i wanted to make something bug-inspired

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I have an all white bedroom. Now I want to cover my ceiling with some white fabric and place some plants in to my room to afford a bohemian look Do you have any ideas? :)

Hi :) 

There are so many ways to hang up the fabric, you just need some hooks and white string once you’ve decided on the design you’re going for. Check this link for some tips. Here are some pictures for inspiration:

As for the plants, try IKEA they have great cheap ones. Maybe try something like below? (Just make sure to look after them well so bugs don’t come!)

Hope that helped! xo 

How to receive feedback that you intruded on a scene

After reading @theleeallure’s great piece Dear Friends & Strangers - Back the Fsck off! I was inspired to write to someone about something that bugged me at NEEHU 8. The response was so great that I want to reprint it here, to show what receiving feedback should look like (and so often isn’t). I think this newcomer will do just fine!

Hey [name] just a little note, when I was having that scene with [name] in the [class], I felt like you kind of inserted yourself in the scene, by making suggestions about what to do with her. It was a borderline case, since it was a class and very casual play, and also the suggestions led to good things, but I was a tiny bit miffed and it’s just something to look out for in the future. I was reminded of it by this post, which is well worth reading: http://theleeallure.tumblr.com/post/158414984289/dear-friends-strangers-back-the-fsck-off   I think you’re a really nice and interesting guy, and a great addition to the hypno scene - I wouldn’t be mentioning this if I didn’t think so! Hope to see you again soon!


I completely understand where you’re coming from and want to apologize for it. Since it was the class I had thought it was more casual like you said but I realized later that I had intruded without permission. It was a lot of fun being able to observe and I’m glad you liked my suggestions but I completely understand how you’d be miffed with what I did. I was thinking of messaging you later to apologize for it, and I made sure not to intrude on any other scenes occurring. I’m glad you think I’ll be a good addition to the community so I appreciate you mentioning how I can improve myself. Hope to see you again soon

First of all i would like to apologize for making such an awful header, it’s my first time making something like this. Secondly thank you for helping me reach 1k followers. And now i want to thank all of you for being as awesome as you are. I haven’t talked to many people on here, mainly because i don’t know how to strike up a conversation, and i hope that will be changed in the future. I really want you to know that i admire all of you and that you are a great inspiration to me. You made me laugh countless of times with your hashtags and posts. You made me happy when i felt down and for that i will forever be thankful. At first i wanted to bold some people but i soon realized that it would be impossible since all of you are special in some kind of way ^^ I also probably forgot so many of you but if i follow you that means that i love you/your content <3
Aaand here we go : 

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