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Revisiting old requests

About two years ago, as a gift to my followers, I asked if anyone had any building requests. I received a few to start, and the list grew from there, until I had to close them because I couldn’t keep up. I ended up fulfilling about half of them, and the rest have just been sitting there while I worked on other projects. 

I feel bad that I’ve gone this long without fulfilling these requests, but as it’s been so long they were requested, I don’t want to dive right in and spend a lot of time on someone no one wants anymore. XD So what I’d like to know is, if you are the original requester, do you still want the house you requested? If so, just send me an ask or a message, and I’ll add it to a new list I’m making. (I’d also love more details if you have them, especially if you have inspiration pics. But it’s ok to just say, “I still need it!”, too.) 

I apologize for leaving your request on the shelf collecting dust all this time. But maybe I can still fulfill it if you still want it. Just let me know! Here are the ones I didn’t finish:

  1. Two-bedroom industrial-style house (anonymous) - I started this one here but got stuck on the exterior :-/
  2. Three-bedroom townhouse (red with white and blue) - similar to Ritsuka’s Whalen house (anonymous)
  3. 30x40 house with dedicated space to showcase collections (raging-furball)
  4. Italian(-ish) Townhouse - for a family, not too fancy (anonymous)
  5. New York-style apartment - 20 x 30 (anonymous)
  6. Young witch cottage (anonymous)
  7. Whalen Granite Falls Cabin lot (anonymous)
  8. Bigger house, 2 or 3 floors, with 4 or more bedrooms. 40x30 or 50x50. CC is ok, Blythe Harbor style (thumbprint11)
  9. Small loft home for an artist (anonymous) - I started this one here, but I’d probably have to start over again since I’ve cleaned out some CC since then - plus I got stuck on the exterior, heh
  10. Pleasant Home from TS2 -> TS4 (jcolby87)
  11. Science Lab (anonymous) - I actually plan on re-doing this one for my Kingswood 1983 save, so maybe that will work!
  12. The Georgina for TS4 (anonymous) - This one was about half-done, so I’ll probably finish it anyway, but I’d probably re-do it with Peacy’s windows

Here’s the old list if you want to see what I completed.

anonymous asked:

cheating is NOT a mistake and he isn't obligated more chances from her. obviously it wasn't working out, each year they're little reunions declined and the interactions get worse. the! relationship! is! over! and how would you know who she loves? you don't know her or her feelings sis, you're just a jelena stan that only likes selena when she's single or with justin. sit down.

1- Girl,who the fuck you think you are to come here ,in my blog, and say to me sit down?Lmao,bitch you  have nerve,huh.You’re the only one searching me here,girl,not me.

2-Yeah,cheating is horrible,everbody know this.But so what?Do you want Justin death for it?I mean,what is done is done.Justin at least was man enought to admit him mistakes.Something that a lot of people can’t do.
Justin is a survivor,everyone was enjoying and making fun. about seeing him fall.But he found the power to fight ,and now he is here,in the top of industry.

3- Yeah,Selena have the right to deny another chance to Justin.But she have too the right to  give another chance to him if she want,without Selenators dragging her.

4- Of course they relationship was not working out,I mean,did see how people is all over them?Media is unfair and make money using Justin and Selena.
Relationship is already hard,now put money,fame,media and hate of fans together and you discover why is hard to Selena and Justin make the things work.
All they reunitons are because they miss one another so much,that the mess and media and the hate is not strong enought to stop them.Just imagine love someone but can’t stay with her.It’s sad.

5- Girl,please.Selena still write songs about Justin.Do you think she do it for fun?Do you thing this is a concidence?No.She write about Justin because she still think about him.I mean,did you know that Selena a few time ago was lurking in a jelena page on IG and liked a jelena photo?C'mon girl,do you think that this is a accident?Lol.

6- Jelena is over you say.Hm, really?Well, so why Selena is still on Justin’s wrist?Why they keep writting songs about each other?
Yeah,Jelena are not together right now.But over?Oh,girl please,you know that’s not true lmao.

7- Yes,i’m Jelena stan.Lucky me,huh?At least i stan a REAL ship,with REAL history and love.Too bad that some people can’t relate lol.  

macdennis maurice au?

ok listen i can’t decide which combination i like better because

mac as maurice, dennis as clive:

- clive is the one who initially makes advances on/professes his love for maurice which causes him to get over his internalised homophobia in the long run while clive slowly shrinks back into the closet for the sake of Societal Appearance - perfectly mirrors dennis’ flirtation followed by mac’s coming out followed by dennis’ closeted panic

- also maurice/clive is the couple that i rlly wanted to end up as endgame despite full knowledge that their relationship is weird & toxic & repressed and if that doesn’t perfectly describe my feelings toward macdennis idk what does

- they were roommates…….ohmygod they were roommates

mac as alec, dennis as maurice:

- listen i love alec as confident out! mac not least bc u get the class disparity dynamic that u would have in a realistically translated edwardian au (à la electioneering)

- also dennis would absolutely bang a stranger who climbed through his window

- and they have the Almost Leaving moment 2 argentina……dennis’ double life?

- idk man

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Hey there D... like in... wait, what was I saying? OH YA! Ok so... about that MERC job I was telling u about. So what do u say? Want to make some $$$ in killing (mostly) bad guys? (finger crossed) Eh? So come on. U can spend $$$ on Amazon. U can tell folks ur a fury when we're out. OH & ask that SASSY psychic ninja 2. U know, the one with that perky SASS on her. What's her name? Karai or April? BOTH would be cool. Do they like guys that have issues? (they can share me)<3<3<3

Still no. 

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I've kinda been thinking about getting the Gray Warden Symbol and/or the Hawke (is it the family crest? Like the family crest but the rougher one you see more often?) tattooed on me. Like I know it's kinda silly, but the games/characters mean a lot to me and really helped me through a rough time and find...who I am as a person again, and I want that represented on my body. I just feel kinda ridiculous and am afraid people will make fun of me though...

Absolutely go for it, anon.

I have told this story before, but early last year I was battling a bad bout of depression and it was Dragon Age that single handedly pulled me out of it.  I played the series in order, having not played it before, and Origins alone was an absolute life saver.  I felt like I had friends, like I mattered, like I was doing something important - and it didn’t matter that it was a video game, because at least I was feeling again, something that mental illness had taken from me.

In fact, I ordered a Grey Warden pendant off of Etsy and wore it for a long time, because I wanted to have something on me that I could fidget with when things got bad, that reminded me of how I could still enjoy things and feel things, and that I was at least important in a fictional world.  (That pendant has since been replaced with a ram’s skull and feather pendant - representing Anders, of course - which serves much the same purpose.  I fidget with it when I’m feeling down, and remember that the Feathermage and what he stands for are things that make me happy.)

I wouldn’t worry too much about people making fun of you.  I find that even though Dragon Age is popular online, it doesn’t seem to be a huge thing out with “real people” - the first two games especially.  I think most people wouldn’t recognize the Grey Warden heraldry or Hawke/Amell/Kirkwall crests.  They’d probably just think they were neat symbols.  Even if people do know what it is, well, I’ve met more than one full grown adult (coworkers in fact) with Pokemon tattoos, and everyone just thinks those are neat.  If people can get away with Pokemon tattoos, you can get away with Dragon Age ones!

In short, I definitely encourage you to do what you want to do!  It is absolutely not ridiculous or silly for fictional stories and characters, even ones from video games, to help you through dark periods in your life.  They have helped me too. <3

Who approved the Invocations?

OK, first I want to make something clear. I’m glad wizards is taking risks with Magic. I’m excited for the Invocations, I will be happy to pull one, and I’m excited about Amonkhet. I have loved all of the masterpieces up until this point. however….

What Graphic Designer approved the Invocations?

I’ve marked a couple up for discussion here to so that I can draw attention to where I have issues.

So where do I start?

I like the concept, but this looks like its from a different game entirely. The most important parts of a magic card are either harder to read, harder to find, or are drowned out by other confusing design elements. The striping on the edges is a big problem for starters. Is this card Blue? or is it Black? White maybe? Is it multicolored, there is some gold at the bottom. Is it Hybrid colored? Hybrid multicolor are the only cards up until now where you get large portions of a cards colors in its border, but only two color cards are represented that way and there are 3 colors in the border design here.

Its just blue, but the COLORED parts of its mana cost ARE NOT COLORFUL. Normally the mana cost on a card pops right out, however it blends right into the border here. There is not nearly enough contrast between the border and the key game elements across the entire card. At a distance it will be hard to distinguish between black and green mana symbols.

Ok so this is a creature right? So where is its power and toughness? Oh right, its blending right into the background too. And its arranged vertically. Which number is its power? My gut instinct is to assume that the top number is its power, but there is no way to know for sure which number is which unless you already know the card very well.

This font is very different from what we are used to with our current magic cards the font for the name and type-line are both much harder to read than would be practical. A stylized font like this can be effective, but it MUST be used sparingly, and not be crowded or cluttered by other elements. Consecrated Sphinx here is the MOST READABLE of the cards, and a much nastier example is this card as shown below.

What is this card called? Is it Nitibaze, Baseinit? Basendi? nope.

Its Daze.

The card type is similarly obscured by a bunch of additional symbols. It was difficult to tell what the card type was and what the name was without close inspection. How am I supposed to play a card if I can’t read the name or the card type? The contrast between the key text here, the background, and the jumble of other symbols is nowhere near enough for this to be successful graphic design.

I’d really like to have a chat with whoever’s graphic design this is, and why it was approved for print. Was this a situation where a very influential production member wanted the design in and the team was forced to go along with it? Also, how did these issues not immediately jump out to anyone who has eyes and plays this game?

ugh ok on the topic of straight girls at gay bars I was at the club once and there was a straight girl there who was under 21 and like visibly drunk like she could barely walk and she was talking about how hot all these guys were and how she wants to make out with them and we were all like “honey they’re gay” bc she kept hitting on this one guy and you could tell it was making him uncomfortable and she literally said “I don’t care I’d still fuck them it just means they haven’t had good pussy” I wish I was joking 🙄

Ok Ken (and David). As much as I hate to make you guys famous or even respond to you directly. We all die one day and you're old so fuck it. Yea yea my 2013 performance at the Grammys was absolute shit. Technical difficulties, blah blah. Thanks for the reminder. Very much appreciated. Fuck that performance though. You think that's why I kept my work out of the Grammy process this year? Don't you think I would've wanted to play the show to 'redeem' myself if I felt that way? In reality, I actually wanted to participate in honoring Prince on the show but then I figured my best tribute to that man's legacy would be to continue to be myself out here and to be successful. Winning a TV award doesn't christen me successful. It took me some time to learn that. I bought all my masters back last year in the prime of my career, that's successful. Blonde sold a million plus without a label, that's successful. I am young, black, gifted and independent.. that's my tribute. I've actually been tuning into CBS around this time of year for a while to see who gets the top honor and you know what's really not 'great TV' guys? 1989 getting album of the year over To Pimp A Butterfly. Hands down one of the most 'faulty' TV moments I've seen. Believe the people. Believe the ones who'd rather watch select performances from your program on YouTube the day after because your show puts them to sleep. Use the old gramophone to actually listen bro, I'm one of the best alive. And if you're up for a discussion about the cultural bias and general nerve damage the show you produce suffers from then I'm all for it. Have a good night.

Hotel Books - Changes Consume me

Happy birthday, @stilesandderek, thank you for being the most incredible friend anyone could wish for 🎈💕

Communicating with autistic people

In light of April & autism acceptance month I thought I’d make a post about how autistic people communicate, because understanding and accepting our communication styles is one of the most important parts of autism acceptance. The things listed here are from my own experience and from information I have gathered from talking to other autistic people, it is by no means exhaustive. If you want to add something on I have missed feel free :+)

  • Lack of eye contact doesn’t mean we aren’t engaged, oftentimes maintaining eye contact is actually more distracting than not. 
  • Our body language is different. Trying to assume how we feel from your knowledge of body language will often lead you to wrong conclusions.

  • Our tone does not always indicate our feelings, it’s often more telling to listen to the words we are saying themselves then try to guess what our tone means
  • We will likely have difficulty reading your body language and tone. The subtleties of communication don’t come easy to us, if you want us to understand what you are feeling or offer support it is most useful to communicate your feelings thoughts and needs directly.
  • Things we say may come off as rude or overly blunt, even if it is not intended this way.
  • We have varying degrees of understanding sarcasm. Some of us struggle to understand any of it, some of us actively understand and employ it and everything in between. We are also prone to literal-mindedness in general meaning we may have trouble with taking other forms of jokes or figurative speech literally. 
  • Our communication abilities often vary with things like stress and sensory input. For example, under little stress or a good amount of sensory input I can communicate enough to explain detailed thoughts as in this post, form sentences and employ tone and cadence to my speech. At varying levels of sensory input I may begin to speak in monotone, take several minutes to put together a single sentence, or be unable to access most of my vocabulary aside from sounds and simple words like “yes” and “no”. 
  •  It is very common for autistic people to empathize by comparing similar experiences. (for example: person a: “My dog got sick, I’m worried about him.” autistic person: “Oh, my cat got sick last year too.”) People who do not empathize like this often see it as ‘one-upmanship’ when the intent is only to empathize or express sympathy. 
  •  We may interrupt you before you’re done speaking. It’s very common for autistic people to have difficulty telling when other people are finished speaking. If we interrupt you it is almost never out of rudeness but we genuinely cannot tell when is the right time to speak.
  •  We may occasionally take over the conversation especially with info-dumping. When I info-dump I’m very excited and I feel like I can barely keep the information I want to talk about down. Being so excited, I tend to ramble for a long time, elaborating unimportant details as I am unaware to whether the listener is bored or even listening. I’m not saying you have to stay completely engaged and remember every detail but at very least don’t get angry with an autistic person for their infodumping.
  •  A lot of autistic people also have auditory processing problems. This means that what you say might not register for a few moments or you might have to repeat yourself. Please be patient with somebody who has poor auditory processing, as it’s not really something we can help. 
  •  If you are asking the autistic person to do a task or activity of any sort (giving them directions to somewhere, asking them to come to a party, asking them to help you fold your laundry) we usually need very clear and precise instructions or plans.

These are all common parts of autistic communication styles but it’s important to remember not every autistic person is the same or will have all of these traits. We are as varied in personality, thoughts, and behaviors as allistic people, but we are tied together by shared experiences. Being aware of these traits and unlearning them as inherently bad communication styles is helpful to autistic people as a whole, but if there’s a specific autistic person in your life you want to better communicate with, the best thing you can do is ask them how you can do that and honestly discuss differences in communication and needs to best understand each other.


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Everyone is sharing climate change stats recently because of Trump and his nonsense, but no one wants to talk about the fact that switching to a plant based diet can cut your carbon footprint by 51%…. like ok. Let’s just ignore that tidbit on how to actually make meaningful change in our individual footprints because meat tastes good or whatever smh

[  why can't i see?
why can't i see?
all the colors that you see.
please, can i be,
please, can i be,
colorful and free ]

I like to think that Jack is so 110% that he can somewhat tell how Bitty is feeling based on the way his food tastes.

-Jack eating his sandwich with Marty, Thirdy or Tater (really anyone that is aware of Jack and Bitty)

Jack takes one bite, makes a contemplative face, puts down the sandwhich, takes out his phone and steps into the hallway. He returns 15 mintues later and continues eating as if nothing of significance occured.

“What was that about?”

“ Something was bothering Bittle so I just wanted to make sure he was ok.”

They ponder a moment for it seems whatever the issue, it has been resovled and prying isn’t a good way to talk to Jack. So they drop it and continued with their lunch.

This happens every so often and they start to wonder how suddenly in the middle of the day, Jack claims that something is “bothering” Bitty? One day someone decides to finally ask.

“If somthing is bothering Bitty why do you wait til you eat half your food before you call him?”

“I’m not always completely sure if he’s upset unless i talk to him directly or at least eat his food.”

“His food? Like what, it tastes bad?”

“No its still delicious, but different somehow. So i just call to check up. Usually its stress from school, so we talk through it and discuss how its going.”

“But how can you taste something like that?”

And Jack Laurent Zimmermann, as if someone casually asked 1+1? His response accompanied with the slightest shrug:

“He’s my boyfriend.”

Like what a silly question to ask?

Multiple sighs are released and heads hang low. Food is put down as eyes stare blankly at the ceiling. Some even have to leave, overwhelmed by Jack’s insane sincerity.

After practice Jack notices quite a few guys on their phones. Not meaning to, Jack passes and overhears variations of “Wondering how you day has been” And “Just thinking about you so I wanted to call and say hi.”

He doesn’t think much of it, (since it oblviously has nothing to do with him), and heads home.