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Requested: - Hey!! So you know that text “Summary((Requested by my sister)): Y/N asks her bff to ask one of the members out for her.” ???? THAT WAS SO CUTE IM ???? Could you do a follow up? And maybe a yoongi, hobi, taehyung text (but where they like you? Just like jimin) please? Thank you!


Hoseok version


A/N: I also got a request with Namjoon so im just gonna make things upside down a bit and make the namjoon ones before anything else😁 I noticed you guys like these and i am so so glad, because honestly i like them too ehehehh. Don’t forget to leave some feed back because it makes my day, and also don’t forget that requests are open!

5 things you’ll find in my bag: Unused tissues that look grotty from floating around in the bag, like 800 pens, Pepto-Bismol, a glow stick.

5 things you’ll find in my bedroom: My damaged self-worth, weird art on the walls, my tin collection, a crow yelling at me on my windowsill, 9,000 books.

5 things I’ve always wanted to do in life: Travel any-fuckin-where that’s not 100º, make people happy/aware of environmental issues/ love themselves, publish at least one of my many stories or comics, not die yet, have a family or friends.

5 things I’m currently into: Watching wild animals around the world on live cams because wow I saw lions, ok. Lions. Cat toe beans. Color, I love working with color and lighting. Research, I love doing research. Very small rocks.

5 things on my to-do list: Find a doctor who actually gives a sh*t and see if I can get better, finish all my comics and fics, leave this country, make creme brulee, learn another language oh my god why am I so incapable?

5 things people may not know about me: I got my GED when I was 16 so I could go to college early. I’ve can talk to birbs, and have held/pet a dozen different wild birbs over the years after they randomly sat on me. I’m good cook. I can play trumpet. I’ve panned for gold before. [And nearly died.] 

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How does one draw glowing eyes?

Beullu’s eye glows. Iris and sclera. Bleu’s got a soft glow to it. 


Only ashley’s iris glows.  Hers is sharper, too. 

Don’t skip too much in step 2 for the highlights. 

If u want to do sclera too thats ok,

I havent drawn voltaire in 12ever

Also: If the light around your character’s glow is brighter than the glow itself, the glow might not show up, except within t he thing (if yalls drawin gems, or with glowing pupils)

Two things are important

intensity and colour

The more intense colour, the harder the highlights on the surrounding 

Light cannot make something darker

Can not,. 

Also if you’re in the dark, the skin colour will look darker, i dont know, I see artists forgetting that. 

It’s a bit vague but I hope it helps

Ask if this doesnt make sense, id be happy to clarify

I accept art questions too! I am happy to help explain or show how to draw things


Stardust, a Star vs. The Forces of Evil Fanfic

Hello guys! I bet you were expecting some Amourshipping for the day I decided to go back, right?

Well sorry, but it’s Star vs. the Forces of Evil (and my method to cope with this heartbreak) time!

Anyway… This is my first One-Shot of the series, so it’s your choosing what I do with it. I’m pretty satisfied myself with the result, but if you want me to continue it and make a fic out of it, I think I can do it!

By the way…. SPOILERS!

Ok… Here we go!


Princess Star Butterfly put a foot on her homeland, Mewni, and in an instant, her mind filled with a million different thoughts.

Surprisingly, the first one wasn’t Marco, but what happened to her Mother. Moon had bruises all over her body and her face was cold and distant, Star felt a light touch on her shoulder, her mother was trying to make her feel better, but that wasn’t gonna work, not until she found out what really happened to her.

That was her second thought. Obviously, she knew very well what happened: Toffee was back, she still didn’t know how, but she was sure that it has something to do with her wand, the same wand she destroyed months ago, in an effort to save Marco’s life.

The boy from Echo Creek (the one who she just admitted had a crush on) appeared as an illusion in front of her, his face a mix of confusion and sadness, the last expression she saw from him before her departure.

Star shook her head. That was not the time to think about Marco, he was on Earth now, he had Jackie, he had his family, his friends, his classmates, his entire world! He could enjoy of it, a world free of magic and also, free of the danger of Toffee’s grasp.

She couldn’t say the same about her world, though. Star looked at the skies and understood how bad things were. A big, green wormhole had appeared right above the castle. She remembered what the Time-Out Guy, ….. , had said to her: Something or someone was draining the magic from the entire Universe, Toffee, most definitely, was the culprit to this, but his motives were still unclear.

As if she was reading her mind, her mother said:

- I don’t know why Toffee’s doing this either, sweetie.

- You should… - Star whispered –

- What?

- I said you should! – Star screamed out loud – You fought against him, so many years ago, you should know what he wants, and you’re also always telling me that I should practice magic more often, that I have to do that if I want to be a powerful Queen

- And what’s that supposed to mean? – Moon questioned –

- Maybe, if you had practice more magic, if you paid attention to all of Glossaryck’s lessons, maybe you could have beaten Toffee years ago, and maybe I could be on Earth right now, with Marco! Maybe you are not good enough with your spells; maybe you’re just as bad as me!

Silence felt between the two of them, as Star regretted immediately what she said. She looked up and notice that her mother’s features hasn’t changed in the slightest

- Fair enough – Moon said– I’ll admit it: I could have done a much better work

- Mom, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to…

- No need to apologize Star, after all, we’re not so different from each other, months ago, you had the chance to use your wand and destroy Toffee, but you chose to save Marco. And some hours ago, I had the same chance…

The Queen of Mewni pulled out a pair of Dimensional Scissors and opened a portal, motioning Star to take a peek. It a room filled with candles, monks and priestesses, Star could see Rhombulus and Heckapoo unconscious, she also saw Omnitraxus Prime, or at least was left of him: His skull

- I had the same chance – Moon continued – but I chose to save them…

- So… - Overwhelmed by what happened, Star wasn’t sure how to continue – What do we do know to save them?

- We are not going to save them, Star

Her mother pulled out a horn, filled with what seemed like a mix between dust and ashes

- We are going to save him

Star nodded, barely understanding anything. It was going to be a long… summer

Inevitably, the thought of that new word make her mind drift to Earth again…

Toffee looked himself in the mirror and grinned. He expected to regain his full physical form, but for now, he was stuck in Ludo’s body. Inside the mind of the monster, a battle of will was raging.

- Isn’t this what you always wanted, Ludo? – The reptile asked, pointing at their reflection – Power? Control over magic? It’s what I’m giving to you, I just ask for a little favour in return.

- No! – Ludo shouted, barely maintaining conscious – If I let you do this, there will nothing left of me! I fought too hard for this, I made my way to this wand, to my minions, to this castle, and you’re not going to take it away from me!

- So naive… - Toffee commented, he regain control over Ludo’s body in that precise moment – Just take a look…

The castle was in ruins already, but it took only two spells and fifteen seconds to reduced it to complete ashes

- No! – Ludo tried to resist, but Toffee’s influence was unbearable –

- You have no castle anymore…

Ludo hovered over the bodies of the rats, most of them unconscious (or worse) and absorbed their life force

- You have no minions anymore…

- My girls… - Ludo choked –

- Oh… you mean the bird and the spider? I really don’t know where they are, nor do I care

Suddenly, Ludo remembered what Glossaryck told him his first day of training:

“You really need to feel it. Say it with conviction”

- Levitato! – Ludo shouted –

- Come again? – Toffee questioned –

- I…

Ludo focused on Toffee

- Won't…

On how much he hated him

- Let you…

On how that devious lizard took over everything he cared about

- Control…

And he wouldn’t do that happen again!

- My body! Levitato!

In the exterior, Ludo’s body filled itself with a bright, green light (brightest than normal), and the spell worked out: The body he was sharing with Toffee plummeted into the ground, only to ascend once more, and repeat the action, over and over again

Toffee sighed.

This was going to be harder than he thought.

Marco Diaz stood silently into the room, looking at the big hole in the wall.

She was gone.

She said she had a crush on him and then she left. To where? To do what? And why without him?

The rational part of his body started to make conclusions on it’s own

First, it decided to erase Jackie, Ludo, and any other factor out of the equation, focusing solely on Star Butterfly.

Secondly, his thoughts filled with rage against her: She lied to him! She said she wasn’t in love (or had a crush on, or whatever) with him! She probably wanted to ruin his relationship with Jackie!

That evidence was supported by the fact that she confessed to him in front of everyone. Not only his girlfriend, not only his friends, but also his family!

Marco was mad at her, really mad, but then, something happened. He realized that he contradicted himself, if he decided to think just about what happened to Star, why was he thinking of Jackie again?

Instead of questioning Star’s intentions, he did something he hadn’t done in weeks:

He questioned himself.

He realized he had been a bad friend all this time, he was so focused on Jackie Lynn Thomas that she forgot almost completely about Star, about the loss of her spellbook, Glossaryck, about how her spells got out of control that time…

And she was gone now, it was his fault, maybe he should talk to Jackie about this whole thing…

But, to what end? Star was in Mewni now, and there was nothing he could do about it

Suddenly, he heard a knock on the door. Only it wasn’t the room’s door, but Star’s closet door. He approached carefully, thinking of the fact that, with Star gone from Earth, all magic was gone too.

He opened and looked at the empty place. He was hearing things.

Or maybe he was not. A grey finger rolled out of the closet, it was oddly familiar, but before he could say anything, the finger began to shake uncontrollably.

Marco fell to the ground, surprised. In that moment, he felt something pressed against the back of his belt, as the finger started to glow and a figure emerged from it, the boy pulled out…

A pair of Dimensional Scissors

So, what do you guys think?

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For a request how about D, P and yn are all friends who live together. One night they have some friends round and somebody suggests never have I ever. Yn gets really nervous and makes and excuse to leave the room. After a while D goes to find yn to ask what is up. After some persuasion yn admits she's never even kissed anybody nevermind anything else and didn't want to get embarrassed. D ensures her this is OK and they end up kissing and maybe more

maybe more 😉😉😉😉

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Hey! um.. i feel like your a pretty cool dude and know stuff, like, about life. so. do you think it is ok for someone never to know what they are? As for me, I know whom I want to become, but never what I am now. Sometimes I feel like everybody else notices that im just a bunch of books and movie characters all mixed up into one person and this makes me very distant even from my close friends. I feel like they wouldn't ever understand me but I also don't understand myself.

hiya pal. my advice is this, and its always going to be the same. you dont need to know who you are so long as you act yourself. just do what you feel is right, avoid pretending to be something you are not (because you intuitively feel what is right and wrong for you even if you cant label yourself). do not lie, be good, and be content with knowing that you are in fact yourself, and a good one at that, if you intend to be nice and good to people. take care, message me if you need anything. love conor xo

Ok Ken (and David). As much as I hate to make you guys famous or even respond to you directly. We all die one day and you're old so fuck it. Yea yea my 2013 performance at the Grammys was absolute shit. Technical difficulties, blah blah. Thanks for the reminder. Very much appreciated. Fuck that performance though. You think that's why I kept my work out of the Grammy process this year? Don't you think I would've wanted to play the show to 'redeem' myself if I felt that way? In reality, I actually wanted to participate in honoring Prince on the show but then I figured my best tribute to that man's legacy would be to continue to be myself out here and to be successful. Winning a TV award doesn't christen me successful. It took me some time to learn that. I bought all my masters back last year in the prime of my career, that's successful. Blonde sold a million plus without a label, that's successful. I am young, black, gifted and independent.. that's my tribute. I've actually been tuning into CBS around this time of year for a while to see who gets the top honor and you know what's really not 'great TV' guys? 1989 getting album of the year over To Pimp A Butterfly. Hands down one of the most 'faulty' TV moments I've seen. Believe the people. Believe the ones who'd rather watch select performances from your program on YouTube the day after because your show puts them to sleep. Use the old gramophone to actually listen bro, I'm one of the best alive. And if you're up for a discussion about the cultural bias and general nerve damage the show you produce suffers from then I'm all for it. Have a good night.

me: *wants to socialize, make friends, and stop isolating myself in general*


me: ok nvm I guess


#personal space? #i don’t know her. #married 


Because Yuri and Otabek are the John and Chrissy of social media and i’m too tired to make legit fanart anymore 

bonus they banter on social media while sitting next one another 

For Otayuri Week Day 2 pretends i didn’t skip out on a day cus it was spent finishing my 100086423 word essay also excuse my ugly handwriting

[  why can't i see?
why can't i see?
all the colors that you see.
please, can i be,
please, can i be,
colorful and free ]

Everyone is sharing climate change stats recently because of Trump and his nonsense, but no one wants to talk about the fact that switching to a plant based diet can cut your carbon footprint by 51%…. like ok. Let’s just ignore that tidbit on how to actually make meaningful change in our individual footprints because meat tastes good or whatever smh

Well, what a sight



‘’Doffy!’’- well, hehe, nicely played Oda, but you won’t -

!!!1!!1 THEEERE WE GO, he’s finally making me guiltily ship this for real.