i wanted to make this a series

When I think about Lancelot, or Lance/Lotor relationship in general, it gaves my writer side such giddy feeling

(Please forgive for my English cause Im not a native speaker, so I cant express myself clearly )

Because it has POTENTIALS, so much potentials to explore, even when it has nothing to do with shipping (which I found both appealing and disgusting, they will make a very unhealthy pair).. If Im corrected, Lotor in the original series is an insecure character, wants to prove himself with his father Zarkon, while also a half Altean/half Galran,.. This dude has a lot of juicy tropes for a compelling villian my gosh). If the producer keep the basic trait in the original to this version while potrays him with more sinister, manipulating characteristics , Lotor would be an interesting addition to our blue child Lance, an important piece for Voltron team’s dynamic after Shiro’ s disappearance and Lance’s character developement

Because if they have the same self-esteem, attention issue, Lance and Lotor could bond over those, understand each other’s struggles, even become best pals. Lance, during this time already feeling worthless, now he found someone who see his abilities, sympathize with him, Lance would be escatic. Moreover, Lance is extremely friendly and accepting (he protects Yupper and consider it his friend righ after they met, how precious), I wouldnt be surprised if Lance found in Lotor a trusting friend and extent his protective nature over him

And this is when things go down

The voltron team just lost their beloved leader, so Keith will have to take up his position (which I dont think it’s a smart idea, ss2 havent groomed him well enough) and lead Voltron. I can see the balance of team voltron will be broken, mainly because of Keith’s inexperienced and Lance’s self-issue and jealousy. Im expecting a big fight between this two dorks Dreamwork dont let me down. Lance, with his insecurities and homesickness bottled up for 2 seasons, will finally reach his breaking point, snaps

So Lotor came in, reassured Lance, maybe even offer Lance a position in the Garla army (preferably Lotor’s right hand man lol ) where he could be useful and respected and liked and they sounds SO RIGHT to Lance, right?? Even worse, Lotor could offer him to return to his earth, his home..He could make Lance questions his loyalty to his friends and Voltron, while serving as the direct enemy for Keith and Voltron in general

But if the producer wants to follow the original, that Lotor has an unhealthy obsession to Allura and be a rival in love and war with Keith , they would miss an awesome chance to write a very, very good dark and compeling story, an well-written villians and Lance’s journey to mature


【list】 short series 短系列

( º﹃º ) shit…..lot of short series story want to draw ,make a list ,and when the short comic or…..don’t know maybe plot doodle roll out ,I will put links here

( º﹃º ) 該死….好多短系列故事想畫 做個清單 當短漫或….恩 也許劇情塗鴉推出 我會在這裡放連結

mori!MF : the land’s memory ,they praise lifes . 大地的記憶 歌頌著生命

(´・ω・`) this will be a warm story I guess 

(´・ω・`) 我想這會是個溫暖的故事

oecan!MF : lay me down in the memory ocean、wake me up when the all start .沉睡於記憶之海 甦醒於世界之初

_(┐「ε:)_ this…..not sure ,but not be too sad

_(┐「ε:)_這個…還不確定 但應該不會太悲傷

cat!MF : black and white world ,white and black cat . 黑與白的世界、白與黑的貓

(ノ>ω<)ノ a cute  series ,full the cat and cat and cat……….and toby(WTF

(ノ>ω<)ノ 可愛的系列 滿滿的貓咪和貓咪跟貓咪…..還有toby狗狗(花惹發

calf!MF : come to the breakfast calf ,full your life . 快來早餐小牛 滿足一天需求

d(`・∀・)b lot of cute thing and funny

d(`・∀・)b 滿滿的可愛滿滿的愛

MF、MF(eyes) : belong  memoryfell main plot . memoryfell的主線劇情

 _(┐「ε:)_still redraw it ,I’m gonna die 

_(┐「ε:)_ 還在重畫 覺得要命

  •  old comic 舊的漫畫 : here

who!MF : who I am ? who am I ? I don’t know 、no one know 我是誰?誰是我?我不知道、沒有人知道

_(┐「ε:)_I’m….sorry ,this is a sad story

_(┐「ε:)_ 我….對不起 這是個悲傷的故事

seize!MF : your memory is not your anymore 這段記憶不再屬於你了

bad milk ? well….(ゝ∀・)  let me give you a surprise

壞牛奶? 這個嘛….(ゝ∀・) 我會讓你吃驚的

angel!MF :anyone even the worst person deserve to be mercy 任何人都該被寬恕 即使罪大惡極

(´;ω;`) a sad story again


BBC’s Sherlock

I cannot believe the amount of time and effort the talented crew put into these episodes. 

The editors create this entire new way of looking at an object or person, just so the viewer could understand the ways of the brain of a genius. 

There are writers creating puzzles, which is 10x harder then solving. 

The visuals are absolutely marvellous, combined with something most people forget: sound. The sound editing in Sherlock is brilliant and is very much one of the reasons why Sherlock’s deductions are genius. 

There is a cohesive plot, woven around the mysteries that need to be solved. There goes care into creating great characters as well as great storylines, as well as great cases and they are balanced out wonderfully. 

Not to mention, they managed to make all of this happen, while still being perfectly capable of adding humourous notes here and there.

… and you guys… are seriously ridiculing all this hard work… bc John and Sherlock didn’t kiss.


Ok guys like srsly, can we have a Most Wanted Appreciation Day? Like we talk about Most Wanted the whole day because I love and miss the series so much and desperately needing Book Two and I really need to know what happens next. Post screencaps, make fan arts, write fanfictions, edits, or whatsover everything about Most Wanted. 

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Hi! I'm not sure where you're from, but I'm from Singapore. And even since Goblin ended on Saturday/Sunday, it has literally been raining NON-STOP for the past 2 days. The weather forecast also said that it'll be raining throughout this week! It's so crazy cos just last week the temperate was so humid and hot like 34degrees. I want to believe that the Goblin is sad cos the series has ended for us lol.

Ohh, I live in the US, but omg!! It must be raining everywhere T.T 

On Saturday when episodes 15 & 16 came out, it was raining very hard till Monday where I was. I’ve also received quite a few messages about how it’s raining where they are too. THE WHOLE WORLD MUST BE MOURNING FOR GOBLIN!! :O

This is a sign… Kim Eun Sook.. you need to make season 2.

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Next morning headcanons after sex for the first time your choice but I want at least tracer please?

Tracer: she’d really really sery sleepy, but will instinctively curl up next to her partner for warmth. If they even shift away from her during the night she’ll whine in her sleep and reach out for them. This is pretty much consistent every time they have sex, but the first time will probably leave her the most tuckered out (even if it was bad.) If by some chance she wakes up earlier than them the next morning, though, she’ll go out of her way to make as nice of a breakfast as possible as an apology for passing out. 

Genji: If his S/O is smaller than him, then he gathers them up in his arms afterwards and cradles them to sleep with oodles of praise and body-worship type talk. He’s very fluffy about it. If they’re too big to hold (or if they topped him), then he’ll kind of wrap himself around them instead, and then start pillowtalking. And if his visor wasn’t off for the sex, it will most certainly be off afterwards, and they’ll get a chance to see the way those eyes glow after sex for the first time. He doesn’t even mention it if something went wrong, or if it was just lousy sex. Genji’s just floating on those post-sex love hormones, and the knowledge that it’ll only get better with time.  

McCree: He’d probably light up a cigar if they let him, and throw his arm around them whilst still panting. If they didn’t know him better, they’d swear he acted like some kind of playboy. But then, he’d look at them with this kind of shining in his eye and give this soppy, lovestruck smile and say something like, “You know, I always knew you were the total package, but that… that might’ve just signed my grave plot to your name.” Yeah, it doesn’t make sense, but McCree’s romance doesn’t have to. “But don’t think it’s the best I can do, darlin’…” then he plants a kiss on their lips, smirking as he pulls away. “Next time, I’ll have you begging for more.”

Junkrat: He’s dazzled into silence, probably. Contrary to what some believe, he’s actually not very much into sex and didn’t really partake in it until his S/O came along. His mind is quite literally blown away by how good it felt just to be so close to someone else, and someone he really felt something with. He can barely wrap his head around it. He won’t fall asleep for awhile, but will definitely hold them close to his chest (if size permits) and just keep saying “Wow” for a couple hours. He won’t even notice if they fall asleep like that. 

Reaper: He probably got a bit too rough at the end, so his aftercare mode kicks in full blast. Even if they swear he didn’t go too far, he knows how rough he gets when he’s about to finish, even when he’s trying his best to go slow with it. He kisses them all over and holds them, stroking their hair and trailing their skin with his fingertips. If they’re okay with it, he’ll lick them clean (he doesn’t mind tasting himself) and will quite possibly make them cum again whilst doing it. AFter that, he tries to remain as human-looking as he can and turns off the ‘revenge monster’ persona for a few hours and perhaps into the next morning, so that he’s sure they feel loved. It’s hard for him to express that so much anymore. 

Widowmaker: She cries. It’s a lot of overwhelming feelings for her, and since any physical sensation for her is rare, sex is on a whole other level. A love who could break her programming and make her feel something must really be something. They might be startled, seeing tears on her face, but just moments before they must’ve been surprised to see her moaning, too. It’s a heavy night, in general. All they need to do is hold her, and say nothing except “I love you”. She won’t talk about it the day after, or ever. 

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i am... so tired? now everyone apparently is waiting ANOTHER week for 1/29. the never ending shit from Moftiss keeps coming, yet we wait again, and AGAIN, and i just? feel so terrible because i can't and don't want to do that to myself?... what show comes back in TWO weeks for another episode that no one except a certain part of their fanbase wants? who does that? when are we going to start moving on and like loving ourselves

i get what you mean and i kind of agree… but i also can’t criticise people for speculating about a fourth episode because it’s reasonable in a way. nothing makes sense and closure is needed and … some of us are still hopeful and i think that’s good but… yeah, personally i have given up, i don’t believe there’ll be a fourth episode or any sort of extra content before the (questionable) next series that i’m not even going to watch because fuck everything. so… yeah… my dash is a nightmare and i lost half of my mutuals but i’m hopeful that this extremely tiresome situation is temporary and we’ll be over it in a few weeks. honestly, the fandom split is giving me nightmares. and sure there are going to be people who hold out hope for s5 but this is the point where i will clearly distance myself because my hopes have been crushed often enough by now


Summary: Bucky develops a weird disease after leaving the cryo and getting rid of the trigger words, Steve doesn’t know how to help his friend besides kepping him at his apartment, but Sam might have a solution for his problem.

A/N: Pararibulitis is a fictional nerve disease that is followed by hallucinations, the person who has it often imagine herself being in a life or death situation caused by thos illusions. It’s kind of a Dirk Gently!AU (btw WATCH DIRK GENTLY ON NETFLIX!!!) The reader is described as having the powers of the gang in the serie, they survive by being fed up by bad energies but they’re like these crazy and hyperative dudes gang, you gotta love them, and I wish I had his powers so I could make the world better but oh well

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“That settles it, I’m never letting you leave this apartment again, Bucky”

    Steve scloded me after I attempted to grab something in the market. We ran out of milk, I just didn’t want to be so dependent of him, it was just milk for christ’s sake. But then it had to happen, I had to have one attack in the middle of everyone, and if it wasn’t for a old lady who knew Steve I’d still be struggling and screaming for my life. I could only sigh and keep listening to Steve’s scolding. It wasn’t worth it argue anymore.

“If you wanted to put your life in danger this much, couldn’t you at least have taken you medicines?”

“I already said I’m sorry, Steve! I’m sorry for being a burden in everyone’s life! I know I don’t have HYDRA in my head anymore but I still am bothering everyone with my shit! I should’ve stayed in cryo, it’d be the best for you, for me, and for everyone”

    I scream back and just rush to my room. Locking it and just wanting to be in the dark and alone. Life sucks. What was the point of getting rid of being at HYDRA’s mercy but now being a slave of my own mind. Having illusions of terrible death or life experiences. I was a prisoner of my own mind, and only those stupid pills could help me.

“Problems in paradise?” Sam jokes while entering in the soldiers apartment. Steve only sighs. He didn’t know anymore what to do to help his old friend.

“I hate this, I just wish I could help him”

“Well, you got it man, I just might have found the solution for your problems”

“What are you talking about Sam?”

“Well, you know, with us being fugitives, we gotta have some more people in our side, and I may have found a girl who can help with snowman’s problem”

“Don’t call him like that! And who’s she?”

“Y/N Y/L/N, she has a special power, I can’t explain it but is awesome you gotta see, want me to make a call?”

“If it’ll help Bucky’s problem… I’m willing to do anything”

“You got it, man”

     I was playing with friends in a terrain while listening to loud music and drinking energy drinks. Just hanging around and having some fun, that’s what all it was about, enjoying the right now, doing the first thing that comes in mind without thinking about the consequences. And having the powers we had, everything was possible. We were kind of a super gang, each one of us had a different power and used them as we pleased and for our own interests. We tried to me the good ones, sometimes we’d help people out, but sometimes we would also would cross the line and our behaviors would be described as rebelious. We didn’t mind,

“Hey kid!” We hear someone shout just enough above the music. The guys stayed in alert, but they calmed down when they saw it was a friend of mine. 

“Sam!” I wave at him and rush to his arms.

“I might have found a job for you” He says after putting me back on the ground.

“For me? What do I have to do?”

“Help a friend”

    I frown my eyebrowns, and he only smirks, he had something.

“Sam! Please tell me you brought her!” A blonde guy shouts as soon as we entered in an apartment.

“She’s here, why? Is he having one right now?”

“Right on time, c’mon!” He leads us to a room and we find a man in the floor, rolling from one side to another.

“Oh God” Sam says, kneeling on the man’s side and the blonde one in the other.

“Woah, don’t touch him! Let him go!” I demand to them. Sam does it as soon as I say, the blonde was more agitated and look between me and his friend before letting him go.

    I take a better look at his friend. Long hair, blue eyes that looked desperate, he was struggling to breathe, and kept waving his arms upwards. He was drowning. I could see a bright blue energy flowing out of his body, it was the best energy source I’ve seen

“You’re lucky I haven’t eaten in a week already, Sam, this guy is a full banquet”

    I kneel on his side and put a hand on his forehead so he stay still.

“What will she do, Sam?” The blonde asks.

“Just trust me, man”

    And then I start sucking all the blue fluids that were floating around his body. The taste of his agony was like the sweetest candy, but not at the point of being sickening, the pain he was fighting to contain tasted like nectar from the gods. And I soon felt myself entering inside of his illusion. 

    A immensity of water everywhere, no bottom and no surface, no marine animals nor sea plants. It was just blue and water. And then I saw him. A body struggling with all his forces to find air. I swim next to him and touch his arm. He stops moving a look at me perplexed. I take my hand from his arm to his face, he was confused, and stopped looking for air as he was focused on me. I smile and lean in, giving his cheek a quick peck, he frown at first but it doesn’t take long for I see his smile. And hot damn! what a smile he had.

    It took me a little time to realize we were back in his room. He was no longer panting but his breath was a little unsteady. He was looking at me amazed.

“Have I died for real now and am seeing an angel?”

“Wow, that’s the first time I got this reaction” I giggle a bit.

“I bet you were an awful cute baby”

“Flirty, are we?”

“What the hell? Bucky never talked this much to a stranger” I hear Sam says it.

“Well, this century Bucky doesn’t, but the 40s one did” The blonde guy explain.

“Help me put him in the bed, he needs to rest for a bit” I tell them, the guy in my arms was soon feeling sleepy.

    The two men put the metal armed one in the bed, for some reason he looked like he was trying to stay awake. I sit on his side in bed and take his hair out of his face.

“Okay soldier, listen to me, you gotta rest okay? You won’t have one of these attacks for a while so you gotta be rested to enjoy this time, got it?”

“But if I sleep you’ll be gone” I laugh a bit.

“I promise I won’t”

“Okay” And his eyelids close and he drifts off to sleep.

“Okay… I’ve got so many questions”

“I imagine so, blondie”

“His name’s Steve” Sam says.

“H-how old are you? How did you do that? Doesn’t it affects you?” Steve asks.

“Old? I’m-huh, physically twenty-something last time I checked… I’m, how can I say? I am fed up by energy, and for some reason, bad energies have a good taste, so I feed up with depression, anxiety, sociopaths have a weirdly sour taste but they’re fine too… Ahm, kinda, it affects me but not in the way the person were feeling, you see, if I’m feed up with a sad person I don’t get sad, I get angry, or mad… Because I can feel the reason of that person sadness and get mad about it. Your friends agony made me get in ecstasy, I never tasted someone like him before” I say naturally and then I see the look in their faces and regretted saying that “Ew, you guys are gross”

“She’s pretty hyperative, I was surprised when I saw her in one of my PTSD support groups, she was pretty affectionated to everyone and they said they’d leave better if she showed up, later I found out why” Sam explains.

“But they are really lovely” I defend.

“I appreciated your help right there… But how are we gonna do this? I mean… Bucky can’t leave the house and-” Steve starts saying but I interrupt him.

“Woah! You don’t let him leave the house? The fuck is this man! He has a nerve disease, the ‘thing’ is in him, why does it matter where he goes?”

“I-I… Never t-thought about that”

“That explain his taste, besides his hallucinations he was pretty stressed out about being held prisoner”

“I never wanted to-”

“We know man, calm down, Y/N gets a little bit harsh after eating” Sam calms him.

“Yeah… I mean, sorry if I hurted your feelings”

“I just wanted to protect him… He is the only thing I have from my past”

“Well, we’re in the future now, Steve, and he’s certainly not made of glass, in case you’ve forgotten, he has a metal arm!”

“Okay, Y/N, now you calm down”

“Ugh, I can’t, after him I’m feeling thrilled, I’ll tell one of the boys to pick me up and I’ll be back calmer”

“What if he wakes up and asks for you?” Steve asks.

“He thinks I’m an angel, let him think that for a while, I liked it” I say and left the house leaving the men alone.

    It’s been three months since my first meeting with the two old fashioned soldier. It was funny to see the metal armed one, I soon learned was named Bucky, calling me angel for the first week of meeting each other, nut he soon changed my nickname to ‘doll’ which I didn’t mind, it was cute to see him using 40s’ pick up lines on me, but even though he flirted a lot, it took him long enough to ask me on a date. But he did. And now we were headed to a second one.

“You okay, Bucky?” I ask him while we were walking around the park.

“I just… I had a talk to Steve before we come and he was worried again about me having one attack while we were here outside”

“Ugh, Steve’s an ass you know?” He laughs a bit “If you have an attack…” I say standing in front of him “I’m here to give you a smooch” I stay on my tip toe and give him a peck on the cheek.

“Well, I’m glad for that, but when you do it, make sure you don’t miss it”

“Oh yeah? Where should I kiss you then?”

“It’s midnight. Look at the clock, one hand has met the other hand, they kiss, isn’t that wonderful” He takes my hand in his and bring me closer again.

“I’ll never get tired of these pick up lines” I say after I laughed.

“Good, I have tons of them for you” He smiles and finally leans his face closer to mine, making our lips meet.

    The kiss was slow and full of love. His lips were a bit rough against my soft ones, he was tasting me like a did when I first met him, and I couldn’t say I didn’t quite enjoy. I may have pouted when his lips left mine, when he pulled back I leaned in again and captured another kiss. 

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“Easy, pretty one, I wanna take it slow with you, differently from what I used to do in the 40s, I’m not that guy anymore” He says holding my head and caressing my cheek.

“I’m flattered” I giggle and he hugs me as we started walking again in the park.

“the fact that bioware have continued the mass effect series where the ending doesn’t even matter is laughable and pathetic of them”

okay but do you realize how HARD it would be to make a game that did?? to include the major choices that were made in me3??

and do you ever think that maybe JUST MAYBE the point of that ending and not going further with it is meant to represent sacrifice in war, hoping it’s all worth it in the future but accepting that you might not live to see it?

“a future paid for by the sacrifices of those who fought and died alongside us. a future that many will never see.”

I am genuinely confused...

Why has Lance x Lotor, or Lancelot, become a thing all of a sudden? We literally have no idea how this character will benefit next season, and the idea of shipping Lance with every character actually triggers me. I’m not saying none of you have the right to ship, people can ship whatever the fuck they want, but this one doesn’t make any sense. The character hasn’t even been publicly released except for, “Summon Prince Lotor” (Haggar, Season Two, Episode 13). There has been no offical art, even a glimpse of what this character will be like next season. There is literally no reason for anyone to ship this. Now I have no idea as to if Prince Lotor or Lance had some form of a relationship in past series, but I just don’t see the reason as to why this has sparked up.

Again, anybody is entitled to their own opinion, ship whatever you want, but I just don’t see as to why anybody would ship? 

I had a brief moment tonight where I started crying. I wasn’t really crying for any reason except that I really wish I got more GX in Yugioh.

I wish there was a movie or even an OVA that shows everyone and where they’ve gone after Duel Academy.

We all know about Judai, he’s most likely traveling the world and going where the wind takes him

But what about Manjoume? Shou? Asuka? Kenzan? Rei? What about everyone else?

I’m starting to cry again as I type this because GX means so much to me and I just want something more for the series. Anything.

I want more Judai. I want more school duels. I want to see the gang again and see how they’re doing but I know I’ll never get that and it makes my heart ache

I need to learn to give short answers.

Recently I was asked if I watched Netflix. Instead of giving a short and honest answer (which is ‘no’), I panicked and started bubbling. If I say no, he will think that I don’t watch any tv series and therefore I’m a boring person. I should explain why I don’t watch it. This needs to stop. I don’t have to explain myself. I don’t have to say that a) I didn’t know I could watch Netflix in my country because nothing ever works here, b) I can’t afford paying for something that’s free to watch on numerous streaming websites. 

The problem is that I don’t want to be judged. So I make up excuses. I don’t drink coffee because I like tea better. Wrong. I don’t drink coffee at work because they don’t have decaf there and I get anxiety from regular coffee. I don’t go outside during my lunch break because I don’t want to put my coat on. Wrong. I don’t go outside because I don’t know what to do there alone. Lies lies lies. Be normal, be chill, don’t make people uncomfortable with your truth.
From now on I’m giving short answers. No, I don’t like alcohol. No, I don’t think that video game is good. Yes, I’m uncomfortable around people.

I deserve to be heard. To be respected for who I am. I have the same right to be honest as other people do when they bombard me with opinions I never asked for. I am important. I won’t lie anymore. I know what I am and what I am not, and from now on I’m gonna be myself.

Dear followers of this blog, may I have your attention, please.

I have decided I won’t be answering questions about Jean and Nino’s relationship anymore. As I’ve already said, ACCA is not about romance. If you want to ship them, by all means please do. If you want to ship Jean with someone else - go ahead, it’s your choice to make. But please don’t expect any action between these two, or any other characters in the series. Yes, Natsume Ono has BL works. ACCA, however, doesn’t fall into BL category. 

I highly encourage everyone to either 1) read the manga (you don’t really have to know Japanese to grasp the main idea) or 2) wait for the anime to reveal more facts and make your own judgement. Trust me, it’s worth it. Lots of ‘WOAH’-moments ahead! Nino and Jean’s connection is just as interesting as it is complicated, so labeling it or trying to describe it all in just a few words would be doing it an injustice. It’s to be introduced slowly, through many little details and hints. It’s not simple. ACCA is not simple, and I’d rather everyone enjoy it firsthand. 

Thank you~

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can you explain why you love olivier so much?

WHY HECK YES I CAN ANON come and talk to me about Olivier always!  (Sorry this took me a couple days I wanted to make sure I had time to really give you a proper answer.)

I think she’s such an interesting character!  To be honest I love her more for what we don’t see than what we do, if that makes sense?  On the surface she’s a fierce, tough, badass lady with a sharp tongue who will take absolutely no shit from anyone.  (And what I think this series does really well in general is that the badass women are never presented as badass for a woman, they’re presented as badass period, which I love.)  These are all reasons that I love her, of course, and really fundamental to her character, but it’s the moments of compassion and mercy that we see hiding behind her cold exterior that really made me love her the most.  When she gives her soldier the broken watch so she makes sure that the search party comes back, when she shows glimpses of the love she has for her family and gets them to leave the country … I don’t know it just makes her so well rounded even if she isn’t hitting you over the head with any of the feelings she has.  I think she’s a truly caring and selfless character, you just have to earn her respect and her trust.

I also love that she’s a hardass on the Briggs men (and in turn they are Loyal AF and all truly respect her and like, want to do a Good Job™ ), but she also takes every possible moment to brag about them like a proud mama bear??  Like every time she’s sassing one of the central commanders she’s like ‘y’all are weak my Briggs men would never’ LMAO.

Also, the whole arc with Raven made me fall in love with her at least twenty times over HAHA #getfuckinrektRaven

I could flail forever and a day but !! that’s a small novel in itself just know that I love Olivier come flail with me.


Leak for their upcoming redesign:

(the exact opposite of @bugeyedfreaks‘s theory about the Girls’ redesign)

In all seriousness, I wanted to simply make a post regarding the Girls’ redesigns in PPGmac, from old to new. They sure changed a lot since the beginning, from looking closer to their original counterpart to having their own separate design.

I like the newer design best because of the reason stated above. It allows them to stand out from the original series while still featuring key elements of the original series’ designs (something the 2016 reboot failed to do).

Could we possibly get official PPG redesigns with long legs? Or will @bugeyedfreaks‘s theory be correct and the Girls would end up looking like this?:

Only time will tell.

I’m continuing to fume over people’s pissy reactions to Sherlock series 4, and wondering why I even care – I liked it, they didn’t, whatever.  I guess it’s because people are laughing at the possibility of there never being another series, dancing on its grave, even trying to make it happen with formal complaints to the BBC.  And the thought of the BBC actually pulling the plug because the fans reacted so badly, it just makes me incredibly sad that people would be so willing to break their favorite toy over an unsatisfactory series 4.  Because that is what it boils down to – it was merely unsatisfactory.  

You don’t know how fortunate you are.  I’m reminded of this because I saw an ad recently for Penny Dreadful comic books and it enraged me.  Sherlock fans, you want to know how good you have it?  Let me break it down for you.  Penny Dreadful was a beautiful, well-written show, superbly acted and lushly filmed.  It wasn’t perfect, there were some storylines that I didn’t enjoy, but overall it was wonderful.  Yes, I shipped Ethan and Vanessa.  Badly. I would have been okay if they didn’t end up together, but I really wanted it.  What I didn’t want, what I never would have wanted, was how season 3 ended.  

You know how frustrating it is to watch a character being subjected to all the tortures of the damned, and there may be finally light at the end of the tunnel only for them to die? That’s what happened to Vanessa. There is disagreement among fans of whether she should have sacrificed herself the way she did - I was one of the ones that thought it was awful of her to just give up after fighting for so long, but I could see how others might think she just wanted peace.  And then there’s Ethan, he suffered the tortures of the damned, there was light at the end of the tunnel, and then what was his ending?  He had to be the one to kill Vanessa, the woman he loved.  

Not only all that, but other storylines were left hanging, which at the time seemed okay - seasons often end with unresolved plots that are picked up next time.  I hoped that maybe Vanessa’s death was all a trick and next season she’d be brought back to life.  Except no.  Immediately after the season finale it was revealed that it was the series finale. No more Penny Dreadful.  And the creators knew this when they wrote and filmed those scenes.  The giant turd of an ending was their parting gift.  

Let’s look in contrast, shall we, at the end of Sherlock series 4.  Now, it can be hotly debated whether it was a good series or bad series. I can see why many didn’t like it or found it meh.  I loved it. But no matter what you may have thought of it, take a good look at how it ended.  With John and Sherlock and all the other characters almost EXACTLY AS THEY HAD BEEN in series 1 and 2.  Aside from some significant character growth and two new family members in Rosie and Eurus, their circumstances remain exactly the same.  Not only that, there’s actually the promise of other series to come.  

You can talk all you want about being stabbed in the back by Moftiss, but as someone who has felt the knife of the Penny Dreadful creators, I’m here to say you don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about.

Getting Crafty.... Phantomhive Manor Style

Last week I started getting supplies together to make a diorama based on the earl’s office at the manor.

I say “based on” because I’m not trying to be exactly canon with it. I just want it to have that sort of feel… you know: large desk, executive chair, side tables, portraits, window with garden view, books and papers, rugs, etc. Rather fancy-shmancy with wallpaper, working lamps, and other details. Oh and food, like when Seb brings snacks….

Will incorporate elements of the earl’s earlier childhood, as well as elements from various fictions mentioned in the series (Alice in Wonderland, The Little Mermaid, The Ice Queen, etc.)….

No idea yet how to bring in the earl and Seb, though. Or rather I have ideas I can neither afford to buy nor have the skills to make LOL! We will see. Maybe I’ll figure something out….