i wanted to make one of these to

dragonsateyourtoast replied to your post “There are some who, known to the earth, leave their scales bare and…”

You: scales bare, eyes sharp, magic blatant along the swirling tresses of your hair Me: hiding bunches of feathers under my lumpy coat, too sleepy to open more than one eye at once, scuttling around the town eating pebbles to absorb their energy

get you a bird that can do both

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who would they be yandere for?? bc i'm already one for niko!!!

they have no love interest as of now but honestly….. i Really want to make like a dating sim about the household characters lmao so if i ever manage to do it they would be yandere…for……..u.. ;*

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I just finished reading Charybdis and it is painful and beautiful. Your whole multiverse is amazing, especially how Makino is so recognizably herself no matter what path she takes, and Shanks is just. Constantly awestruck by his wife. And after so much hurt, I cannot wait to see Makino finally come into her own. But there is one thing I've been thinking about since I got to that chapter: What would have happened if the Red Force's Den Den Mushi hadn't been too depressed to receive Makino's call?

First of all, please consider me absolutely DELIGHTED by this!! I love nudging my girl into roles that are pretty far out as far as canon is concerned (case in point: Emperor), but it’s still incredibly important to me that she is herself—that she doesn’t make choices she wouldn’t, and that at the core of everything she is or does there’s still that bottomless kindness and gentle nature.

(also, Shanks being perpetually in awe and smitten out of his ugly sandals by whatever Makino proceeds to say or do is the lifeblood of all my writing, ahahahahaha I don’t have a glaringly obvious kink or anything, not at alllll)

And you ask a really good question! I guess other than putting Shanks out of his misery sooner, it would have changed Sabo’s whole approach to getting Makino across the Grand Line. They would probably have stayed on that island longer, the Red-Hair Pirates coming to them rather than the other way around. The logical choice, with an eight month old baby to think about.

Of course, staying on that island, not getting away while they had the chance and with Blackbeard coming into possession of Sabo’s vivre card…

Okay now you’ve got me considering alternate storylines to a fic that’s already an alternate storyline of another fic, so have a teeny tiny AU, because I’m horrible:

“Are you sure you don’t want us to come and meet you?”

“No,” came the immediate reply, his voice firm—then, a little gentler, the words softened with a sigh, “No, just—just stay put until we get there. We’re not far.”

Makino tucked her lips together, and didn’t say she was tired of staying put, of waiting, of doing nothing but sit on her hands when she could so clearly hear the strain in his voice, and the evidence of all the things he didn’t say. She wanted to say to hell with waiting, to take their son and Sabo and find a ship, and to go back out to sea and find him. The Grand Line didn’t scare her anymore—not now, when he was so close. She’d been land-bound her whole life and she’d never felt this kind of restlessness, had never once coveted the horizon, but the longing she felt for it now was so fierce it stole her breath.

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Also, how would you guys feel if I made a blog just for random things? Like other fandoms that aren’t dnp? I’ll probably include


-Animes I like


-idk things I find funny

-Art work I find that doesn’t fit in this blog

Feedback plz idk if i should do it or not

Something along the lines of a concert romance

The theory of projection was first coined by Sigmund Freud.  Rian Johnson has repeatedly stated there’s a lot of Freudian cues in TLJ.  If Ren were projecting his own feelings of abandonment onto Rey this is what he would actually be saying.

Friendly reminder that Ren is an abuse victim.  Friendly reminder that abuse victims are often constantly emotionally denigrated to make them feel worthless and powerless.  Friendly reminder that we saw Snoke do this exact thing to Ren.

If you want to talk about abusive relationships that’s fine but I think you ~might have missed one~


When I heard that they were after my buddy…I couldn’t do anything!! I didn’t do anything!! If I don’t act now…forget being a hero, I’m not even a man!

★ Hardening Hero: Red Riot ★ || Dedicated to my sweetest and loveliest Rea @kousseii ​  °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°


So many things to like about the new uniform tbh. Some elements of the new uniform we’ve already seen in the anti-3DMG gear along with the thunder spears but i’m gonna bring it up so it’s all here.

(gonna merge points about function and form together bc there’s overlap)

  • Reduced number of layers for the wearer (the old uniform had like 3 layers)
  • Less bulky gear (remember how big the sword sheathes were in the old 3DMG?)
  • Less layers + lighter bulk = more aerodynamic and better mobility
  • You can travel faster and easier with less bulk
  • A breastplate (?) to protect the wearer from being shot at, now you have an extra shell layer to keep you safe
  • The harness looks like it has more belts around the torso area (which is great, because now more of the gear is situated on the back and you’d probably need support there)
  • Form-fitting so it doesn’t cause air resistance but also makes the wearer LOOK BADASS
  • Monochrome for the win (at least for now); loving the modern style or at least what’s considered as modern in our world
  • The white pants days are over (now no more prominent blood stains yay)
  • The sheaths for the new gear run parallel to the wearer’s legs (the old gear had sheaths that were situated perpendicularly instead)

(the angles aren’t 100% parallel/perpendicular bc depends on movement)

  • Now, if you fall wearing the near gear, it’ll (probably) be less painful compared to the old gear because of the reduced bulk
  • Glad they kept the original harness design for the most part because you still have ankle support
  • Grips for the guns!!! So your enemies can’t knock it out of your hands
  • Two notches on the forearm to hold the thunder spears (if you have any more on the arm you can’t bend your elbow)

Also some side notes:

  • Good thing the SC isn’t fighting in hot climate since wearing dark colors head to toe will make you sweat a lot
  • It looks the gas compartment is on the shoulders instead of the back
  • I can’t tell where the top/pants/shoes end how are you supposed to put it on
  • I wonder what material the uniform is made out of? I think Isayama said the old uniform is made of linens (and leather?) so it won’t absorb moisture well. Does the new material absorb moisture?
  • Still don’t know what this T-wire thing is for?

If anyone has anything to add, feel free