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“and slowly… i was forgotten" for Scanlan (and anyone else you want to add).

How about everybody since this is a great prompt for a vox machina gets forgotten by history except for their most basic traits thing. 

Time is cruel, even to the best of heroes. It reshapes and changes their character, and makes them something they weren’t. A pale imitation of who the people actually were. 

And slowly, the true people are forgotten altogether, replaced with simple concepts and ideas of what people think the heroes used to be. Nothing lasts forever, and its hard for history to remain true and the facts not to be tweaked, as time moves on. 

History tells of a barbarian named Grog, a bloodthirsty brute only able to be tamed by a cleric who found him half dead, and trained him to fight for her. No mention of his kindness, or his love, towards his friends and adopted sister survived the flow of time. Slowly everything he was besides the dangerous man who loved to kill was forgotten. 

History tells of the cleric Pike, who saved the bloodthirsty Goliath, because of her kindness and innocence. The woman who loved and remembered for her ability to forgive even the worst people. No mention of her immense strength or occasional cruelty is acknowledged, and if it is, it gets laughed off. She is remembered as a pure beacon of light, with no fault in her. Slowly, her courage, anger, and the few acts of trickery she displayed are forgotten. 

History tells of the bard Scanlan, the lying crime boss scoundrel with a quick song and care for only those related to him. No mention of anything he was besides the cruel crime boss was left. The songs and letters he left behind are lost, nowhere to be found, leaving him with the rest to be remembered as a shell of his former self. Slowly, he was forgotten. 

History tells of the dragonborn Tiberius, a bumbling oaf who was quick to get angry and died from his arrogance. History remembers him this way, because history does not favor the chromatic dragonborns, none more then the reds. Whatever he may have been like before, was forgotten long before the others. 

History tells of the artificer Taryon, almost exactly the way he wanted to be remembered. His book was detailed in explaining himself as the brave adventurer who saved people, but neglected the other parts of him. History remembers him as brave and strong, but forgot his kindness, and his friendships, and his love for the people that taught him what it truly meant to be brave. History remembers him as a hallow man, just another brave book protagonist. History remembers him incorrectly. History remembers him as someone who didn’t quite exist at all, and slowly he was forgotten as little more then just a book. 

History tells of the gun maker Percival, name all but forgotten besides de Rolo, the name used for the latest gun. History remembers him as cruel, with a shadow demon at his side as a helper in creating his many inventions. His gifts and harmless inventions, and love towards the people he called family, was ignored in favor of the inventions aimed to kill, like the guns and other creations he made after. History doesn’t remember his intellect, or his love for sibling and wife, and slowly, he was forgotten. 

History tells of the twins, dependent and always together, unable to stay apart for long. One that walked the path of death and became her champion, the other who walked the path of light and became his. History tells of the twins, dependent and always together, forced apart by a path of their own making. History tells of the twins, two sides of the same coin, alike but different. History tells of the twins Vax and Vex, but history does not remember them. 

History tells of the archdruid Keyleth. History laughs at the archdruid Keyleth. History laughs as the archdruid ashari leader tries to keep her friends memories alive, tries to tell the truth of who they were, tries to keep them remembered, but she was never great at getting people to listen. History watches as she tries anyway, and fails. History tells of the ashari druid Keyleth, the awkward half elf who lost so much and could save so little. History is silent as the archdruid Keyleth is no longer there, and history forgets her, and with her, the last of who the group truly was

And slowly… Vox Machina was forgotten. 

Lost & Found

Fandom: Fairy Tail

Pairing: Slight Gray/Juvia but it’s more a family feels fic

words: 1399

Summary: Gray used Lost Iced Shell and is forgotten by his guild mates. But somehow they all have the feeling that someone is missing from their lives. Someone important.

Read on A03

“Lost Iced Shell”

Gray could feel the magic run through his veins.

Even he, who hadn’t been bothered by the cold in years, shivered under this powerful spell as the cold spread through his body.

Gray felt himself cracking apart, fissures gracing his body.

He saw Zeref taking a careful step back, his eye’s wide. A grin spread across Gray’s face. The great black wizard Zeref, Natsu’s brother, terrified of him.

“Natsu… I’m sorry.”

Gray felt the fissures grow and grow, pieces of him already falling on the ground.

His eyes drifted around the room, taking in the guild, his home.

He could almost see his guildmates lounging around. The everyday business in the guild.

There in a corner was Levy, book in her hands, Lilly in her lap and the Iron Dragon Slayer by her side.

Happy,Charle and Wendy were by the counter, ordering fish from Mira who was talking to Makarov about some damaged properties. And next to them were Elfman and Lisanna, talking to Erza about a job they just finished. Cana was also sitting on the bar counter, a barrel of alcohol in front of her.

On the table right next to him he could see Lucy and Natsu sitting opposite each other, being totally obvious to the fact that they both stared at each other with such fondness in their eyes.

And on the same bench as Lucy sat Juvia, milkshake in front of her, staring at the other two mages, seeming content just listening in on their conversation. The moment Gray focused on her, she looked up and a spark lit up her eyes as she smiled at him.

He could almost hear her calling out his name and a wave of sadness welled up inside him.

She would never get to hear his answer.

But at least she was still surrounded by Fairy Tail, their family. The rain wouldn’t come back to haunt her this time.

He felt himself drift away, a stray tear sliding down his cheek.

The last thing he heard was Natsu and Lucy calling out his name.


The guild hall was filled with people.

The war with Alvarez had ended a few days ago. Zeref disappeared and Acnologia was defeated by the joined effort of all the Dragon Slayers.  And now they had planned to party for weeks to come.

But somehow the guild did not feel like partying at all.

“Luce, I can’t really describe the feeling but it feels like I forgot something important.”

“Same, Levy.”

“Juvia feels the same way. And Natsu-san looks bothered too.”

“Yeah! I wanna fight someone but I don’t want to fight anyone here?”

“That’s what’s bothering you?”, Erza yelled at the Dragon Slayer and Lucy sighed. There had been moments since the day the war with Alvarez ended where everybody just expected somebody else to be there.

Natsu often challenged somebody to fight him but was often disappointed by his challengers.

Lucy turned around to make a snarky comment and waited for a grunt of approval that never came.

Wendy felt like there was a protective presence around her missing.

Erza wanted to take on a very specific job, thinking that she had the right partner at hand but then didn’t knew who she meant.

Levy had found books in her shelves, not remembering where she got them. She only knew that they were some of her favourites.  

In that moment the doors to the guild hall opened, the person who entered being just a silhouette as the sun shined brightly through the doors.

There was a second of silence as Juvia excitedly stood up and yelled across the room to the newcomer, “Welcome home, Gray-sama!”  

The person made a step into the guild, revealing that it was just a supplier for the guild who brought a fresh stock of alcohol.

Juvia’s eyes widened as she let herself fall back down on the bench. Confusion overtook her features as she looked around the room.

“Gray-sama? Who is he?”

Her searching turned frantic as she looked around, tears welling up in her eyes.

“Gray! Gray!!”

And as if her exclamation hit a switch, everyone in the guild was suddenly overwhelmed by memories of their resident Ice Demon Slayer, Gray Fullbuster.

“That bastard!” Flames engulfed Natsu’s fists as he stood up. “I can’t believe him!”

Lucy covered her mouth, trying to hold back the sobs, tears welling up in her eyes.

Juvia was frozen beside her, her eyes still searching.

Outside the first drops of a summer rain could be heard.

And inside the guild a storm was brewing, people were shouting all over the place, demanding to know why they forgot about Gray and where he was.

Lucy watched Natsu, his flaming fists still shaking. She wanted to get up, to comfort him but her body was overcome with grief.

They both saw Gray’s last moment before he turned to ice.

The noise in the guild hall rose and rose, along with the faint summer drizzle outside that now turned into a heavy rain.

“Iced Shell… ”, Natsu whispered. Only the people around the table heard him. Juvia’s silence turned into tears.

“That bastard used Iced Shell!”, Natsu screamed, effectively shutting up everyone in the guild.  

“What is Iced Shell?”, Levy asked Lucy, voice small.

“It’s a technique that freezes the opponent in ice that can’t be melted or destroyed. So the opponent is not killed, only locked away. But at the cost of- ”, Lucy choked on her last words, unable to say it.

“- the caster’s body that turns into the cast ice.”, Natsu finished for her, voice trembling.

“That’s why Zeref suddenly disappeared. Gray cast Iced Shell on him. So we wouldn’t have to kill Zeref. He did it-” And with that Natsu broke down. He fell on his knees, tears streaming down his face, snot running out of his nose.

“- to protect you, Natsu.”, Erza finished for him.

Heavy downpour outside made their attention turn to Juvia. The water mage had been quiet the whole time, the only indicator of her feelings being the raging weather outside.

“Gray-sama didn’t give me his answer.” And with that she dissolved into a fit of sobs.

The whole guild was quiet, now being painfully aware of the missing mage.

And then the doors burst open, revealing a drenched figure, dark hair plastered against his forehead, two scars on his sides visible.


The sounds of his voice made Juvia’s head snap up. Everyone in the room turned away from their table towards the entrance.

And there was Gray, dripping with rain, shirt missing and pants torn, the wound he inflicted upon himself still leaking blood, rushing inside.

He made way to Juvia, not realising the way everyone in the room was staring at him like he was a ghost.

“The rain suddenly started when I woke up. I could feel that it was your magic. Are you okay?”

Juvia blinked at the man in front of her, teardrops caught in her eyelashes.  

Noticing the unusual silence that hung over the room just now, Gray’s posture stiffened and he quickly made a step back.

Right, Lost Iced Shell. They didn’t remember -


A flaming fist collided with his face.  

“Natsu! He’s still injured.”

Black spots danced in Gray’s vision as he hit the ground. Then Natsu was above him, straddling his torso, fist ready for another punch. But what made Gray freeze was the tear tracks that covered the other’s face.

“Dammit, Gray.” Natsu slumped back, wiping his cheeks.

Gray carefully sat up, the wound on his side throbbing again. His eyes swept the room, taking in his guild mates.

“Eum, hey everyone.”


He suddenly found himself surrounded by his guild mates. Wendy threw herself in his lap, arms encircling him while she and Lucy babbled something Gray couldn’t fathom to comprehend. Erza had him in a crushing headlock while she forcefully patted his head, Levy was next to him and Cana was on his other side.

A soft smile spread on Gray’s face as he watched his family rambling, shouting and partying around him. He somehow found his way home.

He looked at Juvia who was still sitting at the table, watching him with tears in her eyes. They made eye contact and Gray hoped his eyes showed her the answer he would give her later.  

The sky outside cleared.

Imagine Joji// Meeting Joji through Ian and Max For anon <3

“Hi, I’m george, uh you can call me Joji though” he says, reaching his hand out, you shake it lightly with a smile.

“nice to meet you” you say, Ian and Max are in the kitchen when you walk in, and Joji is the first person you see, you’re a bit nervous to introduce yourself all alone.

“Oh hey you’re here, great” Max says, grabbing the movie on the counter, you’re a bit late for the movie but you know they won’t mind that much. You don’t ever seem to get through the movie without laughing too much at Max’s commentary, or throwing shit at Ian for ruining the plot with his excessive knowledge of random facts.

“Hey, yea sorry, there was a bit of traffic” you say, Max rolls his eyes.

“Yea, i think the freeway here might be just as bad as the bumper to bumper shit in new york” joji says, you nod.

“Thats right, you live in New York, Max told me. Why does New York always sound like some glamourous city?” you ask, not really asking him, just asking aloud mostly to yourself.

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I love your scenarios (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ Can I request a Luhan scenario ? Where you're jealous of him and seohyun and seeing all the things of seohan ~ Thanks and please continue your scenarios ^^

Seohan? ~Luhan~

Sorry for the wait :( Hope you like it!

“Seohan?” You forced the weird name out of your mouth with distaste, tossing the magazine to the side. It had been the fifth time that week that you had seen or heard about Seohan and it was starting to bother you.

“What’s my baby doing?” Luhan asked curiously as he walked into your room with a smile. You assumed your mother had let him in, since he was basically part of the family by now. He sat down beside you on the bed and grabbed your hand. “What’s going on?” he asked.

You sighed and scooted closer to him. “Nothing,” you replied. “Nothing at all. Do you have schedule today?”

He grinned. “I have the day off.”

“Oooh,” you raised an eyebrow. “Does this mean we get to go on a date today?” you asked.

“It means we get to go wherever you want, ________.”




By the time you and Luhan had arrived at the mall, you were completely done with Seohan. You weren’t thinking about it nor did you really care. The only thing you had on your mind was Luhan. And as you walked through the busy mall with his hand clasped with yours, nothing else really mattered.

“We’ve been walking around for twenty minutes now,” Luhan said. “Are you sure there’s no store in here that has caught your eye yet?”

You eyed the numerous stores and shrugged. “Nothing yet.” Truth was, you enjoyed just walking around hand in hand like that more than actually going inside the shops and buying stuff.

Luhan chuckled and threw his arm around you. He knew exactly what you were thinking.

You just smiled and leaned into him as the two of you continued to walk around aimlessly.

But as you walked by this one shop, something caught your eye. You stopped your tracks and then began to walk backwards to the display that stood in front of the shop.


Her face was plastered behind some mannequins in the glass in front of the shop.

Of course, she was a model, one of the numerous things that you weren’t.

“________,” said Luhan. “Do you want to go inside the shop?”

“No,” you said quickly and pulled him away from the display. “I don’t want to go anywhere near that shop again.”

Luhan furrowed his eyebrows in confusion, but he didn’t ask any questions. He could sense that something must’ve gotten you upset, and he knew better than to push your buttons when you were upset.

“Well, are you hungry?” Luhan asked. “We can go to the food court now if you’re hungry.”

You held your hand over your stomach and nodded. “Yeah, let’s go eat.”




“Wait here, I’ll go get the food.” Luhan sat you down at one of the tables before dashing over to one of the food court restaurants.

You sighed and sat back in your chair. As you were walking to the food court, you literally saw five more posters of Seohyun all over the place.

No wonder everybody wants them to be together, you thought to yourself, they’re both practically flawless idols.

Sometimes you wondered if you were just wasting Luhan’s time because he’d be better off with someone like Seohyun. You didn’t like to think that way, but you couldn’t help it.

“I’m back.” You didn’t realize how much time you spent thinking about Seohan until Luhan came back with your tray of food and your drink. “Here you go, baby,” he said. “Enjoy.”

You put your straw into your cup and took a sip. As soon as the liquid touched your tongue, you jumped back and restrained yourself from gagging. “What is this?” you asked.

Luhan furrowed your eyebrows. “Don’t you like root beer?”

“No!” You reached out and took a sip from Luhan’s drink, trying to get rid of the awful taste of root beer. “I’ve hated root beer since I was a kid, it makes me want to throw up. I thought you knew that?” It was a simple fact that everybody who knew you was aware of, especially your boyfriend.

Luhan frowned and took back the drink. “Sorry,” he mumbled. “My mind must’ve been somewhere else when I was getting the order. I forgot ______, I’ll go get you another drink.”

“It’s okay,” you assured him and sat back in your seat. “Must’ve been thinking about Seohyun or something…”

“Huh?” Luhan looked up at you. “What did you say?”

“Nothing.” You picked up your fork and began stabbing your food.

“No.” Luhan reached across the table and grabbed your hand, causing you to stop. “What did you say?” he asked again.

“Let me answer your question with another question,” you said and snatched your head away. “How do you feel about Seohan?

Seohan?” At first, Luhan wasn’t too sure what you were talking about. He wasn’t completely an expert on the whole “shipping” thing, so he was lost for a bit. Then, it finally made sense to him. “Oh, _______,” he began. “Please don’t tell me you’ve been seeing what they put in the magazines.”

“Oh, so you are aware, I see.”



He frowned and stood up from his seat before sitting down next to you. “Is it bothering you?” he asked with concern. “Because if it is, it shouldn’t. Baby, you know I love you and only you. This whole Seohan thing is just something that the fans come up with. It’s not real.”

“Then how come it seems like you two are everywhere together? And why does it seem like the entire world practically wants the two of you to get married?”

He chuckled and grabbed your hand. “Because they don’t know you,” he answered. “Everybody knows who Seohyun is, so it’s easy to couple her up with somebody in the media. For some reason, it’s me. But I bet if the whole world knew about you more, they’d know why I’m so in love with you.” Luhan kissed your hand and then rested his head on top of your shoulder.

You sighed and kicked the legs of the table. “Really?”

“Really,” Luhan muttered and kissed your shoulder. “So do you want me to buy you a new drink or do you not mind sharing mine?”

You smiled and poked his cheek. “Sharing is caring.”

Luhan laughed and kissed your lips, vanishing all of the small insecurities you might’ve had before.