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A/N: This is the sequel to Silence, which was far more popular than I thought it would be, so thank you all for that! This sequel was requested by @pixikinz (it’s not tagging you I’m sorry!) and a few other people that I’m having trouble finding and tagging… I’ll tag @princess-of-erebor1992 for helping me get up the courage to write it. I hope you enjoy this!

Summary: You adjust to life with Thorin’s Company, and find yourself drawn to its charismatic leader.

Word Count: 1,551

Warnings: Shirtless Thorin (shield our eyes from the beauty!!), mention of wounds

Once Thorin learned your name, he used it as often as possible. It made you feel more at home to hear your name so frequently, even if it was in a voice that did not at all sound like home. Thorin’s voice was deep and resonant, regal with a hint of wildness that you wondered if he might ever tame.

You hoped he wouldn’t.

His company had gotten better about not begging you to sing at every moment. They only asked for music every few hours, which was easier on you. Kili and Ori asked most often, the former with fluttering eyelashes that betrayed his flirtatious youthfulness, the latter with a shy bashfulness that you found hard to refuse. In the end, you sang more than you meant to, though Thorin was always mindful of his dwarves’ requests. He would quell the requests that would tax you the most, smiling in that close-lipped way of his as you nodded your silent thanks. Some days he would not let you sing at all, to your bafflement.

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Watch Out Below (9)

You were laid down with surprising care my the giant bird and you thanked whatever deity it was that had seen you safely down. Your hand was still tight around Thorin’s sword and you could not bring yourself to release it. You were still on edge and the weapon was your only solace; other than the half-empty can of mace in your pocket. You sat down near the drop-off of the cliff and looked out to the colours below, listening to the shuffle of dwarves behind you.

Why had you even gone out there and done that? All that blood for what? Thorin was likely dead and he would never trust you besides. Though, maybe now, should he miraculously wake up, he would let you go and you could get lost trying to find your way home. You heard a sudden change in tone and turned to find the dwarf king back on his feet, smiling at the hobbit who had save his life.

You allowed yourself a smile, happy that Bilbo had done well and that he would be staying with the Company. You had not talked to him much but he had always been nice to you and he never been anything less than helpful. The chatter silenced however as Thorin looked over your head and the other dwarves followed suit, nearing the edge beside you. You followed their gaze to the dark mountain in the distance and wondered what it meant.

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Signal Strength: Or, The Benefits of Elvish vs Dwarvish Phones

Rating: PG-13
Genre: Humor, Modern AU (modernized fantasy world)
Pairings: Bilbo/Thorin. Mentions of Kili/Tauriel, Primula/Drogo
Chapter: 1/?
An AU where everything is the same, there are still elves, dwarves, hobbits, and a quest to reclaim a mountain from a dragon.

But now there are also cell phones, computers, motorcycles, and discussions of species-based racism.

It turns out not much changes. Here is an old tale retold through the text logs taken from the phone of a Mister Bilbo Baggins.

Notes: This is such a silly dumb light thing that I had way too much fun with. Basic information is that this is still Middle Earth with all the fantasy elements of Middle Earth, but with modern technology added to it. Not gonna lie, half of this was just for the image of Thorin with his ponytail, leather jacket, and motorcycle, furiously texting on what is their equivalent of a nokia brick phone and using txtspeak because he still has the dumb numberpad.

Hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoyed writing. 

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Imagine Legolas propsing to you and Thranduil finding out, he isn't that happy.

A/N: This is a drabble imagine for valorablu I hope that you like it and it is what you wanted. I sort of got really into it lol. My boyfriend helped me with this one. Thanks for the request and hope to hear from you soon. Lots of love.

’ Come Nîn Meleth, just a little further.’ Legolas calls out the you.

‘You said that eight leagues ago, Legolas.’ You laugh as you catch up with him.

'Just a white lie and nothing more.’ He smiles and kisses you sweetly.

'Where are we going?’ You ask him for the tenth time since you left the Palace.

'It’s a surprise.’ He says as he holds your hand and pulls you along. 'Now close your eyes.’

You give him a side glance.

'Do you not trust me?’ He asks with a slight tone of hurt.'Plus no one will find us.’

'I trust you with my life or I would not allow you to whisk me away into the middle of the forest.’ You kiss his cheek as you close your eyes.

He holds your hand tight as he leads you abit more while warning you about rocks and ditches. After a walk you stop and he releases your hand and takes about two steps away from you. 'Open your eyes (Y/N).’ He tells you.

You do as you are told and to what a sight. The floor is lush with green grass and trees that circle the two of you with beautiful pink and white flowers. The sun light hits the spot and lights it up with a magnificent glow of happiness and romance.

'This place is beautiful.’ You smile with a laugh as you walk towards Legolas.

'Do you like it?’

'Like it?’ You hug him and look up into his blue eyes. 'I love it! Where did you ever find this place because I have probably explored every inch of this forest and I have never come across it.’

'Just came across it.’ He says with a smirk as you walk behind a tree before peaking from behind it.

'Is this where you bring all your lovers, Legolas?’ You tease him as you bite your lower lip.

'No.’ He walks to find you not behind the tree anymore.

'You sure?’ You smile as you wrap your hands around his waist from behind.

'You’re sneaky, you know that?’

'Well I get constant practice’ You kiss his jaw from behind.

'Still upset aren’t you?’ He looks down at you.

'Yes but let’s not ruin this amazing moment.’ You now stand infront of him.

'Yes let’s not.’ He smirks as he gets down on one knee. 'To prove that all this sneaking around isn’t for nothing.’ He pulls out a silver wedding band with elegant engravings on it. 'Will you marry me,(Y/N)?’

Your eyes begin filling with tears, 'Yes…Yes Legolas!’

He slips the ring on your finger as you jump into his arms. He spins you around as he places a passionate kiss on your lips.He places you back on the floor and presses his forehead against yours.

'I love you,(Y/N).’ He says.

'I love you too.’ You kiss him again.

As you kiss him you hear a rustle in the bushes and once you break from Legolas lips you turn to see a guard standing in position wait for your acknowledgement.

'What is it Dravion?’ Legolas says with a sigh.

'So much for no will find us?’ You shake your head.

'The King wishes to see you…both’ He informs you’ll.

You both follow him back to meet the King. The walk was quite with the guard ahead of you and Legolas. He snakes he fingers between yours and he holds your hand tight and gives you a slight smile. You arrive at the kingdom and go to see the King.

'Ah there you two are.’ He says.

'What is it you wish my King?’ You ask as you hid your hands behind your back.

Thranduil notice your actions and decides to circle the two of you as to see what you are hiding.

'I would like to know why my son and head of training are suddenly missing when they are needed?’ He asks as he gets behind you.

'We just went for a walk.’ You say softly.

'Together?’ You can feel the Kings breath of your neck.

'Yes.’ Legolas reply for you.

'Cause this says something else!’ Thranduil grabs your hand and holds it up so it reveals the ring on your finger. 'What is this?’

'I can assure you Ada that is it nothing.’ Legolas quickly says.

'Oh save it Legolas, I am not a fool but you are.’ He releases your hand and walks towards his son. 'How dare you pledge yourself to someone and not ask for my approval?’

'Well -’

'And you!’ Thranduil snaps as you stand straight. 'You give him hope where they was meant to be none!’

'I do assure you my Lord I -’

'Do not lie to me!’ He hissed as he stands infront if you.

You give Legolas as side glance of help.

'You dare look away from me when I am talking to you.’ He raises his hand at you. 'You ungrateful -’

'Enough father!’ Legolas orders as his father breaks his glare from me but to his only son. 'I don’t not care what you think of my choice in a wife. You do not own my heart.’

'You have a duties to forfull and a Kingdom to run.’ His father pleads with him.

'And I have not once staryed away from that. I can do all of those things for you, with (Y/N) by my side as you Queen.’ He stands up for you. 'Tell me Ada,when did you become so cold. Love has never been an enemy of yours so why make it now?’

Thranduil let out a deep sigh,’ Son,do as you wish.’

'No!’ You unconsciously snap.

'Excuse me?’ The King looks at you.

'He is your son my Lord and he wants you to be there for him and give him guidance but just give him freedom for love.’ You speak out of place. 'Forgive me if I am speaking ill but my Leige you were once Legolas, you father did not want you to wed your wife but you defied him. You did what your heart told you to do and you didn’t make a mistake, look at your greatest accomplishement. ’ You look at Legolas.

'You told here didn’t you?’ Thranduil asked his son.

'I did but she is a very determine women.’ Legolas chuckles he comes to your side and takes your hand infront of his father.

'And that is why I know I can rule with her Ada, she reminds me of mother. I may have never remembered her but the way you speak of her and everyone one else in the kingdom, I know I am making the right choice so please be with me on that.’

The King looks infront of him at you and the Prince. He let’s out a sigh and smile as he knows that you two have spoke well and showed him that you are worthy of his son.

'Very well I will allow this union. ’ He smiles.'And (Y/N), you are strong willed. Stay like that, Legolas needs some direction in his life once I am gone.’

'Thank you Ada.’ Legolas goes to hug his father.

That sight made you smile, to see the two important men in your life agree on something. You turn on your heels to give them there moment but was held back by your forearm. You were swung around by Thranduil.

'And thank you.’ Thranduil smiles and hugs you as well. 'My new daughter in-law and princess of the woodland realm.’

The Bride of the Iron Hills

Based on this imagine “Imagine being in an arranged marriage with Filihere.

“But, Adad…!” you whispered in shock. “You said I would choose my future husband.”

“Aye,” your adad rested his hands on your shoulders, “That was before the kingdom of Erebor was retaken. The King under the Mountain wants a political marriage to his nephew, to strengthen our alliance.”

“So, I’m to be a pawn in a political arrangement?” you said, face tightening in anger. “Because you refused to help them reclaim Erebor until they got there, until the King reclaimed the Arkenstone? This is what he wanted from you to make it up to him? I had nothing to do with your decision. But yet I have to pay for your mistake?”

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Four times Dan almost kissed Phil and one time he didn't.

So I may have wrote something again. I kinda like it, but only  kinda. Sorry if you don’t think I should write but I enjoy letting out my ideas. 

Summary: Dan thinks about kissing Phil a lot except for one time where he didn't 

Warnings: a little bit existential a the begining but not really so yea

Word count: 1000

1.         It was four in the morning and Dan was pacing back and forthacross his floor.  Muttering under hisbreath about terrible endings. How one day he would have his own terrible ending. How each day was a terrible ending. Everyday, he would go to his room without telling his best friend how he really felt. Everyday only saying “goodnight”, never saying “I love you”.

           Finally, Dan had had enough. Slowly his pacing turned to quiet steps to his best friends door. Dan had the door half open, best friends, he thought. He was half way to his best friends bed. Once again he was thinking best friends. He was standing at his best friends bed, leaning over him. Best friends, going through his head another time. Dan was out of the door. Quickly walking back to his own room without going through with it. “Best friends” he muttered, cursing the words as they left his mouth.

2.         The nest time it happened Dan was happy and Phil was awake. Well, as awake and happy you could be at six in the morning. They were flying to America for Playlist Live and Phil had accidentally booked tickets for six am not pm, so there they were. Laying there in the couple seats Phil had booked, Dan wanted nothing more than to pull down the arm rest dividing them. Phil was cutest he had ever been in Dan’s eyes, then again that’s what he thinks every time he looks at Phil.

           Dan was watching Phil’s lips form vowels and create consonants. Dan knew he should be paying attention to what Phil was saying but he couldn’t. He was too busy thinking about how Phil’s lips would feel on his own. Dan was leaning in towards Phil and he didn’t want to stop. But he did, what would Phil do if I did kiss him, probably stop talking to me.

3.         Phil was going on a date, with a girl. A real life girl, not just some made up Canadian chick used to make Dan jealous. No Phil had met a real girl, who was real pretty, real sweet, and real funny. Phil was freaking out, dashing about their shared home. Looking for the wallet that was in his pocket. Dan was freaking out more, though he would never say anything. Dan pulled Phil to a stop and hugged him. He was hugging Phil and reassuring him that if the date went bad then clearly the girl wasn’t worth it. Wasn’t worth the perfection that is Phil, of course he didn’t say that part out loud but he was thinking it.

           Dan was still hugging Phil and god did he want to do more. And for once he went farther than just thinking about kissing his best friend. This time Dan had his hands on Phil’s jaw. But once again he didn’t go farther. He simply looked Phil in the eyes, which at this point might have been harder than kissing him. Dan made Phil promise to tell him everything when he got home. Then Dan let go of Phil and pushed him out the door to his date. He didn’t want Phil to be late, of course that why he wanted Phil gone, not because he wanted to cry without him overhearing.

4.         Phil had come back from a date, with the same girl, crying. Dan was concerned, how could he not be. Phil never cried because of girls, especially girls he had been dating for months. Phil was crying and Dan didn’t know why, not that he cared why, he just wanted Phil to stop crying and be happy. So Dan turned off the Formula 1 he had on and changed it to Buffy. Pulling Phil down on the couch next to him as he passed by.

           It didn’t take long for Phil sob out broken sentences about opening a door and seeing her with someone else, doing less than innocent things. Dan didn’t say anything, instead he pulled Phil in for cuddles. He knew Phil well enough to know that’s what he wanted and not words. Dan let Phil curl up next to him. Dan didn’t care that he would have tear stains on his shirt. He assured Phil he would much rather lay next to him than lie alone on Tumblr. He would take being with Phil over anything, any day. Even if Phil was staining his shirt and sniffling

           Hours after Phil had some home crying they were laying curled together still watching Buffy. Dan didn’t particularly care for Buffy, but he did care for Phil. Especially giggly Phil who was no longer sad and sniffily. He more than cared for Phil, it was bordering on the lines of love. But Dan would never say that. On nights like this though, Dan did think about showing Phil how much he cared. That’s what Dan was thinking about at that moment. He was thinking about kissing Phil. And he would have, if Phil didn’t have a broken heart. Then he would have, that’s what he tells himself.

1.         They were both lounging around with messy hobbit hair and crooked glasses and stubble. Nothing important, or exciting. Dan and Phil were sat next to each other watching anime. Some new sports anime, at least that’s what Dan thinks they were watching, he couldn’t remember. He was too focused on how his legs were flush against Phil’s. He was too focused on thinking about reaching for Phil’s hand that he missed Phil leaning towards him. He didn’t see the smirk Phil had on his face as he continued to get closer. But he did notice when Phil’s lips landed on his cheek. How could Dan miss that. But Dan definitely did notice the blush on Phil’s cheeks after he had turned his head to kiss Phil back. Dan didn’t have to kiss Phil that time, instead Phil kissed him. Not on the cheek or nose, but on his own chapped lips.

Please give me some feed back. I really want to know if I should keep posting what I write of if I should just keep it to myself.

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oh jeez i think the first part didn't go through cuz i tried to put a link. Ahem, so, I found a Hobbit FAQ with sources that said that elves from Mirkwood would actually visit Laketown and hang out there! AU where Thranduil, after spying Bard fetching barrels from the river, decides to pay a visit to Laketown disguised as one of the regular common elves so he can get closer to the bargeman? 83

Thranduil had spied him purely by accident the first time it happened, just a brief glimpse, but it had been more than enough for his interest to be well and truly piqued.

The man was rugged and startlingly attractive for a mortal, a completely different kind of beauty to the one he was accustomed to. He was handsome, features surprisingly soft considering the hard life he so clearly endured. His coat draped over the rail was well worn and frayed but clearly warm – too warm for the spring time really, it must be his only coat – his boots were beginning to tatter, his tunic was old (and revealing a tantalising glimpse of tanned skin) and his hair was scruffily half pulled back.

And by the Valar, that voice, it had a musical lilt to it that hard drawn Thranduil over in the first place, his sensitive ears had picked up the voice through the trees and he had found himself following it, wanting to know how the owner of such a beautiful voice was.

He had not been disappointed.

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