i wanted to make some non disney stuff

REQUEST EXO REACTION to you reading smut about them


“.. and then she started to read it out loud and it was terrifying! I’m traumatized Tao! I can’t get this picture of me and Chen out of my mind! YOU NEED TO HELP ME!”


“Hey what are you reading there? .. What is this?! I would never stuff someone an apple in their mouth while having sex!”


googles ‘how to block non child-friendly websites’ I’m gonna make her innocent again, Yep. That is my plan. Tonight we’re gonna watch some Disney movies as a first step of recovery.


He accidently found out because you left your tabs open as he asked to use your laptop for a minute. As soon as he saw it, he’d try to cover the screen with his hands. Too late


Should I be concerned or should i feel aroused? Would she want to try some of that stuff out? I mean, I could do that ..

Kris (the teacher)

“Okay (y/n) here we go. Repeat after me:’I will never ever again read such kind of things and if I should feel horny I will go and find Kris!’, got it?”


“Is that even legal? Like, are you allowed to read that?”

You: Yeah it’s actually really popular in your fandom


Wait, did she said something about sex?


Everytime you’d try to tell him the plot of the new smut you read (simply to annoy him) he starts to sing. I’m too young for this shit. Just ignore it, Sehun. You have to be strong!


Talks to the Blogger:”How much money does it take for you to delete your blog?” And after that I’m gonna buy her some classics. Like Shakespeare.


“You know what? You can talk to me again when the real Tao is enough for you!” Seriously, some people would kill to be in your position but here you are reading dirty imagines about me..


In the middle of an interview the topic ‘fanfic’ came up. He remember how you confessed to him your dirty little secret and he couldn’t stop laughing. She couldn’t just have kept it a secret?I’ll forever haunt me!