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mixtape (m)

pairing: min yoongi x reader 

genre: smut, fluff, comedy / college, podcast personality au

word count: 15,610

description: Two mystery students from your college run the podcast dubbed ‘mixtape.’ It’s become a sort of phenomenon around campus, listened to by almost everyone. In their most recent episode they discussed various study methods… One of them being oh so tempting.

“This week’s topic is—” Sugar started, of course only to be swiftly interrupted by the second half of the two-man show podcast that had sort of gone viral around your college campus.

But regardless of being cut short, the metallic nature of his voice still managed to worm its way directly into your chest, where it festered into something so captivating that you couldn’t help but sigh. It was cool to the touch as the syllables of his chosen words sent an intrusion of goosebumps along your arms and thighs. It had a certain gravel, a deepness that you could sometimes feel in the pit of your belly if you listened to him long enough with your eyes closed. However, more times than not, the grit would be severed with a vibrant laugh that rang so sweetly that you could feel it clamoring around your heart with giddiness on its heels.

“—Studying! So sexy, right?” Jay interjected mid-sentence, something that anyone who listened to their weekly episodes would quickly learn is a norm.

However, there were times of course where Sugar was allowed the courtesy of going off on long tangents without his friend’s interruption, and in those moments his voice was hypnotic, if you had to put it simply. It tugged you beneath the current of concentration until you were pressing the volume button on your phone to raise his vocals higher. The small hitch of his breath, or exhale against the mic when he would sigh due to the topic at hand, they made you lean in closer to the invisible man on the other side of the pre-recorded audio that filtered through your headphones.

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I made chopper shorter, because I wanted to. also, during one of my breaks I finally got time to write down the character similarities and differences between them soooooo here ya goooooo.

Oh and if you’re wondering why his MF’s nickname is Doom… Ifs because MF doom. I was listening to the “Hey!” by him and I just burst into laughter when I realized the opportunity before me. 

~ This is a queued post ~

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fic; pocket guts

part six; will be nc-17; msr; s6; angst; Mulder and Scully have a lot of work to do to repair their relationship – before it even gets to happen. Also known as “the condom story,” despite the fury of its author.

part one, part two, part three, part four, part five

A/N: This is the final part of this segment. The next installment of this series will be titled “the incision,” so make sure to watch out for that!


Unfortunately there’s not much else she can work out with Karen, not without hashing through the embarrassing details. My partner admitted he loved me and sometimes I want to shoot him just doesn’t want to come out. The takeaway advice is great, but too generic: talk out your problems as they come, consider this printed out list of tried-and-true Bureau-approved trust building tactics, and take the next seminar more seriously when it comes around. She’d be more equipped to handle it if Mulder had held a knife to her throat and declared allegiance to Zeta Reticuli.

So she ignores it, ignores Mulder. Nothing gets better except the work. She had missed the X-Files, and sinking her scalpel back into meat of the undiscovered helps her forget. The cases they work are tailormade for her – and if this is his way of wooing her, drawing her back into his arms with the seductive call of science, Scully refuses to pay that any mind. Everything about him insults her. His flirting especially: suggestive comments which used to secretly thrill her feel inappropriate. Flippant and careless. She could’ve shot him when he waved those condoms at her. But more disturbing is the way he walks on eggshells around her. He doesn’t argue, and when he does it lacks its customary bite, the thing that makes her want to push back, that makes her want to prove him.

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“For heaven’s sake, Claudia! Can’t you get that child to shut the fuck up already?! I don’t want her making a scene inside the church.”

“You don’t think I’m trying?” she snaps. “We should have just left her at home with the nanny. A funeral is no place for a baby.”

Kit rolls his eyes. “I explained this to you before. Governor Davenport will be attending the services today along with several senior members of his staff, and I want to show them that in spite of my quickie marriage and impending divorce I am, in fact, a caring and devoted family man as well as a grounded, dependable member of this community. I can’t afford to have anyone at the office doubt my judgement or the strength of my character. Especially Mr. Davenport himself. He’s my ticket into the upper echelon of politics in this state. I need his support.”

“Well, fine. If you’re such an upstanding father, why don’t you get her to stop crying then?” Claudia demands.

“Sorry, sweetheart, I can’t hear you over all that racket! I think I’ll just meet you inside the chapel. Feel free to join me once you’ve quieted the brat down!”

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I thought JRO Ripp was a stay at home dad? or is that a new job I don’t remember lol

You remember correctly. Ripp has been a stay at home parent all these years, but then one day he wanted to go back to work. :) I just haven’t mentioned this yet. And that want was locked for a good while before he acted on it (the job also took forever to turn up).

The hours worked out pretty well for a while between all three of them and the teens coming home from school, so they didn’t need to hire a Nanny until just recently (and I think his recent promotion will make it so they don’t once again).

Ripp was a little conflicted about gong to work, but he was very happy to get into a career that he’d always dreamed of, and he still manages find some time to spend with the kids, especially Laertes, who will always be his baby. :)

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Alpha prime Prompto and Ignis (all blondies are alphas and top of ladder Ai no Kusabi style) and shared pets omegas Noctis and Gladio- Ignis and Prompto shopping and collaring -Aren’t you a pretty thing? Tell me, are you a virgin? How much for this one, right here? -For Noct. And Have you never been broken in? Good…that will make this much sweeter. I chose you for a reason. You were interesting, a fighter. I wanted something exciting. -For Gladio.

Crave You 


Part 1 of 3? idk. Doesn’t actually get to those lines here but I’m pushing away and it’s gonna be a long one, so I wanted to give something to tide you all over (before I curl back up and take another nap, tbh.) 

Promnis, Ignoct, and Promptio technically but, honestly, OT4. Ummm. People-animal hybrids as pets, dehumanization, buying and selling of people super casually, people in cages, intersex omegas, butt and vaginal plugs. Lowkey crossover/cameo characters. ;) The next part will have a ton more warnings but for this part this covers things.

Insomnia’s weekend markets were bustling around them, the many stalls and their owners showing off wares, calling for attention from the thousands of people milling about and passing through the great domed space. Ignis spared them little attention as he and Prompto cut through the crowd, entire focus on reaching the traveling pet ‘shop’ that would be set up near the eastern side, along the back. The pet shop only came by once every three months and stayed for two weekends before moving on to the next city, picking up and dropping off cargo along the way, but everyone knew Insomnia was what they saved their best product for.

And Ignis had a vested interest in having the best. As a representative of the Oracle, both the system that ran the city and the dozen white haired women who served it, he had an image to maintain. Prompto, as his partner and one of the Oracle techs, did as well and it was all the more important when this was Prompto’s first pet. Ignis had kept a handful of them in his past, before Prompto came into his life, but the younger man hadn’t.

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Ayyyye so this is my @fander-secret-santa gift to the one and only @i-love-word-association-games! I gotta admit, it was incredibly difficult to keep my mouth shut; I’m not good with secrets, especially in regards to someone I share a name with!

I didn’t want to just write a fic, because that’s apparently not good enough in my mind for me to do for someone, soooo this is a poem written in the same style as Twas The Night Before Christmas, same syllable count and everything. Seriously, at the beginning of trying to write this, I was just like “this is fine, this is cool, you’ve done this kind of thing before!” and then, like, 2 hours ago I was sitting here screeching and counting syllables madly and making sure my rhymes worked it was an adventure. ANYWAY I’ll quit rambling and put this thing under a cut; I hope you like it, Andy!!! Merry Christmas!!!!!


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So I would looooove for Canon qrep on VLD but I'm a cynical old bi girl who's been let down to many times before. What the crew and cast probably mean when they say "wait and see" is that they're working on it with DreamWorks. Lauren/JDS don't own vld so all their storylines have to be pre approved by DreamWorks. With DW making bank on merch they might not want any of their mains to not be "family friendly". Which is fucking stupid but standard homophobia in the industry. 😔😔

I mean with how animation schedules work they’ve had to of written out most of the series by now, and it seems like they had overarching plot-lines in mind when creating the series that were probably in the series bible.

Even if it wasn’t, they are probably writing the final seasons of the series right now. Animation takes a looooong time, they started Voltron 2 years or so before we ever saw the first episode I believe. Even after the series is completely written out it will continue to be in animation production for a while after cause that’s just how long things take.

Whatever conversations were to be had about qrep were likely already had.

They say wait and see because they can’t spoil it of course, but I don’t think they would say that if it wasn’t there. And the fact that we’ve already had some small qrep with Blaytz but it’s never brought up as the qrep tells me it will be more major than that.

When they say they’re “fighting” it’s probably just alluding to the fact that they can’t be too explicit. I’ve mentioned before that I don’t think we’ll ever get something like a same sex kiss in Voltron, but they are probably trying to push it as much as they possibly can with whatever LGBT romantic undertones we may see - if that’s what were going to get.

I fully acknowledge that one of the characters could just casually mention being LGBT or get a random crush on a side character and that’ll be all the LGBT rep we can expect. BUT if it’s not this, if it’s something major to the story, I really think it will be Sheith. I dunno where else Shiro and Keith’s relationship can go from here with their whole star crossed lovers deal.

Keith: I scanned debris for months looking for just a piece of your likely dead body and aimlessly drifted through space every night with the small hope that I would somehow find you in the infinite universe… because ur my bro dude. Lol.

And keep in mind that we already have a sibling relationship with Pidge and Matt who were even in similar situations, yet it is shown completely differently. And while Pidge is devoted to finding Matt it never seemed quite so melancholic, lonely, pining, and heartbroken as they made it seem with Keith.

Their reunion scenes were also completely different. With Pidge and Matt they gave us everything we wanted - happy hugs and excited to see each other again. With Shiro and Keith? They said so much with so little. You have to wonder why.

(from @flusteredkeith)

To me these looks say everything but “platonic bros”. There’s so much longing in Keith’s face.

They are very subtle with Keith and Shiro’s relationship, so for what possible reason could that be? Imo it has to be because there is something more there.

i’ve probably already said it but it’s late (1:35 AM) and i’m working so I babble: 

I think what i genuinely like about Jimriel right now is Jim and how much he wants to be a better person because of Ariel. 

And it’s also very sad because you have this kid who has made mistakes, yes. Big ones even. But now he sees this girl and he really admires her and is attracted to her and just wants to be a part of her life. 

But he’s shamed himself into silence because of who he’s been and it’s like he wants to make himself perfect before approaching her because he feels he is that below her. And yet part of it also is this healthy betterment. like he does want to just be a better person because of her.

it’s so bittersweet and lovely and melancholy and i love it.

Don’t get me wrong, I have several gripes with jimriel, as many of you know. Which is why I haven’t been able to get into entirely.

but that part of it? like wow. makes me love it so much. like in every way. 

i’m sorry for typos. i’m beyond exhausted and this is the real me at that point 

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i want to connect with my pendulum, but i'm not sure how. Are there any tips on becoming closer with it? Often times it seems like it doesn't want to answer and i cleanse it regularly so i'm curious if its a mistake i'm making or if it's just feisty in nature. Thank you for your time!

Well I don’t really work much with pendulums but I’ll tell you what I heard from a friend of mine that actually teaches pendulum classes.
Its really important to take a decently large amount of time to bond with your pendulum before using it, this means keeping it with you in the bed when you sleep, meditate with it regularly, interview it. Pendulums tend to be very finicky compared to fortune telling cards in this way. 

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When will we know who we will be our giftee for secret santa?

Mochi here! You’ll get an ask highlighting who your person is and what they requested sometime Saturday morning. Due to timezones, I’ll wait until then so all of Friday is covered.

You will then have probably until mid-January to complete your gift, as the schedule has fallen behind a bit. Sorry about that! Try to get them done sooner rather than later, though.

Also, regarding anyone who sent in an application before it got fixed: there was not an option for what you felt you could create. I am sorry about that, that was an oversight because I have never planned one of these before. For the sake of ease, whatever you said you wanted to receive will be assumed to also be what you can make. So if you said you want the gift to be fanart, it will be assumed that you want AND can create fanart.

If this does not work, or you wish to clarify this in any way with us, please send in another ask. Include your reachable URL so we can add it to your application.

This has sorta become an update lmao. Thanks for the question!


Before I fall in love again

1. I want us to be friends. Which means, I want to be able to eat my favourite cheese crust pizza with you, while having cheese all over my face and even in my hair, without feeling embarrassed or concerned about it.

I want to be comfortable with you, I want to be okay about being messy, irritating, embarrassing, disgusting, petty while with you. Because I will be petty when I see my ex best friend post a happy picture and I will be messy during my finals and I will be embarrassing when I meet your parents for I suck at meeting parents. I want to be okay with being the way I am and the only way to be okay is to know that you’re okay with me being things other than beautiful, graceful and composed at all times.

2. I want to be able to have long and passionate conversations with you not just about existential things but also about what went wrong in the ending of that book and how kids are affected by media and how tomato basil combination always works. I want to have conversations where we may not always have the same views but our fundamental values always fall in place. I want to talk to you about the beauty of the stars but I also want to talk to you about the disgusting mentality behind certain societal norms.

3. I want to see how consistent your actions are with your words. I don’t want to fall for love letters or poems, for sweet Instagram captions or long birthday texts, I want to fall in love with you showing up on time and keeping your promises.

4. I want to take it slow. I want our story to work out in years, not months. I want to respect time and space this time.

5. I want to make sure I am not seeking love from you for the lack of love I have for myself. I want to make sure you aren’t a void I am filling in, you are not an alternative to the things I can’t give myself. I want to make sure you are not doing the same.

6. I want to work out with my insecurities and fears from the past. I don’t want to project them on you, I don’t want to subject you to the doubts, suspicion and anger I carry from the people I have known in the past.

7. Before I fall in love again, I want to make a mattress with you. Of understanding and respect and trust. So when we fall, it doesn’t hurt.

—  creatingnikki 

tbh these are still 2 of my fave homestuck doodles ive ever done
these are like probably 2 years old by now i think

how to survive a long class

I don’t know about you, but long classes get the best of my ADHD. Today as I was sitting in my two hour composition lecture I thought of some helpful ways to endure a long class.

  1. Take a break. At my college, if a class is over two hours the professor is required to give a ten minute break. By the time came for the break, I was already in a hyper focus and didn’t want to take the break. This may vary from person to person, but I found that taking the break really helped even if it did mean a break from the hyper focus. In my experience of my first semester of college, the other students did not want the break and would just sit in the classroom. That may work for some, but I found getting out of the classroom really helped, even if it meant just taking a small walk. Take advantage of the breaks the teachers give you.
  2. Snacks, water, and meals. Most of the teachers don’t care if you eat in class, especially when it is a two hour+ class. Make sure you eat lunch/dinner before class if your class is around that time. Take some snacks and a bottle of water. It will help your mind and your mood. I always take a fun snack and eat it after the first hour to ‘reward‘ myself. 
  3. Fidgets. Use fidget toys. Personally, I don’t like big fidgets but rather the small ones that you can just hold in your hand. I know they make some fidgets that can work with pencils or something… I’m not sure:)  you could doodle too as long as that isn’t a distraction in itself. Another thing I find useful is taking notes even if I don’t need to. It keeps me focused and I remember the material better. A girl in one of my classes brings a coloring book to class. Find what works for you!
  4. Try making it a game. I think this is the inner child me but it helps so I thought I’d put it in just incase it helps someone else. I like making my class a game. I pretend. Sometimes I pretend I am on a reality TV show, other times I play the teacher and doing the classwork is preparing for the day. Sometimes it is making up a back story as to why I am in the class (example: I am Malala Yousafzai) or that I am practicing for a game show. Other times it is pretending I’m at Oxford.|

       Again, these may work for some and not for others. Fill free to add more/comment what helps you!
Self Care with Study-Sexy

1. LOG OFF OF SOCIAL MEDIA. I’m serious. You can even go as far as deleting the apps and re-installing them later. You don’t have to go as far as me and get rid of your snapchat account (which has minimized my feelings of anxiety and loneliness by like 90%), but scaling back is good and your life isn’t going to end if you stay off of IG, Snapchat, FB, etc for a few days, weeks, or even months. After a week or so away, you might even be pleasantly surprised and find that you prefer the peace and quiet. 

2. DO SOME KIND OF POSITIVE AND REFLECTIVE JOURNALING. I started my own “positivity journal” back in August and this is the first time that I have stuck with journaling for so long and actually find it enjoyable. It helps me find the good in my life and reminds me of what I want. If you are interested in starting your own, I can write a longer post about mine but here are things you could include to get you started: 

> Self-Reminders (positive affirmations about yourself, inspiring and important things you don’t want yourself to forget, etc) 

> Things to Work On ( actions/mentality to avoid and ones to practice)

> Healthy Habits (that you want to adapt into your routine)

> Free-writing space (you can answer self-reflection prompts or write whatever’s on your mind)

> Life goals, Daily Gratefulness, Inspiring Quote of the Day/Week, Positivity Playlist, Creative Projects to Try, etc the possibilities are endless

3. NATURE WALKS. Leave your phone at home and bring your dog and maybe a friend. The fresh air always clears my head and makes me feel more alert and awake, especially because it is a little bit crisp and chilly now. 

4. NETFLIX IN MODERATION. If you’re a student like me you probably don’t have that much time to binge watch anyway but I mostly just watch Netflix on weekends. Doing this makes it more enjoyable because it’s like a reprieve from a long week of work. Occasional Netflix binges are ok but you don’t want watching TV shows to be your only escape and coping mechanism. 

5. NAPS. Studies have shown that short naps are beneficial to get you out of a slump and can make you feel more focused. I take 20-30 min naps sometimes after school and (a big snack) before tackling my homework and I feel like it helps since I get home feeling drained almost every day. 

6. MOISTURIZE. I always feel better after washing my face and putting on a good lotion. Idk why but it just works. 

Hope you found these tips helpful! <3 if you read all the way to the end ILY


Humanity…  It’s not a state. It’s a… It’s a quality.
↳ Leo Elster, 1x08


Blond Skywalker genes, the secret’s out thanks to the little Matt the Radar Technician incident…