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How did you do the background texture and text on your Jersey Devil drawing? That shits gorgeous man I love your art

AHH thank you! The background is just a paper texture from google with a yellow overlay on it, and the font is called Charcuterie Block.

Here is the method i use for putting graphics on paper and other textures without diluting the color of the art:

lets start with this little man. for the record he is made up of two color layers on multiply mode:

i want to put him on some paper. I just found this one by googling “white construction paper texture,” here’s what happens when we put it behind our little man (still on multiply):

it looks okay, but if you want the texture to feel a little more realistic you can select and copy the texture, then make a layer mask on your artwork layer, alt+click on the mask to display it on the canvas and then paste the texture into the mask.

you can use “paste in place” (cmd+shift+v on mac) to make sure the texture doesn’t move from where you copied it.

Then invert the colors (cmd+i) and click on your main layer again

after inverting it should look like this, with the mask blocking out most of your layer:

with the mask selected (not the layer itself), go to image>adjustments>levels, or cmd+L, and move the sliders until it looks right:

usually it’ll involve moving the middle and right sliders really far to the left. you can isolate the mask again and brighten/darken different areas if you want to fine tune it.

Here’s what it looks like once i’ve adjusted the mask levels and then copy/pasted it onto the green layer as well:

and a black version where you can see the texture a little better:

It’s more useful if you’re doing simple/bold art rather than rendered stuff, but hopefully this is helpful to anyone!

M A N I A: A Summary

Young and Menace: we were all like “wtf is this and why can’t i stop jamming to it” when it came out+fAaaAaall+rEEeewind

Champion: if you thought centuries was motivating i’ve got great news for ya+”i’ve got rage everyday on the inside” same patrick

Stay Frosty Royal Milk Tea: what in the actual fuck is that title+that instrumental. i would Die™ if i saw this live+EAU DU RESISTANCE+this song goes hard and i love it+kudos to whoever wrote these lyrics i want a few tattoed tbh

HOLD ME TIGHT OR DON’T: a-nanananananananana-ther day goes by+whistling? okay+i need to come dOoOoOoOoOoOown+passive agressiveness: the song

The Last Of The Real Ones: this is one of my faves hands down+”i wonder if your therapist knows anything about me” that one got me

Wilson (Expensive Mistakes): was this song written by an emo teen? i mean “I’ll stop wearing black when they make a darker color”+this song is a jam but also pretty relatable

Church: hOlY hIgH nOtEs+great, now i actually have an excuse to play fob at my catholic school!+patrick would get on his knees. noted.+this album has wayy too many great lyrics

Heaven’s Gate: getting some soulful/r&b vibes for some reason???+BOOoOOOoOST+perfect for a late night drive if you ask me

Sunshine Riptide: This feels like a summer song??? why is this being released now+SUUUUNSHIIINE RIIIPTIIIDE+this is probably the most mainstream sounding thing in fob’s discography

Bishop’s Knife Trick: really chill start+this feels like a mix of the kids aren’t alright, favorite record and some teen movie credits song

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I love you. I mean it. You’re such a great person in this community tbh. I feel like I could come to you if I’m ever feeling really bad or if I need advice or anything really. Which is weird, considering I’ve never met you irl, yet I’m so comfortable around you? Like I just think you’re a real good pal and that I can count on you to help me feel better. I love you ❤️

!!!!!!!!!! 。゚・(>﹏<)・゚。 !!!!! okAY nonny this is honestly super wholesome?! your kind words legit added 10 years to my life b/c this is so sweet uGHu but really thank you for being so kind aksdjhf :’’+( im glad that i can make a difference to at least one person in the community - i honestly dont deserve this at all??!! i just want to see ppl happy kshf and if anyone wants to ever hmu, please feel free too!! whether it’s asking for advice, ranting or just want to make friends, im always here for you guys + remember ily’all okay woW my little heart is crying

Saltation on ao3

Author: momora

YoonMin, TaeKook, NamJin

Rated: M

Descritpion:  Jimin had grown up watching his mother sort the point-oh-one percent beta defaults into the alpha-omega communities, but that doesn’t make being a part of the statistic much easier. He’d be doing okay at this new omega thing if that watchful alpha Min Yoongi could stay out of the situation. He just wants to settle into his new life and finish his useless degree already. Instead, all hell breaks loose.

Comments: First of all, thank you for submitting this fic. I have pass by it so many time, and you submitting it got me to read it. Second, I am enjoying reading about Jimin trying to navigate a new world, and about how Yoongi is so smitten with. And how everyone is on board with that. Guys read this story, it’s like a fish out of water story, but with wolves. Lots of fluff, and Taehyung antics, and Hoseok being the friend we all need. Yoongi being whipoed, and JIN being a den Mom. It is ongoing, and really nice to read. So again, thank you for submitting.

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Girly what’s your gym routine? I just joined one and am not totally sure what I’m meant to do haha

Okay so it’s like… a lot™ but I do go for an hour and a half when I go, and I want to make it clear that this is what works FOR ME and I don’t want people pushing themselves tooooo hard.  So here it is: 

-30 minutes on eliptical

- 30 crunches
-side crunches (20 each side)
-Bicycle crunches (20; 10 starting with left side, 10 starting with right side)
-20 scissor kicks (10 starting with left leg first, 10 starting with right leg first)
-30 second plank
-20 Twists

-15 squats while raising 5lb kettle bells (short break between every 5)
-10 lunges while holding 5lb kettle bells 
-30 calf raises

-30 minutes on bike

okay, but this is about more than language tics: people who will make a video listing 10 “holy grail” products were never actually looking for something in the first place. I will return to this but it’s one of my major critiques, the community lets the industry tell us what we want, rather than imagining what we want and searching for it. okay that’s marketing don’t @ me but it’s true. I always see “wishlist” videos where people look at new products and decide what they want, I nearly never see anyone do what I do, which is maintain lists of the types of things I want (most recently resolved: a molten silver eyeshadow, etc.) and then look for something that fits the bill perfectly, which often takes ages. you can’t have a holy grail if you have never had a concept of the lost thing to begin with! 

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Okay so i havent read letters from orlais up until this point because i havent had time to read the whole thing and i didnt want to start reading at a moment that required context from earlier in the story, but i peeked at this one and then before i knew it i couldnt put it down. Going to make time and read the rest, it's so good!

AHHHHH! This is the SWEETEST comment ever! <3 <3

The chapters are very loosely linked together. The whole story follows Inquisition pretty closely in terms of plot, but each chapter is basically they read a smutty letter from Orlais, and then they have sex to the flavor of the letter. So you probably could just read them a la carte so to speak. :)

But if you want to start with the fist chapter of Letters from Orlais or try The Prequel which is how this Cullen & this Trev got together in the first place. There’s no letter, but just as much sex, and it’s less of a commitment since it’s only 5 parts. :)

My Writing Masterpost is here too if you’d rather read it off of tumblr instead of A03. :)

BTS MTL - Being a Sub/Having Mommy Kink

BTS MTL - Being a Sub/Having Mommy Kink

Request: oHMYGOD bts most to least to be sub/have a mommy kink 

A/N: I know I already made two other posts today, but as I mentioned earlier, I’m trying to just go through everything in my inbox. There are so many requests, some that are even almost a year old. I just want to get them out of here to make space for new ones. So please make sure to request whatever you want. REQUESTS ARE FULLY OPEN!

Warning: The usual warning. I obviously do not know BTS and for all I know, this list could turn out to be totally wrong. But this list was created under the evaluation of what I have seen in their personalities.

As per opinions, of course they can differ.

You might have a completely different opinion, and that’s okay. But let’s not spread any hate. Just love. Thank you!

BTS MTL - Being a Sub/Having a Mommy Kink

Most Likely

Jimin - This boy has an amazing body and has a very *manly* sexual vibe going for him on stage, but in reality Jimin is a cupcake. I feel like he would most enjoy being coddled and taken care of. He would like to be spoiled, and in return, he would call you his “mommy”. I feel like he would be on board with everything that goes along with that, including letting you be the dominant one in bed.

Jungkook - I know Jungkook always says he wants to be called oppa. But call me crazy, I think he secretly loves noonas and has a dirty mommy kink. You just have to say the right things to trigger him because he will definitely never admit it right away. But once you have him, he’ll be putty in your hands. Totally willing and calling you “mommy”.

Taehyung - I honestly put the youngest three so high up on the list because as I mentioned before, they’re the maknae line. So they’re used to the others taking care of them and fussing over them. It wouldn’t be any different with their significant other. They would really love it you could take care of them and treat them like your baby. Tae is just a sweet little boy too, so he would welcome his mommy to take care of him.


Hoseok - I feel a bit bad for placing Hoseok and Namjoon in the neutral so often. But someone needed to be placed here. Though, if I had to choose, I would put Hoseok in the more likely side of this neutral zone. He looks to me like he would definitely enjoy being taken care of by his mommy.

Namjoon - He is in the neutral zone, but more closer to the “least likely” section. Namjoon is the dad of BTS, so naturally, he would want to be in control. He wants to keep his daddy status intact. He might submit a few times, if you really beg him too, but his preference is to be the dominant person in the relationship. That’s how he likes it.

Least Likely

Jin - I guess you all can fight me on this if you want, but I highly doubt Jin would find it a turn on to call their significant other “mommy” during sex. He is far too mature and manly for that. Okay, maybe not entirely mature. But I just don’t see him enjoying that. I guess maybe if he lost a bet to you, he would do it, but he would be internally cringing. He is the only parent around here, except when he’s with you, that’s when he’s daddy.

Yoongi - I know I put Yoongi at the bottom of the spectrum for the other ones too, but I think we can all agree that Yoongi does not have a mommy kink, nor would he ever be a submissive. Yoongi is very manly and has a very strong personality. That said, he always needs to be the dominant one in the relationship or during sex. He would always like to be on top, having total control of the situation and it would probably frustrate him if he could not have that control that he craves. I also have the receipts to prove that Yoongi has an oppa kink, which to me is exactly the opposite of a mommy kink.

END NOTE: So that was my analysis on BTS MTL to having a mommy kink/being a sub. Again, this is just my opinion. So please bear with me. Also, I hope you all liked this and make more requests!




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hey, this is p urgent so if you could answer it as soon as possible that'd be lovely. okay so my friend is throwing a debut and i'm one of her 18 candles. im not out and i haven't transitioned bc my country sucks (there's literally no resources and i can't even change my documents if i do transition ugh) and i'm required to wear a gown. thing is, gowns/dresses make me HEAVILY dysphoric. there's no 2 way around it and i just feel so shitty thinking about it. i wanna be there for her but (1/2)

i really don’t want to wear a dress. i can’t change after the 18 candle thing bc there’s apparently a photoshoot afterwards. her parents said it has to be a dress/gown and i just.. i rly want to go bc i miss her and i wanna see her again but i don’t want to spend the rest of the night feeling miserable and sad and dysphoric and idk how to find a solution for this so if you guys could give some help/advice that’d be great (2/2)


Im so sorry youre dealing with that. I suggest you make it a game. Youre playing a role. Youre undercover, dressed like a girl, on a mission to make sure your friends night isnt ruined by any bad people. The more you make it a game and play the part the further you are from it mentally. Maybe try that?

Followers other suggestions?



dakota: hey.


dakota: max.

max: yes?

dakota: what do you always do when i’m feeling anxious?

max: dakota, don’t–

dakota: max oliver varel–

max: okay, stop, i’ll play along. i ask if there’s anything we can do to fix it. usually no, because it’s almost always about tyler being a jackass, but–

dakota: we’re not talking about me or tyler, we’re talking about you and your dad. is there anything we can do to fix it–to make you feel better?


max: no.. not really. i just–i just want to sit here and talk to you.

dakota: okay..

dakota: for what it’s worth… nicolas is still your dad. he’s the one who loved you and raised you. he’s the one that matters.

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I’m not really participating. The icon is sorta to keep the asks away. But what happened to Gage? I remember seeing some posts late last night but I don’t know what ended up happening. Are they alright?

The other night when the chaos was overflowing, some of the people involved were threatening people with their private information. Gage was one of many that faced this issue and it lead to him attempting suicide. Erik, Gage’s friend, luckily called his local police and they found him in time. He was unresponsive but had a pulse and was breathing. Keep him in your thoughts. And if anyone knows anymore information about the situation, please feel free to let me know. I want to make sure he’s okay.

This shouldn’t have happened.

A Bad Idea (But My Plans Are Awesome)

AN: So awhile ago, @mommalosthermind made a post about a Hallmark Christmas movie and a whole bunch of pairs it would work for, and I decided I wanted to write all of them, but I had only been able to start one that graciebirdie suggested. Today I got stuck writing smut for another fic, and when I came on Tumblr to procrastinate I ended up reblogging like, all her recent posts. I decided to go in and clean this first chapter up and post it.

So, @graciebirdie, this one is for you, both for suggesting it and making me smile today when writing smut was kicking my ass. <3

“Okay, but just listen to me for just a second–”

“Whatever it is, I don’t wanna know. It’s always better if I don’t know.”

“Scott. Scotty my boy. You’re not listening. Shhhhh. Shut your adorable, dumb mouth and just… shhhhhh. Listen.”


“Ababababa! No. Listen. I am in so… so much trouble. This might be worse than the time we thought it was a good idea to go out looking for that dead body.”

“Uh, you thought that was a good idea. I thought you were crazy and I only went along with it because–”

“That’s not the point!” Peter had no idea who was panicking around the corner of the bookshelf he was browsing, but they were amusingly distressed. For some reason he was absolutely sure that the unknown man was flailing his limbs as he spoke, and he was tempted to take a peek to see if he was right.

Eavesdropping, however, was far more interesting when the potential of getting caught was low.

“The point is that in an effort to make my dad stop worrying about me - and why is he worrying anyway, I’ve been taking care of him for years and he’s the one with the heart problem, but nooooo, I’m the one who obviously needs a keeper, whatever, it’s fine. Where was I? Oh! To get him off his ‘you need to learn responsibility and also I worry about how alone you are out in Virginia’, I started telling him I was seeing someone.”

“… Stiles. You know your dad doesn’t like it when you lie.”

“I know, I know. I just. He’s got so much else to worry about, and it seemed to help. Um. Especially since I said I was dating a. Uh. A guy with a kid.”

Keep reading

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Moira, Sombra and one of your Choice had a big fight with their s/o and want to make it up. some Hurt/Comfort Headcanons, please

I very much hope that I managed to write this well enough (I don’t know if I got enough hurt/comfort into it) and that you’re going to like it.


- When she calms down after the fight, both of them most likely having separated to go to different rooms, she takes a few, deep breaths. The fight weights on her and once she has her thoughts sorted enough, she heads back to her partner.

- Moira doesn’t like keeping things unsolved and she doesn’t want anything to fester between them. She seeks out her partner, knocking at the door and asking if she can come in.

- If they’re crying, her heart aches and she walks towards them, asking if they’re okay with being hugged or touched. They could be too upset to find her touch soothing or reassuring and she wants to know how far she’s welcome.

- If they’re okay with her holding them, she folds them into a warm hug, letting them cry against her shoulder while she rubs a soothing hand over their back and whispering quiet words of love, her chest feeling tight. When they calm, she begins to talk. Moira doesn’t hesitate to apologize for the parts where she went wrong and the parts where she doesn’t feel understood, she tries to explain herself as well as possible.

- In the same sense, Moira listens to her partner, serious and attentive. Their feelings are just as important as hers and she wants to talk things out as much as they can to create an understanding between them.


- She takes a deep breath, her chest feeling tight and her shoulders are tense and drawn up a bit. Sombra paces a little, tempted to distract and drown her mind in her powers and collected information. Instead, she keeps pacing and glancing to the room where her partner is.

- At one point, Sombra has collected herself and her emotions settled enough that she feels more confident in staying calm and talking things out. It’s then that she seeks out her partner.

- If they’re crying, she feels frozen into place for a moment, her mouth dry and her chest feeling even tighter than before. Taking a few hesitant steps forward, she asks if she can come over and if they’re okay with her touching them.

- If they are, she sits down beside them and slowly opens her arms, a bit unsure how to proceed and how much is okay with both of them still being upset. When her partner leans in, she wraps both arms around them, pulling them a bit against her and gently hugging them as close as she can. She doesn’t know what to say and holds them until they calm down again. When they reach up to wipe their tears away, she quietly and seriously says that they need to talk.

- While Sombra isn’t the best at it, she does what she can to explain herself and when her partner tells her what parts hurt them, she apologizes for it. She wants to understand how things came this far and she’s relieved when both of them begin to understand each other better the more they talk.


- He feels frustrated and hurt at their fight and he rubs his hands over his head as he calms down, his thoughts in disarray and his emotions a turmoil inside of him. Lúcio knows that he never wanted to let the fight become this big and he knows he wants to fix things again.

- Once he comes to that thought, he seeks out his partner again, asking if they can talk. He’s more clear minded now, even if he hasn’t sorted his mind yet. Lúcio doesn’t even attempt to hide his feelings and everything is plain to see on his face.

- If they’re crying, his heart breaks and he holds himself back from rushing to their side. Instead, he asks if he can come over and hold them.

- If his love nods, he’s by their side and wraps them in his arms, his cheek pressing lightly against their temple. Lúcio finds he feels a bit like crying as well and he holds them until they begin to calm down. He lets them go for a moment to brush their tears away and tell them that he loves them and that they’re going to get through this. At his partner’s nod, he apologizes for any mistakes on his part and suggests they talk.

- Lúcio speaks with them about the parts where both of them didn’t feel understood, what made them angry or upset. He wants to understand how the fight became this big. Lúcio does his best to explain his thoughts and feelings and he listens attentively whenever his partner talks.


John/Clarice- You’ll never be alone

Okay so this is a reupload because it was blocked in like 300 countries so I had to change the audio and take out like a minute of video and change everything around, but here it is!

My first thunderblink video!!! There’s not nearly enough ship!vids out there for this awesome ship and now that it’s officially canon I figured that this was as good a time as any to make one myself.

I’ve been wanting to make one for a while, but I’ve been so busy. But this song is perfect for them and I couldn’t get it out of my head.

This vid is pretty much trash because I had to make this on my old laptop and it kept crashing, so I didn’t get to clean it up the way I would have liked to because I got frustrated. But hopefully it’s fluffy fun enjoyable trash! There’s lots of thunderblink goodness so I think that’s all that matters :)

Let me know if you guys like it!

And feel free to send me song suggestions for vids! (For thunderblink mostly, but I’d also be happy to do Eclaris or other ships or general The Gifted vids with no particular ship).

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Do you think there's a way to play the generations legacy without vampires? That's the only thing I don't have out of the stuff in the rules

Hi! Of course you can! It is difficult though since I made the first and a bit of the second generation focus on vampires, but I guess you could also turn the whole “vampire” concept in something more base-game, for instance, make the sour sim have the public enemy aspiration and the sweet sim have the friend of the world aspiration. And to make it more base-game, you could instead of having Vladislaus Straud introduce you to the sour and sweet sims, have one of the goths introduce you, for example. You could make the first generation revolve around the “big happy family” aspiration as well, instead of being the leader of a vampire clan, you can become the leader of your own clan xD okay that was weak

I’m just thinking of things here, but you’re pretty much allowed to do anything you want! :D

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i know already sent one but these are Very Good prompts & i love ur writing so 18 with magnus and julia if u want???

18. “There is nothing you could do to make me love you any less. Okay? My love doesn’t come with strings.”

Magnus was so, so happy to see her again. It felt like a lifetime since he’d seen her last, and really, it had been. So much had happened, so much had been remembered, and he wanted to tell her about all of it. And he did! She knew the Story, of course - that had been broadcast everywhere, even in the Astral Plane - but he told her about Phandalin, about Rockport, about the Battlewagon race and Wonderland and fighting the Hunger one last time.

When he told her about Refuge, his voice faltered. They had been sitting opposite each other at the kitchen table, a mug of warm tea in his hands and a small carving in her hands. When his voice hitched, she looked up from her work, and her pleasant smile faded.

“Magnus?” His eyes were watery, and she reached across to hold his hand. “Oh- Hey, don’t cry.”

“Jules, I-” He sighed and wiped at his eyes. “I did that to them. I was the one who gave them the Chalice, I got them stuck like that.”

“Oh, Mags… You didn’t mean to. Look at me.” He looked up at her dutifully and met her warm gaze. “You were just trying to do good. You couldn’t have known what would happen. Besides! It all turned out alright in the end.”

Magnus looked back down and his eyes fell to the wedding band on her finger. “I feel like I’ve lied to you. You know? There was so much about me you didn’t know when we got married… So much I didn’t know.”

“I knew plenty.” She squeezed his hand and smiled at him. “I know you’re kind and hardworking. I know you’re brave and you care about the people around you. I know that I have never once regretted marrying you.”

“Even though I’m a hell of a lot older than you thought?” He teased gently, his smile returning, and she laughed.

“Magnus, I loved you even more when I found that out. You’d trying to save all of existence for a hundred years? Are you kidding? I’m the luckiest woman- well, not alive, but you get the point.” Her smile softened into something more tender. “There is nothing you could do to make me love you any less. Okay? My love doesn’t come with strings.”

Magnus fell silent again, but he looked a little less somber and a little more adoring. “I almost went back to save you. I almost took the Chalice’s offer. But I knew you wouldn’t want that.”

“Damn right I wouldn’t. You still had people to help. I was happy to wait.” Julia smiled, and her eyes crinkled at the edges. For the hundredth time in just the past hour, Magnus’s heart swelled with gratitude that he had her. There were a thousand words he could use to tell her how much he loved her, but he settled for a simple:

“I love you, Jules.”

Rey and Ren are trapped behind their respective enemy lines

A/N: another installment of the series that only exists because very kind, very insistent Tumblr readers liked one of my one-shots enough to insist that the story couldn’t possibly end there!  Follow the link below to begin at the beginning or just jump in right here, as you like :)



   Rey pushed her senses past the cave-in where it had blocked her and Ben off from each other, trying to tell if he was okay, but all she could make out for sure was that he was there.  But she’d know if he was hurt, wouldn’t she?  She would, of course she would.

   The tunnels were dark and grumbling around her as more heavy weapons fire reverberated from above, sending thin streams of dirt and debris falling from the ceiling and the walls, threatening more cave-ins. She turned toward the open tunnels, searching through them with her mind for which ones were still clear, which ones were the most stable, and starting forward.  She didn’t want to leave Ben behind but she couldn’t stay, not now that they were separated with no way to get to each other.  Besides, the Rebellion needed her more than he did right now.  There would be other meetings.  She’d have more chances to try to convince him.  It was disappointing- more than disappointing, frustrating, bewildering, painful- that she couldn’t get him to come with her this time, but she’d just have to try again. She reminded herself of that as she went forward in the darkness, carefully monitoring the tunnels for any potential disastrous weaknesses.  Try again, and again, and again after that, no matter how many times it took.  He’d get there when he got there, as long as she held the door open for him.  One of them would end up coming to the other.  It would be him.

   She was so busy bolstering her spirits and keeping her senses focused on the tunnels that it took her several long, precious moments to orient herself and realize that it wasn’t further inward she was heading– it was further out.  She stopped dead, panicking as she threw her awareness out to its limits in every direction.  There was no way back.  The cave-ins, and Ben himself, had made sure to block those entrances.  The two she had shifted to get to him had crumbled again after she’d left.

   The only way forward was toward the enemy.  And staying, she quickly decided as the earth rumbled around her, staying was not an option. She moved blindly, seeking, trying to come up with something. Without even a lightsaber there was no way to defend herself adequately; even if she had had a lightsaber she couldn’t stand against the whole First Order and expect to survive more than a minute.  No, this would require stealth, stealth and an incredible helping of luck.

   The Force was with her, flowing, strong, and she focused on that.  She was smart, she was capable, and she had the Force.  She could do it.

   A glimmer of light appeared from somewhere up ahead, just a glow, suggesting she was close to the outside.  The blows she could hear raining down from their weapons had become clearer, louder, more deafening, more severe.  Were they deliberately trying to bring down the whole place on the Rebel’s heads?  She hesitated, seeing a raw dirt wall before her, reminded for a blinding moment of what she and Ben had been doing in the tunnels that had got them into this mess. His hands- his body- the heat and solid size of him as he’d pressed her against the wall- she would have dirt in her hair for days.

   The dirt.  Camouflage.

   She found the nearest loam wall and covered herself in it, as much as she could get, rubbing it down her arms and legs, grateful that Ben had already made sure it thoroughly soaked her back, though she vowed never to tell him that.  She painted her face, arms, legs, covering every visible inch of herself in damp mud.  It was hardly impenetrable but it would have to be.

   Footsteps, marching in unison, sounded down the corridor.  There was an outcropping just behind her and she ran to it, to the shadow it created, not quite an alcove but more of a depression in the dirt and rock.  She fit, just barely.

   “Squad 8 to the right, Squads 9 and 10 to the left.  Stay sharp,” a technologically distorted voice said from farther down the tunnel. Stormtroopers.  She clenched her fists, wishing and wishing she had a lightsaber, or even her staff.

   They advanced methodically, sweeping their lights back and forth, focusing more on where the tunnel curved ahead than on the uneven walls themselves.  Rey stayed completely still, only barely hidden, thinking at them ‘there’s nothing in this tunnel, there’s nothing in this tunnel’ again and again, willing her breathing to be even and light, letting the Force flow through and out of her.

   “Stay sharp,” one of the stormtroopers ordered the others.  He was the one nearest her, and his footsteps sounded only inches away.  He appeared past the outcropping, sweeping his light in a hard arc that would end squarely on her midsection.

   'There’s nothing in this tunnel, there’s nothing in this tunnel,’ Rey pushed at him, hard.

   The light stopped barely a centimeter from her hand, hovering for a moment almost as though it was being restrained.  “I don’t think there’s anything in this tunnel,” the stormtrooper decided, sweeping it back into forward position.

    'We should check farther down,’ Rey thought at him.

   “Let’s check farther down,” he repeated almost eerily.  It sent a tingle up her spine but he wasn’t the only stormtrooper there and she thought it at the next one, them the next one, until they’d all passed her by, never once sweeping their lights over her hiding place.  They disappeared around the bend and the moment the last one was gone she jumped back into open view, sprinting away.  There had to be some path through.  She was behind their vanguard- now if she could just get behind their line-.

   “I want every available scanner we have focusing on the central convergence point of these tunnels,” a man’s voice ordered, sharp with arrogance, far away but gaining on her.  “If they try to escape in any direction we must concentrate all available resources along that route.  Not one single rebel is to leave here alive.”

   “Yes sir,” a chorus of voices sounded immediately, followed by more marching footsteps.  Rey skidded to a halt, stretching her senses in all directions again but finding no way out.  It wouldn’t be enough to try and control the minds of every single soldier in the First Order, to hope she could find a way past them.  She could try to overcome one of the smaller groups and steal a blaster, but even then how long could she hold out?  Long enough for Ben to find me, a small, hopeful voice in her head commented, a voice she quickly squashed.  She couldn’t rely on Ben, not when he was so far away and they were cut off from each other for who knew how long.

   Another group came her direction and she found another rough part of the wall and pressed herself into it.  It didn’t hide her as well as the spot from before but she still turned their minds long enough for them to go past without seeing her- barely- and only once they were safely gone felt the sweat trickling down the back of her neck, a traitorous weakness starting to tremble in her muscles.  It wasn’t that long since she’d almost died from the wound she’d received trying to defend these tunnels, since she’d had to go right back to work for the Rebellion again, and her body could be pushed but not a whole lot farther.  Think Rey, she urged herself.  She wasn’t going to get through them… but she didn’t need to get through them.  She just needed to get around.

   When the way was clear again she oriented herself, not towards the First Order lines, but parallel to them and started searching out tunnels that led south.  The Rebellion was indeed planning a daring escape, one that should already be well on its way, but if she could get to the southern tunnels she might be just quick enough to track them down while staying ahead of the First Order troops who would no doubt be trying to do the same thing.

   She wove her way through the pattern of the advancing stormtroopers squads, glad that at least the first couple waves had already passed her by.  She was wholly reliant on the Force for her timing, and it flowed through her so strong and sure it seemed to saturate every breath, every heartbeat.  Without it she would have been captured or dead in minutes, if not less, but with it she managed to just barely evade disaster.

   A feeling brushed her mind, a feeling that was not hers but was not foreign either.  Ben.  She slowed a couple steps, reaching towards him in her mind, but there was nothing to grab onto.  He wasn’t close enough, or else he was exhausted and distracted, too.

   “Sir!” a voice sounded from a crossroads directly in front of her and she literally skidded to a halt, backpedaling around the bend she’d just passed.  “They’re headed south!”

   “Has the General been informed of this?”

   “No, sir!  The scanner just found them.”

   “Show me.”

   Rey hesitated only a moment, pressing herself into the wall, but she had to act and with a surge of Force energy she propelled herself around the corner with unnatural speed.  She had no weapon but for this she needed no weapon– she bowled right past the two stormtroopers who looked up as she came on, frozen in shock, then slid to a halt a few feet farther down the tunnel, crouching to make herself a smaller target.  She’d thrown out tethers as she went, seeking, finding purchase where for anything else there would have been none, and now she gathered them together in her mind.  The stormtroopers raised their weapons, one of them shouting, “There!” but it was already too late.  Rey pulled, a great crack sounded as a fissure appeared directly above them, and the ceiling came tumbling down.  They were crushed instantly, the offending scanner tumbling from the hand of its owner and landing at her feet.

   “Thanks,” she said irreverently, scooping it up.  Distant shouts of alarm told her the cave-in have been noticed and she turned and ran, holding the scanner screen close, studying it as she went.  It marked the tunnels and the heat signatures of the people moving in them; nothing she hadn’t already been doing herself but that last stunt had left her feeling only more drained and she was glad to let go of that part of her control, sifting away out of her mind like the last bit of sand falling from an hourglass.  She had to conserve her strength so she followed the green and black screen forward and ignored the chaos and death she’d left behind as another crack sounded, then another, the fissure she’d created growing both in size and in deadliness, raining destruction down first one tunnel and then another, the cries of its victims sharply cut off one by one.

   Rey squinted, focusing.  The screen did show a knot of heat signatures moving apart from the others, following a hidden faultline in the earth she’d discovered and expanded for them barely hours ago.  It wasn’t much, and it would be a narrow and uncomfortable journey, but it went far enough to let the Rebels resurface out of the First Order’s line of sight; as long as the sensors stayed trained on the central hub of the tunnels they should then be safe to begin the journey back to their ships where they’d been hidden and make the jump to safe, empty space.  Rose had been working hard on creating some portable versions of the electromagnetic plating they’d been using at their barricades to confuse the sensors, but now looking down at a sensor of her own the gaps in the line were painfully obvious.  The signatures were still few, and blurred, enough to almost read as a malfunction but not quite.

   Rey veered down one tunnel then another, heading inwards at last.  She was far enough south to be near the fissure opening, and if she could just get down to it in time she’d be– well, not safe, but on her way to something like it.  The hub was just on the other side of a cave-in, another of her own personal creations, but she remembered this one specifically because even though it looked like it blocked off the whole tunnel there was still some open space at the top.  Poe had said it would be good enough and she’d agreed, knowing he was worried about her strength and secretly worrying about the same thing herself.  Now she was inexpressibly grateful she’d abandoned the project early, since it offered her a way back in only she would know about.

   Radio crackle sounded from somewhere down the tunnel to her right and she glanced at her scanner.  The First Order soldiers were reorienting, turning south as well, meaning someone else had discovered the fleeing Rebels and this time the message had gotten through.  She had seconds, maybe, seconds as she skidded around yet another corner and saw the cave-in.  Stormtroopers were closing in behind her and she stuffed the scanner into her belt and started to climb.

   “I heard something!” one of them commented to another.  They hadn’t seen her yet.  Still around the corner, their lights safely sweeping over something else.


   “Just around here,” and two lights appeared, searching farther down as Rey scrambled up, up, using the barest trickle of the Force she could manage to find toeholds, footholds in the pile of loose rocks and dirt that hadn’t had time to settle yet.

   “There!” A light found her, then the other.  The sound of blaster fire but she heard it just in time and threw herself to one side, hanging by a hand from the lip of the gap she’d been looking for, wincing as she braced her legs and hauled herself up.  Another blaster shot, destined to go wide from the start- a third she had to deflect with a heavy, off-balance Force push, the effort required making her grit her teeth- then she was up and over, throwing herself off the other side and crying out against her will as she rolled over one rock then another, slamming back-first into a boulder about halfway down that drove the breath from her lungs.

   “Rebel sighted, rebel sighted!” one of the stormtroopers was yelling into a crackling radio.  She curled forward, gasping and crying and panting as she tried to make her lungs remember how to breathe.  She rolled too far and fell down to the next level of rock, landing hard on loose and cutting shale, leaving blood behind.

   They were coming, she could hear them climbing and shouting to each other. It would take them longer than it had taken her, but not that much longer.  She had to go.

   That other sensation, in her mind.  Ben.  She fought to hold on to it, fought to send something down the bond to him, a single word, a reassurance, a plea, anything, but he was too far away and she couldn’t seem to get a firm grasp on however she’d done it before. He wasn’t able to send anything specific to her either, just the impression of him.  She got to her knees, then on her feet, holding to it desperately like a lifeline as she at last remembered to breathe again.

   Farther up this tunnel.  The hub was farther up this tunnel.  She reached for the scanner and found it was gone, then reached in her mind and located it two rocks up, smashed to pieces.  The Force still flowed strongly but it was a trickle, a fragment, fading and scattering in response to her exhaustion.  She was going to have to go in with just her own senses and nothing else.


I know I shouldn’t feel bad for this because everyone is different but since the news about the album came out, I feel like I’m the only one who’s excited and can’t wait…

Since I heard that he finished his album before he left, I was waiting for this announcement and it makes me so happy because I wanna see him so bad for the last time… and I want to listen to those wonderful songs. But at the same time I feel so bad because everyone else isn’t even able to listen to his solo songs or SHINee yet and yeah… It still hurts, it really does but I can’t help feeling guilty. I feel like I have to apologize.

I’m so sorry guys.

running a studyblr as an adult is so strange. i see kids as young as 13 having breakdowns about grades, isolating themselves from everyone because they don’t quite fit in, not knowing how to deal with very real mental health problems… it’s not my place as someone significantly older than you to try and intervene in your personal life, but i hope you all know that if you ever want advice - about studying, dealing with life, or just which colour to change your blog to - or need someone to listen to you when you’ve had an awful day, my inbox is always open. things will get better for you, and you will be okay, i promise.