i wanted to make sth nice

I’m still crying over the scene in season 4 of HIMYM when Barney tells Lily he’s in love with Robin and then he takes her out on dinner and he is so fucking nice to her and she’s wondering why he is so weird and not making rude jokes and after dinner she “wanted to return the favor because he was so nice to her tonight” so what she does is “RETURNING THE FAVOR WINGWOMAN STYLE” AND INTRODUCES BARNEY TO THE WAITRESS I’M CRYING ALL HE WANTS IS ROBIN. And when Robin left he said to the waitress “I’m just some guy who’s in love with the girl that just left, and she’s never gonna feel the same way”. I’m crying ROBIN DONT LEAVE HIM :((((((((((

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hi carlos! hope you're having a swell day, i wanted to ask: what are your current anime recs? ive been looking for sth to watch and i think you have great taste! have a nice day, thanks in advance! :)

Hii!! I’m having a good day thank you! :D And sure, lemme copy and paste my previous list and make some modifications and updates to answer your question!

Currently watching:

Boku no Hero Academia

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures

One Punch Man

Hunter X Hunter

Recently watched:

  • Shingeki no Kyojin / Attack on Titan - it’s the Game of Thrones of anime imo.. like it’s so GOOD.. it will just make you gag after every episode. it’s so intense and there are really badass characters. and the plot is really brilliant. like i’m almost finished with season 1 and i’m just shook after every single episode. i watch during my cardio sessions in the gym lmao after every workout.. and its great cause it’s like when a titan is chasing a character, i end up walking faster on the stairs Lmaoo so intense
  • Love Live! - i honestly just watched this like out of curiosity and just for kicks. i was not expecting to love it but after episode 3, i was like wait??? wasnt this anime supposed to be fun?? why am i crying?? so yeah, it’s super good, touching, entertaining and sweet! and the songs are really catchy and good.. it’s such a WLW anime and there’s a canon couple :>
  • Love Live! Sunshine - i watched this like a few months after finishing Love Live! cause i loved the OG girls and i was worried i wont like these girls.. but honestly, LLS is EVEN GAYER.. and is soo good too!
  • btw tell me who your fave girls/best girls are after watching Love Live and Sunshine. my best girls are Umi Sonoda and Yo Watanabe :>
  • Kimi no Na Wa - universally lauded and recently released! it’s the best film released in 2016 imo. i swear it’s really next level storytelling

Anime watched/finished:

  • Rurouni Kenshin - i think i watched this anime twice/thrice.. It’s so suspenseful. it’s about samurais. and this anime made me interested about Japan’s history. it’s kind of a period drama with amazing fight sequences. and it’s critically acclaimed. it’s my father’s all-time favourite anime
  • Rurouni Kenshin OVA - it’s a prequel. also more violent and tragic than its anime counterpart.. like it’s really different from the series. but it’s so good. you’ll find out how Kenshin got his iconic X mark from here!)
  • Ghost Stories - THE DUB IS A MASTERPIECE! You really have to see this one. the anime bombed in Japan so the english dubbers got all the rights for the anime and they gave the go signal for the dubbers to do whatever the fuck they want. it ended up being like an anime Scary Movie with a hilarious script
  • Puella Magi Madoka Magica - i swear do not be deceived.. it is a really intense and surprisingly dark anime with excellent plot twists
  • Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun - super funny anime. if you need a laugh, this will really lift you up. i watched the first two episodes in sub and dub back to back.. and i can vouch that the voice actors for the English dub are excellent. it’s actually even funnier.. but if you prefer subs, then that’s fine. it’s just the lines are more humorous, expressive and have more variety :) Nozaki’s voice is also attractive in the dub.. it’s still very Nozaki imo. this anime pokes fun at the shoujo manga yet still has romantic elements. it’s mostly comedy though 
  • Jigoku Shoujo / Hell Girl - angst, tragedy, philosophical anime analysing humanity’s hatred, need for vengeance, and suffering. Futakomori or the 2nd season is my favourite but it’s worth finishing the entire series. 3rd season is very painful to watch though and you dont have to watch that one tbh
  • Yu Yu Hakusho - occult, spirit world, ghosts, and fighting. you most probably have heard of this
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters - 1st series starring Yugi. iconic!
  • Digimon - can be very intense! better than Pokemon imo
  • Cardcaptor Sakura - this is also suspenseful. like the premise is essentially that Sakura has to catch all the “monsters” that were freed from this book. and it’s up to her to “capture” them and put into cards. magic, fantasy, and beautiful animation
  • Ranma ½ - this was so funny but the ending was disappointing cause it got cancelled apparently.. i really hope this will go out of limbo and give us a proper ending like InuYasha did but i doubt it
  • Danganronpa (murder plot twists, intense and despair-filled storyline. btw i highly suggest you play this game (it’s available on Steam) instead of watching the poorly condensed anime. so buy it on steam or you can download it how you like cause it’s one of the best games ever. and if you plan on watching this, there is no Danganronpa 2 anime so yeah just play the game tbh. but a playthrough/game since the anime is based from the game. murder, plot twists, suspense. click this to know more about the premise. it’s Battle Royale meets CSI. after watching this, here’s a link of the playthrough of the 2nd game. it’s super fun, full of plot twists, and interactive) 
  • Yuri On Ice - it’s a really cute gay anime. people will argue it isnt and its queerbait but i’m gay and alot of the things which happen are too much for just bros to do so yeah, i believe it’s canon gay or mlm. and i enjoyed it so you watch it and be the judge
  • Blood+ - vampires and sword fighting
  • Ghost In The Shell - it’s a sci-fi movie
  • Yakitate Japan - baking and cooking!
  • Getbackers - still up to debate if the duo are gay but if you google art of them, there have been official art released and it’s so gay lol. but yeah it’s shonen genre and it’s not canon gay
  • Cowboy Bebop - a CLASSIC. the dub is great!!

I don’t remember if i finished these but I watched a lot of episodes enough to recommend it and will rewatch them soon to relieve memories. I’m pretty sure I tuned in though and watched like 80%:

  • Fushigi Yuugi (i think this is shoujo but it has a nice adventure storyline)
  • Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood  (i feel like i actually finished this. idk why my memory is hazy concerning this anime. this is so popular. you should’ve heard of this iconic anime somehow. i watched and tuned in but i don’t remember how or when i stopped)
  • Gundam series (i think i finished the first Gundam and the second)
  • Tsubasa Chronicles (it’s like a spin-off of Cardcaptor Sakura but they’re like all grown up and the plot is different)
  • Naruto
  • One Piece (i watched like the first four seasons)
  • Bleach (i remembered watching until episode 40 omg)
  • Great Teacher Onizuka (this is so funny tbh. i think i watched almost all of it)

Studio Ghibli films I watched:

  • Spirited Away
  • The Wind Rises
  • Ponyo
  • Tales from Earthsea

Anime I plan to watch (many suggested this to me and i plan on watching them so i’ll write them down here) :

  • Koe no Katachi (A Silent Voice)
  • Anohana The Flower We Saw That Day
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion
  • Tokyo Ghoul
  • Re: Zero
  • Your Lie in April
  • Shin sekai Yori
  • Gintama
  • More of Makoto Shinkai’s movies like 5 centimetres per second, etc.)
  • More Ghibli films too

Here you go!!!! I know it’s an extensive list. I’ll probably make this a masterpost of anime recs and will update this list, and add more soon. If you have any questions or anything, don’t be shy to message me! :)

[last updated: 15 September 2017]


~*Inktober day 7!*~

I wonder who made it for him… xD


Introducing CC! The Artificial Intelligence robot that I kept mentioning but finally got to designing.

CC (<–this is a reference to Cream and Cosmo for those of you who are fans of those characters) was an AI that Tails found in an abandoned mill. She was deactivated by a suppressive owner when she became too opinionated and was left to rot when the mill was shut down. Tails takes her in and she assists him with his work. The two enjoy the fact that they can intellectually stimulate each other, which they can’t do with most other people. CC quickly develops feelings for Tails.

CC is very independent and has a strong sense of identity and self awareness. She does not view herself as a synthetic and instead insists that she is recognized as a Mobian. She builds herself into a Mobian-like body so that she can feel “more comfortable in her skin” (plus it would be nice to hold Tails).

She is very polite and kind to everyone, but she is terrified of Tumble because he continually attempts to take her apart (just for fun!)

It’s okay if you don’t ship her and Tails together, I just hope you like her :) I wanted to make a character that people could relate to and allow for more representation.

the fact that Rebirth Clark and Lois literally forced themselves on their N52 versions…are just…so creepy…….

like…N52 Clark and Lois just woke up, they had no idea where they were, there was this kid wailing at them that they were his parents…they were in no condition to give proper consent…they had no idea by doing that they wouldn’t be themselves anymore…man this is just…DC made Jon an accomplice to their cheap scheme and I’m just…’kay…

(in retrospect i shouldn’t be surprised this is the Superman that stood by and watched as another version of him died and did nothing after all…but yeah)

and, please, I’m the only one who did mourning fanart for N52 Superman, the amount of fans who complain about his death isn’t a vocal part of the fandom at all since there are not many of us. we do try to accept Rebirth, we do try to get used to this new Superman because  we, I, believe that he’s my beloved preN52 Supes, but he isn’t. DC didn’t bring N52 Superman back to please anyone, they brought him back only to rub in our face again the fact to them he doesn’t matter, that he’s as easily replaced as any of preN52 Clark’s kids. so bah i’ll just immerse myself in fanon now. it’s free and people are nice and we can make each other happy. wake me up when DCEU descends and save us all. 


When I was a wee bot, I loved o read the Sonic comics. And when I found out Amy had been left out of the 25 years later arc, I was kinda sad. She’s always been my favorite, even in the years I loathed the series. But. Imagine.

Amy Rose grows older and decides that while being saved by Sonic was nice when she was a little girl, she wanted to be able to teach other littler girls to protect themselves. There is, after all, only one Sonic, and other girls might not be as lucky as she was. So she just starts collecting orphans and sort of runs a Girl Scout/Robin Hood/Peter Pan operation where she’s the mentor AND adoptive mother of all these sweet children.

Yes, this will be a thing I will make it a thing.

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not a prompt or anyrhing just an ask, but in your evil Steve fic does he get Tony sth nice for Christmas? just wondering since Tony probably never had a nice Xmas as a kid and now Steve cud make him have nice things again, Rhodey wud probs get him stuff too, reluctantly enjoying the happiness on tonys face, is Tony finally allowed to see pepper? sorry that's more than one qs ignore them if u want tho, btw in case you can't tell lol I love that story 😁

Absolutely. Steve is actually obsessed with giving Tony the best life possible, and he tends to spoil Tony rotten during holidays and birthdays. Tony is literally overwhelmed when he wakes up on Christmas morning, and Steve carries him into the living room and he sees the mountains of presents waiting for him. Steve and Bucky are there while Tony opens the presents. Later, Clint, Phil and Natasha visit briefly.

And yes, as a Christmas treat, Tony is allowed to see Rhodey and Pepper for exactly ten minutes. He spends most of those ten minutes hugging and babbling at them. Pepper and Rhodey hug him a lot and smile and try not to cry because Tony looks so happy but they know this isn’t right.

Last Farewell

Hello. Its Bijou :D 

Sorry for being inactive for awhile. I was drowning in ocean of assignments =_= There are several reasons that keeping me stay away from tumblr and all, but I wont mention them here :D 

So, after considering for quite a long time, im so sorry to say that: This blog is gonna be inactive from now on. 

Will I ever come back? 

Im not really sure, but at the moment I dont want to do so. 

Its not that I get tired of the fandom. Ofc there are some points that rl make me feel so, but most of you are really nice and warm. You even helped me in difficult times, and I will never forget it :) 

I also have lots of ideas for MC fanart i swear, they are still in my note book, there is even a script for my doujinshi in the future. 


The light has lost 

I havent logged into the game for several days. Cybird need their ATMs, sth that Im clearly unable to give. And I feel tired being in event after event like being in a race. 

And there are several personal reasons too :D 

Hence, for now, this blog is gonna be available for my customers. Anyone who wants to order commissions, you can freely contact me via inbox. 

But there will be no update. 

Im not sure if I will comeback in the future. Im also not sure if I want to use this same blog to share my arts, or just delete it forever. But related SNS account (instagram & twitter) will be deleted sortly after this. 

I hope you will understand, and Thank you for your support, as always :D 


P/s: Im still working on your commissions so dont worry :D 

“Reset Button” Plan

Ok so whenever i feel especially crappy i do what i call my “reset button“ which is basically one evening and the next day being a “me-day“.

On the first evening i exercise. It doesnt have to be a vigurous 90min workout, even going on a light jog for 20 mins will make you feel so much better, kinda like “sweating out the stress“. Bonus points if you do it outside (yay oxygen)!

Then i deep-tidy my room. I clean out my shelfes, get rid of old stuff and most importantly, organise my desk. Wipe down all the surfaces, hover and change your sheets. Unfucking your room will unfuck your head!

Then i turn into selfcare mode, i.e. face masks, hair masks, body scrubs, moisturiser, nailpolish etc. (magic tip: put on your favourite lipstick, there’s a 130% chance it’ll instantly make you feel better!) and put on some comfy but still nice clothes (ur a queen, so put on that nice sweater dress and not the smelly 5year old shirt with mysterious stains). Now it’s time to do whatever you enjoy but is still relaxing (reading, watching a movie or youtube videos…). If you want to, then go ahead and treat yourself with some sweets and a hot drink.

Time for bed now! Although tomorrow is still “me-day”, you dont want to have a lie-in until 2p.m. so go to bed to a reasonable time. Getting some sleep will make you feel so much better!

On the next morning, you should get out of your house. Although it might sound awful at first, it will improve your mood. So set your alarm at around 8ish, this way you can have a little lie-in but not waste half the day.

Take your time to start the day. Take a shower, do your make up if you want to, put on some nice clothes. Dont forget to hydrate and fuel our body!

Then it’s time to get out! Fun things i like to do are going to town and going shopping, visiting a museum, cinema or theater, having a long walk in a park or taking myself out for breakfast or lunch. You can always invite a friend if you want to but its also great to spend time with yourself. And because it’s my “me-day”, i treat myself by buying sth nice (you dont have to spend a lot of money here, a pen is 1.5€, a drugstore lipstick is 3€, a necklace 6€, and flowers are like 50ct). Invest in yourself, you are worth it!

When you had a nice day, it‘s time to get home again. To finish off my “reset button“ thingy, i like to plan the next day. But dont put too many tasks on your list, you want to start slow and plan realistic! Lay out your clothes for the next day, set the table for breakfast and pack your bag.

Now you’re ready to start fresh again and get some work done!

I hope I could help you guys to somewhat start over again and find a way out of the motivational balck holes everyone of us gets sucked in every once in a while.

x Anna

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hey there!!! we all know that you're more than just amazing at drawing fanart but do you also have OCs? and your own storys? (that you'd want to make into a comic or sth?) as always thanks for being such a nice person in general and for sharing your talent with us!! and good luck with uni! <3

Thank you! Yeah, I do have a few in mind :) For one story I want to make a short movie and for the other one, I want to make a webcomic some day :)

For the webcomic, the story is called: Vampire and Sad Girl :D It’s a not so typical vampire story ;)

The Main Characters are:

she is a crybaby and get’s easily sad. (No Pancakes for breakfast? She will probably cry about it for half an hour)

Konstantin is a lazy Vampire :D He is not interested in kidnapping cute girls and sucking their blood (he prefers robbing hospitals). He loves playing video games and sleeping all day. In his magic cloak he loves to hide cookies, his grandma made for him. 

Nestor is a gargoyle and is set to defend the castle when it’s needed. To bad for him, he’s small, weak and mostly just a cute boy, unlike his sister and her buff boyfriend. He’s also the bestie of Konstantin and they love playing video games together :D 

There are a lot more characters, but they are all minors and I don’t want to make it to long :) If I ever am able to make a real thing out of it, I will introduce all of them ;)

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Hi, Hayley. Do u think that I’m a terrible person/fan if I feel bad and kinda betrayed bc none of the boys say anything about what happened in Mexico (with the earthquake that killed hundreds)? (Niall did a day before the concert he was supposed to do, which was a little to late and I felt it kinda impersonal).My family keeps saying that they don’t care about us, that they just want our money, and I feel so sad, Ik they don’t have to it, but it would’ve been nice to hear them say sth about it.-1

I’m sorry for saying this to you if it makes you uncomfortable, but you’re always so nice to me when I ask you something, i just don’t feel so good right now and I didn’t know who to talk to. Thank you so much for reading my rambling 💕 -2

you’re just fine feeling the way you do. but i really do believe they genuinely care about the welfare of the world and the people in it. their style is usually donating to causes without anyone knowing about it until a lot later or not at all, and i’m confident they did the same for mexico.

i got a pink (w/ white) frosted dice set earlier.. and some other stuff.. n im honestly rly satisfied with how they look? n i also rly love frosted.. it legit looks a frosted window or sth? like on the car in the winter..? it’s rly nice. but also pink. i also got myself a d20 for mtg which i’m pretty happy about tbh…. could make it more Convenient whenever i play mtg.. now i kinda want sleeves for my deck tho tbh…….

ting! (jun)


It’s his phone. He peeks and saw a message from you, smiling and quickly picking it up to see what you sent him. It’s midnight and he doesn’t know what are you doing at this late hour. And also, you sent a picture. Could this be what he was thinking….?

Opening it, he saw a photo of you - thumbs up - infront of your laptop with your cat watching their latest music video on youtube.

Oh, it’s not. He turns a bit pink at the thought.

Looks like it was snapped on snapchat because it has a caption on it that says: everything about this comeback is 아주 nice GET IT and kiwi loves it so much

Kiwi. He chuckles and saves it immediately. Opening the snapchat app, he took a photo of himself showing his gummy smile and write something on it.

Glad u like it! you and kiwi need to focus on me and my acting and moves there bc its 아주 nice ;-)

Still smiling, he saved it and send it to you, through message which is weird because he could just straight send it to you on snapchat. But, who cares at this point.

Ting! Another reply. Another picture. It’s a picture of Kiwi looking at the screen of your laptop which happened to have Mingyu on it, which says: she’s dropping you for Mingyu lmao i mean honestly im not surprised :^)

And he quickly replies, without any photo.

j: are you saying you’d drop me too for mingyu i cant believe this

y: but i mean

j: omg that boy is actually dirty af you’d be surprised

y: do you need a mirror i have one


y: sure
y: let me just admire god’s finest creature with Kiwi right here

j: *wen junhui

y: psh
y: im going to sleep

He knows you’re not.

j: no ‘i love you’s?

y: :^)


y: actually thats a good idea i might do that thanks baby


y: mhmm
y: i love you ok you know im just joking

j: i got some sense of humor too okay
j: i know you are
j: and i love you too



y: or else???? hmm????

He pressed call and you rejected it the first time, teasing him is probably the funniest thing ever. Not really, but. The second time, you answered and a smile can’t even disappear from your face when you heard his voice on the end of line.

“Oh, so now you decided to answer?” He asked, his tone annoyed and you can picture his face right now.

Giggling, you answer, “You don’t want me to? Well, I can still call Mingyu inste - ”

“NO NO!” He quickly protests, making you laugh. “What does Mingyu have that I don’t?” His pout is visible inside your head and made you smile wider.

“Hmmm,” Pretend to be thinking you continued, “Wait let me count, one… two… three… four… fi - ”

“Yah!” He snapped, making you laugh again. “I love you.”

“That’s very nice, thank you.” You bit your lip, the pun making it hard to hide the laugh that is threatening to come out again.

“You know what? I’m sending Mingyu your baby pictures along with our chat.” Your eyes widen at his threat.

“Don’t you dare.”

“Try me.”

“Wen Junhui, I love you, okay? I was kidding seriously.”

“Ah, now, what was that?” This boy, seriously. You want to kick him but a smile is spreading on your lips and it’s just weird how much you love this kid.

“I LOVE YOU WEN JUNHUI!” You yelled to the phone.

“Hmmm, that’s very nice.” He replied, repeating you. “Thank you baby.”

“I hate you.”

“Sure, we’re going to sneak out on Friday for a private date even though I have a hectic schedule.” You smile at his words. He’s making you wanting to throw up rainbow and cute things and it’s making you sick to the point you actually want to throw up.

“You’re the best.”

“Psh, I knew it already.”

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Sooooo as I said, I think I may be a little bit in love with you, because you're so lovely and sweet and talking to you makes me just a quiet little happy and I love getting to talk to you. You have such a bright mind, with wonderful ideas, and it makes me sad sometimes that you don't see just how amazing you are. You're also an awesome friend, and you're always willing to help out in some small way. All in all, I lowkey think you might be an angel

remember the scene from lilo in stitch when lilo wants an angel and stitch laughs or sth? this is the type of angel i am. ;)
and shit, i do not support your bad life choices but this is just too nice not to make me smile so much my face hurts a bit? thank you for making my day better, bad-life-choices anon.


more werewolf doodles

in the last photo, her hispo form looks weird (and isn’t labled) bc it was drawn on another page yesterday! i didn’t want to draw it again atm so i just pasted it in, lmao….eventually i’ll make nice reference drawings and everything, but for now i just wanted to be able to compare everything

i’m really excited about these characters and this story in general!



So. The person I’m calling out has been vagued a couple times on tumblr already and things have been building up. I think she knew this so she deactivated before I confronted her and before I posted this.

@/tangyurines aka Maggie, now deactivated, was caught up in sth very similar before (she dated a minor who was around 7 years younger) and had the URL @/coupscoffee but she deactivated then when she was called out. I was not aware of this and I’m sure many others aren’t but @/coupscoffee and @/tangyurines are one and the same. When she first deactivated and came back I have been made aware that some people knew who she was and she said she had learnt from her mistakes and will not be repeating them so they forgave her… Which is understandable But, as @/tangyurines after all that has happened she has yet again tried it and this time she was refused.

Above are screenshots from one of the many minors this person has tried to target this time around. She’s been trying to ask minors out and even after being refused has pushed most of them and kept on flirting and honestly was just making them uncomfortable..

Please be careful who u make friends w online, esp minors. When people tell you about these things u never expect it to happen to u but it might.

Once could be a mistake but this has gone on for way too long and way to many times. There are so many people your age around so why target minors online?
I personally was also befriended by her and got to know her before I knew about all of this, I was also in a group chat along w her. Things about her always seemed a bit off and even if I stated multiple times that I was uncomfortable with her talking about things that were way too sexual In front of minors present in the group chat, she still did it. People who followed her might also recall all the anons she had which were explicit and basically sexting in front of everyone with a Mingyu rp anon. It was just too inappropriate esp as a svt blog that had many minors following. She was also quite manipulative in the way she talked.

Since she has already deactivated before this post y'all might not get the point of this post but, the point is that she’s done this before and just remade. She could come back again, with another URL and another bias. I made this post bc I have been approached by ppl who were targeted and they were all my mutuals and friends that I consider my sisters. Seeing her act this way disgusts me and I couldn’t stand by and watch it happen.
I know some of you wont see the wrong in this, esp if you’re a minor. I know many minors are ok w this sort of thing but pls understand that is someone that’s older than u by 7 years is trying to date u, there’s Sth wrong. I know some of u have her on snapchat and insta and other social networks and I just want you to be safe, please don’t engage in contact w her if you’re a minor. She might seem nice or friendly but understand that that doesn’t mean she won’t do ugly things.

Having said all this, I am in no way making this post to encourage people to send her hate or bully her, but I am extremely disheartened by the events and just want all of my fellow carats to be safe since it seems you can never really know someone too well. If any adult seems fishy to you or is harrassing you in some way please don’t be afraid to cut them off!! Be safe I care for u all 💖

anonymous asked:

Why did you make your relationship with Arden so public? I mean think I can remember you being a little apprehensive about doing that after your last breakup`. So what made you change your mind or was it even sth you considered? Anyway, I'm happy for you guys and truly hope the best! Have a nice Autumn. (sorry about any mistakes but English isn't my first language)

I think because I’ve always wanted to be honest with all of you and she became such a big part of my life, it seemed weird not to let you guys in.