurse who had been reading handed his book off and came over. “Hey there, just keep breathing, yeah? She’s fine.”

Tony drifted back, his hip warm against Steve’s shoulder.

“I– how? /Who/?!” Steve stuttered.

“No one, Cap. She was born without it, and Mom didn’t make it, or dad. Look.”

Tony was crouching, the baby bundled in his arms expertly. She was wide awake and waving at him, eyes still the bright blue of really little babies. She was smiling.

Steve blew out all his protective anger in one long breath and let her grab his finger with her good hand. The other had some of a palm, and it paped against his thumb and she half-curled around it.

“See that?” Tony hushed with subdued elation. “She’s gonna have a great grip! Did you see Bens hand? He was the same, the curl of their palm is more'n enough to power a prosthetic.”

“I see it. She’s gonna be OK, huh?”

“Yeah, Steve. They’re all gonna be great.”

“You’re amazing, all of you…” He said it to all four of them, foster carers or nurses, or whatever they where, and Tony most of all, because he’d never weally known where the money from the galas and 'tax wrote offs’ and all the rest /went/. But now he did, and it was… Amazing.