i wanted to make one ok

i just want steve and billy taking care of one another without it needing to be said. so like, billy comes home after an awful day at work and steve heats up leftovers and makes sure billy eats. and then he guides billy to the shower and steve gently washes his hair and his body and presses kisses all across his chest and his back, all long his shoulders, too. and they dry off and get comfy in pjs and sit on the couch curled up with one another, watching whatever’s on tv. and steve doesn’t ask billy about anything. he just lets him be until he’s ready to talk about it or not at all. just soft boyfriends being comfortable around one another, communicating through touches and soft smiles and gentle encouragement.

One of the things I love about Magnus Bane is how disgustingly obvious he is when he had a crush like he just went to town making sure Alec knew he wanted that fine bod and that’s my constant mood. If they’re into it go all dirty jokes and blatant flirting or go home my friend I feel you, lifes to short to fuck around with subtly 

Ok if I were to write an ABO outtake which I will cus I’m garbage I was thinking one of the following

  • Them filming during Keith’s heat but Keith’s so keyed up that shiro ends up taking care of him (re: making him melt into the mattress) after they finished rolling
  • A video of shiro just biting marks into Keith and vice versa
  • POV cam shiro w a wrecked Keith going down on him because he can’t take anymore of what shiros been giving him but he still wants to please his alpha
  • Keep in mind they’re still in a fake relationship at this point. Shiro giving it to Keith really good, hiding him away from the camera because he wants that much to be private, so all the viewers can see is Shiro’s body laying it into Keith like he’s a starving man. He accidentally leaves a mating mark, none of them notice it till later.


—It’s always something. Today I was thrown under a virtual bus and accused of giving my full-throated support to an poorly thought-out plan. Fortunately, there is the wonderful thing called screen captures. Throwing me under the bus only stops the bus and ceases your forward motion. Move on, bus thrower.

—One pussy hat down, two to go. I found a pattern that worked with my fumbly fingers—but it takes more yarn than planned. It’s always something. 🙄

—You want me to pay attention to you, pay attention to me. Remember conversations we’ve had, things I’ve told you, little details I didn’t think you noticed. Making me repeat myself is the worst foreplay ever. Just saying.

—ok, weather, get your act together. You’re making me sick. Like…literally.

—Team meeting tomorrow. Fingers crossed the snow and ice will be gone before I need to drive.

How’s that hump treating you? Hope you had a brilliant day!!

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Ok so im demigirl/nb (i think) and i kinda really want a binder. I want to wear one but idk if i NEED to wear one. Its just that i don’t feel like i should wear one because im not “not cis” enough to wear one. This is confusing. Any advice?

Lee says:

Anyone who wants to bind is allowed to bind! If you think it would make you more comfortable, you should do it.

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I’m not sure of who all you write for but could I request dabi, tomura, and chisaki with a blind s/o? One who’s really sweet and someone you wouldn’t expect to be just as villainous as the others? If not thats ok! Thank you anyways!

I really loved this question, I just feel I did Chisaki no justice. I might want to make his part better, also i'm good with doing villains 


  • He really doesn’t care that your blind
  • Finding your personally way more interesting than anything else
  • He actually was glad you couldn’t see him
  • The scars giving him a low confidence, of course he would never tell anyone
  • Though that doesn’t stop you from feeling them everyone once in awhile out of curiosity
  • He did have to stop you sometimes when you started to pick at it
  • When he brought you along to the league everyone was confused at the way you spoke confidently but held onto dabi with your life
  • They didn’t know you were blind at first
  • So when you didn’t react when tomura threatened you very close up, everyone was a bit stunned
  • You were a nice part of the league though
  • Treating everyone very nicely with a side of sarcasm, mainly focused on Tomura to tease
  • Though it was surprising when they found out you did in fact have a dark side
  • Your nice demeanor could not hide your tendencies to crush anything in your hands, and it got worse when you did have a knife in your hand.
  • It was funny to Dabi through, how he couldn’t leave you with food without you mashing it into a mess or having stabbed the table with an object you had felt around for.  
  • He did get worried when you went on missions with someone else
  • Especially if that person was toga
  • Even if he knew you could take care of yourself, that one night which he could still clearly remember (might write a scenario for it)  
  • He felt you went a little overboard when disposing the body, not even getting rid of it but yet again mashing the corpse into a mess


  • He was very possessive of you
  • Having you in arms reach at every moment
  • He was very grateful you had no motives of trying to connect with old friends or family
  • He did find it odd at times but really made no attempt in asking you, at all
  • Not only were you the love of his life but your quirk was quite useful
  • Well when they had to destroy things  
  • Even if dabi already had flames to destroy it was great you could actually catch on fire without being harmed  
  • Spreading it randomly around with little resistant
  • He was always worried you would get lost within the flames but you seemed to find them perfectly well every time
  • Everyone called you a pyromaniac but you tended to call yourself a fire bug
  • Which was what Tomura grew accustomed to calling you  
  • Really it was very endearing seeing the both of you together
  • A friendly looking person who had dark instincts that no one could see
  • And like a grown child who had weird hands???
  • Well both of you were cute to at least Kurogiri
  • Tomura would often play video games and often explained what was happening not wanting to leave you bored


  • He finds it quite nice that he had full control of you
  • He picked what you wore, where you went, and sometimes what to do
  • This did not help the fact you liked to wonder a lot, and being in such a big facility it was practically a death trap for you
  • Or at least he thought it would be
  • You had gone off again and with him on your trail he was ready to punish you now for your behavior
  • And when he heard a scream he was sure he had found you
  • Though it was not you who had screamed
  • You were in the room however trying to find the way out
  • But the person who had screamed was of course one of his workers who had a long gash on his leg
  • Chisaki asked what happened and was surprised to hear the person say you had given it to him
  • He couldn’t believe it at first, you had no weapon and you weren’t really the aggressive type
  • He demanded the worker to explain
  • But you spoke first, both of them turned to you watching as you tried to approach them
  • Falling in the process, chisaki came forward to pick you up but as he did he felt sudden pain in his knee
  • It was not immense but it did make him let go of your hand
  • ¨Im sorry Chisaki, that was a mistake.¨
  • He looked to you and then his now scraped knee
  • You could transfer your wounds to other people
  • This was very interesting news to chisaki

-Mod Light 

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are you ok?? whats up, dyou wanna talk about it?? i hope you feel better soon.

ah sorry, i’m not trying to be cryptic it just makes me cry to see the words so i’ve avoided typing them out myself

i’m very sad about dolores.  she was sort of like my mapmaker growing up, one of those musicians that makes the world make sense to you and points out how alone you aren’t?  that there are many people, adults even, who feel the things you’re feeling and that it can be beautiful and it doesn’t always have to make sense to be fine?  i don’t mean fine as in just okay, i mean it in that old-fashioned hollywood way of well-made and lovely, of better than you thought it could be. 

most people have only heard linger and zombie and some say they’re dissonant and try to act like you can’t be both ways at once, but people are made of contradictions and no one was going to fucking stop dolores from singing about tragedy and estrangement and war crimes as well as the joy of being reassured that you’re loved.  and when i was in high school and hurting and confused, since that’s what those years are for, nothing spoke to me the way the anger in her voice did, and i knew that there was a place for my hurt in this world.  and that i could do something with it that would not only make it easier to bear, but maybe easier for other people to bear as well.  i knew that because that’s what she did for me.

so yes, i’m okay, and i’ll feel better soon.  but goddammit am i ever sad to know she’s gone.

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can i be obnoxious and ask what in fuck is happening? (pls feel free to ignore me heavily if you are overloaded!!) i have always found shelby to be one of the nicer people to me in my old neotag age, and hearing all this stuff is really, idk jarring? and i guess i'm confused with all the screencaps and (is that a discord server?? omg i am ancient). i just want to make sure everyone is okay and that i understand what is happening /: sorry to be a bother ahh

hey there, you ain’t bein obnoxious. believe you me its rough to be in a drama situation and have nowhere to turn.

before i get into my side of shit, the best place ive been following for this stuff is neotag-dogma. they’re apparently new?? as in tonight new?? and r reblogging the receipts and making posts abt what’s happening. more explanation under the cut. 

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me over email to a prof: hey man just noticed u think we have one more class with you… we actually don’t my guy

him: ok oops so I’ll cancel your single assignment. your exam is next class and your group project is next class

me: uuuhhh haha my dude! would be much better if you uhh canceled the group instead cause like. we literally have five days of school left

him: well if you want to do the group project by yourself thats fine. just make your presentation brief we have a lot to get through that class


How to Talk to Your Kids About Donald Trump

My son had a lot of questions about Donald Trump and why his presidency is so extraordinary. In case it’s helpful for other parents out there, here’s how I answered him.

Hey buddy, I know you have some questions about this president and where he stands on the issues, so I thought we could take a second and talk about it, ok?

See this pizza? Let’s say this pizza stands for all the money and resources we have in this big beautiful country. On one hand, Democrats want to make sure everyone gets a share. They might take a little more from a guy who’s got a big slice, so that everyone can eat. Republicans, on the other hand, believe that each person should get the slice that they worked for, and if someone didn’t work as hard, they don’t deserve as much pizza. They believe that the pizza they earned is the pizza they should be able to eat.

Makes sense so far? OK, now for Trump… hold on a sec, unnnffff, I know little man, this is hard to watch, please, mmmrrrrffff, don’t cry, I’m trying to teach you something here. Urrrggnnhh. OK.

See what I did? I took a shit on the pizza.

In Trump’s America, we’re all eating a big pile of shit on top of any slice we take, no matter how big or small. So now I’m gonna need you to go ahead and choose a slice. No, this is for your own good. Take a sl — TAKE A GODDAMN SLICE OF THE SHIT PIZZA. Good, that’s good. Now eat the, no, don’t try to run away, take a FUCKING BITE OF THE SHIT PIZZA, SON. We’re not going anywhere until EAT IT! EAT IT! EAT IT! Chew, now swallow, SWALLOW, good.

Ok, buddy? Do you get it now? That’s Trump!

By the way you’re adopted.

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I want more respect for my babies bearface,joba,dom,& kiko this year

i think u pulled this straight from my heart BECAUSE YES I AGREE ITS WHAT THEY DESERVE! like dom? every single one of his verses gets me damn. joba? OK NOW LISTEN i’m gonna make him a whole post because he doesn’t get enough recognition for everything he’s done for this boyband. bearface ? i mean wow who else would u slow dance to he adds s0 much dimension to every album. and well y’all should know how much love i have for kiko !!

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ok listen i just want to say beforehand that i think all of your characters are lovely and perfect and please please never stop making them and drawing them,,,,,that said as like, a person, i rly kinda do n o t like guy. at. all. name 1 (one) single redeeming quality of his

i know youre looking for a good reason to like guy but yeah no, i feel like guy has like zero redeeming qualities too. i couldnt name one off the top of my head for the most part other than if hes not anxious af, hes generally a kind dude thats pleasant to be around. like whenever people ask me this sort of question im always grasping at straws with guy bc hes constantly in a situation that brings out the worst of him and he does a Lot of shitty things like Murder. murder is a lot of his problems

Ok so I’ve been thinking and I think I’m going to do the Daily Pokemon Hunger Games again. But differently!

So I’m planning ahead this time and I’ll make up some new rules and stuff. Just a reminder that the event takes place July. All month. Also I deleted my old blog for them and I’ll make a new one. (Also if you want to help out with it send me a message. I may need commentators again this year.)


“I remember, Sam. I still remember.”
He was not making sense. “Remember what?”
“Dragons,” Aemon whispered. “The grief and glory of my House, they were.”